Still Life

May 25, 2015 , 1 Comments

On that rain seeped wall,
devoid of paint and bright gaze
amid the water sloshed maze
She has hung her life,
her moving, brisk life
moving in to "Still life".

The black umbrella hung half torn
along with the deep embroidered purse, forlorn
and the straw hat that she once gleefully worn.
that were once her constant companion.
On all her outings in the sun.

what made her change the recourse?
Mystery, speculations and more.
She has confined herself within four walls.
walls that devoid the sun and shine
breaking plaster and seepage shrine.
To her "Still Life"
life is still but still there

This short poetry is my take, my interpretation of the picture prompt given by Magpie Tales. Do leave your views on the "comment section" below.

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12 Must Movies in 2015

May 24, 2015 , 0 Comments

Off late, I have lost my interest in cinema given the time crunch and mediocre quality of films. However certain films like- Dumm laga ke haisha, Piku etc makes me change my mind and go back to watching few of them. It is creativity, strong characters, story ideas, more real to life backdrop that attracts me to a film. And sometime, I watch them just for laughs and criticizing them on my blog. Lolz If you read me reviewing Himmatwala or Murder 3, you would have found that how sometime a review can be more entertaining them a the movie. Modesty, my friend. Let's patch back :)

Coming back to movies, well these days I have been quite cautious of what am I watching. While I do look for recommendations for same, my movie viewing decisions however, are primarily ruled by my perception [largely from the pre-release trailers or feelers or interest it generated during launch]. I do not let other's review overpower my sense of judgement, unless there is an exceptional "momentary lapse of reason". 

Well before I get too verbose, here's the list of Top 12 movies that makes for #MustWatch in 2015. This list is given to me by my friends in Vouchercloud, who have taken pains to find out the movie details, do their in-depth search and come out with a beautiful Infographic on the same.

Here we go, with my individual perecption on each of them. To check the entire Infographic visit their website-

Well I am not a Superhero movie fan and may give this film a miss. 

Bombay Velvet is an interesting name. And as I write, the movie has already been released and if, reports were to be believed, the way the movie is sinking, it will be more aptly called "Bombay Duck". Criticism notwithstanding, I will still watch the film and have my opinion. Reason? This is touted as the comeback film of the mast mast girl- Raveena Tandon and men, she is a delight to watch on screen. Wonder if she is doing more films. I will watch all of them.

Off course, there is Ranbir Kappor but I am not liking his look in this film. He reminds me of this actor who played Tabu's son in the Namesake.

This seems to be interesting given the plethora of earthquake happening around. 

Hmmmm hmmm...thinking...

I may watch this for Charlize Theron.

Who can miss Bond Film? Well I would definitely wait for the trailers and if Daniel Craig does not make me miss my all time favorite Pierce Brosnan in this Bond flick, I will watch it.

Indian actor, in a Hollywood popular series. Hmmm now would Irrfan khan be reduced to other Indian actors, playing less than a flick second cameo in phoren film or will work his "deadpan" magic something worth the hype. what say?

There is no dearth of horror in life and horror is indeed not my genre anymore. I would rather watch re-runs of Boston legal to entertain myself. Regarding scary quotient, well my salary slip does that to me Lolz..

well tha

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Open Your Wings and Fly

May 22, 2015 , 2 Comments

you did not see her face
but the naked grace
at which she probe underneath her wings
on the marshy ground
like searching for a seedling
or a geographic trace

May be she is digging up a hole
to find a path and rescue her soul
if only she can look above
raise from the ground
and shake he wings,
she can learn to fly
and fly out from the muddy pit

Deformity is such a low blow to society
we sling ourselves often in swamp of remorse,
then look above and find a new sky
lift the wings of blessings and fly.

Rise above the quicksand below your feet
Open your wings and fly
do not drown yourself in dirt and grief.
Open your wings
and discover a clear sky.

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May 21, 2015 0 Comments

There is world of whiskies and there is scotch, and then there is Ballantine’s.

Huh!! Sounds quite similar to … There is World and there are people, and there are people who Stay True to self.

This forced rhyming of words should not be mis-read as whisky having its effect on my literary senses. J It is an outcome of genuine and effective marketing campaign i.e. “Stay True Campaign” of the Ballantine’s which it has undertaken to highlight the core of its product. Ballantine's, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky in the world, has reached to these heights following the ethos set-up by its founder Mr. George Ballantine who stayed true to what he created and left an impression with the whiskies that he made.

Conceptualised by Ballantine’s, the ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’ campaign serves as an invitation to the Indian consumers to express themselves in a genuine and authentic way. Authenticity, self-belief and conviction are at the heart of this new campaign. Ballantine's has associated with Gabriel Macht, famed actor from TV series ‘Suits’ for this new advertising campaign targeted exclusively at India market – Yes you heard it right EXCLUSIVELY.

The film does this through a depiction of a ‘day in the life of’ the corporate world - the charades, the fake smiles, the pretentious jokes and the ‘yes man-ship’ that plays out every day - as seen through the eyes of our protagonist during his journey through a typical corporate office.  Ballantine’s celebrates individuality and originality and so, in a manner, it raises a toast to the ‘real ones’ in a world full of fakes.– Can’t agree more and seems Ballantine’s has done a good review of India’s corporate culture.

In any case, my personal thoughts resonate with the brand’s attribute of staying true to one’s character, maintaining one’s integrity and underlying message is: success is lasting for those who hold true. Hence, Kudos to Ballantine’s new campaign for its focus on personal values and staying true. How else, Ballantine’s would be selling over 70 million bottles a year worldwide and received more than 130 trophies & medals at international competitions.

Here's a Dekko at their #TVC

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Skywatch Friday

May 15, 2015 6 Comments

Picture Source: Numerounity [copyright protected]

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Shake up #MyAirtelApp

May 12, 2015 0 Comments

Its an App - app world. With the telecom revolution and technology evolution, the technology gap is bridging. Wherein with the increasing penetration of smartphones in India, the world is getting confined to small screen, in our hand, at comfort of couple of clicks. A big shout to #Utility #Telecommunication #Lifestyle #Access made easy via smartphones and the ever innovating service providers like Airtel.

While there are many apps to suit everybody's need, there is one app that I have recently discovered is the new #MyAirtelApp. Well, Airtel is a company that needs no introduction. I am user and when I saw the TVC, I immediately downloaded this app.

Airtel cover

It has simple and intuitive design to suit lifestyle needs. I am loving the different features it offers, out of which here's three that has been quite impressive. They are-

1) Safe and secured payment through Mobile phone
With life converging in 3 screen, primarily the handset screen, utility services have been improved, making life easier. Using Airtel App, I can quickly and directly recharge my mobile phone or any other , recharge DTH. Not just that I can pay postpaid and fixed lines bills too at few simple clicks. The best part is, it is highly secure. #MobileCommerce made easy.

Given my hectic, always in the run life, it becomes difficult for me to visit multiple offices for making electricity payment. Using this app, I pay my electricity bill very conveniently and on the go. 

2) Add or remove any VAS services that I want- Using the #MyAirtelApp, we can easily subscribe from or unsubscribe from any services that we want including Caller Ring Back Tone [CRBT or Hello Tune], Missed Call Alert or any other subscription service. This service comes very handy as I get to know about different [read new] launches and pick up the one that I like and subscribe immediately. A couple of days back, I got a call from a friend who was upset that I missed her call and did not call back. I immediately subscribed to "missed call alert" using this service so that you can acknowledge and answer the calls that you may have missed even when you are traveling and required to switch off your phone.

3) Airtel Surprises Coupons- The app has many pleasant surprises up in their store- Using #MyAirtelApp, it is not just convenient to meet up your bill payment and recharge options via easy mode, it is also about the company's mode to delight it customers with "surprises" on every recharge. One can receive "Airtel Surprises" coupons with every recharge and these coupons can be redeemed across categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment Phew! Now that is what I call- Engaging customer beyond mobility! 

Not just that, they have popular lifestyle brands like PVR Cinemas, Cafe Coffee Day, Flipkart, Amazon Myntra, e-bay, Archies, VLCC among others to suit our lifestyle. Can it get any bigger than this? If yes, it can get bigger and better only with Airtel- One of the most trusted brand of India.

So, what are you waiting for? There is a world of good possibility, awaiting for you at the ease of your finger. Go ahead and Download the Airtel app on your smartphone 
About #MyAirtelApp : It is revolutionary app that helps you manage all your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services in one place. Apart from amazing offers for post paid and pre paid users it also helps in utility bill payment, recharge DTH connection[s], track account usage, track Service requests, buy products, add  family & friends’ numbers and a sea of utility. In short, it's the simplest way to manage all  Airtel services through our smartphone. So it is your Relationship manager, call center, right at your fingertips 24X7

However, Good news for all Android users that these features are currently available on Android. Wherein iOs users, don't lose your heart as the features will come soon on iOS as well.

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Happy Mother's Day

May 11, 2015 6 Comments

They said that
since God can not be everywhere
He made mothers

An author wrote
Men are from Mars
and women from Venus
I believe that
Mothers are from Space.

They are pristine gifts of God,
They are subtle and divine.
Made from a different soil,
they nurture the child
and give life.

Hail Mary!
Mother of Lord Jesus.
Bless the motherhood,
and bless all our mothers.

They say it has been celebrated
for the mothers, who have gone away.
I say, do love the one near you
 Happy Mother's day

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