From Telecom to Green Delhi, Vodafone #CelebratingSuper

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Revolutions do not happen overnight but it is your dreams, dreams for a better tomorrow that do not let you sleep close, ignorant and tight. Rather your dreams inspire you to something new, something better, something that brings changes in the life of people around you, the country you live in and ultimately bringing a global revolution.

With the increasing global warming and environmental pollution, the planet earth is under threat. No, this time it may not about the aliens but the planet Earth is under threat by its own citizens, the most advanced human race which in their bid of technology advancement, urban living and utmost dependence on chemical formulations, is inviting an inevitable threat!

Before we talk about the whole of Planet Earth, let us first focus on our country- India. India is on the path of digital revolution. We are a developing nation, an outsourcing agent for many prestigious projects/ companies across the world and we are marching heavily towards urbanization and self-sustenance lead by our honorable PM Shri Narendra Modiji and his “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” [Clean India Movement] along with the Make in India revolution.

Well, any evolution will not happen unless the citizens and the corporates join hands and support the same. Same goes with the environmental safety and protection.

At the heartland of India, is its capital Delhi. Delhi, one of the oldest cities in the country that had seen and lived many chapters in history from Mythical inception to Moghul invasion to become an abode of people across the country. Delhi is not just a city but a state in itself. With rising amount of factories, population, Delhi had become a hub for pollution and environmental hazards.

It is high time that Delhi needs to change.

Delhi is changing and how
Like I mentioned above, at the heart of any revolution, are his citizens and corporates who need to combine their scale, capabilities and reach every possible level. And when it comes to environmental protection, Delhi as the national capital needs to set the benchmark.

Delhi is not just one of the largely populated Indian city but houses many big Indian, International organizations as well. A lot of them have their Headquarters and operations in the city.

Vodafone and Breaking the “It’s not my job” Syndrome

You know the biggest reason why many important objectives or initiatives fail? Well, one simple reason is- nonownership. A lot of us wash our hands saying that we are just a small XYZ and it is not our job.

This “it is not our job” mentality is causing all harm by allowing miscreants to further damage the environment. While there are many individuals and organizations that are coming out, defying the non-fruitful mentality of “it is not our job” and working towards the cause of the city development, protection and upkeep, there is one company that is though not Indian but working towards the cause.

That company is- Vodafone.

#CelebratingSuper with Vodafone

Vodafone is one the largest telecom company in India. It is one of the most loved MNC in India and had always been a pioneer when it came to providing best of network, technological solutions, path-breaking customer services and being top in the game with unique marketing and advertising concepts like the most loved “Happy to help” with pugs and innovative zoo-zoos.

I have recently learned about the various steps that Vodafone had taken in Delhi-NCR to enable super life with a consciousness towards the city and the environment.

While they have many feathers in their cap, the two that stood out for me are-

1) Green Diwali in wake of banning crackers in the city

There are 52 Vodafone stores in Delhi-NCR, and all of them had made available a special formulated super crackers that are filled with eco-friendly plant seeds. Once you pot them, a plant blooms. It was made available during the Diwali week from 16th to 19th October. I hope there were similar initiatives in Mumbai. I would have gone and got few of them. 

2) First Air Purifying Bus Shelter in the city

Air pollution in Delhi has reached a new height. To combat the same, Vodafone had created the first wi-fi shelter in Gurgaon wherein people can breath fresh air and use free wi-fi upto 20 minutes while waiting for their bus. If you are wondering, this facility is provided for all telecom users and not just Vodafone consumers. Now that is some magnanimous heart in working

3) E-Bill to save Paper/Printing

e-Bill is not just convenient, fast and secure but also aids towards saving the paper in ways more than one. It saves printing, saves paper used in multiple pages to print the bill, the paper used in an envelope, all that forwarding and couriering optimization as well. 

At just 3 clicks you can register for e-bill on Vodafone website.

I used to stay in Gurgaon and see all these initiatives as great change. To know more about these initiatives and the company do visit their website

If you ask me what is the most revolutionary thing that I would recall after Delhi Metro, I will tell you it is this Green initiative by Vodafone.

Kudos team Vodafone and keep the flame burning.

Seize the Day and Protect your environment

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