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Movie Review: Tumhari Sullu | Vidya Balan All The Way!

No Spoilers ahead

There is something about the women-oriented film especially the ones wherein the lead character tries to rise above her mundane life and achieve something. All these women are saree clad from a middle-class family who have given up their career for their marriage or kids. Designer sarees and cliche apart, whether it was "English-Vinglish" or recently released "Tumhari Sullu", the women characters are well written, endearing and above all highly relatable.

And that is where Tumhari Sullu excels!

Tumhari Sullu is an endearingly Sweet Film

Tumhari Sullu is a story of a peppy Sullu [excellently portrayed by Vidya Balan] who is full of fun and have a zest for life. She is a not so ordinary woman with ordinary dreams. All she wants is to carve her a little name, get acknowledged and do her act right. Whether it is participating in a lemon and spoon race or random radio contests. She has a winning streak in her in spite of fewer strong stereotyped objections around her. She loves her family which includes her son and an adorable husband. She is a woman you and I will love to meet and be friends with, a woman quite rare to find, a woman who is highly relatable.

I dunno why but I could relate to Sullu in ways more than one. Call it the storytelling or the powerful portrayal of the powerhouse Vidya Balan, she crease-lessly brings the joys and traumas of a middle-class housewife. Vidya's Sulochana aces every scene, frame by frame without looking like The Vidya Balan but Sulochana, the Sullu character she is portraying.

Vidya's Sullu is ably supported by Manav Kaul's Ashok who is a super doting husband and am sure that after watching this film, lots of sensible girls will look for a husband like him than the non-existent Raj or Rahul of Larger than Life Hindi Films, men who are full of them.

Ashok is down to earth, simple guy who is eternally smitten by his wife. He manages a stressful job at a lalaji firm, plays a perfect host to his wife's family and a perfect husband without showing any sign of male egos even when wife embarks on a different career path including playing a "sexy saree wali bhabhi doing a late night radio show". In between, blame it on the turn of events including a bad career phase in the current job, he gets little disturbed by the lewd remarks/side effects on wife's chosen career but soon rises above the mediocre and hearts her back. Another fantabulous performance to watch for. He may not be an ivy league educated guy, speaking chaste English or living a high fi life but he is high on life even though it means changing bedsheets or singing "batata vada" with his wife.

And then there are other characters including Sullu's unempathetic twin sisters, her colleagues at radio station including her boss Neha Dhupia.

Neha Dhupia is another delight factor in this film. she has a small but significant role in this film which she plays with equal aplomb. And if you are able to keep away from ogling at her style sense, you will like her subtle and sober performance of the Mariyam. I did notice those Forever 21 styled accessories, after all, I am a beauty blogger as well 😉😉

Tumhari Sullu is a very grounded story with an equally good screenplay and a wonderful star cast. The music is so-so except the Ban ja meri Rani song that will be a hit on car radios and pubs. Music used smartly to keep the flow of the narration and a quick susu breaks! 

There are some very endearing scenes in the film including the one where Sulochana talks to Albeli Anjali for the first time or when she peacefully settles a piss of a caller while peeling peas over Matar paneer or aloo matar theory [OMG the tongue twisters] or the scene when she subtly tells her complaining family that agreements or disagreements, she will continue to seek their help as they are the "family". 

Do watch out for the scene when she brooms up the otherwise pricey neighboring grocer who refuse to home deliver any order below Rs 500. Dude, it is reality and it works though you need not have to use as husky-sexual tons that Sullu did, it may land you in issue in real life.

Numerounity Verdict: Tumhari Sullu has a peppy first half, a not so peppy post-intermission, a hurried climax, but power-packed performance by the lead actors. Tumhari Sullu is a must watch film. Go ahead and book it to watch with your spouse or girlfriend. It is refreshing, fun and interesting. If you are a Vidya Balan fan, you will love it. If you are not, you will become one after this movie on a strictly buy one, get one -like Vidya Balan, Like Manav Kaul basis. Bonus!

Numerounity Rating: 4/5

No Country For Disabled- Neera

Neera, barely 20 years old women in Chattisgarh, is almost 90% disabled. She cannot walk but only crawl using her hands. Every day she needs to crawl to fields to defecate. Imagine yourself as Neera, wherein your entire body is listless and you can use only your hands to move, even to fulfill your basic ablutions.

So to attend your need of call of nature, you need to crawl through the dirty bylanes as there is no toilet in your home or vicinity. There are some public toilets here and there but let's not talk about their cleanliness level. When the well-functional, well-equipped toilets that have full-time cleaning attendants in Malls or most of the Indian Airports are creepy and filthy, least you can expect from a local toilet in small towns. 

Susu, Captainship & Guptaji at Bigg Boss 11

This season of Bigg Boss is one of the most interesting seasons. Notwithstanding the fact that contestants have really done their homework well, they are using their game strategy quite well thus far. 

I am quite hooked to this season and end up watching almost all episodes on Voot including the raw footage in shorts section of the website.

If you are following me on Twitter, you would have seen my views on different episodes, contestants, and the tasks. If you are not following me on Twitter, follow me now @numerounity

I have been planning to do a weekly quickie of stuff that happened inside the house and on the show but given time constraint, have "ben" refraining so far. Yes, I have "Ben" refraining cause after a "no-show", poor visibility- Ben finally got in the captainship race. No thanks to her "cash-fixing" alliance with Priyank and the poor A-Cash. Yes, I began the show by not liking the popular bad boy A-kash but he is playing his game well off late. Yet, he has conveniently "ben" ushered out from best performance nominations [No thanks to ever insecure Miss Hina Khan] and the team conveniently chose another set of "not so visible-not so contributing" contestants to participate in the race.

All the "cash fixing" exercise of Poor Ben went down the "Susu" drain cause even Bigg Boss does not want her to be the captain it seems. Now I know why my mother insists me on drinking more water and how kegel exercise is so important for women. It is "Ke-gal" after all.

#BB11 #JokeOfTheDay
Question: What is the favorite Song of participants after this week's captainship task?
Answer: Ke-gal hai? Aji koi nahi! [song ref for dummy]

So our poor Ben behen is out from the captainship task. She may have held her liquor but she could not hold "Dhinchak Pooja's Licorice" I mean she could not hold glasses of water. Or was it because she got scared of the idea of being in between two "Susu" releasing man? Well, we may know about it in the Su-on to be out episode tonite.

Tonight's episode is indeed gonna be interesting as it is "Weekend ka Vaar" wherein Mr. Salman Khan will make his week-long awaited appearance to bajane band and Ben of the housemates.

Band Bajao reminds me of our poor, Bhartiya pursush Vikas Gupta who had become viral in India not because his "at the back of my arm" tennis elbow, "Hare today, fever tomorrow" in Jail appearances but I guess it is the "haath" of Miss Shinde to make this lost boy so popular. 

I saw many tweets saying how inhuman Shilpa Shinde was with our lost boy. Tsch Tsch! When Sapna does it with Arshi, it is entertainment. However, when Shilpa Shinde did, it was blamed to anti-human. Dude, let's accept it. She broke no rule and was entertaining. Unless you look for some babaji type entertainment on a reality show like Bigg Boss.

The Guptaji in my house likes the mastermind Guptaji on the show. I too could have esp the way he deploys people around to get his work done [super managerial abilities I must say] but Bigg Boss burst my itsy bitsy appreciation by reflecting so many odds of his personality. Had it not been Shilpaji, this Guptaji could not have survived the house or gain as footage. 

Bigg Boss, Iss baar aap Shilpa Shinde ko sahi pakde hai! She has a very effervescent and entertaining presence on the show. 

Shilpa may be a poor business woman but a perfect entertainer. We love to see her more, maybe win.

Well, that's all for today's NumerounityXBiggBoss post. I hope you liked my post. Let me know. I would try to come up with more such posts.

In case if you want me to do YouTube Video on the same. let me know

Numerounity Question of the day: Who do you think will be ousted from BB11 house this week?


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When Newton Had Bareily ki Barfi with Rajkumar Rao

I have recently met a new acting powerhouse who served me a delicious sweet fare called Bareily ki Barfi. Well, no I am not talking about Ayushmann Khurrana. He is by default a charmer ever before he stepped into the shoes of Vicky Donor. I am talking about an actor who I have seen since Ragini MMS days, going stronger by the films he did, only to woe me finally with a "Bareli ki Barfi". 

Rajkumar Rao, I am so impressed with your Pritam Vidrohi that if someone asks me to name another legendary character after Geet in Jab We Met, I guess the name on my TOMA or recall would be yours Pritam Vidrohi.

Needless to repeat, that I barely ever liked the actor. Even though I watched many of his movies including the solo and "trying to be funny" Behen Hogi Teri. Blame it on the paltry characters he played or the better roles that he did which I may have missed out. 

When I decided to watch the film Bareilly ki Barfi, the only enticing factors were the storyline in the trailer that I may have seen once, the good line up of some amazing supporting cast like Seema Bhargava and Pankaj Tripathi and the fact that the film is directed by "Nil Batte Sannata" Director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari who I like because the wonderful film she made and not the fact that she is the wife of the guy who directed Dangal. Naah-Naah!

I was little kya, heavily disappointed with Toilet Ek Prem Katha and went to watch this movie flush the bad experience I had with the Akshay Kumar starrer. I am so glad that I did. 

Bareily ki Barfi is one of those movies trying to be located at smaller towns of the country, trying to shower in the flowing Ganga of this genre, mouthing those kinds of dialects, living in almost real houses wherein the heroine is the best in the town who does disco dance sans any dream sequence in Switzerland. 

It was about time, the lead story put me off to sleep when Pritam Vidrohi enters and gives a brilliant "teen ka tadka" with Seema Pahwa and Pankaj Tripathi. His may be a supporting character but he totally over-ruled the lead actor- Ayushmaan Khurrana.

From Telecom to Green Delhi, Vodafone #CelebratingSuper

Revolutions do not happen overnight but it is your dreams, dreams for a better tomorrow that do not let you sleep close, ignorant and tight. Rather your dreams inspire you to something new, something better, something that brings changes in the life of people around you, the country you live in and ultimately bringing a global revolution.

With the increasing global warming and environmental pollution, the planet earth is under threat. No, this time it may not about the aliens but the planet Earth is under threat by its own citizens, the most advanced human race which in their bid of technology advancement, urban living and utmost dependence on chemical formulations, is inviting an inevitable threat!

Before we talk about the whole of Planet Earth, let us first focus on our country- India. India is on the path of digital revolution. We are a developing nation, an outsourcing agent for many prestigious projects/ companies across the world and we are marching heavily towards urbanization and self-sustenance lead by our honorable PM Shri Narendra Modiji and his “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” [Clean India Movement] along with the Make in India revolution.

Well, any evolution will not happen unless the citizens and the corporates join hands and support the same. Same goes with the environmental safety and protection.

At the heartland of India, is its capital Delhi. Delhi, one of the oldest cities in the country that had seen and lived many chapters in history from Mythical inception to Moghul invasion to become an abode of people across the country. Delhi is not just a city but a state in itself. With rising amount of factories, population, Delhi had become a hub for pollution and environmental hazards.

It is high time that Delhi needs to change.

Delhi is changing and how
Like I mentioned above, at the heart of any revolution, are his citizens and corporates who need to combine their scale, capabilities and reach every possible level. And when it comes to environmental protection, Delhi as the national capital needs to set the benchmark.

Delhi is not just one of the largely populated Indian city but houses many big Indian, International organizations as well. A lot of them have their Headquarters and operations in the city.

Vodafone and Breaking the “It’s not my job” Syndrome

You know the biggest reason why many important objectives or initiatives fail? Well, one simple reason is- nonownership. A lot of us wash our hands saying that we are just a small XYZ and it is not our job.

This “it is not our job” mentality is causing all harm by allowing miscreants to further damage the environment. While there are many individuals and organizations that are coming out, defying the non-fruitful mentality of “it is not our job” and working towards the cause of the city development, protection and upkeep, there is one company that is though not Indian but working towards the cause.

That company is- Vodafone.

#CelebratingSuper with Vodafone
Vodafone is one the largest telecom company in India. It is one of the most loved MNC in India and had always been a pioneer when it came to providing best of network, technological solutions, path-breaking customer services and being top in the game with unique marketing and advertising concepts like the most loved “Happy to help” with pugs and innovative zoo-zoos.

I have recently learned about the various steps that Vodafone had taken in Delhi-NCR to enable super life with a consciousness towards the city and the environment.

While they have many feathers in their cap, the two that stood out for me are-

1) Green Diwali in wake of banning crackers in the city

There are 52 Vodafone stores in Delhi-NCR, and all of them had made available a special formulated super crackers that are filled with eco-friendly plant seeds. Once you pot them, a plant blooms. It was made available during the Diwali week from 16th to 19th October. I hope there were similar initiatives in Mumbai. I would have gone and got few of them. 

2) First Air Purifying Bus Shelter in the city

Air pollution in Delhi has reached a new height. To combat the same, Vodafone had created the first wi-fi shelter in Gurgaon wherein people can breath fresh air and use free wi-fi upto 20 minutes while waiting for their bus. If you are wondering, this facility is provided for all telecom users and not just Vodafone consumers. Now that is some magnanimous heart in working

I used to stay in Gurgaon and see all these initiatives as great change. To know more about these initiatives and the company do visit their website

If you ask me what is the most revolutionary thing that I would recall after Delhi Metro, I will tell you it is this Green initiative by Vodafone.

Kudos team Vodafone and keep the flame burning.

Seize the Day and Protect your environment

Judwaa 2 Movie Review

Holla my lovely readers.

I know I have been Missing in Action and my film reviews are long pending.

Nothing doing, I have promised myself to be more regular with my movie reviews ahead.

Let's start with the Judwaa 2. I have watched this movie and have done a video / YouTube review of the same.

My Review of Judwaa 2

If you are unable to watch it here, check it on my YouTube Channel

What: Film Review
Genre: Comedy
Film Name: Judwaa 2
Starring: Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Tapsee Pannu, Vivan

When Unity Met Indoor Pollution Polity

My Tryst with Indoor Pollutants, Broadway style

It was early in the morning when I got up from a nightmare.
I saw that I am sitting on a feeble stair
It was rooted on a marshland home
and pat came a windy storm.

I felt like a “malice in the wonderland”
Turned for a support,
In a bid to stand.

I could lay my hand
On the window sill.
I found no edge
As it wasn’t open still.

I gathered some courage
And looked for my wooden entourage
They were fresh in paint
And filled with formal dehyde

Everything was wet
Cold and humid
The sudden rush of fumes
Made me sit timid.

I looked for my pet dog
For a warm hug
But found him trapped
In the dusty tub.

Gosh! What is happening?
I sat agasp and wonder
What happened to my home
Why is it in a state of blunder

Home sweet Home
Do not leave me alone
I find my solace in you
Safe and strong!

As I uttered those words,
a thunder strike.
And I could see my house talking to me,
in a scary delight

Filth, filth everywhere
On the body, at the brink
The inner mariner in me
Got an albatross around her kitchen sink.

Wet and wild
It looked like
A controversial, fussy eater,
Naughty child.

The dustbin aside
Was kept open
It oozed foul smell
And filled till flown.

It is then a threw a glance
On my exhaust fan
Soiled and greasy
It extended me a slippery hand

I looked for a detergent
To wash my hands
But the VoC chemical in it
Got me further stained!

Oh my god,
it is my kitchen
Why is it so dirty?
Where are my scrubbing mittens?

I looked for my gloves
Ducked away abandoned
The old, unused stove

“You said I am slippery
and did not try at all
Now I am feeling jittery
What f I cause any slipping fall?”

Never have I ever
Imagined this scenery
That my house is filled with pollutants
Bought me unexplained misery

I looked for a mask,
Switched on my vaccum
Opened the windows
And started the home tasks

I went to my bathroom
And saw my basin flooding
“why the hell you…
cause you were busy in blogging.”

There is no limit to the Indoor Pollution
It only gets bigger
5 Times more dangerous
and spread with 15 times of rigor

But I use best detergents
I said in my defense
When I read their label
I was taken for chemical offense!

ammonia, phthalates, chlorine
petroleum based chemicals
triclosan, benzene & methylene

It is not just the chemical mess
But my house was inundated
With physical and
Biological gas

Dust, molds, carbon monoxide
Pollens and dust mites,
bacteria and viruses, smoke, asbestos
odors and pesticides.

Attacking my house from all the sides
Time for me to act
And make the situation
Behave in my health’s stride.

I stretched my hands
To the nearby plant
Peace lily and aloe vera,
Leafy, leafy I murmured and enchant.

I let the windows
Wide open.
So that molds can go away
And fresh air can seep in

I wore my gloves
And started the Cleaning spree
But still could not see my house
Pollutant free.

My walls are big
Yet dusty and green
Accumulating molds & odor
That I could not clean.

Not possible to wipe them every day
Still, I need to find
A long-term way.

I took my phone
and texted “Air” to 56161
Calling for Royale ATMOS
From the Asian Paints’ Clan!

Now I do not have to wear
Masks anymore
Atmos will cure the air
So I breathe purer than before.

Laden with
Activated Carbon Technology
It reduces harmful pollutants
And comes with a feature of washability!

Time to change your walls
Bring them a good paint to wear
It is beautiful that
Even Deepika Padukone will cheer.

This Diwali, do not just clean but clean and decorate with Asian Paints Royale Atmos!

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