Pure as Mother's love!

January 22, 2013 20 Comments


The first thing that touches your skin is Joy. It’s the joy of mother’s touch- pure and natural. After a mother’s love is there anything that could be called as pristine is- the coconut, the wonder nut. Why is coconut a wonder nut? Well behind that tough exterior, lies a wonder fruit- soft, supple and full of nutrition & healing value. I call it elixir of life, purity & god’s gift to mankind. No wonder that it is the most popular fruit we offer to our revered ones. I love the fruit so much that when Women’s Web and Parachute came up with this contest, I couldn’t stop myself from writing one.

As far memories go, the most applicable ingredient to associate with my skin care regime is- coconut. I was brought up by my grandma who was an avid coconut user. Those days (80s and early 90s) the most common variant of coconut was the fruit itself and coconut oil. From oil to shampoo to cream, the one ingredient that assured us of that product was coconut!

And Parachute has become synonymous with coconut.

My grandmother use to oil my hair with Parachute coconut oil. It just didn’t stop till there. We used it to lubricate the skin esp. to protect it from harsh winters. Every morning will wrap me up in sheer warmth & protection of coconut, head to toe. We would be sitting in our big verandah, doing post bath regime. That was the best part of my day that I always looked for.

No wonder whatever goodness my skin holds today its cause of that coconut blanket. As time flied, use of coconut got limited. My grandma by then, fragile and old, still didn’t give upon this wondernut. She made me drink a glass of coconut water every day. It replaced all cosmetic, spa or packs giving me shiny, clear complexion.

Then there was homemade coconut cream. She took some fresh baby coconuts, scrap, mixed with saffron and other secret ingredient and churned out a fine dry paste. Her instruction was to add few spoons of coconut water, mix and use. It smell good, it worked well for skin too. Alas, my hectic schedule took toll over me and it was soon a lost practice.

Mortality took my grandma away, leaving behind an immortal wonder nut secret i.e. coconut for my complete skin care. However in our busy schedules we barely get anytime to churn a cream from scrapped coconut or get coconut water in confines of uber busy concrete jungle lives.  It’s then I re discovered the joy of this magic potion in a little bottle.

Now my skin care is just a lid away. I just stretch my hands and pick my magic bottle. Soon me and my skin oopmhs, oozes the joy it receives.

Now wherever I go, people cannot stop noticing my bare skin. They ask what is the secret behind the glow, the silky, smooth & radiant skin. I say- its love. Coconut love!


***************end of post*******************

The magic potion that nourish my skin in harsh winters & unpleasant summers too.
Parachute Advansed

Wanna bring "love dobara" in life? Watch this video to know more-

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Bad Hair day

January 18, 2013 30 Comments

And I am not talking about my crowning glory but body hair esp those that religiously grow on your arms and legs every 6 days and refuse to let go the prized possession- You!

What an eventful day it was and I wish I had opted for my hair removal

It was end week of Dec and I was all set to hibernate in my quilt. Blame it on Delhi winters or my laziness that I refused to tend to my hair removal ritual.

I am anyways dressed in layers so who cares and got lost in my dream world again. Tringggggg my phone rang, it was a call from office wherein my boss called to tell me that I have to catch the next flight at 10:00 am to Mumbai for an urgent meeting at Mumbai office. One of the top Business house (and a probable client) in Australia was visiting us for an important discussion and my presence in non negotiable. My tickets have been arranged and PNR sent to me, all I have to do is to pack and shoot.

10:00 am? Weirdo! It’s 8:00 am and I am yet to get out of bed, get ready, pack and reach airport at least an hour before all in all braving Gurgaon’s crazy morning traffic. I had no time to think and jumped out of bad. Recession time, can’t say no at office. I rushed to bathroom, hurried my way to wardrobe and took out my jackets et all errrr…Mumbai weather is hot, my jackets won’t work. So I searched for some better options in formals but could found none. There’s a theory of contradiction that suggest- when you need something, there are least chances that you will find it available.

I thrown a look at lovely hairs at my hands, heaved a sigh, wore my business suit with an overcoat (to hide away even a single trace of hair) & stepped out for cab to airport. I reached airport just on nick of time, completed my boarding and wish so much for an in house waxing saloon in flight. If wishes were horses, I would have wished for hair free hands and legs. Sigh.

I boarded my flight and took a window seat. This will pass I thought while looking out at fresh green pastures near runaway. “Excuse me, your bag is on my seat. Would you pl remove it for me?” came a husky mail voice. I turned to find a gorgeous young man standing next to my seat. Oh my God! It is the famous model Ketan Arya. I couldn't believe my eyes and my luck that he is my co passenger. OMG! I couldn't believe my luck as I lift my bag with shivering hands. He smiled at me and introduced- “I am Ketan A… “Off course I know you. I mean who would not know you, Ketan” I said with an excitement of a teenager almost gushing at the clean shave face of this hunk model of all times. He took the seat next to me, with our arms touching each other. We often turned at each other and smiled. It’s not such a bad day after all I thought. The seat belt alerts were off and passengers started removing their jackets. Out of courtesy, Ketan asked me to help with my jacket. "Ah well, I am OK with it, thanks but no thanks" I said. I didn't want to turn him off with my unshaven arms. Guess I anyways turned him off and Ketan spent all the residual time in flight chatting with another female passenger next seat (with clean shaven hands and oops short skirts) and sigh ignoring me.  I wish I had opted for hair removal…

In couple of hours we landed at Mumbai. My colleagues joined me at Airport. “Oh My my, that super model Ketan sat next to you. So, when you guys going on date?” Err,Ahem, Aaargh I couldn’t tell them what happened so I just smiled. “ Aren't you feeling hot with that jacket of yours?” asked my “I-don’t-mind-my-own-business-as-my-arms-are-waxed” colleague. Yeah, I am OK, I said and pretend to remove my jacket but soon left the effort as she moved away. Really wished I wore a long sleeve shirt at least. This shalt pass soon, I thought.

We rushed to the meeting which was concluded successfully and client proposed to wrap it up with a celebration drinks hitherto. “Evening drinks” that means we are not returning home back today. “No”, said my clean shaven colleague. “We are taking a flight tomorrow morning. Today we need to stay back for this celebration party. It’s such a big account after all and we can't risk to upset them on such a small request”. Small request yes.

My company just signed a multi-million contract with a foreign brand for Indian operations. We barely had any time before we could hit this five star lounge for post deal signing celebrations, leaving my distant hope to find a parlor to get rid of my body hair in hopeless lurch. I cannot skip this party as it may have bad reflection  on my company and our clients. So I relentlessly agreed and moved towards the venue. We are not prepared for it, so we didn't carry evening dress. So cool, I am sorted. (At least for this evening) I sighed. I thought I will excuse myself in middle of party and avail hair removal services at hotel’s saloon in pretext of an urgent call. Good plan but it didn't work. The client loved my presentation so much that he glued to me throughout evening, discussing way forward on the ideas and other things. The party became engrossing and soon everyone began to hit the dance floor. I was asked to be relaxed and remove my "oh so formal jacket" like my other colleagues and get in the groove. I refused on pretext that I am comfortable as it is keeping me warm from excessive AC cooling in the lounge. Believe me I was such an odd peg in the whole hole but do I really had no choice. So I danced with my jackets on as in morning hurry I couldn't care to replace my short shirt with a long sleeved one. Little did I expected that the day will turn this long. Little did I expected that my hair removal sloth will take me to such situations.

I was like this little Miss two left foot on the floor. The music was good and in heat of moment one of these ladies from client side (who by this time started getting very well along with me) came forth and removed my jackets from me. “Goshhhhhhhhhh there’s a bear out there”- she quipped. “I am really sorry. I didn't know about this”, she said as she returned that jacket to me, half embarrassed.  I was frozen to death there hoping that others didn't notice. My hopes were short lived as my colleague Natasha came forth and remarked- “now we know why you weren't removing your jacket throughout” she winked. I was dead embarrassed and spent my entire evening ruing over my unshaven arms while my colleagues taking away my glories to their account, gossiping about me. 

The story became a hot cake in my office for next few days, my colleague happily munching over it in hush-hush playful jeers and cheers for a long time.

How much I wished I would have opted for my hair removal L

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You have got email...

January 14, 2013 38 Comments

Hurrah! This post has been selected as WOW post by "Blogadda"

"Write over Weekend" theme of the week is- ‘You go home and check your Emails. You read the second mail and freeze…’. Begin the story from here.

To make sense of the wonderful idea and my available time with my limited skill sets, I thought of writing a 55+55 words fiction (Two stories, two para each, 55 word each paragraph). Tried a new concept, hope you will like it. If yes, do leave your comments below. If no, still do care to comment. Here we go-

Day I
You go home and check your Emails. You read the second mail and freeze… it was a confidential mail from President’s office, subjected “Organizational announcement”. It talked about movement of few leadership members and one of them is your boss who has decided to pursue career outside the company.
You close your eyes, pinch yourself and read again to see if that’s true. You repeat the same process many a times but the text remains same and news unchanged. Before you could further react, a plethora of calls flood your cellphone, enquiring the same. You do not know what to answer. You really don’t.

Day II

You go home and check your Emails. You read the second mail and freeze… it’s from your ex girlfriend who is now married to someone else. She writes in to tell you how much she still loves you and she’s coming back to your city with her family so that she can meet you again.

You delete the mail, ignore her calls and Google for your new boss- Mr. Shyam Ahuja.  He joined the office and calls his team for weekend lunch at his new house. Excited, you reach the address and ring the bell to find your ex girlfriend open the door. “Meet my wife- Revathy, says Mr. Ahuja”.


PS: How much I am stimulated to write – I came home and check mine Emails. I read the second mail and freeze…It was from Team Blogadda who informed that I have won the first prize in “Shave or crave” contestJ Ah! If wishes were horses, why would I have written 3 unique posts for this contest and not stopped just wishing? JTeam Blogadda, are you listening? J

Read them here, here and here!

And do leave your comments.

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An evening at Channel V Spot Cafe- Restaurant Review

January 12, 2013 , , 26 Comments

One day BlogAdda peeped my Chrome window and said- Let the treats follow....

Few days later I got an invite to visit and review a wonderful restaurant called- V Spot Cafe + Bar, Gurgaon.

The V Spot Cafe + Bar =

The restaurant is well located in heart of Gurgaon at DLF Phase 4, one of the hang out zones in the town and cheers it got a roof top lounge as well.

A little bit about the restaurant-
Cuisines: Fast Food, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian
Facilities: Dine-in, Bar, Non veg, WiFi, Outdoor seating, Smoking area, Fussball.

I re-visited this place in last week of December and quite liked the ambiance and theme built in. (My first visit was during Philips Foodathon where I barley could consume anything from the restaurant except the event and a huge bill). The place is young and best suited for casual hang outs, coffee, munching, a bit of game and off course some food. An amalgamation of Coffee day, bar and pizza hut marinade, A snack bar kind of eatery.

What I ordered for-
Starters- Soup (souperman) & veg Platter (starters symbol)
Drinks- Bloody Mary
Main course: Pasta (from Russia with love)
Dessert: None

Here's a few snapshot along with the experience we had-

The serving cutlery was good and quite apt. The portions were decent too. Menu was quite enticing with it's radio like design and impressive photography. There are few minuses like the soup was quite watery and no accompanionments like bread, soup sticks were served along.

I took starters recommendation and took Veg platter. The fiery dip was lip smacking. The platter however looked quite enticing with a mix of Paneer, Potato wedges, corn balls and spring rolls. While the former two were yummy, the spring roll was too oily and best avoidable. 

Yeah, you saw it right. A bucket of Tuborg at 499. It's a good offer for beer enthusiast.

Overall I had fun visiting & reviewing V Spot Cafe. The hospitality was good including the staff who displayed very clear and polite behavior. My only regret that it's winter and I couldn't enjoy sitting at the fab terrace lounge they have. Well next time, buddy!

My Overall Rating:- 3.5  3/5
Plus: Ambiance, Locality, Seating, Menu, Cost
Minus: Services & Serving courtesy
Would I like to visit again: Yes
Would I recommend this to others: Yes
Image Courtesy: NumeroUnity (Self)

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Sahib Biwi and Evening Stubble

January 07, 2013 39 Comments

मियाजी की दाढ़ी , बड़ी अनाडी 
चुभे निगोड़ी बारम बार 
अब तू ही बता ओ सखी 
कैसे करू उनसे प्यार 
बेगम जी के नखरे 
रोज़ नए नए ताजे कुरकुरे 
कहती है सिर्फ तुमसे प्यार 
हाथ ना आये, दिल ललचाये 
करने ना दे प्यार का इकरार 

बड़े सयाने, हमरे दीवाने 

कहते है की गोरी है सिर्फ तुमसे प्यार 
फिर क्यों न जाने , हमरी ना माने 
बीच में रखे  यह मुई दाढ़ी  की दीवार 

बेगम दीवानी , इतनी सयानी 
समझे न केवल इतनी सी बात 
जैसे तुम प्यारी, वैसे प्रिय हमें यह दाढ़ी हमारी 
कैसे हटादे इसे हम सरकार 

जाने क्यों यह तुमको इतनी प्यारी 
लगे हमें तो यह अब सौतन हमारी 
आ जाए बेदर्दी बार बार 
ऐसे में हम कैसे करे प्यार 

गालों पे तुम्हारे लाली, आँखे काजल से कारी 
दिल पर छाया ऐसा खुमार 
देख हमें आया जब ऐसा निखार 
तो क्यों गोरी करे प्यार से इनकार 
शर्मो हया छोड़ो और ऐसे  ना मुह मोड़ो 
करो ना प्यार से इनकार 

प्यार से कैसा इनकार, तुमसे ही मेरा संसार 
मगर बेदर्दी मिया जी, तुम ही समझो मेरी गुहार 
जैसे खूबसूरत बगीचे में, लगे बुरी जंगली झाड़ी 
वैसे ही तुम्हारे सांवले सलोने रूप में,
अखरे तुम्हारी यह कटीली झाड़ी 
जिद ना करे और हामी भरे 
तेज़ है गिलेट की धार 
दो मिनट का धीरज धरो और मुखरे पे इसे फेरो 
सटा सट करेगी यह अपना वार 
करो यह जतन, जीत लो मेरा मन 
बेगम फिर बरसायेगी प्यार 

बेगम की सुन के पुकार 
मियाजी गए उनके आगे हार 
त्यागी दाढ़ी, अपनाया प्यार 
"आखिर जो करे बेगम से प्यार कैसे करे वह शेविंग से इनकार "

यह सुन बेगम झूम उठी, इतना नाची की पायल टूटी 
अब नहीं रहती वह मियाजी से रूठी 
मियाजी ने भी निभाई यह छोटी सी ड्यूटी 
लेकर हाथो में शेवर , बदले मियाजी के तेवर 
बदली उनकी मूरत  और निकला चेहरे का सूरत बादलो के पार 

देख के मियाजी की सुहानी सूरत, बेगम हो गयी झट से तैयार 
फिर न कोई जिद, न कोई मनुहार 
दिल में बजी दीपक राग और मौसम ने गाया  मल्हार 
और बरसा प्यार, प्यार ही प्यार बेशुमार। 

यह थी बेगम और मियाजी की कहानी, मेरी जुबानी। जो मियाजी ने बढाई दाढ़ी, बेगम भी नहीं थी अनाड़ी, देखा कैसे किया "शेव या क्रेव " का वार। अपनी कहानी बताइए और इनाम ले जाइये, कहता है यह ब्लॉग अड्डा का परिवार!

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...And the world was silent again

January 06, 2013 30 Comments

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 35; the thirty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "...and the world was silent again"

Little Sia did not comprehend what is the “puhky” thing going in her little stomach. She asked her mother several times but Pushpa, busy in her own chores didn’t seem to pay much heed to it. Sia as usual would be using excuse to not go to school, she thought.
“Sia” she said, packing her tiffin box in her school bag. “No more excuses. Here’s your bag, school bus would be coming anytime soon.
Sia picked her bag and left half heartedly.
It was 6’0 clock in the evening and Sia didn’t returned back from the park she went to play. Furtive Pushpa and her husband searched for everywhere. From the park to homes of all her friends, they searched but in vain. They went to police station and lodged a complaint for missing Sia. Next morning police took them to the park to identify a girl they found there. It was Sia, drapped in a while cloth.
Someone abducted her while she was playing with her friends, raped, killed and thrown her in park.
Her story was highlighted in a section of newspaper and soon buried under archives. Police couldn’t find the rapist.
Sapna, as her name suggested, was full of dreams. Dreams in her eyes, she wanted to conquer the world. She was a bright student, single focused on building a career and living with pride. She selected as a cadet in her college and was given scholarship to continue her studies.
Every morning she used to walk to her college. Dinesh, a hooligan with his friends often used to tease her on her way up and down. She would often ignore them, their dirty offers and subsequent dirty remarks and move her way. First politely and then she told them strictly to not disturb her anymore as she is not their types and wanted to stay away from them. The hooligan didn't stopped and caught her by his hands and asked to love him. She slapped and ran away scared.
One night when she was sleeping, they come to her house and thrown acid on her which badly bruised her face and body.
Sapna is still struggling to get back to normal and her poor father in spite of all his efforts, still struggling to get her justice.
Her story became headlines on few news channel and timelines on Facebook. There were online petitions signed on her name too. A very little happened to Sapna. Her’ dreams stood broken and she is waiting for acceptance of her plea for death.

Sana, in her bridal finery couldn't stop blushing. She turned her gaze to admire her husband who returned an admiring look on his face. “You are the prettiest bride I have ever seen” he said to her. Sana couldn't contain the joy in her heart and went red with blush.

Sajid was a very romantic husband and he couldn't leave Sana aloof even for a moment. Soon after her wedding, Sana moved with her in laws. They were quite fond of her and insisted she take the responsibility of whole house including cooking. Soon their love translated into demands and demands into cruelties. Sajid use to stay mum. Sana silently suffered everything but one day her patience gave up and she shot back at her mother in law. That night was most gruesome for her. She was beaten black and blue by Sajid and left locked in room unless she seeks forgiveness from his mother. Helpless Sana went to her, bent on her knees and said sorry. The chronicles of torture just accelerated from there. She has become a full time servant in the house during days and slave to her husband during nights. Every time the family wanted to have a new car or jewelry or any gadget, Sana’s parents were used as ATM cards. She protested but ended up getting beaten. Soon Sajid withdrew from her and often used to stay out at nights.
One morning, neighbors heard a strange sound of explosion from Sana’s house. Sana was burnt dead explosion.
People spoke about her for few days, gossiped that her in laws killed her and her husband was having another house with a wife at other side of town. Memories fade and stories died. The world soon forgot who Sana was.

Sushma wanted to bring reform in her tiny little village. She wanted to bring women empowerment by providing better education for girl child. She fought against female infanticide and dowry in society. The owners of society out casted her. They called her names and her daughter illegitimate. Sushma’s husband left her for other women. She was from the lower strata of society and education was her best weapon. She sent her daughter Sampada to big city for a better education. One evening when Sampada was getting back to her hostel, she was kidnapped by few rich guys on road and was raped by them in the moving car and was thrown out to die.
Sushma risked all that she had to get her best education and seeing her daughter in such condition, stabbed her heart with a hot iron sword. She went around asking for help but no one listened to her. They blamed Sampada for wearing jeans, they blamed Sushma too. They said like mother, like daughter. They blamed why she was out of her house. Sampada’ college canceled her seat to avoid any controversy to their name and Sushma out casted from the village.
Their story too came in news for few days.

…and the world was silent again

Daily one Sia or Sampada is being raped/ molested, one Sapna is being tortured or a Sana is burnt dead but we chose to stay silent. Yes, we are scared and we are thus silent. What should we blame more- Silence or scare or being silent scaring a scar? Pl save all Sia, Sampada and Sana around.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. Introduced By: Self, Participation Count: 04

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