Bigg Boss 14 is losing its plot?

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Haha, you can accuse me of this single clickbait title but somewhere a larger audience will resonate with the impression behind it. You can judge us as badly as you want- yes I do watch Bigg Boss in spite of all allegations about it being highly scripted, played to favor, and kind of insult to intelligence. However, year after year, it is the only show that I watch on TV. Maybe am so used to see the weekly nomination tasks, Salman Khan confronting house members on weekend, and contestants playing interesting games, that made me switch on the show and watch in spite of having a great deal of disagreement over the obscenity and mad-fight it shows. 

The Great Rakhi Sawant Tamasha

Gosh, it is really horrible to see contestants fighting on top of their voice to get in organic visibility. So when Rakhi Sawant entered the show and did some funny entices [her wig falling down as Juli gets up was the most hilarious to date] the show had some content other than fake tears and high decibel- "maar doongi/faad doongi" shenanigans. While the content moved 360 [better] when Bigg Boss makers sent in a group of top contestants from prior seasons as contenders, it was truly a scene-changing instance. However, seeing them making an exit one by one affirmed the belief that they were mere props and not contenders in real. Well, whatever rocks their boat.

Bigg Boss Lodge

This season, however, Bigg Boss house turned into a luxurious lodge where contestants came, left, and re-entered much against the usual practice of the format. The much talked about exit and re-entry of Vikas Gupta [who really looked out of place this time], a very powerful Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli [she might be foul-behaved but she keeps her act alive]. The biggest joke is Ejaz Khan's proxy play in the show. Like really bigg boss? You could have got Devoleena just like any other contestant in the show. However, her playing a proxy to an ever agitated Eijaj Khan is another nail in the coffin. And to see her surviving in the show as a proxy when long-standing contestants like Abhinav Shukla [who played with quiet dignity throughout] are shown the door that too through guests [ex-contestant in the house] is another bad decision. Looks like he refused to play along with Rakhi Sawant's gross development tactics. All that body painting and calling him Tharki was too much out of place, no matter how vociferous the show's format could be. 

Lokhandwala Se Dindoshi

After the human race was tired of using animal names to express their resentment, BB 14 gave a new derogatory slang to the market- i.e. abuse people basis the location. Really? Boss, Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India to live and if you ever tried to rent or buy a house in Lokhandwala then you must be a billionaire. However, abusing basis location was so gross and demeaning to people who live there. Most unfair thing and we are glad that the show's host has called out this. This was not just repulsive, unfair, stupid but shocking when it came from contestants who cannot keep a house they are living in for months in order esp when there is very little to do at that home. Maybe next time when a mother scolds her child for not keeping their room in order or littering too much in the house, they may use a statement- Aye Bigg boss ke celebrity ho kya jo safai se nahi reh sakte? [Aye are u a celeb from Bigg Boss house that's why you are so dirty and unorganized?] 

For a handful of people who are living in a house with a 100s camera and still could flush their WC well, making comments on locality is still gross!

Convenient Elimination

The show has of late metamorphosed in a pattern where the housemates just pick a ridiculous fight, eat, sleep and indulge in frequent re-entries and exits. Another pattern is so predictable eliminations. Abhinav who played almost in Rubina's shadow for the first part of the show stayed intact in the show. At the time when he started emerging as a good contestant, he was conveniently eliminated by the likes of negative contestants like Jasmine who entered the show to lose fans and display extreme irritating behavior. How many of you logged out of Voot or switched off your TV after her irritating acts and awful childlike crocodile tears. You really wondered if it's a reality show or the stale saas, bahu, and Naagin garbage. 

The Usual TV Garbage

Talking about the garbage, Colors sents a "Twilight-inspired Vampire' to date Juli from its another garbage looking show. You wonder when will Indian Television will reclaim the glory it used to have during the Doordarshan era? The other day out of sheer boredom I switched on my hotel TV and landed watching an episode of a serial called- Molikki or something like that where the whole episode was spent showing insufferable expressions of their lead characters. It is like some people were having their facial orgasm on prime time and the audience made to suffer. Really who got such time to watch such slow-moving, regressive, dull crap? Only the designers and sets get uplift, the rest all get as obnoxious as possible. Sigh wish I could direct a better show. I am sure 80% of the junta feels the same and then switch from Indian Television to Netflix and other online streaming platforms.

Can India ever have its own Schitt's Creek? Hell, let's not give the inspiration to ruin another franchise. 

Coming back to Bigg Boss, I guess it only a few days left for the show to end, let's make it a glorious finale for the regular watchers. 

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