The Prom for The Love of Meryl Streep

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I am not much into the musicals especially the broadway types. But if it has Meryl Streep in it, heck it might be a horror movie, still, I will watch it [Thanks Meryl U do not do Horror movies though] 
So my love for MerylStreep made me watch the newly released "The Prom" [Prom is another keyword that I avoid in my watchlist]. 

And did I like it? Of course!

Not Just a High School Musical

As I mentioned, I am not much into High School, Musicals, or Prom stuff. Given this, my experience in those genres would be limited, and I would have skipped this film like any other including the famous La La Land that I have not seen yet. [yeah]

It was a skippable ad on YouTube that did the trick. I saw- New release, Meryl Streep, and Netflix, and the film was immediately added to my watchlist and consumed by the evening. I have a warring husband who dislikes watching anything with me these days due to content preference mismatch. and my perpetual craving to watch anything or everything having Ms. Streep droves him further mad. Yet I succeeded last evening, encashing all the goodwill I earned that day. and Man! he also liked the film and wondered why critics gave it such a low rating? Anything below 4, is not acceptable.

Coming back to the film. 
The Prom is a story of waning broadway stars looking for a "quick win" cause to garner some positive publicity. While poverty, world peace et cetera being the too wide arenas, they find their cause in the Twitter trending topic. They find their cause at a quaint little Indiana, supporting a girl to attend prom-like all her peers. 

How they come to the cause, find themselves attached to it, and how it all turns into forms the major crux of the film. 

It may or may not be your regular High school musicals or support the queer, film. It is in a way a deep sarcasm to the way our community/society functions where we make taboo on things that are beyond our understanding and too much of shing a ding is given to forced glamor that everything superficial becomes a way of life. Even we start to pick and chose things that we approve of instead of the whole picture including Religion that overpowers our sense of love and makes us forget the most important lesson of "Love thy neighbor"! Anyone that does not fall hook, line, and sinker to what we follow or believe is treated insensitively, in absolute ostracism. 

You may feel- it is alright. what is so big deal about attending a prom? Well, the film is not just about the prom. It is about inclusion and INCLUSIVE LIVING!

No-no the film is not preachy and has beautiful lyrics, well-penned, well-orchestrated, and rhymed. The poetic expressions were so relatable that I opened my poem diaries [of poems I wrote during school days] and could find many lines there.

James Cordon was a delight to watch especially in the second half of the film. While I do not deny the debate of casting Gay people for gay roles, I really liked the way he patronizes Emma without being overtly sardonic or preachy. 

Like I said- I watched this film for my love for Meryl Streep and am absolutely cast agnostic otherwise. Of course, it is good to see more familiar faces like Nicole Kidman [she s so sassy and prooves why is what she is. So sassy and beautiful]

The overall team including Andrew Randells and Kerry Washington [she was perfect as Mrs. Greene] delights you in amazing poem-loses [yes that what I call it] scene after scene. It may get dull sometimes for some of us but the spark is quite well-maintained till the climax. 

Needless to say, the film had distinct Disney-esque charm and formulaic but hey that's ok. The film is a broadway adaption into reels and quite a popcorn entertainment in spite of not a very outstanding beginning. 

Thanks again team "The Prom" and Netflix for rekindling my love in the poem, saying the word "inclusive" loudly enough, and bringing yet another marvel on screen with my all-time favorite Meryl Streep! I love her to the moon!
Breath, Ekta. Just Breath! 

The Prom is the recent Netflix release starring the incomparable Meryl Streep, Sassy Nicole Kidman, James Cordon, Kerry Washington and, more. 

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