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Snowstorm by Maurice de Vlaminck
White clouds, dwell-ed on earth,
Duel-ed with Trees and mountains
Head - it will dominate, Tail- it will wrap.
and embrace all in it's trap.

It had power to transform
dark in to white, sans light
and stark

Winter Storm, precipitations.
seething cold sleets
When it hails 
and snows
you can see supremacy
of the storm
That makes the black
that absorbed all,
to surrender and kneel
and reveal
The majesty of white snow
and the storm that empowers all,
what winds, what road.
It's heartless and cold.

Could you see those trees,
raising their hands?
in an attempt
to yelp for help.

There were some roads that now endowed with snow
blurring the directions.

So when he painted
That encapsulated state of his mind,
and that suggested
enforcement or turmoil?
This quick poem was written interpreting the picture prompt provided by Magpie Tales. Let's say 20 mins interpretation? :)

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Nursery Rhymes

November 23, 2014 2 Comments

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.”

I agree no less. Though choices keeps on changing and remolding, few things are always special and hold a special, distinctive place in our heart, forever. Some things makes us child again, well some things, are best associated with childhood. 

I remember how as kids, we always wanted to grow up fast, from school to college to work, and doing all those things that was associated with being elders. Hah! Those days. Today we ache to be kids again. No office, college, no pressures but we lost in our world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Nursery Rhymes. Yes, How often do you remember or get to hear nursery rhymes in our day to day life? Oops unless we have kids in our house, and more interestingly the kids in the house who still like and value the presence and importance of something as entertaining however, deep in meaning- Nursery rhymes over- Baby Doll Mein Sone ki or Lungi Dance. 

No offense to the popular nos above. Just reminiscing the lost era of nursery rhymes and wonder why they do not create them anymore? Anyways, when Blogadda in Association with Kids Hut by music Magnet T Series asked "to choose 2 favorite rhyme/ story and write about your memories and morals that are associated with them".

It got me no thinking as I had written above that some of the  nursery rhymes had deeper meaning, something that I learnt during my high school years. Well not the rhymes but the deeper meanings :)

There is a huge list of Nursery Rhymes. The playlist could be found here- Kids Hut

Here's the two of my favorite from the youTube Channel of Kids Huts-

1) Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was not just an egg shaped figurine but impersonation of a political figure/ issue back there. I would not name the person or details of the dark origin. I loved this rhyme for the song, the tune, the lyrics and the fact that "humpty dumpty" makes a goof personal reference if you want to use for a bully. hahaha

2) London Bridge is Falling down

Now if you recall, in our childhood, a lot of us had that small palm size pocket Piano, operated by a small flat cell. It used to come in Blue and pink colors and the meager keys would make interesting tones plus time pass and also an object of affection oops read collection during those days. Let me tell you the song has reference to political scenario of England and the Queen. I loved the creative way that they used to coin the major issue during that era in a simple play like rhymes for circulation. The adoption in nursery rhymes and kids as TG was an interesting. Is that what they call- Bachche bacche ki zubaan pe? [On every child's mouth]

There were several other favorites too.  What's your favorite? D let me know

 This post is a part of Kids Hutactivity at

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Stop Child Abuse #EndViolence

November 21, 2014 , , 7 Comments

I saw this little girl
sitting at the last bench in park.
Her heads lowered on her knees

I went near this little girl
She looked at me with fear
and screamed- Leave me Please

"I am not here to harm you dear
Relax, you can trust me"
I was shocked at her aggression and wonder brought her to these

She turned her head away
with her hands firmly on her frock
in a bid to stretch it beyond the crease

I sensed something terrible
and looked around to see
if there was somebody around, who was accompanying her
I asked her if she has come with someone
as the park is not a right place at evening
for a little girl like her to be.

"Tell me your address angel
I will drop you to your home
or give me a phone number
where I can inform your family member
to pick you home"

"Home, family?" she muttered
Tears Rolled down her cheeks
My apprehension grew deeper
her conduct was not normal
and I need to go deeper into this

I sat close to her
and hold her hands in mine
"you can choose not to trust me.
I do not know what happened with you
If you do not want to tell,
it is still fine.
But let me sit here,
and tell me if I can help you anyway.
Except for letting you stay alone.
Unless you return your home"

"I don't want to go home.
I feel much safer here
at least no one here asked
met show my love by dare bare"

"Dare bare"? Those words shocked my vein
I was aghast to see her Bruises,
they left me in pain.

"Who did this to you?
Does your family knows your woe"
"Well, Yes he was a 'Family'
and family back at home
told me it's my shame
but a secret too.
A secret that I must never spill.
Does secret hurt like this always Aunty?
He said it is love
Does love pain so much, Aunty?
Can I chose not to 'love'?"

Aghast, Embarrassed and shocked, I did not knew what to say.

#ChildAbuse is a sad disease that has spread in not just our country but is prevalent all over the world. It is not just about the sexual violation or abuse but even #ViolenceOnChildren is #ChildAbuse. The most unfortunate thing is that it is as prevalent in close, protective walls of a child's home, a lot of time by the own family member or friend, as much a risk it is outside. Any kind of corporal punishment and all forms of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment as well as physical bullying and hazing by adults or by other children, amounts to child Abuse. 

Signs to watch- Aggression, Depression, Bruises, Guilt, Behavioral change- Conduct, Fear, Experimenting [when you see child experimenting with toys or other children in sexual context]

The sad part is it prevails but the good part is that you can STOP #ChildAbuse and #EndAbuse. Do watch out for the above signs. The child may be from your family, acquaintance or totally stranger. But that should not stop you from raising awareness and helping the child out. Use your heart, conscience and Guts, make the difference. You never know how it will reward you, return your good help. It does.

Remember ignoring is equal to conducting this heinous Crime!

November 19th is World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence Against Children,

Join hands and take a step to #ENDviolence against children. I can #ENDviolence because #ItStartsWithMe.

stop child abuse

Some Notorious act of men
Brings entire mankind to Shame,
and Toxic to Society.

Some causes for change
should be taken as fiery challenge

Be Inclusive, let go Indifference
Stop Child Abuse #EndViolence

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Let's Bring Back The #Personal Touch

November 19, 2014 2 Comments

Aditi and Keshav are two fast paced, high flying architects who believed in minimal designing and optimal utilization of spaces. Together they run their own architectural design house- The Personal Touch.

The Personal Touch was their first of it's kind entrepreneurial venture that they were planning since they were studying design and interior at INIFD. The concept was to create homes from houses by adding elements of individuals appeal and touch. "We build emotions in bricks and Mortar" was their logo. Everybody builds houses and almost everyone in the market is boasting about creating "homes" out of "houses", so where is the differentiation that we will bring in this already "done to death" notion? Argued Keshav during their initial crowd-sourcing discussion that they had with angel investors for procuring the initial seed capital for their dream venture. 

Aditi smiled and responded by presenting a file to the investors wherein she had neatly placed the pictures and testimonials of sample houses that they designed for their first few clients. "Let our do work do the talking sir" said a confident Aditi. The investors were bound to get impressed with her art works wherein she had designed a baby's room for the "newly born" parents. Instead of throwing random colors and famous animation caricatures, Aditi had helped the doting parents take the mold caste of the infants hands and feet, via an expert and, framed it in a lovely stand atop the walls. The idea clicked with the investors and they agreed to invest in Aditi and Keshav's dream venture.

“The Touch” concept clicked and since then, there was no looking back for Aditi and Keshav whose designed appeared regularly in the “Architectural Design” and they soon emerged in the top young designers to watch for.

As the business grew, and with increased popularity and client demand, the couple started spending more and more time at their work and assignments and that took a toll on their personal life. They did not realize when their passion to beat the market by irrelevance has taken over their relationship which started losing the steam. It was their intimate relationship and passion of being together that brought them forth and made them going. However, with lack of personal time and space, the passion between the two started fizzling out. Soon they started having difference of opinions over things. The couple who shared a brilliant chemistry once upon a time and were known to think on same lines, were soon started seeing in different directions. It started showing impacts on their assignments and thereby resulted in loss of a very prestigious project that they have been eyeing since the beginning.

It was pure difference in opinion. It was not that they lost their sense of design or that they started liking alternate arts. They still liked/disliked the same things however the unsaid understanding between them seem to be blurred eventually. They could not realize what has gone wrong until that evening when Keshav was hit by a bad viral and hospitalized. “I hate hospitals, they make me even sick” said the coughing Keshav who had to let go of an important meeting due to his increasingly bad health. Aditi volunteered to attend that meeting on Keshav’s behalf but she returned mid-way worrying about leaving the erring Keshav alone in the hospital.

When she reached the hospital, she found Keshav struggling with high temperature. She rushed in to doctor who gave an injection to Keshav to bring down his fever and asked Aditi to keep hot-cold water strips on his head till his temperature comes to the prescribed limits. A worried Aditi left everything and sit aside his bed to keep changing the water strips. As the night grew, Keshav’s fever refused to come down and he was in delirium. A worried Aditi leaned near his bed, took his hands in hers, brought his head to close to her lap and kept caressing his head for the whole night. She did not realized when the dark turned into dawn, and she fell deep asleep holding him. She was woken up by the visiting doctor’s knock on the door. The doctor came in to check for Keshav’s temperature and amazed to see his recovery. “You are very lucky, Aditi. Normally a patient like this takes minimum 2-3 days of hospitalization and utmost medication to regain back to normalcy. Your husband is able to recuperate over night. Thank your stars”.

“Well Doctor, it is not Aditi but it is me who is lucky to have wife like Aditi, who has helped me recover” replied Keshav, with a sense of comfort and pride.

“I don’t know what I had done, doctor. All I did was to be on his side while your medicines did their job” said Aditi.

“You have done Miracle Aditi. It was not my medicines but your ‘presence’ and “touch” that have worked wonders for your husband. Medicines does not achieve what a simple human touch does. And who other than you two lovely designers can understand that better. By the way, congratulations. I am sure you will do a wonderful job as always for this project” said the winking doctor while handling the morning newspaper to Aditi which broadcasted the announcement of a very prestigious project that was been rewarded to Aditi and Keshav’s firm “The Personal Touch”.

Aditi and Keshav read the news and looked each other’s eyes and said in unison- “Naah! No new assignment for a month now. This month we are busy doing a long pending project of ours. It’s our “#BringBackTheTouch” project, our personal project to revive, reignite and rekindle the spark between us. After all, we need to build a repository of “Touch, feel and sense” before we pass it on the world. Right Aditi?” Asked Keshav by launching his hand ahead of Aditi.

“100 per cent” said Aditi who smiled and gave her ailing husband a hi five.

This short fictional story is written in an emphasis to #BringBackTheTouch . Hope you liked it. Here's leaving you with a beautiful video by Parachute- the name synonymous to 100% pure hair and body care in India.

Do watch and share your feedback. Also, if you have a personal story to share, do let us know. Thanks.

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#Toilet for Babli

November 18, 2014 6 Comments

Happy Hours
I was woken up by the screaming sound of "cha -cha" sound of tea vendors at the Railway station. I tilted my head to read the station name. It was Agra and I was told that the train would be halting there for another 10 minutes. I could not cease my enthusiasm to step down and have a walk at the land of  the famous "Taj Mahal". 

As I got down from the 1st class compartment of my train, to have a fresh breath of the morning breeze, a very strange smell spoiled my fantasy. I moved further to found that it was the bad odor of the human defecation on the railway track. The sight was ugly and I was about to vomit. Good sense prevailed me and I rushed back to get inside my train compartment, however dingy it was. Open defecation on Railway tracks? Isn't it written on every toilet that please do not use "Latrine" while train is at station? How can be people so careless that they could not read and follow such simple, logical instruction? Or is it illiteracy that prevents people from following these instructions? Well my about to form notion got terribly blocked when I saw an affluent looking, educated person coming out from toilet towards the wash basin, proudly boasting his achievement to his fellow friend that how "early morning ablution saves him a good mood and the space for famous savories sold at nearing railway station". You got it, I was disgusted to the core.

I headed back to seat and could not stop wondering how we Indians have made our country and it's railway tracks an open toilet from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Just Railway tracks? well no. It was entire length and breadth of country that is turned in to an open Toilet by it's native- We The people. we the Ugly Indians.

It was a beautiful morning I woke up to. And if the bad track experience at Agra station was not sufficient, the country roads spoiled my entire idea of a good morning with sights of people defecating in open, sometimes quite close to the railway track leaving their treasures behind. The sight not just filled my heart with disgust and nausea, it also made we wonder that given the population of country and high turn around ratio of population defecating in open, where does it leave further spaces for them to defecate on the perpetual basis?

I mean is there a certain allocation that "This area is reserved only for Madho and his family to defecate" or this area is allocated only for X no of defecation in a particular day, by particular age or gender? or is there also any "ladies only" area reserved for the female population who need to defecate in open?

Human Dignity, Sanity, Sanitary and Open defecation
It is 21st century and even though the bicentennial men had reached moon, a lot of them still goes to open fields, meadows, nearby railway tracks, bushes to answer one of the very basic requirement- Call of the nature.

Really? What makes open defecation that popular that still a large chunk of population say around 597 million people are defecating in the open? Is this a mere mindset, lack of awareness or actually a reflection on lack of sanitation facilities? 

And not just men, even women and children are impacted by this lack of sanitation facilities and made to defecate in open. If you think, what the heck? They must be brought up to this living and would be used to it? Hmmm picture this. One fine morning you wake up from your bed and open your house door to find yourself greeted with harsh smell of urination and piles of human waste welcoming you to begin your day. Would you turn Dr Sheldon Cooper and say- "Ah that's my spot" and go la la la squatting there and fulfilling your own nature's call? Sounds disgusting? Well what if you are a woman yourself and imagine while all these is happening, you are also going through your "monthly cycle" and made to use a torn cloth and answer your "nature's call" at the "public". What if you become victim of diarrhea or loose motion and have to frequent toilet [in this case open toilet]?

Heart filled with disgust? Well mine is indeed. And while I am writing this during a fine morning of my day, I am pretty unsure that I would not be able to consume any food today at the mere thought of it. 

Since we are there, let me made it even more disgusting for you. No I am not sadist but I am disappointed with the fact [rather realization] that how the more fortunate lot like you and I who are not just blessed with knowledge but also means for good sanitation facilities and sufficient economic resources but still we do not time or sensibilities to understand and address this trauma of fellow human [women and girl child] who may need our help? No I have nothing against man folklore but I would like to concentrate this post for women and in particular girl child. Let us take an example of Babli [ hypothetical? well not exactly].

Women and the trauma of Open defecation
You know I am very scared to use public or common toilets including one in my office, posh malls, neighborhood, airports, flights and even Trains. From a girl, a woman's point of view, I strongly believe that we are at such a sorry state of hygiene. While a large proportion of population is struggling to have even public toilets for defecation, the same population and other portion of the population is struggling for "presence of hygiene in public toilets". Especially disabled, menstruating women and budding children. Imagine you have to lower your guards and pull up your dresses and sit at the open field and fulfill one of the most private act in open view of many or any?

Babli too feels the same. Last year, she lost her best friend Chintu to mortality caused by lack of sanitation facility and diseases caused owing to open defecation. It is not just Chintu and babli but more than half of Indian children faces a serious health threat related to not just mal-nutrition but lack of poor sanitation.

Toilet for Babli
It is high time that we wake up to this issue and help several children access their right to a healthy world and healthy life. If actress Vidya Balan and her "Jaha soch waha Sochalaya" campaign on TV has not caught your fancy yet, I would request you to take a moment of your time and think about Babli who wastes a vital part of her childhood searching a suitable place to not just defecate but defecate with dignity. Think through.

The Domex Initiative
I have recently learnt about the initiatve taken by Domex. Domex Toilet Academy or DTA program was launched in 2013 November and aims to become sustainable and long term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and help stimulate the local economy. You can find more details at their website here. You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Well I am among the 462112 to have clicked and marked my contribution [a step in the direction] and now waiting for more and more clicks to happen there.

You my friend can ring change indeed. So let us come forth and show our support for every Chintu, Ramu, Shymala, Gauri and Babli! Let's join this motion [ no matter from wherever that is coming] and contribute towards it in all that ways we can.

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Speed Thrills but....

November 16, 2014 , , 12 Comments

Source: Magpie Tales [picture prompt]
The Roads have never been as smoother
and inviting
Faster and faster I trotted
on my baby, riding.
Speed is such a thrill!

The night was dark
and the streets were half bright
I drove my machine
accelerating it in my upright.
Speed Thrills!

"This is smooth man"
"let's go faster as we can"
Yelled my co passengers
their enthusiasm got no end.
Speed thrills, my dear friend

We were drunk on the speed
and liquor fueled our spirits high.
coming back from the night club,
our car stereos refused to die.
Speed is such a music to heart..
and Speed Thrills...

"Faster" and "faster" the vehicle zoomed
it rode the road vroom-vroom,
caution thrown to winds,
seat belts went off the latch.
we took an alternate speed,
quite hard to match.
Youth's ethos is speed
After all, Speed Thrills

we heard no plea,
no brakes, no limits
and no mercy to the roads,
until the hard reality hit us
when the car came to screeching halt.

The thrilling speed shifted a new gear
and the giant went upside down,
up in the air, rolling somersault.
no one realized till  end
The mighty scorpio turned toad.

Alas! it was too late
for us to stop and set things straight.
The blood came rushing,
bursting from nerves,
gushing from reins.
and the inscrutable pain,
that knew no boundary, knew no end.

Man! It was neither thrilling.
It was ghastly and spine chilling.
bodies disfigured, lives lost.
Speed came with irrecoverable cost.

Road safety ain't any fanciful frill
Speed thrills
it also kills.

Drive Safely and responsibly!
even though if
no one is waiting for you at Home.


Everyday there are increased incidents of road accidents are reported. Many lives are lost in these accidents and many, gets handicapped for lives. One worst part of such accidents is, often it happens due to someone else' negligence. Accidents are very expensive, avoid them for cheap thrills. They say- Its better late, than never.

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Let's Eliminate Classroom Hunger: Feed A Child

November 14, 2014 3 Comments

And while India celebrates Children's day today, a lot many children that you or I can imagine would have woken up this morning or stayed during the day and will got bed- Hungry!

Do not get me wrong please. As a country, we do not lack natural resources. In fact we are superlatively rich and exploiting with nature. We do not lack enough funds to feed the children of this country, nor do we lack awareness about this monster of an issue. What we do lack, my dear friend- is the initiative, management and above all a combined will to work it out. It is not that nobody is working towards it. There are certain organizations such as Akshaya Patra, who are actively working on this as a project. 

Hunger doesn't thrills but Kills
While you would have seen some leaders and people going on hunger strikes to drive certain objectives. Let me tell you, it is not easy, nor fancy alternative that God has blessed us with. As our age progresses, we may learn to suppress our hunger or our appetite may go low. However, endurance level for hunger is very low in infants and children who not just need enough food but enough "nutritive" food to help their growth and development, mentally, physically and psychologically. 

A child is a father of man and could be a mother too. 
Hunger does not just kill a person physically, it often leads people to commit cruel crimes or perpetrates untoward actions. "Children are future of India". And what kind of hungry future do we expect if we are not able to better the "present" of this "future". Do we really want our future to be a sad, gloomy face of hunger and deprivation? Or we want a healthy future? If you have said "Yes" for healthy future, then read on...

Start it early
Who is the most influencing person of a child's life during her/his growing years? Mother? Yes, Father? Yes. Grandparents, definitely yes. Teachers? Certainly yes. However, when a child start going to school and playing with friends, it is them who become the more influencing persons of his/her life. Indeed, given the time that a child spends at school while learning most about life and world, it is school and child' peer group at school that helps shape a more significant part of child' growth and development. Learning is not an easy task. Ask me. Every time I was asked to solve a math problem, I would be either very hungry or very sleepy. Since I could not afford to sleep during school hours, my family used to pack me extra boxes of lunch. The days when I don't use to bring a proper meal but some fancy foods like fry-yums and pastas, I would struggle to stay active and erode hunger. What I ate while being in school, did become a part of food habit and what I did not liked to eat, my friends in school made me to develop a taste for that. For eg- Lady finger that I always hated until I found it is my best friend's favorite food. 

The point I am trying to drive is that school plays a very vital role in a child's development, but off course. It also helps shaping up in different habits of a human being, food being the case in point. To further strengthen my views, let me tell you about the poor Aadya, who stayed in shanty near our oil mill and who Aadya has to skip education cause her mother insisted- Agar school jayega to paise kaise kamayega? Khayega kya? [If Aadya will go to school, how will he earn livelihood by working at factory and how would he feed self?].

There are several children like Aadya who have to forego their education for child labor and lack of "food to eat" is one of the primary reason. As in some parents who could not afford daily meals for their children, resisted sending them to school as in recess the child would have nothing to eat whilst some fortunate few would come with their eloquent boxes to remind them more of their "depravity" and hunger.

Source: AkshayPatra Foundation Facebook Page

Eliminate Class room hunger
Wanna make more and more children to go to school and get educated? Want to prevent early malnutrition in country? Want to inculcate good eating habits in children? Want to be the contributing part of a child's [however unknown] health and nutrition? Want to foster healthy eating habits in children? If answer of any of the above questions is Yes, then come join, be part of brainwave - eliminating classroom hunger.

How do we eliminate classroom hunger?
By just talking about it to win next election?
By providing some food to school going children?
By providing nutritive food to children?
By placing pictures of all kinds of food in classroom?
By opening a "pay only" cafeteria in schools and throwing away all local food stalls?
By telling children to bring their food grains in beginning of the month to school?
By opening a farm in school playground?

Think through.

May be we can eliminate it by making "right policies" and right fund "allocation". When we say allocation, we also mean that there should be a review mechanism to check- how the funds allocated are deployed? And whether are they reaching the right recipients or not?

While I can copy, paste and throw many statistics here, I would still request you to sit back and think- how will you eliminate classroom hunger?


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I wish I could be six again

November 07, 2014 10 Comments

Image Source

I wish I could be six again so I could…

Devastate all that harm that growing up had thrown in my way
and bring back my innocence 
when the world was not the complicated Gossamer
with knots
more than the thread's length
but a
a fairy tale spun in colors.

when male and female
was just a gender.
and religion was no big deal.

I want to Plummet
back into the joy of childhood,
the age of innocence
and miss out
all that ugliness
that came as part of
growing up.

I wish I could be six again...
so I can see the world
with rose tinted lens
with honesty and purity
except when it comes to..
who will eat the cherry on the top of cake icing.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
Also, for 3 words Wednesday. The words prompt this Wednesday are- Devastate, Plummet and Gossamer. 

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Hunting Big Game

November 03, 2014 , 21 Comments

image credit:  Dick Blick Art

What if love replaces violence
and life replaces bloodshed
Hatred scrubbed away by love
what if?

Lets stop killing
in the name of religion
or leisure hunting

What if soldiers turn down their guns
and replace them with flowers?
No bullets will be fired
only cameras will do the shooting!

Let's flashback to the era
and freeze all the frames
replacing ammunition
that bring mankind a shame,
replacing it with flowers,
with bright colors petal and stem

What if a predator
becomes a prey's empathetic friend?
what if you you use only lenses
for hunting the big game!

The poem is in response to the picture prompt given by magpie. The thought's are author's own. And a plea to stop killing and respect co existence.

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