To Explore is a destination in itself

September 30, 2013 , 18 Comments

This Post is written for "I am Explorer" contest power driven by Tata Safari Storme and Indiblogger. Do know more about this new power machine on planet earth, visit-

I am the Explorer! I love to explore, unknown terrains, faraway places, geographies, the roads that goes some where but leads no where and still goes every where.

What I cannot do with open eyes, I do with closed ones. I have often dream about some really exotic fab-lands where I am transported by virtue of vision. I run, I fly, I dance over streams, chase the rainbow, sing over mountain, watch rivers flowby and life go by. I love to explore the unexplored of self, the world.

I am my own Hosain Bolt on my own temple run! There's more to just endless valleys, there are stop overs. There are castles, closets, secrets inside those closets, walls that becomes the door, doors that becomes the gateway to a new road that touches the skies and sky that is orange crimson and more.

One such journey I explored long back. It was truly cherish exploration. That walk and the experience is something that you have to see through my eyes and feel through my heart beats. I woke up with rainbow in my footsteps and springs in my breath.

It was a dewy morning, cluttered, condensed and camouflaged with early morning mist and fog when I stood up and kept walking on a seemingly familiar road ahead. Little did I now that roads that looks familiar can also have potential to transverse into something that was not seen/known before. It happened with me that morning when my legs became a wild beast and rushed into a safari, a quasi jungle Safari.

Walking on Road quite traveled yet exploring new frontiers
Picture Courtesy- MagpieTales
Sometimes as i said, the roads takes us away to a whole new world. I walked past the known area to newer paths straddled with fields, valleys, rivers and splendor. The morning reached to it's twilight conclusion when I almost reached a valley in middle of nowhere. The valley was all serene, all dark. This traveler after a day long journey ached for a sleep and was greeted by a very fond looking stranger who offered a shelter in a wide white tent that was all quite and peaceful inside. Such was the smile of this pleasant looking, beautiful stranger and tranquility of the white camp palace in yellow bulb light against the darkness of skies, that I prompt followed his instructions and soon fell asleep like I have never slept before. 

I am an explorer and I cannot stay still at one place for long time. Soon I woke up from my slumber and followed a silken trail to trace that stranger and you know what I was greeted with? Well a room full of even more strangers. Yes. I slipped away from the tent to search the stranger and know more about the beautiful valley that I was in. Some said it is close to Saanchi Stupa and my sleep was a significance drawn from lord Budhdha's eternal sleep. How? Well I know no more cause I am an explorer and my destination is my journey itself.

Outside the white tent, I saw a concrete motel type structure and soon entered it. The place looked familiar and the sudden disappearance of the pleasant stranger made me grow out of the place. The night was dark and progressing. I saw some food but I chose to search the stranger so we can together explore the place more. I trust no one, I couldn't trust anyone and in search of my answers I moved out of the motel house. As I stepped outside that house, I saw a lovely morning greeting me. The valley had beautiful green look to it, carpeted with a fine velvet green grass, I saw the valley filled with several known faces across the terrain. It was nice to see known faces at an unknown place, it subsides fear. SO I walked ahead to meet them and know their motive and travel plans. They were courteous and were there to stay. They discouraged me to leave and invited to stay over.

I am an explorer and staying at one place is not my forte. I could see the beauty of the valley suddenly downsizing into randomness of regular place. Before the mundane could grasp me, I ran away, with all my might and did not stop till I reached a higher valley just next to sun. I just stopped to contain the beauty in my sight. Gosh It was really heavenly, really beautiful. It was almost at the end of green, spring meadow mountains that touch the sky and above a wide blue river that sang beautiful morning lullaby! Words fail me to describe it's beauty. I can fly, I can fly and saw this terrain all around. Such an exhilarating experience. I wish I can stay forever.
Picture courtesy: Google
I am an explorer and Mother earth had sent me a mission to not stop but explore all it's beauty and mystery that it offers. This time I didn't know where I was going but I let the roads and fate take me to good. The green roads suddenly become dusty and seeing a monastery from far site I realized we are in Ladakh! Ah finally. Before I could relish what I was going to see, the road took a turn to European country side. I crossed the lovely streams and paddy garden and progressed to another valley- topy-turvey. It soon transported to a beautiful road, may not be Rome but nothing less beautiful than that.

Blue sky, spring flowers, orange splendor and in middle of it all, there was a high mountain. In middle of those mountain and surprisingly beautiful roads, stood a big, huge European castle holding a beauty, a myth of some era bygone. It must be dream, I thought but my roads said, exploration is dream come true. Soon I reached a place that I can dream of in farthest dream, still more beautiful, charming than ever conceived. I entered via a labyrinth and the gates welcomed me. 

The palace was amid few more and each offered a different aura in itself. I tucked myself at one corner and was amazed by the intrigue-ness of the atmosphere. I felt like an Alice in Wonderland and soon spotted a rabbit that took me to a new castle and disappeared. The place was laced with red velvet and had some secret closet. Enter at your own will said the skies as each of them may have a surprise. 
Anybody here I shouted
the loudness of my voice got muted
I felt I can't hear myself up
I felt I should not get stuck

For I am an explorer
Beauty is my luxury
I need to discover new places
I shall  not cease to ant stillness but discovery.

I wanted to know more
but time told me to move
soon I set back on my journey
chug my vehicle engine to leave

While I left that place
that Windsor Castle and palace
The lilies greeted me
The road smiled and embraced.

I am an explorer
I go where the roads leads me
I follow the trails of mist
mist that's created by clouds and swing of breeze

I am an explorer
my journey is my mission
To go around and explore
till I reach final frontier, my ultimate destination

I am an explorer
My roads are stronger than your imagination
I am powered by my ambition
and driven by tough determination
This is not exactly a fictional post  nor a figment of my creative imagination alone. I actually have experienced some dreams like them. May be that's a sign that I should travel more often. Hope you liked my post. Wish me luck and stop plagiarism!

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Rings a bell? No? 

It's creative writing time with Blogadda and also a quiz time again. WoW AKA Write Over Weekend has come up with a theme of 5-4-3-2-1. And here's my take-

You loved Seven featuring 3 questions on 3 different movies across generation. Here' to double the fun, bringing you not one, three but five quizzes, all in the theme og 5-4-3-2-1. What's that? Go figure. Each question sequence will have a bearing with the movie name.

Punch packed movie starring a huge star cast, set over a small town ruled by a ruthless tyranny. Secret affairs, justice and a drawn inkling from an epic tale of Mahabharta. Producer younger brother too did a small cameo in this. 

Can you guess the name of the movie and the actor who did a cameo here?

A doctor has a set of patients and all of them unique. She takes them out as plan of her treatment but gets herself lost. Conspiracy, schizophrenia, Independence day and mental hospital follows. All's well that ends well. Two superstar did an item no for this movie including the producer's son himself but couldn't help this movie from being tanked.

Can you guess the movie and name of the star who did an item no other than producer's son?

She sang the number of the numbers and soon the entire nation went frenzy. The film was a superhit on box office and the songs became immortal. A new star was born who kissed her way to audience's heart and heartbeats. The lead pair went on to deliver couple more hit after this tale which also featured father of one of the lead actors of the recent box office hit- Grand Masti.

Can you guess the movie and name of the other actress who starred in this movie in a cameo?

This evergreen legend played an army-men in this movie. War, MIA, KIA and mistaken identities made the plot of the movie. The dilemma of the lead actor could only be solved by the men who is already dead.
The movie gave 2 of the most popular songs of its time that is melodious even today as well.

Can you name the movie and one of the popular song of the two?

Cross border love story with a twist. Action, romance and amid the controversy of their own real life love affair, the stars went around the globe to shoot for this much successful film. Some said lousy, some said creep. The movie did well, week after week.

Can you guess the name of the movie?

PS: pl leave your answers in the comment box below. If you liked this quiz, pl do  not forget to give me a holla at my FB page- NumeroUnity! Shall await your comments/ interactions there as well.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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Review: Online Indian Traditional Store

September 27, 2013 , 14 Comments

Time for some Retail therapy! What could be better than buying something home grown and straight from the traditional and cultural heartland of India- Rajasthan!

RajRang- Bringing Rajasthan to you

So you love ethnic? You love shopping but not sure where to buy and how to buy? 

Here's presenting for all you shoppers who love that tinge of tradition to ornate themselves and their surroundings with.

About RajRang is a Jaipur based e-commerce/shopping portal that offers a wide range of Apparels, Accessories, home decor and furnishing products. SO if you fancy ethnic, artisan stuffs like Bandhni, Lehariya, block print, patch work, mirror work, embroidered, cut work etc, offers you all. yes, they promise to make it all look trendy, elegant and stylish too.

Product Range: They offer products like Apparels, Accessories, Home Decor and Furnishings. Here's a dekko at each-

Apparels (For Him /Her)
Salwar Suits, Sarees, Skirts, Jackets, Kurtis, Dupattas, stoles, wraparounds etc. Aren't they lovely?

 These beautiful ethnical skirts stole my heart. I cannot wait to buy one of them. I love bandhni!!!

Here's few sample of cotton Kurtis that you can find there with block prints, Bandhej and Patchwork


I love Jholas and the range here is quite good. Must try, irresistible.

Home Decor


From quilts to bed sheets to wall hangings to decorative pieces, silver coin holders, Stoles, Skirts, Ethnic dresses, Trousers and more, indeed has their banquet full of offerings. The best part is they deliver all around India and abroad  as well. 

Payment Options: You can buy in 3 different currencies- INR, USD and GBP. Understanding the different need of their customers, they offer you 3 modes of payment i.e Via PayPal, CC Avenue and Cash On delivery (Free above Rs 150 worth orders)

Why Buy Online?
Rajasthan is a wonderful land filled with royal carnage, artisans, beauty and ethnicity. The products from Rajasthan had always been enticing to one and all, India and abroad. Being one of the most famous and sought after tourist place in India. the state has increased no of shops and stores to sell it's merchandise. Increase demand has created irregularity in the price market making it tough for people to buy good quality stuff at appropriate price. Moreover, the variety often leads to confusion. The portal offers you facility of compare the product of your choice and buy only the stuff that you want to without being pushed by the local seller. Besides, we hear horrid tales of many a tourist guides and others often taking non local travelers for a ride by selling inferior quality product at higher price. Like our guy from Shudh Desi Romance. Jokes apart, online shopping helps standardization of product pricing to an extent. Besides, why wait till your next trip to "Aapno Rajasthan" to buy such stuffs?

So what are you waiting? Log in today, register your account and buy your favorite accessories, apparels and house decor in just 3 simple steps. While you do that, do not forget to come back and share your shopping experience with us.

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Bollywood: A Tale of Two Posters

Thank you for your kind response on my first of it's kind movie quiz- Seven

Here' (not another quiz but) a quick bite in to the poster of a much talked about movie this year- Ramleela.

The movie looks quite promising and the tailors are quite a sizzler full of Sanjay Leela Bhansali style backdrop, lavish set et cetera..

Here's a dekko at the poster from the movie-

Ram Leela

Awesome, passionate, intense touted to be the most violent movie of the film maker....Err, Ahem, does this poster rings a bell? reminds you of something?

Let me give you some hints...

Red, Auburn color....The lead actress hanging in arms of the lead actor, Actor in White shirt, Actress in semi clad dress running over her shoulders, The pose- a little bend it like...

Have you seen it somewhere?

May be here?
Gone With the Wind

So, can you notice the similarities pl? Is it a co incidence or mere flattery? (After all they say- imitation is a great form of flattery! 

Rip off from the Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh classic- Gone with the wind. Frankly my dear, do you give a damn? I do as it was one of my all time favorite films ever made :)

Ab yeh Ramleela hai ya inspired Bhansali-leela, we will know post the release of this movie. Just hoping the movie is not a rip off of this classic.

Controversy' child: But off course, Rumors of affairs between lead stars- Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh ( conveniently before the release of film) notwithstanding, the movie has also been booked for promoting religious enimity, obscenity in Jaipur and Allahabad courts.

What's your verdict? Will this movie be a raging hit or another prestigious, ambitious yet a damp squid?
Let me know at your views below :)

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Haute Kutir - A new blog on Fashion, Food & Lifestyle!

September 24, 2013 , 16 Comments


Here's a clue, Drumroll 

an exclusive blog for you 

On Fashion, Food, Life 


Announce the launch of 

Haute Kutir, one stop shop for

Fashion Food, Lifestyle 

Well that was a Haiku that I wrote to announce my new blog-
It's a dedicated blog on as I said above- Fashion (beauty), Food and Lifestyle. The blog is new and soon it will have it's own posts! Stay tuned for more news. Meanwhile, continuing with the trend, read below my short poem on the picture.

The firefly loves it lamp
dearly and so it clamp
fearing no mortality
yet redemption

it clings to it tight
even knowing that she may die
rather she succumbs to it
quench herself and thrives

Love is what goes between
the moth ball and light
Let there be love.
let there be light
Image courtesy- The Mag
This post is written for-
1) Announcing my new blog
2) My take on picture prompt by the Mag (poem above)
3) Haiku Heights (prompt word- Clue)

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Ambipur- Turns foul to fresh!

September 20, 2013 0 Comments

Dunno what the world think of themselves, every second one person calls up and asks for approval as if I have no other work but to keep approving stuff for them as a rubber stamp. I entered the car with a foul mood. No sooner did I sat, the fresh fragrance in the car turned off my foul mood to a pleasant one and I couldn't help but notice, a new vent in the car. What is this wondered?

Its raining and quite a mish mash every where. "This country stinks" I said loudly while covering my nose with a thick kerchief. Everywhere you see, you see garbage and the monsoon make sit even more worse. And on top of that you proposed this trip to Goa? Gosh, it will be smelly stinky for whole 7 hours while on road and cars aha they become a big jukebox of smell all thing rainy in such weather. Gosh I can't open windows too. Its like suffocated. I grumbled. My friend smiled and noded his head. He said not to worry as the moment we hit the highway, we can open the windows.

How ? I asked? the car would become the rain water harvesting machine and we will be surrounded with green moss and all thing surreal stinky, I said in a sarcastic tone.

My friend noded again and opened the dashboard of his car, from where he took out a mini perfume for the car. Car perfume? huh I will just increase suffocation and in sometime become another smelling device. Wait and watch he said.

Oh really? I was in my sarcastic best. This clip looks like a mini lamp that if rubbed, some genie will come and clear the smell.

Yes, something like that but there's a catch. You cant see genie with open eyes, he chuckled, you can only smell. few minutes the car turned into an enclosure of pleasant fragrance. AHa lavender I muttered.

Soon my fol mood changed to fresh, sad face to happy one and all the damped sprits were live again. Traveling in car was never so much of fun. I even refused to get down and had my tea, samosa and vada pav in the car...we took the road less traveled, the longer one, such was the experience taht we enjoyed, savored and remain as fragrance in the pages of books adorned by leaves.

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Big Boss Saath-Saath 7 Contestants

September 19, 2013 11 Comments

Reality Show Big Boss 7 has gone even bigger than before. Better or no, yet to say. The concept of "Heaven and Hell" is indeed novel and attracts eye-balls. Speculations aside, a long list of season's wannabe housemates went afloat on the web ranging names from Harbhajan Singh to Shekhar Suman, Poonam Pandey and Vatsal Seth. Gone Sunday and the show got it's current season' housemates. Here's a dekko at them-

1) Tanisha Mukherji: Film Star Kajol's younger sister who after trying her hands in Bollywood in forgetful flicks like Neil and Nikki makes her controversial debut in television. It would be nice to see her real life antics in the reality show. Yes, she looks a lot like my yesteryear's favorite Tanuja, at times and it would be interesting to see whether she can up her ante in this stint or emerge as other damp squib. 
Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances for Hell: Low

2) VJ Andy: The Dare 2 Date host and also a part of lots of plays enters big boss season 7 with big bang. Funny, sarcastic or over hyped, or a replacement of last season's Imam Siddiqui? It is for time to tell. One thing is sure, he makes an interesting contestant to watch for and there will be lot of air kissing in the house.
Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances for Hell: Medium

3) Gauhar Khan: The fiery, sexy, blunt khan sister, riding high on success of her KOD India's answer to Broadway show Zangoora (where she plays Lakshi beautifully) and a feisty stint in 2012' Ishqzaade, comes as one of the key catch of contestant in this season. Gauhar seems to be screen space crazy and gets her foot in everything in the house. let's see if she survives or fizzle out.
 Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances for Hell: High

4) Ratan Rajput: She made her debut in NDTV Imagine' Radha Ki Betiya" and hit the primetime TRPs with popular serial "Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi kijo". Ratan Rajput AKA Lali went further in her tryst in one of the television's most fake franchisee- Ratan ka Rishta wherein in she declared to get married on television. Whatever happened to her Rishta is a mystery. Her first appearance in the show where she shared the screen space with Salman and subsequently enters the house is best termed as loud and too much attention seeking. Let's see if it's only her popularity or actual substance that makes her sail
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: Medium

5) Pratyusha Bannerji: Another TV merchandise from long running Balika Badhu, Pratyusha aka Anandi makes her third attempt at prime-time after not so successfully trying her hands in Jhalak Dikhla ja on colors. Her sudden oust from the popular serial raise few eye balls. Fresh from a heart break and known for throwing tantrums on the sets, lets see if this Jamshedpur belle wins heart like her TV character Anandi or just fizzle.
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: Medium

6) Arman Kohli: Ah! son of the film producer Rajkumar Kohli returns to screen after a long long time and interestingly no one feels having missed him. Stern face, oozing attitude and possibility to join the leagues of Dolly Bindra and Sambhavana Seth, lets see how he fares in this second innings.
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: Medium

Apoorva Agnihotri and Shilpa Saklani: The husband and wife duo fresh from their rave party controversy, returns to small screen via Big Boss season 7. Apoorva is the charming debutante from Subhash Ghai's Pardesh and Shilpa, once upon a time a popular TV actress having starred in high TRP shows of Ekta Kapoor like KKusum and "Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" makes another couple appearance after Pati, Patni aur woh. Here's more on them-

7) Apoorva Agnihotri: Also played main lead in "Jassi Jaisi koi nahi".
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: High

8) Shilpa Shaklani: Calm and mature on surface, sharp inside, definitely a good contestant to watch. Let's see if she becomes the winner this season or not.
Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances to Heaven: low

9) Rajat Rawail: Producer Rahul Rawail's son and better known as Tsunami from Salman bhai Khan's hit factory- Bodyguard makes small screen debut. He was alleged to be specially picked by the actor himself. Expecting to bring more comic relief to the show, Rajat comes across as jolly person. Yes, the legendary time will tell how funny he will be or how long can he sustain the drama reality show. As of now he looks like a lamb placed in BB 7 slaughter house.
Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances to Hell: Medium

10) Kamya Punjabi: Television's favorite vamp yet a good looking actress, Kamya enters the show making her co contestants run for strategy fearing her devilish moves. The petite looking, "I don't mince my words" actress rose to popularity with her Zee' soap Dulhan Banoo Mein teri and was last seen in Maryada. 

Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: Medium

11) Hazel Keech: Nothing great to write about this yet another debutante from Salman Bhai Khan's hit movie- Bodyguard who stole him from Kareena Kapoor in the movie.. Big boss' this season's firang inmate as expected knows a little about Hindi language and given her simplistic way it is difficult to say whether she can survive this show for more that 5 weeks or not.
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: High (if she stays)

12) Eli Avaram: Second Firang contestant for this season. Another "I don't know much Hindi" inmate. She will be soon making her debut in upcoming movie" Mickey Virus" with TV's popular host Manish Paul. Yes, allegedly another friend of Mr. Goodheart Khan. Chances of survival are very low unless she hits controversy a la Veena Malik style, difficult to see her surviving in the house for more than 3 weeks.
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: low

13) Sangram Singh: AKA Sanjeet Kumar, he is a proud Indian wrestler and alleged good friend of Payal Rohtagi, BB season 2' contestants. Strong yet easy going dude makes another decent contestant of this otherwise boring list.
Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances to Hell: low

14) Anita Advani: Big Boss 7' controversial entrant, Anita Advani made headlines as Rajesh Khanna' unofficial live in partner. Her presence in the show is very obvious and it is little unlikely that she will be fizzled out soon unless she stops talking about Mr Khanna and weave few more headlines. Nevertheless, even if she makes an early exit, she would definitely be hogged by many a publishing houses for you know what.
Originally placed in: Heaven
Chances to Hell: Low

15) Kushal Tandon: Television's poster boy who made his debut in rival Star Plus' primetime soap- Ek Hazaro mein Meri Behna hai. He was also seen in Nach Baliye last season. He claims to be a borderline alcoholic and have joined this serial to overcome the bad habit but off course other than gaining more popularity and off course fat money!
Originally placed in: Hell
Chances to Heaven: Medium

And that's how cookie crumbles! Lets see if the list of above contestant could make this season watch worthy or fizzle out. My verdict is- Not a very great contestant list. May be wild card entries could do better. My top picks from this season are- VJ Andy, Tanissha, Sangram Singh, Gauhar Khan, Shilpa Saklani and Kamya Punjabi. What do you think that who will create top TRPs for the channel this season? Do post your comments below.

Stay hooked to this space for more! Ciao

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Movie Review: Shudh Desi Romance (SDR)

September 13, 2013 , 35 Comments

Starring:  Vani Kapoor, Fake baratis, Rishi Goel Kapoor, Pari-neeti Chop-ra and Sush-ant Sing-h Raj-put! Also Starring- Loo's, random loose characters, 27 kisses!

Genre: Romance

Once upon a time there was a commitment phobic tourist guide. He was on his "doubting" way to his wedding with a beautiful belle. Along came a fake groom's maid as an "English speak madam looking sister smoking chimneys and grouchy hands boyfriends".  To cut the night journey short and beat the boredom of "Dance Masti 4" both starts chatting. The real groom gets attracted by his fake sister and runs away from his own wedding. Life moved smooth for the guilt-less, glib talker who continued his randomness including fooling phoren-err tourists into buying cheap Bandhanis at exorbitant prices in the name of Afghanistani Orphans.

One day he meets his fake sister at a marketplace and start chasing her. Over cup of coffee and Gulab Jamuns, he proposes the Gulabo oops patiala clad fake Behenji and successfully persuades her to sleep at first sight, Once Upon atime in Jaipur, Dobara. The two makes out and sings a beautifully composed song- "Tere mere beech mein kya hai" to celebrate youth liberation and modern thinking over puffs of smoke, sex smitten sheets, fake weddings and laundry. Wow. 

The song gets over. So what's next? Hmmm Marriage may be? Done. The drunk duo on Diwali night decides to dress over and declares their D -Day, very next day. Lo and behold, the movie gets its second instance of runaway bride/groom. Patiala clad behena who othewise speaks her hearts out, runs away from her own wedding conveniently realizing the "runaway" history of her own groom. Vrooom! Off course from bath room.

The heartbroken Dulha, to keep burning his own house ka chulha, resumes back to his fooling antics of earning moolahs in name of ..Ah you got it right. So old habits die hard. He half halfheartedly takes up another "fake baraati" assignment, dons a better suit and about to climb another bus where he meets, this time real sister of groom and vroom she is the same girl who he ditched in past from wedding altar and Dhoom 4 his way out, apology no vanity! Fresh from his own experience, he is all guilty and wanted to apologize to the demure damsel without getting caught but how? 

The damsel out of distress, doesn't let her "leap year wedding uncle" to oppress the runaway groom and comes to his rescue, giving him two Rs 100 note asking him to leave the room. The guy made blunder and if you still wonder that why he took that Rs 200 ka loot than you must keep your doubts to mute cause on his bus en-route, he finds her number inscribed on it. The smart girl meets the guy over juice and chai (tea) and proposes the guy to get over his runaway trend and become her boy friend. After few scenes, the two shall romance in another beautiful composition "Gulabi"- a tribute to the Pink City- Jaipur. 

If you are thinking the guy is set now and continue with wow looking girl, you are in for surprise. Fake sister reappears in another wedding and wants her guy back. This stirs another round of confusion, toilet visits and kisses making the smart, sensible girl realize her folly, for falling in love with a guy as strong as mango Lolly and orders another Thanda for her. Time for women' bechdel test. The two women accidentally meets in an empty bus over cold drink and smoke puffs and do some mature talking. Eureka! The words sparks off the idea in the smart girl' mind and this time, continuing with the tradition, she runs away. (Who said in a two actresses movie, only one gets a preferential treatment over other).

Gayatri returns back to Raghuram's arm and "once bitten twice confident" "Goel" uncle warns the two love-making birds to solemnize their fries over sacred marriage ties so that this time the girl can avoid abortion and he gets his business commission. Return of the Ghaghra and Sherwani, moving away from cool Vani (kappor), the two love making birds gears up in their wedding fineries, only to (sic) run away again from their wedding, this time together! Reason? Commitment phobia overruled by live-in relation, makes the two nest back in girl's penthouse to douse their institutional feelings followed by a typical bollywood song in beautiful Rajasthani set.

End of story!

That is Shudh Desi Trash oops Romance for you. The only thing desi in the movie is beautiful sets and costumes depicting the spirit of Pink city- Jaipur.

The movie is a light weight fun watch, targeted towards youth and their changing paradigms of love & commitment. Surprisingly these youths are way beyond family responsibilities (only a trademark of Barjatya's movie), social pressures (Bhansali's forte), economical crisis (Shyam Benegal's problem) and higher thinking (leave that to Prakash Jha and his Satyagraha' Rajneeti). Their biggest concern in lives (modern India) is not education, not livelihood but Sex compatibility and C for Commitment phobia. Aila, I am Ranbir Kapoor, if I get married, what will happen to my female fans? So they take an easy way out. "No strings attached" route. The most popular route that the lead actors of the film had chosen to express their freedom, liberalization and sensibilities which includes Sex based relationships, multiple Live-in flings, smoking, drinking, running away from their own marriage, pre marital pregnancy, commitment phobia etc etc...

While they do all of the above, you feel entertained. Why? You slut of a radical thinking, pseudo modern, materialistic, corrupt viewer born in a country of billion population exhaled over the joy of Bollywood, Sex and Cricket, how could you like a notion as shallow as this? Simply cause the story telling is good, so is the screenplay, dialogues, songs and lead actors of the movie. The director does a wonderful job to present the modern day love and present state of institution of marriage where couples prefers to live in, have sex as and when they want, Kiss angrezi style and still hates marriages and pregnancy which gives them a license to do so. Why? Cause directly or indirectly, marriages are still a holy notion for the Holi color cloth wearing Desi Indian Junta. A big, fat, lavish commitment that they tried to make fun of but end up respecting the institution to dye another day. Or may an end of life and fun!

More on movie: This is a well made movie backed by a good casting, performances, music, Screenplays and direction. There are some hilarious scenes in this movie like when Raghu wants to go to loo during is marriage with Gayatri and was restricted to go fearing that he may run again when actually the bride runs away. However, repeating few of them makes it look boring towards the end. The delight package of this movie is Parineeti Chopra who unlike many of her counterparts had played the role of Gayatri really well without being loud at all. Surprise package is the debutante- Vani Kapoor who played her role of Tara as beautifully as it could be. Sushant Singh Rajput looks convincing as street-chap local tourist guide but overdoes his bit in few scenes.

In a nutshell, SDR (Shuddh Desi Romance) is an entertaining movie and definitely recommended for watching but not getting too inspired off and running away from your marriage (lolz) rather dealing things maturely and amicably. 

My rating: 4 Stars!

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Shopping-nomics 2030

September 12, 2013 13 Comments

It's year 2030 and eBay has dominated the entire e-commerce with most innovative, qualitative and wide range of products with Value for Money proposition.

A look at the product categories it read-

Categories in year 2013- Yawn
Categories in 2030
Today I am online to shop for a new leg. My existing leg started wearing off and I needed something so wrinkle free that I ordered- Anti-ageing solutions- new eg from e-bay.

They say it's free delivery within 30 minutes anywhere. Yup if my pizza can come in that time, why  not eBay deliveries.

The next category read- Husbands on sale. I throw a look and found out that Gauri Khan for the nth no of time had refreshed her ad wherein she is offering her legendary husband on sale. The online auctions looks cool and ambitious.

There was this new category introduced called "Shop a new skin online". yes shopping for cosmetics has become a thing of past and the new tech aims at replacing entire nose/lips with new ones including new skins for it's easier done that demanded.

The market has reached its full prize aka demand and price with supply.

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Salaam- Namaste

September 08, 2013 50 Comments

Salaam and Namaste were two brothers living together happily and peacefully. They were different from each other, a difference that made their mother- Humanity proud of them.

One day a "foreigner" came to visit them. He was fascinated by all the jewels "Humanity" had and made plans to loot it all. He entered their house but realized how two brothers protected the booty closely. He made a plan with a local "magician" and lured him to make the ruler of the land in return of the booty he wanted to steal from Humanity’s house.

The “magician” grabbed the offer and worked in unison. He disguised himself as a “servant” and took a job in Salaam Namaste’s shop in the name of their mother Humanity. He had nothing to do with “Humanity” and her service but to serve his greed to become the master of all her fortunes.

The “foreigner” concealed himself as a “chronicle traveler” and took entry in Humanity’s house as a guest. “Humanity” treated her guest with great dignity and respect who was actually plotting against her. With the help of “evil servant”, the foreigner gifted some “exotic magic seeds” to Salaam and Namaste. The brothers honored their guest’s gift and sowed them at their garden. The seeds grew into the beautiful looking plant with embellished flowers that changes colors during the day and night. The brothers were quite enchanted with the beauty and exotic value of the plant. It became a "piece DE resistance" of their garden & shop. They appointed the “evil servant” to water and take care of the plant for growing more pretty flowers to sell in the market.

The "plant" started growing and gradually covered the entire garden with its branches, roots and wide stem. It grew strong by the day and even de-rooted some other fine local plants. The brothers did not complain as it helped them earn some "new money" and goodies in the market. The plant grew so tall that one day it shot above their roof and broke it open. The brothers reprimanded the “evil servant” but were consoled by him saying that it will be fine and they should spend their time counting the benefits from the plan than complaining about it. Days passed and plant stopped giving flowers and fruits and started decaying. The "evil servant" took this as an opportunity and conspired brothers against each to create a rift between them. He bad mouthed Salaam about Namaste and vice verse.

The brothers got so busy repairing their shop and preventing the plant to stop growing that they forgot to tend their house and their mother Humanity.

The "foreigner" took advantage of the situation and broke inside the vaults of humanity. He plundered all her valuables that he could, damaged her house and stashed away all that he could. When Humanity found his folly and confronted him, he attacked her and fled, leaving her badly bruised.

She cried for children’ help but they were busy dousing the fire created by their “servant” and fighting each other. The evil “magician” did his share, made brothers fight while he laughed at them from distance and exploited their shop. He advised brothers to separate their shops and start living away from each other.

The brothers separated their boundaries but it didn't mend their feud. They couldn't take each other out of their heart and lack of communication added more to the fire. The evil “servant” proposed to act as their mediator and they agreed.

The magician’s and the foreigner's machination were fulfilled. Both the brothers were in absolute control of them and they became master of their fortunes. 

66 years passed, the brothers- "Salaam and Namaste" continue to fight each other while their mother "Humanity", badly beaten & bruised, still crying for their help. The evil “servant” grew his own force and continue to manipulate and exploit them. The mean “foreigner” has returned to his shore but his exotic plant left back in the village continued growing and harming the "soil" and all other plants in vicinity. He had sent and appointed local people as his agents to manage the "plant" and collect all the profits.
This post is a story of fiction written by NumeroUnity. This is copyright protected. While you are free to share it but a prior approval from the author is mandatory.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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Seven - A Short Story Quiz

September 06, 2013 40 Comments

She met him near his bed. He called her sister and she yelled at him. Few days later, they met again and fall in love. He hide his family details when they married. She moved in his house and shocked to see someone. 

She asked how many more? He said- Total Seven!

Can you guess the name of this movie?

He was a "talk-a-riot" guy and equally opposite was his friend. The doctor fell in love with a demure but couldn't propose the maiden. So he played cupid and brought them together. He played music and sang a dreamy song. 
The maiden was pleased and asked how many colors. He said- Seven!

Can you guess the name of this movie?

A beauty queen felt in love with a boy who were twins. Father of groom agreed for marriage but on one condition. "Sisters only" for the two brothers to avoid family tensions. The damsel in distress reduced to stress and rescued by an elderly grandmother. She juxtapose a twin and wins, the boy's father's approval The two felt ecstatic and went exotic touring the geographies.

How many wonders, she wondered. He said- Seven!

Can you guess the name of the movie?

This post is scribbled for "festival of words"

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Seven Over rated Indian Celebrities

September 05, 2013 , 79 Comments

It's a week of 7 says Corrine from write

It is also a week of return of humor and movie masala. So let us take stock of 7 top over rated celebrities/actors in Bollywood. Off course this is my personal opinion well echoed by many others and I carry nothing against these celebrities. In fact, I quite like them but that doesn't change fact and our basic wish that they should do more, live more rather than PR more!

The list goes like-

1) Aishwarya Rai: The beauty queen, the queen of hearts. She indeed is mesmerizing-ly beautiful but how about acting skills? You cannot separate her beauty from her acting and still say that she has done some wonderful roles. Ash is known more for her endorsements, presence in hi-profile events like Cannes Film Festival or Oscars. What she wears and who she dates becomes a headline and often too much of a headline but how many times were she was mentioned for her acting? Her Hollywood sojourn with Mistress of Spices and Bride & Prejudice were as eminent as entry of Indian films in Oscars- Big talks, bad choices and flop! 

2) Sonam Kapoor: The fashionista and hi flying daughter of Anil Jhakaas Kapoor. She is known more for the dresses, make up, shoes she worn at different events or jokes she plugged on her counterparts or others in media like Shobha de, Aishwarya Rai or Ranbir Kapoor. When it comes to movie, the pretty actress is still to open her Bollywood register else she will be soon moved to the pages of glam society and endorsements only which is already quite crowded.

3) Shahid Kapoor: Oh the blue-eyed dancing boy from Jab we met is definitely over rated. Better known for his day in day out relationships with popular (read more successful) actresses like Care-in-a Kapoor, Bid-ya Bala-n and Pri-yank-a Chopra, this chocolaty actor is yet to leave his marks on movie-dom and yes Jab we met was fabulous but again that was Kareena' movie all the way. What about other movies? Kaminey? Nah! He wasn't as good.

4) John Abraham: One of the dashing male model, better known as Bip-asha Basu' boyfriend after Didn't- know-u Morea, he really set hearts on fire when made his on screen debut but was soon doused them off. Those cute dimples are soon running their charm and his stint as producer is keeping him warm but acting? Well a walk in to Madras Cafe would save him some grace.

5) Sanjay Dutt- Pl do not hate me for this but can some one tell me what is Mr Datt's claim to fame except for the fact that he is son of adorable Sunil Dutt & gracious Nargis Dutt. Yes, he did Munna Bhai. So did circuit too. Too much of "Sanju Baba" chaperoning has ruined a good looking actor (yes he could emote well as well) and reduced him to third run movies like Policegiri. Come on Sanju baba, time to move away from useless lackey, alcohol and do justice to your potential.

6) Anushka Sharma- The girl was pure lucky to have YRF banner and SRK help her promoting. A sneak peek at her recent debacle- Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola and you will know what I am talking. Looking pretty in films is no great deal, 100's of people from make-up artists to cameraman woks for you. Flaunting a photo-shopped body in ads is no great deed, we have much better looking models to do that. Besides, you should still look pretty and not over the top, trying hard to be. Anushka Sharma, time to wake up and look beyond the safety net of big banners and deliver your claims. BTW, your mobile ads looked horrible & Bitchy. Gear up, as new entrants like Parineeti Chopra's are far better than you and off course they look much real.

7) Kajol: Shocked? Yes. The daughter of yesteryear's charmer Tanuja and wife of Ajay Devgan doesn't have much in her kitty to claim the adulation she enjoys. Yes, she delivered one of the biggest hits called DDLJ with SRK but what's so big about that? It was SRK film all the way and even then it is still one movie where story, screenplay and music did wonders. Kajol just made right moves in being part of few successful movies but her acting has nothing great to write home about. She is known more for the friends she made incl KJO and SRK. As an actor- Nah!! It is more of a case of perception riding and on screen match making. Why go away? You have a best benchmark at home known for his sheer talent. Kajol, we expect more from you.

Well that was my list of seven most over rated Bollywood celebrities. Do add yours, if you have any.

The only person that I feel is still under-rated is- The Legend Amitabh Bachchan! He is the only complete package of- Acting, looks, screen presence, marketing and blah blah. God, why do not they make more like him. Mr. Bachchan, you are still so under utilized and how much we wish to get to see more of you!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013. The theme is SEVEN. This post features Seven Most Over-rated Indian Celebrities. I hold no personal grudge against the names mentioned nor am I signed by their anti PR agencies. The post is solely aimed at humor and reality check!

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My Sniff Happy "Smelly - Smiley" Memories

September 04, 2013 16 Comments

 I am a dog! 

Yes, you heard me right! I am not talking about loyalty quotient but the reference here is purely stinky and smelly!

I am a dog and I have a strong sense of smell. Needless to say, I can smell foul early and cannot stand the bad odor. I go around sniffing good fragrance sniff-sniff. Anythiong that is good for me has to smell good. So one day when Indiblogger and Ambipur asked me to share my memories associated with different smells and fragrance at home, I couldn't help but went sniffling down the nostalgic lane and here's presenting my list of 7 smelly-smiley memories from my home-

The Family that prays together, stays together. Every morning my granny who was the head of family would get get up, bath and perform pooja (worship). Her rituals were exhaustive starting from cleaning off the previous day's flower, incense from idols to grinding Sandal on stone, picking flowers from gardens, decorating God's with new dress, flowers, Sandal Tilaks, lite incense diyas and dhoops with camphor to sing aarti (hymn) and all. The scent of desi ghee, camphor, fresh flowers, pure chandan and incense used to lace our lazy mornings with divinity, spirituality and new vigor.

The Sniff of Hawan: Doing Hawan is a sacred rituals as performed by Hindus. My granny used to follow this ritual twice a week i.e. on Tuesday & Saturday evenings. Her hawan used to be a small metal container where she would add different sacred ingredient along with wood and fire. The ingredients that she used were out of world and divine in smell. I was really fascinated by the fragrance of it so much that she would pour them more and ask to sit closely and indulge in the holy aroma. Such was the spell of it that whole of our mid porch and house would bathe in it smoky transcendence and purify itself.

Oiling the hair and body was a daily ritual at my granny's home. I was blessed to have her love in form of this daily practice. Every day, my granny post all morning activities and post breakfast would spend her time with me at front Veranda.  Off course on school days. She will oil my hair with coconut oil, make a braid and apply cream/oil over my exposed body part to shield away the winter dryness. Those memories still lingers in my mind. 

The smell of money: My grandpa had a small vault at home. Everyday after closing his trading office, he would come back home, open the vault, do the maths and keep the money inside. The same would follow every morning before leaving, he would open the vault, take out the cash for daily operation and lock it. The crunchy smell of fresh currency sometime laden with sweat of his hardworking hands had their own place in my sense of smells.The money also smelled security to the little me.

My younger uncle used to run an oil mill in the backyard of our house. They would often extract ground nut and mustard oil. The smell was distinctive and became a part of our family. The whole process of oil extraction and oil cake formation was a glory in itself and each carried a distinctive smell. The raw oil and the oil cake used to smell horrible. SO much that if you visit the il mill you cannot come back without carrying the smell of oil, grease et all in your cloths.

You go east, you west but home food is the best! Whether it is about the winter morning parathas or crispy roasted corn on cob on the rainy days or smell of daily rice-dal sauteed in ghee and asfoetida! Any aroma that came out from that kitchen was a great kindle for senses. My appetite would be limited though as I would have feed myself enough with aromas of garlic and onion being roasted in pan, tangy smell of lemon juice, sweet smell of Gulab Jamuns soaked in sugar syrup and who an forget the smell of cardamom. Ummm!

Off course who can forget the smell of rain when you want to eat the sweet smelling mud and puke at the smell rather stink of water soaked uniforms and socks. Your home smells different on those days and yes off course your budget for room fresheners increases during the monsoon season. Off course moist in the air, half dried cloths and aroma of earth when rain drops hits it has it's own distinctive spell on your senses.

Flowers are widely associated with fragrances and perfumes. Whether it is Rose, Lily or Jasmine, our garden has it all. My parents were extremely fond of gardening and were always eager to add all new varieties of plants and flowers in our garden.

I am still a dog who has a strong sense and love for sniffing the smell and fragrances
This post is written for Indiblogger Smelly to smiley contest sponsored by Ambipur
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