Happy Janmashtami 2016

August 25, 2016 0 Comments

Naughty yet sensible,
carefree yet responsible
omniscient and omnipotent
dear lord and friend.

O Beloved Krishna

Come to my heart,
I heart you!


Happy Janmashtami to all of you!
Do take a moment and care to read my heartfelt poem written few years back. It is titled- 

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Hello, Friend- An Open Letter

August 07, 2016 5 Comments

Dear Friend,

Trust you doing fine and this letter finds you in the pink of your health. I know that is a very cliche start to a letter. However, I still hope you are hale and hearty.

How are you, my friend? It has been a long time that we spoke or met. It is very easy to lost touch these days in spite of technical advancement. No, I do not need anything but it just so happened that I was going through our albums and found this picture of our good times. 

I still remember those days when we became friends and such a good friend that we were. We used to see everything together, sharing love , philosophy, plans, care and more. We did not realize when it became a close friendship that started with an otherwise courteous interaction between two strangers living in two different cities. 

Those endless phone calls, chatting, SMSes and longing to meet each other, spend time together, I still remember all of those. The deep friendship bloomed into love and before we could realize, it reckoned on us.

Initially, I was unsure but given your unconditional love, care and that rare understanding and acceptance of me as a person has won me over. I began to admire you and thinking that you are the answers to all my prayers. It was indeed blissful to find a best friend and then find love in that best friend. The way you looked into my eyes, hold my hands, was all mystical, magical, made me forget all my worries and start dreaming of a future together.

I needed nothing in the world but your company. I was ready to stand up and fight for any cause, because I thought you were with me. Even the time when you decided that we should part ways, I obliged as a friend and tried to go away and start afresh with whatever life that broken friendship had left. Even then I have not given up on you and you had not given on me. We fought to be united and we were united finally.

Irony, is that we drifted soon after uniting with each other. Time and differences have distanced us away. We didn't realize but it did and how. Sometimes, it feels that it was just a few days back that we met each other and then it feels like a lifetime.

Yes, it takes a lifetime to build a relation but barely some moments to break it off. Looks like proximity drifted us apart. Our won love consumed us. Today we stay under the same roof, living the dreams that we once harped on beautifully and longingly. We have almost everything that we dreamt of except the love, except that sense of togetherness that brought us closer.They say there is no reason to fall in love unless you want to name. But to fall out, there might be 100s of reasons if you want them to seep in. 

When I used to ask me as why do you like me so much, I remember you wouldn't name any reason as such. however, today you have a sea of allegations that do not wish to see truth but only harks to destruct.

It has destructed our bond, that basic friendship that our love was based on. Today there seems to be no love but bunch of complains. However mutual in nature, they may seem, we are yet to rise over them. Unfortunately, I have failed to express you in words and you have failed to understand my silence or my chaos behind it.

I know you are a big, busy guy now but I would not take a lot of your time. Just wanted to tell you that I miss you badly. I may not be able to express, you may not understand. While today the world celebrated Friendship Day, I missed that friend of mine, very badly. I have given up on the hope of his/her return. 

I had grown up with notion that true friends will never give up on you but then we are not children anymore and we need to keep pace with the world.

I am too overwhelmed with emotions to conclude this letter. Besides, I feel words are inadequate in a relation and it is feeling that counts. I hope that one day you see through my feelings. My only worry is that it should not be too late.

I know you will make new friends, and one should. But do not break that person's heart as mine was broken. Friendship survives when love loses its way. And true friendship is very precious. Unlike the relations that God gives us, friendship is selected by us. Handle with care, it is precious and rare.


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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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