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Which is better- dying a thousands deaths everyday or getting killed once?

This question hovered her for years. For years, she battled denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally accepted. She tempered her feelings with good memories than sadness. Time passed but the waves of raw emotion ceased to get reorganized. She battled darkness until one day when she succumbed to it. Her efforts paid her some momentary gain of reason but at the end they were outweighed with recurring griefs. She saw even doctors battling with gangraine until it starts spreading and they need to take harsh action to further loss. What does a loss culminates into? May be a momentary relief but a grief of lifetime.

Her gangraine had spread over her soul, corrupted her hopes of life to a cracked glass bowl. The best of adhesives cannot cover the cracks. Her china bowl has lost its beauty, its purpose. It rather started hurting her eyes everytime she glanced through them. She buried it in a metal chest, beneath the soil but it always popped up. Until one day, when she took it to holy ganges and paid her homage to Gods.

Ayehsa attained back her peace or is it something that people often say everytime her name comes.

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