Happy Diwali 2016

October 31, 2016 1 Comments

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Light your hearts
and fight the darkness.
that lies within you
and in the house of that lesser fortunate.

Open your heart
and spread the sweetness.
of love and joy
happiness everywhere.

Garland your door
but be that flower
which fragrances every hand it touches.

Change your robe
and wear that smile
clothes gets old but soul stays
Come on let's make someone happy today!

If you cannot become
a reason of someone happiness
lest you should not be
a cause of their pain.

The world takes whatever you give,
only to give to you back.
Life is boomerang,
it may reflect
Be careful of flowers
that you throw in air.

Spread some joy
and spend some time
Money is anyways
exchange hands always.

Have a Great Diwali and Illuminate your heart with love, respect, truth and appreciation for all.


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The Woman Who Wanted to Feel Beautiful

October 27, 2016 , 3 Comments

She thought to bring some colours
in her otherwise vapid life.
and stepped down to adjoining plaza
and booked herself an appointment

After two hours of an in-salon session,
rapid discussion on styling arrangement.
she finally got her hair done
in a mahogany and purple plum

She fixed the volume with hair mousse 
and left them loose.
in their bouncy stance.
happy about this new transformation
she sang her way back to home.

cooked the meals
cleaned the house.
set an environment for her spouse
and waited impatiently for his return.

He came with a sullen head
tired and dropped dead
on the adjoining sofa 
where she was seated

she smiled at him and greeted.
It seems he did notice
and looked at her with sarcastic malice
and mocked her "hippy" tresses

she rose to the kitchen
hiding her tears behind slicing the onions
cursing the moment she decided to dress
took a band and tailed her mess.

Her bubble was broken
she cursed her decision
and wonder why she can't be
as good looking as other women.


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The Immersion

October 18, 2016 , 5 Comments

The divine statue
in its true radiance and glory
was submerged in the water,

full of chaotic Rasp

that the sea behold.

They chanted the songs of hymn,

and danced on the Rhythm of the Dholaki,

dressed in their festival fineries.

bidding adieu to the Goddess,

in the ghats of dust and swarm.

The sea, the river, the holy water

witnesses the wreckage,

the colourful lead package

and the debris of men's devotion.

Year after year.

in silent mourn.


Hey, men Spare that! Find a creative solution. Let your devotion lead the aspirations and not contaminate the holy water with leads. Remember, Rivers are also goddesses, they are the mother which supports our existence on this planet.

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Happy Dussehra 2016

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

Here's wishing "Happy Dussehra" to all my readers, followers and all of you.

Let us not burn the effigy this year but burn the negativity and evil around. Let us join hands to stand for the cause that threats our country. Let us be united, let us celebrate a festival in true spirit of joy and victory.

Best Wishes

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Of Halloween Costume and Controversy Over Pakistani Actors

October 06, 2016 , 8 Comments

This Halloween
what do you plan
same old pumpkin jacket
or a devil with a long scar?

Go sexy or scary
asking for trick or treat.
Halloween is all yours
Live up to its gimmick.

Get perky, get notable
do something commendable.

Do whatever, 
be whoever
but pull no string
and do not be a soldier

cause we live in times,
in an era
where a soldier is not a martyr 
but an oddball doing a paid duty,
a duty way to feeble 
over a waging actor.

In a country full of fools
where art has no boundary,
terror has no responsibility
but solidarity is a missing virtue,
an uneconomical territory
conspicuous by its absence


This has a reference to an ongoing debate over a temporary cessation of certain actors who are being asked to complete their ongoing project and not sign any new assignments with Indian productions/business houses, till a peace treaty is established between the "on the verge of war" countries- India and Pakistan. 

True, art has no boundary but Integrity and Humanity are above art!

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