Kolkata Blogger's Meet - 2009

July 27, 2009 25 Comments

Dear Fellow Bloggers, esp. the Junta at Kolkata. Our “Shonar Kolkata”, is the host for blogger’s meet 2009.
Venue: CCD; RDB Adlabs Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata
Entry fee: Nil

For further details pl contact:

So, hope to see you there.

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Gitanjali Khandelwal

It was one bright unusual afternoon when I first met Gitanjali. She turned her head from her soft white pillow and smiled.

Our introduction was set to share each other’s company, to cheer strength in her struggle to establish force with life again. She was lying in hospital bed in excessive bandages and great pain, a pain, which she tried to camflouge behind her, fragile, warm smile. “Hi Ekta” she said. And from there begun a small journey of a quite unique friendship. I often went to her cottage to meet her. Ginner uncle, Dr. OP Sharma & his orthopedic team and Plastic surgeon Dr. Malti Gupta were our second common links, and all used to be very delighted seeing us together. The last time that I saw her, was the day when she discharged from Swai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur.

Gitanjali was a victim of a road accident. She was driving to her college in a two-wheeler when her dupatta [part of a dress] stuck in a truck, which pulled her mercilessly on the road, injuring her entire front side of the body. She had undergone major surgery and admitted in Hospital. She was almost fixed to a bed where she could barely move her limbs or eat anything. All she could manage to gulp was mango frooti, apart from the glucose bottles plugged to her body through intra venous.

In few weeks, she was discharged and taken back to home on stretchers. Her pain was somewhat reduced but not completely cured. Doctors said she will take time but will gradually convalesce back to normal life. Only thing I could not realize that some pains are not allowed to be cured ever.

Days passed and I never heard from her again nor could I re-establish any direct communication, except for those bit of updates from Ginner Uncle. Besides, I have left the city and got busy in my new life.

Last heard about her was that she has started moving using a wheel chair/ crutches and has resumed her college. I planned to meet her on one of my trips to Jaipur; however, I could not make it. Then, it was too late. I heard that she committed suicide.

She committed suicide and I failed in helping her to live. The world has killed her and none of us could do anything about it. I was so busy in my own battle that I could not be around her at that time when she was moving towards that decision. For many years even today when I think of her, I blame myself for not being around or in position to help her in her struggle with life, the world, its nasty ostracism, ostracism towards physically challenged, esp. girls. I blamed myself for not being present to fight with detractors, people who showered masked sympathies but could not nurture a bantered branch. However, blames unsupported with resolutions does not helps anyone.

That was mid nineties, internet & telecom was not as advent then. It is there today and still people fail to communicate. They speak, they hear, they interact but they do not communicate.

She was a young, cheerful girl with many dreams for life. I have not envisaged in my wildest thought that she will take this step. The mighty step to take her own life, to kill herself. . I even do not blame her for that. Somewhere I can understand her decision.

It was early nineties; Internet & telecom were not as advent then. It is there today and still people fail to communicate. They speak, they hear, they interact but they do not communicate.

I felt bad that I could not stand by her side but I feel worse for our society, which could not stand by her side. To this day, am angry with myself for not being able to anticipate and revert her decision. I am angry with all those people who were responsible for her sad fate, people who with their nasty norms, repulsive remarks, and unjust judgments made her struggle harder.

Those people if come to my path, I am not going to forgive them. I do not want to sound unreasonable or hypothetical but I want to ask one question- why our ostracism is bigger than our soul or our inner conscience?

I also want to ask that- Was physical pain the real reason for Gitanjali to commit suicide. Why do we have a society that only talks of living up to its norms, its ‘man-made’ norms? Why have we created a society that preaches but not heals? A society, which breaks the soul of a Gitanjali Khandelwal and leads many of her to take that lethal step. Why?

I still am angry, dejected and answerless.

[The sound that soothes me a lot-Sound of Silence: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZGWQauQOAQ]

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

I am a Four 'Tagged' Animal!!!

July 17, 2009 47 Comments

My new buddy Zillion big tagged me and I am lost. Frankly, I do not understand the entire tag business but since zillion flaunted my spirits by calling me beauty with brains, I shall oblige.

I am nominated under his “fantastic four” team and have to do “one two ka four” here. Gosh! I have to tell “four- four things” about me. Sounds boring, right? But before I do that, promise me that you will not fall sleep.

Four places you have livedI have stayed in many places but my favorite’s are-
1. Ambikapur: Ever heard of this place? Well it is a big town in now Chhattisgarh, surguja district. My nani-badi [maternal grandma’s house], the place where I extended my arms to world, said, “don’t babes me up”. One dark, stormy evening my mom bought me to this place. I was barley a year and half old. A major part of my upbringing was done here. Amidst the melee of uncles, aunts, grand parents and others, I had spent a wonderful childhood here. My time here, my neighborhood, my school, my grandpa’s oil mill where I use to do impossible stunts and scare every one off, my first car in school and trips around the neighboring areas. Well I can write a whole book on my golden childhood but later.

2. Chennai: Though Nagpur was the first city, I had been after home but I liked Chennai more. From Satyabhama’ prison like campus to widespread IIT madras campus, to Polaris’ offices in city, to n-logue’ office in Gokul arcade, Adyar to hanging out with my friends Rishabh, Doc & Gang at Satyam theatre to galloping gooseberries, marmalade and where not. From those trips to ECR, Mayajaal and some dreamy days, so many first and memorable memories I had at Chennai. And contrary to popular notion, I loved the “madrasi-dom” and south Indian food+language.

3. Hyderabad
I moved to Hyderabad from Chennai and the day I landed there I was mighty apprehensive as to how will I live in that city. The progression was little tough in sense of finding a suitable accommodation and understanding telecom business but I enjoyed almost every bit of my stay in this city. It has a distinctive charm and terrific memories

4. Kolkata: I wanted to be here for long time, the city where I had my choicest cousin and my best friend and the city where I saw all of them turning askew and strange. Huh! Melodramas stay aside. I have done some amazing things here like visiting orphanage, children rehabilitation centre [experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed], some real breathtaking parties, tequila flow, Boat ride, roaming in rain, house hunt, being to dakhineshwari & Kalighat temples.

Though the city has not been as enticing as Chennai or Hyderabad or even Bangalore for that matter. However, being here also means proximity to my parents [4 hours rail drive] and off course learning a bit more of Bengali than what I used to know. Bhalo thake.

Four TV shows you love to watch
There are many in the list but I shall write about the recent ones on tubes-
1. Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai: In the world of idiot box crass, this one takes cake when it comes to comedy with class. Characters from Maya Sarabhai to roshesh, Indravadan sarabhai, all are unique and fun. My other hot favorite was “Dekh bhai dekh”. My heart sinks when I recall that how Shekhar Suman who was portraying the character “Somu re”, bought laughter even when he was going through the biggest personal trauma any father can bear.

2. Rakhi ka swayamwar: Whatever people say, Rakhi sawant entertains. I have a certain liking for this bindaas babe, which germinates from an idea that here is a honest girl who is trying to win her those “few years” of name and fame under the sun. I know I could have expressed it better but it is all right. Ha ha

3. Yes minister: It also made a foray as the “Ji Mantriji” serious, it was a brilliant take on political beaurocracy and games people play. Farukh Sheikh proved to be an actor par excellence, so did Jayant kripalani [My other most fav actor]

4. Balika Badhu: Ok we have enough stress in life and hence we restrict from preachy stuff. Cool but I love this serial for its sensitivity and sensibility. Next time when a certain Mr. Shrewd Yadav try to corrupt your parliamentarian brain by calling “Balika Badhu” as falsity that promotes child marriage, don’t send him pink cha$@*.. rather send him some consolation for having lost his mind.

Four places you have been on vacation1. Goa: I have been there in the year December 1999 to bring on the millennium at the hottest spot of the world. After attending an unplanned wedding of a cousin in Mumbai, we rushed to the heavenly abode of sun & sand. It was amazing, would love to visit again.
2. Jaipur: Pink city! I use to visit Jaipur once or twice in a year but would not exactly call it a vacation. Except for the time when we went to attend an uncle marriage. I get to meet my lovely cousins Medha, Abhinav, little Rhea, Sunny-champ and many more and am so glad that they are in my life.
3. Mumbai: My first single and actual vacation. I wish I could have more, wish I could shift there for sometime at least.
4. Fill in the blank

You can see that I have deficiency called “no vacations”. So take a cue and plan a vacation, which I can write about. Takers anyone? J

Four of your favorite foodsHmmm my favorite topic…slurp burp and yum
1. Pastas & Pizza: I love the spicy, tangy and full of vegetable types of them. Garlic bread and sizzler shares the list too.
2. Masala dosa: South Indian food is amazing, whether it is Fiery Andhra meals, sambhar-chawal or the evergreen Masala Dosa. From eating for “delight” to “mazboori” to eating for “delight”, some of my colleagues at n-logue office started calling me as “masala dosa”.
3. Rice platter: I am Punjabi at heart. Love the quintessential “saag”. Rice & rajma [red kidney bean], Rice & Chola [Gram?], Vegetable Pulav and mother of all rice’s- Vegetable Biryani. Yum Muh mein paani aa gaya [my mouth started watering]
4. Street food: How can you forget that I am a girl from India, and love all that street food from pani puri to bhajia-chai [sorry Ms de], pav bhaji, Kulfi pista, hot Pancakes et all. Have you ever tried the “samosa” from LAD college canteen or savories at Jaipur roadside stalls? If not, try man for you do not know what you are missing in life.

Four places you would rather be
Hmmm do not understand this question…May be Mumbai, Budapest, London, Cape town

Four movies you can see over and over again1. Jab we met: Love the songs, characters and the clean humor. Class, class and truly a class.
2. Edward Scissorhand: A soft, touching, fairy tale sort of story which made us think and re think that what are we giving back to life for all the purity nature bestows on us and all magic that love spin in.
3. Gone with the wind: Tee hee he…Fiddle diddle dee. Frankly, I don’t give a damn my dear
4. Bucket list: I too have a wish list like that and I wish I could do all of it before kicking my bucket.

Four things u hope to do before you die
1. Have a baby
2. Be ultra popular or become a RJ
3. Get a bungalow, sedan and huge bank balance
4. Wait, why am I writing it here? As if someone reads and say- Amen?

Tag four people who will respond
1. Cartoonist: Hary2. Phantom brown: amazing writer, humorist
3. Sujata: The interesting lady I would like to know more
4. Eye-in sty-in: My new buddy who is very enterprising

The tag Rules: 1. Link the person who tagged you. 2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post. 3. Post this in one or all of your blogs. 4. Answer the four questions following these Rules. 5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them. 6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List. 7. Have Fun! Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Zillionbig
2. His site's title and url: http://zillionbig.blogspot.com/
3. Date when you were tagged: 28th June 2009
4. Persons you tagged: Given above- Hary, prashant Dhanke, Eye-in-sty-in & Sujata

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Brides Wanted

July 08, 2009 42 Comments

Ok let us not build around words and get right in to the subject matter. I have two eligible bachelors in my family, qualified to climb the “Ghodi” [Female horse] and don the “sehra” [headgear for grooms]. Well you would not have found a case as funny as this where a person is looking for bride for her brother as well for her nephew simultaneously. However, by now you would have understood my uncanny ability to do extraordinary things like this [Applause]. So let us move to talk about these two single and entitled to mingle brats.

Let us start from the safer bet, I mean from the person who is less likely to beat me after reading this blog entry. The bachelor no 1 is my elder brother, the first scion of Khetan family. From being a “once upon a time quite a sought after boy in school” to now a boy “in a land where barely any good-looking girl resides”, Amit has come long way in life. Off course, I am an exception in this land but we are talking about a bride for my brother and not the next “Lakme” face ok?
Ok so eligible bachelor no 1 is a nice, likeable guy who roams around the house in a ganji and shorts [only to irritate his wonderful younger sister]. Fine, he has inherited some dressing legacy of his younger sister but a bigger wardrobe than she does [sigh obvious case of revering son over girl child in Indian household]. Ok so my brother has bigger wardrobe, more no of hi-fi mobile, personal computer, gadgets, watches, gears etc than I do but that is irrelevant here and does not make me “woman of few means”. He is tech-savvy, protective, romantic, vegetarian, cannot cook for his life, zero in household work like cleaning, washing oops let us move to next guy.

Eligible bachelor no 2 is my nephew with a “Midas” touch. Biologically, he is older than I am but culturally am his “maasi” [maternal aunt]. Now he has very loving parents, sweet siblings, some pleasant relative; and an adorable aunt in me. And we all want to marry him off at earliest- after all God, why should we suffer all his bully alone? Jokes apart, he is a perfect TVC husband stuff- Fair complexioned, lean frame, committed wale looks and he wears specs too. By the way, do not go for that bully joke as he bullies only his sisters incl me. Yup with due respect to the biological factor here, I have a joint account in that category. Well he is quite protective and knows how to cook as well. He is great thinker and geometrician, a quality that he well exhibits in kitchen as well.

[PS: he is like Akshay kumar in “Kambakht Ishq” promos. Like him, he hates the wedding bells but unlike him, he thinks girls are “good for nothing”. So if any daredevil girl likes adventure sports, she will like him too]
Er, Ahem, rest other details will be given in person to the interested parties [along with pictures of Tom cruise and Dustin Hoffman]

Off course, the best thing about both of these eligible bachelors is [sighing] they are straight! Now that does make an interesting proposition in men’ world stunningly becoming a “men loving” society, however I still suggest that I do not have anything against the gross oops cross genders except for the fact that most of the guy I get fascinated with turns out to be a “gay”. Ae le! No controversies, please. [PS: All my dear Gay friends hope you will empathize with my concerns as this & pl restore normalcy].

Of Brides, economy and strategies

Coming back to brides for brothers and not giving recession a miss, we can consider packaged deal as well. I mean, get two in prospect of one, like two sisters, cousins, best friends et all and get them married under the sagacious notion of “one world, one nation, one marriage ceremony”. Before the scarcity of girls in society takes a toll on marriage and the projections of one girl marrying three boys hit the reality, let us get these two folks married to one girl each.
If you think I am getting quite repetitive with my female infanticide issue then consider this-

1. The world is not getting sick of doing this crime and you not getting well on the issue and fighting for it.
2. I am yet to marry and since the scarcity of bride hasn’t become a big problem as yet, I shall keep cribbing of being born so early and missing all that future excitement when guys will woo girls for marriage. [Not that they don’t woo now but think what wonders the theories of demand & supply can bring]
3. It is relevant to subject matter.
4. End of lecture; Let us get back to main topic.

What is my ulterior interest in all this? Well satisfaction is the key word. And celebration is another key word. Moreover, if these two keywords do not suffice then the third one is “machination”. Once my brother gets married, my mom could delegate her sonny responsibility on her “bahu” and can visit me frequently along with my dad. In addition, if my pa does not want to travel out especially to meet his daughter, who does not sleep late in night and keeps scribbling some stupid posts on her laptop, then he can stay at home and bask in glories of being pa-in-law.

There are several other perks apart from the usual notion of getting married. Like-
* Reduced pressure on me for my marriage at least temporarily. Good chance to ogle at some good-looking guys [if any] in these marriage functions.
* Younger brothers will have a clear path to get married soon. I, some respite from Anurag's usual yipping & yapping. Also, Madhur [younger bro of eligible bachelor no2] has bribed me a lot to help him steer clear road for him.
* The gariahat abode will have a pleasant femme factor to give susheela bai a company and I, another reason, lucrative one to visit there, while having someone to share my patience levels from his “Bhai-giris”.
* Marriage functions, celebrations party and apparently new dresses and if these guys get magnanimous enough- some jewelry.

The list of perquisite continues. Therefore, I invite applications from all young [age between 25-29 years], unmarried, well-educated, homely, caring girls. Only applications with original photos will be preferred. And if you have a dashing, well-educated and unmarried brother/ cousin that would be icing on the cake. There is early bird prize too, which I will tell you in person. So, hurry up before the offer gets close. Swaha!

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Of Birthday Girl, birth-Gay boys and the Railway budget

July 03, 2009 , 41 Comments

It is July! July, the augustic month of blue-black clouds, earthy rain and natural hearth. Finally, some drop of rain from the scorching skies of Kolkata. May be god was pleased with the completion of “Bandra worli sea link” in Mumbai and decided to shower some mercy or something like that. Come on let us not be thankless and must enjoy the blessings of life then looking at the weaker side of it. Otherwise, someone will again remark that I have a bad nature of finding flaws in things.

Coming back to July, July is a special month indeed. 4th of July marked freedom for American nation and 2nd July for the Indian “Gay nation”. Homosexuality is now an accepted expression of speech, race and preference. The Gay community is having “naz” on them and celebrating their so-called freedom. If freedom means to play against the law of nature, then so be it. I do not understand much about this whole- “gay” concept and hence will reserve my comments. However, I could not stop appreciating the vision of our generation. Since we are not able to resolve “female infanticide” issue, we have found a new way to deal with the upcoming scarcity of “human resources”. Voila, what an idea Voilyji oops sirji!

I hope the great Indian thespian Manoj Kumar will no longer have to cover his face with hands to sing- “Bus, yehi galti mein har bar karta hoon. Aadmi hoon aadmi se pyar karta hoon”. PJ indeed!

Never mind the PJ; we have lots of it though. From silver screen to parliament and budgets, our world is full of PJs. Here is another one- “Railways will not be guided by economic viability, but by social commitment”, says Mamta Banerjee in the 15th railway budget in parliament. Seeing the printed bundles of the proposed budget was another PJ in sight. Gosh, the amount of paper wasted and it looked liked the desi cousin of proposed Wikipedia book. Boo… I wonder if they actually circulate it to entire gamut and if the gamut reads it too. They must also publish the no of trees axed to print that “maha puran” in those copies.

Indian railways definitely need some more slices of digitalization and our parliamentarians, an advance course in waste management and technology for development.

The budget sounds decent and my newfound respect for my “trinmul didi” remains intact. I actually started liking her since the time she appeared in a popular singing reality show and apparently sung a “Hindi” song.

July! Ah! Also accounts for many birthdays, including mine. Which apparently is today, but wait, aren’t birthdays mean to be more of a sadistic approach than a celebrative one? I mean, it is such a disheartening moment to know that life slipped by another year and grayness stronger by another hair.

Never in my life did I despise my birthday on the fact that I am getting old. However, the truth has finally started hitting in with a sense of loss, and a sense of regret.

So this year I did not let birthday euphoria blind me and decided to keep it as “low key” affair as possible. I deliberately slept early last night and did not pick up any customary calls/ SMS last night. Sorry T Incognito, VNA C, Seema, Momma. Nevertheless, I still spent first half of my day with mobile in shower, mobile omelets, power dressing oops mobile dressing, mobile climbing and mobile sneaking. Mobile sneaking is a term when you are on phone; still you talk to several other people simultaneously. I thought of availing the additional leave option on birthday and anniversary today but dropped the idea on fear of mediocrity and boredom at home.

While in taxi, I called the office reception desk to check whether service lift is working, he greeted me with a “Happy Birthday” message. I thought the birthday mail sent by HR that did this effect until I saw a huge bouquet with the security team. He smiled and said- Madam, this came for you in the morning and would you like it to be sent to you desk? I normally do not take anonymous bouquets and unfortunately, I do not receive many of them either. I nodded in agreement and moved towards the elevator. All my way through the elevator and coffee machine I tried hard to figure out the anonymous, the magnanimous sender and even called all the usual suspects. I was about to call my uncle’s office in IIT Madras, the anonymous called and identified himself.

My office has gone ga-ga over the flowers. From Sreemonti to Pallav to HR head came watering over the flowers. Since then this lovely bouquet has become an object of envy, admiration and discussion in my entire floor. Thanks manager merchandising for taking me by surprise and gifting such a beautiful 50 rose’s bouquet. I do not remember getting a birthday gift like this, this way ever and I shall cherish forever the gesture [unless replaced by a bigger/interesting one…lolz]. [No scandals Pl, I got many bouquets by virtue of gift, self-flattery etc and none of them given by breed of any boy friend or prospect like that. End of controversy, if any]

My office too sent me a lovely table bouquet in the morning and of what seems to be a day of flowers, red roses, it was a red rose bouquet too. My third bouquet came in the evening and was no surprise as the florist called me to confirm my “new address”. Gosh, if more flowers come today; I have to plan a “garage sale” this weekend. Folks if any of you planning to send me flowers today, freeze. I would prefer cash. Ha ha. I am eager to see what my dad has planned for my gift in the evening. My mom apparently disclosed her discussion with dad on this matter though. So am sure of something in waiting. Wish if it is a Ghaghra or a piece of jewelry! After all, I am a girl and once in my life I can wish stuffs that a girl’s dreams are made of. By the way, I said I despise this birthday but that does not go with gifts you seeJ. The only logic that goes with ‘em is- The more, the merrier.

This birthday also made me nostalgic. I remember, this time last year, I was the only girl sitting in the regional review meeting at Swabhumi. It was a different type of fun and I appreciate my boss’ amazing timing to conduct a review on that day, on that location and inviting me to be a part of it. I happily boasted the hi-tea as my titled treat to all. Hee he. However, my boss was not aware it was my birthday that day and or even today. Never mind. I miss that day, that fun and that fiasco that created due to my cell phone battery outage in the evening.

Many things make July a very special month. Remember KBC was also launched on third of July. No wonder, it became such a big success in Indian television history, resurrecting back Mr. Bachchan’s second innings. Ha ha. I still remember my childhood days when I use to get the biggest cake in town and bestest [if there is a word like that] dress for the occasion. Back then, everything of mine need to be best, from the chocolates that I will distribute in my class, to the box that contain it, to the return gift for my friends to the menu of my birthday party.

There is one more angle to birthdays. The more I expected, the more I was let down and vice versa. It goes same with grey hairs and ageing process. One development over the years, my parents started remembering my birthday. Moreover, thanks to social networking sites that even your friends remember it.

By this time, I have finished my duties of an inbound call centre operator cum mailing department. [From orkut, facebook, Google groups and a beautiful mail from Anita di, I have my fingers on keyboard and head on my screen] The fizz has fizzled and I am back to my usual day. Such a short-lived life of a birthday! Come six o’clock, I shall wind up my reports, my laptop and back to my empty nest and emptiness of a cable TV. May be I can coerce dad for a dinner out or treat myself to a good lazy weekend coming tomorrow.

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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