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(picture: designed by Ekta khetan for this blog)

it curled on your touch
shied away under the skin
blooms happily since

forget me not world,
when I am alive, rather
missing when am dead

forget me not, were
his words painted on that cloth
I still remember


Written for Haiku heights 154
Prompt word- "Forget me not"

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I Stood up

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This post is written for "I stood up" women's web blogathon

The free bird leaps

on the back of the win

and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks

down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings

with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and is tune is heard
on the distant hillfor the caged bird
sings of freedom

The free bird thinks of another breeze

an the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams

his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing

The caged bird sings

with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom. 
...poem by Maya Angelou

I am woman and I am like that caged bird who has wings but chipped. Who can sing but is fearful. Whose feet are tied, whose tunes are lonely. I am a woman, often battling injustice, prejudice and social inequality. 

I am a caged woman but my education set me free. I have learn to face the hardship but still stand up, stand up on my own feet and sing. I am often considered as secondary to a male but that's ok, I am not here to succumb to it. I am here to fight the prejudice. But the question is how long? Well as long as my feet supports me, i will stand up and stand for me....

It was mid September and high time for promotions list to come. Some blamed it to the recession and some chose to keep quiet. I was positive, never been so sure. After all, it was the much-awaited promotion of my career, my first official promotion. Every year I got accolades for my work and promised a promotion but at end hour due to some XYZ reason it uses to get postponed. This time no reason in the world could stop as the results were not just very visible but agreed by all in sundry including top mgt.

This time, the boss called each candidate personally to hand over the letters. I sat with baited breath at seat, which was just outside the boss’s cabin. This promotion meant a lot, in terms of career, years of sincerity, blind faith in company, good work, merit to my education, my hard work, family, financial independence and personal motivation.

With every second name called, my breaths grew faster. With every second passed, the anticipation went high. I folded my hands beneath table first in anticipation, then in anxiety and later in an attempt to self control. The words started ringing in my head- “Brilliant analysis. Great job done. You have exceeded all the expectations. This is your year. You have outshine this year and how. If you do not get promoted this year than who is worthy. Do not worry, keep the excellent work high and you never know what you might get.”

My teammate who just joined our project at last minute, was called to collect his letter and he came back 
with couple of letters in his hand but none of them bore my name. “May be boss wants to make it special, may be he hands my letter later” I thought. Hours passed and wait never ended.

I have been a victim of favoritism and office politics earlier. People find different measure to bring you down. “Oh you are a girl, what would you understand of business. It’s a tough job madam. One has to struggle in sun to get a place”. “Oh you are a girl and handicap. Marketing job requires a lot of movement, lots of action, how would you do it”? “You must look at simple work like govt jobs or HR or finance wmye you can sit on the desk and work”. “Girls look nice at home, fending for family, cooking and nurturing children. You should settle down and let your husband take this responsibility” Time and again I proved my detractors wrong. I worked more than normal individuals and many women combined together. People who pointed fingers were now eating from hands with different non related issues coming to me for resolution. I have been appreciated for all. This time it was different, I thought.

I never discriminated myself for anything nor did I ask or took special favors which could have been my right but rightfully denied. I stayed late trying tro wind up everything and not that I was ineffective. If I were one, I wouldn't be involved in key projects nor would I have delivered.

My role was taken and given to a male colleague. No explanations given. My boss's secretary simple explanation was- he needs a "senior" "guy" to be his analyst who can travel with him, who can be part of his meetings where he can freely abuse others in ,most colorful language.Business is so much "a guy's thing". Yes. I didn't say much but in few months time, the guy was out and this girl was in. why? purely on performance basis.

Companies can hire new candidates at higher positions and remuneration to do the job which a current person is doing but fail to acknowledge the latter. My growth became unbudgeted and all those things. Whether its analytical, lead or getting things done on time with zero error. 

People were discussing their growth while I sat as a mute outcast. I tried hard to conceal disappointment, bitterness behind an assignment. This time no consolation seemed justified. I looked back at past and regretted choosing tenacity over actual results.

To make matter worse, a business-head who worked with me accidentally congratulated along with my other two colleagues who were promoted. "Yours was a clear inevitable promotion, lady". Life is a series of relentless horrors with one following the other. I tried hard to smile, but failed miserably. I failed again when my superior tried to crack a silly joke. I plainly refused to reciprocate this time.

It was 8pm in the evening. I sat with my boss and lead HR in the former’s cabin, listening to their lame story of excuses. Life is definitely a series of horrors. I was made to hear pessimistic stories of various high profile people who too had undergone the similar phase in their careers a [It sounded more like how certain organizations have failed to appreciate its resources], trauma of the Indian population who does not have 3 meals a day and organization’s struggle in recession. When in recession you hire an employee 3 levels higher than current employee and make him do the work that latter is doing and still do not like his performance, only to chuck him out of team and call back the girl and still not giving her any dues in terms of growth and market correction? The reality was they took my faith as my helplessness and lack of opportunities. Little did they realize that I have received multiple offers in meantime with 100% inc in salary in position but i wanted to grow in the same company that I was so passionate about.

I sat there for few more minutes, seeing two of my most favorite people  esp when one was a female, descending away to clichés. They asked me another 6 months to get the correction done. They won the appraisal argument that year with all the crap they gave me but lost the loyal, trusting employee in me. I couldn't take it longer. I stood up and asked- Is my performance not up to mark? They said No. I asked you think am not able to deliver higher goals? they said No, you can. I said- thank you gentlemen. I got my answer.

That was one day and I never looked back. I opened my desk and took out the crumpled piece of paper that had earlier offered my a lucrative option outside. In last four years, many such papers have accumulated. 
I called the day off. In couple of months, I moved myself to a better paid, designated job and never stopped since. On my way exit, my boss tried different people to lure me. One even came and remarked- You know the world outside is bad. They are animals and not good for lady? I said- "I know, I have seen too and thank you for alerting me".

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I Dove You!

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Hair, my beautiful hair
Why thou don’t shine?
Why you hold yourself so much
Hiding your face behind

Hair my luscious hair
Look what my lifestyle
Has done to beautiful you
With all that hot iron and chemicals infinite

Hair my pristine hair
Where gone all the sheen?
Dust, pollution and rough air
Has taken away the wind

Hair my natural hair
Its high time
That I weave a magic in you
And bring back your charm, my pristine

Before I begin, I must remember
Its basic that we often falter
Time to nurture you tender
Time to pamper & revive

Time to infuse some love,
White potion and nourish
Extend the same that I use for my skin
Oh! My tresses, how much I am keen

Keen to let you lose from my scarf
Embrace your silkiness & shine
Keen to bring the lost glory back
…freedom from all hair problems

Hair my beautiful, hair
the Magic is working fine
wash after wash, I touch you
You feel even more divine

Bird (dove), you r like my best friend
Every time you visit, am left with happiness
…and that’s the end of all my hair problems 
no saloon no medical mess

Dryness, fizz or damage
will not trouble you again
worry no dear, my love is certain
no stress no constrain

I can now color you
Cut, Style, curl you into new
Still no hassle to lose you
That’s the beauty of our friendship

my beautiful hair wants me to sing with glee
express the joy that restored in me
Once again you slip through my finger
And so smooth to entwine

love is a two street
love  is a mesmerizing peck
I love my hair
and it loves me back

Hair, my hair I just can’t tell
How much I love you
You are so beautiful

 I Love you
I will always, Dove you!


That's my beautiful hair story. What's yours?

II. Rapunzel came to life from fairy tale and harsh reality bite her hair too. But when did little princess and her beautiful tresses took the defeat :) She fought it root & strands and got back what she lost. How? Here' what the little dove bird chirped to me-

(click on pictures for larger view)

....and that was end of all her hair problems!!!

Well that was Rapunzel's beautiful hair story. What's yours?


Dove hair care range was launched in 2007 in India. Within few months of its launch, Dove has become the fastest growing shampoo range in he country. Dove has a range of hair care product that repair accumulated damage & protect & care for the hair.  The range includes shampoo, conditioner, serum and hair mask. Which is your dove? Here's you go-

You can alternatively take a simple Hair aware quiz with DOVE specialized hair care app & find what's your dove quotient.

So with Dove, say goodbye damaged hair & Hello beautiful hair!!!

I Dove You!

Do you?


This post is written for Indiblogger & Dove .....that's was the end of my hair problem contest.

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I do, I dove

July 20, 2012 , 12 Comments

“You are beautiful”.

“Your eyes are very pretty, beautiful. Your nose is sharp and roman. But what I love most in you, is your hairs”. He said, sliding his long comforting fingers in my silky hairs. “And yes, they smell so blissful”.

Rohit and I met a year ago and fell in love at first sight. He even confessed once that he got immensely attracted to my hairs and got his heart tied to its long ending curls ever since.

The proposal: Every girl dreams her man to charm her away and propose in most beautiful way. Some place the ring inside a wine glass, inside a muffin, a candlelit dinner or ways infinite. Rohit did a splendid surprise for me. He slipped the ring in my finger while stroking his hands through my hair. Little did I realize he beautifully wove it through my strands, straight away in my ring finger. Before I could say anything he said-“I love you more than my life, will you marry me”? A tear rolled down my cheek as I replied- “I do”.

Awww, he loves my hair so much, I must preserve them whatsoever it takes.
I have a very simple but regular hair care regime. Like the “ing” (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) mantra for skin care, my mantra for hair care is- OCCC i.e. Oiling, Cleaning, Conditioning & off late, Covering (to protect them from harsh sun & dust). I have experimented with different hair styles since childhood but soon after Rohit came to my life, I continue to keep it long. He loves my long, silky tresses and often discouraged me from coloring, ironing or even blow dry them. He is more protective about my hair than I do J

The wedding day was set and everyone was a buzz for the preparations. From trousseau to, make up to venue to bridesmaid to invitations to gifts, everything was designed. I have zeroed in on a beautiful wide shoulder wedding gown with a hair style to flaunt my lovely mane cascading of the shoulder like waterfall, knitted in with pearls and flowers. We planned for a beach wedding followed by a honeymoon in Alps. Like the quintessential Yash Chopra heroine- a chiffon sari & silky hairs flowing in the lush prairies of Swiss magnanimity.

It was all like a fairy tale sans any wicked witch or evil queen. But in fairy tales too everything is not all smooth. Rapunzel has to lose her hairs, Princess Fiona transformed into ogre and poor snow white has to wait a lot before that magical kiss. I fell sick twice and that took a toll on my hair. My hair became brittle, too many split ends, rough and dry. Hair fall and dryness inadvertently were biggest amongst them. There came a time when I had rapid hair breakage and nothing I did could help save my hairs from getting them go worse and out of texture. Not even my favorite shampoo. The damage was so intense that every time I comb or wash my hairs, my heart starts to sink. My pillow, scrunchie, the tiled floor and bathroom sieve all became the living witness of my trauma.  I tried using everything that could help me- specialized products, homemade tips, SPA, treatments, hair loss clinic and all that in a book has but nothing could bring my hair back to form.
My marriage was fast approaching but my hair problem was going nowhere. I stared at mirror and it failed to recognize my tresses. I was only 5 weeks away from my D day and with a hair like this only a miracle can help me look good on the best day of my life or any girl’s life. I have waited so long for this day and done 1000s of preparation to make it most memorable and look my best. But Alas, this sudden hair problem has dumbfound me. This is not what I planned; this is not the hair that I want to click pictures with; not the hair that I want to take to swissalps.

You have got an appointment with me.
“Your hairs are everywhere, honey” said Rohit pointing out at the rug lying on floor. “Shall I suggest something? Why don’t you leave the oil in your hair all the time so that those frizzy looks may settle down? Or at least wear a scarf around or let’s try this hair clinic”.  I sighed and told that I have tried but didn’t help much. “In that case, may I suggest cutting your hair short and wearing a long veil. Princess Di had one. At least it wouldn’t look as bad”. I sighed as I look back at the mirror. I should have them cut. But would that help?

Since then majority of my time went on my hair woes. I couldn’t gather courage enough go for cut. I rang up my wedding planner and stylist Selena asking her for appointment to give measurements for a new addition in dress- a veil.

Selena is a fine lady with beautiful, luxurious hairs. She got perturbed by my falling hairs but asked me not to change the attire and the look at last minute. “You have always dreamt to be a bride, dressed like this. Now you want to change the outfit just cause of a bad hair condition? Come on, follow me”. She took me to her green room saloon and offered to wash my hairs with a secret magic potion. Secret magic potion? Yeah, she said. It’s her secret magic potion. A look at her hair and I give up on her behest.  “Here you go” she said and took a white bottle from her kit and applied. The shampoo had a nice, lather, gentle feel on my hair and I loved the way it smelled.  After conditioning when I touched my hair, they felt differently smooth and I loved the post dry texture. The serum she applied worked wonders on my tangles.  “What product is that”, I chirped. She smiled and handed me a white pouch. Inside it there was a bottle of Dove intenserepair shampoo with a conditioner & serum. “Try this for next 10 ten days. I bet if that doesn’t work, I will gift you, your wedding dress for free”.

Whoa that’s a big claim, I thought but another glance over Selena’ lustrous manes, I relented. So, I used the product for next 5 wash and here’s what I got-

Wash 1: Good post wash feelings; Not much difference though. Rohit sent me couple of designs for veils L
Wash 2: Rohit did not notice much but just asked if I am keeping the hair oiled all the time.
Wash 3: Rohit had a glance n quipped “good that you are keeping your hairs oiled”.
Wash 4: Hair turned smoother & hairfall reduced. Combing 3 times a day and hair loss is 40% lesser. Rohit extended the coffee date for another hour. Who said veil? J
Wash 5: Hairs remarkably smooth; no split ends.  Rohit and I watched a movie and he couldn’t keep his hands away from my hairs. “Is it love?” He asked. “Its dove” I winked.

….and that was the end of my hair problems! I did not get the wedding dress for free but I got was priceless and what followed is even more invaluable.

Here comes the bride
The D day arrived. I dressed in a resplendent white gown and my most beautiful jewel- my hairs, my crowning glory. Selena winked at me and remove the tiara off my head saying- Nah! You do not need this. Your hair does all the talking, all the shining. I smiled and looked at my mirror and winked. It winked back at me. God! I am on cloud no 999. Will Rohit notice? Will he like it?  Will he admonish me for not using a veil? Ah! I will know all in a few seconds.

“Hurry lady, time to take that glorious walk, walk down the aisle. Let groom get to decide how pretty you look today”. She said as she handed the beautiful white rose and lavender bouquet in my hands & gave me a hair kiss oops air kiss.

As I walked down the aisle, I was flattered by the looks on everyone’s face. My heart skipped a beat when Rohit turned and looked at me. His eyes were all fixed on face. The looks in his eyes were so deep and admiring. I reached near stage and Rohit stretched his hands. He just couldn’t take off his eyes. He didn’t blink even once. “You are beautiful”. He said while holding my hand. Whole through the ceremony Rohit couldn’t help but kept looking at me. The priest saw us and smiled. He asked Rohit to take his vows. Here’ what Rohit said-

“I love you and I know this love is from God. Today is a most special day. Long ago you were a dream & prayer. I take you as my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. To have & to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love conditionally and to cherish ‘till death do us apart. I hereto pledge you my faithfulness and my heart. I love you, would you be my wife?”

As Rohit went saying this, the entire place became alive with pleasant uproars, claps and pleasing sighs. Oh my God! Tears came upon my eyes and it’s just then the holy priest asked- My child, do you accept Mr. Rohit Pereira as your lawfully wedded husband?

“I do father, I do”. As I said the tear went rolling my left cheek. Rohit just leaned forward kissed my tears and remarked- “I can’t promise whether I can stop tears forever from your life but I definitely promise that whenever you find one, I will always be around to kiss them away. So Father, may I kiss the bride now?” The father smiled and nodded. Trust me that was the most beautiful kiss of my life. As he kissed, his hand went on my hair, caressing he said- You are beautiful indeed.

Here’s this for all beautiful bride and bride to be. I have designed and created this video as a small tribute from my side. Also, if you too are facing hair problem, any type. Do take a look at this fabulous and simple to use dove hair app and help yourself, like my protagonist in this story did. I am sure you will too say- I chose dove and that was the end of all my hair problems! Cheers!

(Pl watch this video in full screen with audio on) J

You tube link: You are beautiful
This story is written as an entry for Dove Indiblogger contest. 
Image courtesy: Google & 

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First 3 words Haiku for The Mag

July 17, 2012 , , 24 Comments

This Haiga (haiku on picture) is written for-

1. Three words Wednesday Prompt words- Differ, Halt & Imagine
2. Haiku Heights 153: Prompt word- First
3. The Mag 126 Prompt is beautiful image below by Jack Vettriano


pearls halt on my glass
first imagine then differ
if my haiku defy syllables


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The legend of Dara Singh (Nov 1928 - Jul 2012)

July 16, 2012 1 Comments

He came, he saw & he conquered!
Now he rest-in-peace

Dara Singh, Rustom-e-hind, the most memorable/ beloved Hanumanji of silver screen. The epitome of strength and humility and the original muscleman of Indian cinema. To think of it, he never wanted to act in films but it just happened cause of fame he received in wrestling. He was forced to do "King Kong" (1962). The movie became hit and Indian cinema got its legend.

Sports, world championship, successful movie careers wasn't all that the legend has. there was a successful sting in TV that followed.  He often reminded me of my nanaji esp when he don that particular outfit- kurta, pajama(or dhoti) and the Pagdi. I always wished to have a grandfather like him. Strong, affable, herculean et all.  Oh, one of my favorite personalities on screen, Rest in peace.

Trivia : Dara Singh never did any negative role in fims/ TV ever. 

Here's some tributary images & glimpse of his latest ads on television 
Source: Youtube

Source: Minimal Posters

Source: Amul

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Haiku II- TrueBlue

July 04, 2012 , , 22 Comments

Water splashes on window pane

clouds roars & hallelujah it rains again

nature' love truest of all


This Haiku post is written for-

Haiku Heights (prompt word- True)

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