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May 12, 2022 0 Comments

Breathtaking landscape, beautiful cinematography, great performances, and enormous suspense, yet something goes missing in Thar. What is it? Here's a quick review. [Kyunki if I give long reviews toh film kab dekhoge]

It is the story! It takes you a while before you can guess the story. And that is the good thing as it keeps your interest glued in till the last abduction. However, the revelation was stark and meaningful, yet it did not make a crisp unfolding to the overall setting. It appeared like the landscape was made to fit in the story.

When you see the trailer, you feel that the film would be more about Thar or the problems at Thar like the dacoit angle, the main plot however relegates or let's say digress from the extremely impactful setting. 

The film has violence, a little bit of noir, tons of suspense, and Anil Kapoor at his delicious best.

Anil Kapoor is one of the finest performers/actors and he proves that film after film, years after year. In spite of the big lineage of his films, you still want to see more of him. His tribulations as the clever yet under-achieved inspector who is nearing his retirement and tete a tete with his wife [perfectly played by Nivedita Bhattacharya] are worth watching on loop. 

So are his investigations with Bhure, his colleague played by Satish Kaushik. From the changing landscape of Mr. India' Arun and Calender to Thar' Surekha and Bhure, the duo still makes it all relevant and in sync.

Harshvardhan Kapoor is also quite promising. He is not your everyday 1-2 ka 4 hero but then we do not need such heroes these days. We have Anil Kapoor still doing it best. There is much more expected from lead actors these days given the variety of scripts and subjects, Harshvardhan seems a good fit. He has that silent, subtle, enigmatic persona that adds to the story and looks pleasing on screen. 

Other actors also fit the bill and make the characters look relevant. Jitendra Joshi who played Panna ensures that he is the man you are gonna hate for decades or till he comes in another powerful role with positive shades. Fatima as Chetna looks good in spite of an extremely stereotyped role, except for the end scene[s] which goes totally filmy stereotyped, and out of context like a forced climax. Why? No!

Mukti Mohan as Gauri is equally powerful as Chetna. In her two-bit role, she is far from cliche and looks natural. 

Another best thing about Thar is that though this film has a father-son duo, it doesn't succumb to the cliche that most the films cast two family members in one film, sharing frame does. Kudos to the actors n director for keeping it subtle and yet impactful. 

The film however suffers from the Wild West Hollywood effect, yet it is not as

Thar is a Revenge Drama and indeed worth a watch. You can watch it again for the landscapes and the brutal lifestyle condition in the desert. There is one scene, however, which did not go very well with me. It is the scene where Anil Kapoor was eating Palak Paneer for lunch. Getting lush green veggies in Thar heartland was a little too optimistic for me. But then it is a film and the prop is insignificant 😊

Do watch and share your reviews.


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