A Little #WhatTheBlack Desire

July 25, 2014 4 Comments

#WhatTheBlack I am so fascinated by you.
#WhatTheBlack, u r my pink white and blue
#WhatTheBlack I love you in my dress
#WhatTheBlack you make my accessory look grace

#WhatTheBlack if desires were some colors, they would be you and just you. A lot many desires are black in nature i.e. nothing can cover them up or color their needs. They remain unaltered, unchanged like the color black is. On which no other color can empower itself.

I have some such truly black desires that have absolutely no substitutes. They may not be unique but they are dear and near to my heart, since the beginning, right from the start.

So when Blogadda asked me to tell them my top 5 black desires, I could not help but recall these-

A #WhatTheBlack Gun
Misunderstand me not
I find it an ammunition Hot
I Ain't no criminal
but fancying buying one gun
It is all for my safety
and no sorta fun

World is insecure, life is unsafe
forget diamonds, a small pistol could be
a girl's best friend

A #WhatTheBlack not so Little Black Dress
I love dressing up
well who don't
but there are few things, that I can adorn
I dream of finest fabrics
of the likes of Hepburn and Monroe

A #WhatTheBlack Gadget
They call me technocrat
and I find it very funny
I have no better laptops
and I fancy- iPadMini

A little black gadget
would do me no harm
I will flaunt it with my LBD and Gun
I will flaunt my charm

A #WhatTheBlack Sedan
I am tired of going to office
in the good ol black rickshaw

It is a beautiful car that I often dream of
a car, that I can drive
A car that can set me free
of limited mobility and distances

A #WhatTheBlack Time Machine
I dream of myriad things
and call them night mare
now my car can only walk on road
and cannot take me everywhere.

I wish I had a time machine
that could travel me to past
So I can see the things larger
and understand for a better chance.

It will give me a whole new perspective
that money cannot buy
it allow me to time travel
and meet I with My.


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My Borosil Khichdi

July 07, 2014 3 Comments

What makes a perfect meal?
Food that is healthy and still be tasty
and look like a million dollar
So could you still resist her?

She is the Indian Khichdi
light weight yet full of energy
Most recommended when it came to healthy
it is time to make it tasty and million dollar Sexy!!!

Last week, I made some khichdi that I had to finish it by next 2 days as no one wanted to take a dig in it. I tried to analyze and made amends. This week when I made khichdi, there was barely anything left even for me.

How Borosil makes my dull and boring Khichdi, star of the show and best seller of the table?

It was always plain
and Bland as they may call
a little twist and it turned the table
so delicious that they finished it all.

My borosil Khichdi, made with rice and pulse
and sauted vegetables,
with a helping hand of a spoon of ghee

My recipe is simple
fresh mixed vegetables, some grated, some long
A little tadka of Indian Spices
and a presentation that is strong

In a pressure cooker that I make
heat little ghee and Splutter some mustard
add some fennel, Cinamon stick
half a bay leaf and a pinch of asafoetida
Ummm the aromatic, lifting asafoetida,
Added vegetables, turmeric and salt
Let it simmer but first mix it all.

It may be a little initial a stage
when I add grains to this delicious maze
and roast them vegetables for a minute,
only to add water and cover it up.

Pressure cook till 3 whistles
uncove the cooker and let it fizzle
transfer the content in serving casserole
wait we r not done yet, to the rigmarole

Take a small pan and heat some ghee
The ingredients that I mention, note them carefully.
a pinch of asafoetida and half a spoon of Carrom
Splutter and sizzle and add slit red chilies

Turn off the gas
and pour the ghee
atop the central crater of the khichdi

Accompany the dish with Pickle and Papad 
Some mash potatoes could also be served thereafter
If subtle is your flavor, add some curd
even if it is plain, it doesn't taste absurd.

Cooking is a science and serving it is an art
So go pick up some "Borosil" cook ware and dinnerware
from the nearest mart
The richness in flavor is needed to be seen
just aroma alone doesn't makes the perfect ending
eat with your senses and relish the flavor
don't stick to dull khichdi
add more natural color.

Like I do with mine
with red [tomatoes] pink [onions] green [vegetables]
white [potatoes] and some times a dash of lime.
Mango pickle just oozes and oodles
it taste great and adds the oomph factor.

My Borosil Khichdi supports the notion.
That dining is not just nose and tongue's motion
if it is an eye opener, don't be surprise
but a lot of time, you eat with your eyes


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July 07, 2014 , 8 Comments

Image Courtesy- The Mag
He caught in his own stereotype
Of clicking thing all black and white
In his attempt to become even bold
He snapped himself and framed in Gold

Shutterbugs tried to make him smile
he dismissed them all, calling it futile
He was not what he claimed to be
He was too much in hos own being

He nurtured the cats all the while
the selfish feline was not worthwhile
she pissed alarm and  scratched his arm
making his "picture" look hostile

Like all good things comes to an end
time slips like molten sand,
he too lies somewhere in history,
mortal, buried and framed.

This short poem is in response to picture prompt by the endearing team of- Magpietale. Hope you liked my take. If you think it has a reference, the answer is yes, indeed but there is sarcasm too. Enjoy reading NumeroUnity.
If you like my post, do vote for me- Ekta Khetan at- http://kamajewellery.com/bloggerscontest/
using your facebook account. Thanks.

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Alphabet Soup Song

July 06, 2014 2 Comments

It is raining and how much we all wish to have some hot savories and soup and tea in this season. Soup aha! Now that is a healthy craving. Here's a little "Alphabet" Soup Song for "soul of all the food lovers out there. So is it just a random list of A for Apple and B for Borosil? Nopes it is not. Actually I made a soup last evening and I thought, I will use some skills with alphabets here to reproduce the soup recipe without using any pictures. What say? Are you game for soup? Let's brew-

A for Asparagus - The first green ingredient that is exotic and healthy
B For Brocolli - Awesome, delicious and made for your belly.
C For Cream, Fresh and churned
D for Dry Fruits to bring the sweet n crispy flavor making it succulent.
E for Edame, it is a nutritious bean
F for Farm Fresh and that's how these all vegetables should be
G for Garnish, that we shall use at the end of dish
H for hot, that is how the soup should be
I for Ingredients that will make it delicious
J for Jeera, roast and powdered
K for "Kadai" or wok or any utensil that you want to boil ur soup in
L for "Lentil" if you like
M for Mmmm the color looks splendor
N for namak, some salt that you need to sprinkle
O for Onions, long diced n fried for garnish
P for Parboil all green vegetable
Q for "Quickly" mash and pulp up, grinding the bean
R for "Residual" Veg, let them there be.
S for "Sieve" if you want it really slim
T for "Toast" all the crunchy nuts and cut them in small pieces to top up on the bowl

U for "Utensil" Ah now here's when "Borosil" comes in. Crystal colors serve ware, an ideal bowl where your soup should be in. It makes it looks appetizing and as fascinating as it could be

V for "Varnish" your base with nuts and spice

W for "workout" the texture you want your soup to survive
X for "Extra Edge" that Black Pepper will give
Y for "Yummy", the yummy green soup is now ready
Z for "Zest" of lemon if you want it to be more preppy.

And that's how a cookie crumbles oops "soup simmer and sizzles...a "Green Exotic Asian" soup is made by yours truly. It makes my rainy day, a healthy day. Sometime I eat it with garlic bread- freshly bakes, roasted and toasted with dollops of butter pouring over it. Yumm...

If you liked my "Alphabet soup song, do try it at home and share your feedback. I would love to hear from you.


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Will You Berry Me?

July 05, 2014 6 Comments

She was a Master in Business Administration and he, a mariner from Merchant navy. She was the pampered daughter and he, a rugged male prodigy. She was an absolute foodie who loved trying new cuisine but he, very strong about his tastes and flavors. She was a day dreamer princess and he, a practical dare devil. They met via few friends and an age old "Yahoo Group" and exchanged camaraderie.

There was something "cooking" between them. The formal "hi-hello" turned in to casual chats and some long hour telephone calls. Soon she knew that she has developed an "appetite" for him and, he had got a "flair" for her. Their secret rendezvous over phone and Internet were filled with "aromas" of love and "Tadka" of desi ada. He would give her "Mithais" over the call and soon they decided to meet and further "cook" up their love with "ladle" of relation, commitment and "preservatives" of tradition.

The designated day came when he flew from his Business school to her city for a luncheon. They landed to a city mall and over some fanciful "Cheesy sizzlers" and "spicy starters" and "Tangy Lemonades", love started brewing between them. "Dessert" he asked her. "yes, how about Mithais" she added and laughed shyly. Their fondness for sweet took them to this open air lobby of a coffee shop. It might be the "hot" day of April but the two love birds were so deep dunked in each other's eyes that little did they cared about the weather. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" she heard and wanted to know the way towards his stomach and requested him to order his favorite Dessert.

In a minute or a two, a plate of sizzling "Hot chocolate brownie" landed on their table oozing oomph, steam and that pleasant smell of freshly baked "walnut brownie" Ummm she felt. It is then, the steward poured a soulful jar of hot, rich, dark chocolate sauce over the white Vanilla ice cream that filled down till the brim, soaking the walnut brownie inside it.

The site filled her heart with mush and that was the time when they break some ice between them. She requested him to postpone his flight and take one at late evening. "Will you cook for me" he asked? "yes" she said in enthusiasm, only to regret later as she never cooked anything in past 2 years and scared what if he did not like what she cooked? It seemed that he understood her agony and offered to eat even maggi provided that is stewed by her.

When she reached home, she realized that she had run out of cooking gas and all that she has in her fridge was some assorted berries like blue berry, strawberry, black currant, Cherry etc. Ah! tey look lovely. But what do I do with them so they look appealing. I can't serve them just like that..what should I do, she thought. He worried eyes gleamed when she saw a bake-ware from her "Borosil" collection and heaved a sigh of relief. her mind started racing and she knew exactly what she needs.

She made the simple "Berry Pudding" with assorted colorful fresh berries and whipped cream. Added some liquid chocolate on it and garnished with crunchy nuts n raisins.

A bed of a spoonful maple sauce, she poured in Borosil microwave-able serving plate and  layered it with refreshed up berries. She took a blender and whipped the cream, and chopped the nuts in Gourmet Mixer and grinder of Borosil. She dropped a little honey on plate and baked it for less than 30 seconds. The plate looked succulent with juicy berries ensconced with maple sauce and honey. She took some fresh cherry and run it under gentle cold water and kept the bunch on top of her dish. The white cream that was as foamy as cloud, beaten, whipped and sugar free, was laid smartly over the berry top and poured a sinful dose of liquid chocolate, sprinkled with nutty nuts. Ah! That looks a perfect love making between the Berries and honey and chocolate and the dish. The different colors of berries looked resplendent in her clear, Transparent Borosil serving plate with visible maple sauce glazed into it. 

"It looks awesome, wonder how will it taste" she thought before taking the plate to dining table. Alas! not much choice that is left, she took along a Pizza pamphlet, hidden behind her hands. He was waiting for her and as she placed the plate on table, he appreciated the awesome, artistry look of the dish and asked her the name of it. She thought for a while, gathered her strength and smiled. And said- I Love You Berry Much!

He looked at her and take a spoonful, dug it inside the berry pool and pierced a piece and took it to his mouth and ate. He left the spoon and turned towards her, sat on his knees and took hold of her hands and asked- Will you Berry me?

She winked and said- yes. And they lived happily ever after, berry berry much.

So that was a love story made in heaven and executed on earth. What is your food love story? Do share with us.

For food is aphrodisiac.
food is pleasure
food when presented well,
creates many memories that our palate treasures.

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Confession of a Food-holic

July 04, 2014 5 Comments

I am a foodie and that is no news. I love my Indian food, Italian Fare, Continental cuisine, Chinese noodles, French Confectionary and what not. My love for food and some basic instincts made me learn cooking. I cook but with no set trends. however, there are few things that I love doing while pampering food to become my meal :) You know them? Well lets sing along :)

Chop chop chop
Chop all the veggies
crush crush crush
crush all the garlics
pres press press
press the spices

dress dress dress
dress your main ingredients
Soak Soak Soak
Soak all your cereals
Rock Rock Rock
Rock some salt and pepper

Splutter some mustard
glaze some onions
peel some peas
boil some vegetable

Take a ladle
stir your wok
Saute your vegetables
Garnish your cream

Refresh your Spinach
Blanche them in oven
add some cardmom
mix in marination

Whip whip whip
Whip that curd
Curdle Curdle Curdle
Curdle that split milk
Juliens Juliens Julien
Julien your ginger
mash mash mash
Mash using your finger

Serve serve serve
Serve without a spill
Borosil Borosil Borosil
Borosil your dish!

Tempt tempt Tempt
Tempt with your food
Slurp Slurp Slurrp
I slurp finish all that I cook

Bon Appetite

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Carma, Kama and Cars with Carconnect

I know what you are looking at. I know what excites you more. The color, the form, the way she moves, the way she looks and the way it makes you feel. Yes, the way she makes you feel, makes you go ahead, break your barriers, touch her body and enter her heart. Morning, noon and night, you love her and find the reason to be with her, making love, demonstrating your love. Aren't you one of those? Oh yes, if you are the one, then this post/review is totally for you. Read more, to know more...

Answer the few questions and we will tell whether it is love, lust or merely an infatuation-

1) You cannot keep your eyes off her
a) All the Time
b) Occasionally
c) Never

2) You look for excuses to touch her
a) Yes, very much
b) Occasionally
c) Naah! no such feelings

3) You like to know more about her, more the better
a) Bingo
b) Huh! Sometimes
c) Who Cares

4) How possessive you are about her?
a) As possessive as Shahrukh Khan in Darr
b) I am just concerned
c) As long as I get my utility, I care none the much

It is time to know the results. If it is-
  • Mostly (a)- Men! You are a wild, possessive and passionate lover who likes to know more, experience more, explore more. Stay tuned for this post to know more about how you can take your love to next level.
  • Mostly (b) - You seem to be a little diverted. Though faithful you not very concerns. You need to probably spend more time with her, trying to look her closely. if still doesn't improve your (a), then this post may be very helpful for you as well.
  • Mostly (c)- Chuck it, Men! you are not into her. This post is not for you.
I was one among the many in the category (b). I risked falling into category (c) but thankfully I came across this beautiful website- www.carconnect.in  and fell in love with her, deeply, madly and beyond return.

She is none other than anyone but "my car". Yes, the sexy, slender, well-designed car that I am discovering a new found love for, courtesy carconnect. What else did you think? :)

The Ultimate Car Experience with CarConnect.in

I hope you enjoyed that small fun quiz to know your "car quotient". here's more about the website.

What is carconnect.in?
Carconnect is a web portal wherein you can share your car experiences, compare the latest cars, find cars that fall in your budget, be updated with the latest and changing trends for the global automobile industry and not just that. You can also connect and interact with like-minded people who share a passion for cars just like you and of course, yours truly.

Why car connect? 7 reasons that you should try Carconnect.in
Well, I just told you the different features it offers. If you think you know of that other competitive portal that also has similar details, well they may have but there is an edge that www.carconnect.in has with others. Some of the stuff that I liked-

1) Ease of usage- The website is simple to use and had a great ease of application

2) Connectivity- It is fast to upload and navigate

3) Multiple Features- The website has a comprehensive "can do" features to cater different needs at one stop

4) Hassle Free Login- You need not have to go through the rigorous procedure to register and open an account on this website. Neither do you have to hassle yourself with username and [password]. You can simply log in using Facebook" with just one click.

5) Different Strokes for Different folks- No 2 cars are same. Similarly, no 2 users will be the same. We just saw in quiz above as how a person owning a car can be either category a, b or C. Nevertheless, the website caters to different types of car people and users here.

6) Comparative Analysis- This indeed a great feature and comes very handy especially when you are planning a buy and confused with a car or have 2 more cars in your name or yet to key in your requirement. In case if you want to save or print later, The PDF option will be a great help. 
7) It is free of cost. No subscription fee or handling charges

Well, that was my 7 reasons supporting my experience with the website. Here are few more facts-

This is how the landing page looks-

What Numerounity says about this page-

Here's how your profile will look like, which will also have details of your "dream car", "dream route" and others. You can check all the experiences that you have shared here under- Car experience and Long Drive Experience with visibility on "published" posts, under moderation or saved drafts and including some posts that you have submitted and are yet not approved, so that you can send reminders

My experience- I am a category (b) car lover [given my limited budgets] and being not so fond of it, I was apprehensive to try it out in beginning. I learnt it via Indiblogger and could not resist trying it out. My experience so far has been good. I was happy to create my account and use the site without any hassle. It was easy to download and easy to navigate. I find it to be a website that connect with you in ways more than just one, giving you a multiple turn around user experience. Though I have not searched for like minded people, I see this site as clean and hassle free "one stop" tool to know more about cars, latest in technology and a good comparative tool while buying my long awaited automatic car. Oh yes! I have submitted a recent experience of my "Long drive" road trip to Ambey valley and found the interface absolutely delightful in terms of writing the content, selecting categories, uploading pictures etc. Especially the image upload wherein a lot of site takes almost mammoth hours to upload a picture but still give erroneous messages like picture too big for mat not supported. thankfully that was not the case here with carconnect.in. 

The fact that the owners of carconnect.in i.e. Magma has not used it as a white board for spam advertising is commendable.

Overall I had a good experience and yes, I will definitely recommend this to my friends, family, acquaintances and others.
My rating 3.5/5

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TGIF- Thank God It is FAB!

July 03, 2014 0 Comments

It's my birthday and my friends wanted a party. Party? But where? There is  no much time for me to scout for a venue and make arrangements. Besides, I have to do my house this weekend- a task that I have been postponing from months now, no thanks to my busy schedule. Thankfully I got a breather this weekend but...friends want to party?

Hmm I need to make both ends meet. While I do my house, I would need someone to give me feedback about it. Voila! Let us throw a party at home.  Lets rock the party with a rocking decor. The theme would be relax, rejuvenate and Rock!

My house is done in "bare minimum" and simplistic style and that is how I love it. Too much of decor makes me feel uncomfortable. Besides, I would need place for people to sit, stand and dance.

To make my home "a rocking party den", all I need is little bit of imagination, little bit of style and lot of surfing to Fabfurnish.com to select from their wide range of products. After all, there is also an end of year sale that is going in there. Since it is rainy season, I plan to use multiple colors to create a different effect. So here we go-

My bachelor's pad need a rock chic sofa to add style and premium to it. Here's this "Orange Sofa" that I have been eyeing from a while.
Fab Home Dinar Three Seater Sofa in Half Leather,Three Seater Sofas
With a cool sofa, comes a cool table. And if the table is multi purpose than Balle- Balle. Here's what I found that will act as a table and also a place to play ,many board games that I planned. My solid wood coffee table for coffee, conversations and board games-
Elmwood Arboga Coffee Table With Four Stools,Coffee Tables
For a rocking party, we need some rocking lights..on the ceiling..how about this-
Sylvn Studio Lattice Brown Hanging Lamp,Decorative & Mood Lighting

Decals Rock
They are much in demand, they are easy to use and they look absolutely fab. I have decided to use some decals for my house that would match with theme and  go well with overall mood.
I would use this sticker here and would strategically place a "real guitar in the picture in position as shown below-
DeStudio Angel Guitar Wall Sticker Black,Wall Decals & Stickers

Other things to decorate the room would be-
Fiorenza Beaded Candle Dull Gold,Designer Candles
This Riva Brown and orange area rug got me colors and got me thinking-
Riva Brown And Orange Contemporary Wilton Viscose Area Rug,Area Rugs
Some Flower vases-
Blossoms My Sweet Home Flower Bouquet With Pot,Flowers Fiorenza Aster In Ceramic Pot Purple,Flowers

cushion and throwbacks-
Ultra-Snob Rich Sequins Cushion Cover With Satin Bow Tie,Single Cushion Cover

Isn't that lovely? I have many plans as such up on my sleeve, If you are wondering how would that cushion go with the brown sofa? Well do  not worry as I have not got the cushion for sofa but for a red color "seating" near the guitar decal. It will look awesome on the white tiles.

Next very important factor is dining and beverages. In parties like house aprties, food and presentation is key essential.

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A Sweet & Salty Chat from my Food Memoir

July 02, 2014 9 Comments

On my way to Office today, I saw a cute pair of a brother and sister sharing a cone of ice cream outside the Food stall. Their cute sight filled my heart with some fond memories, some fond "food" memories that I had with my younger brother- Anurag AKA Tinku. I would often call him Tinkooo and he will come to my call, softly whispering about the savories mom would be making. Ah! Those lovely food memories that I shared with my brother. Let us keep that for another day, and continuing my post from previous day, Let me tell you how me and my kid brother Tinks would plan our "mom made delights" with schedules of our arrival, stay and depart from hostel to home.

My younger brother would often call mom from hostel with his dates of arrival to and even a longer wishlist of all the yummy food that mom makes. Often his wishlist would be sub-routed through me. Our conversation would go something like this-

Tinks- DeeDee, please tell mom that I am coming home next week at 2pm on Monday

Me- Ok. Come soon and safely. We are waiting. 

Tinks: Hope you will keep your room clean and ready for me.

Me: My room? Why my room? Where will I stay? [grrr my room would be kid-napped now]

Tinks- What Deedee? Where will your cute, little younger, innocent brother will stay then? And who will tell you those wonderful jokes and stuff?

Me- I am not letting you inside my room. Stop dreaming and talk business. My STD is expensive.

Tinks- Okay ok...I miss you all and especially mom made food. 

Me: I know it all boils down to "mom made food". And am sure you will have a wishlist too. So Shoot.

Tinks: Hee heee.. My sister is getting smart in my company. Tell momma to make Sandwiches, chowmein, Masala Dosa, Dhokla, Dal-Chawal and aloo ki sabji, etc etc for me.

Me [quite bored this time]- Whoa! What is that list? Wait, wait, hold..one at a time.

Tinks: Why don't you note them down so you won't forget

Me: Am I your steward to write them all down? SMS me. Yeah..I will ask her to make it today only and store in fridge hee hee:P

Tinks- No way. You are going to make your "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother" eat old, stale food? You mean sister...I am gonna take your "Borosil" bartan with me back to Nashik.

MeBorosil Bartan? They are not "Bartan" but exclusive range of cookware and serveware. Dare you touch my Borosil collection ...Buy your own. I am keeping this phone down

Tinks- Arre Sorry sis, would you not let your "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother" enjoy his food the way you do? [sob sob start of emotional atyachaar]

Me- Ok fine..I will let you eat in my Borosil bowls but you have to eat Khichdi as well. That is the must to do condition.

Tinks- Khichdi? eeeks oops..Okay I will do that. Provided it is "Borosil Khichdi".

Me: Yeah Sure thing. BTW, do you know what mom cooked for breakfast today?

Tinks: Oh No! Don't tell me. I miss eating good food...

Me [without hearing his plea to not tell]: We had "Chowmein" in the breakfast.. It was yum, slurrp, slender so much flavorful. You know mom put 3 types of capsicum in it- red, Green and Yellow. It looked so "exotic" like they show on Zee TV. Oh Tinku, she crushed "burnt garlic" and added in it, which give such a beautiful aroma and those cherry tomatoes and mixed veg that she stirr fried and added...Ummm that was so yumm.. I mixed tomato ketchup and finished two plates in one go..Burpp!

Tinks: Boohoo I want to "chowmein" now. My sister is so bad. How can you tempt me with such an exclusive description of my favorite thing, knowing that I cannot have it now and have to wait for it for another week. You are such a meanie. What a Khaap panchayat you are. I am keeping the phone down.

Me: Okay Okay.. I will not tell you further about the Chowmein  that she made in breakfast today or the Besan ke Laddoos she made yesterday, or the malai kulfi  or the colorful double cheese burst Pizza with 3 types of cheese and garden fresh vegetable that she is baking now with a great smell of pine nuts and Oregano, using Borosil glassware..

Tinks: Mom is making Pizza today?

Me: Yes, The "double cheese burst pizza" with 3 types of cheese my "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother". She is layering it with fresh tomato sauce and sizzling Olives. Oh, it looks so amazing on this flat bread rectangular pizza that she is baking. Do you know that she is using a special "herb" crust for it? And the toppings would be all garden fresh vegetables like Zucchini, Brocolli, Onions, Sweet Corn, Jalapeno, Pine nuts, Fresh white cubes of marinated paneer. You like Paneer na!

Tinks: yes, I like Paneer but I hate you for telling me all this. Bye. I am trying to pre-pone my trip to home and eat everything without letting you eat. Bye bye. [Bangs the phone]

.....Well that was a memoir of my "Food talk" with "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother". Our sweet and Salty chit chat continued. In case, if you are wondering what is Borosil Khichdi, read this space for more.
I have written this post for Borosil and Indiblogger's contest- My beautiful Food. 
Borosil is the reason and magic behind beautiful preparations and food presentation over decades. To know more about their ranges pl visit their website here

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Mom, I'm coming home...

July 01, 2014 8 Comments

Ask anyone who stay away from home and family and battles that tasteless hostel food, the joy of a mother's cooking and eating from your mom's hands. Ummmm.. it is when we realize the value of our moms and their gourmet delights.

I spent a great part of my life staying away from my home, my pa, my mom and the delicious food she made. The usual Sunday fare of hot piping idli dunked in spicy coconut chutney, sloshed inside the home made sambhar..Ummmm temptations of that soft, spongy, Fluffy Yellow Dhoklas that my mom would garnish in hot oil, tempered mustard seeds, aromatic curry leave and that soulful bowl of chopped green coriander sprinkled all over. I am so much in love with all things that my mom cook including the "Daal Tadka" that mom would make every afternoon, to be soaked with the aromatic herb Jeera rice that she would make for lunch. I was always unsure that was it the flavor of rich lentil, soaked in urn, boiled and cooked or is the aroma of Asafoetida that she would use in tadka or was it chunks of wok stirred, slender pieces of onion and green chillies that bowled me over. It was everything including the shuddh "Ghee" that she used for additional Tadka, warmed and mixed with red chilli powder. Man! I am feeling hungry, greedy for those flavors, Aroma that would sate my eyes, nose, throat, tongue, tummy and my soul. I really am greedy for the rich food you make.

I would often dunk my fingers inside it, pour a heart full on the bed of soft Herb and Jeera Flavored rice, mix and savor the simple yet heavenly delight in my mouth. Mom no one makes that daal like you do, no one.

My evenings are dunk in memories of assorted breads, pakodas and that evening tea that mom would make. Sometime there would be a favor served in form of home made Dosa, Masala Dosa and sometime, my favorite noodles that mom makes better than mainland China.

Food is many a splendor memories and food at home, is all fond. Food at hostel is a nightmare and I cannot wait to take my next trip home and gorge on all that yummy food that mom made, in her Borosil cookware and serve ware.

Yes, one of my mom's alibi was Borosil, that stayed with mom from years on years.. It was borosil that did justice to my mom's flavorful cooking. The sheer transparent, clear glass could effectively hold the true color, look and form the food that my mom would serve to me. Often I would not wait for a plate and eat straight away from the utensil..Often I would react as impatient when it came to food, when it came to Borosil.

This Diwali, my company gifted us a nice big bowl from Borosil and that bring back all those memories back college days, when I would be stationed at hostel, fancying the lovely food that my mom made. How even the thought of it made me restless and salivating at it. How I could not wait for next Holiday and would look for reasons to rush home. 

Mom I am still the same. Even though today I get to eat at the finest of Restaurants and meals by world renowned Chefs, it is your food that always made my heart fond and my stomach fonder. I still miss your lovely hand made food and I am coming home to savor all that lovely food and beverages that you make.
The above post is written for "My Beautiful Food" Contest by Indiblogger and Borosil. To know more about making your food beautiful, do visit- myborosil.com

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