Remembering- Lester William Polfus

June 09, 2011 15 Comments

In the fond memory of-

[June 1915 - August 2009]

"Vaya con Dios" [Go with God]

"Its been a long long time"

"rumors are flying", "whispering"

"the "magic melody"

"I'm confessin", my "lover" from "brazil",

"my baby's comin home"

"how high the moon";


"Nola", "what is this thing called love"

"take in your arms and hold"

"put a ring in my finger"

"in a good ol summertime"


"I am sitting on top of world"

"bye bye blues"

"Don'cha hear them bells", "jingle bells"


"my baby' comin home"

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