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Ask a girl, what her mother means to her. The sudden depth in her eyes and a hidden tear beneath will answer your question.

A mother means a world to a daughter. Some are born with this realization, and some realize it in the due course of their life.

"Nil Battey Sannata" is a heart touching story of a mother, her daughter and their "math-ful" life.

Plot synopsis
Chanda Sahay is a diligent young single mother who runs full-time errands to make a living for self and most importantly her reluctant daughter A for Apeksha. I said A for Apeksha, cause she complains to her mother for giving her name with an alphabet that comes first in school attendance, coming in the way of her lack of discipline, sincerity and responsibility.

Apeksha is a typical young daughter, besotted with movies but shy aways from her responsibilities. While Chanda runs household errands in town, works in shoe factory, washes clothes at Dhobi Ghat and utensils at a shady Dhaba to support her daughter's education, Apeksha is a clueless, ambitionless young teenager, least interested in studies and thinks education as a worthless favor to her mother.

Apeksha's lack of ambition, irresponsible nature and zero inclination towards continuing education gets Chanda all worried and she finds a solace in her mistress Dr. Dewan. Dr. Dewan, well played the spontaneous Ratna Pathak Shah, understands her concerns and helps her selflessly to overcome this issue. she helps 9th standard pass Chanda to resume her education by taking admission in the same class as her daughter. How Chanda fares from being an awkward student in class till making her daughter an IAS officer, is a beautiful story told on screen through Nil Battey Sannata.

About the Characters
The film rides on superlative performances where actors have become characters. From Swara Bhaskar [Chanda] to Dr. Dewan [Ratna Pathak], Appu [Ria Shukla], Principal [Pankaj Tripathy] to the young class fellows, every character is a story in self. Even Sanjay Suri in a cameo as State Collector shines in his part.

My favorite had been Swara Bhaskar since the frame 1. A word about Swara Bhaskar- When I first saw Swara Bhaskar in Tanu Weds Manu, she caught my attention more than the lead actress with her "to the point" characterization and delivery. She gave a noteworthy performance in Raanjhana, making you believe that rustic roles are best made and delivered by her.

In her role of a single mother who works as a maid, a washer-woman, a grinding mill employee to a shoe factory working, running around the town, donning multiple hats to ensure livelihood, she breathed the character in every frame and looked commendable.

The dialogue, the screenplay and overall direction was brilliant. The movie also highlighted the sad state of commercialization of education without preaching too much. Songs were minimal and added to the flow.

There will be some moments that may not go well with the flow, especially the smart placement of brands like Maggi, MDH and Zandu Balm. However, you have to give in to the director Ashiwini Iyer's advertising background and smart implementation of brand placements without the irritating display of products in an otherwise meaningful story. But then, there were ever popular chowmein, rustic chutneys, local market and Pizzah in the frame to add to the story telling and the small town background.

Nil Batte Sannata is another refreshing chapter in meaninful cinema that is highly engaging and entertaining. It has real to life relevance and yet a freshness of its own. While the movies emphasized on the importance of having a dream in life, the angle of a mother's tryst, unconditional love touched my heart to the core. Having a mom like mine, I could agree no less to it.

The movie is a must watch for every parent and every child. It is a well made film, gripping, entertaining and yet imparting a lesson, all at the same time.

"Nil Batte Sannata is a cinematic tribute to mothers and their meaningful aspirations for their children"
Numerounity Rating: 4/5

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Oh Deer! [Preserve Wildlife]

photo by Tom Chambers
Her Forefathers hunted for pride,
taking wildlife for a ride.

They shot the big game with guns
rather than roses.
Ruined the forests
for their sports
thrill and adventure doses.

She took the guilt in her stride,
disgusted their decision, condemned and deride.
to put an end to this family affair,
she brought home a homeless deer
patted on his back, to pacify and confide
that she is on his side.

She let him loose in the house.
allowed him to roam around.
Kept his food on their table
and asked him to graze abound.

She sat as a spectator at corner
to see her father's rage
on the wildlife creature encroaching his space
like humans have always done
intruding, impinging the scarce animal-dome

she wanted to set up a lesson
for her father and
his hunter friend.

She wants to be the new generation
of compassionate, empathetic
and sensible human
who will stand up against cruelty towards animals,
valuing wildlife, inculcating kindness
bringing more glory to the human race
and put an end
to deforestation
and hunting games,
objectives whatsoever.

Preserve wildlife, Encourage Inclusive Living.


Prompts: picture by magpie
Three Words Wednesday- Rage, Pacify, Scarce

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Modern Day Medusa

April 18, 2016 11 Comments

She looked pretty nevertheless
what with those bird feather
and gypsy braids.
the brown sash,
the loop Crawford.
The tribal couture
beads, sequins, and tassels.
Need to experiment with kitsch.

I wear my sexuality
right up my sleeves.
Fashion is mere a statement,

I am a modern day Medusa.
I like to play radical and cool.
to look like part of your crowd.
to be your fashion entourage crew

You may look and wonder
if fashion is a state of mind,
an art of looking pretty
or if fashion
is forced upon you.

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