March 02, 2015

The Great Indian Dilemma

Lee Miller in Adolf Hitler's bathtub, Munich 1945, by David E. Scherman
She soaked herself in bath tub
her eyes wide open
blank and staring to the wall

As she stepped in shower
sans bath cap
sans foam,
her mind continued to roam

Her thought fixated to door
she has a lovely figure
'that you may adore

she turned no knob
plugged no Jacuzzi stopper
nor let any faucet pour

the Venus on her table
and the men in frame
pondered over her pondering tame

She shift no gaze
They got more amaze
may be just wall to ceiling
and what really is she thinking
rather than her
Spa and beauty indulgence.

The suspense unfolds ahead
read again whatever you thus read
cause Spoiler alert caution
Here's what that we got for nation

Not men, nor jewelry
her thoughts dwell greater
She was wondering
whats Tastes better?
Round Rotis or
Non Round Rotis

[Roti= Indian puffy wheat bread, tawa baked over flame and served during the main meal]
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In India, a woman' culinary expertise is quite measured by the way she makes the "Rotis". A round rotis is considered to be aesthetically and technically better than the the less rounded ones. Taste wise, the difference may not be greatly germ from the shape but the quality of kneading, rolling and baking.

Often, mothers in India would be found lecturing their "marriageable aged" daughters on the importance of making perfect round chapati, linking it to the "sanskaar" [culture] given by parents to their daughters as acknowledged at her in-laws house. It may sound funny but making rotis ic not rocket science and could be easily perfected with little bit of practice, some sincerity and logic.

March 01, 2015

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

HDFC Life cover

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

Chalo Aansoo poch do, ab muskarao

muskurao ki vajah na mile

na mile to doond lo

Unglio ko chod ke, ab

apne kadmo pe chalna seekh lo

Dard hi dard palta hai gulsita mei

Jaha kaate bhare hai, waha kuch phool bhi ugao

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao.

Koi kisi ka nahi hota iss jahan mei

Apno ko kiske bharose chodd ke jaoge

Behter yahi hoga, agar 

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhaoge

In our lives, we all crave for that one person who understands us and yet do not judge us but help us to become the better person that we are. No matter how independent we can become, still in deep of our hearts, we look for a person [s] who not just support us but guide us and encourage us to grow, nurture and become more self reliant, positively. Hence that may be the reason why we look for so many solaces at different levels in our family, friends and some times, colleagues at work place. 
Needless to say, even the brightest of bright diamond needs a "Johari" or a jeweler to bring out it magnificence. 

Recently when Indiblogger, in association with HDFC Life, asked us to talk about a family member who helped us grow, encouraged and made us a self reliant person, I couldn't help but think about few people including my parents, my mama [maternal uncle] first, in particularly, my father.

This not hidden fact that I love my father very dearly. Since a tender age of 2.5years, I have been living with my maternal grandparents and family. My interactions with dad was highly limited. For me, papa was always a more likely to be inaccessible as unlike my mom, he could rarely come to meet me at my maternal grandparents family during summer holidays. Yes he was a government employed person and that explains the less no of holidays he used to have. I had a brief interaction with him when I joined my family during our South India Trip.

Unfortunately, it was my accident that brought me closer to my papa. I saw how my dad for me, has taken long leave from his office esp when he was at peak of his career, so he could be with me when I was hospitalized for good ten months.

My post accident recovery was a very painful process but my father insisted that I should not give up on self and continue to strive to reclaim my original life with little help from others. I remember how even on bad weather day or not so physically fit days, how my dad used to encourage me to pursue my school, attend my classes and so more. For him absenteeism was mere an excuse of not taking enough ownership, indiscipline was not a noble option and sincerity was the biggest virtue.

how papa helped me grow
He always encouraged me to take part in extra curricular activities along with studies. However, when it came to studies and good grades, he never had burdened me with pressure being top in the class [May be he realized that I am not that brilliant of a student esp when grades are highly dependent on how do we score on that scary subject- math]. He rather emphasized that I be regular to school, should not take free hands read any personal favors that my teacher may offer to me given my physical limitation and not merit.

He encouraged me to earn everything on merit and not just that, he also emphasized the importance of sincerity and "not giving up" in life. He continues to tell me- Give a try and do whatever best you can do, It is ok to fail rather than not trying at all".

He told me that stable is not equal to stagnant and if I get stagnant, my life might get stagnant and it is stagnant water that is dirty and oozes bad odor. He teaches me the virtue of "moving on" with our sincerity.

He never let me compromise on my education. I wanted to be self reliant, and he pushed me for that. I would often complain of leg pain while walking, and he would then encourage me to walk an additional mile. I saw my father barely ever taking anyone's help but rather he had been helping a lot of big people to the big positions they scored. Papa is a self made man and that motivated me to be self reliant without depending on any sugar daddies or god father. Talking about Sugar, well papa was barely ever relenting, he was always strict until recently when he has let go of his stricter side and exudes encouragement towards more softer and emotional side.

This is kind of story of life [Straight from my heart]
As part of this write-up, Indiblogger wanted us to embed this video. [below] I did not see this HDFC Life video earlier but just wrote what I felt like. Suddenly something transpired me to watch it, and I did. The girl in this video is a child amputee, ah just like me who came with even bigger baggage of bruises and amputations [not to make you sob but to tell you, if at all I can help inspire any of you]. 

Life is not black and white. Even today i struggle with my disability. However, the motivations and encouragement that my parents have sowed me, helps me continue. Hence I tell you, go ahead and inspire a life. Be the support. Use positivity and make people live on their own. In the meantime, be with them. No matter the cheer someone exude, the heart still longs for encouragement and empathy. Like this little girl, in the video.


February 23, 2015

Enter The Joker

Enter the Joker
It is a deceit
the eyes so wicked
and the mouth is,
ready to eat.

let the lights not dim
your sense of judgement
throw a glance and 


February 17, 2015

Live Your Life #BefikarUmarBhar

It was an unusual Sunday Noon when I was watching a movie on the TV with my nephew- Piu. Now if you follow my blogs, you would know a little about Pihu. I call it unusual cause these days I do not get to meet Pihu that Often. He is growing up and has school regime to follow with his various other classes including one in Karate. Karate Kid as I would often call him these days, has always this complain that I am not spending enough time with him. Point noted and guilty as found. In the hustle and screeching bustle of my life, I have kind of forgotten living. In the endless pursuit of our career goals, personal ambition and working towards making a brighter future, read a healthy and “financially independent” future, we live too much in stress.

It is the dream that does not let us sleep. And this sleeplessness is causing all the confusion. I somehow get jealous with people who have lot of time and less of work. Seriously yes. I envy their carefree life. My deep thoughts were broken by the sudden voice of my nephew who was curious to know what is Bucket list as discussed in the movie. Yes we were watching the superhot and awe inspiring mvie- The Bucket list. Well talk of co-incidences.

It is then I paused my thought and so did my TV, and went ahead explaining Pihu about the Bucket list, meaning and relevance to the movie so he could concur the plot well and enjoy the film. The curiosity did not end there and Pihu was compelled to explore the concept of Bucket list more. Being his usual buck, the query has to obviously stop at me. I was not taken for surprise when he asked what is my Bucket list and if I have thought about him while making one. Hmm Tough questions the kids ask.

While we do contemplate a lot of “to-dos” in life  but I have not made any bucket list for self except few random wishes here and there. It was time that we decided to take a small break post the end of movie and discuss it further. Pihu agreed and that gave me sometime during the movie to think about my Bucket list.

My Bucket list
If I have to think about the top 5 things that may feature in my Bucket list, basis the top of mind recall, I would think of the following-
  1. Own a house, a car, some property and become a successful entrepreneur and then do not do much work  but write poetry in my plush lawn :)
  2. Yes off course I wanted to go around the world and see some magnificent places
  3. Open a charitable trust in my name for the needy ones ranging from Human to animals. So that I can give back some love to the world full of suffering
  4. This one is special- I want to be among Top 5 Bloggers in the world and be known to everyone across the Globe. It is rather tad too ambitious but if there has to be something like bucket list, it has to be this.
  5. Give the world of happiness to my family including my parents. I will spend as much time with my family as possible. 

 I know everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, well these were mine. How about you?

What do you look for to live befikar, Umar bhar? Do share your thoughts here

And Yes, do watch this TVC and for more information, check out #BefikarUmarBhar

February 09, 2015

Rape, She Fought

Action Figures by Edith Vonnegut

Women, they say is
a sister, a mother
who bore the child of mankind
and gives birth
to the men

Unfortunately, Alas
All they could see 
is the explicit gratification
and a vainglorious display

There is more to a woman
than the sexually she got
her sensuality and hot bod.
She wages a war
a war, everyday
at every step of her life.
in an attempt to douse,
douse the flame
and all that in-fame 
that the men folk bring to her

Where are the super heroes?
the one she called supermen?
fallen, failed disguises, Statues
Only a costume drama to claim.
what rights and who bestow?
taking on a woman's liberty
not protecting her vanity
her purity, her sanity
but mocking her every base
making her stumble,
fumble at the warring staircase

Even the feline grok
and wondered at all the bloke
who plunders their own soil, empathizes 
the women' turmoil

O Men, what a shame
to humanity
have you bought?
Open your hearts,
clean your mind
Vacuum and tumble dry.

she curses every breath,
The struggle above
and underneath
springs out the wrought
The women who nurture the men,
brings him to life, feed and taught
Instead of getting her dues
Its her pilferage
and rape, that she Fought!

February 04, 2015

Boogie Woogie Nights


Women and Men folklore
do party galore
The night is still young
Let food and wine flow
Spring up your daisy
Set the decor,
wear your dancing shoes
Shake your booty
Let the music flow,
come one, lets burn the floor
Take your positions
make your moves
It is time to groove
The Boogie- Woogie Nights Return

This is a 5 minute picture prompted poem written by the blog author.
If you liked my poem and want me to pen down something for you, let me know.
The content is copyright protected and permission from the author is mandatory in writing.

February 01, 2015

Chat Quikr, without Fikr

Chat Quikr, without Fikr

The world is wrapping up in conveniences. Technology enabled conveniences. The sudden thrust of technology innovation and advent of new cellular technology has given new dimensions to way businesses happen in the world. It is a Y2K world and machine has found new prudence to enable business and consumer platforms, hence making it easier, faster, quicker and convenient to foster the end to end communication and correspondence.
However, as technology progresses, new mechanisms and alternate modes are being introduced. Earlier, it was Call center of voice based system wherein consumer will correspond with given company basis the nature of their requirement. Like enquiry of new products, buying/ selling and also raising complains.

Even the marketplace is converging. The hitherto physical commerce has enveloped in to- at your service, door step and “just a call away service”. The physical boundaries of marketplace is fast dissolving.  The best example is e-commerce. You need not step outside your door step and still can  buy almost same products/ services as available in market. Isn’t it wonderful? Well, the innovation has taken new wings when e-portal like Quikr has introduced not just buying but has also enabled- Selling services at the convenience of your fingertips. 

Quikr cover

Quikr NXTIn one of my previous post, I have written about the Bangalore Quikr and how relocation to Bangalore has made simpler with Quikr. I remember lot of my fellow co-bloggers talking about the unnecessary calls and numbers exposure issues that they or their friends or acquaintances have faced in past. Well, when technology develops, it is inevitable to prevent probable misuse of the technology. However, necessary filters could be made to protect genuine buyers and sellers, read customer’s interest and ensure stickiness to brand. Keeping up with customer friendly trend, Quikr has also enabled the new age chat technology to further enhance customer’s experience and streamlining to ensure a more hassle free process.

Online classifieds website Quikr on Wednesday announced the launch of a new feature, called Quikr Nxt, which allows users to chat using the website or mobile app. This means users can choose to make a listing private, which hides their email ID and phone number on the site. [Source:]

Why I prefer Chat over phone call?
Well my reasons are simple. They are-
  1. Privacy- Like I mentioned hitherto, privacy is very important as you can interact with multiple other users who are interested in your ad whether it is to buy or sell, without disclosing much of your identity unless you are comfortable or closing the deal A great respite from sharing the number and getting calls at random hours, from random users.
  2. Chat at your convenience- Like I said, you need not have handle calls at random hours. The interested buyer or seller can approach you, and you can check and reply at your convenient time. For me that is quite a USP
  3. Chat Archives- You need not have to remember details of every conversation that you had with a user with regard to price or product specification. The chat archive acts as a ready reckoner and decision making tool.

Well, they were my top 3 reasons as in why I prefer Chat conversations over calls. How about you?

January 30, 2015

If Life Gives a #SecondChance

I often sit by my window and look at the sky. As if the sky could read my thoughts and transmit it to my loved ones especially my maternal grandmother who passed away some years back and being the unfortunate me, I could not meet her before her death. That year and many years after that, including some times even today, the memories of my grandmother kept on haunting me in my dreams. I always saw her being in extreme worried situation, worrying about the family's well being. She often kind of told me to take care of the people she left behind, interfere, insist and intervene in the matters critical to their well being and help their decisions. She had bestowed quite a lot faith in my decision before death, especially the way at which I looked at relationship.

You see in hustle and bustle, and turmoil of our daily life, our busy-ness, we often tend to ignore time for the most loved things in our life. Some time, no matter how much you do, still it is not enough. No matter sometime how much time you spend with people you love, you still ache to be with them. Life very rarely gives Second Chances. 

So when I was asked to enlist the three things that I have been putting on hold or on tenterhooks for the future and would do right now if given a chance, my first wish was instant. The second , third and others have to be well thought of, as I have to suggest what is "doable" and guess bringing back dead is not doable. If it could be, in a healthy way, I would have asked God to given me back few things including my grandparents and my Chand Mama.


If you cannot go back and enthuse a different ending, time to infuse New Beginnings
CTRL Z is available only for laptops and computers. Life do not give us the opportunity to "undo". While harping over split milk is a bad notion, let us not be unfair to the jars. As long as the life is not lost, there is enough room for amendments. 

Here's my laundry list, in better words bucket list for the things I would like to do if given a chance-

1) Spend more time with my Parents
I am a homing bird. I find my best solace in my nest, under the love and presence of my family. My education and career took me away from house. Often due to work pressure, I could not take enough leaves, visit my parents frequently or travel outside. I would love to run back to my home, my parents and spend time with them. Even better, I want to take them, yes both of them out for a foreign trip. Its has been in my mind from long and I really want to go abroad with my parents. 

2) Get back to Branding, Product Management
I enrolled myself for MBA as I wanted to study HRD. However during the course of study, the advertising freak in me refused to die and gave me wings to dream further and built my interest in Marketing. Marketing is quite a misunderstood word, including the learned persons in my relations who mocked my decision to enrol for Marketing dual specialization, saying its a "Sales" job and no one will take me without prior sales experience. I was labeled as "bringing bad name to family for taking a course in Sales" as sales was mostly associated with door to door marketing. My elderly cousin chided me saying- I am thinking like an ivory tower person who is not exposed to grass root. I laughed and still took that course and landed in a beautiful job in product management wherein they said- my qualification and understanding succeeded the mandatory sales experience.  No bragging but that was a moment of redemption and further motivation for me.
Given a second chance, I would love to back to product management and branding outside telecom domain, in my favorite FMCG sector. takers anyone?

3) Complete my course in Psychology
I was a psychology enthusiast. I wanted to study Psychology but ended up doing MBA. During my first job, I wanted to explore back studying psychology and get in to the field as a professional. I wanted to give an educational certification to my agony aunt part. I wanted to turn psychologist but earlier given the parental pressure and then lack of time, I kept this desire on back burner. I wish I should have revolted then. Given a chance I would love to study, get qualified and set career in the same. I want to work with little children especially. You may call that I aspire to be a shrink. maybe I do.

Well that was the top 3 things that I wanted to do given a chance and even a #SecondChance. How about you? Let's share, understand and work together on the same.

If I can be of any help, do drop me a mail/ comments. Thanks.

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