Beware The Pity

December 29, 2016 , 5 Comments

Dappled with an injury?
brindled with pain?
or an unwanted grief
freckling you insane?

Do not let,
the discriminations to daunt.
ostracism is filthy
face it with stout.

Beware the pity
ward off unsolicited sympathy
Elaborate your merits
learn to empathise.

 no matter how warm
a sheep is,
it will always walk in the crowd.
Beware the herd,
come out of the protective layer.
Walk on your own,
even if you fumble.

It takes a lion to rule the jungle


I have written this poem to inspire people to ward off the limitation their life or disabilities may pose on them. You need to fight the pity, rise above ostracism and prove your disabilities are nothing but a freckle of a limited perspective.

The crowd may not walk with you but you have a chance to stand out. Remember while unity is important, living life on your capabilities builds strength and provide room for synergies. Beware the pity and brave your life with its challenges.


This poem is an original piece of work. Kindly refrain from using/ reproduction/ representation without my permission


Creative Collaborations with
Three Words Wednesday: Dappled, Elaborate, Filthy

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December 27, 2016 , 11 Comments

Tempting burst of colours
frost blues and juicy red
over the thick, creamy
white moist bed.
Fresh exotic cravings
sumptuous and unforgiving
I could not resist a spoon

As placed it in my mouth
filled with heavenly surmount
Indeed a delight
in every bite.

The mouth started to water
and scoop got only larger
even a bowlful was not enough
I hold closely this stuff
there was no looking back
feasted on this lovely snack

Oh yes it is a dessert
a scrumptious, irresistible dessert
it meant to last
and remind of my guilty bytes
I sneeze and cough in fright
much to my midnight yoghurt delight!


Picture and Theme Courtesy: ABC Wednesday [Yoghurt]
Also sharing with Real Toads

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Merry Christmas 2016 #CreativeCollaboration

December 25, 2016 5 Comments

Wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas!

Since it the Xmas time, when there is so much fun, festivity and cheer in the air. Let's add more merry to it with a small poem. A Christmas Poem/ Song this time.

He had heard about Santa. 
He had heard about A Star.

He heard about the reindeers
who travels from pole far.

He believed in those stories
and kept them close to his heart.
With a candy, gingerbread and mistletoe
he wanted a fresh start

He whispered a wish
and blew the skies a kiss.
hanging his socks to fireplace
he checked the cookies and milk.

In his little eyes
he weaved some sparkly dreams.
waiting for his miracle
he sat by windows all night.

Christmas is not a cursory
but symbol of hope.
A festive, bright cheer
to set everything all right.


I have fashion my words for the christmas collaborative Challenge thrown by Gillena Cox for Toads.

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Why Do We Need Insurance?

December 22, 2016 , , , 3 Comments

The Insurance of Life

I am sitting near my wide glass French window of a 16 storey building and watching some labourers working on an under construction building. The construction work is going on from months and I could hear a constant construction sound even on weekends. It is not just the gruesome sound or dust that has disturbed my lifestyle [including taking away my freedom to open my windows], but the towering structure that has marred my beautiful landscape view.

As the floors are rising [13 approximate], you can see the labours working with their bare minimum, almost at your line of sight. It was intriguing to see them work. They are working with bare minimum tools, with negligible safety measure and absolutely unhygienic working conditions [without any protective clothing or footwear].

Though the building structure has blocked my skyline view, a new vision has crept in. I saw a person standing at the edge of the roof and nailing a board. He was working on the ledge with no harness, no ropes, and the badminton court sized safety net at the levels below was such a mock on the law of gravity.

God Forbid if miss a step or fall off the roof, wonder what will happen to him, and his family. He must be the only earning member of the family who is living on daily wages for sustenance. The chap looks young and may have this raring to go. I wonder what happens when he grows old and what kind of livelihood he can engage in to support his finances. The working conditions [of course it is a construction work] is so dusted and unconducive to health, wonder if fallen sick, how would he bear his medical expenses given the high surge in the cost of medical treatments in India.

A lot many questions looped in my mind and started growing restless. Our Life expectancy ratio may have increased but the mortal nature of our lives have increased too and in manifolds.

We live such a dynamic life. Every day we hear horrible stories of accidents, murders, landslides, unemployment and more. Newspapers have become a printed mortuary of horrifying tales. The rise in epidemics and newfound diseases does not stop to fatal us even further.

Why go far when I have an example in me? In pre-teens, I met with an accident and was hospitalised for almost 7-8 months in a place away from our home. My father, a government employee has to temporarily leave his job to be with me at the hospital. We belonged to a middle-class family, with my father being the only earning member and we had no insurance. I also remember how he had to leave me with my mother at the hospital to get back to his job as he could not afford any further leaves.

The medical expenses were sky high and we were cash-strapped for years.

I wish we had something to protect us or cover our indemnity. Something like an insurance.

If it had happened to me or that bank manager who too lost his limb in a death defying accident and committed suicide to escape his financial crunch, it could happen to anyone in the world.

Think about it. Think and tell me if you still do not need any insurance?

It is sunset now. The labourers have left the site for the home, and their family. Like a lot of us, who might be working in bigger, better offices but not immune to life and its adversities.

I do not know about you, but am getting curious about the Insurance sector. This 23rd of December, I’m going to attend an exclusive #IFSOFLife meet up by BajajAllianz to learn about an upcoming Online Term Insurance Plan. Term Insurance Plan, aims to shield your family from uncertainties in life and has the benefit of all traditional insurance plan.

To know more, Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat [ektakhetan] and this blog. 
You can also follow @BajajAllianzLIC for further updates.

Let’s explore it together!


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Top 5 Financial Tips for the Newly Wedded

December 21, 2016 , , 1 Comments

"I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part".
Practically every couple takes the same vows on their wedding. The oaths taken during marriage are not just restricted to the wedding altar but plays a great role in their day to day life. While we leave the emotional compatibility to your discretion, we must hark upon a very important aspect of married life, that if taken well-care of, will add to the emotional and social success of your wedding. Yes, I am talking about the financial planning and management.

Source: Lifehacker
Here are few financial tips for the newly wed couples-
1) Know Each Other's Finances including Debts: Ideally, you would have discussed this before marriage. However, it is time to discuss it in details and in length. You may ask why? simply just to know levels of your financial commitments, savings, retirement plan, real-estate, cash flow and plan your expenses accordingly. Taking a look at the numbers helps you in managing your finances. You also need to ascertain and understand your debts level so you can work towards clearing it up. 
2) Design a Budget: You may have different lifestyle before the wedding. Good news is that now you have a combined pool of finances to manage your expenses, investment and debt. To make sure making all the ends meet, you need to design a monthly budget of your household under broad categories like - essentials, entertainment, engagement and luxury. Designing a budget is am important step towards building your financial goals.
3) Designate a Bill_Payer: You need to divide your responsibilities including bill payment pattern. You may have different utility bills like electricity, maintenance, house-help etc with different payment schedules. You need to designate depending upon the frequency and timeline to ensure a timely, hassle free and smooth payment. This comes handy when both the members are working.
4) Tune into the investment mode with SIP: Now since you have discussed your finances, knows your money and expenses, you need to allocate some funds to investment as well. A healthy economy is one where the spend is < investment. One easiest way to invest is via SIP [Systematic Investment Plan], one of the Sabse Important Plan for your marital harmony. 

You can check Birla Sunlife SIP for some top SIP plans including mutual funds,  and other SIPs.
5) Share the Load: Last but most importantly, you have entered the oath of the wedding to not act as a parasite feeding on each other but to build a symbiotic relation. The gender gap is fast diminishing with the time. With the women also working at offices, they need to share the household expenses with the husband. 

Source: The Fiscal Times
So, these were my top 5 financial tips for the newly wed. Do follow them and remember, a penny well-saved is a penny well-earned. 

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New Age Mad hatter Tea Party

December 15, 2016 16 Comments

Take a day off
off from your sane self
to do things funny
that people may call nonsense

Rush to the nearest platform
Take that first train 
with the destination unread unknown.

Enjoy the green meadows
and all that comes en route
do not settle in your free seat
snarfdiffanous up your boot

rhambangle all co-passengers
and call for a tea party
call for all the food available
from that quaint little pantry

Add a little butter
and raise your teacup to toast
throw in some funny props
and be a whacky little host.

Break the monotony of journey
and sing la-la long
play music with tin and spoon
Chuk-Chuk, ding dong!


Created for "stuff and nonsense" a jovial prompt was given by Toads

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It's a Shoe Time!

December 10, 2016 3 Comments

She snuff the deal
for no specific reason
but felt it a treason
to dance without her shoes

The stage was set
and audience were seated
waiting to watch her
with rapt attention.

she looked at them
they have been her dancing friend
stepped with her
from season to season

Now they are old
matched her outfit no more
she can't just let go of them
For the tempting ballroom session


TWW: Specific, Snuff & Tempting
WRT: The picture/ shoe as prompt

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Howl, O' Owl

December 08, 2016 , 3 Comments

Image: Imaginary Garden with Toads

Perched on the ashy bough
still, blend in the woody shroud
the bird of prey awaits

of the moon
or the howling bawl
or just wassailing in the slumber silhouette.

Oh owl, please howl
Before they bury you in their stereotypes
holler your presence.

open your talons,
show your beak
wake up and speak
Or they will judge
In their borrowed confines
bury you in the grapevine

Do not shut your eyes

The storm may not pass
Wake from your indifference
it is dawn
do not camouflage your existence,
It is time to be heard
time to stand out
I hope you liked my poem. I would love to hear your takes on the same. Do let me know, what it tells you or what you infer.

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Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh - Film Review

December 05, 2016 , 3 Comments

What: Film Review
Name of the Film: Kahaani 2
Starring: Vidya Balan, Naisha Khanna, Jugal Hansraj, Arjun Rampal and Kharaj Mukherjee
Directed by: Sujoy Ghosh
Music: Clinton Cerejo

Trailer rating: 4/5
Film Rating: 3.5/5
Performances: 4/5

Review and Rating: Read more to know more

There are very few films that I go to watch at theatres on Sunday evenings. Kahaani 2 is one among them. Not that I have anything against watching films on weekend evenings. It is an austerity that demands to not waste hard earned money on illogically expensive weekend screenings at multiplexes. 

Call it an effect of this fantastic combo of Sujoy Ghosh + Vidya Balan in Kahaani frame, that tempted me enough to cancel my shopping plans and rather book tickets for the evening show or the joy of watching Jugal Hansraj back on screen after long. We booked ourselves tickets for the latest available shows and sank inside the comfortable seats at Cinepolis Mumbai to watch the story unfold.

Unlike Kahaani 1, we went to this franchise with great expectations. I am not sure whether it lived up to expectations or not, Kahaani too was indeed an engaging and must watch thriller and, am glad that we chose it over Dear Zindagi [Yet to watch] and Moana [Soon to watch]

Kahaani 2

Story: It is a story of a single mother who is living with her half paralysed daughter in a bid to get her treated and back on the limbs. Vidya is a doting mother who is saving every penny to get her daughter treated at the New York Children's Hospital in spite of any hope shown by her erstwhile doctors. Vidya' world comes to a standstill when she finds her daughter Mini being kidnapped by unknown people, who summons her to meet her daughter one last time. She rushes to the said address but meets with an unfortunate road accident and goes into a temporary coma, landing in a hospital that refuses to take her treatment expenditure more than 2 days. 

The hospital registers the case at the local police station in a bid to find her caretakers, only to get her case lapped by a newly transferred Policemen who had an old skeleton at Vidya's closet and takes utmost interest to find the truth behind Vidya's Wanted story.

As the movie unfold, you learn about Durga Rani Singh, her trials and tribulations with little Mini Dewan and her hideous family in Kalimpong. Would Vidya be able to get up from her coma and save her daughter? Will Inderjeet find the real Durga Rani Singh and get her to justice for the crime she committed? These are the questions that you will get answered in the 2nd half of the film.

Review & Numerounity's take
The movie is a suspense thriller and does a good job with its genre especially in the first half.
The first half of the film is taut, gripping and on the edge thriller making you ache to know more. It is an out an out Vidya Balan's film, done mostly in her narratives and flashback.

Everything that starts well need not ends well too. This phrase is lived by the second half of the film that loses all the strong pitch that it created in the first half and becomes highly predictable. The story loses the fizz and pulps into losing transition of Bollywood heroic tales and over an exaggerated narrative. 

Arjun Rampal looks good on screen and had an equally meatier role in the film to play. He plays his part well without trying to escape his usual star swag that made his character looked more like Arjun Rampal than Inder. Guess that is very typical of Bollywood wherein you would rarely see leading actors looking less like the characters they are playing. It is the same curse that was apparent in this role while the leading lady did every bit to look her character. Casting Arjun Rampal as Inderjeet was a bad idea as he could not resist being Arjun Rampal at times and made the plot esp the superhuman climax even more predictable. The story could have been better with any other actor, read unassuming actor.

I believe a lesser known actor should have cast for the role and he would have done a better justice to the suspense. He gives away half of the plot, effortlessly.

The child actor Naisha Khanna as Mini, looks adorable and does her part extremely well. She is another hero of the film. The third hero of the film is the actor Kharaj Mukherjee who plays the role of Inspector Haldar. He stands out in his small role with his mellifluous delivery and natural onscreen presence.

Other actors like Jugal Hansraj, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Amba Sanyal were good too. Jugal as Mohit Dewan, surprisingly does not let his chocolatey look hamper the darker side of his character and does a neat job.

Barring the first half, the story does become exaggerated at times and that kills the fizz. The climax was super pretentious and predictable. There were some loopholes in the film like Vidya' decision to stay in a quaint little town of Chandan Nagar rather than staying at the farther location and a city where there would be lesser chances to get discovered or the Bob Biswas like assassin walking in and out of hospital without any evidence or scrutiny by the management that was desperately looking for her relatives. The murder plot and the kidnapping motive looked fragile and cinematic. Few changes could have resurrected the story but our guys chose to go the formula way and it shows.

Music by Clinton is good.

1) Good Performances by Vidya Balan, Naishi Khanna and Kharaj Mukherji
2) Music
3) Cinematography

1) Arjun Rampal
2) Predictable Story

Verdict: Kahaani 2 is nothing like Kahaani. The characters are insipid, the plot is chalky, the screenplay is dull and the thrill is conspicuous by its absence. Except for the story, everything else looks like the leftover from the original Kahaani. It is like encashing a hit formula that worked for Sujoy Ghosh in his earlier film. 

The film had a good plot, good cast/performances, location and songs. However, a loose narrative and a very predictable ending spoil it all towards the end. Vidya Balan, is spontaneous, looks credible and does a good job but in spite of her excellent performance, the poor screenplay at 2nd half loosens the grip and that "thrilling edge" towards the end is somewhat diluted and diminished.

Overall, it still makes for a good watch. Go watch it for good performances by Vidya Balan [ I am loving the fact that she is carving a niche for herself and leading the male dominated industry by doing a better job] Naishi Khanna and an adorable Kharaj Mukherjee. Music and the nostalgic feeling about Kolkata / West Bengal is an added bonus.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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The Quintessential Woman

November 30, 2016 5 Comments

Prickly about her existence
Rabid in her exploration,
she is the quintessential woman
who seeks deeper meanings
of her life


Written for:
Three Words Wednesday
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

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The Man at the Crossroad

November 22, 2016 , 10 Comments

Picture source: Insurance Journal

He stood there
feeling idioticharebrained for long
in his lackadaisical frame
and care-worn form.

Many passed by
like the desert storm.
two roads divulged into bewilderedness
both of them untraveled, unknown

Indecisive of the right path
he felt, a man's sexuality is such a burden!


This 10 sentences quick poem is written for-
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads : Ten lines Micro Poetry
Three Word Wednesday: Idiotic, Harebrained and Lackadaisical

You can also read another take on Crossroad, a story from my archives at- Crossroads

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Dear Zindagi, Come Let Us Hug

November 12, 2016 4 Comments

Dear Zindagi,

When I first opened my eyes, I found you on my plate. You were sweet, nurturing and full of motherly love... You cuddled me in your arms, kissed my forehead and sang me a sweet lullaby. Together we saw, we lived some beautiful, unspoken dreams, in your tender bosom.

As the days progressed, I crawled my way, a little away from your protective arms. Instead of fuming on me, you swapped your role from being a parent to stood by my side as a friend. As I grew old as a teen, you were not just the curiosity I had but you became my answers too. My dreams were taking wings and were setting me for a journey ahead. I Probably, I was little too immodest to lean back on your sweet embrace.

However, I still remember seeing you at my side, quiet and watchful. Like that guiding star.

I soon started running you were my beloved, who loved me unconditionally, forever on my beck and call. I may have grown outside of your lap but it never left me even in my moment of unawareness. Often in the enterprise of my life, I found my moment of love by resting my heads on your lap and like a sweet beloved you have caressed my hair and sweet me dearly.

Sometimes you admonished me too, like that concerned teacher who keeps progress of their disciples and reinforces corrective action when they see us dwindling. I found you in my platter as that spicy curry which is flavorful but gives enough heat when not consumed in moderation.

Zindagi, you are a bundle of contradictions. Contradictions that makes my life, a versatile platter. It makes me hungry and seeking for more. Every time I think that I have figured you out, you take me by a surprise and make you depth felt. I still have to learn a lot about you.

Dear Zindagi, I have walked a long way since being born in your arms, to resting in your lap to setting my sail away from you without realising that you were the home that I have always returned to. Yes, you were my home that I actually never left. I may have forgotten you in some momentarily gain of reasons, but you have actually never left my hands. You still have it cuffed in your sweet encumbrance and whether you accept it or not, I have seen you smiling while I was sleeping. You were my mother, my friend, a sister, my beloved and that grandma with a bagful of interesting tales. Tales of love, wisdom, life and all. 

We will continue to walk, with hands in hands, though. But it is the time that we must pause for a moment and hug each other. Let's stop for a break that we never asked. Let us sit together again, look at each other eye-in-eye and smile without any reason.

Let us not waste this moment, this opportunity to cradle each other, snuggle and fall in love, all over, once again. 

Waiting for your hug.
Yours Truly,

Do check out this video, am sure it will tell you something :)

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When PM Modi Demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes #IndiaFightsCorruption

November 10, 2016 , 2 Comments

What happened?

Tell me your favorite currency note? I am sure a lot of you would reply- Rs 500 or a Rs 1000 note. But off course, given the higher value, the joy of seeing, receiveing and owning these two denomination would be greater than any other note. Not any more.

In a historic turn of events, Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi in his speech last night, in an attempt to curb the curruption in the country, dramatically and yet thoughtfully, demonetized the 2 currency denomination. Logic? Well, the simplest rationale is to create accountability for the "recoverabale" black money, fake currency and bring more transparency in to the cash transactions in the country. [read it as- making your incognito currency, bank worthy].

The announcement came heavy and totally taxing to a majority of unassuming viewers. I mean, you cannot make one oops two of the most valuable notes redundant just like that! Especially after Diwali and wedding festival when every one is smelling the valuable green currency for their upcoming shopping needs. 

How did it happen?

I was making dinner in my kitchen and could hear my husband parroting the PM's announcement like an excited schoolboy who just saw a UFO. It was in his rarest of occasion that he was watching tv and still talking to me. Men, I must tell you, are so hooked to their news, their TV, our Arnab Goswami [even I like him sometimes] emotionally and religiously.

Before I could convulate his messenger man act as prank, I could hear my phone ringing and whatsapp buzzing with people talking about the move. I dismissed the speech as usual "Swachch Bharat" wherein dear PM actually attacked some currency related mess with his ever efferverscent broom. Yes Bhaiyo and Behno. 

Man, I so much wanted to panic as I recently withdrew quite some rs 500 notes for a prosthetical appendment and grocery shopping. Before I could bring my oat-wheat laden hands closer to mouth and scream in cinematic exasperation- ab mera kya hoga, my cooker whistled.

I was broken from my mindfulness and stumbled into usual thought stupore untill the good sense and some kind of psycho kinesis from PMO, prevailed me. In another dramatic turn of events, my otherwise flat wheat maps started rolling into round and wholesome chapatis. In my usual fervor- will see whatever comes, I retracted back to my aloo-gobhi that was almost cooked and waiting for the green coriander garnish. 

Green Coriander! It reminded me that my fridge is running out of groceries and some other staples. How I forgot to place my usual "Cash On Delivery" order from the big Basket. I suddenly started feeling so victimized remembering about the another bundle of rs 15,000 plus cash stacked in my purse, all in denomination of Rs 500s. I withdrew at the beggining of the month to meet some household expenditure. Now it was truly the time for me to helplessly throw my hands in the air and scream nahhiiiii, while beating my forehead with it. Once again, the oats atta ladden hands came in the way and managed me to distract me from my womanly hitrionics. Mr. Kishore Biyani, I may not be sure about the health benefits of your new oats-wheat aata but they are pretty effective to curb my hammings. [Dudes, I washed my hair this evening, using a more than moderate dose of my expensive Sebastian shampoo and conditioner. Cannot let a freebie atta ruin my crown. We have Indian Government do the honors] 

I could hear some of you say- Kangali mein atta geela [hard stabbed by poverty].

While am unsure whether this brilliant move of honorable PM will be instrumental in turning black money into white or no, it has definitely turned my colorful fridge into white and black. Men, I am not thinking about rushing to ATM to withdraw any change. What if they too disburse Rs 500 to further mock my poor house wife agonies. Being an MBA in finance does not converts your Rs 500 notes into Rs 100 notes overnight, ok! Now I have to wait for at least 2 more days when the new note comes in circulation or my Relationship Manager picks up the call to advise a suitable time to come to back to withdrew some petty cash in denomination of Rs 100 or Rs 50s. I am sure, Rs 100 would have never felt this important in last 10 years at least.

And Mamta dido says it is a draconian decision? haaaw

Who will be worried?
In my humble opnion, anybody and everybody who were not aware of this move by virtue of first info or leakage will not be worried. Every one else from a normal home maker who hides some cash in her stash for a rainy day, to a normal businessmen who works high on cash in hand, to a lower or middle class person and even a cash strapped milieu will be affected by it, at least temporarily.

Rest all, esp the bigger players and politicians extra, am sure would have their own way to their will ;)

Yes, for a middle-middle class girl like me who hates going to bank [unless they employ her], having an amount of cash that is no longer usable and can soon turn obsolete is a big thing. It is not easy to deal with your banker on a normal day. With a situation like this- Banks and ATMs would be running mayhem from Tarantino movies.

Aha! I can see Paytm, Airtel Money and others of this ilk, laughing their way to bank, while we mango people making a beeline outside bank and ATM to get sufficient money to feed our family or fuel our daily expenses in a Raj Babbar world, where no meal costs Rs 15 including the road side vada pav.

My prosthetician refused to accept the cash in that denomination even when they could easily got it exchanged as a registered firm via their bank. And my local Grocery wala is willing to take a Rs 100 ka cheque rather than risking with now obsolete Rs 500 note. So you can imagine the overall economical plight of common man who is not in to black money and any such practices. 

As of now, am throwing helpless glances at my Rs 500 notes, the rush at bank, the "no more cash" taking retail outlets, the long queued ATM and my broken legs. At home, foodless am looking for options that take internet transfers for food orders and is affordable too. Nevertheless, I am looking at the positive side of this movement and pinning hopes that it will deliver sufficient results over the inconveniece it is causing or may cause. 

BTW, next time, that aunty or mamiji hands you that "shagun ka lifafa", am sure opening it in front of them to check the currency would not be called- bad manners! 


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The Trophy Wife: Alice

November 09, 2016 , 10 Comments

She felt naked
As if robbed of every thread
Off her body, stark

Weary of any words
spoken and heard

expressions became futile
comprehension, a meaningless harp.
just pleas escaped her mouth.
as things turned dark

She looked down
Deep down of bathos disgrace
Her eyes piercing in ground
Unable to bear her own reflection

Tears flew down
hot, drizzling like water
on dry sand.
The dessert of her heart
wry further with the draught
Parching her eyes
heart wrenching cries,
Without a moist.

She pleaded to let go
Pleaded, pleaded till she could bore
The agony of her own demeanor.
ready for the pfysical blow
if they let her go.

She locked herself inside the door
Laid there like an alive corpse.
Feeling betrayed and Morose.
She could breath
but can't acknowledge the sound
amidst her furtive sobs.

The hands that once cajoled her,
Snuggled and shown comfort.
Are now raised
to show feeblish of gender
muting her dignity to arrogance

Time could turn benovalence,
into mental violence.
Explain your ignominy,  if you could

But then words fails you
And seek no reliance.
The one who could not understand them,
What would they learn from your silence.

Stop violence against anyone.  Whether women,  dog or any other alliance.  You may not know the brutality of your actions. And the hearts that suffers it, may lack the expressions in words.  

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Three Words, Two Takes ;)

November 02, 2016 6 Comments

Ok so when Three Words Wednesday and not life, gives you three words, you may not think for a minute and come up with two different takes. You see how number focussed I am? After 12 years of number crunching as a business analyst, the trait could be seen in my poetry, if only you could call them that. If you do not want to, there should be a better word, and mind you- pleasing as well ;)

Calculate | Dire | Erratic

Take 1
[Give it a suitable title]

She calculated all the risks,
all dire consequences
she could be,
When life takes that erratic action.
Who said that Planning is not a woman's poison?


Take 2
[Give it a suitable title too, it is a two]

She Calculated all the Calories
all probable dire cooking tactics
Yet picked up that deep fried snack
Savoured it greedily, finishing with a loud smack
Street food is erotic
Perfect for Erratic binges!


Hey all, hope you will like my one-minute poetry created with 3 different words, in 2 different perspectives. Do let me know which one was your favorite :)

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Happy Diwali 2016

October 31, 2016 1 Comments

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Light your hearts
and fight the darkness.
that lies within you
and in the house of that lesser fortunate.

Open your heart
and spread the sweetness.
of love and joy
happiness everywhere.

Garland your door
but be that flower
which fragrances every hand it touches.

Change your robe
and wear that smile
clothes gets old but soul stays
Come on let's make someone happy today!

If you cannot become
a reason of someone happiness
lest you should not be
a cause of their pain.

The world takes whatever you give,
only to give to you back.
Life is boomerang,
it may reflect
Be careful of flowers
that you throw in air.

Spread some joy
and spend some time
Money is anyways
exchange hands always.

Have a Great Diwali and Illuminate your heart with love, respect, truth and appreciation for all.


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The Woman Who Wanted to Feel Beautiful

October 27, 2016 , 3 Comments

She thought to bring some colours
in her otherwise vapid life.
and stepped down to adjoining plaza
and booked herself an appointment

After two hours of an in-salon session,
rapid discussion on styling arrangement.
she finally got her hair done
in a mahogany and purple plum

She fixed the volume with hair mousse 
and left them loose.
in their bouncy stance.
happy about this new transformation
she sang her way back to home.

cooked the meals
cleaned the house.
set an environment for her spouse
and waited impatiently for his return.

He came with a sullen head
tired and dropped dead
on the adjoining sofa 
where she was seated

she smiled at him and greeted.
It seems he did notice
and looked at her with sarcastic malice
and mocked her "hippy" tresses

she rose to the kitchen
hiding her tears behind slicing the onions
cursing the moment she decided to dress
took a band and tailed her mess.

Her bubble was broken
she cursed her decision
and wonder why she can't be
as good looking as other women.


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The Immersion

October 18, 2016 , 5 Comments

The divine statue
in its true radiance and glory
was submerged in the water,

full of chaotic Rasp

that the sea behold.

They chanted the songs of hymn,

and danced on the Rhythm of the Dholaki,

dressed in their festival fineries.

bidding adieu to the Goddess,

in the ghats of dust and swarm.

The sea, the river, the holy water

witnesses the wreckage,

the colourful lead package

and the debris of men's devotion.

Year after year.

in silent mourn.


Hey, men Spare that! Find a creative solution. Let your devotion lead the aspirations and not contaminate the holy water with leads. Remember, Rivers are also goddesses, they are the mother which supports our existence on this planet.

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Happy Dussehra 2016

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

Here's wishing "Happy Dussehra" to all my readers, followers and all of you.

Let us not burn the effigy this year but burn the negativity and evil around. Let us join hands to stand for the cause that threats our country. Let us be united, let us celebrate a festival in true spirit of joy and victory.

Best Wishes

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Of Halloween Costume and Controversy Over Pakistani Actors

October 06, 2016 , 8 Comments

This Halloween
what do you plan
same old pumpkin jacket
or a devil with a long scar?

Go sexy or scary
asking for trick or treat.
Halloween is all yours
Live up to its gimmick.

Get perky, get notable
do something commendable.

Do whatever, 
be whoever
but pull no string
and do not be a soldier

cause we live in times,
in an era
where a soldier is not a martyr 
but an oddball doing a paid duty,
a duty way to feeble 
over a waging actor.

In a country full of fools
where art has no boundary,
terror has no responsibility
but solidarity is a missing virtue,
an uneconomical territory
conspicuous by its absence


This has a reference to an ongoing debate over a temporary cessation of certain actors who are being asked to complete their ongoing project and not sign any new assignments with Indian productions/business houses, till a peace treaty is established between the "on the verge of war" countries- India and Pakistan. 

True, art has no boundary but Integrity and Humanity are above art!

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