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Dear Friends,

Thanks for your myriad and interest responses. Surya you were so close even though I did not give you hints like I did for Rammy & Mayank. Mayank, pet mein "butterflies" ghoom rahi hai? :)
BTW, Surya Kannan, Many thanks for your comment. It was so brilliantly written and wished for. All I can say- "Amen" and may God bless you too:)

Well there guys, this is not about the beautiful Airtel ad featuring Saifeena and Sarah Janes. Coincidentally, this ad just came after 18th August 2009. What happened on 18th August 2009? Well, watch this video to know more. [Don't forget to keep your speakers on]

About TITLI 2009 [Tata Indicom Theme Leadership Initiative]

The video is self explanatory. It was an event/national contest that was kick-started in the month of Feb 09 and after too many major hiccups [like project identification, team formation, corporate politics, complex financial/system analysis], the project still moved on and got better by the day! Then came fresh breeze of motivation in form of learned judges, critics and supportive friends. Hiccups were still there, but then what is life without any hiccup? :) This underdog refused to "hic" and here is our "hip, hop Hurrah" moment!

As always, time for disclaimer: This is my 1st attempt of this kind, so pl be kind to me:)

Talking about hiccups, they did not end there. I wanted to share my this temporary "moment of glory" with all my friends here. One of the major hiccups that came my way [pl do not laugh] was to convert this video from movie maker too.WMA file. Guys, I already told you that I have never ever tried any such software or made a video before. I was just browsing through the pictures and somehow the idea stuck to me. And that TVC at that moment was another wow trigger.

They say na- If you truly want something, the entire universe conspires to help you. Well, I tried again two days back and discovered the solution. Believe me, it was sooo easy- no file converters etc needed! Cool so I was ready to post but the software played kaput and storyboard corrupted, the song did not fit in and at last Internet connectivity got crashed for a day. Dude, never say die and never give keep esp for things close to your heart. Finally, things were restored and before any new crisis comes, here I am with another adventure [s]. Enjoy:)

PS: Special thanks to Airtel for coming up with such a brilliant song at such an apt time! I hope you won't mind my further publicizing your wonderful creative on my "personal blog" :)

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Coming soon....

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The keywords are-
Airtel, Saif Ali khan, Mumbai, Ekta Khetan, August, Kareena Kapoor, Tata Indicom and some dreams!

Any guesses...

Keep watching this space....

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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