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Abhay Season 2 Review: KunalKemmu is Back with more power in Abhay 2

September 12, 2020 0 Comments

With the advent of online streaming platforms in India, India viewers are having all the indoor fun, watching a whole new gambit of movies, web-series, and their favorite actors at the comfort of their home.


You name the genre and you have it at your fingertips, in all 3 screens- Mobile, Laptop, and TV.


Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, and even crime thriller. All those who complained that India is not making enough out of box content, complain no more and Thanks to Zee5, that is indulging its subscribers with world-class content across the genres including the wild-wild world of crime and psychological thrillers. 


Talking about Psychological thrillers, there is one series that raises quite a ball when released- Abhay starring Bollywood cutie- KunalKemmu.


Yes, KunalKhemmu is back with Abhay 2, testing his limits again trying to overcome bigger criminals and newer challenges. 


Abhay 2 on Zee5


Abhay2 is a Hindi language action-thriller streaming on Zee5, with 8 on your seat episodes that follow the inverted detective format of story-telling. He is joined by a stellar cast of actors like Ram Kapoor, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Bidita Bag, RaghavJuval, and Chunkey Pandey.


This season thinks gets a little dark, much gorier, and horrific with fictionalized crimes, showing the depths of humankind infested with sociopaths and psychopaths within the garbs of normal and accomplished personalities alike. 


Here's a quick synopsis of few episodes to give you a peek into the world of organized crimes, without giving away the mystery [ NO SPOILers]


Episode 1: Brain Soup

A criminal's horrific acts to fights his own inferiority complex


Episode 2: One-legged skeleton

A prostitute on kill


Episode 3: Game beings: This has an interesting cat and mouse chase between AbhayPratap Singh and the Antagonist. I won't tell you who. You need to watch it


Episode 4: 12-hour Challenge

A psychopath cop on a sexual hunt


Episode 5: Misplaced Retribution

Damages child marriages can cause to society. 

PS: only 5 episodes are out; the remaining 3 will make their entry soon.


All the above-mentioned cases are in some ways a mirror to the society, its thwarting atrocities, and how some weak minds further succumb to those atrocities. 


The series is a gory reminder of the unsafe environment around us, for men, women, and hardworking individuals alike. As scary it may sound, the characters would remind of certain legendary or common crime cases that you have read in newspapers or watched on TV. 

Gory Alert

As the story gets murkier and horrific, the narrative may have many gory visuals and advised to watch only under parental guidance. 

What to expect in Abhay2

1) A powerful and fresh ensemble of caste

2) India's Own Crime Thriller Series in the Hindi language

3) Engaging and on your seat cases where you want to know what went behind some of the criminals [in this show] minds and how Abhay finds a logical path to solves most illogical cases.

4) Wide arrays of antagonists and villain

5) A very strong protagonist played by KunalKemmu


Numerounity Verdict

After a sickening decade of typical saas-bahu brigade, and overload of horror stories, watching an action-thriller is not just an interesting break but also a reckoner of crimes in society. As a viewer, I always preferred watching short stories rather than whole hours of wild goose chase over multiple-episode. And Abhay delivers that without adding too much of unwanted suspense over seasons and yet keeps the show fans interested. I totally loved KunalKemmu's take of Abhay- Subtle, less chatty, and yet strong. The show is definitely not for the weak heart nor for people who do not like watching lot of blood and gory on-screen even though they are not the weak heart. For rest, go ahead, watch and remember- sooner or later every crime/criminal comes to justice. 


Happy viewing




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The Tamasha Around Sushant Singh Rajput Murder Case and Celebrity Round Table

August 27, 2020 2 Comments

2020 has more drama than Corona. Drama as well an eye-opener for many. From the sorry state of our overall infrastructure including high-fi medical infrastructure and disaster management, a lot of new series of events that took place this year, giving breathless real roller coaster ride to nation and citizens.

Sushant Singh Rajput's mysterious death is one of them. The event itself came unbearing and shock for many esp after an anti-suicide promotion film called Chichore. However, the real Chichore of the reel cum real-world gave a whole new meaning to depression and death in the world. Including, we the gullible public who takes many a so-called "breaking news" to heart, knowing yet not acknowledging the manipulations of the man-made world.  

We do not know how Sushant lost his life. Though it looks less of suicide and more of a crime. They did not just perpetrate a heinous crime but so skillfully sold it under the garb of depression. Really? If depression was not enough, stale debate on nepotism tried to keep things under the kiln, including failed proceedings of a death caused by unnatural reason. 

From crouching relatives, exes to hidden psycho-therapist, each came with their own version. And in spite of Arnab' decibel defying "poochta hai Bharat" [do not blame us, we did not tweet it], the public is still asking- who is Sandeep Singh? Who was last seen near CCTV, how come retrieve chats are selectively leaked, and many such questions?

Notwithstanding getting sidelined with public support for Arnab Goswami and his RTV debate on SSR Murder Case, Rajdeep Sardesai had the same feeling that Shahid Kapoor would have during the time of Padmavati when the irate public was burning effigies of Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Singh. I am also in this film oops in Media said Rajdeep Sardesai and instead of bringing a logical angle to debate, continued his fray to defend the accused. But did he really defended the accused? I saw the whole controversial interview at one go, and all I would say- he tried to bring another side in a dignified way. 

Few questions were unanswered as to how Rhea Chakraborthy suddenly became more powerful than Indrani Mukherjee that the most expensive criminal lawyer is fighting her case, influential people are driving her for inquiries. Also, what happened between 8-13th when Rhea was not with Sushant, and his sister was. If Sushant were so deep in depression, wouldn't a sister or close alibi know? There are many unanswered questions, while some went with the dead, some are under investigation by apex agencies of the country. 

The human-made world that does not care about the alive people cannot be expected to fight for the justice of a dead public figure. Is that's what they thought when they try to bury the entire suspicious story under the big/thick carpet of depression? Unfortunately for them, the public chose to react this time and whoa, reacting even after the continuous drama around his highly suspicious death. 

No, I am not a die-hard fan of Sushant Singh Rajput but that does not take away his credibility or right for justice. It is sad to see News channel broadcasting about the potty routine of an actor promoting a hospital, and equal disgrace for us to entertain insensitive debates, on TV or Twitter. The debate we must, but a little dignity does not harm. If you see some of the tweets [not just in this case but in general in name of trolls], and hashtags, you discover a whole new gravity than what Newton suggested. 

Forget the victim or his family, I as layman am afraid to raise my opinion, often [opinion and not conclusions] for the fear of corrupts that is gleefully playing "blind men and elephant" game over the suspicious death of a popular celebrity who was never involved in any controversies and clearly not treated greatly by his own fraternity.  

I reiterate the world does not need to fight corruption, poverty, nepotism, or any such issues if the world fights injustice alone, ably, and effectively. Once we restore justice, the majority of problems are settled. 

The case could be a "make and break" example for the Indian Legal system which unfortunately is more gyrated towards protecting the corrupt [at least in this case]. We do not know whatever pressure they are undergoing but as we heartily wait for the truth to prevail.

Here is a small round-up on the latest greatest happening around the SSR case.

Some may call is a lighter vein and some a sarcasm on how things shape up during conflict. With no offense intended to anyone, here's a summation of conversations around. The semi-fictional discussion is basis the different news/tweets and statements floating on the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Read on-

The Tamasha Around Sushant Singh Rajput Murder Case

A general [no individual offense included] summation of semi-fictional chatter around the news and media, and of course vox populi-


Random person: Am afraid of walking on a high rise parapet terrace, am I normal? 

Rhea Chakraborty: No. You have Vertigo & agoraphobia, here are some drugs sent by XYZ, drink in coffee & U will be flying in 30 minutes.

Random person: Spell Agoraphobia pl?

Rhea Chakraborty: A G A R -tum mil jao Jamana chod denge hum. 

Random person: Whopper! If I fell, take me to Cooper! 

Rhea Chakraborty: Bhatt Naturally! 

Rajdeep Sardesai: Rhea no turning back, we are with you! 

Pooja Bhatt: Arnab Goswami is deafening and slandering. Thank Rajdeep for sympathies and a much-awaited interview.

Public: We will still not watch Sadak 2! 

Pooja Bhatt: Watch the beaches and do not pollute them, and then blame the government.

Arnab Goswami: Which coffee Alia drank while signing this movie. poochta hai, Bharat? 

Alia Bhatt: The same I drank while signed the 2 others- Highway and Udta Punjab! 

Virat Anushka: We are going to be 3 

Rakhi Sawant: Sushant came again in my dream last night, he will reborn as Anushka's baby. Jejusss ki Kasam. 

[Saif and Kareena heaves a sigh, thank God and thanks Rakhi]

Karan Johar: Anushka, I want to sign the child for my next

Anushka: KJO promise it would not be Ae Dil hai Mushkil part 2?

Karan Johar: No-no SOTY 4

Kangana Ranaut: Nepotism!

Aditya Pancholi: Kangana return the Padmashri

Kangana: Aditya still you or your sun will never get it

Aditya Pancholi: SALMAAAAAANN!

Salman: Back off, I have enough negative publicity cause of you two. I will tell Subhash Ghai ki "Choli ke peeche I dunno kya hai but definitely ab Pan-Choli ke peeche Salman nahi hai hoga". 

Vivek Oberoi: Salman destroyed my career!

Abhishek Bachchan: Hah and you did not even get the girl!

Richa Chaddha: And Vivek destroyed my web-series with his OTT acting.

Swara Bhaskar: Talk about web series, I did Rasbhari

Amazon Prime: Do not remind that we backed that Kalank 

Swara Bhaskar: No sirs/madam, not Kalank but Rasbhari....

Indian Bhau: Ek hi baat hai x%$ Alt Balaji join kiya tune? woh bhi kalank hai.

CarryMinati: %%$$@ Ananya Pandey got Filmfare for SOTY 2, Filmfare is another Kalank@##%^%

Amazon Prime: SOTY 2 and Kalank is streaming on Prime Video, join now for 199 per month/-

Payal Rohtagi: Two Kalanks including Jalebi featuring Rhea Chakkar-bharti #PyarKaPunchnama

Rhea Chakraborty: I lapped that role while you yapped on other people's story

Mahesh Bhatt: You lapped it all, including all the blame. 

Rhea Chakraborty: Aww! I am made to be such a "Sadak-Chaap" person, feels great!

Shekhar Suman: And I am back with "Movers and Shekhar".

Republic TV: Whatever, we are no 1 news channel

Rhea Chakraborty: Happy Witch Hunting! No one question the sisters.

[Pooja/Alia Bhatt leaves the discussion]

Soni Razdaan: Do not worry, am here "yours truly". Bollywood is glorious yet a talented actress like me is not cast in Saand Ki Aankh.

Ratna Pathak Shah: Humne Kya Paap Kiya tha? Oh wait, Paap is middle class!

Neena Gupta: Bicch, yeah! 

Supriya Pathak: Main to chup hoon bhais-sab!

KRK: He made films on his ex-es but nothing on currents? Soni, how?

Sonam Kapoor: Let's not bring Ex Girlfriends, wife, or BFs to such discussions.

Neetu Singh Kapoor: Right Beta. like you and Deepika gloriously did on KWK

Deepika: I had a dream debut, multiple campaigns, SRK, and sportsman parents but I suffered from depression. #ItsMyChoice

Ranveer Singh: But now you have me, baby. Let's do our 4th reception in Corona PPE suits.

Public: Yes Deepika. We had depression too when we saw your "it is my choice" video.

Ranbir Kapoor: Thank God I chose Katrina over her

Salman: Grrrr 

Ranbir Kapoor: We Broke up; save it for Vicky Kaushal

Salman: You better, but Bhaaaat are you doing with your life now?

Ayan: Still making Brahamashtra!

Kangana: Bolly- Brahm-butt-shastra! Nepotism! Another Star kids fare.

Amitabh Bachchan: Excuse me? I am in this film too

Abhishek Bachchan: You were in Thugs of Hindustan too

Jaya Bachchan: And you were in Happy New Year!

Amazon Prime: "Thugs of Hindustan" is streaming on Amazon Prime, Sub starts from Rs 199 per month

Jhahnavi Kapoor: And Gunjan Sharma on Netflix, it is an original story

KRK/Rangoli: No-no you are a star kid and everything about star kids like you, Ananya, Alia is boooo. 

Chunky Pandey: Thank you for calling me a star!

Shahid Kapoor: Arre I am also star kid, I was Kabir Singh ...

Vijay Devekonda: Ya-ya next time, try original!

Tom Cruise: Thank God he is off my shoulder

Vidya Balan and Kareena in Unison: We Too!

R Balki: Ranbir and Alia are the finest actors, find me better actors than them

Kareena:  Balki ke is statement ke "ki" ka "ka"! Jao Mein Apni hi favorite hoon

Apurva Asrani: Balki there is Rajkumar Rao, Vidya balan, Vicky Kaushal, Ayushmaan Khurana, Priyanka Chopra.....

Saif Ali Khan: Me too! I am victim of nepotism

Taimur and Sara: Shut up Abba

Media: Arre Taimur Baba, let's take a click/picture. 

Sara Ali Khan: Hello, am also here. 

Kartik Aryan: All women in the world are camera-diggers, sly except my mom #PyarKaPunchnama

Sara Ali Khan: Karthik, tum mujhe tang karne lage ho. Abba! 
[तुम मुझे तंग करने लगे हो। अब्बा! ]

Saif Ali Khan: If you have money, take her. 

AajTak: Breaking News! Baap ne kiya beti ko badnam, lagai boli sare-aam!

Yeah, these conversations can go on and on. As long as the world thinks the world as an idiot and keep spilling such sass, there would be no dearth of content. Right now let's pray for truth and justice as Sushant's death case has many other crimes like drugs, paedology, money laundering, witch hunting,  entangled in it. A right step in direction can help unravel this pandora box, and bring some balance in the world whose biggest battle is not corona but Injustice. 


Disclaimer: We understand and respect the investigation as done in this case by the respectable Indian authorities, Police, and CBI alike. The post is just a reflection of an ordinary citizen basis the public information in news and media. The author/blog holds no authority to authenticate/challenge them. 

No offense intended so pl do not take things personally.

#RheaChakraborty #Bollywood #Celebritychat #SushantSinghRajput #Nepotism 

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Web-Series Review Churails on ZEE5

August 24, 2020 1 Comments

I have always been an admirer of Pakistani dramas. I very well remember the days when I started watching them in the early 1990s. Yes, the 1990s, much before YouTube or the concept of web-series started. The first-ever drama that I saw was the classic Tanhaiyaa. My uncle prompted me to watch it for the lead female character whose glimpses he saw in me. I really loved their characterization and the way they mouth Urdu. And then there was no looking back. 

In fact, when Zee Tv launched a channel - Zindagi in India, I was every inch excited and renewed my DTH connection solely for that channel.  

A lot happened in between, yet the love for Pakistani dramas did not fade even if it meant that I have to watch them on the web. Thankfully, Zee Tv's web streaming platform Zee5 has an array of Pakistani dramas and series. And that's where I saw- Churails!

Horror yet Not Horror Churails

The name and a very bold trailer will make you think if it is a horror-based show. Well, it is not a horror-based show but a webs series that depicts the horrible things happening in women's life and how four different women, from different walks of life, meet and form a team to help their women clients get justice, all incognito.

Churail is a story of 4 women- Sara Khan [Sarwat Gilani], Yasra Rizvi [Jugnoo], Zubeida [Meher Bano] and Batool Jaan [Nimra Bucha] who are from different walks of lives, each carrying their own burdens and oppressions, working towards a common goal. I just finished watching the first episode and could not wait to share my view with you.

It starts with an introduction to their respective lives and their own suppressions. Suppressions that some happily abides through, rebels through, one struggles, and others refuse to bear. It is all about their own inner struggles and how their lives cross. 

Together they start spy agency to help the thwarted women in society. They run this behind the garb of fancy boutique and beautifully use metaphors like - a woman being stabbed by other women in society, well-emancipated mannequins, and more. You need to watch this to know more.

This is a no-spoilers review and you need to watch the show first and then we can exchange views here. 

Story-telling through Graphics, Grandeur and Spine-chilling Inferences

The show is directed by Asim Abbasi, the same person who directed another well-acclaimed Pakistani movie Cake! Like the movie, the web series is also a visual treat, with some polished, some real to life and hard-hitting sinister visuals to essay the story-telling.

There are a total of 10 episodes in the series.

The powerful #MainChurailhoon Star cast

The show lead actors would not make you feel anything but the characters they are portraying. Sarwat Gilani as the "perfect trophy wife" looks absolutely the talented law professional, now made to play just a trophy wife. Watch out her scene with Kindergarten head, confronting the use of the right language amidst kids. The scene wherein she punches the clip or makes peace with her husband is something you cannot miss.  Especially the kitchen scene wherein she makes her husband finally allow her to restart a career for herself. 

Yasra Rizvi as "got Hydragenea as the best deal" promoting a wedding planner with a rebellion head, plays her friend who brings the other two members to their alibi. 

There are men also in the show from a wicked young brother to a free-spirited hacker. Like I said, watch the show to know more. 

Images Courtesy: ZEE5

Show Link | Episodes link

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and avoid Infidelity! ;)

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जस्ट Rs 999 only!

August 15, 2020 , 0 Comments

वो महीने भर लोगों के घर में 
झूठे बर्तन घिस घिस कर 
१००० रुपए कमाती है
साबुन से जले हाथो को पोंछ कर 
फटी हुई सारी को फिर से सी कर
बाज़ार जाती है 
लाने कुछ ख़ुशी अपनो के लिए
और देख के महेंगे टैग 
ज़रूरत की कुछ चीज़ों पर 
अपना मन मार के फिर रह जाती है।
वो लगाते है महँगे होरडिंग्स 
पिज़्ज़ा हट और चीज़ बर्गर के 
उन सड़कों पे 
जहाँ पे लोग अक्सर भूखे ही सो जाते है। 
भर नहीं सकते तस्वीरों से पेट
करते है और ज़लील उसस भूख को 
जो Just For Rs ९९ only
के नीचे 
दो वक़्त की रोटी और साफ़ पीने के पानी को तरस जाते है। 
क्यूँ है इतनी बड़ी दरार 
वो जो है जिसके पास और नहीं जिसके पास में?
की कोई तो पैसा को पानी की तरह बहाता हे 
और कोई जलती हुई गरमी में
एक बोतल पानी को तरस जाता है?

स्वतंत्रता तो आ गयी,
आत्मनिर्भरता भी आ गयी।
मगर लाचारी से कब हम मुक्त होंगे?

©️एकता खेतान

Photo Source: NY Times

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Arbitrage Fund And Launch of Mahindra Manulife Mutual Fund [NFO Closes on 19th August]

August 14, 2020 0 Comments

Looking to invest? In these uncertain times, when markets are extremely volatile, alternative assets such as Gold is at all-time high and investment in any other asset class is fraught with risk (don’t even want to talk about Fixed Deposits at prevailing rates), an Arbitrage Fund comes as a knight in the shining armor. Particularly promising, when a brand like Mahindra is associated with the same and is managed by seasoned professionals like Mr. Ashutosh Bishnoi.

Without any further build-up, presenting you a new fund from Mahindra Manulife Mutual Fund which will tick on all the boxes - ‘Mahindra Manulife Arbitrage Yojana,’ - an open-ended scheme investing in arbitrage opportunities. 

Key information

What is an Arbitrage fund
Simply put, it is a type of mutual fund that leverages the price differential in the cash and derivatives market to generate returns. The returns from this Mutual Fund depends on the volatility of the underlying asset (perfect yay!!)

What should I look for

· Better tax efficiency on returns compared to short term debt funds

· Relatively lower risk as arbitrage strategy focuses on protecting downside risk by capturing market
· One of the least volatile hybrid schemes suitable for investment across market cycles

Investment Strategy

Scheme to invest in arbitrage positions between cash & futures trading on exchanges, invest in a basket of stocks and short the corresponding futures against it, or derive higher returns from the implied cost of carrying between the underlying and the derivatives market.

Underlying instruments

  1. Normal circumstances: Around 65-100% in equity and equity-related instruments including equity derivatives, ~35% in debt and money market securities including tri-party repo, reverse repo.
  2. Defensive circumstances: Around 0-65% in equity and equity-related instruments including equity derivatives and 35 - 100% in debt and money market securities including tri-party repo, reverse repo, and up to 10% in units issued by REITs & InvITs.

Past performance of Arbitrage Funds: Average 6-7% annualized return over the last 6 months to 2 years (Nifty 50 Arbitrage Index)

When can I invest: New Fund Offer opens on August 12, 2020, and closes on August 19, 2020, and it will reopen for continuous sale and repurchase from August 25, 2020.

Minimum Investment: Rs. 1,000/- and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter

Who is launching the NFO
Mahindra Manulife Investment Management Private Limited (Formerly known as Mahindra Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd.), a (51:49) joint venture of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited (MMFSL) and Manulife Investment Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Exit Load
An exit load of 0.25% is payable if Units are redeemed/switched out on or before completion of 30 days from the date of allotment of Units; - Nil - If Units are redeemed / switched-out after completion of 30 days from the date of allotment of Units. Redemption /Switch-Out of Units would be done on First in First out Basis (FIFO).

About Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited: It is part of the Mahindra Group, is one of India’s leading non-banking finance companies. Focused on the rural and semi-urban sector, the Company has over 6.9 million customers and has an AUM of over USD 10 Billion. The Company is a leading vehicle and tractor financier provides loans to SMEs and also offers fixed deposits. The Company has over 1,300 MMFSL offices and reaches out to customers spread over 3,70,000 villages and 7,000 towns across the country.

Fund Managers:

(a) Srinivasan Ramamurthy [Fund Manager – Equity]
(b) Rahul Pai [Head – Fixed Income]

NFO closes on August 19. For more info:

Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: The details are as per public sources, investors are requested to take their own caution while investing.
Picture Source: Corporate website
Twitter @numerounity
Facebook: @numerounity

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भीगी मुट्ठी ©️

August 11, 2020 0 Comments

वह हर एक लम्हा मैंने हथेली पर पानी की तरह उसस रिश्ते को सम्भालना चाहा।
बैठी रही घंटो तक, तेरे इंतेज़ार में
की तू आए
और कुछ बूँदे अपनी भी हथेलियों पर रख ले

में बूँद बूँद जिससे बचाती रही
वह तो बन के बादल बरस गए।

ईंट पत्थरों से बने इस घर में
रिस रिस जाने कहा बह गए।

मैंने बड़ी कोशिश की
कभी हाथ जोड़ कभी अंजुल भर के उन्हें बचाने की।
मगर उषम तापमानो में कही
वह भाप बन के उड्ड गए।

अब बादल बन के शायद छुपे हो वो कभी।
फिर किसी बारिश या मौसम बरसे वो कभी।
मैं बंद कर अपनी मुट्ठियों को
पलकों में छुपा लूँगी उन्हें।

भीगी पलकों से कुछ बूँद अगर छलक भी जाए तो क्या है।
में उन्हें फिर हथेलियों में समेटने की कोशिश करूँगी।


©️ एकता खेतान द्वारा कृत

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The Importance of Original Content - तुम भी कुछ अच्छा लिख दो।

July 24, 2020 , 0 Comments

बहुत उमदा कह गए थे मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब,
कबीर, Gibran और सभी।
तुम भी खुद कुछ अपना ही लिख दो, 
तो मज़ा आ जाए.

बांध दो समा कभी,
अपने ही लिखे नज़्मों से. 
तो व्क्तो के चमन में भी 
कुछ नयी बहार आ जाए। 

मिल जाए सिला उन ढेरों
अनमने, से शब्दों को,
ब्रज की बोली,
हिंदी की बारहखड़ी, और 
उर्दू की उन भूली बिसरी सी आतिशों को
जो सदियों से बिसर गए,
की कोई कुछ नया तो लिखे. 
कोई तो अनजान आवाज़ उन्हें भी बया करे.
--------written by Ekta Khetan------------


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Who Killed Sushant Singh Rajput- Bullying, Depression, Lockdown Helplessness or Ambition?

June 17, 2020 1 Comments

It came as a piece of news and soon settled in as a shock, the stoned cold shock that continued even 2 days after his death. As a viewer, I was quite indifferent to the actor's TV stint or upcoming movies. I have seen multiple movies of him [some twice] wherein I liked few and few, I did not like much. It is a normal viewer reaction, amounted equally for all actors- so-called Industry Insiders or outsiders.

While I failed to understand the concept of Industry insider and outsider. For me, all actors are part of the industry especially if they are at least a film or two old. And according to me, Sushant Singh Rajput in spite his boy next door look [ a new, refreshing trend inBollywood] was doing seemingly quite well. He had a stellar list of films wherein he played different characters. A feat that a lot of so-called Industry insiders do not get in their nepotism feathered hats. And that was an outstanding achievement for a TV star after Shah Rukh Khan. The point is not about he being a TV star or being inferior. We all have learned the hard work and hardship that our prime time actors go through shooting "leaps of generations soaps". No matter how many of them aspire to recreate the same magic on the bigger screen, rarely few could succeed, and Sushant Singh R was a brilliant exception. He was not only a prime-time blue-eyed boy but made quite an entry with his first film- Kai Po Che, a multi-starrer with 2 other well-known actors. 

Despite huge popularity, Sadly his name did not figure in any of the best actor/debutante awards until the release of the cult movie- MS Dhoni. However, none of us noticed or perhaps minced words about it. Maybe he did win some awards if not Filmfare. 

But then we know the circus that Indian Film awards are. Yet the circus has sometimes awarded some genuine actors and artists and we wonder how SSR name never sparked a strong candidature unless the untold story of MS Dhoni, a film that made you confuse that who is the real Dhoni? The actor or the cricketer on whose life the film was based. The film indeed had some evergreen songs as well, with one being my most favorite.

The song still haunts me and is my best companion during the time of distress. I have played the song in loop [female version] ever since the release and wondered why is it not given the cult status, a status it deserved. 

Before MS Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput had another film released in 2015- Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, another hidden gem starring the actor. I have recently seen the film during the lockdown and could not stop raving at the way it weaved the Byomkesh Bakshy's stories and characters from its more popular TV series. If you have not seen that film, watch it and you will be amazed as I was. 

He also starred in Shuddh Desi Romance [a film that I watched twice and liked], PK [a small but visible role in a big-banner project], Raabta, Kedarnath [another beautiful film which you first like due to Sara Ali Khan but later find her OTT and like the under-dog hero fo the film], Sonchiriya [heard it is another awesome movie] 

What does not kills you, makes you stronger! But what could not make you further stronger, kills you! And guess that's what happened in the actor's case. 

So many varied reasons and emotions may swing in your heart but the truth remained unspoken and unexpressed. The only person who knew the absolute true version left leaving it on everyone's guess and media manipulations. The kind of nonsense you see post the demise of him on social media esp TikTok is so heartbreaking. It seems everyone who would have never made a clip on his performance or songs earlier, is now either giving a version of his tryst, his last hours, reactions of his death and some real non-time stamped videos posing as "exclusive footage". The cyber cell that to date had no issue over pictures of late Divya Bharti[another controversial celeb death], has immediately reacted on circulation of SSR's picture which looked lesser anguishing than hers. Why? What happens to the request of the family to probe into the case? An actor who was good with verses and technology left no note but a deleted tweet? But then we all know how the media carpets truths over stories they want to sell.

A harsh reality, sad turn of events but the person is gone now. A seemingly healthy, sane, ambitious person. He was the AIEEE 7th rank holder who though dropped out during his engineering semesters to follow his ambition of becoming an actor. An ambition that made an academically bright, hailing from a good family boy, start by being a background dancer. Give it to his merit that he had a successful stint on the small screen and transitioned from there to the prestigious YRF banner. A banner that a lot of star kids do not get to work with, whatever the insider scoop it maybe. 

An ambition that did not restrict Sushant Singh Rajput to a one-time wonder boy but had his opportunities to work in some wonderful projects with well-known directors. Let's not talk about the un-materialized projects cause even the brightest and closest in the industry has to undergo such crisis sometimes wherein prestigious and overwhelming projects are shelved. The idea is to keep playing the innings, stay relevant, which I think the departed star did quite well in spite of his feeling of being "left-out". 

Was it the Fear of Missing Out? A FOMO of not being part of some popular coterie in Bollywood? or the failures he faced during the rind? You may never know what breaks a person's heart. A person so ambitious and resourceful to buy the exotic-expensive favorite childhood car and even land on Moon, could not give up to that FOMO alone. Especially when his last released film[Chichore] was all about positivity and looking the bully in the eye. 

You cannot blame everything on failures cause, in this case, failures [if any] looked like a smaller part of the pie. No one in the industry was ever a "Failure-proof" and everyone had their own share of failures in the past and ongoing. An industry that is full of nepotism and casting couch horrors, gave however neglected actor Sushant Singh Rajput more opportunities than it gave to children of superstars in the nouveau era of cinema and content.  

But then there could be many reasons for depression, often accumulates in an unwanted collaboration that you may not be able to foresee or deal with. It is like when a lot of negativity darkens your alley, no matter how much you struggle, often it does not take you towards the light at the other side of the tunnel, so easily. Lone warriors often succumb to brutal accumulations. And IMHO, the fact that you are leaving away from the family does not help much either. 

It may or may not be a lack of shoulders to weep on, share the agony, and expect to accept/settling pacifications. Sometime lack of actions, immediate actions could act against the recovery. The times are such that even the braves are likely to throw themselves to an opportunity of peace or bewildered consolations. 

And while we do not know what actually triggered an educated, bright, meritorious, financially stable young men at his 34 to throw up his hands, speculations aside. Least we can do, is to respect him and be more mindful with people around- direct or indirect. 

For you never know how a small remark could tear apart the silent sufferers, least you would like to be is to be responsible for someone's sorrows. 

While I request you to refrain from making any unkind gesture towards the departed soul, let's pray that no other person is withdrawn to such circumstances wherein he/she ends their life. 

Om Shanti.

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Amitabh Bachchan's Mirza is the Life of Gulabo Sitabo

June 12, 2020 1 Comments

We often get bored seeing the same actor doing a similar kind of performance, mostly OTT in many films. No matter how legendary that actor is, the portrayal becomes cliche film after films and that is why we always appreciate a fresh face on the screen. 

Thankfully there are directors like Shoojit Sircar and actors like Amitabh Bachchan who successfully remodels the molds and brings more freshness to the screen and the subject. Gulabo Sitabo is one such film that makes you empathize with the antagonist and an antagonist like Mirza is beyond the most illuminating legends that we have seen on the silver screen.

And if Gulabo Sitabo works, it solely works on Mirza's however hunched shoulders. A power full performance, and an immortal character after the Geet in Jab We Met!

Unlike Geet, Mirza is selfish, always scheming, the emotionless person whose sole aim in life is to hold the heritage Haveli [however dilapidated it was] that he was living in and for which he married a woman 17 years older to his age. Unlike any Lucknow based stories, there is no romance, no Shayari in this story. The only unsaid romance is between Mirza and his need for money. The Haveli is just a medium that Mirza does not think twice before surrendering it in front of the shrewd builder. Who will rescue this centenary Razia of Haveli from the ceremonial goons is the subject and love your Begum above your haveli is the crux of the film. However, there are many real-life, hard-hitting truths inside. The reality of inveterate tenants trying to usurp a property, the ever landlord-tenant rent war, the harsh truth of government claims over so-called heritage properties in-country, and the undervalued antics sold at larger than life price labels. 

Gulabo Sitabo, from the title to many elements are at the right place, with the right heart. 

What disappoints is the screenplay that starts on high point yet starts dragging in the middle of the film, till the end. The end is tragic. You may call it- tragicomedy as you see the plot slipping away from the protagonist's hands [quite literally], and they portray it well too. However, the story stops pacing well-enough to keep the interest intact. Somewhere it loses the steam and your viewing experience dropping down. 

The setting, the characters all are perfect including a great ensemble of actors like ever-charming Ayushman Khurana, Powerhouse performers Vijayraj, and Brajendra Kalra, the amazing Farrukh Jafar, crispy Shristy Shrivastava, and even Purnima Sharma who played scissor tongued Fauzia. 

The cast is endearing, subtle, and perfect to the characters they played. Thankfully no OTT appearance of any celeb and no item songs. 

Like I said my biggest favorite was the otherwise unscrupulous, single-minded, as wicked as he can get Mirza. The portrayal was less verbal and more powerful that instead of sneering at his silly acts, you find them silly and amusing. He makes the greedy acts look justified and you end up empathizing with him. 

The movie is a good reckoner of exploitation in society without bringing any religious or cultural or cinematic undertone anywhere. I think after the splendid film- October, I was highly looking upon this film [umm I love the way the title rings up] and was ecstatic to see it released on Prime Video amidst the depressing COVID. I think Tragic-comedy is not the genre that we are prepared to see at such times and maybe that's why the film bordered on slight disappointment. 

The disappointment lied in the expectation. Like Gulabo-Sitabo [a traditional puppet show where two women constantly bicker over each other], you wanted to see the two characters- Banke and Mirza's bickering and one-upmanship over each other, which they do as well. However, adding too many angles caused few non-seamless wrinkles affecting the overall experience. Nevertheless, on a scale of 5, the movie with all its heart at the right places and a fabulous Mirza deserves 4/5.

How come? The screenplay may have faltered at some point but the overall story and that legendary Mirza claimed additional points for the portrayal indeed. Besides, the underlying message of older people, older heritages getting old and lonely is hard-hitting as always and reminds you of many injustices done to them in the name of archaeology, antics valuation, and more. The movie is also a farce on people who thinks themselves smarter than others.

A Special Mention to True to Life Portrayls and dialogues

The movie has some real heartwarming scenes and touching dialogues that I want you to experience first-hand. There are scenes that you cannot miss. Like the one where Mirza asks a street food hawker to calculate 12 X 2500, an amount suggested by his lawyer or the scene where he picks a packet from Bankey's flour mill, so real and spontaneous. One can go on and on in a review but best is that you see and feel the film on your own.

Let me know if you want this review to be in the Gulabo-Sitabo kinda mode? I will be happy to improvise this even as Mrs. Khanna for you.

Mrs Khanna who? Forgotten? Our Khanna Aunty from Three Idiots and Smart Device Fame :)


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Roti, GST And Parota : How Indian politico is Fighting A Pandemic -Covid

June 12, 2020 0 Comments

If there is one country that works on Bhagwan bharose [Allah, Christ, Nanakji, Cow, Birsa Munda included], it is India for sure. And COVID19 is a great eye-opener to those who still live under the rock. 

And there are plenty of such people who are still crying India-Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim, BJP-Congress-Kejriwal, JNU-Netflix-Reservation. Only Corona could have shut up these people. It seems even Corona failed to shut them up. 

It is not just the divisive politics that Corona failed to kill, it also failed in many fields viz- the over-rated India Medical System, Make In India, and even the governance. 

Do I sound like anti-Bhakt? Well, I was never a bhakt nor Congressi nor AAP-tarian. I do not even have a ration card. I am born to fund money for Parliamentarians' subsidized canteens. Still, they do not report to work and often cause a lockdown even before Corona stole their ideas.  I am a bruised and battered Indian who had a good experience of living and traveling at different parts of the homeland to understand the biographies better. But that does not count. Cause I am no one and my voice makes no noise, yet I will sing. 

I am another victim of heavy taxation who thought that GST is a good relief. Indeed not to a consumer like me who continues to pay a high price for basic goods and services including the 18% tax at all levels. Apparently, my Tax deducted at source was not sufficient enough to fill the gap between taxpayer and non-taxpayer. So like any employer who gives more work to the most hard-working staff, I am levied with more taxes at every level. Even if I want to buy some food or even medicine, I need to pay tax. I may have an employment or no, but I have to pay tax, heavy tax. 

While government [any present or past] does nothing to better up my employment prospect or make life-supporting Infrastructures, I wonder what and where the government spends that money. A look at large, widely spread, well-trimmed Lutyens area and highly paid celeb MPs, endorsing more products, demanding crores for fees per ad/public appearances, and adding the incremental cost to the pricing, rest my queries.

Sometimes I feel, India problem does not lie in religious wars or China threat, it is highly contributed by system's insufficiency and moreover by citizen's insensitivities. 

China you are wasting your time to plunder India. Trust me our politicians have left nothing in the country for you to usurp. The milieu that does scams even with animal fodders, do you really think they have left any natural resources good enough for you to gain? Even if they mistake left a void there, trust me the citizens/ industries would have pawed them already. Haan if you want to eat beef, you can find that plenty here cause the way cows are largely treated in India, it is better that they were extinct. And then we will see what these self-righteous businesses, revolts would do without them. Maybe they will find another animal to explore, exploit, and sustain. 

The Make in India Mishap
I remember how excited I was to learn about the "Make in India" initiative. I even spent a day, standing for hours in a long queue to enter the exhibits and successfully kept myself safe inside the crowded display of Pepsi, Nestle and all that reminisce less of manufacturing but marketing. There were panel discussions, celeb chef masterclass, and whatnot, all like an idea that fondles self to stay in the steam. The idea fizzled out soon and in spite of hearing news on new units manufacturing more than 1,00,000 PPEs in a day, you fail to find a decent mask/ glove or a single reliable test kit to check the health of a normal citizen from an infected one. 

In such critical times, we have the home state of our PM running among the top COVID patients across the country and yet 

I remember the joke they had on Delhi Police and it's confession tactics. I think it had affected the entire chain of those health warriors who approved a random-looking machine as ventilators and still used on their unassuming patients. Scam, Scam, India has SCAM written all over even at such Pandemic times where the state health minister conveniently gives health app authority to her relative's company who botch up the numbers to show a lesser number of cases. Unfortunately, the minister, the make-believe machines, all lies there and what vanishes is the _Trust!

The only beam of hope at such times were the doctors. But even those warriors were not given ample protection gear. Apparently, health ministry literary took them as Gods, read CORONA proof. 

And in a large number of places, doctors are truly the Gods now as you may stand a chance to see them only post your death these days, if only you did good karma. Cause there are patients dying between shuffling from hospital to another in the hope of some checkup, leave alone treatment. Those who were able to successfully get admitted struggled to drink water and found missing. While you and I thought they ran away from the dreadful isolation wards, they were missing and found dead inside the toilets [ref news].

It is not just the patients that went missing. Even the citizens' contribution fund that was diverted to a new PM cares fund instead of the PM relief funds, remains a mystery. Instead, you get a new line item for the GST- Parota.

Overnight the unassuming Parota, a richer cousin of Roti found himself wrapped in more taxes than the dough- called GST. At 18% A roti with additional ghee/butter found a new avenue to earn money for the bureau, wherein the cow that blended that butter gets nothing but a bomb in the mouth. How about Pooris, Naan, and Kulcha? Also, if I dine at a restaurant that misspelled south Indian Parota to North India Parantha, what would be the tax I should be paying? If I order a bread basket, how is the government going to ascertain the taxation and pricing? And Daal-Dhokli? And how many layers should qualify for a Parota? Suppose the restaurant serves me parota with 2 layers, can they charge me 18% GST or it has to be a minimum of 9 layers? How the billing will be done when I order 4 Rotis, 2 Parota, a bread basket? Would there be a "Value Added GST"? Psss I am asking too many questions, complex ones from a government that announces dramatic currency demobilization overnight without a single simple system in the place. By the way who is going out in pandemic to relish the rotis at a restaurant? Should not we first look after finding a way to cure the Pandemic first?

Psst, plus! You cannot blame the government alone when it has to deal with citizens as absurd as ours. The entire motion of Parota looks like a parody when some of the self-righteous citizens equate it with beef.  Ah! the ever-righteous beef eaters, who think it is their birthright to slaughter cows and eat beef to just protest the government. For them, it is ok to slaughter speechless animals for their meat. And these people cry if someone taxes their foods, but no tears shed on animal cruelty. The 18% GST looks more logical to such reasonings. Or is it Nityanand's conspiracy to move the population to a Caribbean island?

A regular citizen feels as helpless as the bereaved elephants, cows, and other animals that are doused with explosives and left to die on their own. The circus got a new topic to bake their roti, and the common man continues to suffer.

But if this is the survival of powerful over lesser powerful, and killings animals for meat is right, then Pandemic will be justified too. My only regret is- why the self-reliant, sensitive population should suffer? Why the pandemic that shook the world with a bat soup is not an example enough for a more inclusive world? How many floods, cyclones, quakes do we need to understand a simple philosophy of Earth? 

India before Corona looks like a dream and India after Corona appears to be a horrible nightmare. Let's keep the Karma clean and high. Let's look for newer and better ways to live. 

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Corona, Politics & search for an incorruptible administrator – What lies ahead for India??

June 09, 2020 1 Comments

Here we are sitting at home isolating self and fearing for the near & dear ones’ safety from Corona with deep sense settling slowly that Government has left all of us to fend for self and has forced us to practically play hide & seek against the Virus.

At such grave times, the News that has left me baffled is of Gujarat Congress moving its MLAs to resorts after resignation of 3 MLAs ahead of Rajya Sabha Polls. Apparently, Congress is forced to make such move to stave off any poaching of its MLAs from the ruling BJP. It’s the same day when State of Gujarat has observed nearly 500 additions in cases of Corona with tally of deceased crossing 1200. By global standards and what west has seen, this may not be a huge tally but what stands out is the abject surrender by Government of Gujarat before the disease & the Virus stating that more tests will lead to 70% of the population testing positive for COVID[-19].

With this prelude, let us analyze implications of such abject surrender

In 2014, most of the people who voted for Modi saw him as an administrator who had vastly improved the economy of State of Gujarat and had no corruption record against him. People hoped that being a strong administrator, he will root out corruption and take India to glorious heights. Essentially, majority of the people supporting Modi desired a nationalist at the helm of the nation especially in the backdrop ever-growing list of corruptions scandals of the UPA era (2004-2014). However, given that largely Hindus support the BJP, almost everyone confused the Nationalist identity of significant number of pro-Modi voters with as Hindutva support / fanatics and have not been able to differentiate between the two.

As the years progressed, larger masses have had no issues with Modi Government as it kept both the Nationalists and the Hindutva supporters happy. Nationalists were happy by a perceived non-corrupt Government which could flex muscles against terrorists and Pakistan and Hindutva supporters were happy by barrage of actions / wins over Muslims which they have seen as anti-Hindus over centuries of rules under Mughals and then Congress.

While there was criticism in respect of slow rate of growth, hopeless implementation of Demonetization & GST and social discord, Modi came back to power in 2019 merely on account of:

1. Populaces’ continued believe that he is a good administrator and his intentions are of nation building

2. Lack of honest and credible opposition

a. Opposition is marred with a poor track record

b. No one sees Rahul Gandhi as a credible opposition or even fancies a chance of him being a good & honest administrator

c. Opposition did not do itself any favour by siding with JNU students who shouted anti-India slogans

d. Appeasement policies are detested by the majority

3. He needs to be given more time to prove himself as he had to find his way out of the Congress designed system of last 60+ years

4. Corruption is far lesser than previous regime

5. And his rhetoric against Pakistan especially the Balakot & Uri strikes

Essentially it was not his good work of nation building but it was the hopeless opposition and populaces’ hope that got him the 2nd chance.

However, just post the election of 2019 when everyone expected him to reinvigorate economy, he selected a finance minister whose first maiden budget thrashed hopes of the nationalists of any change.

So clearly nationalists are gradually getting disillusioned from the Modi Government. And any hope which they had of Modi Government performing is waning and is waning rapidly. People have come to realize that this Government cannot handle the matters related to economy, however good the intentions be. Speeches of Modi which were one time galvanizing the nation are getting routinely repetitive and are either bereft of content or fails miserably in demonstrating actual success on the ground. 

The balance confidence which Nationalists had on Modi has been lost in the handling of Covid:

1. Government’s thrust to reduce number of tests / patients by blocking access to medical facilities to general public is criminal

2. Poor implementation of ~2.5+ months long lockdown with no discernable benefits other than slowing down the spread by a couple of months

a. Infact delayed permission of travel to migrant laborers has pushed corona deep into the country which seriously lacks medical infrastructure

3. Paucity of test kits even after months – No nationalist can accept that Government cannot develop a test kit (we are not talking about medicine or vaccine) or in worst case not procure sufficient test kits – it only demonstrates that government is clueless in its handling of the matter

4. Promoting PM Cares over PM National Relief Fund – It does not feel right to many people

5. No tangible updates from very senior members of the Government

6. Many policy flip-flops

While full impact of Corona is yet to unfold and many of us may suffer (though wish no one of us do!!), what’s most infuriating is that main party’s media cell is already trying to paint a rosy picture and as usual trying to go gaga over the accomplishments of the leader. Only hope that it’s not too early in the day.

Other factors that have started weighing heavily in the minds of populace is the strong-armed tactics against all the four pillars of the democracy. Media is either being bull-dozed by various arms of the government and / or people are being personally targeted in this era of Social Media. Judges roaster is being played around and are being pulled out of the matters which they are hearing. In every state poaching is being tried and it is gradually becoming an accepted norm. The alleged action of BJP in the state of Gujarat will irk any person with sensible mind. At a time when state is unable to fight the invisible enemy and state has virtually surrendered (read above), such undemocratic measures are being used by the party in power. Such actions are certainly not good for democratic set-up and need to be thwarted by the overwhelming majority of Nationalists who have in the past supported Modi.

There have been some positives also and some ministers have tried to do the best they could do but on an overall basis the need of the current Government to have an iron fist approach and to operate always as if in election mode, has not served well generally. Not delving here over other issues such as social discord, preferentialism, corruption etc.

At the last, can only hope that either Modi Government changes its tracks or Congress elects an incorruptible administrator (word administrator is used after much deliberation!!) as its party Chief or their leader for the post of Prime Minister. There is no doubt that a good leader at the helm of Congress will draw huge support from the masses and will be potent force against the Modi.

Only hope that one of the two aforementioned events don’t occur not too late in the day and the country is in safe hands!!!


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The Pregnant Elephant Killing in Kerala And Continued Animal Cruelty in World

June 04, 2020 , 0 Comments

Just A Murder, A Killing or Heinous Crime?

A pregnant elephant died after being fed a cracker laden pineapple in Kerala. And no it was not an instant death like you fed the poor speechless animal a pineapple, elephant says ouch and passes off to reach the St Heaven's door. It was a heinous, cruel, painful death that apparently burned the internal organs of the "speechless" animal who stood inside a water body till her death in hope for any mercy or any relief. As she died, suffering the unspeakable, excruciating pain, with her, her unborn fetus died too. 

If this is not terrorism then what is it? Maybe worst than terrorism. 

This is not an accident, but to me, it sounds more like a manifested and executed crime. Animal Cruelty and killing is nothing new in a state like Kerala. Kerala, allegedly the most literate state in India. Kerala, a self-proclaimed "God's Own Country". Kerala the first few states in India with a large number of reported COVID cases. In fact, I was in great admiration of the state with the way it was dealing with COVID. I started having more respect for the state. All my discussions on COVID and the current situation went mentioning and praising its state. Alas, "God's Own Country" does not justify such a heinous act. 

Justice Denied in Justice Prohibited

When I read this news first, I was shocked to know that someone had the heart to feed anyone a cracker, especially an animal. A speechless animal who did no harm. An animal that is one of the highlights to bring tourism to the state that is infamous for its industrial evolution. Yes, I am very sad to make such statements but I am highly disappointed with the state that perpetrates animal cruelty and does nothing to set things right.  

And about people condemning animal rights by trying to dilute justice with underprivileged, please grow some conscience. Please. How long will you play a separatist card to sweep all the issues down under the carpet? Nothing justifies Human cruelty towards animals. Just cause animals cannot vote, does not mean they do not have rights. The nation that cannot protect its flora and fauna, least it could do for its citizens. 

Pineapple Bomb, Really?
Come every Diwali and I hear "ban the crackers" loud and clear everywhere. And I always supported the movement too. I have seen people's overdrive to light dangerous crackers especially that 5000+ patakha ladis [string bombs] on series that cause immense pain to human beings wonder what they do to the street and domestic animals. So when I hear things like- Elephant was fed the pineapple bomb that is made to kill the wild boars, it raised many questions in my mind. Like - what is all with the killing of wild boras to use their skin/meat? and why a "Pineapple bomb"? 

Do we not have the culture of high fence to create boundaries against any infiltration? Those boundaries with glass pieces are only for humans? Yet we designed "pineapple style" bombs/crackers and if that is legal? 

I have two dogs. If you give them anything, they will smell before chomping it inside the mouth. I believe every animal has that instinct to smell and observe the food before gulping. And pineapple not being a regular fruit for elephant, what are the odds that elephant ate it by mistake and if not fed in the garb of a natural fruit? Where are the post-mortems report? What the law-abiding locals of sorry to say- God's own country was doing when they saw an elephant standing in the middle of the water for days? Where were the Forest officers? Why the sudden change in official statements when the matter became public? Too many questions yet barely any answers.

Kutta, Suwar, Jaanwar Kahi me, Mein Tera Khoon Pee Jaonga
I think a lot of problem lies here. lies in our day-to-day verbal expletives in real and reel world. We have attached the "Jaanwar" [animal] word so inveterately with vices, giving a natural disgust to the word. Like stalking and women objectification, this is another decades-long mal-practice of Cinema- Indian or Western. Why our abuses/ expletives need to be attached to an animal known otherwise for its loyalty like a dog? In any case, there is no expletive attached to an elephant, then what propagated such hatred or such cruelty? 

The Internet of Things, The Angles of Issues
I first read about this cruelty two days back when I started posting about it. There were fewer posts that made me sad on our collective stands on important issues like this. I was sad to see an almost negligible discussion on this. Apparently, the paid trends of Twitter have left a really little consciousness in the user's mind. 

I went around some important "active" handles to see their response to such a thing in India. Disappointing! Except for one celeb, not many people talked about it. Even the handles responsible for biodiversity was mum about it. All this happened just a day after the respected PM gave a speech on Biodiversity days before World Environment Day. 

Mindful Stirrings, Mindless Shakings

Thankfully, there are some stirring online on this topic today. However, with the mindful stirring, a lot of mindless shaking is also coming. Some popular media and people have started linking this issue with religion and political warfare. All to sweep this under the carpet? Well, that's how we deal with issues in India. We sweep it down the carpet by transposing, inter-linking it with irrelevant issues. Some have galls to compare the dead Elephant with the likes of human vs human meanderings, while some are conveniently bringing the religious angle to the whole issue. The fact remains- this inhuman deed has happened and happened in the area with the stated stats. There is no denial in that. Playing a religion or political card is unfair and totally Karmic. You may not be able to stop it but you can always pray for empathy and hope some of these "attention-seeking" noises grow some conscience.

We as a nation stood for mass-murderers like Kasab in the name of human rights but who cares when an animal dies? Why go far? I once cracked a joke on a Patanjali product in a family Whatsapp group, it gave all right to a senior patriarch relative to verbally abuse and ostracize me. Glad he stopped at that. Whereas his son made a full FB mockery of me when I questioned his Political leaders' move against migrants in Corona. These are the same people who got shook when Kashmir faced political lockdown but no words for a speechless animal. Unless we do not rid "politics" from the "cause", there will be no respite, no resolutions.

I really hope that like Nirbhaya, this heinous act should get enough momentum, proceeded by speed justice to bring some law/action towards Animal protection. We failed to nip animal cruelty at the bud, but if we fail now, we would be giving way to more heinous crimes not just towards animals but towards humans as well. 

The World Needs Massive Law Against Animal Cruelty
The world is inundated with human stupidity wherein they mess up with nature and disturb the balances. The growing number of Cyclones, Quakes, Global Warming, and Pandemics are evidence of the same.

Fight with equals! Unless a carnivore becomes a life threat, what is the point of taking a gun and killing all sorts of animals in the food chain an adventure? Real adventure and thrill would be when you can fight them down using your real strength and only when they become a real-life threat and all measures to control fails. Be a human, a supposedly most evolved specimen with intelligence. Killing or torturing speechless animals for your beauty products, medical testing, fun, false supremacy, experimentation, or fun is not fun but cowardice. If human killings/atrocities on human bother you, then animal cruelty and slaughterhouses should not let you sleep. Since you have evolved from stone-age to the digital age, channelize your testosterone or righteousness for creating a better world, a win-win solution for all kinds of life. That should be your true purpose.  

Time to act, time to give justice a chance. When you are not the authority, be the voice. 

If that is too hard, eat an exploding cracker and remain quiet/alone without any help for a few minutes. Maybe you need some bunions to gain empathy.

Let Justice and Empathy prevail!
A Very Angry and Heartbroken Author

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