Haiku- Support & Confidence

June 30, 2012 3 Comments

when I stumble
my eyes look for you
you will rescue

Haiku pattern I followed: 3-5-3

written for- Haiku heights 150 (prompt word- Support)
Not to forget-  (haiku my heart)
and also to mention- Sensational Haiku friday (prompt word- Confidence)

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... and then I was prompted!

June 28, 2012 16 Comments

It was dark & midnight,
when a strange shadow came close by
stout shadow, shadow so fierce
shadow that sends spine a chill & queer
a tall, rough figure wrapped in long cloak
his sinister green eyes crystal in dark
Jaws clenched in anxiety & hands folded inside.
must be a gun, my heart sigh
a psychopath on run, news flashed mind
serial killer or the likes of cannibal
he looked all cold & evil,
I could suddenly hear him call

dark claustrophobic night and we were alone
on that road that footprints have foregone

like a blitzkrieg he walked, large steps and thump aloud
I sped away but he still followed
I ran across the road and all in vain
ran, ran & ran but cannot escape.
he jumped & marched ahead
the end is near & its crystal clear

"what do you want", I begged
he came ahead,took his hands out
God no, will he be shooting or slaughter with knife, I doubt
black, cold finger that he raised
everything turn dark & I no longer could gaze.

"take all & leave me alone"
I screamed aloud as I fell down on tar floor
Its all over! I sighed
he marched his hand & asked-
"Do you have an extra light by any chance?"

This piece is written basis the picture prompt given by the MAG for magpie prompt no 123.
Also including the prompt by OSI (Prompt- Crystal)

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

3 Words Wednesday- Too late

June 27, 2012 17 Comments

Prompt words: Cling, Murmur and Taken

(I have clubbed this with 55 word fiction to make it crisp & try my hand with latter- another from my blog to do list. Pl read & give your feedbacks. Sorry for sounding cliche` if it may be.)

She cling on to him and murmured in his ear-"pl don't let me go please, I am losing out". "I love you to core" he said but too late. Her hands fall numb & tears cold. She could no longer hear him, for she was taken away, taken to a world of no return.

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A picture is worth a 1000... waltz bulbs in your head

June 21, 2012 15 Comments

Hey there...

I know, its a bit of aberration to the normal phrase, but here we are- to make aberrations in the world full of it & still call that creativity. Seriously, you can avoid that joke (its a PJ) but do not ignore this post (its not at all lengthy).

While my much awaited movie review is still awaited (do not worry as that movie continues to make millions at Box office and will appear for a review here soon), here' a picture thrown up for building more interactions, some really cheeky comments and yes time for some creativity. Pour in all your thoughts but all in less that 30 words!

Before, you think of the word that starts plagiarism, I have picked this picture randomly from world wide google web without claiming/ disowning any rights of proprietorship. See the picture, take that sip of coffee & send me your caption in the comment box below.

Pic source: Google & HBR
Your wise quote (<30 words) goes here......

In anticipation of some really good one liners...Tada da1

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Tempting Thursday & long Tweets

June 14, 2012 14 Comments

Hey folks! how have you been? Can see my Indiblogger blog rank go down this month. Not much time to write. Just back from 2 back to back bloggers meet last weekend- posts awaited. Since its tempting Thursday, couldn't resist the temptation to put a post and get to hear from you. 

Talking about temptations. Here's one of my favorite pastries from Sweet Obsession, Gurgaon - Fruit Pastry!

Its yummm, irresistable and yummmmy.....

It looks so fresh, creamy & enticing that I feel like diving in it & swim across the layers, stop & sink my teeth in it. Yummy!

My other favorite from the same shop is- Double blueberry cake. Now I have many emotions attached to it! Have a scoop & you will know why? :)

Sweet Obsession is at Arjun Marg, DLF phase 1, Gurgaon.

In case you wondering, why picture blogging, well I am neck deep in prep for CEO presentation this Friday. Too many cluttered slides, Gosh! But for a change few team members has agreed to my notion & liked my edits. Thank God for small mercies. Meanwhile, packing off my boss for his holidays (work wise deliveries) while trying to hide that perceived sheen of happiness on my face. Yup- when cat is away mouse will play! Alas, I ain't no mouse though. About play, well not that sure. About that perceived khushi... ahem misnomer.

Summer is on rise and damn my room ac works like a "Shadi ki Ghodi", neighing terribly, working in between numerous long intervals. Told my landlords several times but no avail.

Junior Masterchef Australia' results are out. Isabela is the proud winner. Love all those kids, they were amazing! Siena, Jack, Pierre & all, miss you kids. You all inspired the chef inside me. 

BTW, I love the fact that Star world now telecasts my favorite "The big Bang theory" back to back from 8:00pm to 9:00pm- Monday to Thursday. A joy which my fellow blogger & new found friend Prateek Shah shares & understands. So what if they are repeat telecasts, can watch all over again & again and again. However, couldn't make due to long work schedules. 

Talking about work, appraisals are out. Unhappy? Yes. why? No. Was looking forward to a good hike. All my plans of getting a new car, shifting family stands further delayed. No new phone either.

After a long tym, had lunch with boss today. Masala Dosa & Cold coffee. The food was dull but conversation interesting. In case you wondering, I forgot what t'was all about. May be activities to close in his absence. Men, they are huge. But good as long as they keep me busy & happily engaged.

Yeah someone from Mahindra called to collect my "incredible story contest" prize from their show room in Lajpat nagar. Lemme see if I can make it. Anyone wanna join?

Talking about company, am home alone. Landlord & family went out of station. Not that I have great company when they are around. It's just that with one male servant at home, need to be quite careful.

Hey, I tried the Dove hairfall rescue Shampoo today with L`oreal mirror shine conditioner. My hair is all flat, dry & shapeless but somewhat shiny. May be cause I rushed to office immediately after & couldn't have time to brush the mane up. In case anyone else have tested, pl share your feedback.Will try again for next wash may be sans conditioner & see.

I am half away through my next blog which is hold your horses- a movie review. Ya, I know its been long since Delhi 6. Anyways, My movie review blog is conceptualized & almost ready, pending for final shape n form. Which movie? Keep guessing. For first correct entry will win exclusive link of the movie on you tube Lolz & will be strongly welcome to come along to my favorite pastry shop in town and cherish this pastry (max limit 1 person/ 1 pastry) Till such time- Indulge! Indulge in sinful innocence of fruit blast berries, soft smooth pastries.

Tired & sleepy, am calling the day off. Ciao!!!

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Wordless Wednesday- Thousand Cloud Skies

June 06, 2012 10 Comments

                               View from my Hyderabad Airtel office Canteen

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