The Quintessential Woman

November 30, 2016 5 Comments

Prickly about her existence
Rabid in her exploration,
she is the quintessential woman
who seeks deeper meanings
of her life


Written for:
Three Words Wednesday
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

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The Man at the Crossroad

November 22, 2016 , 10 Comments

Picture source: Insurance Journal

He stood there
feeling idioticharebrained for long
in his lackadaisical frame
and care-worn form.

Many passed by
like the desert storm.
two roads divulged into bewilderedness
both of them untraveled, unknown

Indecisive of the right path
he felt, a man's sexuality is such a burden!


This 10 sentences quick poem is written for-
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads : Ten lines Micro Poetry
Three Word Wednesday: Idiotic, Harebrained and Lackadaisical

You can also read another take on Crossroad, a story from my archives at- Crossroads

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Dear Zindagi, Come Let Us Hug

November 12, 2016 4 Comments

Dear Zindagi,

When I first opened my eyes, I found you on my plate. You were sweet, nurturing and full of motherly love... You cuddled me in your arms, kissed my forehead and sang me a sweet lullaby. Together we saw, we lived some beautiful, unspoken dreams, in your tender bosom.

As the days progressed, I crawled my way, a little away from your protective arms. Instead of fuming on me, you swapped your role from being a parent to stood by my side as a friend. As I grew old as a teen, you were not just the curiosity I had but you became my answers too. My dreams were taking wings and were setting me for a journey ahead. I Probably, I was little too immodest to lean back on your sweet embrace.

However, I still remember seeing you at my side, quiet and watchful. Like that guiding star.

I soon started running you were my beloved, who loved me unconditionally, forever on my beck and call. I may have grown outside of your lap but it never left me even in my moment of unawareness. Often in the enterprise of my life, I found my moment of love by resting my heads on your lap and like a sweet beloved you have caressed my hair and sweet me dearly.

Sometimes you admonished me too, like that concerned teacher who keeps progress of their disciples and reinforces corrective action when they see us dwindling. I found you in my platter as that spicy curry which is flavorful but gives enough heat when not consumed in moderation.

Zindagi, you are a bundle of contradictions. Contradictions that makes my life, a versatile platter. It makes me hungry and seeking for more. Every time I think that I have figured you out, you take me by a surprise and make you depth felt. I still have to learn a lot about you.

Dear Zindagi, I have walked a long way since being born in your arms, to resting in your lap to setting my sail away from you without realising that you were the home that I have always returned to. Yes, you were my home that I actually never left. I may have forgotten you in some momentarily gain of reasons, but you have actually never left my hands. You still have it cuffed in your sweet encumbrance and whether you accept it or not, I have seen you smiling while I was sleeping. You were my mother, my friend, a sister, my beloved and that grandma with a bagful of interesting tales. Tales of love, wisdom, life and all. 

We will continue to walk, with hands in hands, though. But it is the time that we must pause for a moment and hug each other. Let's stop for a break that we never asked. Let us sit together again, look at each other eye-in-eye and smile without any reason.

Let us not waste this moment, this opportunity to cradle each other, snuggle and fall in love, all over, once again. 

Waiting for your hug.
Yours Truly,

Do check out this video, am sure it will tell you something :)

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When PM Modi Demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes #IndiaFightsCorruption

November 10, 2016 , 2 Comments

What happened?

Tell me your favorite currency note? I am sure a lot of you would reply- Rs 500 or a Rs 1000 note. But off course, given the higher value, the joy of seeing, receiveing and owning these two denomination would be greater than any other note. Not any more.

In a historic turn of events, Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi in his speech last night, in an attempt to curb the curruption in the country, dramatically and yet thoughtfully, demonetized the 2 currency denomination. Logic? Well, the simplest rationale is to create accountability for the "recoverabale" black money, fake currency and bring more transparency in to the cash transactions in the country. [read it as- making your incognito currency, bank worthy].

The announcement came heavy and totally taxing to a majority of unassuming viewers. I mean, you cannot make one oops two of the most valuable notes redundant just like that! Especially after Diwali and wedding festival when every one is smelling the valuable green currency for their upcoming shopping needs. 

How did it happen?

I was making dinner in my kitchen and could hear my husband parroting the PM's announcement like an excited schoolboy who just saw a UFO. It was in his rarest of occasion that he was watching tv and still talking to me. Men, I must tell you, are so hooked to their news, their TV, our Arnab Goswami [even I like him sometimes] emotionally and religiously.

Before I could convulate his messenger man act as prank, I could hear my phone ringing and whatsapp buzzing with people talking about the move. I dismissed the speech as usual "Swachch Bharat" wherein dear PM actually attacked some currency related mess with his ever efferverscent broom. Yes Bhaiyo and Behno. 

Man, I so much wanted to panic as I recently withdrew quite some rs 500 notes for a prosthetical appendment and grocery shopping. Before I could bring my oat-wheat laden hands closer to mouth and scream in cinematic exasperation- ab mera kya hoga, my cooker whistled.

I was broken from my mindfulness and stumbled into usual thought stupore untill the good sense and some kind of psycho kinesis from PMO, prevailed me. In another dramatic turn of events, my otherwise flat wheat maps started rolling into round and wholesome chapatis. In my usual fervor- will see whatever comes, I retracted back to my aloo-gobhi that was almost cooked and waiting for the green coriander garnish. 

Green Coriander! It reminded me that my fridge is running out of groceries and some other staples. How I forgot to place my usual "Cash On Delivery" order from the big Basket. I suddenly started feeling so victimized remembering about the another bundle of rs 15,000 plus cash stacked in my purse, all in denomination of Rs 500s. I withdrew at the beggining of the month to meet some household expenditure. Now it was truly the time for me to helplessly throw my hands in the air and scream nahhiiiii, while beating my forehead with it. Once again, the oats atta ladden hands came in the way and managed me to distract me from my womanly hitrionics. Mr. Kishore Biyani, I may not be sure about the health benefits of your new oats-wheat aata but they are pretty effective to curb my hammings. [Dudes, I washed my hair this evening, using a more than moderate dose of my expensive Sebastian shampoo and conditioner. Cannot let a freebie atta ruin my crown. We have Indian Government do the honors] 

I could hear some of you say- Kangali mein atta geela [hard stabbed by poverty].

While am unsure whether this brilliant move of honorable PM will be instrumental in turning black money into white or no, it has definitely turned my colorful fridge into white and black. Men, I am not thinking about rushing to ATM to withdraw any change. What if they too disburse Rs 500 to further mock my poor house wife agonies. Being an MBA in finance does not converts your Rs 500 notes into Rs 100 notes overnight, ok! Now I have to wait for at least 2 more days when the new note comes in circulation or my Relationship Manager picks up the call to advise a suitable time to come to back to withdrew some petty cash in denomination of Rs 100 or Rs 50s. I am sure, Rs 100 would have never felt this important in last 10 years at least.

And Mamta dido says it is a draconian decision? haaaw

Who will be worried?
In my humble opnion, anybody and everybody who were not aware of this move by virtue of first info or leakage will not be worried. Every one else from a normal home maker who hides some cash in her stash for a rainy day, to a normal businessmen who works high on cash in hand, to a lower or middle class person and even a cash strapped milieu will be affected by it, at least temporarily.

Rest all, esp the bigger players and politicians extra, am sure would have their own way to their will ;)

Yes, for a middle-middle class girl like me who hates going to bank [unless they employ her], having an amount of cash that is no longer usable and can soon turn obsolete is a big thing. It is not easy to deal with your banker on a normal day. With a situation like this- Banks and ATMs would be running mayhem from Tarantino movies.

Aha! I can see Paytm, Airtel Money and others of this ilk, laughing their way to bank, while we mango people making a beeline outside bank and ATM to get sufficient money to feed our family or fuel our daily expenses in a Raj Babbar world, where no meal costs Rs 15 including the road side vada pav.

My prosthetician refused to accept the cash in that denomination even when they could easily got it exchanged as a registered firm via their bank. And my local Grocery wala is willing to take a Rs 100 ka cheque rather than risking with now obsolete Rs 500 note. So you can imagine the overall economical plight of common man who is not in to black money and any such practices. 

As of now, am throwing helpless glances at my Rs 500 notes, the rush at bank, the "no more cash" taking retail outlets, the long queued ATM and my broken legs. At home, foodless am looking for options that take internet transfers for food orders and is affordable too. Nevertheless, I am looking at the positive side of this movement and pinning hopes that it will deliver sufficient results over the inconveniece it is causing or may cause. 

BTW, next time, that aunty or mamiji hands you that "shagun ka lifafa", am sure opening it in front of them to check the currency would not be called- bad manners! 


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The Trophy Wife: Alice

November 09, 2016 , 10 Comments

She felt naked
As if robbed of every thread
Off her body, stark

Weary of any words
spoken and heard

expressions became futile
comprehension, a meaningless harp.
just pleas escaped her mouth.
as things turned dark

She looked down
Deep down of bathos disgrace
Her eyes piercing in ground
Unable to bear her own reflection

Tears flew down
hot, drizzling like water
on dry sand.
The dessert of her heart
wry further with the draught
Parching her eyes
heart wrenching cries,
Without a moist.

She pleaded to let go
Pleaded, pleaded till she could bore
The agony of her own demeanor.
ready for the pfysical blow
if they let her go.

She locked herself inside the door
Laid there like an alive corpse.
Feeling betrayed and Morose.
She could breath
but can't acknowledge the sound
amidst her furtive sobs.

The hands that once cajoled her,
Snuggled and shown comfort.
Are now raised
to show feeblish of gender
muting her dignity to arrogance

Time could turn benovalence,
into mental violence.
Explain your ignominy,  if you could

But then words fails you
And seek no reliance.
The one who could not understand them,
What would they learn from your silence.

Stop violence against anyone.  Whether women,  dog or any other alliance.  You may not know the brutality of your actions. And the hearts that suffers it, may lack the expressions in words.  

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Three Words, Two Takes ;)

November 02, 2016 6 Comments

Ok so when Three Words Wednesday and not life, gives you three words, you may not think for a minute and come up with two different takes. You see how number focussed I am? After 12 years of number crunching as a business analyst, the trait could be seen in my poetry, if only you could call them that. If you do not want to, there should be a better word, and mind you- pleasing as well ;)

Calculate | Dire | Erratic

Take 1
[Give it a suitable title]

She calculated all the risks,
all dire consequences
she could be,
When life takes that erratic action.
Who said that Planning is not a woman's poison?


Take 2
[Give it a suitable title too, it is a two]

She Calculated all the Calories
all probable dire cooking tactics
Yet picked up that deep fried snack
Savoured it greedily, finishing with a loud smack
Street food is erotic
Perfect for Erratic binges!


Hey all, hope you will like my one-minute poetry created with 3 different words, in 2 different perspectives. Do let me know which one was your favorite :)

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