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Celebrate Cricket, celebrate IPL with VIVO limited edition V5 plus

My friend Jia is an absolute cricket freak. She lives and breathes cricket like no other. Her favourite series is IPL. She is so hooked on it that she misses no match, no update ever since IPL began 10 years back.

10 years back? Oh My God, such a long time. No wonder, she is so excited about this IPL season that she dropped all other plans and is completely hooked to her TV screen. It is not just the match but also the ad breaks between the matches that keep her excited. IPL is indeed thriving but also hindering her daily life. She has become a couch potato and glued to her TV.

Did someone not told her that she can stream cricket on her as well? Live!

Well, I did. Only to found her now completely glued to her mobile screen. She is completely hooked to her new handset and now I wonder why. Earlier this day, I got to see her phone- a matt black beauty with 5-inch screen. What’s so special about it, I ask.

This, she said while showing the back of her phone that is engraved with an IPLVIVO emblem. Apparently is a special edition phone that she has recently gifted her cricket-loving self. Oh! it was a beauty to hold. Not just that, the phone camera features made me go weak on my knees and want one for self. The phone has a 16 MP rear camera and all you selfie crazy people, hold your horses, a 20MP dual front camera. The Vlogger in me just jumped with joy. I have shot a couple of videos with VIVO camera in February and really liked the flawless camera and its beauty feature.

I could not help but asked her which phone that is. She gladly told me that it is the newly launched VIVO V5 Limited edition phone. It is a special launch by VIVO to commemorate the 10 years of IPL.

The phone features involve 4GB RAM with 64 GB Roam. The photo fanatic blogger in me was curious to know more. Apparently, it has a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 625 Octa-core CPU and 3055 mAh battery.

VIVO is one of the fastest growing companies in India and one of top 10 smartphone brands in the world. No wonder, it caught and clean bowled Jia’s heart, who could not resist the temptation to go ahead order it from Flipkart.

Right now Jia is living her IPL fangirl moment and enjoying watching cricket/ replay etc on her Vivo V5. How about you?


Of National Award, Akshay Kumar & Other Deserving Actors

National Award is the new Filmfare

I, like half of the nation, laughed on it Misconstruing it as an April Fools' Joke. It was not an April Fool Joke but actually making an April Fool of National awards.

Now before you list me as a Non-Akshay Kumar fan or some fancy hater words, let me tell you, I like the actor a lot. But Rustom? 

The jury apparently was great, cheerful [read prank] mood that before you could digest this news, another merit hits your ears like a sizzling lava- Sonam Kapoor winning the Best Actress National Award for Neerja. A film with such a sensitive topic, a strong storyline was already taken quite some notches low by Sonam Kapoor's "I am a Fashion Diva who Giggles and oomph Vogue" portrayal. No, I am not meaning to say that she is a bad actor or acted badly in the film but the role was a far cry for an honour like this.

Priyadarshan and the other jury members, you gave me a very Filmfare wali feeling where the awards and nominations as obvious as Bun-Maska in Mumbai. Besides, it wasn't a Friendship or Redemption Day, Mr Priyadarshan that you tried to offset Mr Kumar's contribution for acting in your senseless films like- Garam Masala.

Why I Don't See Rustom as an Award winning Performance by Akshay Kumar
I have seen Rustom, almost twice. In spite of my fondness for the actor, I beg to differ that although, he had a serious role in the film but not as meritorious as his previous performances like- Special 26 or Baby or even Gabbar. 

I do not know the real story of Rustom Pavri on whom this film was made. However, the film Rustom was Bollywood's usual "larger than life" heroic story where all that the actor had to do was to be Poker-faced and muggle serious dialogues and look strong [read heroic]. 

He indeed did well. However, there were many other better deserving contenders including Irrfan Khan in Madaari and Aamir Khan in Dangal.

Why Irrfan Khan deserved it For Madaari
A few days back, while I was travelling in Sikkim, I took a brief halt to freshen up and rush to my next destination. Madaari was playing on TV and I happened to glance a scene where Irrfan Khan was handling a bottle of water to a child in a Railway cabin. The movie and the performance were so gripping that I let go of all my plans and stay glued to the television until the end of the film. The film, the actors [including Jimmy Shergill] and their performances were so gripping, realistic and noteworthy.

Talking about the best actress award, it takes gut for a young, highly popular and sought after actress like Alia Bhatt to take the road less trodden, go de-glam and act her role in a film like Udta Punjab. and then there was a gem of a performance by Radhika Apte in Parched.

I was further amused when I read a statement of Priyadarshan alleging that why people are questioning him, when no one questioned Ramesh Sippy when Amitabh Bachchan got Best Actor for Piku.

Tsch, if only India could rise above Cliches, Monotony and Red Tapism.

Domestic Violence

His words squiggled in her memory
his abuses, could not let her sleep
She was ashamed of herself.
Nothing can treat him.

She was haunted by his actions
Harsh, Gloomy and Intense
laden with the physical threat.

"It is your fault" he told her.
He told her repeatedly.
she cried in desolation
even that did not console him.

Domestic Violence is not just
about the physical pain.
It can tear the most able-bodied,
in spirit, social and Mentally!

Violence is not a righteous behaviour. Do not let it enter your household, your thoughts, your life.


Domestic Violence is as prevalent in our society as prevalent is our tradition. It is an age-old tradition that our society does not want to impart away with. Why? I ask why? Why a man or a woman needs to overpower an argument or a conflict with violence? What gives us a right to consider the another person wrong and worthy enough to get abused? Why can't love, compassion or empathy be a tool to all our problems? Why a woman needs to be told that she is dependent on someone? Why a woman need to get dependant on someone, financially, physically or emotionally?

Stop the Abuse. 
cause it leaves the scars that never heals.


Written for Three Word Wednesday. Prompt words included- Intense, Haunt and Gloomy!

Scent Like A Woman

Picture: The New Perfume ~ John William Godward

To the woman I love,
You are like the rose
fragrancing the hands that touch it.

Mild, soft, clandestine
You are the love
that surrounds my aura.
A fragrance so chaste,
so pure, much pristine.

Like a whiff of bright dusk,
you musk my senses.
like fantasies I never had.
Ah! your Attar
incense my breath
like an ambrosian dream

I wear you
like the warm amber
or the luscious lavender dusted.
on my parched soul
you smell so divine!

Wrap me around you
like lilies on the vine
floating on misty water
surrendering to the sunshine.
Hold me in your hands
rubbing on your palm
like a prayer sent to the heaven.

Allow me to wrap,
and fold in your silhouette
like a trail on heart note
fruity, flirty, aromatic
sachet of bouquets

calm my ecstasy
embalm my senses
like myrrh of essential oil.
in the gist of my existence,
let your sillage last forever,
the silk of your skin
kissing, caressing, unfolding
the satin
every inch by inch.


What Inspired me to write this piece of poem-

With Real Toads [Perfume]

The Last Ferry

The prisoners of Caca Island

"Ah! I can see the land
and smell the fragrant soil.
seems we will back to home, soon."

Remarked the petite Bhuvan, pointing his fingers to the coast. Bhuvan was among the many other immigrant labours returning that day from the faraway Caca island. years back they have left their homeland to find a good livelihood to sustain their poor families at the famine-stricken part of India. 

Kaali Handi, as they called it in Orissa. It is 68+ years post Independence, yet the country was still struggling to find independence from poverty, hunger and many such social evils. Today was no different.

Bhuvan, along with other workers who went around the globe and Saudi Arab were returning back to the country today. The life looked rosy outside but the reality was nothing like it. They struggled not just for wages or food in that foreign land but they also struggled for their identity. They lived like rats in dirty, decaying human godowns and were tortured by their masters. They would work 20 hours a day, yet could manage a very meagre salary. 

He often wondered that when he is not differentiating the land that is giving him his sustenance, why would the citizens differentiate? He could never understand the point of difference or the rift. He worked there for thus long until one day he could not take any more. He was beaten black and blue at the work. Fault? Not worth mentioning. He went to the beach to drown his pain and cry his heart out. 

He heard the announcement of a ferry leaving the coast. It was the last ferry for his homeland. He wasted no breath and ran to board it. I will be home soon, he told himself. But whether it will be his home too? He asked himself. Unsure about the answer, he sailed.

"A human is not a trademark of a land
he is an inhabitant, a co-habitant.
The land is the deity,
mother nature that he worships
irrespective of the boundaries.

Brothers do not divide their parents,
you keep the ear portion,
the hand portion is mine.

So then why do we differentiate
Mother Earth?
for its Ember always smells divine".


Fashion the Soul

She was dressed in her bare essentials.
the asymmetrical layer of her body shape
peeping out, uninvited

she threw a hopeful glance
trying to gauge a glimpse
craving to be found
and loved.

all she gathered were unfriendly stare
try to scan her
upside down
judging her from the dress she wore
the label she flaunted
the faux style on display

Ah! such a pity
that she was dressed in a normal robe.
no flashy jewellery
no contouring, no strobe.

the frenzy pushed her aside the hall
to click pictures 
with fancy surround
and the celebs around.

This is the world we live in
real human are secondary
but the showcase is profound.

beauty is often found, in the smallest of details
start from eyes 
stop at the heart

your behaviour is your mirror,
mirror of your character
statement of your persona.
fashion it in right mound.

No jewellery can hide its flaw
no style can cover
the ugliness within.

It is your character that speaks
100 words, quite and loud!

The Hangover

She loved the tangy flavour,
that instant kick
 the alcohol embed in her
throwing cautions to the wind,
she drank unhinged,
uninhibited, upswing, bottoms up.
perfectly floating in ataraxia.
It was a perfect escapade!

The Juggernaut woke her up
vapid next morning
with a severe headache
and a fulminate hangover.
Girl! Such a short-lived fun.


 I have written this 55-word poem for Real Toads' Flash 55 plus Challenge and For Three Words Wednesday [Tangy, Vapid, Unhinged].

It was a quick write up and fun. Hope you like reading it too!

Bringing the Rainbow, by RK Somany [Book Review]


A must read autobiography by a leading businessman from India

A Rainbow to metamorphosis

Circa 1959, A young Marwadi, entrepreneur from Kolkata was attending a family wedding at Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi with his family. He has to suddenly live the wedding festivity and take a business tour to Bahadurgarh. Little did he realised that what he was starting to will become one of the greatest adventures of his life. He while driving his Morris Minor and braving the unruly roads of then Punjab, now Haryana, encountered a "rainbow".

It was a moment of epiphany and the rainbow became a guiding principle in his business, family and life to come.

What was so extraordinaire about that rainbow that changed his life?  What emotions did that one rainbow evoke in the businessperson that helped him deal with his own endeavour to Industrial Revolution and resolving a long-term disputed case?
Well, to answer these questions, you need to read this neatly penned book by legendary businessmen, R K Somany, Chairman and MD of HSIL [Hindware]
Bringing the Rainbow
Bringing the Rainbow is a personal and business autobiography by Mr. RK Somany that also includes his personal recount on his childhood, school life, college and how he built a leading Indian sanitaryware brand Hindware.
What: Autobiography
Publisher: Maven Rupa
Price: Rs. 595 [Hardcover]
Pages: 199

I have got this book last month and am still hooked to it. The chapters are sketched in chronological order and essays a large part of his personal life, how he overcome his fear and how he built his business.
Here’s a glimpse of the chapters inside this book-

My favourite chapters were indeed the first two where he recounts his formative years, education and family relations. His recollections shift seamlessly from the past to present and paints a panoramic view of his life. Being a Marwadi myself, I could relate well to his narration especially about his life at Kolkata, the living structures of those times, the notion of elder brother and his wife who often served as foster mother, and the life at St. Xavier's.
The beauty of the book is narration, its simplicity and the fact that author does not try to abridge his words. In the mellifluous flow of the narrative, he moves from his life to business, throwing a spotlight on the challenges he faced and the way forward.
“We have once-in-an-epoch opportunity to build the India of our dreamsEach of us has to play a small part in it. I have already defined what I have to do. When all that is done, future generations can enjoy their work-life balance” RK Somany
As a Marwadi and a business practitioner, I could so well relate to the book. Especially when talks about dealing with the channel partners, giving sole agencies, Bizzare laws, marketing vitreous China, beat storming to understand competition and more.
The book indeed makes a great read and I totally recommend it. Go grab your copy. [Amazon]
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