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May 21, 2021 0 Comments

Many years earlier, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor fell in love and ran away to save their lives. Now they are running again to save their lives. But are they in love? Well, not with each other and neither with anyone else necessarily. So, why are they on the run?

The essence of Sandeep and Pinky Farar is not about this why. It is more about this how and when. Must watch this film for more.

And trust me, do not bother what local YouTube reviewers may tell you about this film. Not everyone has a good taste for cinema and motion pictures. This film however is made with great taste, a good story, and an engaging screenplay.

I will not tell you an inch about the story. No one should actually. cause often reviews spoils the plot and the imaginations. And this one, I want you to watch with your clear, unadulterated imagination and the flow. 

There are cliches, yes they may be but then there are few things that are beyond cliche and somewhat reassuring. Like the lady investigation officer, the good and the bad temperament never changes despite situations, the people behind faces, and, more analogies that you can draw from this simple screenplay. I suggest you watch the movie and compare notes.

My favorite scene in the movie is when Pariniti beholds her scream and then unleashes herself out from the window valley. The reaction or drama was expected in the narrative but it blends as significantly as water quenches the thirst every time you feel dehydrated. 

Another beautiful thing about the film that I liked is the film is gender centric, gender-sensitive without blowing any trumpets around it. There are some beautiful analogies built around that you will understand when you watch. I, as a woman, would obviously focus more on women-centric analogies that are hinted without being too suggestive.

The movie has a song too which you may find objecting at one point, but it is there to stitch things together and not just Bollywood'ize! 

There is a good vibe of Delhi, beautiful, picturesque views of Pithora, a good touch of real-life and forever moving screenplay. 

And then there are your favorite actors- each essaying a regular role but their own unique way. It is a film that came like redemption for Pariniti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor after the debacle of all their Masala films. They shone brilliantly in this film. This one film is better than multiple Saina, Girl on the Train, Kill-dill, Jabariya Jodi that Parineeti Chopra starred in. It has that rawness, it has finesse. 

If Priyanka Chopra did Saat Khoon Maaf, then according to me this film is- Saat Bad Film Maaf for Parineeti Chopra. [provided they do not come after this film]

I know a lot of filmmakers will say- why the audience needs to discuss the "technical aspect" of the film. It is not their forte. Well, audience or non-film-makers have the full right. Not everyone who enjoys whiskey needs to brew it but it is them who decide the finer taste. 

Coming back to the movie, it is an interesting movie to watch. And maybe more than one time watch.



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मोदी [जी] बनाम मीडिया

May 08, 2021 0 Comments

 बैठे है जिस पर

हैं काट रहे वही डाल

इस देश में यारों, 

है मीडिया का ख़स्ता हाल।

जग में फैली है महामारी 

जन के जीवन में आया है भूचाल।

पर इनके कानो पे ज़ू ना रेंगे 

इनकी जल रही एक अलग ही मशाल।

समाचार के नाम पर कट रहा इनका अलग ही अचार 

इनकी धूर्त करतूतों ने, उठा दिए प्रधान मंत्री  पे ही सवाल। 

मोदी जी बात सुने, अपने एक पूर्व प्रशंशक की आज,

करते है सर्व हित में बात बड़ी कमाल,

एक बुरा अधीनस्थ [subordinate], 

अच्छे से अच्छे राजा को कर देता है कंगाल। 

तज़िए इन काठ के उल्लूऔ को अब,

लूट लिया इन नकारो ने लूटना था जितना माल।

लाइए एक बेहतर, कार्यशील मीडिया एवं मंत्री मंडल, 

अबकि साल, अबकि साल।


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Hi Folks,

You heard its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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