The Kumbh mela

July 19, 2015 1 Comments

Imagine the Mumbai at 1970s, when Ram and Shyam, two brothers, separated by their personalities but joined by a common mark. Suddenly bumps in to each other, often in situation as likley as of sworn enemies who do not see eye to eye. However, in a fest of fist and tug of war, while the fabric from their shirt sleeves rips off, they discover a common symbol, an emblem that is perfect "show stopper", a design or a tattoo that acts like a cease fire the world never about before. It could be either a railway engine, a trident sign or a random design perfectly Ctrl C plus control V, at most likely at their arms or back. Voila! Time for reunion.

If you are a Bollywoood AKA Hindi Film Buff like me, it would not take you more than 2 seconds to guess what I am talking about. In other case, I would suggest that you pick up couple of bhai-bhai [brother vs brother] movies from 70s or 80s and enlighten yourself about this "one of its own" melange that takes place once in 144 years, the one and only "Kumbh Mela".

Kumbh Mela, a name synonymous with "lost and found" tryst of Bollywood stories, is also one of the biggest religious gathering of the world that draws million of people around the world to it.

It was held recently in 2013 and invited so many visitors including curiosities around the world. Well I too am intrigued by this concept and wanted to explore more. So when Blogadda invited me to unravel the mysteries of Kumbh Mela by participating in the #TheKumbhMelaExperience activity at BlogAdda in association withAnugraha I could not stay away- being charmed.

What is Kumbh Mela all about?

Well well, I have heard myriad stories about it and am yet to experience it, off course outside the Bollywood circuit. All I know that is held at the banks of pristine and auspicious rivers and incite taking a holy dip in pure river to rise above the merits and demerits that their karma can offer.

Yes, such is magnanimity of holy rivers that they have knows to be like mother that takes away your vices and fill you with it's blessings. The holy dip is not just about ablutions of sins but also a lot more. Wonder what draws people to have the dip? Have a dekko at the video below.

Things that come to my mind when someone says #KumbhMela

Like I said in beginning Kumbh Mela is immensely popular for its reference and aide to Hindi movies for their "Lost and found", ceasefire stories, read reunion. But hey, Kumbh Mela, a name attached to many a religious sentiments to many Hindus in the country and abroad. Kumbh Mela is also about color, about festivity and faith at large.

Here's list of few "top of mind" recall that I have when I hear #KumbhMela

1) The mark of engine
2) A bank of river full of people
3) Color riot in pleasant way
4) Holy Mother River
5) Naga Sadhus oops!
6) Lost and Found, off course
7) Religious Sentiments
8) Ganga Aarti [My most favorite]

well these were the my top few recalls. Let me know yours. And if I get a chance to attend and watch the documentary on the same, I will indeed share my experience with you. Till then. Happy reading- numerounity!

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Fun and Food at O15 Cafe, Mumbai - Restaurant Review

July 09, 2015 , 3 Comments

I am a foodie and I love to explore. Here's a leaf from my #Food and #Travel diary, a stop over that is known as O15 Cafe.

I recently visited Cafe O15 in Mumbai, western suburbs with my better half who loves french fries and beer and bears with me for my love for food and eating out. The place was a last minute- you see and you enter" decision and we loved it.

It's a resto-bar come casual dining. There is good food, good ambiance, good music and a warm service. So warm a service that I burnt my tongue trying to gulp food that enticed me from its aroma. Well jokes apart, if you like Pop Tates, you will love Cafe O15 too, especially on Saturday and Sunday evenings when the place is buzzing with young crowd, music and dance.

The Ambiance
Like I Mentioned this place is pulsating and has loud music playing with quite a casual yet interesting seating layout. You can sit at bar seat or at normal table and chairs/sofa. In case, if there is party going, be wary of drunken youth, drinking and dancing to madness and frolic. Yes, that brings me to valid point that if drinking age in India is above 25, you may find less than 25 having a beer-booze party too. The place is chilled and interiors are well done. PLus point that in spite of serving non veg, it didn't leashed out strong meat smells.

The Food: The starter for us is always one that is quickest and known. So keeping the tradition, we ordered french fries for quick munchies while we decide on main course.

The fries that we ordered tasted little limp with well mostly ready to cook type taste. It was served with a dip which was limp and tasted weirdly. We told the attendant who took it away but did not bothered to replace with fresh one or at least most common accompaniment- Ketchup

For main course, we ordered a black pepper Paneer sizzler which gave us choice of four accompaniments and we chose-Onion rings, baked eggplant, burnt spinach. 

The sizzler was served hot but was mostly tasteless. The quantity of rice was small and Paneer was higher. The onion rings were best to not have and same could be said for Spinach.

Another stuff that we tried was a vegetarian pizza with thin crust. It was soft, chewable and decently cooked

Overall rating: While the ambiance is a plus point, along with vibrant music and good service, the food could be better. I have tried a Kamikaze shot and it was quite limp and tasted more like fancy lime water. We have tried both their outlet at Andheri west and Malad west, and opinion remains same.

If you are looking for spending good time with friends over music, food and dance, this place is indeed for you. It is quite spacious and we have managed tables easily without having to wait or prior reservations.

Will I visit next time? Yes indeed.

Plus point: Foot tapping music and ambiance
Negative point: Do not eat at bar as it may look embarrassing with attendant there who serve drink and wash the stuff, facing towards you at same time.

Overall verdict: Like I said, Cafe O15 is good option if you are looking at casual dining, loads of cool DJ music and fun with friends. If you visit there, do share your feedback with us. For more restaurant reviews, do check my other blog esp for Mumbai and anywhere else- AskMe

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Midsummer's Romance

July 02, 2015 , , 4 Comments

Midsummer Night's Melancholy by Michael Sowa

They looked for love
outside their windows
in hope of some hope
filtering in like sunlight.

They looked for each other
probably at each other
but at different directions

It was a midsummer evening
Perfect family reunion setting
Alas! if only they knew
that love is not about differences
Or finding a common ground
Love is not about lurking outside
but searching it within, confound

Love is above any bias
beyond confines, romantic escape
Love is an irony
a seal that conjoins
two different species,
two different ideologies
converging in one,
looking in same direction.

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