The Poet's Block

February 27, 2014 , 28 Comments

There's a lot of chatter
lot of Chatter, outside
chatter that is no longer a voice
Chatter that turned into a gruesome noise
The chatter did not break
the confidence that writer has in rake
so the chatterers didn't stopped,
stooped and pelted stones inside

Rage of the angry mob
Engage in their chatter sob
protested through the glass window
rested their the poet throe
who chose to die a silent death
the poem will speak though
drown in the deep slumber
frown, enraging further the infuriated member
The poet turns a deaf ear
what sea of skull chatter-ed
she did not hear
For she had the writer's block
the ideas that usually flock
waiting in their wings, scatter
ideas that became sheer chatter
hitting the poet like moss and boulder
splitting the glass of stupor vision
incision still did not seep
thoughts remain screaming in their skeleton
While, the unsure poet, continued to sleep!

If you liked my poem, extend your thanks to The Magpie Tale 208 whose beautiful, thoughtful, picture prompts prompted this 10 minutes writer/poet [yours truly] to come up with this piece of work! 

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#Winning India Today #Conclave14

February 25, 2014 23 Comments

India Today and Indiblogger asked me what winning to me is and could not help but reply- Redemption.

Yes winning to me is a "redemption" is a sweet assumption of the fact that my efforts, my belief do not go unrewarded all the time. Winning tells me that Yes I too can do it and it counts me in too.

Winning to me is many a splendor thing. It is like a sky bursting with joys in form of sun rays and sky sprinkling joy in brightness of moon lite. Winning to me is indeed that "ray of hope", that "silver lining" in the dark, in the bright sky.

#IWinThereforeIAM #IWinThereforeIStruggle #IStruggleThereforeIWin

Would you believe me if I say- I had an epiphany some days back? Yes it was during that initial hour of the day unlike the one that I barely remembered that happened 20years back when I met with my accident.

I do not remember what happened when I met with my accident. All I remember was I woke up to a crying face of my little brother who was dismayed with my brutalized body and still trying to be consoled with my mourning mother who was putting a brave face to assure me that everything will be alright. My younger brother's and mother' crying faces brought me to that brief while sensibility when I said, I cant live without you and asking what happened to me? Why are they crying? My mother consoled, nothing happened, just do not open your eyes and sleep, you will be fine. She was afraid that if I do not listen to her, I may see my accident torment body and before I could sense the pain, it is better I sleep back. Getting me treated, hospitalized was "#Winning" for her that hour.

When I finally woke up to my full senses again at hospital and realized that how my life has changed and how the never resting me can now not even move her finger, I did no tears, I did no question. The only thing that I asked my doctor was- Will I ever be able to walk again? For me that moment, the ability to stand up and ability to walk, was #Winning for me.

This is how I wanted to tell you what #Winning to us is, case by case, time by time.

Oh Yes, in my recent, well recalled "epiphany" I see no God with flute or with cross, I saw a person who I met in bewilderness. He told me many a thing that I do not remember. All I remember was- I must keep going my way and the ways will find me. My victory will be my #Redemption.

Winning to me is not just self gratification but personification of all that I believe in, all that I strive for and all that I achieve- good or not so good. I have win them after all.

Winning to me is personal, it is a noun indeed, it is an adjective that is my objective and it is one of the most cherished verb.

What winning to me is?
Winning to me is +amitabh bachhan An unusual superstar with a baritone that set him apart from anyone else. He has proven to world, the power of talent, the power of talent powerhouse. Someone how did not get deterred by not winning for not just once but 7 times in his initial movie career, turn the world around him, around. Winning to me is an adage set by this actor par excellence who proved that- there is no age to winning, no right time and no limit.

Winning to me is @Ahmed Rashid, the terror reporter who has win against his crusade to gather information and share it in forms of books. He won when Taliban, his work became a best seller.

Winning to me is +Arvind Kejriwal a symbolic rise of a common man who within him held the power to chnge the face of India Politics and lead by example. When he won the recent elections and took the position of heart of the country- Delhi as CM, the entire world stood and saluted.

Winning to me is +Deepika Padukone, an actress who dared to rule the male dominated industry by carving her own niche, giving her best. She won when her films, one after another with variety of roles went ahead and became blockbuster, all in succession, all in jubiliation.

Winning to me +Vasundhra Raje, the respectable CM of the cultural heartland of India- Rajasthan. She epitomizes the power of present Indian woman who is not just a princess but an iron in herself when it comes to public serving. She won when she reclaimed her position back.

Wining to me is @Rakesh Maria, the supercop, the chief of Anti terrorist Squad of Maharastra whose name needs no introduction and shown his ability to lead, to win by tracking various tracks of spiritful city of Mumbai. He won when people said, Mumbai is safe place for women.

Winning to me is @Maysoon Zayid, an american actress, comedian and advoacte of Palestinian descent. She did not let her disability, her gender or any cliche pull her back. When she wins, a lot like us feel triumph too.

Winning to me is @Anil Agarwal , founder of Sterlite Industries, an Indian businessmen from Patna who also founded UK based Vedanta Technologies.

Winning to me is @Shivraj Singh Chouhan who proved that winning is not a "luck by chance"  but a habit that made him not once, nor twice but thrice the CM for a state like MP. His leadership didn't just restricted to land but flown through rivers of Narmada and Shipra that he joined in Ujjain to work out water shortage at one place.

Winning to me is like blood that rush through all my veins, from powering my feet to my brain. Winning is never in vain. Winning is so much more.Winning to me like like this little poem that I penned when I was in school and on threshold of failure that soon lead me into winning. Here's few excerpts-

For Hopes never strangles
the breaths of faith
darker and darker the path,
True armor lays awake

For dreams won't shatter
If it is awaken to realize
& work towards attainment
Let my faith accomplice

For legs stops shivering,
goes all the butterflies
When soul access determination
and stood up for what heart underlies

For giving up is a folly
and cowardice, a cardinal sin
A Winner Never Quits
Quitter never wins!
[A poem by Ekta Khetan]

Like I said earlier, winning to me is many a splendor thing, many a splendor feats, personified.
Winning is seeing, finding and attaining that light in the end of the tunnel
Winning is an ultimate redemption!!


conclave-logo_350_031612094601This post is written by me in effort to win an entry to the winning for India Today Conclave 2014 where the above and many others leaders from different walks of life will join, speak and attend towards a common passion- Winning. Winning, a renewal of our covenant with future, winning is being alive. I want to live and I want to win. Life is beautiful, life is a winning prize. Win your Life!

To know more visit- Now! 

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Apartment to Let

February 19, 2014 , 12 Comments

"To Let" or to "Not Let"
the question evaded mind
troubled, till it got,
the answers it sought to find

The place that once bustle
hay, in its own time
made it difficult to let go
To let go was not in design
"to let" it out was an expression
that suited the purpose and deemed kind

Now the apartment is let for rent
lets talk about it structure and paint
lets entice some buyers
lets invite suitable tenant

Its windows told me a tale
tale of sleepless night
when there was only moon in sight
and loneliness prevailed

it stairs goes up right
built between a narrow passage
they takes stairs of flight
and fright, the one who is scared to climb
climb the vertical heights

Robert Sullivan lived above
he sold bicycles throughout
still his repair may not interfere
you can pull your drape and sleep sound

The "To let" said a rusted story
Resting in a rusted terrains
The rusted board stood still
it battled many rains

and suffered many winds
it told the whole saga in three simple words
it is not early if not too late
dust and corrosion made it fret

here stood a build of brick and mortar
with white blinds and corroded bars
The rusted board that stood still
It said- Apartment To Let!
Go for the kill!

Once upon a Hollywood studio
majestic, giant, of glamorous portfolio
Productions sank
profits tanked
The building needs to salvage
all the mortgage to bank

It was my abode, my dear
close to my heart, very near
before my financial lunacy beget
I will advertise it in open market
It is my apartment and
it is "Apartment to Let".

Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien 
I have written this poem on the picture prompt as given by my beloved writing group- Magpie Tales. This blog is a sole art of creative writing and free thinking wherein I explore many patterns of "creative writing" which is not just limited to humorous posts but poems, stories, songs, Haiku, review, cinema etc unlike the usual so called "creative writing" categories. It is sad to see how creative people/ groups fail to understand the length and breadth of creative writing and categorize them in to what is seen on first page. well life is series of archive indeed:) Love to challenge myself with new forms like Haiku. If you have more creative format, do let me know. I would love to experiment.
If you liked my post, disliked it even, do feel free to drop your comments here....

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Ek "Koshish" to #DoRight, by Tata Capital

February 17, 2014 , 28 Comments

I have a story, rather a "half story"...I need you to hear it, hear it in the way the words talk, the way words talk without speaking. Hear it in the way you need to hear it. When you have finished hearing, I want you to tell my "half story" to others, tell them the way you heard it and tell the way you want it to be heard!

In my half story, there is no King, no Queen nor a big, bountiful Palace or chariots of fire or fancy Unicorn. Neither is any huge song and dance Opera...all it has, is a Heart!

Yes, I need you to have a "heart" to hear it, a "heart" to listen to it and an equal "heart" to tell this to others who may listen.

In the time we live in, there is a city called "Mumbai" in India. The city that is known for its fast pace, high moving life, the city of "never say die" spirit, the city that never sleeps and the city that has non stop traffic, bustling life and larger than Dolby sound.

In the same high decibel conundrum, high pulsating, throbbing city, there lives some children, a group of souls who have learnt about "sound" but not experienced it much. Children who may have taught about "freedom of voice" and "vox populi" but still cannot speak. They speak but their voices go unheard. They cannot hear what you speak but listen it through your eyes and your lips. These children are children of lesser Gods who cannot hear or speak. The world calls them "deaf and dumb", I call them "differently able" and trust me this "Different is Beautiful".

Different is Beautiful
Koshish is a school for deaf and dumb children, started by ENT Dr. Ajay Kothari who train these kids to find their voice and explore the beautiful world outside. World full of opportunities, skills and world of being independent. The institute also focus on vocational training to help them find their own foothold in the sun. From art of stitching, make up, sports to a new found passion- Photography!

Two sparkling eyes, one camera and a million stories to be told
Who said that expressions are just limited to speech? Well if it alone was true than there would be no poem, no beauty, no picture and yes, no Camera! Yes, the still camera. The kids at "Koshish" found a new way for self expression and that is through pictures. Two kids- Shahin & Chetan were given mere 3 days of training on basic photography, a skill that soon changed their world. A skill that may change the world of several other such kids who are failed by "sound of voice" but the "frame of lenses" has found them. This small device still holds a great potential for these kids. How? Here's how-

  • Medium of Self expression- when voice/words fails us, we click pictures and pictures tells us 1000s stories
  • A new avenue to earn livelihood- Professional photography is very much in demand. A lot of people have not just carved their careers with camera but have also won accolades for their efforts and become world known to us
  • Photo Journalism
  • Photo blogging
  • Camera for Curiosity- yes, you read me right. A camera would encourage them to search for new images, new pictures which in turn will motivate them to find new scopes like different flowers, animals, places etc which in turn may arouse their curiosity and help them learn about the world around.
  • A medium for communication
  • To help build and foster the culture of Inclusive Society

So, lets Shut out the noise, focus on the picture and tell a million stories, may be with a camera today. I believe there's a lot more thing that this camera will do for them. Here's the video-

They say, Mumbai is a city that welcomes million dreams but still cannot fulfill them all. I say- let us take few dreams in our hand and sow them in our eyes. Let us be the voice for those children and let us make their voice audible enough in this city, to be heard, to be fulfilled. Those kids say- I am different. Let us embrace them and say- "different is beautiful".

So, this was a "half story" that I wanted to tell you. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for listening and understanding it without me speaking. Thank you in anticipation, that you will share this story with your friends and help Dr. Kothari's, ours, mine and your's "Koshish" and help to finish the other half of the story.

To know more about this "half story" and many others, do visit Do right website, beautiful initiative by Tata Capital

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If I could Study in #GreatBritain

February 11, 2014 22 Comments

Here's I am sharing my long time wishlist to have that ambitious education in one of the best country in world- UK. Thank You British Council and Indiblogger for endorsing my belief #KNOWLEDGEISGREAT

UK- The Land of Opportunities where #KnowledgeIsPower #EducationIsGreat and that makes it

  • 4 out of top 6 universities in world are in Britain
  • UK is the World' leading research nation
  • 54% of research as conducted by UK universities or colleges are termed as "world's leading" or "internationally acclaimed" and "Globally excellent".
  • 97% of the further education colleges were judged "satisfactory" or "better" for their overall effectiveness

Studying in UK
UK universities indeed enjoy strong global reputation and have been a Mecca for aspiring students all around the world from centuries. The 2013/14 QS World University rankings found that employers worldwide consider UK Graduates among the most "employable" from a global survey of 27,000 graduate employers.

Studying UK #KnowledgeIsGreat

If I could Study further
I am a MBA in marketing and Finance. My interest however, were always lied with Psychology and Behavior. I was always intrigued by the two facades of Psychology- Child Psychology and Criminal Psychology. Both totally different than each. 

I Dream of being Dr. Ekta Khetan
Even after doing my MBA, my heart still fondled that dream that I saw years back- I wanted to study psychology and practice the same. After lot of  weighing up and down, I decided to pursue a PhD-Doctorate and preferably in field related to psychology. To give wings to my dreams, I started doing my research, preparing for GRE/GMAT, searching for universities that could take me. I was quite deep seeded in it that my office colleagues and seniors started calling me- Dr Ekta Khetan. I was amused, I was fuelled with a new ambition and happy to get an almost green flag from my family who insisted that I should gain some experience working before I take to further education. 

I wanted to do my doctorate with nothing but best college/university in the world. From Erasmus Mundus to many other education program tried to lure me but my heart somehow was set on top universities of two countries- USA and UK. Did I tell you how fascinated I was with word "Oxford" since my childhood and harnessed dream of being an "Oxonian" sometime? Well Oxford has always been a favorite in my list.

If I could Study in UK- What it would be
Given an opportunity to fulfill my dreams of further study, and studying in UK, I will chose to study one of my most favorite subject of all time- Psychology! I would go for Masters and above degree for the same in field of Cognitive, Developmental, Social and Clinical Psychology.

Needless to say why I have chosen this subject. Here's why- I have been fascinated by various facades and potential power of human's mind and psyche [displayed and latent]. Since my early childhood I have  the opportunity to live across the country and I have observed people too closely. It is our brain and power that makes us do certain things and not do certain things. To understand it even better and mold it for further betterment of science, environment and life, makes the subject even more interesting for me. Intriguing is the word, I call it interesting and awe inspiring.

If I could Study in UK- Where it would be
University of Sheffield coat of arms.pngI have sometime back done an online research regarding well known colleges and Universities in UK that specializes in various courses of Psychology. From the top Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Glasgow, Durham amid others, I have chosen "University of Sheffield" as my top priority, followed by few other sin the list. Being a Psychology enthusiast, I understand that our span of interest is low and we see the top recalls, so I will write about my top priority to keep yours [my readers] mind clear of clutter and convey my thought.

If I could Study in UK- Why University Of Sheffield!
University of SheffieldUniversity of Sheffield's course, of all UK' psychology degrees, boasts the highest rate of students who find employment within 6 months of completion of their course. Well "placements" is a key factor but not the only factor that determined my selection. "Students Satisfaction" is equally important and if Telegraph's University' studies and research has to be believed- University of Sheffield also enjoy 80% of it's graduating students to be highly satisfied with their course.

The other factors that further aspired me were-

Female to Male % - The University has 50:50 proportion hence bringing gender equality and also showing the acceptance across gender. Indeed a healthy mix
Cultural Diversity- The university supports mix of students across nations and faith. They consider international students as "vital" to the country
Popular Courses- Apart from Psychology, medical is the most popular course in university along with engineering, law and management. It dons multiple hats making the University open and adaptable to knowledge across domains and industry.
World Leading Research- The University has been consistently rated as one of the top performing psychology departments in the UK for research. And what is use of studying a complex science and art like psychology that is ever changing, ever surprising stream without proper research focus?
According to recent ESRC International benchmarking exercise, the department is currently the 5th highest in terms of QR and 7th in terms of research funding in UK Research partners and clients includes- Boeing, Unilever, Rolls Royce, GSK and overseas Government agencies and charitable organizations.

Student Amenities- The university campus is located one and half miles west of Sheffield's city center and it has facilities like- student accommodation, local bus transport facility among others. If you want to do psychology in Music then you have options of many hotshots bands frequenting the area and as the biggest city in South Yorkshire, there's a vast number of bars, pubs and clubs in the area. Barely leaving any room for dull moment there.

Psychology offered as single subject- Cambridge is the top rated university in UK but unfortunately it doesn't offer psychology as single subject but requires students to acquire it via PPS route or embarking on a natural sciences degree. 

Top places to study- In recent survey and research, Sheffield is among top 5 universities for the subject. 

Nobel Prize- The university of Sheffield has produced five noble prize winners. 

Here's more to the list that too added to my fervor, in form of a YouTube Video

Need I say more? So what are you waiting for. [To know more and experience the best in Sheffield, click here] If you harness a dream of studying abroad and study in world class institutions, then take up your pen and gave a holla to #KnowledgeIsGreat and chase your dreams! The world is waiting for you. Where are you?
"The conscious mind allows itself to be trained like a parrot, but the unconscious does not" - Karl Jung

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Between Gargoyles & Demons, "iFrankenstein"- Movie Review

February 06, 2014 6 Comments

Production Year : 2014
Directed by: Stuart Beattie
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller

What happens when a "soul less" monster is trapped between Angelic Gargoyles and Beastly Demon? Well he finds higher purpose of his life. Yeah True that!

I, Frankenstein is a story of the monster created by scientist Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's best selling novel- Frankenstein. The movie begins with Frankenstein leading his creator to death, burial. He gets rescued by Gargoyles from the Demons and taken to the sacred cathedral where the "non just ornated" gargoyles stayed and ran vigilance over the city. In a beautiful screenplay and dialogue with the charming Gargoyle queen who gives him a new name- Adam and a sacred Gargoyle weapon to kill demons but hides his secret "not found does not mean it do no exists" journal safely from the disarming beasts. Adam leaves the place only to be captivated back after 200 years during his search to find Demon Prince- Naberius. 

What follows next is a "thrilling, not so-on your seat chase" between the demons who wanted to lay hand on Scientist Victor Frankenstein's Journal or the soul less man- Adam himself. The red and blue, descend-ascend video game chase between Gargoyles and Demons, Adam founds himself in quagmire to chose between either or go finding his higher purpose of life with the help of the female scientist working in the secret lab of billionaire Wessex. All's well that ends well. Demons are destroyed, their secret mission foiled, Gargoyles losses some of their team members and monster finds his gratification. Why? well that is the question you must not ask.

The story has many loopholes like it was not understood how a well meaning scientist ends up staying in that barrack kind of place even though century has changed double digit and how a monster who was created from dead body knew how to read, understand science and builds a six pack and made a well meaning girl falling over his clean, bruised abs muscles.

The actors fit the bill and Aaron Eckhart as the scar-faced monster with touted abs plays his bit convincingly. His stern demeanor was well matched by Miranda who played Queen Leonore but leaves you feel if she could have been utilized more. This goes same for Nighy "never presume that you can presume me" who played a typical demon prince.

Yeah! I am the next Super Hero in making
This Abs have that sex appeal on the scientist
who just saw a demon in real and escaped death.
If I marry her I need to ensure that I do not displease her
cause she has that secret formula of making the corpse come
alive and create another Frankenstein!
Overall, you may not like to fit a lot of logic in the film if you truly want to enjoy a sci-fi evening out watching a 3D movie with beautiful light effects. The good part is that film is not very scary and the bad part is that horror lovers may not like it. The film is packed with devised sleek action sequence with equally befitting camera and computer graphics works. However, at one point the film, too laden with demon v/s gargoyle, ascend v/s descend appeared as a video game and the scoreboard. The character lacks depth and the film tend to get incoherent at places but unless you are big fan of sci-fi [which I am not], you must not criticize much, just lay back and enjoy!
Overall Verdict is that I had a good time watching this film even though as I suggested that there were certain gaps that I could not quite understand. The film is slow in beginning but it gains pace quiet soon and then it drags in certain parts. I did not find the movie outright silly and loved the artwork. Would I recommend watching? Yes please. It is a fiction after all and like all story teller even the Stuart had his right to narrate the story his own way.

Numerounity rating: 3.5/5

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Home is where Heart is

February 05, 2014 29 Comments

Introduction- My Karma with Asian Paints
Asian Paints, a name that spelled an idea of the dream house. I have grown up feasting on their TVC, brochures and the wonderful colors that they painted my home walls with. I had so much fixation with brand that I preferred their colors for all that denting painting in my house...Oh! That lovely Mauve, Lilac and Lavender! Yes it was paints and Asian Paints that introduced me to the splendid world of the colors where I learnt the myriad hues and shades that still fascinates my life. I was taught how my Lilac was different from Lavender and also how should I appreciate the difference too. 

Call it my Karma or whatever, when I grew up, finished my MBA and stepped into corporate world. The very first organization where i joined in and it's first CEO who I was asked to report first day, was this ex Honcho from Asian Paints who coined the legendary- "Mera wala Cream" :)

Aha! my first boss was another ex Asian paint executive and he was surprised to know my affection with the paint brand that I created over the myriad advertising it did over the years. 

Asian Paints and Beautiful Homes- Har Ghar Kuch Kehta hai ki Andar isme koun rehta hai
I was a homing pigeon who would love to decorate her room and make it unique. From my grandparents' big palatial house to my parents' company owned small houses to my hostel rooms and rented apartments, I always ensured that I don't just live but live beautifully. I loved well designed, simple, spacious rooms. I am still very choosy, still very picky. In me. I harbor many a dreams of owning up my own house and designing it.

My thoughts range from the colors of my ceilings to the color of my door, window panel, wardrobe, drawing room, Kitchen and more. For eg- I wanted to paint one of room full of sky blue and its varied hues. Imagine some cloud like formations on top of ceilings using white n shades of blue. And the place where there is window, a window in the east, I plan to color the top portion with shades of yellow, orange and crimson to dedicate that sun which rise from there. Imagine!

Imagination is the key word
Imagination is all you need when you want to design, decor and color your house. I am sure my favorite brand Asian Paints has all those shades, textures that I may need to may my imagination come alive. 

Imagination is one one thing that I am not putting any pictures here, so you can imagine clutter free, free from any biases. Now Imagine the room which I colored in shades of sky, imprints of clouds and the dash of sun rising from East. What if the intersection between the wall and ceiling gets some new flavors? What if I add some birds there? Cardboard cutouts or even the decals? Keep imagining, for we need to further detail that room of ours. I have empty walls..and I love spacious empty, vacant walls. I occasionally add a picture here n there but off late I have taken to the fancy of couture and decals. I will paint that one wall in my room with some small, little flowers, some butterflies and little bit of DIY decors that range from cute lamps, a dice designed stools to sit, a game board design study table.

Well that was one of my humble idea to create a beautiful space for kids, a la children room. 

After imagination, it is execution that translates beautiful thoughts in beautiful homes
I know imagining is not the only solution. The idea needs to be backed by an equally good execution and sometimes, it is execution that gives new dimensions and shapes and perhaps sometime a better wings to your ideas. To enable that, you need a lot of help from the skilled laborers, carpenters and your neighborhood contractor who perchance has many such ideas to be executed in his kitty but high demand and parsed availability. Working with them is no mean feat. 

It is not just money but a great deal of patience that we require there. I still remember this technician who used to come to my grandpa's house for the furnishing details. Along he brought many a catalogs but it was his experience that helped us to identify the right mix from the catalog, mix it with spoons of our own creativity and give existence to beautiful homes from ideas to spaces. Revere that man, never try to stamp on his wrong foot or he can ruin up things and easily say- I told you so. Here's the additional charges to fix it up!

Asian Paints Home Solution for my current home
Most of the time in my "rented house" life, I have managed to stay at most clean, neat and good looking houses, in most affluent colonies and societies, Whether it was that comapvt 2 BHK flat that over looked a mahogany tree in Chennai or the 3 storey bungalow at Hyderabad or my Garden Estate House in Gurgaon or the Wellingnton flat, I ensured that the place where I stay has its own depth, intensity and grace. Above all, the space. I hate dirty, cluttered or too packed houses. Each of my apartment had its own charm and sufficient space, an attribute that my current city- Mumbai, but off course, unfortunately miss sordidly. 

Finding a house in "pigeon hole designed- matchbox size- still sooo expensive" Mumbai was a tough color to code literally :) but I finally managed to find a house that overlooks clear blue vast sky, has enough open spaces, big windows, plain ceilings, clean appearances and off course crispy flooring. I feel like a child who has been given a "Carte Blanche and asked to paint the town red". 

Perfect! With the beautiful tools from "Try & Decide" as available from the Asian Paints website, I can try, chose, experiment and finalize my own decor in much simpler steps. NO need to wait for a contractor to explain or experiment my house with. What more? It offers me a "Paint Budget" calculator as well. Whoppeee!!!

Creating Gorgeous, Crazy and Sophisticated spaces in home
I am just few clicks away from it. As I tirelessly mentioned that I love "clear, clean and neat space" and I hate over accessorizing my house. I would go for simple, elegant and very choicest furniture and decor for my house. Here's my few giveaways-

  • To begin with I would rather accessorize my walls and ceiling with beautiful paint works. The heart lies in choosing right color for right room. It also involves adding right textures to highlight the boring walls and make them look interesting. 
  • Less furniture but well synchronized with the wall paint, ceiling and to give an edge, I would love to paint that single panel wall that holds my LED TV in plain texture but the wall behind my bed in beautiful rainbow colors.
  • Playing with natural sunlight and colors in rooms, allowing adequate natural lighting to accentuate the look
  • Experimenting with new colors like Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Turquoise Green
Here's few thoughts that I have on mind-

Decals for the wall at my study wit pictures of family members
placed well so the child knows their relatives

home_family_blessing_wall_quotes_1_2.jpg (500×500)
A little note on the dining room wall
painted and accentuated with a better
colorful Vase

The kids gonna love this wall, close to nature, close to fun.
The beauty is that it is easy to make and cost friendly to
customize with the age

My Executive Kitchen. What did you say?
Cooking is a pass? 

There's many more that I have in my mind and I am all heart to design my home, beautifully, creatively 7 absolutely gorgeously!  That's why I say- Home is where Heart is!

With the multiple choice, tools etc made available by Asian paints, I feel like a kid spoil for choices. The house is my slate and am sure to scribble beautiful ideas and creations on it. Take some time out and do visit me. I am sure, you will love my house :)
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How Do I tell her about you?

February 05, 2014 , , 19 Comments

Music and dance were her life
It was them who kept her alive
She walked in rhythm,
She talked in rhyme
Her demeanor was fancifully divine

Life’s a piano with black and white keys
If happiness sing then sorrows too makes music
I hold her close, I hold her near
She was my adorable,
I hold her dear

She would often dance in rain
Loved the two dew drops, racing on window pane
What if there’s no pitter patter?
This thought brought me immense pain
How do I look in her eyes and tell her what I knew

Oh Cancer! How do I tell her about you?

This poem is dedicated to those beautiful lives who loved their music, loved their moves and how tragedy stroked them and made them their muse. February 4th is the World Cancer Day.

The beautiful Picture Prompt is given by - The Mag
The Title Prompt is by Write Tribe- 100 words Saturday

Cancer is Curable. Fight it tooth & nail!

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The Blog Republic!

February 02, 2014 12 Comments

Once upon a time, there lived 3 friends. they were- Write, Inspire and Network.

Together they lived in the country called "Blog-land". Now blogland was a newly developed country and by any means, second to none. It was fast emerging as another superpower in the world, inviting many a talented prospective citizens fondly known as "Bloggers".

The land of blogging was vast, rich in culture and offered manifold prospective to all its citizen. There were many sects and states of "blogging" like Creative writing, Cooking, Sports, Technology etc etc...Each admitted basis citizen's interest and demonstrated abilities and no other biases irrespective of caste, economic condition, past life, number of fingers etc were allowed .

The three friends- Write, Inspire and Network went hand in hand and went together. Wherever one go, the rest two will follow. Their love enriched by each passing day and soon "blogging" became a cosmopolitan country that made the world stand up and take notice.

They say where there is opportunity, opportunists strike as well. Something similar happened in the reserved demography of "blogging" where few opportunist stroked and disturbed the quality and balance of the place. It caused a rift amid all including those 3 friends and diluted the essence that was much the backbone of the "blogging" Republican.

Soon bloggers started drifting from blog-land and searching for a shift elsewhere. They grew highly suspicious of each other's behaviors, formed their cartels and started revolting against the Blogland Republic. The situation turned chaotic and grave with sincere citizens moving out of the country.  The unison of Write, Inspire and Network took all together a different meaning and it was never the genuine self again.

Do not lose heart. Like all good stories with happy endings and a "Knight in shining armor", this story too got it's happy ending and a "knight", a "hero" of its own. The Hero was not one person but a group of people who joined hand and vowed to create a better environment. They together formed a cartel and took the torch in their hands. "We shall be the beacon and lead the change" was their motto!

Soon they launched a platform that democratically took care of interest of all citizens of the "blogging" nation. They tried different things to entice all kind of citizens. They fondly named it "Adda" [a place] so that it merged well with one and all. Some started calling them "ada" [style in English, given their unique value propositions & flair].

To keep the interests of everyone alive, they created multiple channels like writing contests, inspiring creative writing weekends, networking bloggers review program. They recently added a new feather to their fat hat of achievements and attempts. The feather was named- WIN 2014, to commemorate the spirit of 3 friends "Write, Inspire and Network".

Yes WIN i.e. Write, Inspire and Network. The same old three friends who once formed the essence, the life of the "blogging" nation. They were combined and bring to life in a hope to change the face of "blogland democracy" and reward it's citizens by inspiring and encouraging.

Well that was a short story of "blogging" and "bloggers". Bloggers across India are celebrating their first WIN in Mumbai this year at 8th February. I am honored to be among the top 5 nominated bloggers in "Creative Writing" Category and I may join them to bring together their extravaganza on 8th Feb 2014. How about you? Wanna come? well you must!

Do join me there. The details are available at- See ya there! :)
This post has been written as  part of the WIN ’14 Activity at BlogAdda

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