"Delhi meets Noida & happily married at Gurgaon- My entry for Get Published Contest”

December 31, 2012 39 Comments

“Don’t love me for fun girl
Let me be the one, girl
Love me for a reason
Let the reason be love”

Bhupesh was humming this song while looking at his landline phone. There was a beep on his laptop and he found Ritika was online, pinging him on G talk, pining for his attention.

Their chat was casual and went for few minutes when Bhupesh suddenly asked, “What if you become Mrs. Sharma?” 

“Whattt? Are you joking?” Pat came to her reply.

It was two o' clock at night.  Ritika couldn't sink herself with what Bhupesh just said. She was not sure whether to first close her mouth that was opened in surprise or start jumping with joy. Nevertheless, she did both, one by one.

It all started with a random prank call that Ritika made to Bhupesh’s landline phone, way back in 1999. The prank call turned into a great friendship over 5 years and now on verge of wrapping up in a bond of a lifetime.

That was June 2004 when he popped the question and on Nov 2011, Ritika, beaten blue & black, is standing on a crossroad trying to decide whether she should finally tie the knot and how? Before she could decide, she was admitted to the hospital fighting multiple organ failures.

This is the story of Ritika, a bubbly school girl turned expert HR professional who used to make prank calls to people while in school. Also stars Bhupesh, a naughty Don Bosco schoolboy, an atheist businessman, turned famous Astrologer, already in love with another girl in far-off Patna, and off course their smooth take off of love but the bumpy drive to the wedding hall.

What makes the story real- It’s a real story of Ritika & Bhupesh and their nothing sort of roller coaster love story. Even the names are real and so does the people involved. Their love story started as a candy floss romance and sailed through every rough terrain you could envision. Whether their relation survived till marriage or not is the crux of the story.

For Bhupesh & Ritika, life was not a cake walk and their love story was served on anything but a silver platter. If you think only parents approval is the biggest villain in a love story, I would say it was a multi starring with gambit of villains age difference, parental pressure, Fraudster son of non existential MP, long-distance relationship, MBA program, Hepatitis A, Coma and Bhupesh’s resolution to get over his past so that he can justify his present and his future ahead.

I wrote this synopsis over cups of tea, cough syrup and almonds breakfast with Bhupesh & Ritika. By the time they painted their drawing room wall, my synopsis was written.

If you like my story, pl do vote for me here or click this- http://www.indiblogger.in/getpublished/idea/396

Your votes will help Harper Collins select my story...So pl...VOTE FOR ME :)

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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Gone with the Shave

December 30, 2012 12 Comments

He was dressed in Armani
Shoes was Versace
and watch was Rolex
and his scent was driving me crazy

I threw a glance but stumbled
stopped at his chin & mumbled
you look still good n I m so humbled
Sorry but i don't go on date with "uncles"

Uncle? he bemoaned n wondered
I am just thirty he grumbled
Honey, what's wrong with you tonight
We are married, remember, alrite!

Oh really, then my bad
but age really reflect on your face
your hairs are cool & you smell good
But ur stubble makes u look uncouth

Spiky, thorny, hairs ingrown
she heaved a sigh & let a groan
What's with those stranded hair
would you give your face a little care?

Well a lot of you faced such situations. What's the solution? Asks Blogadda team to all women bloggers under this contest- Shave or Crave

Some said- they will play hot, some said they will play cool. I do not want to be a fool and risk my true love or ummm good date over a stubble. Gifting him a shaver and assortment regularly doesn't help

Here's what I'd suggest to make a man crave and shave. Continued from top...

"Would you give you face a little care"
asked the man amused & worried
we are getting late, can we be hurried?

Suddenly she moved out
Is she angry on me, he's got doubt
she returned back in such a jiffy
carrying in her hand a paper kitty

what are you doing, pl wait
Let's go for dinner, its getting late
She smiled and sat him over
turned his chin and lean over

stroke by stroke, she aimed to titillate
he seemed to be enjoying every moment
and a last stroke and the stubble was gone
as she left him he moan

some more honey, its not yet done
there's a shaft of hair near my cheekbone
smiled she took it in her hands
only to smell aftershave fragrance

No gyan, no strategy, no minute wasted
she took a shaver and got him shaved
Shaving was never so much of fun
a razor & cream and he was done

There's she stood happy & triumph
she got rid of his evening stubble 
no more frowning, none to fumble
ah that aftershave, its never enough

he stretched his arms and pulled her across
wanna go for second honeymoon, he asked
Aren't we getting late for dinner
she chuckled in his arms, like a winner.

Thank you for reading it all alone. Hope you liked my post. So friends, women and men, whaddya say? Isn't it the best way to crave him to shave and shave him to crave? If yes, pl do leave your comments below. I would love them all.

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with BlogAdda.com

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Stubble stubble go away

December 28, 2012 10 Comments

Some men have it short
some has long
some has bushy
Alas! all of them hurt like a thorn

Some develops it early
some take time to grow
Some gets it, twice a day
Reason? they don't know

some like to experiment
with a new pattern to show
Some are pure casual about it
while some admire theirs & keeps it adorn

Ahem, we are talking about the stubble that men keep. 
Do not get us wrong
lets get straight to the point
to cut the story from long

It makes them look
just up from bed
it makes girls feel
if men were risen from dead

It's bushy, its spiky
its so unwanted
It hurts and its unhygienic
still it refuses to go

How to get rid of it? Ask Diva...

This is the story of a diva. A girl called diva. A happy go lucky girl with countenance as fair as snow. Pearly complexion, rosy cheeks, blue eyes well nothing of the sort. She was as normal as we are. But yeah, quite an adventure freak and perhaps that's why she always loved men with a stubble. As she would always say-

"It makes them look cool,
it makes them look strong
it makes you feel
protected and tagged along"

So then, she found herself a boyfriend, a hot, dashing boyfriend with the looks of cowboys with off course, a stubble. His name- George Abraham and she would call him Georgie boy. Oh wow, he wears a rugged jeans, drives a super bike, spike hairs, smell like Azzaro and looks like George Michael. Awww he is soooo cool and his stubble so manly- she quipped. She quipped, jumped with joy. Her joy was short-lived and soon she started shying away from her Georgie boy. Those snuggling, cootchie cooing were no more magical. He wondered why and one day he asked her. "Its your stubble George"! She said candidly.

Georgie Boy- What with my stubble Diva?
Dive: It's so hurting that every time I come close to embrace you, it comes in between like a villain
Georgie Boy- But doll, you used to love it, didn't you?
Diva: yeah, I used to but didn't knew it would hurt so much
Georgie Boy- Oh Diva, my baby, you can't stop loving me cause I have a stubble
Diva- Exactly my point- Johnie Boy. So pl, pl get rid off your stubble pl
Georgie boy- Would that make you happy?
Diva- Yes (with a big twinkle in her eyes)

Georgie boy shaved his stubble
Diva girl was joyous and humble
the love story went on and on
till one day Georgie cared no long

When he was comfortable, he would save
Rest all days, he made Diva Crave
"What's that love that can't endure a little
 Forget the roughness, enjoy the thrill"
"Love me love my evening stubble"
Diva would just sit and grumble

"Stubble stubble go away, 
Miss Diva wants to play 
with his chin, cheek n ears 
caress them till nape of their neck. 
bushy face, evening stubble 
does anything but impress"

But Diva was smart
Diva was strong
She turned the table
and made Georgie yearn n long

She made a plan for a car race. She invited all their friends and asked Georgie to join her for a long drive. In anticipation of great fun, he agreed. 

The D day came and they all waited for the gun to go. Ready, Steady & Po....

It was a long, steep jungle road. They had 30 minutes to reach from point A to point B. They were going quite steadily with Diva & Georgie leading the pack. Suddenly Diva changed the track and moved her car from the smooth cemented road to rocky terrains.

Georgie- Honey, why are we off track? We were doing so good. It was such a "smooth" ride.
Diva- Sweetie its so much fun to drive on a terrain like this. It's sooo adventurous, so thrilling
Georgie- What thrill Diva, its so rocky that it may hurt our car's tires
Diva- What's that tyre that cannot endure a track. We have stepany, enjoy the race
Georgie- But when we can drive on smooth road, why to drive on uneven road when we can drive on smooth road? It actually kills the thrill which gets badly affected due to rough, itching terrains that you may not enjoy driving

By the time Georgie finished this sentence, Diva jumped from and said- exactly my point
He was shocked. "What do you mean? I didn't get your point here". 
Diva (caressing his cheeks with her hands): Honey, the point I wanted to make is- The rocky terrains kills the smooth drive and makes it unenjoyable. Why to drive on uneven road when we can drive on smooth road?

"Smart girl of mine" Georgie smiled and embraced her. "Ouch the stubble hurts, baby" winked Diva. "No more baby, no more. Cause I am gonna shave them off every morning too" said Georgie boy. 
"Promise" asked Diva
"It's a man's word, doll". 

And like all the good ol' fairy tales- They lived happily together, ever after. 

This is how a darling Diva got her Georgie boy crave and Johnie chose to shave his evening stubble. What's your story? What do you wanna choose- Shave or Crave?

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with BlogAdda.com

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Book Review- "The Bankster"

December 25, 2012 21 Comments

The Banker with gangsters and mobster, makes for an interesting reader!

The Bankster 
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-2048-9 
Genre: Fiction
No. of pages: 358
Price: 250 INR
Rating 3/5

Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murder rock the GB global bank putting it's reputation at stake. Who is behind these killings? What is the motive? Is the banker at GB-2 fast turning into a bankster? Or was he always one? In this maze of puzzles, questions and murders the author takes us through a gripping thriller in the quest of solving those puzzles, questions and murders.

The bankster is a story set in 3 different cities- Angola, Kerela and Mum-bhai! It's a story that runs through these cities, intertwined, gripping and bores the true Ravi Subramanium style with a new international edge that a lot of crime thrillers are made of. Set in Greater Boston Global Bank, involving its employees and mafia and secret agencies. 

One story, 3 parallel tracks, ultimately combined to one single plot- Bankster. In Angola a covert CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamonds whereas in Kerala an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfil a promise made to dying son. And in Mumbai an international bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees.

What intrigued me more is the book cover that happily stated- meet the John Grisham of Banking. Not bad, it just helps heighten up the expectations from the book. Well, I would  not say he is John Grisham or not, I would rather like him to be Ravi Subramanium of India and let authors of world compete with him. And I did liked the cover page (if you wondering why am talking about cover page- well my friends, a lot of books get sold as per their label), the image could have been better.

The story, narrative is easy to read. The Ravi S touch is definitely there, scaling to new horizons. Yes it was a good attempt overall? Question is- like I always say- Can it supersede his other novel which remains my favorite- if God were a banker, well my answer would be-may be.

The plot is mainly on money laundering and written in fashion of tales of 3 cities- how fictitious assets etc are used- misused to facilitate illegitimate funds transfers.

Author has used real life incidents too in the book like- Koodankulam nuclear power plant protests, Fukushima incident, Chernobyl incident which makes this story feels realistic. 

Author also plunged into the temptation of re using his characters from previous novels hitherto like Karan and all. I am waiting for this to be converted in a movie, and am sure with proper execution it will make a good one. It has all the potential. 

Do go for it if you are in Banking or allied services or like reading crime thriller or loved Ravi's previous books or never heard of him still.
This review is a part of Book Review Programme at BlogAdda.com. Participate now to get free books!

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Two's Company, Three's Crowd: My entry for the Get Published contest

December 23, 2012 40 Comments

"Lovers forget their loves
and list their love to this
She, a window flower
and he, a winter breeze"

Ashima and Aman, a once upon a time madly in love couple struggles to spend time with each other. Inseparable since beginning, Ashima follows Aman wherever he goes, whatever he wants. Today things have changed. Aman's love for Ashima takes backseat to Aman's priority for his job which Ashima truly respect. In her own words- "You make me proud, Aman". Her undying love for Aman didn't let her go away from him. She understands his pressures and never objects to his haywire schedule which also meant that he left her midway during their Mehendi ceremony. "Don't worry, we will compensate for all his time on wedding day with his presence and off course an exotic honeymoon" she smiled and winked to her doubting guests.

Ashima now lives-in with Aman. He got a special project in hand, deferring their wedding. Days became months and months, year. In spite of everyone's wishes, she moved in with him. "Marriage is union of two souls and I have found my soulmate. Why worry what world says. As long as I know he loves me and I love him. Wedding is just a tick in box which we shall do once his special assignment is over". She replies.

It's their anniversary (dating) and Ashima wanted to surprise him with a special candlelit dinner for two. She  came home early despite her busy schedule at work, buys his favorite flowers, cooks all his favorite food, set a table with exotic candles and wine glasses. She politely declines her colleagues' request to not depend on Aman's arrival and celebrate evening with them at newly opened Bistro. "Two's company three's crowd. We will have lot of fun and you are not allowed". 

Will Aman & Ashima  celebrate their special day together or once again his job will take precedence over his love? Would Ashima's faith on her love will survive or would she get disheartened by his absence? Does absence makes hearts grow fonder or too much availability of a partner, diffuses the spark? Is it a test of love or writing on wall for Ashima to move on or will love conquer all?

What makes this story real- If it's love, its real. A majority of us may relate to this story. The working professionals, the live in partners, the mad in love couples who still hold the charm of old world love- Love happens only once but stays on forever. Anyone who has loved and seen love fading to hands of time, situations and priorities will relate to this story. The story does not preach or judge but may reinstate our faith in love, it's importance and challenges too.

If you like my story, pl do vote for me here or click this- http://www.indiblogger.in/getpublished/idea/329/

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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I am very very Sari!

December 18, 2012 , 28 Comments

What is that a lack of which makes a women's attire/dressing incomplete? What is that which has adaptability to grace any occasion- formal or festive or routine? What is that which is simplest looking yet could be manipulated into many a style statement? What is that which is equally popular for an elderly grand ma to a lady in corporate hot seat, to young chick and even a small girl? What is that which represents Indian women and her attire? It's the whole 6 yards fabric- the Sari!

An actress is never complete until she is Yash Chopra's heroine, donning a chiffon sari in lush green meadows and swiss alps. Picture of a perfect beauty is never complete without a sari. Such is the beauty of this fabric that from a home maker to a seductress, to a business women, everyone vouch by it. The whole six yards...there is everything mystical about it.

So when Indiblogger in association with Shoppers Stop came up this contest- Shoppers Stop Perfect Look, I couldn't help but write at least one tributary post to this beautiful thing called- The whole six yards- The sari.

Here's am picking an ensemble that's what Sari dreams are of. How?

Well well...this festive season, we had lots of wedding in the house and there goes the mightiest confusion- what to wear? Sari is off course a natural choice. But which Sari? ahem, did they told you problem of plenty? yeah plenty of options available making difficult to choose? From silk to georgette to net...options are plenty and trends in vogue.

I logged on Shoppers stop website and browsed for saris. It has such a variety of sari that I got even more confused and couldn't decide on just one and chose to pick few but Alas, I am not that rich and need to buy accessories too. It's then Shopper's Stop's tagline- try something new! caught my attention. New?

Here's what I picked which narrowed my few alternates into one and got me an appreciation winning ensemble in the wedding function.

Why this ensemble?
1. Sari- I liked the fact that the sari has an element of all latest style- Net, Crepe, Jacquard and with embroidery and a color that's so royal, so gracious, so rich and so festive in looks.
2. Jewellery- I chose in particular the silver range so as to bring grace and in same time subtlety in looks. The necklace, earring, rings and bracelets are selected keeping the sari pattern and overall design congruency in mind.
3. Watch- The dial, the strap and its uncanny resemblance to Sari border says all. Besides it's silver and its Titan
4. Clutch- Its handy, chic and goes very well with sari. Black makes a match with Sari
5. Footwear- Glittery, flowery and mixed color to accentuate the look of Sari and overall outfit. Yes, yes...Silver too.

Doesn't that makes an interesting combo? Do let me know in comments below. Till then Ciao & keep dressing well and elegant.
ensemble picked from www.shoppersstop.com

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Shoppers Stop & Men's Clothing- Perfect Festive look

December 15, 2012 66 Comments

This post is written for Indiblogger & Shoppers Stop- Perfect look contest.
All ensembles are picked from www.shoppersstop.com

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. “
- Arthur Ashe

This festive season, 
men wants to have some fun. 
They do not want to leave any stones un-turn.
Pulled up their socks 
and wore their shopping shoes.
They minced no words, 
bat no eyelids 
and pick the best in town
Corporate dressing is evergreen
so is the traditional one

Here's a perfect ensemble they found for this festive season, courtesy Shoppers stop

1. The Traditional Attire

The Semi Casual attire
Details of items
1. Park Avenue Men Smart Fit Single Breasted 5 Button Bandhgala suit with flat front trouser. MRP Rs 8999/- Buy here
2. Titan Automatic Collection Watch. MRP Rs 13,500. Here.
3. Ring- Revv Ring 16863. MRP Rs 1290/-
4. Wallet- Hidesign Men wallet MRP- Rs 1395/-
5. Cufflinks- Infinity Cufflinks CL3035. MRP- Rs 1260 (20% off) Buy here
6.French Connection MensMetal Tab belts. MRP Rs 1359 (20% off); Buy here
7. Shoes- Redtape Men Formal shoes. MRP Rs 2595/-
8. Pen - Cross Verve Pen Platinum. MRP- Rs 11827.50

3. PartyAbhi baaki hai- looks

“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.”
- Hardy Amies

Yes, that's the mantra that clicks well with formals as much as it clicks with party wear. Confused? Well do not be...When there's festivity, there's party. Partying is all about having fun but dressing plays an essential part. Women are not drawn towards men who are either too upright in parties or too sluggish. Women likes the ones who are wild yet impeccably dressed.Here's how to gear up this festive season to rock hard & party harder...

1. Shirt- Zod! Mens Slim Fit Full Sleeves Printed Partywear Shirt- MRP-1599
2. Jeans-Jack and Jones-Mens Nick Lab C. BL 105 LID Jeans- MRP 5995 
3. tie- Zodiac-Mens Ties- MRP 1499
4. Socks- Zodiac-Mens Single Pack Crew Length Luxury Cotton Design Socks- MRP 129
5. Jacket (Optional) Calvin Klein Jeans-Mens Long Sleeves Slim Fit Blazer- MRP 8799 (20% off)
6. Wallet- Austin Reed - Mens Wallet- MRP-719
7. Shoes-Red Tape - Mens Casual Shoes- MRP 2595
8. Watch- ESPRIT Timewear - Mens Watch - Varsity Rosegold- MRP 10295
9. Belt- Hidesign - Mens Belt- MRP 1395
10. Sunglasses- Rayban Sunglasses for Men - Aviator Collection- MRP 5290

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If looks could kill...

December 12, 2012 , 31 Comments

"I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn't exist anymore"
- Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a shopaholic

Shopper Stop, the leading retail along with Indiblogger has come with an interesting contest- Shoppers Stop Perfect Look. Wherein they have asked to pick our favorite accessories from www.shoppersstop.com put together an ensemble that's the perfect look for this festive season.

Men makes cloths & cloths maketh men. Times are changing, so is our fashion, trends and styling. Today's youth is liberated and is very cautious of what they wear. Its no longer just a heavy dress and loads of jewelery that distinguish cheese from chalk. "Minimalist" is the new mantra.This festive season, do something different...Do something genuine, Something Unique and dare to be different. So when fashion is all about classy and fabulous; it is also about convenience, wear-ability & ease. Living through this theory, here's presenting my ensemble- Minimalist Couture!

My priceless ensemble has-
1.Remanika Ladies Halter neck top (Black)
2. Haute Curry Mix & Match Skirt
3. Carbon Diamond Pendant DPS103888
4. The fine Jewelry Ring
5. Ladies watch- Titan Raga Collection
6. Hidesign Ladies wallet
7. Lemon Pepper Ladies footwear

(For prices, other details and online shopping, pl check www.shoppersstop.com)

This ensemble is designed keeping the youngsters and young adults from age 12 to 40 yrs in mind. Isn't that a fab concept that fits from 12 to 40 and yet look chic. The look is not just simple yet classy too with Titan Raga watch and Carbon Diamond pendant embellishing the look, the footwear is not just peppy but gives a lift up look that goes well with long skirt as these. Additionally, you can use a black, maroon, yellow or a multicolor Dupatta/ stole over your top.

I have played primarily with three colors (depicting festivity) Red, Yellow & Black. Gold & silver is thrown in between to merge & blend the look seamlessly. The beauty of this ensemble is that it can be individually mixed and matched with various outfits- traditional and western, casual & formal.

Well, all I would say- It's not an ensemble but an investment!

"I don't think I could live without hair, makeup and styling, let alone be the performer I am. I am a glamour girl through and through. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one".                                                                                       Lady Gaga

The Make up: When is true style complete without make up. Well, Shopper stop does have everything for everyone and without mincing words, here's a make up ideas from one of the featured brand- Maybelline.

8. Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quad Seashore Frosts- The four in one eye shadow to up your face quotient by accentuating your assets.
9. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Black - To create that dramatic or demure look.
10. Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color Silver Sand - Just a touch up to fill in that perfect pout.
11. Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel Atracao Fatal - One coat to enhance your slender fingers. 
12Maybelline Colossal VolumExpress Mascara Washable Black- To give volume to your lashes and make them speak thousand words without saying.

Hope you will like my concept and ensemble.To surf more amid the wide range of apparel and accessories , pl do visit www.shoppersstop.com.  Oh yes, they have some amazing offers and discounts going on too. What more? Don't forget to become First Citizen.

Happy Shopping! Happy Shopper Stopping!!!
Disclaimer: The ensemble/post is purely the blogger's concept basis the apparels & accessories on Shoppers Stop website. The author (so far) is proud to have the concept unique from many other designs as submitted for this contest. Request people to build their own ideas and refrain from copying or reproducing the same.
Be original, stop piracy!

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She is my world

December 10, 2012 , 37 Comments

This post is written for The MAG 147
Three Word Wednesday 3WW CCCVI (prompt word: Fluid, Harvest, Battles)
and written to celebrate the womanhood

I looked at her eyes and lost myself
A glance at her hands
and found myself

From one part of the world
to the other
she is in me
she is everywhere, everywhere in me
I left her on mountains
I drenched her in the seas
I spread my arms and
lay down on prairies
and she still breath in me

She runs like a fluid in my veins
she battles like wind in my breath
She sows the love in my heart
waters my admiration 
and harvests its seeds.

She is my world
and my world lives in her
She is my women
my mother, my daughter
my everything, everything that "she" can be

Celebrating the spirit of being woman and for all the women in my life esp my mom, my granny.

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Eat, Drink & Mon Cheri!

December 06, 2012 , , 4 Comments

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures. -Michael Broadbent

It was an affair to remember. My affair with fine wine amid the green clings and open rain wash skies. All, a perfect setting for a beautiful afternoon with wine, dine and off course friends. 

When Team GC invited me to have a wine testing event by four season's wine, I had little inkling how splendid and joyful that day was going to be for me. I am a foodie and good food plus good ambiances always attracted me and being a wine aficionado, I couldn't say no to this. The event was hosted at Cheri One, near kutub minar, Mehrauli.

It was an invite for a wine testing session along with live cooking session where the Star Chef of Cheri- Chef Raman Deep demonstrated some interesting food pairings that goes well with different wines.

The Place- Cheri One at Kutub

The live cook out session

Star of the show- The wines

Food & Gluttony

Faces & Lasses

"Who cares if the glass is half full or half empty as long as there's wine in the glass"

The Video

For more details, VISIT
Four Seasons
Cheri One
Chef Raman Deep

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Film Review Talaash

December 02, 2012 , 71 Comments

Your "Talaash" for a good suspense movie ends here.

Genre: Suspense Thriller
Director: Reema Kagti

I am going to try writing something that tells you a lot but give away nothing, except recommendation. 

Mumbai wakes up to the news of accident and death of a popular film star- Arman Kapoor. He was neither drunk, nor chased by paparazzi or by any don. His accident comes as a mystery and there enters the capable, the strict  the determined Inspector, who is newly transferred to a police station which has seen many officers moving out of it in past- Suri Shekhawat to investigate the whole matter. Rest is a mystery that he needs to unfold scene by scene, interrogation by interrogation. Will he able to solve it or it too will confine in pages of closed files like other cases hitherto.What follows is a mystery thriller.

A young couple is struggling to cope up with the accidental death of their only son and resulted in an almost broken marriage and broken lines of communication.Their story had a history that they are not comfortable to let go off. Their present is not comfortable either and confront them with possibility of talking with their dead son. What follows is an essential part of the story.

A young street walker prospects a cop unknowingly and end up being his crucial informer. He insist her to come off this ugly trade but she resist until he helps her find her old friend who went missing during a client call, 3 yrs back. Her part speaks off the ugly truth of the dirty business of skin trade where people are pawns. The cop helps in getting the girlfriend of her dead agent to exit the dirty business. Her story? well that's a spiritual mystery and she prefers to tell it later.

A sleepless, bereaved man goes around the city in nights, meeting pimps and prostitutes. He is in constant attempt to come to terms with his life and meanwhile solve a mystery case.

A aqua-phile boy drowns to death while playing in water steamer with his co-age friend. While his friend is rescued by his parents, his body was no where to be found. He tries to speak to his father who dismiss the idea by calling his son dead but finally hears him through his letter to him.

A woman grappling with a profound loss, try to find solace through love and companionship of her husband who thinks she would be better off talking to a psychiatrist than talking to him. Poignant, helpless and alone, she seeks solace through a weird sounding neighbor.

And there is Sea Worli road, central character of the movie which is witness to many unresolved accidents and murders. The answers of all them, lies within, says the promos.

#Talaash is an amalgamation of stories above, all beautifully weaved in to an interesting suspense, mystery thriller that has hit Indian celluloid after a long time. This movie has a story and Plus point is that its not tacky too.

The film is well embossed with light music, good, hummable and meaningful lyrics. The track that I loked mots is- Muskaane jhooti hai
Dialogues are crisp, performances are controlled. The hero of the film is story, cinematography and music.

The actors: Casting is another hero of the film. All the three lead actors- Aamir, Rani and Kareena did a commendable, balanced, well measured job. There wasn't any arrogance in Aamir's character nor any starry flamboyance in Kareena's Rosie, neither unnecessary hysteria in Rani's melancholia.

The supporting cast does a good job and are well included in the plot including the character of Shernaj Patel and Taimur, flawlessly played by Nawazuddin Siddique- the rocking star of Gangs of Wasseypur 2

The movie is definitely, dark, stark and hard hitting. Definitely not suitable for children below 15 yrs. A lot of mixed reviews about the film is doing rounds. Some called it great movie, some found it "drag and drop" and waste of money and there are people who are comparing this to Farah Khan's no brainer Joker and calling it equally bad film. Well, in my opinion, comparing Talaash to joker is like either trying to up the ante of a ridiculous and not even funny like Joker (an execution that killed the good concept) or trying to kill the prospect of Talaash (An execution that added to the concept). Both the movies belong to different genre. While Joker was a mindless comedy and Talaash, a mystery. 

Strength of Suspense: I was able to use my sense and guess the story exactly soon after the interval.  The movie was like a jigsaw puzzle requiring you to follow it scene by scene, dialogue by dialog to get the sense of story and signals by characters. However, I heard about many people who claim to grab the plot post first 10 mins at the beginning of the movie. Well all I can say about them is- pl join CIA or any other Intelligence service that will be helpful for the nation and it's well being.

Watch the movie trailer here

Talaash is gripping, tight, intriguing, sober and interesting. It ran into risk of getting dull in between, a treatment painfully done to build the story but the end leaves you a bit freaked out. My request to people who have already seen it, is to not reveal the plot and let others have their own experience watching and unraveling this suspense thriller.

My recommendation? Go watch on big screen, worth watching once. Who knows if you want to return to pick the pieces of jigsaw puzzle again? :)


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