A Letter To Self

I wrote a letter,
sealed it with a kiss.
went to the post box
and dropped it to be delivered to me.

In the letter, I wrote
words of love and affection.
I poured my heart in the ink
so much for self-affectation.

I told myself that I am beautiful
and virtually hold my hands
I wrote myself that I am wanted,
that I do hold some importance
in your life,
cherished, valued.
Ah! an act to self-serenade.

I wrapped my pen in ecstasy
and painted a picture bare nonchalance.
caressing my cheeks,
stroking my hair
looking in my eyes,
feeling my lips
and many such gestures
of fond benevolence

You must be thinking
what a narcissist I am
a nymph in self-admiration
but that is none of the nouns
that I want to claim.

A woman sometimes wants to be loved,
be graced and valued enough.
to keep her fragile spirits going
to be appreciated of her doings
and not just constantly condemned
of things she may not intend
of values, she may not represent

A little love, makes our world go around
hugs, kisses, cuddle and care
keepsakes for our treasure trove
making us feel your love.

Love is the most beautiful jewelry that we may wear
the happy splash of color
adorn and smear.
Living a life sans love
it becomes dreadful and non-dear

Hence, I have written,
a letter to self
no eulogy or recommendation
no narcissism, no self-obsession
but some kind words
and a gentle pat to self-redress


The above poetry is my take on the picture prompt provided by the magpie tale. 

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