Gifts for my Unborn Child

December 27, 2013 17 Comments

Yo Ho Ho! It is that time of year when the air is filled with festivity and cheer. 
There's a Santa everywhere distributing gifts and love

I believe parents give their child the best of all support, comfort, convenience, luxury, education policy etc and those will not form my gift ideas today as those are bare necessities. I would rather use this wonderful idea by HDFC and give you things that play crucial role in a child's development and well being but often we take them for granted.

After all, it is not just about this Christmas but also about gift for a lifetime.

I am woman and being mother is naturally gifted to me by God. I may be single today but I do dream of becoming a mother one day. I have been part of raising few kids in my household and I know how even the little things count when it comes to upbringing of a child.

I remember how my parents just to make me happy, used to play Santa to me and gifting me new things every year. I would encourage this practice even in my child. I call it- "Hope Project" wherein I will teach my kid(s) to believe in good things to come, to work earnestly for them, tuck them up like wishes in socks near your bedside.  That would be my first gift t my child i.e.-

1) Believe in good things to come, no matter what- The Hope Project

My second gift idea from the season would be- To Spread the Cheer. I would not make them buffoon but teach them act of being warm hearted, vibrant and wrap everyone with happiness and good cheer

2) Art of spreading Cheer

My third gift would be- Gift of investment. Investment is an art and no economy thrives wherein people' income= people' spend and zero investment.
I will teach them how to spend a portion of their money, invest another portion in simple easy ways. To help in this endeavor, I will help open a bank account for them wherein, I would invest a sum of money every month and seek my child' input to manage them. Not just monetary, I will try inculcate in them how investments can range from money-back to policy to fixed deposit to books and even education.

3) Gift of investment

My fourth gift for the child would be my time. I shall ensure that I give them sufficient time with me and self so that they grow better, understand more. They say- the best gift we can give to some one in life is- Time.

This gift will ensure that I spend adequate time with them, give them space re allocate time advocacy in different walks of life.

4) Gift of time

Merry Christmas to all
Customers of HDFC & Readers of Blogadda
For the final gift I pondered a lot of things. Seriously there are many things that I wanted to gift them but to chose one is like taking a pearl from ocean or a needle from haystick. So out of numerous ideas in my mind, I chose to gift my child- art of self defense.

Yes, seeing the way crime rates are shooting up the roof, round the town, as a human being, as parent what worries me most is the safety of a child. Either a training in Karate or Martial Art of whatever form of self defense and safety mechanism, I will ensure that my child is well qequipped  with it.

5) Gift of Safety & defense.

This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda

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Stir Your Souls Says Poonam Khanduja - Blog Review

December 25, 2013 14 Comments

Tic Toc tic Toc...The time is fast ticking. Tired, sleepless, restless me still couldn't stop reading. Was it love or another contest by dove? well none..It was Poonam Khanduja and her beautiful writing that got me hooked on to post after post after post.

Poonam Khanduja blogs at

Phew! A look at her right side bar and you will see how correct you are and indeed she is a reigning queen of blogging. The right side space is filled with her blog accomplishment among many other things including a hidden Google Friends Connect tab.

Poonam is a versatile writer who doesn't believe in talking much about herself. The autumn-Spring maple leaf backdrop as her blog background transports me into a different era. Do not be surprised by seeing so many posts on protest against smelly stubble on her first page as each one of them is a unique take on why men should not have a stubble that stinks and looks hygiene but has quite a subtle humor wrapped in it.

There's a big sportsperson in Poonam who loves taking blogging challenges and not just that a lot of which she had won as well. She is an active Indiblogger and Blogadda Blogger like a lot of us and brings her own unique takes on subject matter.

I loved the simplicity of her of blog, her flowing/smooth writing and above all the fact that she is quite an active blogger who feels the power of writing is more important and foremost than mere embellishing half baked contents with embellishments. The only thing I would recommend her would be to make her "content" part a little more opaque to prevent any distraction [conflict of interest] with her bright background.

Tell you folks, open her blog and like me, you too will be unstoppable post after post and hooked on to her simple, clear and transparent writing. Seeing is believeing and since today is Christmas, I would say- The proof of pudding is in eating. Go ahead and check out and you be your best judge :)
Thanks Indiblogeshwari for this Secret Blog Elves opportunity:)

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Suprita and I

December 23, 2013 25 Comments

"Ekta Khetan, I am going to give you a tight slap. Pl do not disturb me and let me sleep".

Well that was my friend cum room mate Suprita who was few years senior to me but always behaved a lot more wild, lot more younger and lot more time khadus as she sounded in the above statement.

Well you must be wondering as what did I do to her to get a statement like that? Well nothing. In fact a noon back I was counselling her and making her feel better. It was barely few months that we moved together in that room and barely few hours from then that we stopped seeing each other eye to eye and rest all is our story, a short story.

Suprita was all thing nice, sweet except the moment it came to me. Yes, my name was good enough to enrage her and make her do things which if I see now, looks pretty silly but yes what a love without up and down and what a friendship without fights.

We realized it much later [rather she that how good a roomie I was ;)] when we changed our room mates. She left my room and moved in to next room [the room has a totem that all inhabitants get married soon] with another girl who was a good friend of both of us and off course a common gossip point between us earlier ;)

Irrespective of our differences, it was fun to be together
There were plenty of good moments that we spent together...some being shopping together, some being gossiping, some were the moments where I counselled her on relationship and happiness, some moments I sat baby face asking her to help me take decision whether to move Pune or Bangalore. Lolz the last two took pretty some time but helped us bridged a gap between us.

This midnite movie watching pic was taken on B'day, another "facial" test day
when we mixed a bowl full of fruits with honey & spent hours in front to mirror
to glow it up. #WasteofTime

When Opposite made friends
No matter how much we fought with each other, we were always around at time of each other's needs. A lot of times I felt she is quite insensitive towards me and a lot of time I felt like giving her a mouthful back but together when I see, I think each memories are unique.

Since we shared same room and our beds were adjacent to each other, We would often get up in middle of night and start chatting up. When we are not chatting, we are busy ignoring each other or busy fighting. When we do none, we sat in group and cracked joke. Ah! How sweet of us to not let the crack between us thought I will say reveal? Nah

Ok Dove and Indiblogger asked best incidence. It was one summer when we too were home alone. Spoiler alert- nothing sensational but mere "girl talk". Ok so that was onset of summer 2006. It was scorching hot in Hyderabad and we were contemplating high to whether to buy a cooler or rent it, all this while sitting at other girl's room who was away for few days and enjoying the cool air from her cooler. hee hee

It is then we realized that discussion is not leading anywhere and we may pick a fight soon...Nahhiiii. We instead picked up a latest issue of Vogue or Elle something...well now I remeber , it was "Good housekeeping" and thought of trying 'sugar scrub" to relax our chapped skin and rejuvenate it with a "natural scrub". We diligently followed the simplest instruction which spelled- mix sugar with lemon and rub it on ur cleansed skin.
Whoa! That's so simple and cheap. We soon brought a bowl of sugar and couple of lemons [U see when life throws you lemon, squeeze in sugar and make lemon-sugar scrub ;)] we halved the lemons, rinse the juice with sugar, mixed the paste and started applying generous amount of our "home made" discovery o our arms, face, neck and feet. It felt little awkward in beginning but we gave the new process and "healing is not simple" a benefit of doubt and continued with our freaky self spa for few more minutes till we ensured that none of us left a single drop of scrub in bowl and all of it copiously applied on our much deserved bodies. A few minutes later, our skin started itching, stretching and all things unpleasant, uncomfortable and we realized something is not right but to late and rushed to washrooms to wash it off on "me first, me first" basis. Thank God that day she chose to use other one and man! it took us half an hour or more to wash that thing outta our body, face. It was an experience "main na bhoolongi".

The scrub-mare [female cousin of night mare] didn't end there and I found red rashes all around my body. I looked at Suprita who admonished that thought saying I applied more than her and hence the syndrome., Well no I didn't argue either as-
1) No point arguing what went wrong until you set things right
2) I can never win with her
3) She thinks point no 2 is otherwise.

I was using a lemon based soap that time and guessed that what I needed now is a touch of calmness, cream on my skin and I chose to open my almirah and take out my special soap with 1/4 milk cream and took a bath using it.

My itching sensation was somewhat better but I was amused to find Suprita rubbing her skin furtively to cmabt the itch. It is very difficult to part with your new, expensive soap [I hardly earned that time] but I offered her t use it.  Since the advice was coming from me, it was obvious she decided to ignore but soon she gave in and agreed with using it only partially to compare the impact of it with her special celebrity "flux" soap. Your skin, your wish. What goes of my papa or uncle sam?

It took us 2-3 days to overcome that redness and itchy flakes in our skin. We told our friends, neighbor and flatmate that it was one of our outing in harsh sun did that trouble to us. The mutually agreed excuse may not have helped us much as we soon told our funny sugar scrub saga. The only good thing that happened was that Suprita gave in to my request of hiring a desert cooler for our room and I had momentary relief from heat those summer [ Oh how we fought over direction of cooler wings is a different big post altogether, lets save it for other day. If you like this post, make me win..lolz..and I will narrate it further in Dove indiblogger "Guessing game with friends" contest part 2 ;)]

Do You know that Most of Dermatologists recommend Dove for face than fancy face wash? Well we will tell you soon :)


To know more about Dove, click here- Dove Soap

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Wrapped in Love

December 23, 2013 8 Comments

Friends are like gifts that comes in different color paper, each has its own packaging, sparkle, weight and worth in your life. Each you discover more when you unfold. But the least you can be assured of- there's a surprise, a joy in every packet and yes, "har ek friend zaroori hota hai" [all friends are important]

I was the only girl child of my parents who had lost their first daughter few hours immediately post delivery. Indeed leaving a big void in their lives and definitely bigger in mine. That is perhaps the reason I looked for a sister in every girl that I met. However, I made fewer friends in girls ever.

I did my schooling at my maternal grandparent's place and spent my childhood there [almost]. I had quite some friends there and very importantly, different set of friends. My circle was largely divided in- School friends and family/ non school friends. 

One such friend was Twinkle. 

Twinkle and I were quite a different persons. We studied in same school but different mediums. Our houses were not too far from each other but there was a sea of difference in way we lived. Neither was more affluent nor better. We two celebrated our differences, our unique-ness together. We had many friends between us but our friendship was most sturdy, unspoken yet unbroken.

We loved doing new things and were well supported by one elder male member in our family who understood our bond and let us loose. Whether it was playing hopscotch for hours, cit chatting, exchanging comics and what not. 

Our best passtime was playing- kitchen-kitchen and dressing up our dolls. It may sound silly but gosh it was soo fun. We would often bring our respective kitchen sets, mix and divide equally and set them in a kitchen pattern. While Twinkle was sweet, humble girl, my motto was to own up every fancy kitchen set available in my reach and that made us one of the largest kitchen utensil/ goodies holder in our vicinity. I had all types of dolls available in world and she had different styling ideas. We would often go pillars to post to arrange for those accessories, new fabric, knick knacks for our dolls. The trend continued for a long till she she grew out of dolls and I began even more introverted.

Our next fascination was jumping from 3rd floor at the under construction building in our neighbourhood [more precisely at another friend's house where we would often go to play hopscotch and Twinkle will be my kind partner in arms who would chose to accept a "kachcha khiladi" like me as a partner and risk her game for me who would look at her like a lamb does to Mary].

Yes, I rightly said jumping off from 3rd floor under construction building. 

I was an adventure freak and use to climb the oof top of our big oil mill away from prying eyes of my grandfather inspite of his rpeated warnings. The mill act was old and this new one was my latest fad. A friend of ours was having a new house constructed next to their existing house. The house I guess would be 5 floor or 3 floor high. It was road facing and had open balcony, beneath which there would be heaps of sand lying to aid construction. we would often take stairs to the 3rd floor and reach the open balcony and jump from there on the sands...all this while it was sunny day time. Couple of other friend tried to do this but soon shied away but Twinkle and I continued till last day and last warnings pe warnings.

Things we do- From dolls to hopscotch to the Embroidery, paintings, shopping and much more
We were indeed growing up and when I was not playing with my neighborhood group, I would be playing with my school group. I suddenly lost touch with twinkle and one day thought of giving her surprise by visiting her house. To my surprise I found her sitting and doing some embroidery. I was bored ad was fascinated with her design and soon requested her to come home with her stuff so that my nani too can see it and help me learn one. She sportingly agreed and came home with me. My Nani being maestro, understood the concept, took her design and soon I got my own embroidery project to learn and demonstrate.

We did many things together. She had vivid interest which were different from my comic loving, game frenzy, adventure snacking, bycycle riding self and she helped me all of them. I met her after many years post my accident but her behavior towards me never changed. She was highly accommodating and helpful. She never betrayed me no left me for other friends. She went out of her way to search for and gift me audio cassette of my favorite film that was sold out, just cause I once lightly told her that I wanted to hear that movie's songs and how much I wish to buy one.

I truly miss you Twinkle. You were simple and grounded. My feelings for you are still same or rather grown fonder. Yu were indeed one of my best Female friend while growing up. I ams till in awe of your fair, soft skin and you looked non the less than Snow white to me. Here's my little song for her-

God gives us relations but friends are something we chose
meeting them is destiny but bonding is luxuries
Let's make friends and build new memories
Life is easy with best friend around
there is much action, light, camera & sound

endless gossips, chit chat and fun
leg pulling, joke cracking, pun on pun

I am not in touch with Twinkle anymore but I hope that she should be fine wherever she is.
Dove celebrates friendship. To know more about it soap range, visit here

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A Love Story

December 21, 2013 9 Comments

They met on twitter
chat, oggled and made friends with each other.
cupid strike them soon
and thought of taking it further
and became each other's facebook friend

They chat for hours and went agog
on their all four
couldn't stop thinking about each other

thinking he is god send
she harnessed new dreams
and became his heart's reigning queen
and decided to meet him thereafter

She admired his pictures
and became his Instagram follower
it was a love arranged by social media network

The D day has come
and her heart is on treadmill run
she just can't wait to see him

she dressed her best
and followed the address
wher he asked her to come
love is indeed fun
dating is wonder
I'm gonna meet him one on one
The thought made her cheeks flushed

her heart filled with laughter
she couldn't contain her joy
and screamed ahoy!

but hey there's a twist in tale
all her dreams crushed, hopes fail
he looked like as if he has come out of jail

man he's got a huge beard
a smelly stubble
that stink like the rotten well

she could't stop but asked
don' t you know
unshaven is equal to unbathed?

he took her cue
and promise to give her due
and ran behind a barber
too minutes and done
he was clean shaven
and won her hands to live happily ever after
 This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.
This post is part of live blogging for team blogadda and I also use this to respond to Tarun Singh's tag here
Bloggers I tag- Heena Shah Dedhi, Arvind Passey, Sarav, Aditya Manchanda

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A Yoga Tablet a day is indeed a #BetterWay

December 18, 2013 33 Comments

Hello There,
I am Digital Yogi-
a Gen Y Computing

This is NumeroUnity- a GenY Telecom Professional, Blogger, Gadget Freak, Internet Junkie, Poet, reader, movie buff, music lover, Photography enthusiast and Gaming nerd. These are few words that describe me and my multiple need.  [In short, I'm an Internet & Computing Bunny singh YO-YO, technology weed pe ;)]

I don multiple hats and hence I always need a product that can cater to my versatile needs and make my life simpler and #BetterWay to live. 

My current gadgets like laptop, PC,
Camera has become an ancient dinosaur
around my neck! Run Lola Run!
And I must say how sick and tired I am of carrying my heavy laptop, multiple gadgets everywhere I travel :( Along comes a bulky charger and a bulky shoulder bag. Such things can never be my companion on the go. 

Bulky, cumbersome, wired, my life look weird with school girl bag everywhere. I need a SOLUTION!

After all permutations, combinations and woe arisen from commutations around the country, events, Technology seminars, Conferences, Shopping, picnic, brainstorming [read washing] et cetera, I realized am carrying too big a "baggage" and hence came to a conclusion that I need to buy a device that can cater all my need and still have stuffs, apps and usage to induce my breed. Ladies & Gentlemen- Its is a tablet that I greed! Phew! 

Poof! Before I could blink,
I heard my phone clink
"buy me", "buy me"
all sales people plink

The market is full of products
Gizmo, gadgets one after another
why need just a tablet?

I have an "eye phone"
which gives me reading red eyes
Not apt for my presentations
too many buttons for RSI.
A bulky camera with 3D & monochrome
it's sea of products, all looks same
I have multiple needs
and I need ONE Product to tame

Never say never
better be late
Technology is booming
with a sleeky geeky tablet
Things that my tablet does and my everyday life with a tablet-
So I said I don many a hat. Here's how a tablet meet all my thinking hat. 
I am singing a tablet song, Are you all ready to sing along?

My Professional HAT
I am telecom product manager cum analyst
works at CEO office as catalyst
I need to be connected
all day/night long
I need to be fast on my mail
approve all requests without fail
Office, home, on road
I work on my data and clear all load
So, you wanna have a client meeting in coffee shop?
Here I come- Skip, Jump, Hop

My tablet as my personal organizer
My tablets has a calender
a "post it" and astrid reminder
It plans my events
and alerts my notifications
It tells me my "to-do" list
crunch it to give me gist
So why should I carry that bulky diary?

My Tablets as an entertainer
I watch many movies
and download new songs
I can play Karoake
and sing all along
I can log in to YouTube
and download any video
Damn I can shoot my own
edit, upload & share
I need no etc pluggins
my tablets processors takes care
it is freakin' easy

A Tablet a day for Internet Junkie
I can connect anytime
and browse over Internet
The deals around the town
best place to have banquet
Near field communication
at it's best
a single click and I can browse
the world wide web

Tablet- My social Media Evangelist
I go online
and check the latest film reviews
I log into social media
happily tweets my view
Hey Ashton Kutcher is my twitter buddy
for those who didn't knew ;)

I love to log into Facebook
all day through
read my friends updates
comments, post pictures in lieu
and share the election news
It is a great tool to chat
catch up on all friends
Multimedia sets my experience apart

My Tablet and Photography
I am photo junkie
my taste varies from classic n funky
I love photography, I love to click
I use my tablet
and take snapshot
There's multiple apps in my tablet
I use for my pictures to share & post
Pininterest, Flickr, Instagram
are all my extended arms
I am a tablet photography freak!

My multi utility tablet
I can book my ticket anytime
for film, theater or music show
No more waiting in long queues
no more asking for a preferred row
I book my flight
web check in all right
I cancel my tickets often quite

I pay my utility bills 
I clear my laundry list
I ping my mamma at home
and replay her favorite serial
comedy show or whole 3D Dolby film

A Tablet for my Gamester Hat
I am a gaming fan
who takes her levels serious
There ain't any game
that I cannot crack
Angry birds, Ninza fruit or temple run
my games are travel companion
I speed, I farm, I weave, I thrill
I hook on to my tablet for games
gaming makes me relax n chill

My tablet song will go on
cause there's no dearth of amazing things
that a tablet does for me
that's why I said
A "tablet" is must for my well being!

Tablet is for those people who domulti tasking, at home and on move

I am a "Super Tablet" Digital Yogi

So that was my "tablet #BetterWay song". I hope that all of you did sing along. There's a lot that a tablet does. There's a lot in a tablet that is a must. To me top things that I look from my tablet is- Speed, Storage capacity, good picture resolution, ease of usage and handling, longggg battery life, scratch proof and what not. One most prime thing today is- ease of usage. Since a tablet is such a life companion, it should be handy and prevent RSI. One day I would like my tablet to work on "AI" and help me advise, listen, understand and talk my problems. Let my tablet be my agony aunt:) I just wish I get a beautiful tablet soon with better speed, experience, handling. I want my tablet as befitting as YOGA that not just spiritualize my mind but optimize my physical convenience as well.

Larger the apps, it helps bridging technology gaps.
This post is written for Lenovo and Indiblogger contest. To know mre about the new age Lenovo Yoga Tablet, click here-
Lenovo on Facebook
Pictures: Numerounity

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Ram Leela - Rasleela in Picture

December 15, 2013 , , 38 Comments

We reviewed the film here. Now let's picture talk-

The "Chest Wise, Face Fool" Ram
meets the Chikni Chum-Leela

Tattad Tattad, TSch TSch
"Lets make love"?
No honey I have a "beardache" tonite
Shall we kiss and make now? I am ready for the kiss
Wanna make? First take a bath in lake 
No Shave=No Bath

Ok Leela I took bath, now shall we kiss?

Kiss? Oh Fish! That Stubble looks trouble. Dial P.A.S.S. @BlogAdda
Boo porn collection caught raid handed. The brothers died, access to love denied. No one loves me.
Aww Don't be sad. What if you killed my brother, sis-in-law said he wasn't good in bed either. Let's flee-flee outta this KillU-KillU land and wed.  I will soon find a way to mate. 
Here's honey, try this new shaver that I bought from Gillette.
Do sata sat and we will make love fata fat

In anticipation of a clean shaven Ranveer
I am trying to kiss but damn this stinky stubble, I am not that good an actress. 

Rajwadi village ke head, tum kya shave karna nahi jaante ho?

I really hate that stinky stubble and will shoot if you get closer.
I have a license to kill. Shave off or I ring the "P.A.S.S." bell?

The Director intervened, his face became rehearsal land 
Sanjay I can't take this many anymore. He is trying to seduce you? Aaaargh!

I made a P.A.S.S. and you failed, now prepare to die 
Rest is history. Ram and Leela killed each other. Ram killed to end daily Mahabharta; Leela followed the shoot. They did not even see cheek-to-cheek for film's posters.
Yawn! Ram Chahe Leela, Leela Chahe Ram, between them stubble ka kya kaam? 

Now you knew why I ditched Ranveer

Rumors were True, his beard is a big Nene, it really stink


[The above post is written in pure humor and bears no intention to hurt/harm anyone whatsoever]

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My Tablet is My #BestFriend

December 12, 2013 8 Comments

Well Friends, I have an announcement to make. I am Hitched! I am hitched to a friend for life.

There's a new person in my life who has taken it in stride, exercising absolute control over it. I eat, sleep, laugh, cry, fight, love, chat endless, dream and write my poetries with that person 24 X 7 X 365 day and night, night and day. The new person has become a part and parcel of my life and is present in everything that I do...So whatever I do, I do it with you...wooo hooo!

I am in love! I am in love again and this time I know its for ever, its all mine and this love is for "keeps".

It's a love at first site. We caught each other's fancy and fancy took flight. 

It wasn't too long that I has my last relationship that broke my back, was too heavy on my hands and came with a big baggage of old school thinking. Time to change. I vow to modern life and digital computing and that made all the difference. How? I will tell you now. Meet my love of life- The Ambidextrous - Mr. Tablet!

Jab we met, we loved the way we "touched" each other's life. Tablet and I met and became friends for life. Life has totally changed since then. Here's a sneak peak in my life, my everyday life with Mr. Tablet.

My Everyday Life with my Tablet and how I want to use my Yoga Tablet better

I use it for data
seamless Internet experience
It's wireless world,
no cable no dongle
high speed connectivity, with no hassle
[I by the way, already use a Lenovo Think pad]

High definition Gaming
that I play on it
My games range from angry birds,
NFS, Zynga and Temple run
Tablet is indeed fun

I will travel with my tablet
go to new places, still never late
GPS and Maps on it
will help me easy navigate

My utility bill payment will made easy
I stand no long in queue
a click here and a swipe there
and see I am done!

Its easy, its lightweight
starts at 401g, 0.88lbs
I can carry it in my hand
or easily drop it in my purse

App snacking twenty four by seven
Play store in Android has daily dozen
of apps in all genre
paid, top picked, free and select by editor

Office presentation, spreadsheet & calculation
I edit my CV and send in circulation
even in kitchen its my constant companion
I select a recipe and makes my own version

whatever I cook goes in my tab
however my looks, it goes in my tab
anywhere anytime technology on prawl

man the speed is amazing and never crawl
The joy of computing is thrice more fun
My tabs empowers my words
my tablets enable my research
It makes me an aspiring wordsmith
and budding newton

Oh Fish, I am travelling offshore
long distance journey but I will never get bore
tablet is my constant companion
it stays with me 24 by seven

It plays music on demand
it will stream video and remote control will be in my command
wish it also has telephony attached
wish it took over my phone n replace
wish it can wake me every morning without snooze
wish it tells me quality of drink to booze

I am karma believer
I am Dharma follower
but with new Yoga tablet,
I will be Yogi, Yoga lover
Hey dear tab, can we do Yoga together? :)

It tells me new book in town
it helps me buy them online or read without kindle
It's miracle that comes in small packages
it's wonderful computing innovation

I love The concept of Yoga tablet
For it stand, hold and tilt
to give my hands a rest
and my experience a thrill

Now I can go computing non stop
with my Yoga Tablet
on my bed, car and table top
its feather lite
it's blitzkrieg fast
It promises to give me an experience
that will ever last!

I will take it to work
I will take to club
It will join me for shopping
It will be my side to pub


Here's more... You know how I ended my previous relationship with the other computing device?...

Time to switch to Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

This post is part of #BetterWay a blogging contest organized to celebrate the Brilliant Yoga Tablet by Lenovo and Indiblogger.
To know more about Lenovo Yoga tablet visit their Facebook page here- Lenovo India

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Film Review: Ram Leela- A Curious Case of Ras Leela

December 12, 2013 33 Comments

Another ambitious project bites the dust this year- Ramleela - Goliyon ki Rasleela. 

Far off in Kutch land, two "golibaaz" groups- Saneras & Rajwadis, lived to kill each other. A little one pees in the pod and whole town gets in "shoot the duck". Enters Ram & Leela, young lovey-dovey borderline porn savvy lovers who check each other's lengths and breadth, talks raunchy, flees from home only to roam & return like an undelivered post. Bold & beautiful, strong & dutiful, the twain never unite. You ask why? Was it power of Animosity, ammunition & Arm? Well, t'was a tower of stubborn stubble that did all the harm.

The film had everything- Shakespeare's legacy, good star-cast, lavish sets, music, item song, sleaze, chemistry, Six packs, action, brilliant cinematography, even lots of color to camouflage the ugly beard but lest Ram heard, the beard won the argument & love story failed. He spent all his time running a porn parlor and harnessing ambition of sowing his wild oats with a Sanera's gal but Tsch could not succeed and leaves his bride in the middle of foreplay to have "dinner with friends". How smarty! Post interval, the party is still "baaki", Leela is forced back home, doesn't listen to her "maa-ki", loses her middle finger in the hope of losing virginity "one day" but Alas! The film plays on audience nerves as a "test match", testing their weird sensibility and curses absurd. All went unheard, the cause of Ram's stupid stubble, stupid beard.

Ram- All acquired knowledge of Bird & Bee came no handy and dies the dandy, for his overgrown beard, ears covered, made him nerd that he missed hearing the verdict by "Supreme court of Dhancore", uproar, killed each other, leaving viewers relived from being bore(d)

Moral- A beard like bush, needs a "shaving" push!


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Up, Close and Personal

December 11, 2013 13 Comments

It was raining beautifully that evening.

She leaned beside the window pane, opened the glass panel and bent to play with dews on leaves adjoining her wall.

“Ayesha stop, you will get drenched and catch a cold” Vikrant advised.

She ignored his caution and continued playing with rain. He moved forward near her. As he came closer, she cupping droplets in her hand, turned up and around, splashed on his face playfully and ran away.

Surprised by her naughtiness, he plucked a dew kissed flower and ran behind her. He caught her by her waist and lovingly sprinkled the water kissed flower on her face, neck. Their eyes met and he couldn’t control but admire her smooth, glowing neck as if it invited him. He kissed them, sending chill to her spines and she succumbed to the just born passion. He further leaned and planted furtive kisses around her neck and face that filled her with joy. Not letting the beautiful moment slip, he pulled her closer, cupped her glistening face in hands, looked deeply in her eyes and leaned on to kiss her. Something transpired her and she moved her face away.

He was shocked to see her reaction. She pointed towards his heavily stubbled face and said- I hate that unclean stubble".

“But Ayesha, di you not loved my rugged looks”?

“No Vikrant, that looks good from a distance but it’s a strict no-no while being so up, close and personal. Besides, they appear to stink with sweat”.

“So what do you want Ayesha”

“Well how about taking a bath”

“But bathed this moning”

“No shave means no bath, Vikrant” She blinked.

“Aha I got the message, just two minutes and am back. Hold that passion there”

“Yes I will” she said and smiled in anticipation

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The UnShaved, Unbathed R...Rajkumar

December 10, 2013 53 Comments

This weekend the entire nation agreed on two things-

1) It's time to change the political game by sweeping Congress with AAP ka broom and BJP's Lotus

2) R...Rajkumar is the worst film of the 2013

While politics is altogether a different ball game, Lets's quickly review what went wrong with the film. After the detail investigation, analysis and reports by numerous committee including Chai-wala committee, go-farce and Guilt of Film Audience, its revealed-

The film flopped because chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor did not bathed or shaved in entire film!

The beard perspired and like the leading lady of the film, even audience ran away from theaters. Do not believe me? Here's proof in pictures-

My life is all about two things- Pyaar-3 ya Maar-3 
[male grooming? Nah!]

Honey you did not shave/bath even today?
OMG! His beard is thicker than my hair.
OMG 2! I hate that Stinky Stubble!

That was indeed a "bloody- thorny" kiss to remember

Good Lord Producer, pl save me from this stubble torture
Whaddya see in this hairy scary guy, Sonakshi?
I am confused who is the Villain of the film?
Dare you come near me. Don't you know, whose daughter am I?
Khamosh! You stinky stubble-men & take a bath

[Nothing helped- love, action or threat]

If only you would've shaved, our film would be saved from tanking!

Trivia: Daksha ben of "Kyun ki Saas bhi..." after seeing Shahid' looks said aarrra rara Rajkumar instead of Romeo Rajkumar and the film was named- Rrr Rajkumar.

68% women thinks clean shaven men smells good 
No Shave= No Bath. 

Hence proven, why the movie failed

So dear Shahid. Not Shaving is  like not taking bath and both of them are "Gandi Baat".

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