December 16, 2014

Pre Marital Sex: Different Strokes for Different Folks

It was 12:00 am i the night when I reached home from airport. I saw my 12 year niece and her equally teenager friends embroiled in a hot debate at drawing room.

Me: What kept you awake so long? And Err what is that you chaos are fighting on?
Niece: We aren't fighting but discussing. It is a very interesting debate on sex.
Me: Debate on sex?

Worried me looked around the room to search any traces for any such act. The kids were at my home and I was worried what would I answer their parents and how? Sex? They were all 12-14 years old only. I tried to look not so disturbed and picked myself and said-

Me: What sex debate? I thought you were watching movie.

Niece: Giggling. We just were watching that movie- Salaam Namaste wherein the leading lady lands at the guy's house as tenant and the start living in and have sex and gets pregnant, only to be dumped by the guy. In the end she delivers a baby. All that without marriage and we were like if she did right or she was wrong.

Me: So what have you concluded? right or wrong?

Niece: [in hush hush manner] Ya she was not right but the guy was even wrong he was jerk. Oops she was wrong too. I mean she could have married him first then have the baby. Girls like he looks like they are spreading net to rope in guys.

I could sense, a sense of "not coming out openly about it" feeling in my niece behavior and assured her to open up and speak her mind. It was then I learnt from her and her friends following-

1) Pre- marital sex is not a cool thing. It makes the girl and the guy look cheap and desperate
2) Pre-marital sex often leads to pregnancy
3) One should have pre-marital sex. Why so much hee-haw about virginity? esp for women?
4) It is very difficult for a girl to move on post her first sex
5) What if the guy leaves the girl post having sex with her?
6) You lose all your interest in the person post having sex
7) It looks- no-no...ugly
8) It is a good tool to know your partner's behavior in bed and act accordingly.
9) You can always say no post sex. What's the big deal
10) Good girls do not have pre marital sex
11) Intelligent girls have pre-marital sex

The argument list was endless. To cut the conversation short and avoid being peachy, I narrated them few real life incidents [name changed]-

Deepika, 29, a high flying executive copy writer at the well known advertising agency, was head over heels in love with her colleague Berry. Together they spent huge time making Ad copies and briefs for their client and during a work related tour in Ooty, discovered love for each other. The attraction was immediate, intense and the attraction was mutual. Soon after their first official candle light date, they found themselves waking up in each other's arms, the morning thereafter. Was it love or mere momentary attraction? Well hard to say as Deepika and Berry are still going strong and after 2 years of solid [read bed romping] courtship they got married in a Pvt ceremony at Goa last week and so far, so good.

Rohit, 20, a young, enthusiastic and intelligent engineering student from a prestigious college in Jaipur. During his second year, he met a young, bubbly and pretty looking Nitya and couldn't help but fell in love with her. Yes it was love at first sight for Rohit. He befriended Nitya and confessed his love one day. Nitya was a nice girl, a romantic at heart but was not ready to get into a relationship until she establishes herself in a job. That would require minimum 4 years and Rohit was willing to wait. All he wanted was a commitment from her. Nitya did not wanted to lose Rohit and in a moment of desperation, said yes to his proposal, only to refuse the very next day. She tried telling Rohit how she is not ready for a relationship and why she wanted to wait till they finish their education and his continuous insistence [no matter how innocent are they] are putting her off. But a smitten off Rohit couldn't stop himself and in turn Nitya drew herself away from him. She severed all connections but he somehow always managed to get her coordinates and would reach to her. The more he tried, more she drifted apart. Rohit and Nitya never had pre marital sex but in spite, Rohit got immensely emotionally attached with Nitya that he stopped concentrating on his education and career. It took him 7 years and a forced arrange marriage to lose focus on Nitya. He is settled happily with his family but Nitya still haunts his memory and reminds him of his unsuccessful first love.

And then there was Deepti. Deepti was a simple, dreamy and homely girl. She had firm belief in love, marriages and sanctity. When she turned 23, she was engaged with Bala, a suitor that her family found for her. Bala was a doctor in USA and belonged to a very conservative family. He wanted to marry an open minded girl and by open minded, he also meant that he wanted to have pre-nup intimacy with his life partner. Initially Deepti refused but given Bala's insistence and hint that she is hiding her "insufficiency" in name of "virginity", she relented. She relented thinking that she is anyways going to marry him and consented for the same. She realized that Bala is not a right person for her. He made her terribly uncomfortable and she developed a cold feet to sleep with him again. She tried to confide in her mother but in vain. They were aghast at her idea of having had pre-marital sex with her suitor and strictly told her not to divulge this truth to anyone else till she gets married to him. In spite of her repeated pleas, her parents got her married to Bala and needless to say, she developed intimacy issue and soon got divorced.

Deepti had a cousin- Meera. Meera was a architecture student when she met Kunal. He was her senior in college and proposed her. She could not refuse his charm and they started dating each other. A year after Kunal graduated and joined a prestigious architecture firm. He showered Meera with gifts and parties that would often take place at his newly acquired bachelor's pod where Meera would often spend her weekends. They used protection but even then Meera developed pregnancy. She developed a cold feet and in a bid to save herself from an early pregnancy and responsibility, she consulted a gynac and got the baby aborted. Unfortunately, the abortion lead to bad health and she could not conceive any children later. Kunal was not ready for child but Meera's one sided act disappointed him. He broke off with her, mutually.

Well that was the different examples that I could recall and gave to my "patiently listening" junta of teenagers. I threw them a question asking what do they think now about pre marital sex. Are they able to draw any conclusions on the same? It was imperative that I should have this discussion with them as they were in age that I call "dangerous" and needed to be "Handle with care" given the harmonal change their bodies and mind would go through.

Niece Friend 1: Yes. Well Pre marital sex can lead to making a women pregnant. No matter what. The women is always on risk of conceiving and conceiving at a wrong time of her life.

Me: Point taken. Next?

Niece Friend 2: Well it does not matter men or women, anyone can get emotional in a relationship like we saw in Rohit's case and sex may not be the reason. But if like Deepti, Rohit too had sex with Nitya, he would have known better.

Me: Known better what? What if he got further attached? What if Nitya developed pregnancy? She was a modern woman but not all modern woman need to be in favor of pre-marital sex. NO?

Niece Friend 3: Yes. However I have a disconnect on all this modernism issue. What is Modernism actually? Wearing branded stuff? talking chaste English, going holidays abroad and making out? We call ourselves the new generations. We wear Nike, Gucci and what not including our mind aloud on our heads. Tell me Maasi- are you in favor of "Pre-Marital Sex" yourself?

Me: You have a point there. Intimacy is a personal decision. What hold good in one case, may not hold good in other. No, I am not in favor of "Pre Marital sex" as an individual for self. However, I do not emboss my opinion on others. I believe there is always an age, time and purpose of everything. For me Pre marital sex is like a strict no-no. It is not just that my parents have this faith on me that I need not break or I am scared of society or scared of STDs. Off course, to me it is a combination of all and I like to play safe. It is a personal choice. It may not hold good for someone else like Deepika who grew fond of Berry post sleeping with him or Deepa who in spite of exercising her individual right of pre marital sex, cannot do much about it or say Meera. There is more to love and relationship Like I said- Different strokes for different folks!

Think about it guys and gals and the parents who oversee all logic over "log kya kahenge" [what will society say? Haaaw] All I would say is- be responsible for your actions and act responsibly. 

This post is written for Indiblogger's Hot new debate on- YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex in association with Author Poonam Uppal. Poonam has recently inked a book named- A Passionate Gospel of True Love: A Mystical True Love story
If the subject interests you, do pick up her book from Flipkart and feel free to express your opinions on Indiblogger.

December 14, 2014

Rise above Fear

photograph by Robert Doisneau

This is a true story, of Linda and Mr Goodman
They made a beautiful couple, dashing and made for each other,
Made for each other,
 God damn!

Theirs was an unusual pair
Unusual as we all tend.
They met at the metro gateway
When Linda wanted to get inside the train
Inside the high rush bogie,
And Mr. Goodman lent her the helping hand.

She thanked him for his gesture
And said that he is Godsend.
Cause she has been missing all her trains
And this was her last hope
This was her first time at Metro
And she wanted to go till next stop.

Linda was a young graduate
Who hailed from a beautiful sleepy hamlet
And moved in with her distant cousin
To the slick life of this rushed urbane.
She hated the rush that metro offered
And she could not wait for Christmas
When she can travel back to her place
Or make way for her parents to visit her.

Goodman liked the spirit of the lady
And offered her a place to seat.
It was that moment when Linda looked at him thoughtfully.
It was the first time when their eyes meet.

Sparks fly and touched the sky
The blue cerulean sparkled in the day light
And Linda and Mr. Goodman kept on talking
Little did she knew the slipping timing.
Her station came and unnoticeably went
She found herself engrossed in Goodman’s song
The song that has melody and grace
The song that was also written all over their face.

A little glance of Linda said many a thing
Of dreams enclosed within her little heart string.
He wanted to not let the moment go
But there was little that he can do
He liked the lady and wanted to woo
But was unsure if she felt similar
He just did not wanted to offend her.
Fear, it was his fear
Fear of losing a beautiful relation before it start,
Fear of not giving enough opportunity
To take forward a beautiful start.

The fear was mutual and the fear was strong
The fear took over Linda’s tone
She brushed her throat and stepped aside
She wanted to take things in her stride.
“I think I am getting late for my home”
She told Mr. Goodman and tried to move alone.

As she took a step, he saw her limping
Curious he asked the local to check-in
“Oh Ms Linda, well she is an amputee,
The limp in her leg is actually is a physical disability.
She met with an accident a Christmas before
And that unfortunate moment took her all.

Her engagement broke, her fiancé erred
Post her break up, she almost disappeared.
I saw her today after a long
God bless her, she is a lovely soul”.
The words of local clenched his heart
Mr. Goodman tried to remember things from start.

“Oh now I know what she could not tell
This was her fear and my fall”.

Goodman rushed outside the station
Looking furtively for Linda in utmost desperation.
He spotted her near the street lane.
He jumped to reach and held her hand.
“I fear no more and have taken
The leap of faith and love is my inspiration.
What begin with me and you,
is such a beautiful thing that I can’t let any fear

I want to rise above my fear and offer you my heart.
Lady, let’s continue this beautiful start.
If you feel the same that I do.
Look at my eyes and say- I love you”.

“I rise above my fear and hold you dear.
Hold me close and keep me near.
I too want to feel true love”
Said Linda unperturbed.

He fear no mob, no ostracism no jeer.
He clasp her hands and brought her near
And planted a kiss.
Ah! Love is such a bliss!
It is love that bring you close to God
Love makes you fight all odd.
Hold hands of love and
Rise above Fear

This story poem is inspired by-
Theme- Rise above Fear from Indiblogger and Mountain Dew [ check out the video below]
Picture: Magpie Tale

December 09, 2014

Murder She Wrote!

photo by Elene Usdin

She lied across the hallway floor
behind the curtains and sealed doors.

Behind the wall that was freshly painted
lied a human figurine, non dented.

The pink carpet squashy clean
Dunk in sweat from the tussle that has been

Between the predator and the prey

The wallflower, the social butterfly
was heaving last breaths before she die.

A death not planned, cold blooded though
was this her end, who would know

The seeds of her murder were non incidental
cause when she wrote the plots, she did the experiential

This time the victim dies with eyes open
was she dead or is she mere drunken?

mystery developed, plot get thickens
After all who killed Mrs Dickens?

The careworn author scribbles her note
She needs more input to build her plot

Let the dead be there, till I call my day
She crumpled her paper and sway.

The idea should be fresh and mystery- top notch.
Should she strangulate or slit her throat?
Or let her body stashed away in deserted boat?
Or throw in sea till it come afloat?

She need to build strong climax
The murder she wrote!
This 10 minutes poem is response to the picture prompt given by magpie tales. I hope you like my take, given the different nature of picture prompt this time. Do leave me a comment below.

December 08, 2014

Dawn of a new #Bigger Era with #LufthansaA380

There is a German saying-

"Wer rastet, der rostet"

It means- He who rests, grows rusty.

There is another German Saying-

"Aller Anfang ist schwer"

It means- All beginning are hard

Well for German giant Lufthansa, "Hard and impossible" is not a word in their dictionary. However, "constant innovation and improvement" has definitely a good place in their dictionary. And when did hard beginnings deterred them of creating magic in aviation? So when these words collaborate with Lufthansa's raring to go attitude and high skilled technology knowledge with a legal combination of "world class engineering"- some dreams are born. One such dream that took shape recently is- Lufthansa A380

#LufthansaA380- is the largest commercial aircraft in the history- Flying to Delhi. The Capital is the 1st city in India to welcome Lufthansa A380.

Lufthansa to fly Airbus A380 to New Delhi from October 27

While the capital is ready to celebrate this landmark development on the launch of daily flights on the Delhi-Frankfurt route beginning since November 08, how can the other city for the country can stay untouched form the dawn of this "New Era" in aviation and hospitality?

Well they are not. Lufthansa A380 had been the talk of the town and if you recall my little nephew- Piu from Boeing Boeing, too could not remained unaffected by this. At the launch of this Super Jumbo Jet, the little chap messaged his father to take him to Frankfurt. But only via Lufthansa A380. "Dad, I want to explore new skies with king of skies" he said.

Meantime, I planned my trip to land of coffee and plantation- Coorg. Piu was already back from trip and was very excited to meet me and spend time telling his endless stories. He is my little "swan". 

While I was booking my tickets, I was worried about the kind of flight and seats I may get on a local "so called economy" airline. Travelling economy class in domestic flights is a big hassle. Hassle in terms of booking in right airline and expecting right seats and crouching in their "matchbox" size seats whole through the journey. God help if there is a delay. My brother asked me to go for web checking to see if I can manage to get front seats to fit my leg. What followed was a conversation that went like this-

Me: Front seats these days are equally conjusted and so much sought after. Sigh! Let me try as I don't want to sit at those dingy seats. God forbid if I get a middle seat and slouchy co passengers.

Brother: No problem, ask co passenger if he/she can exchange your seat with their window seat. If someone refuse, ensure you sit so wide that they would not be able to go out to use wash room or so. Giggles!

I chuckled and said- You are being naughty. You know I cannot do that. Even if, lets imagine, I do, what if the person does it there? aaarrrgh!

Brother: Then you go and sit in washroom and refuse to come out till they change your seat.

Me: Haha..BTW I hate using washrooms on flight. Yuck they are even dingier. I feel like I will die of suffocation for sure. Why can't they have more spaces on airlines?

Brother: You seem to have developed a strong disliking flying these days. I thought you always prefered flights over other other modes of transport. All flights are like that. What to do? would you stop travelling? Or go back to era of railways?

Me: Well no, not all flights are like that. The face of aviation in India is changing. With new Lufthansa A380, things have taken a new shape. A new flight of freedom actually.

Brother: A "New Flight of Freedom"? Well that seems interesting. Tell me more

Me: Have you not heard about this new flight launch? Well let me tell you...Why tell, let show you rather. The "Bigger" advantage of airline hospitality.

And in that moment, I clicked on the Facebook page of airline and played this video-

Post by Lufthansa India.

Brother: Well Thats' magnificent. However, how as a traveler it helps you?

Me: It helps when I travel long distance. Especially the ergonomics, the state of art wide bodied design, the unique features, overall size [its 73 meter long, none the less!!!] the comfort factor, the way our luggage are being handled there and more importantly, the pioneer engineering! Making aircraft and flying them is no child's play. Design, Engineering plays a huge role. And that's all translates in to " Great In flight Experience".

Brother: Yeah and all that, sucks a hell lot of fuel and cause way too much environmental pollution.

Me: Well, we must not forget, it's Lufthansa that we are talking about. It consumes only 95 miles per gallon/passenger.

Brother: Oh! I can read "carbon footprints".

Me: yeah and do add- lesser noise, longer range and even lower emissions! It's bigger in size, better in facilities.

Brother: Well well...this enough sounds quite good to me. I am all sold for Lufthansa A380. I have to go for Christmas holidays and travel is such a nuisance that keeps us away from flying abroad. You know for our last trip, we end up spending so much money as the airlines claimed to be over booked and surprisingly no space on first class. We have to keep doing hop journeys and well that spoiled entire gust to travel abroad esp long distance. Besides, its so not comfortable. My two pence, if you are planning to fly Frankfurt, book your tickets now. Airline normally run out of sufficient seats and one has to make do with bad seats.

Me: Well, I hate throwing statistics to bring a point. However, without making "complex diagrams" to win a point, let me tell that A380 is configured with 8 seats in first class, 92 in BUsiness and 420 in economy giving the airline 12 additional seats in business but a massive 122 additional seats in economy class.

Brother: Oops that can make it conjusted and

Me: Conjusted? Small? Tight seating? Well with 71 meters in length and 24 meters in height, A380 is the largest, and with take off weight of up to 560 tons, the heaviest passenger aircraft in the world. Is there any other machine as robust and mighty to challenge it yet?

Brother: Well I do not recall anyone? Nor does I am indeed pleased to know about A380 and so much look forward to booking my trip on the same.

Me: Yeah. how much I hope they have similar structures for domestic flights. Sigh.

Brother: Hmm keep your faith intact. You may never know if you get to travel in it soon.

Me: I wish. Amen.

Brother: Amen

End of Conversation

Next morning I took my flight to Bengaluru airport, dreaming all the while about the New Lufthansa A380 all the while. Waiting for them to add more sectors. Waiting for others to follow suit. I did not realize when we landed and de-boarding started. I received call from my little nephew who just could not wait for me to reach and learn his new experiences. 

While I was leaving my plane, I stopped back and patted on the plane body and said- "Up your ante baby! up your ante. Lufthansa A380 says sky is the limit and is here to give you run for money". Off course the planes could not speak but the young hostess smiled and said- Oh I am keeping my fingers crossed to get on board. I smiled back at her and said- All the best.

When I reached the gate, Piu ran at me and chuckled. I was happy to see him and he was even happier as he returned from a long holiday at Frankfurt and could not wait to to share his brand new aviation experience with me. His brand new experience of travelling from Delhi to Frankfurt in the new Lufthansa A380.

Piu" Maasi, Can I ask you a riddle?

Me: Sure Dahlings!

Piu: I am the big, I am better. I am mighty, I am greater. My structure so strong that none can deny. I am the king of the skies. 

Me: Err, Ahem..Is it , is it a bird..err a plane..err is it Lufthansa A380

Piu: Bingo! Next- I have design, I have space. I give you luxury and personal space. Better facilities, more entertainment. I am the best in Aeroplane!

Me: Hmm this one got to be "Lufthansa A380"

Piu: Bingo 2 Maasi. I can't tell you how bigg it its actually speaking, it is the BIGGEST of all"

I smiled and asked if he was happy to be on board as he always hate long distance flights and get cranky at the thought it it.

Piu: No more scary Masi. This time I get to walk around. The plane is so big that I can play cricket and not get bored ever.  Besides, so many people around made me feel, I am safe :) It is world class you see, Maasi

Me: World Class? Eh! [smiled]

Piu: Yup Maasi [with a flashing smile in his bright eyes]. Mom says- It is luxury and Comfort on the Air like 7 star of all planes. I so much want to travel in it again Maasi. besides, the hostess aunties were so nice to me. I made friends with two of them. they gave me a box of goodies.

Me: Umm now I know what bring more "smiles per hour".

Piu: It is more Miles per hour Masi. Papa told me it does not use lots of fuel also thus making it "Green mean machine".  I did not get bored too. I was allowed to take all my gadgets insides and play them continuously without worrying battery exhaust.

Me: That's good. So did you clicked any pictures? If yes , show me.

Here's few pictures of the super Jumbo Flying machines for readers-

Lufthansa A380 first class


Lufthansa new business class

Lufthansa A380 seatplan

So India, Lets join our hands and give a big, big clap to Lufthansa A380. Time to bet Bigger, Better!
This post is written for Indiblogger's contest on- Why Bigger is Better for Indian Aviation

November 24, 2014


Snowstorm by Maurice de Vlaminck
White clouds, dwell-ed on earth,
Duel-ed with Trees and mountains
Head - it will dominate, Tail- it will wrap.
and embrace all in it's trap.

It had power to transform
dark in to white, sans light
and stark

Winter Storm, precipitations.
seething cold sleets
When it hails 
and snows
you can see supremacy
of the storm
That makes the black
that absorbed all,
to surrender and kneel
and reveal
The majesty of white snow
and the storm that empowers all,
what winds, what road.
It's heartless and cold.

Could you see those trees,
raising their hands?
in an attempt
to yelp for help.

There were some roads that now endowed with snow
blurring the directions.

So when he painted
That encapsulated state of his mind,
and that suggested
enforcement or turmoil?

November 23, 2014

Nursery Rhymes

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.”

I agree no less. Though choices keeps on changing and remolding, few things are always special and hold a special, distinctive place in our heart, forever. Some things makes us child again, well some things, are best associated with childhood. 

I remember how as kids, we always wanted to grow up fast, from school to college to work, and doing all those things that was associated with being elders. Hah! Those days. Today we ache to be kids again. No office, college, no pressures but we lost in our world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Nursery Rhymes. Yes, How often do you remember or get to hear nursery rhymes in our day to day life? Oops unless we have kids in our house, and more interestingly the kids in the house who still like and value the presence and importance of something as entertaining however, deep in meaning- Nursery rhymes over- Baby Doll Mein Sone ki or Lungi Dance. 

No offense to the popular nos above. Just reminiscing the lost era of nursery rhymes and wonder why they do not create them anymore? Anyways, when Blogadda in Association with Kids Hut by music Magnet T Series asked "to choose 2 favorite rhyme/ story and write about your memories and morals that are associated with them".

It got me no thinking as I had written above that some of the  nursery rhymes had deeper meaning, something that I learnt during my high school years. Well not the rhymes but the deeper meanings :)

There is a huge list of Nursery Rhymes. The playlist could be found here- Kids Hut

Here's the two of my favorite from the youTube Channel of Kids Huts-

1) Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was not just an egg shaped figurine but impersonation of a political figure/ issue back there. I would not name the person or details of the dark origin. I loved this rhyme for the song, the tune, the lyrics and the fact that "humpty dumpty" makes a goof personal reference if you want to use for a bully. hahaha

2) London Bridge is Falling down

Now if you recall, in our childhood, a lot of us had that small palm size pocket Piano, operated by a small flat cell. It used to come in Blue and pink colors and the meager keys would make interesting tones plus time pass and also an object of affection oops read collection during those days. Let me tell you the song has reference to political scenario of England and the Queen. I loved the creative way that they used to coin the major issue during that era in a simple play like rhymes for circulation. The adoption in nursery rhymes and kids as TG was an interesting. Is that what they call- Bachche bacche ki zubaan pe? [On every child's mouth]

There were several other favorites too.  What's your favorite? D let me know

 This post is a part of Kids Hutactivity at

November 21, 2014

Stop Child Abuse #EndViolence

I saw this little girl
sitting at the last bench in park.
Her heads lowered on her knees

I went near this little girl
She looked at me with fear
and screamed- Leave me Please

"I am not here to harm you dear
Relax, you can trust me"
I was shocked at her aggression and wonder brought her to these

She turned her head away
with her hands firmly on her frock
in a bid to stretch it beyond the crease

I sensed something terrible
and looked around to see
if there was somebody around, who was accompanying her
I asked her if she has come with someone
as the park is not a right place at evening
for a little girl like her to be.

"Tell me your address angel
I will drop you to your home
or give me a phone number
where I can inform your family member
to pick you home"

"Home, family?" she muttered
Tears Rolled down her cheeks
My apprehension grew deeper
her conduct was not normal
and I need to go deeper into this

I sat close to her
and hold her hands in mine
"you can choose not to trust me.
I do not know what happened with you
If you do not want to tell,
it is still fine.
But let me sit here,
and tell me if I can help you anyway.
Except for letting you stay alone.
Unless you return your home"

"I don't want to go home.
I feel much safer here
at least no one here asked
met show my love by dare bare"

"Dare bare"? Those words shocked my vein
I was aghast to see her Bruises,
they left me in pain.

"Who did this to you?
Does your family knows your woe"
"Well, Yes he was a 'Family'
and family back at home
told me it's my shame
but a secret too.
A secret that I must never spill.
Does secret hurt like this always Aunty?
He said it is love
Does love pain so much, Aunty?
Can I chose not to 'love'?"

Aghast, Embarrassed and shocked, I did not knew what to say.

#ChildAbuse is a sad disease that has spread in not just our country but is prevalent all over the world. It is not just about the sexual violation or abuse but even #ViolenceOnChildren is #ChildAbuse. The most unfortunate thing is that it is as prevalent in close, protective walls of a child's home, a lot of time by the own family member or friend, as much a risk it is outside. Any kind of corporal punishment and all forms of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment as well as physical bullying and hazing by adults or by other children, amounts to child Abuse. 

Signs to watch- Aggression, Depression, Bruises, Guilt, Behavioral change- Conduct, Fear, Experimenting [when you see child experimenting with toys or other children in sexual context]

The sad part is it prevails but the good part is that you can STOP #ChildAbuse and #EndAbuse. Do watch out for the above signs. The child may be from your family, acquaintance or totally stranger. But that should not stop you from raising awareness and helping the child out. Use your heart, conscience and Guts, make the difference. You never know how it will reward you, return your good help. It does.

Remember ignoring is equal to conducting this heinous Crime!

November 19th is World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence Against Children,

Join hands and take a step to #ENDviolence against children. I can #ENDviolence because #ItStartsWithMe.

stop child abuse

Some Notorious act of men
Brings entire mankind to Shame,
and Toxic to Society.

Some causes for change
should be taken as fiery challenge

Be Inclusive, let go Indifference
Stop Child Abuse #EndViolence

November 19, 2014

Let's Bring Back The #Personal Touch

Aditi and Keshav are two fast paced, high flying architects who believed in minimal designing and optimal utilization of spaces. Together they run their own architectural design house- The Personal Touch.

The Personal Touch was their first of it's kind entrepreneurial venture that they were planning since they were studying design and interior at INIFD. The concept was to create homes from houses by adding elements of individuals appeal and touch. "We build emotions in bricks and Mortar" was their logo. Everybody builds houses and almost everyone in the market is boasting about creating "homes" out of "houses", so where is the differentiation that we will bring in this already "done to death" notion? Argued Keshav during their initial crowd-sourcing discussion that they had with angel investors for procuring the initial seed capital for their dream venture. 

Aditi smiled and responded by presenting a file to the investors wherein she had neatly placed the pictures and testimonials of sample houses that they designed for their first few clients. "Let our do work do the talking sir" said a confident Aditi. The investors were bound to get impressed with her art works wherein she had designed a baby's room for the "newly born" parents. Instead of throwing random colors and famous animation caricatures, Aditi had helped the doting parents take the mold caste of the infants hands and feet, via an expert and, framed it in a lovely stand atop the walls. The idea clicked with the investors and they agreed to invest in Aditi and Keshav's dream venture.

“The Touch” concept clicked and since then, there was no looking back for Aditi and Keshav whose designed appeared regularly in the “Architectural Design” and they soon emerged in the top young designers to watch for.

As the business grew, and with increased popularity and client demand, the couple started spending more and more time at their work and assignments and that took a toll on their personal life. They did not realize when their passion to beat the market by irrelevance has taken over their relationship which started losing the steam. It was their intimate relationship and passion of being together that brought them forth and made them going. However, with lack of personal time and space, the passion between the two started fizzling out. Soon they started having difference of opinions over things. The couple who shared a brilliant chemistry once upon a time and were known to think on same lines, were soon started seeing in different directions. It started showing impacts on their assignments and thereby resulted in loss of a very prestigious project that they have been eyeing since the beginning.

It was pure difference in opinion. It was not that they lost their sense of design or that they started liking alternate arts. They still liked/disliked the same things however the unsaid understanding between them seem to be blurred eventually. They could not realize what has gone wrong until that evening when Keshav was hit by a bad viral and hospitalized. “I hate hospitals, they make me even sick” said the coughing Keshav who had to let go of an important meeting due to his increasingly bad health. Aditi volunteered to attend that meeting on Keshav’s behalf but she returned mid-way worrying about leaving the erring Keshav alone in the hospital.

When she reached the hospital, she found Keshav struggling with high temperature. She rushed in to doctor who gave an injection to Keshav to bring down his fever and asked Aditi to keep hot-cold water strips on his head till his temperature comes to the prescribed limits. A worried Aditi left everything and sit aside his bed to keep changing the water strips. As the night grew, Keshav’s fever refused to come down and he was in delirium. A worried Aditi leaned near his bed, took his hands in hers, brought his head to close to her lap and kept caressing his head for the whole night. She did not realized when the dark turned into dawn, and she fell deep asleep holding him. She was woken up by the visiting doctor’s knock on the door. The doctor came in to check for Keshav’s temperature and amazed to see his recovery. “You are very lucky, Aditi. Normally a patient like this takes minimum 2-3 days of hospitalization and utmost medication to regain back to normalcy. Your husband is able to recuperate over night. Thank your stars”.

“Well Doctor, it is not Aditi but it is me who is lucky to have wife like Aditi, who has helped me recover” replied Keshav, with a sense of comfort and pride.

“I don’t know what I had done, doctor. All I did was to be on his side while your medicines did their job” said Aditi.

“You have done Miracle Aditi. It was not my medicines but your ‘presence’ and “touch” that have worked wonders for your husband. Medicines does not achieve what a simple human touch does. And who other than you two lovely designers can understand that better. By the way, congratulations. I am sure you will do a wonderful job as always for this project” said the winking doctor while handling the morning newspaper to Aditi which broadcasted the announcement of a very prestigious project that was been rewarded to Aditi and Keshav’s firm “The Personal Touch”.

Aditi and Keshav read the news and looked each other’s eyes and said in unison- “Naah! No new assignment for a month now. This month we are busy doing a long pending project of ours. It’s our “#BringBackTheTouch” project, our personal project to revive, reignite and rekindle the spark between us. After all, we need to build a repository of “Touch, feel and sense” before we pass it on the world. Right Aditi?” Asked Keshav by launching his hand ahead of Aditi.

“100 per cent” said Aditi who smiled and gave her ailing husband a hi five.

This short fictional story is written in an emphasis to #BringBackTheTouch . Hope you liked it. Here's leaving you with a beautiful video by Parachute- the name synonymous to 100% pure hair and body care in India.

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