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June 21, 2013 2 Comments

Liked my blog? Let's work together.

Hi there,

I have been receiving many requests/ emails on doing reviews, interviews, advertise etc. and it's quite overwhelming too! Down the years, the requests have increased and have contributed a lot to my spirit to continue my blog and try different things. Would it be not a good idea that we take that to next step and work towards bringing something more productive and meaningful?

If you echo the same, do drop me a mail here at- and we can take it forward.

We can work on-

Pl note, This is a personal blog (done only at leisure as I have a full time job being my first priority) and not used for commercial purposes. I write about things, people and issues that I am convinced about. However, when it comes to review, I am open to review varied things- books, movies, consumer products, gadgets (mobiles, camera etc), restaurant, service, any other. My exposure of staying and working at different parts of India from learned class to mass at bottom of pyramid, helps me to bring a whole new perspective and understanding of consumer behavior, content in my work. I am open to ideas. Any creative suggestions, do feel free to contribute.

This blog is solely a medium of communication. Author bears no intention to ever hurt any religion, caste, race or anyone of that matter. 

Advertisers are now welcome but on strictly select basis. Numerounity does not want to host or endorse spam content.


  1. Would like to come through your mail box. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous12 December

    A very good blog that covers a wide range of features on various articles


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