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Malaria Free India with Godrej

Importance of ‘Partnerships and Collaborations’ for malaria elimination

03 August 2017 when Godrej Group in partnership with the Vector Control Research Center (VCRC), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), organized ‘Achieving a malaria-free India’, a first-of-its-kind conclave in Mumbai.

I was invited to be part of the esteem drive wherein I get to learn more about the ongoing need and merits of partnerships and collaborations in achieving a malaria-free India. Do check out my tweets with #MalariaFreeIndia for some quick updates/ learnings from the event.

I hope some of the information that I have shared on my tweets are helpful. Do follow me @numerounity on twitter for more edutainment and related content

The conclave had Stakeholders from public, private and social enterprises who forayed together to elaborate the ‘Achieving a malaria-free India’ mission. Stakeholders represented thought leaders from government, academia, the private sector and social & nonprofit organizations.

The conclave also had insightful discussions on India’s current challenges, lessons from the past, the merits and challenges of partnerships, roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders and concrete next steps to make the vision a reality. 

The Panel

The panel comprised of Prof. Dr. Sabesan, Senior Consultant, VCRC; Dr. Anup Anvikar, National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR); Shireen Mistree, India Health Fund, Tata Trusts; Neeraj Jain, Country Director, India, PATH and Vivek Gambhir, Managing Director, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Indrajit Gupta, Director and Co-founder, Founding Fuel ably moderated the intense discussions at the panel.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group, said, “Malaria continues to be one of the most significant public health issues confronting India today, with about 1.5 million new cases detected every year. Our Health Ministry has endorsed the goal of achieving a malaria-free India by 2030. Given the scale of the vision outlined, the importance of partnerships and collaborations is paramount. In line with this, our conclave today, aims to create and facilitate impactful conversations on malaria elimination among key thought leaders from the ecosystem.”
Mr. Vivek Gambhir, Managing Director, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, said, “With project EMBED (Elimination of Mosquito Borne Endemic Diseases), we have embarked on a journey of collaboration with various stakeholders, including the government, social sector, and the community. With gradual reductions in the malaria burden in our pilot districts, our project model is a testament to the productivity and importance of partnerships. As an FMCG player with a robust household insecticide portfolio, we have brought financial resources, knowledge on mosquito behaviors and prevention strategies, and a strong understanding of community members, to the fight against malaria. To further our outreach efforts, we have partnered with the VCRC for this conclave and will continue to work in collaboration with them to develop an action-oriented way forward from the discussions of the conclave today.”

There were meaningful deliberations on malaria elimination, including individual paper presentations by students of VCRC on different aspects of vector borne diseases[do check out my tweets on Wolbachia]; a presentation on Godrej Consumer Products’ pilot project EMBED by Dr. Vikas Goswami, Head Sustainability, Green, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies and Dr. Bitra George, Country Head, India, FHI 360. Prof. Dr. S. Sabesan unveiled a research paper on ‘Public Private Partnership (PPP) towards malaria elimination in India’.

The conclave was part of Godrej Group’s awareness platform, launched with the vision to create and facilitate impactful conversations around key issues of national significance. It will continue to engage with diverse stakeholders groups including government, academia, NGOs, regulatory bodies, industry bodies, media and digital influencers on socially relevant subjects.

Malaria in India:
The Stats are alarming. India has the highest malaria risk in the Asia Pacific region, with more than one billion people at risk of mosquito borne contamination. Note this-
  • Official estimates reveal 10 lakh cases of malaria reported in the country every year. 
  • India accounts for 70% of malaria cases and 69% of malaria deaths in the South East Asia region. 
  • Over 80% of India’s population lives in ‘malaria transmission high-risk’ areas

The Government of India has made a commitment to eliminate malaria from the country by 2030, in line with the National Framework for Malaria Elimination (NFME) and Global Technical Strategy for Malaria. Eliminating malaria in India will result in substantial public health improvement in the country, and would also lead to important improvements in the economic situation for families burdened by malaria.

Let's us together join hands to help fight this epidemic and eradicate it completely.

[Inputs received from Godrej Group]


My Movie Review of Spiderman- The homecoming

Hey Dudes,

You indeed do not follow me on Facebook? If you follow me you would have known what I have written and yet not revealed post my special screening of the movie. Now since this movie is officially launched, I can talk with more ease, telling you lot more yet not spoiling it for you.

I am not a huge superhero fan but Spiderman is an exception. So what, If I watched his animations on Doordarshan's Sunday evening treats for kids. I remember nothing of it including the name of the villains except two. Oh yes, I remotely remember two villains that are Dr. Octopus and Venom. After watching this film- its vulture. Well, that is not the point here. The point here is my un-review of the newly released Spiderman the homecoming movie.

Watch this review on YouTube Channel

Talking about the film, it is a light-hearted, sweet and well-executed movie film. This movie is not about the Spiderman fighting to save the world from the power hungry villain but more about stitching the high school drama, Avengers story and "do not kid me up" spiderman's story.

This movie is not the story of spiderman's origin but Peter Parker is already a Spiderman in this movie having a Tony Stark Scholarship.

Peter Parker is our 14 err 15-year-old student who is not as fast as his bully school mate Flash Thomson but way too accurate as a meritorious student who disappears from crucial scenes to play Spiderman. He stays with his Hot Italian Aunt Mrs. Parker and crawls at his apartment late in the night only to find an alibi in his high school classmate, a nerdy Ned. Ned is another sweet little character and grows on you once the track progresses.

Now Peter is just a student and that too an American high school student so it is very natural for him to fall in love with his high school class fellow- Liz, a very high school sexy hottie girl.

Peter is a student, spider-man and a wannabe avenger, He is often not taken seriously by our mighty Ironmen and his man Friday- Happy Hogan, until the climax approaches which is how so but obvious.

The movie has some cool VFX and almost incorrigible action sequences defying the law of Sciences, gravity, and logic too. Maybe visualized by an artist who probably got hit with a pineapple than an apple on his head. think big and majestic and voila VFX. Watch out for the ATM robbery scene. The pre-climax fight scene between Toomes and Spiderman gets way too dramatic and superheroic that you start looking for a coffee. 

Nevertheless,The movie has a good deal of engaging hilarious moment including- Peter's rendezvous with stark in the latter's car, how Spiderman spends his time helping people on street to rescue the lost bicycle, catching a probable car thief and helping a lady with directions who buys him churros and all those sweet goofy acts.

The cinematography is beautiful and 3d experience is good except for places where you can make out they are model units and not the landscape.

Some of my favorite scenes include- Peter's discovery of the Tommes gang and the chase scene that followed. He gets rescued by the Ironman suit controlled by Ironmen over wifi. wherein the Ironman was holidaying away at an Indian wedding. Forget Spiderman, the wifi is such a superhero here.

Another favorite scene included spiderman's attempt to save the robbery from the masked avengers, his tete a tete with his special suit who will give Siri a run for intelligence and clarity. If you are wondering who is the voice behind the suit lady Karen, it is Jennifer Connelly wife of Paul Bettany who has given voiceover for Ironmen's suit. Quite a trivia that is! Talking about Trivia, it is the 8th time when Robert Downey Jr is playing the Ironmen.

Talking about performances- Tom Holland nails it as Peter Parker. And there is a very generous Birdman Michael Keaton playing the Vulture, the very suave Robert Downey Jr, a just right John Favreau [Dude, they are making Chef in Hindi starring Saif Ali Khan and  I want to watch that], a well-supporting cameo in Ned, a funny bully Flash Thomson played by and a "I give a fuck but still care" MJ [hinting towards Mary Jane].

Ah! there is a bonus appearance by Stan Lee in a "pop a corn and you may miss it" role. but it is still heartwarming to see him on screen.

 #TheHomecoming is indeed a fun watch. The movie may be is filled with American cliches but the overall execution, the pulsating action makes it a great watch.

If you have watched Captain America- Civil wars, then you can pick the few references from there wherein Spiderman supported Tony stark's team to stop the other Avengers and stitch the story.

Oh yes, do not miss the closing credits that give you a hint of the upcoming #TheSinisterSix wherein Toomes talk to Gargan and still not giving away about Spiderman.

Overall, it is a long review but the movie is a good watch! Go for it.

If I have to give it stars, I will generously give it 4.5 out of 5.

My Vlog is under editing and will be up soon!

Prisoners of War

Flight Of Freedom

He holds all gut
and ran with all his might. 
Talking to the winds
propelling upright.

Into the crimson sun
fading from the sight.
Over the blues of water
turning dark from light.

The bruised Indian soldier
took his big flight,
flight of freedom
from the prison of plight.

where he held captivated
away from his army's sight.
tortured and mutilated every day
and every night.

Prisoners of war
captured by the enemy's site
undergoes an inhuman treatment
that will chill you with fright.

This is for all the soldiers 
who lay their life
fighting for their motherland,
holding the tricolor up and tight.

War is not a justice
but a blot on humanity.
a sad revelation of mankind
that leaves peace for false vanity

The land that you spit on,
is the land that we die for.
You call it soil, I call it Nation
Murmured the mutilated soldier
who was killed
while attempting,
A Flight of Freedom!


Among the many vices of the war, the treatment meted to the prisoners of war is one of the ugliest. There are many Indian soldiers, captivated by the cruel Pakistani forces are forced to live a brutal, painful life every day. It is not about the country or even your reason for unrest and war. It is about humanity and human dignity. Practice humanity and everything will be sorted on its own!

Do Not Bully

You do not like the stroke of my spoolie
ah! well that's no reason to turn unruly

I know you speak harshly
only to send that message.
loud and clear,
as bitter as it can get

That may be the way
of how you express

hey hold that emotion
do not offend
avoid that threat.

Tell it politely
and I will follow it duly
But get no offensive,
mean or silly

communication is a two-way street
speak cohesive and clear
time to get objective
oh dear,


Plant A Tree on World Environment Day

Today is "World Environment Day"!

I would suggest to stop by and smell some flowers and appreciate the beauty of nature even if you are already doing so.

The theme for this year is "connecting people to nature".

Here is how you can connect with nature, on perpetuity-

1) Tree Plantation: Needless to say, plant more trees

2) "Say No litter" policy: Take a conscious call to avoid littering the streets and educate others too. Organise a litter picking community and help cleaning the public places.

3) Reduce, Reuse and Optimise: Natural resources are sparse. learn to reduce wastage, encourage recycle and optimise the usage of resources like paper, electricity, water among others.

Remember, one small step is a giant leap of mankind. Do not hesitate to take small steps before you take environment as a bigger cause.

Begum Jaan or Raaj Kahini in Hindi? Film Unreview

I just finished watching the Hindi version of Rajkahini. Yes, that is how I would rather address the film Begum Jaan as given the core duplication of the project, notwithstanding additional grandeur of Bollywood budget as compared to it's poorer cousin- Kolkata Film Industry. Coming back to Begum Jaan, the movie indeed left me to tear eyed, angry as ever and pushing me back in melancholy, reminding the atrocities of 1947 and 1984.

It is important that filmmakers need to keep telling, keep reminding us the atrocities of those dreadful ages. It is crucial for humanity to remember such bruises only to ensure that they do not repeat it again. For that, I applaud the movie and all its minute efforts to do so.

I even appreciated the opening scene wherein an old woman disrobed herself to protect a young girl from 3 rapists in almost a Nirbhaya like sequence. It was quite impactful and had the ability to shake anyone in their gut.

The Story of Begum Jaan
The film is about a brothel, its matriarch owner and her unwillingness to relocate to another location in view of geographical redistribution owing to a painful partition between India & Pakistan.

No tongue twister intended but the story is very simple. When India and Pakistan got separated, in the tug of "me before nation and countrymen" war between two legendary leaders, Radcliff was summoned to design the borders. Unfortunately, the line that was drawn sitting in an ivory tower, passed through the Begum Jaan's brothel and required her to shift from the location to another safer place, lock stock and one hookah barrel.

When summoned by the executors, our lady with her borrowed unibrow not just refuse to vacate her baadi but insults the two bureaucrats- Ilyas and his friend before partition- Shrivastava.

NO hell hath fury like two insulted bureaucrats. In a bid to get their order executed, they take help of a ruthless local goon, only to mourn their decision in the end.

Numerounity Reviews
The subject is sensitive and heart touching. What I did not like is the treatment of the core story, the screenplay or the direction. The movie had a powerful subject, filled with all required amount of angst, trauma and suppression. However, it could not justify the storyline or the way screenplay moved. Even the reference to powerful historical women characters wrt to its leading lady [Vidya Balan in amusing disguises] and her justification to not shift a house made of brick and mortar, instead, letting go the lives of its dwellers, whose lives she restored, maintained and perpetuated.

The movie had emotions and practicality at convenient points but narrative lacked resonance.  It is my perspective and I may be wrong. However, there were many loose ends in the film that do not connect. I already mentioned the first one. 

The second one is the cold-heartedness of the two crucial characters of Ilyas and Shrivastava who have gone through similar life-wrenching experiences. They have also seen their innocent women bearing the brunt of this sadistic society that finds consolation by ill-treating its women. Yet they select a way to deal with the problem in hand and in spite of demonstrated atrocities, sticks with it till the end. Job pressures eh? Even the storyline was poor, the characters played by Rajit Kapoor and Ashish Vidyarthi were as flawless as ever. Ashish Vidyarthi is my all time favourite but if I have to compare between him and Rajat Kapoor, the latter stole the thunder in this film.

The Performances
Talking about the performances, in the entire film, there were only a few characters that remained to their true sketch. Vidya Balan did her Begum Jaan act well, even though she was reduced to lot stereotypes. However, it was the other actors that left a bigger impact. They were - the ruthless Kabir well-played by Chunky Pandey, Gauhar Khan as Rubina, Ila Arun [she is a delight to watch as always] Pritobash Tripathy, Rajesh Sharma and surprisingly, the lovelorn Pallavi Sharda.

"Vidya Balan makes even stereotypes look good" - Numerounity!

Talking about the probable jaan of this film- Vidya Balan. Vidya Balan had many armours to carry her character. She had Rajkahini to fall back too, which she did. She sailed well in her soprano, standing as tall as the amazing Rituparna in Raajkahini. Blame it to the script or poor narrative that shifted her character as a pendulum. At one moment, she was ok to live through the fancies of the king [a small role essayed by Naseeruddin Shah] to ensure the upkeep of her brothel. At another moment, she reprimands him off when he expressed his failure to convince the government to not get her brothel demolished. At one point, she is shown absolute practical with situations, handling people the way they should be. At another moment, she is shown unmoved by the loss of her pet, her home-keeper and probable threat to all people inside her house only to continue living in a house that she was not born in.

I am not denying the emotions attached with a house but what suffices lives of human/pets over brick and mortar. Like I said, the movie is conveniently practical, lazily photostat at places. Overall, the build up except at the climax was sorely missing.

The fact that this movie, its characters and even their dresses, dialogues extra were so loosely copied from the original, stole away all the probable merit. Come on, you have a fierce subject, pre-defined characters, premises. Yet you cannot deliver a film on your own?

Do not know what I am saying? Well, watch this clip from Rajkahini-

I have seen both the movie- frame to frame and appalled by the resemblance. I would have been a better idea if they dubbed Raajkahini in Hindi and released the original. But Hell, it is a Bhatt's production and apparently, they have run out of sleazy B grade Hollywood movies to get the inspiration from. Given the fact that it was Bhatt production- the nawab converts in Raja in Hindi, while everything else including historical references is copied [used] shamelessly. Chalo, in a way it is good if the message reaches wider, non-bangla audience as well. Amaar sonaar Bollywood! [I guess I should be reviewing Raajkahini instead :P]

Nevertheless, I really want people to watch this movie. If not for technical/creative aspect, watch it for academic purposes. While, I do not know a lot about movie making, nor am I an appointed torch bearer of humanity, as many of you may like to troll. However, I have one basic question- Who/what gives the right to one human to kill/ act brutally with other humans? What do you want to justify by using rape as a tool?

Why is it so difficult to re-module a geographical border that never existed but it is ok to let go of human lives as if they were the muted trees in the busy meadows? Is modification such a herculean task?

It is not about the film but the underlying idea. I know a lot of us including me questioned the logic behind the stubbornness of the lead character that loved a house above the multiple lives that dwelled in it. Like I said, it was the flawed narration that could not place the logic.

The movie could have been powerful and more impactful but the unbinding narrative lost its plot, its purpose somewhere to portray the drama. Sometimes a little too loud, sometimes a little too manipulative. Yet kudos to the characters- young, old, leading, loading or the indirect reference to agony caused by partition, the movie is indeed worth a watch.

My rating: 3/5 [Only for the performances]

#ManagementGyan : Fighting With Pigs

"Lord Bernard Shaw, how much I love you"!
I know it has been quite some time but I am back with my #ManagementGyan of the Day! It is called- Fighting with Pigs.
Err I mean you should not get in a fight with pig/s. I will tell you why. Before that take a deep breath, release and read on.

Fighting with Pigs
Do not get in fights with pigs. Why?
1) They have no business/productivity.

2) They love throwing mud/poop/dirt on self and others
3) Mud Slinging comforts their inferiority complex
4) Lack competency to prove a point via merit
5) Waste of precious productive time
6) Pigs are not loyal or Royals
7) It aims to be Destructive & not Constructive

What should you do when a pig deliberately drags you in a fight?
Firstly, do not react but calmly respond. If that does not help and you see the pig[s] continued machination towards mud slinging, drop the pig there in its own shit and move on. Remember, if you have worked towards achieving your goal meticulously and sincerely, you cannot let a pig ruin it for you. Let them try. For pigs will always try to induce you in mud slinging. After all, that is all they know - eating shit and giving the shit. They are the losers who instead of taking their failure as learning opportunity and work with tenacity to succeed, indulge in pulling others down. Take a "me" moment, interrogate yourself. If you are at equal faults, respond calmly towards a resolution. If you are not and it is clear that the pig is more of type 3 [bullets above], do not bother to react. You see, not all mud baths are therapeutic :)

There is a thing about achievers. They do not pull down others to go up. They rather work harder & set new records. Remember success through merit is the biggest revenge.

So, next time, when a pig or herd of pigs invite/entice/bully you for a mud slinging, simply smile and ignore. Remember that big, constructive goal that you may want to achieve. Pull your focus towards that and work to hone your skills.

Let the pigs be. Instead, adopt a dog or a goldfish or a bird that is a joy to see, and a joy to be with!
#KarmaIsABitch so sharpen your tooth accordingly :)

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