The #Trophy Wife out from Fables to the Wheels

photo by Caroline Knopf [MagpieTales]
She is not her identity
neither her own face that she bear
she is the name that she follows
and brands that she wears

She is often a pretty face
a pretty petite, please
laden with royal back
and gold embroidered
velvet grace

She often stands at the shore
mister's metaphorically legally wedded whore.
no offense intended madam
it is your image that populace bore.

Sometimes her man wanders,
toasting masts to blue seas
she acquires immunity to not pander,
while waiting patiently for him

she keeps her armor ready,
her secret weapons intact
and pull the string when needed
those things that have always worked for her

we have all read about her glory
her pearls and her ivory.
have we ever stepped back
to understand her more
know her grief
learn her story?

we label without bother,
adding mosses to her boulder.
Her path may be is litter
and rocky
might be her terrain,
she would have seen her own share of agony,
perchance, fluttered through casks of pain
and winds strong for her sails
she might have walked slowly
a step every moment

Least we can be so judgemental
Until we walked in her shoes
Or navigated a little thought
of its impact on others woe?

Not all that trophy is a steal
Some are real
some may be a big deal.
some a Spartan, some warrior
While some may be the dove eye lass
who caught in this rut of
being a trophy wife class.

Life ceases to move when are we are too opinionated, too entangled in our own little perception, judgement. Are we a victim of second-hand thinking? Or do we allow a room for empathy? Often we judge a book by the cover, a wine by its bottle. In the bargain, we forget about our capability to imbibe facts beyond vision, beyond our imagination. Like this picture post, we look at an object and we decipher what we could think of it. It is a perspective and it can be interesting. Beauty is when we leave it at that, without making it a universal rule or concluding.

Trophy wife, huh! Every woman will love to be a trophy wife if that means- she is a prized possession of her husband. Being an asset to someone, or being cherished by the most important man in your life, is a beautiful feeling. However, being labelled against your reality, anti-identity is unfair. As unfair is to succumb to the mediocrity of the popularly know trophy wife. You are the woman, you are the individual. You have to decide that whether you want to lead a life of cliché or get behind the wheel and start driving?

Whatever you do, remember. In a piano, both the keys, white and black, makes music together.

Have a Fantastico Day Ahead!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Outside My Digital Fortress

Adolphe Valette

Outside my digital fortress
I see
blurred images,
of buildings, structures
and human being.

the dim landscape
or is it the fog
the blear colors
All blue, grey, cold

Outside my digital fortress
I hear,
that life has moved,
many seasons has turned
past of me.

Outside my digital fortress
I need to go.
Step out
from my nightmare.
breath in and live,
before it fades away,
the life that encompasses me.

Do we all carry such an obscure image of things outside our digital fortress? Think about it

Image Prompt: The Magpie Tale
Other Prompt: Nightmare.

The Fantastico morning of a #TrophyWife

The door bell rang! It was 6:30 am in the morning and very unlikely for anyone to come. Half awake I opened the door to find the milk packet placed near the door. It must be the milkman, I thought, picked the packet, wiped it with a washcloth and carefully placed it inside the fridge.

Being slept at 1 in the night and wishing to catch some more sleep, I went back to  bed. Sleep devoid, I found myself continuously distracted with the ticking sound of the clock. “Time is flying” I said, gathered myself up again and rose towards the kitchen. It is time to prepare the breakfast. I opened the drawers and refrigerators to find some options but confused, went to husband asking what he would like to eat. “Anything” he said. “Anything” I knew does not exists. I hurried to chop some greens and onions and beat up the eggs. Another glance at the fridge reminded that there were only 3 eggs between the two of us to eat. Time to bring up some food creativity, I took out some oats, added some veggies and spices to make a Peppy breakfast.

I navigated through fruit basket, picked up some apple and packed for him. I was happy with my creation and handed the breakfast plate to husband in anticipation for some compliments. Surprisingly, he took the plate, ate the food mechanically and left for his office.

I picked up the plates, tidied the room and went inside the kitchen to make some tea. The doorbell rang. It was the Dhobi who came to pick clothes for ironing. I dropped the idea of making tea, dash inside other room, scourged for the clothes, and handed over to the dhobi as he counted them in. I closed the door and went inside the kitchen to pick my breakfast.

Had bites of breakfast and the doorbell rang again! It was the maid who rushed in to wash utensil, in a great hurry as usual. After instructing her, I came back to my breakfast when the bell rang again. This time, it was phone wherein a telemarketer wanted to sell a personal loan. Before I could let the line go, I heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen. I rushed in to find the broken ceramic on the floor. It slipped from maid’s hands with such an impact that broken it into pieces. Before I could ask, maid started blaming the poor quality of Imported Corelle glass and complaining how this cleaning up will delay her further from meeting Obama. Not very surprised with this, I left my breakfast in the sink as I lost my appetite by now.

I switched on the shower and favourite music on player. What a Fantastico morning I had!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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The #TrophyWife Series and The Blog Marathon

Holla! If statistics and readers feedback has to be believed, a lot of it suggests that humor and sarcasm is one of the most liked genres of numerounity blog. We started our journey on humor and fun, and it is about time we not just continue but create more ripples on that front.

Irony of life is that it may not be fair to you but it will definitely leave you a lot of time amused and humored. While I am being humored by the similies and metaphors of life, I am gearing to up my ante and infuse more humor to things I write. Off course, sarcasm won't go anywhere. It belongs to the hopeful cynic that I am.

Brou ha ha... Let the laughter begin, fun roll and set in tinkles all at the same time. Enjoy life.

The #TrophyWife Series

First in series is the "TrophyWife" series that my sarcastic self, wants to humor you with. Na na it is not completely fictional. It bores some resemblance to my life, others and does have elements of little storytelling in me. Yes, this is for my friend who Piu who says I am bad in making stories or storytelling, and how I need to better my game if I ever want to write a book or see myself getting published. So Piu, this is for you [ the poet in me can't stop rhyming] 

The Blog Marathon
Do not worry, I have seen my activity skills when it comes to blogging. I am sure that I am going to continue my snail speed unless I get further into brand collaborations. Thankfully, Haute Kutir is being well handled by my partner [s] and I am happy with my occasional "makers-checkers" role there [in my dreams]. Let us come back to our blogging /writing/ humoring/ foo-frawing passion with Numerounity. If there is a word "foo-frawing" in English cobuild.

You may see some of my #TrophyWife series stories for Indiblogger and Zica Marathon too [Drawing inspiration from their words- Music, Peppy, Navigate, Impact and Fantastico.

Gear up, belt up, pants down and start reading #TrophyWife Series ...who knows this could be the story of your wife oops life too?

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

There is more to the Woman in Me!

We live in one dimension world,
one way perception,
two way street
that is only
black or white

I am a woman
harrowed down in my own imperfection
battling daily aperception.
of lame prejudices
and second hand opinions.

A woman is the mirror of her society
A living embodiment of entirety.
Look close, beyond my usual reflection.

There is more to me
then my flesh and skin,
this side or the other
why the glass is akin?

Why do you always see
the nakedness of my body?
finding that one flaw
that may not define me broadly.

why am I just a muse for your painting
An object of your applesauce screening?
There is more to me
There is more to me,
then what you can just absorb,
reflect, mirror or see.

This poetry is an original work and draws references based on prompts given by-

Picture: Magpie 302
3 Word Wednesday 462: Lame, Harrowing, Imperfect
ABC Wednesday- Apperception, Applesauce
Poetry Pantry

The Girl Who Loved a Man

photo by Ed Ross
I met this girl on my hallway, her name was Rose. She told that it was the original name given by her Parents and she does not like to be called by that name anymore. I asked her what is the good name that she liked to be called by? And she replied- Call me by any name as it doesn't matter to her anymore. I was taken aback by her cold stance. She was a pretty girl to look at. With Big eyes, full lips and a translucent skin tone, she looked every word the name her parents gave her. I turned my gaze to her eyes and could see a sea of emotions there. There was something about her that made me freeze in that moment and I kept looking at her face. 

There was something about Rose
Her dreamy eyes,
her long nose.
Her closed lips, close red fuller lips
wanted to tell me something.
Something that I wanted to ask her,
something she wanted to tell
but yet words failed us.

I looked in her eyes
Her deep brown eyes
Once full of dreams,
were grave as stone
her eyes haunted me.

They had love,
They had Passion
yet they were so devoid
of hope and expression.

I asked her what is she doing so late in the night and whom does she live with. She told she lived with her husband and many a things-

I live with my husband
man I once counted as my friend.
so deep was our relation
that can't help falling love.
Love that made her sail
Away from where she hail
to the man she loved,
the man she entrusted
all her heart,
her happiness and her future.
all the dreams she nurture

I asked what went wrong?
and she said-

Her one word told me a lot many things. I did not want to probe her hurt or add to her injury. Neither did I know how to help her. Indeed, I was concerned for her. 

Her eyes spoke many things 
without her talking,
her face was tired and white
due to all meaningless walking.
I asked her to return home 
it is not safe for her to roam. 
She nod in affirmation
and a resilient confirmation.

Her eyes spectacular of her pain
her beautiful face could not sustain,
the miseries that love brought to her
and as she said
She will never be self again.

She did not know what went wrong
even when there is love,
how could hatred prolong
Hence, she is searching for her answers
walking on that dark street alone.

She continues to wander every night,
pondering about her romantic twilight.
I often find her around
nursing her unseen wound.

The girl who loved a Man
the girl by name- Rose
or any other name you may call
A Rose is a Rose, is a Rose

If you meet her, do help her find the road to her home.

Written this broadway freestyle prose and poetry for The Magpie Tale

Relearn to Deploy the 5S principle from Japanese Management

There is something about Japanese way of management that is impeccable, great to learn, easier to adopt and very fulfilling when followed. There are many leading management theories and principles in Japanese books of management that always comes handy irrespective of era or business you do. One such Management Principal is- 5S Methodology. 

I have taught the 5S Methodology in a recent workshop and here's a recap of it those who missed it. 

What is 5S Methodology- It is a simple workplace organization method that uses a list of 5 Japanese words starting from S. The 5S are-

  1. Seiri
  2. Seiton
  3. Seiso
  4. Seiketsu
  5. Shitsuke
The 5s is a guiding principle to foster organizing the work place to drive in more work place efficiency and effectiveness. It is basically an organizing and decision making tool that comes handy even at your personal front. Here's what the 5 S means-

  1. Seiri or To Sort : It is about keeping the required and removing the unnecessary items, and disposing them properly. Basically, to mean segregation and waste removal
  2. Seiton or Set: It is about setting, streamlining all the sorted items to facilitate easy spotting and usage 
  3. Seiso or to Shine: This means to sanitize or scrub the resources in order to ensure that they are in proper working condition, clean and safe to work. The shine is also about the pleasing looks.
  4. Seiketsu or Standardize: This is where decision making come sin. Seiketsu means to standardize the best practices in the work area, maintain orderliness and standardized every process.
  5. Shitsuke or Sustain: Organizing is not a one time activity. So while you have Soreted, Scrubbed, Streamlined and standardized your equipments and processes, it is very important to ensure sustainability and continuity of the same "without being told". 

Why 5S is important: We all know about "business time to market" and to ensure that 5S comes as aguiding principle especially in businesses like manufacturing which has large, complex processes and limited time. It is one the important tool to enable "Just In time" manufacturing. 5S can be used from manufacturing to health care, education, Government and other industries. 

It is quite universal and enriching that I often use it at my home, kitchen and other activities too.

Well that's all for today folks. Do mail us if you want to write about any other managerial/ education subject/topic of your choice. If you want us to conduct a workshop for your students or employees, you can ping us too. Till then, live up the organized life.

Angel On WheelChair #SpreadTheVibe

I am sharing a story from life to #SpreadTheVibe and highlight the good in this world, for Indiblogger and Youth Ki Awaaz.


It was a cold, rainy day in monsoon. I was working late in office as a major client escalation was going on and I was required to handle it personally ensuring the timeliness is not lost during delegation. I did not realize the time and when I stepped down from my office, I was surprised to see an unexpected heavy downpour. 

Though my office was not very far from my home, getting a conveyance was big challenge though. There will be a lot of autorickshaws near the compound but they won't budge unless they get a fare greater than 10 KMS. Commuting from work to home was one of the biggest challenges that I faced every day where in irrespective of weather, I needed to wait for hours below my office in search for a conveyance that will go from Malad west to Kandivali west. My attempt to offer additional Rs 50 for the ride was in vain too.

Murphy's Law at best
They say when something has to go wrong, it will nevertheless go wrong and, go wrong in all possible ways. Well, that was the day which perfectly lived to this adage. I was not keeping well and had a long day in office while resolving the escalation. The escalation was resolved amicably but left the bruised and unwell me totally drain of my spirits. Besides, the harsh Mumbai Rains and the crude breeze made it difficult for me walk on the under construction, lightless road near my office. Given the rain situation the availability of autorickshaw was scarce and I have to get home anyhow. That time even my parents were not staying with me so I could have asked them to fetch me and my husband was away on a tour. So I was helpless from all direction and have to give on my faith.

Rain-Rain go away
I stood on the road with my half battered spirits for long, half drenched in rain, seeing the passersby go. That moment I really cursed my inability to drive and lack of s support system. If only if I have left early, I would have got an auto and would be home but that would have made my business client out of his telephone network for another few hours in spite of him being a sweet and genuine person.

As if the heavy rainfall did not do enough damage by faulting the subscriber's network, it continued to play Brutus. I hoped for a cab to appear miraculously but on that dark road, forget the cab, there wasn't any bird visible either. My heart started to sink thinking about the horror stories

My Angel On Wheelchair
My thoughts and fear were rested by a familiar voice calling me- Ekta Mam', Ekta Mam ...from a distance. I turned around to look at the direction of the sound and found a wheelchair laden girl standing near an auto calling my name, signaling me to come. Apparently, she saw me waiting there, struggling for a conveyance and wanted me to offer the only hope that she got for herself to reach her home. I recognized her face and moved towards her direction. The road was slippery and I was very cautious while walking with my own injured leg. She came forth in her wheelchair, offering me her hand to cross the water laden road. I was really touched by her gesture and thanked her profoundly. However, seeing her condition I refused to take the auto alone and offered to come along till the main road. Since we have to go in the different direction she insisted that I take her autorickshaw and she will be able to cajole other driver given her wheelchair status. I knew how difficult would that be as people around are quite insensitive to other's problem except mocking it off. And in no situation I wanted to leave this angel alone at the road at that situation and suggested to go together till a mid-point in the pretext of meeting my doctor. She agreed and we hopped onto an unforgettable ride.

That one instance filled my heart with great love and respect for that girl who in spite of her disability offered me help.  The girl's name was Vidhi and she was wheelchair bound due to polio. Vidhi has done something many well-abled people cannot do. She worked in my office and met me occasionally. I reprimanded her few days back when I heard complain about her work that I feared will come in her way of progress and career growth. Being a disabled, I understand the importance of being financially independent for a girl and admonished her few weeks back for leaving her studies in mid-way.

So when she offered me help that evening, I saw a whole new part of her personality and could not thank her enough. She said that in world of hire and fire, she was completely taken away by my selfless concerns for her and the fact that I was the only one who ever stood for her amid a non-relevant conflict that she had with a bullying colleague

You know what, this restored my faith is good deeds. Out of 10 conflicting people, there will always be 1- 2 people who will appreciate your goodness and live by example. All you need to do is to #SpeadTheVibe, spread the good Vibe.


Disability/deformity is such a low blow in society. Unfortunately, irrespective of our modern outlook, we all see disability with one frame glasses only. We must realize that disability is nothing but a dynamic situation and can happen to anyone, anytime. Only a good cheer and positive vibes can steer us through. It is high time we need to change our outlook and spread good vibe in society at large.