Abhay Season 2 Review: KunalKemmu is Back with more power in Abhay 2

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With the advent of online streaming platforms in India, India viewers are having all the indoor fun, watching a whole new gambit of movies, web-series, and their favorite actors at the comfort of their home.


You name the genre and you have it at your fingertips, in all 3 screens- Mobile, Laptop, and TV.


Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, and even crime thriller. All those who complained that India is not making enough out of box content, complain no more and Thanks to Zee5, that is indulging its subscribers with world-class content across the genres including the wild-wild world of crime and psychological thrillers. 


Talking about Psychological thrillers, there is one series that raises quite a ball when released- Abhay starring Bollywood cutie- KunalKemmu.


Yes, KunalKhemmu is back with Abhay 2, testing his limits again trying to overcome bigger criminals and newer challenges. 


Abhay 2 on Zee5


Abhay2 is a Hindi language action-thriller streaming on Zee5, with 8 on your seat episodes that follow the inverted detective format of story-telling. He is joined by a stellar cast of actors like Ram Kapoor, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Bidita Bag, RaghavJuval, and Chunkey Pandey.


This season thinks gets a little dark, much gorier, and horrific with fictionalized crimes, showing the depths of humankind infested with sociopaths and psychopaths within the garbs of normal and accomplished personalities alike. 


Here's a quick synopsis of few episodes to give you a peek into the world of organized crimes, without giving away the mystery [ NO SPOILers]


Episode 1: Brain Soup

A criminal's horrific acts to fights his own inferiority complex


Episode 2: One-legged skeleton

A prostitute on kill


Episode 3: Game beings: This has an interesting cat and mouse chase between AbhayPratap Singh and the Antagonist. I won't tell you who. You need to watch it


Episode 4: 12-hour Challenge

A psychopath cop on a sexual hunt


Episode 5: Misplaced Retribution

Damages child marriages can cause to society. 

PS: only 5 episodes are out; the remaining 3 will make their entry soon.


All the above-mentioned cases are in some ways a mirror to the society, its thwarting atrocities, and how some weak minds further succumb to those atrocities. 


The series is a gory reminder of the unsafe environment around us, for men, women, and hardworking individuals alike. As scary it may sound, the characters would remind of certain legendary or common crime cases that you have read in newspapers or watched on TV. 

Gory Alert

As the story gets murkier and horrific, the narrative may have many gory visuals and advised to watch only under parental guidance. 

What to expect in Abhay2

1) A powerful and fresh ensemble of caste

2) India's Own Crime Thriller Series in the Hindi language

3) Engaging and on your seat cases where you want to know what went behind some of the criminals [in this show] minds and how Abhay finds a logical path to solves most illogical cases.

4) Wide arrays of antagonists and villain

5) A very strong protagonist played by KunalKemmu


Numerounity Verdict

After a sickening decade of typical saas-bahu brigade, and overload of horror stories, watching an action-thriller is not just an interesting break but also a reckoner of crimes in society. As a viewer, I always preferred watching short stories rather than whole hours of wild goose chase over multiple-episode. And Abhay delivers that without adding too much of unwanted suspense over seasons and yet keeps the show fans interested. I totally loved KunalKemmu's take of Abhay- Subtle, less chatty, and yet strong. The show is definitely not for the weak heart nor for people who do not like watching lot of blood and gory on-screen even though they are not the weak heart. For rest, go ahead, watch and remember- sooner or later every crime/criminal comes to justice. 


Happy viewing




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