On Krishna Janmashtmi Today

August 29, 2013 27 Comments

Thinking of you, O Lord Krishna! 

Come back & show us the way
Play your magic flute one more time
Come & love us back
Let there be love again
Let there be glory
Let love conquer all

Soaked in thy splendor & love
Your Radha Awaits!

Thinking of you, O Beloved Krishna

You are in my thoughts always
You run in my blood as shrine
Come back & ring in the merry dine
My songs rhymes with you divine
Let there be perseverance
Let there be faith
Let Faith conquer all

Soaked in thy worship & composition
Your Meera Awaits!

Thinking of you, O Beloved Krishna

Come back on Earth
The mothers, sisters needs you
Come back to restore humanity
Come back O' Conquerer, O' Almighty
Let there be light again

Let there be right again
Your Geeta beckon you!

Soaked in thy teaching & Spirituality
Your Arjun Awaits!
This poem is original creation of @numerounity and is copy right protected

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Crabtree & Evelyn Store Launch in Mumbai

August 27, 2013 , 8 Comments

Femme Fatale' and Fashionistas, Drumrolls!!! The much loved "Crabtree & Evelyn" comes to Mumbai. England;s finest nature inspired, luxury brand opens their store in Mumbai.

Inspired by the English garden, the early home apothecary and pioneering British explorers, this Crabtree & Evelyn was among the first to offer products infused with natural fruit, flower and plant essence. Today the brand is internationally known for original fragrances, luxurious bath and body products, gourmet foods and elegant gifts.

Date: 10th August 2013
Venue: Infinity 2 Mall, Malad West, Mumbai

The Store
When it comes to hand or sense pampering, one name that towers above rest is Crabtree & Evelyn. You will be attracted to use them, love them and absolutely swoon and swear upon them.

Inside Out

The Experiential Sampling Zone
A perfume selection table was set in midst of the store where a wide range of perfumes and Eau De for men and women were displayed and tested by all. The store brand representative explained about few of them in details and as fragrance strips exchanged hands, the room was full of admiration and chatter. Towards the end everyone one has to pick their favorite fragrance and identify the true self with fragrance cards.

The fragrance garden table with "fragrance that speaks your personality" cards and gift vanity range.

 Say Cheese: It is the time for a group picture. Can you spot me here? :D

 Browsing through the vivid, attractive and absolute irresistible range. There was a surprise quiz as well.
The gifting kits as available in store. Doesn't that make a lovely looking merchandise? Ummm whose day are we making today! :)

And yes, there's some amazing discounts too.

Mom seems to have liked "Pomegranate" range a lot. Let's go for our concert, I am tired browsing.

The store has- you name it and we have it range, fresh from your garden your English garden!

The Complimentary Hand Care Ritual

 The hand-care ritual- All guests were offered a small, two minutes hand care essentially involving and cleaning (with your choicest hand-wash or scrub), leaving it smooth and pampered.

Seeing is believing, demo in action

 Between demos and catching up with old friends, some coffee flew with munchies & Donuts. Alas! they were cold. 

 The English Floral range and a small gesture to be carried away.

Ah! we all signed and sealed with a kiss here!

And that's how the Crabtree and Evelyn store was launched in Infinity, Malad. Ciao!

The store launch ran seamlessly and the products looked irresistible. I had used their rose hand cream once and was gaga about the brand. Store launch events aren't as grand as the trends abroad like Melbourne store launch. I think the momentum will soon pick up in India. Coming back to the brand and products, the range was wide and each was unique & Iconic. My favorite was Pomegranate and Rose water or Citron err is it Iris or lily? No Avocado.Well you will be as confused as I am when you see the wide variety of fragrance, body and bath variants.

Do you use any of the Crabtree & Evelyn products? If yes, what has been your experience and what's your favorite product, pl do share with me.
About Crabtree & Evelyn: A pioneer in botanical formulations (the still room concept) for 40 years, they blend the very best of nature and science, tradition and innovation to create benefit rich- bath, both and home fragrance products. Crabtree & Evelyn was founded by Cyrus Harvey in 1972, has evolved from a small family run business specializing in fine soaps from around the world-to an international company with over 500 stores wordwide. It is well known and respected for it's original fragrances, luxurious toiletries, gourmet foods and gifts for people enjoying sophisticated lifestyle.

Facebook Page & Twitter handle of Crabtree and Evelyn

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2 Short Stories: EarPhones, Cough Syrup & Prank

August 25, 2013 34 Comments

Take 1
It was 2:00 am in night. She gulped almost a bottle of cough syrup and went to her bed. She was restless with her cold and seems sleeps evaded her. She plugged in her earphone and started listening her favorite numbers. Her head was dizzying and soon she went in a deep slumber. Morning, they called her to get ready for school but she didn't wake. It must be another prank to skip the school again, they thought. 

Take 2
The man diluted few spoon of cough syrup in a glass with 1/3rd of water. He went to his wife who was listening old songs on her Walkman. He went near her and took off her ear phone and pretended having drunk rat poison. She looked at him, screamed in fear and fainted on the floor. He was astonished on her reaction and felt guilty on his act. He threw his glass and went down on his knees, explaining his act. He didn't realized that his simple joke could have such an impact on his wife. He took her to bed and tried waking her up. He even massaged her feet and hands to wake her up. He was almost in tears when she half opened her eyes and winked at him. So you think only you can play a prank? She said smiling naughtily towards him.


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I say Mints, ITC said Ultramintz!

August 22, 2013 25 Comments

Here's a Puzzle for you: I am round and as white as snow. Pop in your mouth and get refreshed on the Go!


Unscramble the Jumble to find out the Answer


Answer: I am- MintO UltraMintz

Who said surprises didn't comes in small packs? Well they do come and sometime in personalized small boxes too.

So when the presentation is so lovely, how the product would be? Read more to know more.

Product Review: MintO Ultramintz
Ultra Mintz is a new product from brand ITC in the confectionery segment (Mint-O and Candyman). It is marketed as sugar free, extra strong mint in the town.

Product: Mints; Food & Beverage. It is made of finest quality menthol & peppermint oils from France in a zero sugar.
Price: Rs 50/ box and around 60 pellets in each box
USP: Sugar Free, Sleek
Packaging: The product comes in specially designed mini black light tin opaque box. It has further a plastic shield encompassing the mints (like pearls in the shell) to protect the mint from moist and dust. The black -Blue combination of the box is classy and apt for the TG it intends to sell.

The box is quite light in weight and can easily fit into your pocket, purses and bags. I received a personalized box for the review and the packaging made it drool worthy and made a good gifting notion for a product like mint.

Place: The concept of market place has quite merged in age of internet marketing. The product is mainly designed for the upper consumer market and widely available. I have seen it even in Big Bazaar outlet, airline stores and on discounted rate at an online store as well.

Target Group: As mentioned, this product is designed especially for mass users esp Affluent youth, working professionals and smokers (a tiny box of 60 pellets is more handy than carrying multiple pouches of Happydent or Polo/ Centerfresh or any other competitive products). It might strike a chord with independent working professionals and executives who like to carry their mints and carry with style.

Promotions: ITC is not leaving any stone oops mint un-turn to promote their new sensation in town. The product hoardings are well placed in different part of cities on Highways (esp the Western Highway in Mumbai where every 3rd billboard has UltraMintz on it), bus stops, near malls and more.

Here's some cool, mint-in-cheeks promotional pictures of Mintz on the Facebook page.

They say the proof of pudding is in eating. ITC took it literally and sent to some handpicked people for their responses and review. Word of Mouth after all is the best form of publicity.

Voice of the customer: I have shared my box of sugar free ultramintz with different types of mint lovers who swear by their centerfresh, Polo and more. Here's what some of them said-

"Ice berg flavor with a ting of chill. I would indeed like to try them again and again"- Swapnil Rawal, Product Head, Telecom Giant Mumbai

"The box looks enticing and easy to carry around. The mint is loaded with subtle chill and refreshing behavior. Besides, the fact that it is sugar free, it becomes even more a good option for 'mint-must-in-my bag' people like me"- Suman Lata, Poetess & home maker.

"It tastes and sounds classy. Is it imported"- Ajinkya Sharma, Sales professional.

Numerounity's review
 An ode to newest mint in the town-

Oh Minto-O, you got a makeover now
Oh Mint-O, there's new you, in town!

You are tiny, you are round
Refreshing, savvy, one of the coolest mint around!!

My verdict: I liked Ultramintz for it's refreshing taste and overall taste. Unlike many other mints, it is neither too strong nor too mild. It's tiny shape and form looks "pop-in-you-mouth" enticing and the best part is that post consumption, it doesn't leave any residual harshness in your mouth/tongue. The product packaging and size, overall is quite handy, attractive and spillage free. It may take some time to build it's own space in fiercely occupied mint market but will indeed find a fair share for self. The promotional campaigns on Digital media is quite creative and yes do visit their facebook page to browse more interesting pictures.

In short, it is a shot of coolness in your mouth, anywhere, anytime.

Do I recommend trying? Yes, off course. Three Thumbs up!

 "I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda" 

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Beautiful is what beautiful does

August 16, 2013 34 Comments

"Is this you, Gran"? I was definitely shocked to see a black and white picture of a fine young lady, wearing a modern dress and a big shades on her faces looking towards exactly where the sun was coming from.

I turned my face up to look at my grandmother who was amused at her granddaughter’s reaction to her picture from youth. “Yes, that is me in my college day” Said she. “Gosh, you looked so beautiful then” I murmured while slowing shifting my gaze from the snap to her face. With age, her face looked tired, saggy and yet resplendent. It etched on it several stories, experiences and wisdom untold. “You still look beautiful nani”. I told her admiringly. She hugged me to the warmth of her nurturing bosom, around with her comforting hands.  I wasn’t fibbing. At that age and given the pressure of home and family, my grandmother still cut a very pretty picture. She was beautiful in her own special ways. Every little thing that she did was beautiful. Everything she did, it was with great perfection and precision. Even the mundane chores of the day turned into master art. Whether it was cooking even a simple dish, wearing a sari, getting ready for an event, gardening, stitching cloths, doing embroidery or even making puppets for me out of nothing, she was a marvel!

For me she was a one stop solution for everything beautiful. I often used to have some crafts assignment at school and often fiddle with stuffs. She used to come as my messiah. From knitting to painting, to paper art to jute work she would ensure that the piece created by her would win me unique positions with everyone else. Such was her designing and execution that she could easily transform an ordinary looking cloth to beautiful table cover, handkerchief or a pillow. When my younger aunt delivered her first child, we went all through the market get baby stuff but came disappointed seeing the inferior quality. She took her sewing machine and embroidery box and stitched some memorable baby rug, diapers, cloths and what not. Everyone who saw them asked from where did you purchased it. She was so perfect in her work and all that she will do from her tough schedule. She was a great artisan, a fine curator who would mold ordinary looking stones into beautiful stones and jewelries. Her hands spelled perfection, her eyes- precision and her heart- an amalgamation of all things beautiful. For her, her work was the biggest form of self expression.

Her face had the milk of human kindness. Often when I would be disappointed with certain failures in life, she will embrace me and console me beautifully. There wouldn’t be a word here or there, there wouldn’t be any excess or shortage of words. Her each and every word was as beautiful as she. She would often keep unwell but was never dependent on anyone.  Her bad health as well she was the great anchor. What could be more beautiful than this feeling that she was one who loved, cared and nurtured unconditionally, beautifully and all the time. Her presence was very warm and her persona was very simple. She wouldn't wear and fancy jewelry except a 6 piece diamond stud flower in her ears. I used to wonder if that diamond brightens her face or was it she who made that earring look divine.  She was as beautiful as her work.

My grandmother Smt Sita Devi Agarwal was one of the fine woman who have influenced my life a big way. When I first bought my own jewelry, I bought a Tanishq thinking and trying to follow her own signature style of minimal yet gracious looking ornaments. I bought a gold diamond ring with a flower that was influenced by that flower shaped 6 piece diamond earrings. Whenever I buy anything,  I wish if she were around me to help me make the right selection and am sure that it would be most beautiful.

My grandmother passed away on a fateful day of February 2010. Before her demise, she taught me enough for a lifetime. She taught me the real meaning of the beauty. That was as skin deep as much it was above the surface. Indeed, Beautiful is what Beautiful does!

Beautiful are those people
Who leaves their marks, 
on sands of time
As dew on flowers
in zest of sunshine
Sweet as nectar
holy as divine

They create perfection 
precise to point
bringing beauty to their works 
as beautiful as they are
Their beauty lingers your heart
In flashback, fast forward or rewind

Beauty that glitters,
sparkles and shine
In pearl brilliance
in white radiance
in bright solar incandescence!

To my beautiful grandma who I love,
Mia! Your beauty is pristine!

Here's a beautiful TVC from a beautiful brand- Mia. It features Megha, a woman who is not afraid to self and express her beauty with her work. Truly Mamma Mia!

You can also visit Mia' home page and mesmerize your self

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August 13, 2013 , 53 Comments


She Dance like fire
a wild Cheshire desire,
she is nothing short of an ecstasy

She is a marvel
floating on water like a candle
her moves are like rolling fantasy

She holds or release you
without a remote, tease you
Ah! She is one of living dynamite

She blows a cherry pout
waves her body like a trout
sprouts an enigmatic spark to night

Her red Auburn hair
compliments her skin pinkish fair
She buns them up with a pink flower

her tall brown boots
stomps you heart and loots
dress is of sequins, velvet and sapphire

The matador glance
holding her beautiful stance
in his eyes, he stands mesmerize

Ahoy! they all sigh

in a sweet longing cry
She cast a spell, hypnotize

Kin, courtier and kings
alike they swings 
on her Flamenco, sonnet and sonata

Beauty behold
in whispers they told
She is dulcet the femme` Senorita

Senorita, you stole my heart

Picture Prompt: The Mag (painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec)

If you want to meet Senorita whose work is as beautiful as her. Visit Tanishq Mia web and do check this TVC

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Blog Giveaway I: An Evening of Classical Music with PT Hariprasad Chaurasia at Mumbai

August 09, 2013 10 Comments

Music lovers! A melodious opportunity to hear Great Musical Exponent "Pundit Hariprasad Chaurasia" and "DR. RK Srikantan" Live in your city- Mumbai!!!

For all Music Lovers | My first "blog giveaway"| Hurry up | Spread the Word! 

I am giving two passes for the "Uttar Dakshin" - A Unique Series of Classical Music Concerts to all readers of NumeroUnity. To make things simple, here's the rules-

1) Applicable only for Mumbai Residents/ People in Mumbai on the date of event.
2) To be eligible, you must fulfill the given 3 simple criteria-

  • Join my Page via GFC (Google Friends Connect) If you are already there, thumbs up!
  • Follow "NumeroUnity" on Facebook & leave your comment there.
  • Leave your comment in this post on your "thoughts on classical music"
  • Share this giveaway with friends (additional not mandatory)

If you are a classical Instrumental music enthusiast, Hurry the concert is tomorrow 10th Aug 2013 at 6:30 pm in Bandra, Mumbai.

Spread the word. tell your friends. The countdown starts now....

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To travel is to live and to live is to travel

August 03, 2013 24 Comments

“To travel is to live and to live is to travel"

I have been travelling and living through lengths and breadths of India. Each stay had it's own charm and list of experiences. While some hovers like nightmares, there are also some that leaves you in good taste. Like that God roads in valley and the great drive-away.

My passion for seeing things around, took me to numerous short/long drive-away, creating some fond memories in my chest of memories. One such drive was, however small it was, was the road drive from the Bengal city Kolkata to IIT Kharagpur.

You must be wondering that we are talking about Michelin experience here and someone is talking about a road trip from Kolkata to Kharagpur? What's the big deal in it? Friends, I have never been to places outside India and all my memories lies with small small drives that I have had in the country- urban or countryside. And this trip on a cold, chilly, cloudy winter morning was awesome.

Few things that made this trip great-

1. Awesome weather- Early morning open skies filled wit mist, clouds and darkness.
2. Long, newly built wonderful open highway roads.
3. Te route we took highlighting the early morning city culture soon enveloping to highway to rural to a township culture
4. Circle of friends and mix of people who were not friends but friend of friend.
5. On the way activities like stopping by a local Dhaba (a traditional eatery) and sipping in kulhad wali chai (tea served in clay pots) with Chapatis and local tadka veggies. All this while having a tete a tete with a "onward to a marriage hall" bus full of people stopping there as well and sipping their cuppa and telling the story of their wedding!
6. The planned portion of trip took a backseat to the unplanned portion and that spelled all the FUN!

Where there is smoke, there's a cigarette
Ever tried smoking without a cigarette or a nicotine and still felt so high? Welcome winter mornings. Aha! there were buds too but not bud as in bud and smokers as in smokers. Puzzled? Don't be. If ever, you would ave tried to take a few puff out of your "no smoking stand" to just try out, you will know what I meant :)

The trip was made to reach IIT-Kharagpur where my friends planned to hire some fresh recruits from the campus. A set of other group of friends were destined to reach same-time but in other vehicle while another set of friends already reached the place. We could have easily traveled by a train and reached the place in less than 2 hours but Men! we chose road and drive down!

So much was the fun the journey was that destination refused to please us and we all started looking forward to our drive back. This time the agenda was same but thrill was different. By the time we reached back our homes, it was dark. Until then none felt tired, none felt exhausted. Indeed a memorable trip.

A chance to win a trip to Michelin Pilot Experience at BlogAdda.com

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A Rendezvous with Saffola Masala Oats & Michelin Chef Vikas Khanna

August 03, 2013 , 34 Comments

So I can cook haan! I can cook and impress the Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna with my fusion dish and kindle away a Foodathon. Read more to know how and when...

I am a foodie who loves trying new things. My passion takes me to scour through the food shelves of supermarkets to pick newest things on shelf and try it out. Well that makes me food- shopaholic too.

So one day when I received a mail invitation from this sweet PR person from MSL 20:20, a food based event in Delhi, I was on moon. Why? The invite read- with the celebrated Master Chef Vikas Khanna. 

My friends know I am not a celebrity monger and hates all this over rated celebrity business but Vikas Khanna is among those few exceptions who I admire, celebrity or no.

I couldn't contain my excitement and was on all my four. It would be my last event in city as I was wrapping up my household and shifting to Mumbai, the very next day. The very next day? I have called my packers and movers that day so I can take a flight to Mumbai the very evening. Where is the time to attend any event? I thought and then saw Vikas Khanna's face popping out from invite. I shuffled my calender upside down, cancelled my farewells, other invites, plans, shopping etc including my shifting. Made few furtive calls here and there and shifted my travel plans to the day after the event. Fly another day, Numerounity, I told myself. 

Happiness comes in small packets- The Invite
The mail invite was followed by this sweet gesture of an invite. Thanks so much Foodathon team for your fine little surprises. The personal invites were sent in the form of a little yellow box with a card on top and some pcs of the India's most favorite vegetable like- Brinjal, Bittergourd (karela) and hold your horses- Apple gourd aka Tinda.

Interesting and thoughtful! I thought of cooking them up in a lovely concoction and taking them to event but abandoned the idea as our cooking gas supplies were taken off :( Ironically speaking, all my dreams of serving my home made dish to Chef Vikas Khanna were washed out by Tinda! Little did I realize that why someone like Khanna would even talk to someone like me, leave alone tasting the dish that I bring from my not so humble home. Never mind, if he is Khanna, then I am Khetan. Usse jyada vowels to mujhme hai (I have more vowels than him). Lolz! Little did I know what the day had in store for me!

Prelude to a great day in offing
My mother was visiting me that time and was equally kicked up to meet the chef that we all admire on TV, in blood and flesh. We reached the venue- Blue Frog on time and the event was yet to start. The hospitable team of organizers requested and escorted us to wait in the coffee lobby and much to our surprise, we found Vikas Khanna sitting there with his entourage discussing about the event.

How much I felt like going ahead and giving him a tight hug but practicality drew me back. With no intention to encroach on his personal space we moved to another sofa table and tucked ourselves in, only to see him walking towards us and greeting!!! Voila! The man is so grounded and down to earth. He spoke to otherwise shy mom and made her feel really joyous. Some people may name it PR but whatever it is, we were all touched by his gesture and chatted with him till the event began and we were taken to the main restaurant. 

The event
Blue frog proved to be a great host, again (Earlier I visited the place for Microsoft Offfice 365). The venue was buzzing with invitees and hospitality team alike. The setting was done in subtle lights, good warmth and unusually apt for a food based event. Attention to details were given and in totality the arrangements were highly hospitable and inclusive. The event started with important introductions and it felt nothing short of an actual Masterchef kind of kitchen with all its set-up. After initial introductions by our bubbly EmCee and Chef's super delectable "Hind-jabi" (mixture of Punjabi & Hindi) the atmosphere became relaxed and friendly.

Chef Vikas Khanna is a charmer!

Chef Vikas Khanna spoke on various topics like why Indian food is not considered very healthy in west and how his grand father survived for long owing to his good health and food regime. All his discussions were full of anecdotes and he came across as very lively, grounded and humorous being. A charmer Indeed! During the entire course of event, he cooked twice including cooking poached stuff Tindas with Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Onions and Bread crumbs. People who tasted it, vied for it.

The ultimate Cooking Faceoffs

The venue had six well equipped cooking slabs indicating a challenging cooking face off. It all started with a set of 15 questions related to food as first qualifier round to chose first 6 contestants. The questions were interesting and much to my own surprise I was the first participant selected for the cook-off round. Did I tell you how my smile went from ear to ear and tension from head to toe when I stood near a cooking station?

The rest 5 contestants were selected and I was happy to see few known faces there. All of them were exclusive food bloggers and here was I, who barely cooks at home. The contest had 20 minutes cooking time wherein all contestants had to cook a healthy cum tasty dish keeping 4 parameters in mind- Health quotient, Taste, Presentation and my saving grace-Innovation. The ingredients were made available at the booth and we were free to use any of them except Saffola Masala Oats.
Our little Pantry
The Cooking Stations

I cooked a Bengali-Italian fusion dish with Pan smeared Aubergines (the not so likeable Brinjals), Sprouts, veggies, Olives, Cottage cheese cubes, Cherry Tomatoes, nuts and Cheesy falafel sticks (Sorry I couldn't post a picture here as I was busy cooking and couldn't find time to click pictures. May Be I shall share my "on spur of moment" recipe sometime. Happy?). During the cooking process, Chef visited all the counters checking the dish and giving his opinions on the same. He was surprised to see that am making a variant of the popular "Baigun Bhaja". He apparently liked my dish a lot and after little confusion over an equally deserving contestant, he chose mine as the winner of first contest. First cooking ContestFirst contestant, first prize- not bad. Do you know what it did for my morale when Chef said two extra praising words for it :) Here's few Glimpses-

Another round of contest followed up with new contestants. This time, contestants have to cook/ innovate using Saffola Masala Oats. Another 6 contestants took the table and churned up some interesting dishes like Oats Upma, Pizza, Polanta (Kofta) and more. The winner was chosen and we proceeded for prize giving ceremony where every participant took away a chef signed chopping board and winners an Amazon Kindle each! Chef Vikas Khanna was a gracious guest and I look forward to meet and interact with him again. Off course, hoping sincerely that he is not dating Padma Lakshmi as alleged. No please! ;)

The event was a big hit among all and I was so glad that I was a part of it. My food shopaholic nature had already got Saffola Oats in my kitchen and on plate too, making it more relevant for me. 
Now post this event, i will try their other variants too (some may even feature on this blog). The time spent was wonderful and worth it's flower in my book of memories.

This event had boosted my cooking belief that how being a master is not always important but trying something from heart also helps. All you need to do is cook from your heart. Yes, Healthy can be tasty if made with heart. So, which side of food are you? Healthy or tasty? I will say combine both and make all the difference!

Here's leaving you post event video comment from yours truly! Savor it! YouTube Video

All Collages designed by- Numerounity
Picture Courtesy- Foodathon Team
VJ Sharma- brilliant Shots
Pawan Soni from Indian Food Freak
Faizen Patel
Sangeeta Khanna (for invitation box click)
For more pictures, pl click here- Foodathon

Many Thanks to Saffola Masala Oats for this event. bring them more and Yes, we love Oats!

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Those were the best days of my life!

August 01, 2013 8 Comments

Gleeful, happy and fuss free

I roam behind the wasp and bee

Tying a ponytial, far above my head
I roam around the sun as if it was all that I had

There were butterflies that my eyes could see
I ran behind them, following the honeybee

Then there was rain where I dance
how much I wish to have that another chance

to live that life and go back to that age
when bicycles were a dream & chocolates a rage

I still reminisce with glitter in my eyes
Ah! Those were the best days of my life!

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