Thar on Netflix Review

Breathtaking landscape, beautiful cinematography, great performances, and enormous suspense, yet something goes missing in Thar. What is it? Here's a quick review. [Kyunki if I give long reviews toh film kab dekhoge]

It is the story! It takes you a while before you can guess the story. And that is the good thing as it keeps your interest glued in till the last abduction. However, the revelation was stark and meaningful, yet it did not make a crisp unfolding to the overall setting. It appeared like the landscape was made to fit in the story.

When you see the trailer, you feel that the film would be more about Thar or the problems at Thar like the dacoit angle, the main plot however relegates or let's say digress from the extremely impactful setting. 

The film has violence, a little bit of noir, tons of suspense, and Anil Kapoor at his delicious best.

Anil Kapoor is one of the finest performers/actors and he proves that film after film, years after year. In spite of the big lineage of his films, you still want to see more of him. His tribulations as the clever yet under-achieved inspector who is nearing his retirement and tete a tete with his wife [perfectly played by Nivedita Bhattacharya] are worth watching on loop. 

So are his investigations with Bhure, his colleague played by Satish Kaushik. From the changing landscape of Mr. India' Arun and Calender to Thar' Surekha and Bhure, the duo still makes it all relevant and in sync.

Harshvardhan Kapoor is also quite promising. He is not your everyday 1-2 ka 4 hero but then we do not need such heroes these days. We have Anil Kapoor still doing it best. There is much more expected from lead actors these days given the variety of scripts and subjects, Harshvardhan seems a good fit. He has that silent, subtle, enigmatic persona that adds to the story and looks pleasing on screen. 

Other actors also fit the bill and make the characters look relevant. Jitendra Joshi who played Panna ensures that he is the man you are gonna hate for decades or till he comes in another powerful role with positive shades. Fatima as Chetna looks good in spite of an extremely stereotyped role, except for the end scene[s] which goes totally filmy stereotyped, and out of context like a forced climax. Why? No!

Mukti Mohan as Gauri is equally powerful as Chetna. In her two-bit role, she is far from cliche and looks natural. 

Another best thing about Thar is that though this film has a father-son duo, it doesn't succumb to the cliche that most the films cast two family members in one film, sharing frame does. Kudos to the actors n director for keeping it subtle and yet impactful. 

The film however suffers from the Wild West Hollywood effect, yet it is not as

Thar is a Revenge Drama and indeed worth a watch. You can watch it again for the landscapes and the brutal lifestyle condition in the desert. There is one scene, however, which did not go very well with me. It is the scene where Anil Kapoor was eating Palak Paneer for lunch. Getting lush green veggies in Thar heartland was a little too optimistic for me. But then it is a film and the prop is insignificant 😊

Do watch and share your reviews.


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जिहाद नहीं, अमन की आशा

 पता नहीं किसने जिहाद शुरू किया था और क्या मंसूबा लेकर

युग बीते, जिहाद फ़साद में बदल गया
और मंसूबा ग़ैर खुदाया हो गया।

जो यह जग ना बना होता तो नष्ट क्या करते
और अब नष्ट कर दोगे तो हासिल क्या होगा?

नफ़रत नहीं चलाती इस दुनिया को ज़ानिब.
राज दिलो पे प्यार से करो, किसी और की ज़रूरत ही नहीं महसूस होगी।
© numerounity

Uff Yeh Gehraiyaan Film Review with Badhai Do

Bollywood and Romance

A decade back, Bollywood was filled with movies that boasted of a love triangle where two people loved one person but one ends up sacrificing his/her love for the other one. These days Bollywood Romantic films are just complete rip-offs of wannabe Hollywood films with loads of sexual content. Sexual content is either to show the oomph factor of leading actors or just to sell the film even if its resonance with the plot is limited. But if only big production could make impactful films then a multitude of gems that exists in Bollywood, would not have ever existed. 

But back then there were movies on infidelities like Arth and yeh Nazdeekiyan that tried to bridge the masala with hint noir but they could not do as great as well-made films like Pati, Patni Aur Woh or crass like Grand Masti that had a similar angle of infidelity but the treatments were poles apart. 

We as viewers were bored with sugar or crass coated content, hence re-telling the same story in a more real and noir mode with the newly released- Gehraiyaan ft Deepika Padukon, Ananya Pandey, Dhairya Karwan, Siddhant [Gully boy fame], Rajat Kapoor, and Naseeruddin Shah in a pivotal role. 

Do Gehraiyaan and the new noir works for viewers? Is it a film worth watching? Is the film the same as what all film critics are talking about? Read to know more...

Uff Yeh Gehraiyaan

Gehraiya starts on a very shallow note and floats as shallow till the first half. If you could bear through the first half, you stand a better chance to appreciate the film at the second half wherein the film progresses from shallow to somewhat deeper waters, more realistic let's say. Why realistic? cause it does not end up in goofy romantic closure but highlights the sinister progression of such acts, acts that are done in name of urbanism, constant impulsive behavior, and acts that lack character. call it old content or so, but the character sells and sails irrespective of the era. 

The story

Let me sum this story for you in simple words.

In this film, there are two cousins[Anisha and Tia], separated by status. The richer one Tia is shown more compassionate and understanding, while the elder one Anisha is in spite of her high-end athleisure, has been shown to be struggling with finances and an otherwise likable fiancee. 

Tia's boyfriend Zain, is a now-on, now-off gold digger with roving eyes that just senses Anisha's insecurities and her need for upward mobility. Voils, he starts making digs at her from the first meet to endless over the terrace cleavage shows till that first kiss is sealed. It is so easy that you have a feud with your boyfriend, you must go grab the first man who shamelessly makes a move on you in spite of being engaged to an otherwise caring cousin. 

A deep-seated, unresolved childhood issue in one leads her to sexual marathons with her cousin's "still a fiance". Cause he did not have the guts or say character to call off his engagement with his rich investing fiance who has no flaws like Kalki's character in ZNMD or personality clash Navneet Nishan's character in Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke. hahaha, the song fits the bill too. It was like a person troubled with a past and present inviting more trouble as she finds solace in Zain's lies. You wonder whether to feel bad for her or keep scrutinizing her insecurities.

Moving ahead with the story, so the twain intersect and indulges in yawn-long sexually explicit romance till the time you wonder if it is their way of showing romance or a condom ad will just pop in to advertise its efficacy. None happens but Anisha gets pregnant and over impulsive. Of course, illicit sex is modern but sudden pregnancy is more unsettling than breaking your naive cousin's heart and trust. 

So Anisha's AMH levels were not low nor even the sperm count of Zain. Being an over-cautious "behind the scenes" couple they conveniently did not take any crew or staff on their yacht to create an alibi, while they drove their leased yacht in a public sea without any security or scrutiny or even one staff ever. wow! 

Never mind, as the lotus blooms inside Anisha, their happy pod turns into a murkier swamp. With Zain's illegal [again] business decisions hitting him with a karma belt, Anisha remains inconspicuous of his situation where an entire organization and its employees are in deep choppy waters. Her fingers find a new culprit in Zain as she remembers his story wherein he dumped his mother. Maybe she would have thought that he is an expert in dumping so he would dump his financial problems soon, hence the disruptive outrage. But that's how shallow a character has been portrayed. 

So, one thing leads to another and repercussions soon start to follow. And that's where films move to somewhat realistic tracks but end up in a la Andhadhun note. Like Andhadhun's ending/ plot, the plot here was crystal clear. for example, when zain takes Tia's phone in one scene and then in the next frame Anisha's valium in the same pocket, you know that Tia will look for her phone and find the medicines. Secondly, it was quite evident that Anisha's mom was running an affair with Tia's father while the father was being blamed. Also, when an old couple out of blue were rescued on their Yacht and lady boasting of sharp memory, you know that this will fire somewhere. Lazily, it remained untackled and woven into a keep guessing sort of ending. 

It is Gehraiyaan and Not Gilehariyan!

Thankfully this film chose noir so as to avoid dealing with the platitude of usual feel-good, Sanskari Indian Cinema. Dialogues were casual and fuck-sipid! The language was quite a mismatch that a lot of time the actor opened their mouth, you wonder if they are thinking whether to talk in English here or in Hindi or just get away by saying- F word. The F word was actually one of the protagonists of the film but on a brighter side, it was like music to ears that are dazed listening to all kinds of mother-sister expletive language on web shows/series. films these days. 

The climax looks re-purposed, unlike Anisha's clothes. Her swanky gym further strengthens your goals to be an independent Yoga teacher in an expensive city like Mumbai.  You wonder, while Zain is trying to run his business on Tia's investment, who is sponsoring that "petty cash" to fund Anisha's new house and Gosh she has swankier apple devices after spending 7-8 lakhs INR in building an app with an unresolved technical glitch.  Tech Tsch Tsch!

Actors and Performances

Deepika was brave to do this role. Maybe she was made to think that she has an author-backed role. And if you have been watching Shakun Batra's films, it is quite too easy to believe the way he beautifully presents his characters. However, Gehraiyan lacks that warmth. You just end up feeling sorry for Tia, played very ably by Ananya Pandey.  At one point you may feel why Anisha's character has too many problems with all the men esp[the ones she has grown up with like Karan]. 

You may say that different people may have different ways to show/ express affection. But when you seek affection, it is unbelievable that you do not show sign of it. You are just "all about me". Well, that was actually Deepika's clothing brand venture's name too. nevertheless, Deepika looked stunning as ever even in a scene where she wore barely any makeup. Ananya Pandey was good. Even Dhairya Karwa who played Aman also stood out with his simple, happy-go-lucky, fuss-free screen presence and no-histrionics performance. Rajat Kapoor is brilliant as ever and even Sidhant holds his fort, quite well. It may be quite a task to play the mentor of Ranvir Singh in your almost debut film and then play a passionate lover of his wife in the next. Ooh! However, he slips gracefully in his role of a boy from a meager upbringing turning into a sly, wannabe businessman. 


It is not a usual song and dance film so the scope for songs was less but both the tracks are doing quite well, giving new ventures for short videos, reels, etc. I actually loved the songs. the beat is very refreshing and chic. 

Also, what happens when you are going through a heartbreak? Do you jump at the next best opportunity immediately or do you initiate a closure first? Unfortunately, content these days are glorifying cheating and selfishness amply. Convenience is what convenience does and this convenience soon leads to what follows in the second half. Thankfully, no hunky-dory attempts were made here just to show how dynamic life is. 

Numerounity Verdicts: It was a good movie [maybe a notch below Shakun Batra's usual jewels] but only the second half. That is when the film actually turns noir. The first half was an unnecessary march of a high-end show-off and soft porn to entice viewers. Maybe it was to build the plot, it fell flat by actually pushing many viewers to close the screen. The performances were all good. The overall setup was cognizant enough of Karan Johar's production. So it is indeed a one-time watch and unlimited introspection opportunity to the new blooming- "me first, I'm the cult" culture. The film is a good reminder of people who think it is "their choice to exercise their choices insensitively". Bravo, Shakun Batra. The movie is for mature minds and ut indirectly leaves you a retrospective reflection of the newly promoted adulting culture and its milder repercussions. 

Also, what seems to be a cool life, is actually a web of lies, deceit, and opportunism. 

PS: After seeing the "Badhai Do" trailer, I think I would rather watch Gehraiyaan again! Maybe two more times if you will ask me to watch Kangana Ranaut's "Judgemental Hai Kya" again!

Numerounity Rating: 3.5/5 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime. 

फ़ितरत ए तबियत

फ़ितरत ए तबियत 

चीजों को धुएं में उड़ा देना मेरी आदत नहीं 

जला के राख कर देना भी मेरी फ़ितरत नहीं 

में तो वह हूँ जो अपने 

concrete के घर में भी पौधे लगाती हूँ. 

मिटटी में बीज डाल, डालिया और फूल उगाती हूँ 

मुझे शौक़ है बाग़ को हरा रखने का. 

हर शाख़ को रंगो से भरने का 

ज़िद नहीं की तूफानों में कश्तिया कोई डूबाऊँ 

ज़िद नहीं की होठों से राख सुलगाऊँ 

ज़िद नहीं की हर प्याली खाली ही करना है 

ज़िद नहीं की आधी पीयी पानी की बोतलों को छोड़ जाऊं. 


हौसला जख्मों  में मलहम का है 

महकमा दिलो को रोशन करने का है. 

तुम क्या तोड़ोगे मुझे पत्थर से ?

क्यूंकि में तो हूँ पानी 

बह जाऊं तुमसे भी रिस के.

सैलाब बनने का कोई शौक़ नहीं 

मेरी ख़ुशी हरियाली में है / मेरी ख़ुशी तो बारिश में है 

मेरी मानो तो तुम भी बादल बन 

सुखी हुई नदियों पे बरसो 


मारने वाले से बड़ा हक़, बचाने वाले का होता है 

और विध्वंस व विनाश में कुछ नहीं बचता 

न दीन ना फरोख्त 

ना ही कोई रूहानी सुकून. 

तो विनाश पे विकास चुनो।

प्रयास चुनो, विकास चुनो. 


लिखित द्वारा: एकता खेतान 


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शक्कर फिर भूल गयी ..

 सुबह से यह दूसरा कप

चाई का ले कर बैठी हूँ।

और दूसरी दफ़ा फिर शक्कर डालना भूल गयी ।

एक बार चाई बनाने जाती हूँ

जब उबाल जाए तो दूसरी दफ़ा उससे छान कर लाने को 

इस आने जाने की फ़िराक़ में 

चाय की चाह कभी कभी दब जाती है 

या कभी प्रबल हो, अपने साथ मुझे भी खोलाती है। 

दिन भर की थकान के बाद सोचती हूँ दो चुस्की चैन से मार लूँ 

मगर चाई की शक्कर के तरह 

कितनी भी कोशिशें कर लूँ

कुछ ना कुछ छूट ही जाता है। 

मेहनत तो पूरी कर लेती हूँ 

मगर मिठास कही रूठ जाता है 

बिस्तर में सिलवटे आ गयी

मगर आँखो में नींद नहीं आयी 

एक झपकी लगी तो याद आया 

की एक काम रह गया था 

दिन रहते उसको निपटा लूँ 

यादों के बीच २-४ झपकियाँ ले लेती हूँ

तकिये को सिरहाने से टिका 

करवाते भी बदल लेती हूँ 

मगर यह वक़्त है की भागता ही रहता है 

स्टडी से निकल किचन तक क्या शक्कर लेने को जाऊँगी  

यही सोच फीकी चाई पी लेती हूँ 

हाथ से ना निकल जाए वो लम्हा

उसे उसी कड़वी चाई के कप में मिला 

चुपके से सुड़क लेती हूँ।

अब तो चाय में शक्कर ढूंढ़ना भी एक आज़माइश है।

कोई मेरी चाय में थोड़ी शक्कर डाल दे यह एक छोटी सी `दिली फ़रमाइश है

यह देखो अब तो बारिश भी शुरू हो गयी,

क्या और एक कप चाय की कोई गुंजाइश है? 😊


©️ एकता खेतान  

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