Film Review- Blackmail is Funny Gone Banal

April 20, 2018 0 Comments

What: Film Review
Movie: Blackmail
Starring: Irrfan Khan, Arunoday Singh, Divya Dutta and Kirti Kulhari
Genre: Comedy- Drama
Director: Abhinay Deo

I went to watch Delhi Belly with Zero expectations and came out laughing, with great memories of the film. This, however, was not the case with blackmail.

Not to say that Blackmail is not entertaining. It is entertaining. I went to watch this with great expectations, and came back neither disappointed but felt there was something that was amiss. What was that something? Let's figure it without, without writing the film down.

The movie has many assets. Starting from the biggest- The real Good khan- Irrfan Khan [his presence mere makes the film/project worth its while], premises of a dark humor meets suspense thriller of a genre, an interesting storyline, interesting characters, minimal song, a pretty looking Kirti Kulhari, A goofy [so apt] Arunoday Singh etc etc....

The movie has fewer flaws like a dragged storyline, some lackadaisical characters [played by OMI Vaidya who seem to refuse coming out of his Chatur Idiot mode and Dialogue Writer Pradyuman Singh playing the office colleague]. 

The story is simple- A man in a loveless marriage find his wife cheating on him. He dreams of confronting them but ends up blackmailing [and getting blackmailed too] his wife's Moosey boyfriend, married to an alcoholic yet the rich daughter of the local corporater, all in a Pacman inspired "who blackmails whom" chase.

Irrfan's Dev is a dull guy who sits till late hours in the night, playing Pacman on his computer, masturbating with pictures of his colleague's wife [gross], steals flowers from the graveyard, and overall leads a very mundane life until he finds this gym trainer in his wife's bed. Unfortunately, you do not feel very sorry for this guy who thinks one of the best ways to take revenge from his boss, is to use boss' unassuming wife's picture for his nocturnal ebony.

So it is ok for him to take pictures of other men's wife to his hormonal carnage but so difficult to accept the possibility of his wife sleeping with her boyfriend, being in a marriage where the entire relation revolves around recharging a set-top box. Phew!

There are few other tackiness in this story to deal with. One of them is the unnecessary, un-sexy and absolute pointless item number- Bewafa Beauty featuring Urmila Matondkar. What a waste. The whole sequence was as badly planted as the actress' makeup. Between her and the shitty Omi vaidya performance, I choose- the goofy, low IQ Ranjit of Arunoday Singh who was a delight to watch. Not being the actor's fan, I still liked his act in "this" film. 

There are a lot of real and funny anecdotes used in the movie. Few included- the never-ending calls on IVR, weird bosses with their goofy pep talks, the disguise as a blind gun seller, selling guns using Amitabh Bachchan's dialogue, the multi-purpose detective and the abundant pressure of never-ending EMIs.  The film would be relatable to various people and will entice the same crowd as the "Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety" but with a middle-class setup. 

The film may get dull on some occasions but manages to keep some thrill alive including the blackmail mesh up and the twists in the tales. Overall, it is a good watch. Largely because it is an Irrfan Khan film with an interesting storyline. Go watch it!

Numerounity Rating: 4/5 [cause it is an Irrfan Khan Film and I admire the actor, go, judge]


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A Crocus Romance

April 19, 2018 10 Comments

A touch of silk,
signaling sensual sounds 
deep within.

A wistful romance
soft and light
feels like a feather

featuring on the moonlit sky,
deep, intense and blue
like a crocus spring

A Handful of wish,
a mouthful of sky
Serenading in the bliss!


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RuPay Your Way To Big Bazaar

April 18, 2018 , 0 Comments

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Movie Review: Raid is Truly a Multi Starrer Film

April 06, 2018 , , 0 Comments

There is normally one hero in every film, story notwithstanding. In this movie, there is not just one but three Hero, three stars who have stolen the thunder and your heart with their heartfelt performance.

Let's talk about each of them starting with the deep, intense and "made for the role" Ajay Devgan.
Ajay Devgan' Ameya is an obvious character, brought to life with the sincere performance by the actor who look, walk and talk his character with great panache and no frill.

Ameya is the honest to death IT officer who is self -reliant, respect the rules and does not take favors that he cannot return. Except for a couple of references including carrying his own ghoda chaap to the party, the character is well sketched and well executed. Ajay's Ameya is more credible than Aksay Kumar's Jolly or even his Rustom or Ranjit Katyal. 

The role as I said tailor made for him and he executes it sufficient credibility without playing to the gallery. 

The second hero of the film is the corrupt MLA- Rameshawar Singh, even briliantly and flawlessly performed the highly talented Saurabh Shukla. Saurabh Shukla is an actor par excellence who looks, talks and eat like corrupt politician in a way that instead of hating his character, you would like and empathize with him. Which was the last villain [played by a character artist and not Shahrukh lhan] you felt same about?

The Third hero of the film is- Amma, a noteworthy role played by actor Pushpa Joshi. A lot of us may not know who is Pushpa Joshi but after watching this film, a majority will us not forget her. Such is the power of her portryal before you dismiss it as "just a small character" in the film. Pushpa' Amma is the most real character of the film, mouthing 1-2 liners at large intervals of the story, making you to ache to hear more or have her presence on the screen. Every moment the camera turns on her, she does nothing but to delight you with her deadpan expression [sans any drama or tears] or that gawky look in her eyes. 

You must watch this film to see these characters unfold and narrate.

While I called Raid a multi starrer and mentioned them too. There were other popular actors like Ileana D Cruz [who looked good in her designer cloths], Sheeba Chadda [good to see her onscreen but had little to do] and Sulagna Panigrahi.

This movie is based on a True story which makes it even more noteworthy. There is a cariacature of erstwhile PM Indira Gandhi, dealt in a politically correct manner and few songs here and there, bringing a relief to the earnest women having an interest in the Ileana's well tailored costumed and natural makeup.

Talking about Ileana d Cruz, she played the supporting wife of the IT officer, in an important and "must tell the tale" role. She may be the glam factor of the film, wearing those well designed, well accessorized look but overall fail to evoke the emotion beyond a point where it should have reached actually. I would have loved to see any other, not so popular actor sans the glamor there. 

The emotional song between the raid was like a big O! And was as not needed as the over the top romantic portrayal. It was a cliche but if you are watching with your husband, you may appreciate it as an opportunity to send some messages to him.. lolz.

Overall the movie is a good watch. No it is not an "angry man against corruption, whamming the bad guy with orchestrated fight" kind of movie. Thank God for that. I was really not prepared to see a Singham in Raid. I liked what I saw and it was a refreshing change. A must lesson that everyone should carry home.

Go watch it!

Numerounity rating: 3/5

I am leaving with few tongue in cheekyy pictures. Hope you like them. 

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