The Multi-Personality Disorder venture named- Heroine (Movie Review)

September 26, 2012 28 Comments

Caste: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda, Divya Dutta, Helen, Cigarattes & Liquor.

Director: Madhur Bhandarkar; Story: Stardust Magazine (back issues)

Screenplay: Fashion, Gia

Genre: Drama                     

Heroine is  a papier-mâché misadventure that has nothing great to offer except the actress with super screen presence and performance- Kareena Kapoor

Scene 1: The pretty actress is thrown out of a vehicle. She poignantly sits in her car and moves to police station in all tears, crestfallen and speechless. Before humble Mumbai Police could ask her about the complain, her secretary rescues her out. In case you were wondering "underworld threat" on.

Scene 2: Heroine attends a party in spite of her married boy friend's wishes (who conveniently wanted her to come after his gold digger wifey leaves) and pour wine on the bitchy Mrs. Déjà vu?

Scene 3: Heroine after a steamy session with her Yuvraj Singh alike cricketer boyfriend, asks him to recommend her name for an ambitious venture to his moohboli sister who incidentally is trophy wife of the lecherous producer/ actor, giving her fading career ka hawala. She conveniently munches the dialogue- No problem, if my career ruins, I will team up with a businessmen and buy an IPL team. Believe me or not the statement does the trick and hey presto next scene he is in successfully recommending his new starlit GF.

Scene 4: Heroine joins a political bandwagon sans red tika but symbolic shirt, with a broom in hand to bring- clean Mumbai, green Mumbai drive, only to manipulate a favor from the reigning party leader to get the real birth date of a rival actress exposed through her fake passport scandal.

Scene 5: Heroine in the feign end of her so called “always fading” career, with no movies in hand, vanished assignments, denied child adoption, stalled much awaited arty film and much more, gets so desperate that she circulates her wild MMS with superstar male colleague to get her small budget, sidey movie hit, while she goes in self imposed smoke & liquor filled hibernation for few days (and painfully long movie slot). Her "holier than thou" boyfriend, sheds a tear and deletes her name from his phone contact list signaling a post interval end of their “never made a sense” relationship.

Still did not have a hang of it? Then….

Scene 6: Heroine’s secretary goes on PR visit to a notable producer and heroine ex co actor (a blink eye close take off of Akshay Khiladi Kumar) with whom she had given couple of hits in past, for a casting in upcoming film to which the producer/ director cheesingly rejects by saying- her career is over. She may try & get in some reality show or marry an NRI businessman!!!

Déjà vu anyone?

The film is full of such clichés and déjà vu narrations start to end. Apparently, Madhur Bhandarkar, still soaked in his “Fashion” fame fatale, after having watched “The Dirty Picture” thought of clipping together his leftover screenplay from Fashion and making another “set” “themed” movie and named it- Heroine.

The film has nothing new to offer. The story line is erratic and the screenplay is even more moody and unpredictable than her lead protagonist in the film. Mugdha Godse doesn’t graduates from her “fashion” character. Divya Dutta as a sang-froid, shark PR pulled this one off as all her other roles brilliantly. Helen is incomparable and has a screen presence still untouched, unmatched. Govind Namdeo as secretary works well even in his limited frames. Sahana Goswami as “You may caste my assets for film but I am not a lesbian” Bengali actress looks convincing, Ranbeer Shorey, widely known for his funny roles is a misfit as an irritable, rigid, erratic Bengali- national award winning director. Sanjay Suri pulled off his stint as Aamir/ SRK-esque role of "you like drinking wine, oh then sleep with me or else I will chop your role off" act well. Arjun Rampal apart from looking good acted well (better than a lot of his films) and Randeep Hooda is  same gibberish, wasted (nothing new).The films’ trump card and the only reason that makes this movie watchable or work is- Kareena Kapoor.

Heroine is a story of a star who wants to be an actress- Mahie Arora and her misadventure with love, life and career. She has been lazily penned as girl from a broken family having a bipolar syndrome, another disease in form of a commitment phobic boyfriend and personality trait which may have even surprised her. It’s a story of her rise and fall to stardom, a story told in a very non convincing, jarring & meaningless melodramatic screenplay. Her character is nothing but a melee of Kangana meets Priyanka meets the sober miss Zinta who meets ravishing Raveena with leggy Deepika Padukone. Madhur’s not so sweet leftover of these entire beautiful actresses to an insipid tale of Mahie Arora renders the movie nothing but a big disappointment.

Mahie’s life is sidled by her Delhi based “we do not do compatibility but can smoke & drink together” caring, socialite mother played charming lillete Dubey who has been (sic) wasted again in a pygmy role. Wonder what happens to the age old tale of Heroines bringing mommy dears to shoot & everywhere? The duo however manage to come up with two highly “seetimaaro” (whistle generating) dialogues in the movie-
Kyunki tum meri ma nahi mein tumhari maa hoon
“Tumhare liye bees mein kar rahi hoon, bahar tees leti hoon”
Cheesy? but the crowd loved it.

Affairs galore, the second person in her life is apparently her third boy friend “married but available” who is “superstar with a gold digger wife and see a cute son too” who to please his estranged “add more in my alimony” wife throws his devoted girl friend of year outside his car. He does so only to have another 2 failed relations and return back to Mahi post a wedding dance ceremony sort of encounter.

Then there but off course is her cricketer boy friend, soberly played by Randeep Hooda who falls head over heels in her strategy and love and does everything that her past boy friend did not do for her to woo her. He lands up in her bed and holidays abroad but fails to slip his love ring in her finger and leaves grimly and grumbling to be never seen again in this movie.

Then there is Helen who portrayed a character of a yesteryear’s star who is now reduced to doing small time roles in films. She effortlessly essays the role wherein despite being awarded for a lifetime achievement she lives and dies in oblivion.

And yes. There are not one but two item nos to up the ante with masses and wannabe babes (who may just love the babe-licious salutations at almost all the bitchy shots of the movie). While Halkat Jawani may strike a chord or two at B centers and all; wherein Main Heroine hoon is absolute tacky & jarring!

And then there is lot of booze, smoke, trans sexual reference and explicit scenes that conveniently frames the Hollywood ishtyle life portrayal of a heroine. The movie deploys usual decoys from stars attending public wedding to casting couch to their art cinema fetish to endorsement spree and what not. However rarely any unique situation or scene that may make you sew to the movie other than Kareena’s scintillating performance. Poor thing for she may have thought if nothing else she could bag a national award like other actresses from his set stables but Alas, Priyanka seems to have taken the Barfi away this year. “Bas kar” (enough) says Uncle Oscar to Madhur Bhandarkar who like the scolded child abruptly ends the movie with no head, no tails, ask if it were there at all.

Heroine could have been better movie. Its neither resurrecting as Fashion, nor hard hitting as “The Dirty picture” nor as path breaking as Bhandarkar’s earlier ventures like Page 3 or Chandni bar. With a weak screenplay and even weaker storyline it’s a contrast to all that hype it created, all controversies it generated, all brawls it entered and may further embroiled into. Music is so so. There is nothing new or promising in this movie except the beautiful Kareena Kapoor and her strong performance. Its she who makes the blow hot, blow cold Mahi, neither conventional nor a wild child Mahi, a "what could be an author backed role but stands as wasted sketch" Mahie works and looks good. 

You know the last person who is having laugh- Shhhsh…Aishwarya Rai.

Mr. Bhandar-kar, its high time you spic brush your creativity bhandar-ghar (store) and give us something better. Dil toh bachcha hai ji phir bhi Heroine ki satta nahi tiki. Chandni baar aur Jail ka fashion ab purana ho gaya hai. Page 3 pe aane ke liye thodi aur pyaas badhao.

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Baked Corn Pasta Samosa served with Olive Dip & Prune Lassi

September 23, 2012 39 Comments

Its Del Monte carnival time. Keeping the need of frequent innovations and spicing up food, I hereby present one of my most popular platter that works well for any brunch or snacking. All, using Del Monte products as core ingredient.
Baked Pasta Samosa
Del Monte Lasagne Pasta (long; flat)
Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil
For filling:
Del Monte whole Kernel Corn
Spring Onion (Finely chopped)
Green peas ( Parboiled)
ginger & garlic (grated)
Del Monte Mustard sauce (1 spoon)
Cornflour & dry fruits

Green Chillies finely chopped (Optional)
Grated Cheese (Optional)

Spices: Salt, Roasted cummin powder, Garam masala, dry mango powder, corriander powder

Step 1: Take a bowl and mix all filling ingredients and roll in a triangular shape with help of some Olive oil (any shape desired). 

Step 2: Take the Del Monte flat pasta, add it in salted boiling water and soak till it gets little smooth n flowy. Take it out from water and layered it around the filling (horizontally in triangular shape) as created in step 1. Brush up little with olive oil. Take a microwave bake dish with a parchment paper inside and Place the samosas carefully. Slightly pierce each of samosa on top with fork. Preheat microwave at min 425 degree and place  the dish inside and bake for 15-20 mins. Check the oven once after 10 mins. Serve hot with Del Monte Zingo or Twango sauce or the olive dip.

Olive Dip
1/2 cup milk
4 processed cheese slices or cubes
1/2 tbsp cornflour
3-4 chopped Del Monte olives
1 tbsp Basil paste (Optional)

Take a microwave safe bowl, add all the above, mix well and keep it in microwave for a minute. Take it out, stir well and microwave it for another 1 minute. Mix salt to taste and serve with a topping of basil leave. In case if you do not want to use basil or olive, do not add them. Just make your cheesy dip and once cooked, add Del Monte Zingo or Twango sauce in it to bring the variety.

Take a bowl, add the dip in it and keep it in a center of a large round plate. Keep the Samosas around the empty space of plate and serve. You can make three plates using different dips and serve.

Prune Lassi
Plain Yogurt
Crushed ice
Mint leaves

Take big bowl, add yogurt,prunes (without seeds) and crushed ice blend it to form a thin consistency. Now Pour in a tall glass,from slightly above the rim to bring the froth effect. Cut a round slice of Prune and slit it a bit to place atop the glass. Garnish the lassi (yogurt shake) with fresh mint leaves and serve.
Be a yummy mummy and diva in kitchen. And for that adventurous food lover in you, more at-

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"Five a day" Pasta with Cucumber Yogurt

September 22, 2012 7 Comments

Finally I am writing a recipe on my blog. Thanks to Del Monte Blogger Recipe contest.

"Five a day" Pasta with cucumber flavored yogurt

What is Five a day? Its one of my favorite pasta recipe which aims to bring all five colors on the palate.

"5 a day" Pasta (serves 2; prep time: less than 30 mins) 
Del Monte Extra Virgin Oil (2-3 tbsp)
Del Monte Pasta (Sphagetti, Lasagna or Rigate- as per choice)
Del Monte Sliced Olives (Plain Green & Black assorted)
Garlic (2 teaspoon; finely chopped)
Del Monte Pasta Sauce- Veg Bolognese ( 2-3 tbsp)
Bowl of Vegetables (par boiled & diced): Del Monte canned Corn, Capsicum (Green, Red & Yellow), Broccoli
Onions (Diced-  2 tbsp)
Green Onion leaves (finely chopped)

Boil the pasta in salted water for 8-10 minutes, add 1/2 spoon of oil to avoid sticking. Take the boiled pasta on sieve and run through cold water.

In a heated wok, add Olive oil,  the diced and half boiled vegetable, saute without crushing them. Add Pasta Sauce, stir well. Taste the salt etc, stir well, add the sliced olives, stir and add the pasta. (Egg lovers can use egg pasta or add diced boiled eggs)

Mix well till the sauce and veggies blends well in pasta. Pasta is ready to serve, ready to savor. You can use the following tips to serve-

Serving Tip no 1: Serve the hot pasta on a long white plate,Garnish with chopped green onions. Cheese lovers can alternatively garnish it with shredded Parmesan cheese, add two long slices of olives with basil leaves

Serving tip no 2: (For egg lovers) Take a boiled egg, cut from top in four long slices and place in middle of the pasta.

Cucumber flavored Yogurt
Take fresh yogurt in a bowl, add 2 pinch of rock salt, 1/2 teaspoon of freshly roasted cummin powder, 1 piece sliced cherry (without seed); two crushed basil leaves. Blend all well using a hand blender.

Take a fresh, green cucumber, shred it and mix it to the blended yogurt and serve with the Pasta.

Tip: cooking for kids, use a lesser portion of sauce to minimize spices in pasta. Alternatively use plain tomato puree.


You can make the same pasta in stir fry mode. Cook Pasta and vegetables separately.
Pasta: Add 2 tbsp of Olive oil in a wok, heat a bit. Add the boiled pasta, stir and done.
Vegetables: Cook the veggies as above separately

Take a plate, spread the pasta. Pour a scoop of cooked veggies atop, add shredded cheese and garnish with two slice of Green Olives / boiled egg slices.

You can serve this with cheese garlic bread too.

I wish I can add pics here but due to time constraints and non availability of kitchen, I regret not having them)

To know more about Del Monte products, Do visit -
or their facebook page

Bon Appetite!

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Fractured Legend- Book Review

September 19, 2012 11 Comments


‘ And then…God created Women and the world was never ever the same.’ 

Book name: Fractured Legend 
ISBN: 978-93-81791-07-3
Author: Kranthi Askani
Publisher: APK publishers
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 195/- 
Total pages: 190
Rating: 2.5/5

The Story: Fractured legend is the story of 3 different women with three different background who are sailing away from their turbulent pasts, the denouement puzzlingly curling them all together into one tight ribbon of hope. There is a dilapidated temple and it's temple queen, a secret manuscript, a main link between all the three ladies and the letters. Set in an unconventional world, ruled by conventions, the story bores descriptions aplenty and create illusions with imaginary places, figures to pace forth.

The book is segmented into 3 chapters encapsulating stories of all the three characters and how their life gets interlinked and intertwined.

About the Author: Kranthi Askani (quite a unique name) is a novelist from city of Nizams- Hyderabad, India. He is a software professional who also plays Tabla.

Writing style of Author: The book written as a narrative from each of these 3 central characters in a monologue mode with readers. The author uses often a high English literature language, making the narrative bit perplexed and slow pacing at time. For eg-

"The dog crouched near the fountain for days as if to seek reprieve, then he crept up with his jawline slack, drooling, sneezing, ears flat as he lunged up the round stony plinth and flopped to the muddy fountain".

Main character of the story: Priyambada, Nandini & Pravalli are three protagonists of this novel and it's a story that revolves around their not so smooth life. Tough situations, multifaceted nature of society and their own distinctive personality weaves the story forward. They lead their lives bound by the circumstances and how they evolved. 

Priyambada is a temple slave who turns into flesh in night and froze into statue by the morning. In her self chosen state, she now craves for immortality and how. Nandhini is a professional assassin, caught between complex game of deceit and rivalry. Pravalli story is about the long letter that she drafted for her mother. 

Likes/ Dislikes: I strongly believe personal dislikes kills a chance of a book read by larger population. So here, I would not get into any dislike that may refrain enthusiasts to pick up a novel concept. The author is new and the concept is quite different from the likes of- Rom Com, teenage love, how to lose weight etc. So venturing into an area so arcane definitely calls for some accolade and encouragement. What I do not like much is the language, it could have been simpler and more mellifluous to set the story, characters and pace for first 30 pages at least. Also, the bit bizarre unfold of the events, you can't blame much given the setting of the concept itself. Read it when you have plenty of time and not many other things to do, read patiently. Having said that I would still go ahead with this book if you want dwell further in the unconventional subject matter and make your own judgement. 

I loved the title though, So apt in current world, for current leaders and their leadership! Also, can be used to highlight the fall in social structure and relationships. With a title like that expectations are bound to rise, and let them otherwise picking books from shelves would be difficult. No?


Here's the personal note that author written on all the copies sent across-

Dear blogadda Member
here is a spool of my imagination. Unwind it delicately. Thank you for your time...

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books! 

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Children of a lesser God


She sat there
alone, lonely and in great despair
She called for friends but no one came
They mocked her, mimicked her gait
when she wasn't around.
They made fun of her speed,
they made fun of her shoes,
they made fun of her dress,
they made fun of her woes
They moved ahead while leaving her
to walk alone, away and aloof
"we are in hurry" everyone said
but they stood near the park
and spent hours chit chatting,
As they saw her coming, they rushed ahead giggling,
they ran without any explanation.

She soaked in her tears
told herself to not cry
She was handicap by body
but the physically fit failed her

He couldn't hear or talk
but always endorsing smiles
ready to help
love unconditionally
he couldn't work like others
but was way smart to deal things
he wanted to be loved
in exchange of love he spring.
some shown pity by offering petty money
"I am not beggar just cause I have a handicap"
I sell what money cannot buy,
I have something above just ability, he said.
they paid no heed
in their ignorance they marched ahead

he soaked his silence world with his hopes
people who could hear couldn't listen him
people who could talk, had no words for him

Born this way
Shabnam could never understand why
God created her differently
so different that she would yearn
to be just normal born, normal bred.
No one gave him a job,
no one wanted to be in her company
they sniffed and made faces at him
she was him or he was she
no one helped her query.
she blessed all the newly born
blessed that they never be like her

She soaked her tears to her heart
Stored there till the blood pumped
and when she was dead,
they beat her with broom, slippers and sticks
"don't ever reborn as these again, Shabnam
Do not ever born as eunuch again".

Disability/ deformity is a low to our society. It is seen as big curse. All hell hath lose when someone is born or gets suffered with it. Find no love, find no support, find no acceptance until you find someone as unfortunate you are- we scream and tell these to them time and again, reminding them what they do not have instead of what they do have. We are so obsessed by beauty, the external beauty that we fail to see the person within. Someone told me when God shuts a door, he opens many others. I always hoped that God should not shut the big, quintessential to door to open trivial many. They say when God takes away a thing, he replenishes by many greater qualities. People who want to genuinely care and love and assist such people, becomes obvious stock of mockery, snide and jeers.
" Complained I, cause I have no shoes. Untill I saw a man with no legs" 
People used them as alibi,
people used them as bait.
People forget that sooner or later,
anyone can have similar fate.
SoakNoMore in penalizing deformities.
Soak in resurrecting them.
SoakNoMore in prejudices.
Life is a beautiful gift of god!

SoakNoMore in aggrieving people
people who could not understand
people who cannot accept you,
Pity that they do not know the life.
Pity that they have bigger handicaps!

This post is my general observation, written finish to fast within 15 minutes and hold no personal views/ bias against a person/ community whatsoever. Just a humble request to treat deformity with more sensitivity, whether external or internally.

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Dexter & Dee Dee Chronicles - SoakNoMore

I toil hard every day
Work under sun, work all way
Soak me not I tell the sun
But sun keeps soaking me anyway

Love my shirts white and bright
All my linen, colorful and light
Dust and pollution, gives me fright
Soak me no more I say
But they too turn a blind eye
And keep me soaking anyway

Flabbergasted I hop all place
Jungles, Super marts and store
I tried even this, I tried even that
 Tv program, ads and sales on door
Try everything that I lay my hand
Detergents, soap, whitener, bleach and more
Squeeze the Lemon to rub the collars
Brush the cufflinks, visited even washer men shore
Soak me no more my cloths say
But I soak them anyways

Every Sunday morning I put up a fight
To scrub away dirt but to my plight
They are stubborn, they do not move
They say let us be there for stains are good
Soda, brush, wooden bat and all my might
I even emptied whole toothpaste white
I stood on my head still it didn’t work
I burn the temple lamps but my stains still smirk
Inky, stinky, sporty and Picklu
Stain gang is a little rascal that blinks at me
I told the dirt to stay away
but stains keep soaking my cloths anyway

Stains are stubborn, washing is not easy
Life is busy but doing laundry makes it dizzy
I tried all trick, all in vain
I toggle hard on laundry but still its not right

And then one day my Dee dee arrived…

I needed freedom from stains but here comes something that's a bigger pain. The world know the tale of laborious Dexter and his loving sister- Dee Dee. They have come to life in this "Soak no more" saga to bust that dirt monster. Here's the rendezvous and a tete' a tete of Dexter and Dee dee (cartoon character used to depict a real life relation & interaction between me & my younger brother) that followed-
The ever effervescent Dee Dee (DD in short) smiled outside my doorstep that evening. "Surprise" she said. "Shock" I muttered. We were just sipping our cups of hot chocolate post dinner when she in her legendary non reflective style "ooh what's this button" pulled out a rather deceptive switch which resulted in power cut of entire house. Phussss! went the lights. 

Its then I noticed her paper fresh cloths. All shiny, all bright, all so squeaky, crispy clean. Huh! My spendthrift sister and her ways of splurging money. They must be pucca brand new shopped from one of the most expensive designer store, as always. “Nice Tee, Dee dee. New one”?  "Na re, its almost 2 years now". There goes another Huh! She keeps on buying stuff only to sate her cupboards & her forever "itching to spend" habit. So today must be the lucky day for this shirt for finally it has seen the light of the day from her dark, stuffed cupboard. "Ohhh new pinch di!". "No baba, I told you na I got them 2 years back". "Yes but you wearing them for first time na…so new pinch to banta hai!". "No re I have been wearing them regularly. They are my favorite you see". They look so good and fresh. "Yes,  just washed them a day before". "Hmmm must be tough time cleaning it considering its all white". "No re. just put inside washing machine, add soap and water and switch it on. lo & behold, its done". "How about soaking? Did you soaked them overnight or 2 hours before washing?" I digged. "Why soaking? I SoakNoMore".  "What are you saying, no soaking? You must be putting very expensive detergent and off course a lot of scoopfuls". No, pat came her reply.. Then? How is it possible. Aha over night soaking.

"Soak no more my dear" my sister told me as she handed me the new Surf excel. Some marketing gimmick? How can you wash cloths without soaking. She smiled and quipped- Do you soak yourself overnight before taking bath? Is your cloths Rajma or chole that you have to soak overnight or for best cooking/ wash 6 hours types?

"Err,ahem, aargh! No dee dee. Then how does it work. Considering mine is an expensive front loading techno washing machine"- I asked. "Aisi machine, waisi machine ho, Surf excel matic hai na"- she blinked! She then explained to me the principle of vibrating molecules and low Suds that penetrates inside the fabric and cleans the toughest of stains without soaking, without much foaming. Hmmm then it means lots of powder in a bucket. No, it means- lots of power in the bucket! You mean etc powder for etc power? Off oh bhai, she said. Half kg of surf is equal to 1 kg of any other detergent powder. Really? yes really. Hee hee this act of her reminded me of Lalitaji who once used to come on Doordarshan promoting the brand on similar lines. My dee dee is Y2k Lalitaji? But the big Bindi on forehead is replaced by a swanky looking bluetooth on ears. Lolz! So, what is the moral of the story- Surf ki kharidaari mein hi samajhdaari hai (buy wise, buy Surf) End of discussion, SoakNoMore.

So then I replaced all my lemon, bleach, soda, whitener and other detergents with Surf and we happily lived together ever after. Who? Surf and its customers- yours truly!

Soak no more says my detergent
For it has vibrating molecules and bubbling agent
Soak no more in dirt and pain
Soak no more, hey I say it again
Soaking is cool, soaking is fun
When u soak urself in the fun
Soak in joy, soak in spring
Do not soak cloths, do not wring
Instant wash and its all done
Washing cloths was never so much of fun!
Soak no more, my cloths say
Easy cleaning, anyday
Doing laundry is dizzy but surf makes it easy

Numerounity's TriviaSurf is like Indian Nightingale- Lata Mangeshkar's ageless melodies which is loved by all the generations –From our grand fathers, to our fathers and even us. 
The above post is non fictional and bores heavy resemblance to my relation with my younger brother


....and that's how writer's block crumbles

If you liked my post, pl do leave your comments below.
Have fun & SoakNoMore

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Mon Amour- Melbourne

September 13, 2012 , 42 Comments

" Cosmopolitan, elegant and chic, Melbourne is everything that you speak". 

Recited little Aalia ever since she was mere 5 years old. And now after so many years, she is finally standing on the land of her dream- Melbourne.

She looked around her. It was picturesque, scenic view. Just landed from her aircraft she felt as if she stepped on clouds and it became Melbourne. Few days and she has to live her dreams. She quickly opened the mail from her Melbourne guide- The official site for Melbourne, Australia and checked her itinery again. Whole through the flight she spent her time either reading the details from her planner again and again or dreaming about the pictures and places she saw on brochure. From visiting wild life sanctuary to planetarium to skiing and playing with koala bear, she has so many dreams. She is travelling with bare minimum stuff and intends to buy lots of hot couture from the majestic city. On her list is also the magnificent ballooning and site seeing clubbed with thrilling rides of merry go round and roller coaster from Luna park. She wanted to open and see whats inside the public purse on Bourke Street.

Aalia's wishlist for the trip, hanging on her wall...

Aalia was an avid adventure sports enthusiast. The first thing she wanted to do was to sky dive. She tossed her coin in the air to choose between balloon ride or sky dive, Head, ballooning and scenic flights won over Tail, sky diving. Why not, she thought. First she will go up in sky with the balloon and then hey presto, dive from tallest heights to Terra firma. What a novelty! she thought. From going up at the center of  rainbow to gliding in blue sea, the city has everything to give. Gleefully, she set on her sky tour. As she flew up in the big red balloon overseeing the beautiful city below, her silk scarf, her satin red silk scarf lose hold from her head and flies towards the blue augustic sky. Aalia raises her hands to pull it back but pulls them back hearing her mother who was asking- What are you doing Aalia?

She was woken up from her dreams and finds her mother by her bed side stroking her head with love and concern. Invalid from a few years, bed ridden little Aalia still so mesmerized with the beautiful coffee table book on Melbourne city, lying near her bed side, in hope to visit her dream destination soon. (Bourne= destination)

Aalia’s smile vanishes into a remorse, crestfallen expression on her lovely, immaculate face. I was standing behind the doors, reminding myself to do everything to bring that pristine smile back on her woken up face as it was when she was sleeping. I told myself- Its your time to visit Melbourne Now!!


Melbourne, is a metaphorical city of Australia with a state of art architecture, great collection of arts and culture, with captivating history, breathtaking views, finest arcades, hatted restaurants and what not. I want to travel to Melbourne and bring an arm full of happy, beautiful and colorful memories. Experiences so vivid, experiences so unique, experiences enriched with a touch, a glory and a blessing embracing all five senses- See, Touch, Hear, Smell and Taste that the wonderful nature has bestowed on us.I shall live, experience Australia- Melbourne in all these senses and senses of the world. So much that Melbourne becomes a second skin to me, instilled in me, through all my 5 senses.

I want to capture the skyline of city at morning and twilight in my camera, the beautiful lush green valleys and parks, the beautiful Yarra river from Batman Avenue, the Arts Center, Docklands at night lights, like a jewel in the crown of nature's head. I want to visit the Werribee open range zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, National Gallery of Victoria. I also want to capture the old world charm of city abundantly found at City’s Southern cross station, post office, libraries, townhall and so forth. There are beauties that cannot be written, but only seen by eyes


I want to touch the feeling of being at 360 degree Oceanarium which houses giant and small and variety of creatures from the sea at Melbourne Aquarium. Oh Aalia, I want to bring the soft touch of Koala bears for you, as I caress the soft skin on their head. The sight of jumping, skipping kangaroo who keep their babies in their lap pocket, touches the heart. I want to carry that touch in my heart and bring for her to warm her up in cold, silent nights. I want to soak in the spa, give my body that long awaited pamper, that healing touch which restores the balance within and glow that shine outside the skin. 

The divinity of God in the bells of St Paul’ Cathedral. Hear the crackling sound of ice and skates shafting, speedily and at dizzying heights at skiing valley. The tintinnabulations of water springing in iconic river of Yarra and songs of joy from that  musician from Princess theater, spring street. Hear the harmony that life may bring with peace and tranquility. Absorb all the chattering noises to reflect only the melodies. That is such a sound that I want to capture in my souls and bring to her. The sound of silence, the sound of serenity, the sound of pulsating throbs will melt in thee. 

I want to carry the aromas of freshly extracted coffee beans, the green on the leaves of plants and trees. The fragrance of dew drops on Melbourne Cricket Stadium grass where several cricketing legends where made and stood through tested times. I want to take that magnificent, gravity defying balloon ride and up in the air, smell the fresh zephyr, seal them in a little jar and ornate your window.

I want to pluck the reddest of strawberries from Mornington peninsula for her. The fresh, juicy grapes that she always cherished. I want to bask in the glories of nature’s love, embrace them and bring the delight of local cuisine in my own kitchen  to bake some unforgettable meals for you. The taste of fresh brewed wine, white sauvignon and the red flushed one that resembles your happy cheeks.

I want to bring all those experience(s) which above all makes us feel that world is a beautiful creation of God and Melbourne one of most lavishly, leisurely painted portrait. It's natural beauty, man made structures and natural abundance is like manna from heaven, that perfect picture which we should keep intact, spotless and as pristine.

I want to live entire Melbourne, breath and bring that as a beautiful experience for her. I want little Aalia to experience all those 5 magical senses from Melbourne that I wish to bring along with me.

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SoakNoMore v/s SoakMore

September 12, 2012 2 Comments

Its a listed world. From shopping to assignments, to colleges and best places to work everything has a list attached to it. There's a Schindler's list too...Here' my own list of what shall we SoakMore in life and what shall we SoakNoMore...

We need to clean our conscience and our minds first and then think of cleaning other things. Once done, neither soaking, nor brushing, no lemon, soda and soap will be required for us to clean the world.

Saint Kabir worte-

निंदक नियरे राखिये आंगन कुटी छबाय
बिन पानी साबन बिना निर्मल करे सुहाय

(House your critics closely, in your own porch. For they keep you cleansed without any water or soap)

This post is tribute to same age old thinking, age old secrets of higher living, virtues that to want to soak more.  #SoakNoMore  in the vices. Here's a top recall list to SoakNoMore-

#SoakNoMore in worries of soaking dirty cloths. Let washing cloths not be your nightmare. SoakMore in other pleasures of life from the time you steal/ save from doing laundry.

#SoakNoMore in Dynasty lead corruption. Aspire for freedom and Soak more in individual lead  transformation

#SoakNoMore thinking life is unfair. SoakMore in its joy de vivre. Life is that big chocolate, ready to savor.
#SoakNoMore, if that dress doesn't fit you. Soak more in beauty that god has given you.

#SoakNoMore in curiosities that raise behind a closed window pane. abstinence behind the window glass. Instead, when it rain, make a paper boat and soak more in splash by breaking into an impromptu song, a dance!

#SoakNoMore whether u r Hindu or Muslim...Soakmore that religion is a rainbow and diversity is a beautiful thing.

#SoakNoMore in fake pastors and Godsmen. SoakMore in love of humanity and Being humane!

#SoakNoMore in the pressures of speeding clock. Instead take a break, smell your coffee and indulge in every moment that you can soak

#SoakNoMore in memories of rotten past. Soak more in making only happiness last.

#SoakNoMore cause some one is nasty. Soak more in that little care and that touch of ingenuity.

#SoakNoMore in female infanticide and crime against women. Soak more in celebrating feminism, the gift of being born as a women.

#SoakNoMore in insulating Seeta, Naseem and Soak more for Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali are still worshipped as Ma

#SoakNoMore discriminating girl child over boy. Everyone should have equal right to knowledge. Soak More in creating more Kalpana, Lata and Mother Teresa.

Stain not the beautiful city you live, soak no more your city with dirty splashes of betel nut, tobacco and other such substances. Soak more in encouraging actions more than just fault finding. lets clean that wall, ornate it with beautiful colors soaked in. 

Do not perish your body with tough dieting and exercise. SoakNoMore in efforts non natural, non organic. Soak more in activities to give that tired frame some relaxation- a beauty sleep, an indulging spa and more. Soak more in simple pleasures of joy. Remember a beautiful mind is a beautiful being.

Soak in orange, soak in green...soak in myriad colors and paint me queen...soak in wheel, soak in yoga, soak in your nationa and color me tiranga!

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You heard its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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