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 सुबह से यह दूसरा कप

चाई का ले कर बैठी हूँ।

और दूसरी दफ़ा फिर शक्कर डालना भूल गयी ।

एक बार चाई बनाने जाती हूँ

जब उबाल जाए तो दूसरी दफ़ा उससे छान कर लाने को 

इस आने जाने की फ़िराक़ में 

चाय की चाह कभी कभी दब जाती है 

या कभी प्रबल हो, अपने साथ मुझे भी खोलाती है। 

दिन भर की थकान के बाद सोचती हूँ दो चुस्की चैन से मार लूँ 

मगर चाई की शक्कर के तरह 

कितनी भी कोशिशें कर लूँ

कुछ ना कुछ छूट ही जाता है। 

मेहनत तो पूरी कर लेती हूँ 

मगर मिठास कही रूठ जाता है 

बिस्तर में सिलवटे आ गयी

मगर आँखो में नींद नहीं आयी 

एक झपकी लगी तो याद आया 

की एक काम रह गया था 

दिन रहते उसको निपटा लूँ 

यादों के बीच २-४ झपकियाँ ले लेती हूँ

तकिये को सिरहाने से टिका 

करवाते भी बदल लेती हूँ 

मगर यह वक़्त है की भागता ही रहता है 

स्टडी से निकल किचन तक क्या शक्कर लेने को जाऊँगी  

यही सोच फीकी चाई पी लेती हूँ 

हाथ से ना निकल जाए वो लम्हा

उसे उसी कड़वी चाई के कप में मिला 

चुपके से सुड़क लेती हूँ।

अब तो चाय में शक्कर ढूंढ़ना भी एक आज़माइश है।

कोई मेरी चाय में थोड़ी शक्कर डाल दे यह एक छोटी सी `दिली फ़रमाइश है

यह देखो अब तो बारिश भी शुरू हो गयी,

क्या और एक कप चाय की कोई गुंजाइश है? 😊


©️ एकता खेतान  

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Sherni Starring Vidya Balan, VijayRaaz and Ila Arun: Movie Review Amazon Prime

July 05, 2021 0 Comments

When I first saw the teaser of Sherni, I kind of dismissed it as yet another celebrity self- praising movie that draws metaphors from real-life heroes for their reel life persona.  Singham, Sherni, Mardaani, Tiger, and the words of what not Bollywood do not inspire me to leave alone thrill or entertain. 

However, when I found that this film is made by the same person who made Newton, I could not resist a second thought. Soon after a lot of videos started floating on Facebook and Whatsapp talking about the copper mines featuring in the film to be the HCL mines where I spent a significant part of my childhood and growing up. It is then I realized the film is shot in Balaghat and nearing areas and hence could not resist watching it. There were a lot of bad reviews yet I was adamant to watch.

So was it worth watching or should I have listened to the bad reviews and saved the time? Well, watch this video where I have quickly reviewed this film to know more.

You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel: click here

The film, however, did try to balance between the celebrity and the cause, however, the promos are otherwise, more focused on star encashment on social media than talking more about the animal cause. Never mind, like I said I would love to watch this film on the big screen someday with real sounds and more success stories revolving around animal rights and protection. 

Go ahead and do watch this film and then we can exchange notes if any.

You can also watch a smaller version of this review on my Instagram channel here



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How I Lost & Recovered My New Macbook Pro's Login Password

June 28, 2021 0 Comments

Password, Password Along My Neck

The world of the world wide web is full of data threats and passwords. If passwords for your email account, social media were not enough, now you need to secure your Macbook with a password too. What if you forget your password soon after setting your new Macbook for the first time and unable to log in without the service center's help?

The first choice is to google the options and break your head through numerous articles that may make it look simple but may not work. What's the next best choice? Rush to the nearest service center or the shop you purchased it from? Well, possibly. But at times you may not be able or willing to, and look for a self-sustainable, aatma-nirbhar option without damaging the new device that already cost you a bomb!

Hell Hath No Fury When a Password is Gone!

This happened to me recently. After successfully using my Macbook Air for at least the last 6 years, I bought a new Macbook Pro recently. Due to coronavirus 🦠 protocol, I kept it aside unopened for few days. [yes, unlike my previous Mac, I didn't open this at the store level. In between, I opened it for a day and kept back after initial setting up like password and changing the wallpaper. I was still using my old Macbook [Was not keen to exchange it away] and procrastinated to start and migrate this one on the pretext of making an unboxing video first. So today I got time to shoot the much desirable unbox video and in the middle of the shoot, I realized that I could not open my Macbook because I have forgotten the password. I tried the usual suspects of the passwords but none worked. It was a Chaotic, Panic mode on.  Somebody is ringing the doorbell, somebody is ringing the cellphone, daylighting was deeming out, previous shoot footages were looking unsatisfactory and, here my Macbook was locked cause I did not remember the damn password that I added last week. All Hath no fury when your cellular device is not working. And the point in case is the Macbook that you just bought spending a fortune, then everything looks bleak like on a bad hair day. Damn these days they do not give you a single port and that C-Charger looks as bad as the one that comes with iPhone [the previous models I mean with the charger].

If there is one giant company that is going the reverse development way- it is certainly Apple. I will still not buy their 512 GB configuration and nor you should! Unless there is residual money after paying tax that is haunting you.

Password Recovery Options

Now there were quite some ways to recover the password, thanks to the Google Gods.

Some of the probable options could be-

1) Using "   " [three spaces continuously] at the password box or the regular 12345 if the device is opened by the store personnel.

2) Using "Find my Device" on your other Apple products. Or Time Machine [I am not going there at all, forget that I used that word]

3) Login using Apple ID password, if synced earlier

4) Restart the system and click "?" in the password box which was not coming for me.

5) Factory reset using a service center

6) Rebooting through Macintosh ID [trictly for experts]

7) Doing Jagrata to remember the password, trial, and error till you could find the real one

At one point I panicked. I called up the APR manager [Apple Premium Reseller] who advised me to go to their service center which was about to close in less than 30 minutes. What would you do if you were in my place?

That's when I planned to visit the service center the next day [as all the options available in google top search seemed futile]. I do not know what made me cringe more- allowing a third party to touch my newly acquired Macbook or feeling dumb about losing the password and landing in such an embarrassing situation? Maybe both.

The Solution To A Locked Macbook

Nevertheless, I found a solution to the problem sooner and could fix the issue using the same, from the comfort of my home.

Want to know what I did? Well, check out my other blog www.hautekutir.com



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Catch Sandeep And Pinky Farar | Film Review

May 21, 2021 0 Comments

Many years earlier, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor fell in love and ran away to save their lives. Now they are running again to save their lives. But are they in love? Well, not with each other and neither with anyone else necessarily. So, why are they on the run?

The essence of Sandeep and Pinky Farar is not about this why. It is more about this how and when. Must watch this film for more.

And trust me, do not bother what local YouTube reviewers may tell you about this film. Not everyone has a good taste for cinema and motion pictures. This film however is made with great taste, a good story, and an engaging screenplay.

I will not tell you an inch about the story. No one should actually. cause often reviews spoils the plot and the imaginations. And this one, I want you to watch with your clear, unadulterated imagination and the flow. 

There are cliches, yes they may be but then there are few things that are beyond cliche and somewhat reassuring. Like the lady investigation officer, the good and the bad temperament never changes despite situations, the people behind faces, and, more analogies that you can draw from this simple screenplay. I suggest you watch the movie and compare notes.

My favorite scene in the movie is when Pariniti beholds her scream and then unleashes herself out from the window valley. The reaction or drama was expected in the narrative but it blends as significantly as water quenches the thirst every time you feel dehydrated. 

Another beautiful thing about the film that I liked is the film is gender centric, gender-sensitive without blowing any trumpets around it. There are some beautiful analogies built around that you will understand when you watch. I, as a woman, would obviously focus more on women-centric analogies that are hinted without being too suggestive.

The movie has a song too which you may find objecting at one point, but it is there to stitch things together and not just Bollywood'ize! 

There is a good vibe of Delhi, beautiful, picturesque views of Pithora, a good touch of real-life and forever moving screenplay. 

And then there are your favorite actors- each essaying a regular role but their own unique way. It is a film that came like redemption for Pariniti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor after the debacle of all their Masala films. They shone brilliantly in this film. This one film is better than multiple Saina, Girl on the Train, Kill-dill, Jabariya Jodi that Parineeti Chopra starred in. It has that rawness, it has finesse. 

If Priyanka Chopra did Saat Khoon Maaf, then according to me this film is- Saat Bad Film Maaf for Parineeti Chopra. [provided they do not come after this film]

I know a lot of filmmakers will say- why the audience needs to discuss the "technical aspect" of the film. It is not their forte. Well, audience or non-film-makers have the full right. Not everyone who enjoys whiskey needs to brew it but it is them who decide the finer taste. 

Coming back to the movie, it is an interesting movie to watch. And maybe more than one time watch.



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मोदी [जी] बनाम मीडिया

May 08, 2021 0 Comments

 बैठे है जिस पर

हैं काट रहे वही डाल

इस देश में यारों, 

है मीडिया का ख़स्ता हाल।

जग में फैली है महामारी 

जन के जीवन में आया है भूचाल।

पर इनके कानो पे ज़ू ना रेंगे 

इनकी जल रही एक अलग ही मशाल।

समाचार के नाम पर कट रहा इनका अलग ही अचार 

इनकी धूर्त करतूतों ने, उठा दिए प्रधान मंत्री  पे ही सवाल। 

मोदी जी बात सुने, अपने एक पूर्व प्रशंशक की आज,

करते है सर्व हित में बात बड़ी कमाल,

एक बुरा अधीनस्थ [subordinate], 

अच्छे से अच्छे राजा को कर देता है कंगाल। 

तज़िए इन काठ के उल्लूऔ को अब,

लूट लिया इन नकारो ने लूटना था जितना माल।

लाइए एक बेहतर, कार्यशील मीडिया एवं मंत्री मंडल, 

अबकि साल, अबकि साल।


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Asian Paints' New Ads lack colours, textures

April 16, 2021 0 Comments

The brand that created history with the iconic- mera wala cream, is now doing this ⇓

This is a Gujarati print version with an ugly-looking Ranbir Kapoor disguised as an uglier-looking old man. Really is this creativity?

Want to watch the ad? check it out here

Asian Paint's new ad - Matchmaker Ft Ranbir Kapoor is a great example of how to waste a great opportunity and a wonderful actor in a typecast of an ad like this. In this ad, Ranbir Kapoor plays an annoying-looking matchmaker who takes a Canada Return girl to show some green-screen marriage prospects. The green screen has multiple houses and a probable suitor in weird-looking laminated covers, except for one house where the younger version of Ranbir Kapoor [in all the creative cliche]  and his house stands without any lamination [of course], and wins over the girl. While we do understand a paint brand emphasizing a protective shield for a house. What we fail to understand is 

Needless to say, this is the laziest ad I have ever seen after Shah Rukh Khan promoting Dollar or Malaika Arora dancing on Chaini-Chaini. In those cases, I could understand the genre or in marketing language- the target audience. 

And it is not the worst, the brand's desperate attempt to rope Sima Taparia [the famous matchmaker with an infamous series on netflix] to justify the matchmaking ad is even "how-larious". Encashing on the sensation her series created last year, the brand pulls her to do a video on- 5things she liked about the Ranbir' matchmaking misfires. Really? 

This is not the first time, in the past as well, brand campaign [Royale Anti-bacterial Shield] with Deepika and Ranbir [at times when they were infamously split and were dating two other people] are shown as "forced" lovebirds/friends with an insipid storyboard was quite a dampener. I could not find the other one, but you can check this 

There had been better campaigns with this duo like- Thoda aur chalega and Megh Malhar. Here's hoping that merit and creativity will bounce back and we get to see better ads- celebrity or no celebrity.


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Bigg Boss 14 is losing its plot?

February 10, 2021 0 Comments

Haha, you can accuse me of this single clickbait title but somewhere a larger audience will resonate with the impression behind it. You can judge us as badly as you want- yes I do watch Bigg Boss in spite of all allegations about it being highly scripted, played to favor, and kind of insult to intelligence. However, year after year, it is the only show that I watch on TV. Maybe am so used to see the weekly nomination tasks, Salman Khan confronting house members on weekend, and contestants playing interesting games, that made me switch on the show and watch in spite of having a great deal of disagreement over the obscenity and mad-fight it shows. 

The Great Rakhi Sawant Tamasha

Gosh, it is really horrible to see contestants fighting on top of their voice to get in organic visibility. So when Rakhi Sawant entered the show and did some funny entices [her wig falling down as Juli gets up was the most hilarious to date] the show had some content other than fake tears and high decibel- "maar doongi/faad doongi" shenanigans. While the content moved 360 [better] when Bigg Boss makers sent in a group of top contestants from prior seasons as contenders, it was truly a scene-changing instance. However, seeing them making an exit one by one affirmed the belief that they were mere props and not contenders in real. Well, whatever rocks their boat.

Bigg Boss Lodge

This season, however, Bigg Boss house turned into a luxurious lodge where contestants came, left, and re-entered much against the usual practice of the format. The much talked about exit and re-entry of Vikas Gupta [who really looked out of place this time], a very powerful Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli [she might be foul-behaved but she keeps her act alive]. The biggest joke is Ejaz Khan's proxy play in the show. Like really bigg boss? You could have got Devoleena just like any other contestant in the show. However, her playing a proxy to an ever agitated Eijaj Khan is another nail in the coffin. And to see her surviving in the show as a proxy when long-standing contestants like Abhinav Shukla [who played with quiet dignity throughout] are shown the door that too through guests [ex-contestant in the house] is another bad decision. Looks like he refused to play along with Rakhi Sawant's gross development tactics. All that body painting and calling him Tharki was too much out of place, no matter how vociferous the show's format could be. 

Lokhandwala Se Dindoshi

After the human race was tired of using animal names to express their resentment, BB 14 gave a new derogatory slang to the market- i.e. abuse people basis the location. Really? Boss, Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India to live and if you ever tried to rent or buy a house in Lokhandwala then you must be a billionaire. However, abusing basis location was so gross and demeaning to people who live there. Most unfair thing and we are glad that the show's host has called out this. This was not just repulsive, unfair, stupid but shocking when it came from contestants who cannot keep a house they are living in for months in order esp when there is very little to do at that home. Maybe next time when a mother scolds her child for not keeping their room in order or littering too much in the house, they may use a statement- Aye Bigg boss ke celebrity ho kya jo safai se nahi reh sakte? [Aye are u a celeb from Bigg Boss house that's why you are so dirty and unorganized?] 

For a handful of people who are living in a house with a 100s camera and still could flush their WC well, making comments on locality is still gross!

Convenient Elimination

The show has of late metamorphosed in a pattern where the housemates just pick a ridiculous fight, eat, sleep and indulge in frequent re-entries and exits. Another pattern is so predictable eliminations. Abhinav who played almost in Rubina's shadow for the first part of the show stayed intact in the show. At the time when he started emerging as a good contestant, he was conveniently eliminated by the likes of negative contestants like Jasmine who entered the show to lose fans and display extreme irritating behavior. How many of you logged out of Voot or switched off your TV after her irritating acts and awful childlike crocodile tears. You really wondered if it's a reality show or the stale saas, bahu, and Naagin garbage. 

The Usual TV Garbage

Talking about the garbage, Colors sents a "Twilight-inspired Vampire' to date Juli from its another garbage looking show. You wonder when will Indian Television will reclaim the glory it used to have during the Doordarshan era? The other day out of sheer boredom I switched on my hotel TV and landed watching an episode of a serial called- Molikki or something like that where the whole episode was spent showing insufferable expressions of their lead characters. It is like some people were having their facial orgasm on prime time and the audience made to suffer. Really who got such time to watch such slow-moving, regressive, dull crap? Only the designers and sets get uplift, the rest all get as obnoxious as possible. Sigh wish I could direct a better show. I am sure 80% of the junta feels the same and then switch from Indian Television to Netflix and other online streaming platforms.

Can India ever have its own Schitt's Creek? Hell, let's not give the inspiration to ruin another franchise. 

Coming back to Bigg Boss, I guess it only a few days left for the show to end, let's make it a glorious finale for the regular watchers. 

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