Zebra Crossing

April 30, 2013 17 Comments

Nature has own ways
to set records and writ wrong.
Zebra came with this!

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A to Z blogging challenge for April 2013
A to Z Haiku Challenge- Prompt- Zebra Crossing.

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April 29, 2013 17 Comments

wrapped in yellow snow
few little balls of cotton
Snuggle little younglings

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A to Z Blogging Challenge
A to Z Haiku Challenge

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Book Review- Business Sutra

April 27, 2013 4 Comments

When was the last time you read a good business book with detailed and interesting illustration? Ok. So let me ask this way when was the last time you read a similar kind of book by an Indian Author? 

Introducing, Business Sutra, the new book by bestselling author, leadership coach Devdatt Pattanaik.

Business Sutra uses mythologies, stories, symbols drawn from Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist mythologies to convey its message.  The aims at promoting new management thinking using the Indian way as linked to Indian arts, history, and mythology as a contrast to the western principles. Deja vu anyone?

The book makes for an interesting read and emphasizes highly on conditioning our own beliefs, thoughts extra towards achieving the higher business objective and meet the vision with mission and actions.

It's a well argued and quite different perspective and does make for a good read.  The author gives constant references to Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, Indra, Ganesha and other gods in the Indian pantheon, illustrating their traits, strengths, and weaknesses, and context set certain incidents in the present-day workplace scenario. The writing style is crisp, to the point and given the illustrious pictures, attractive.

The best part of the book is that one need not read from scratch to end but can always open a page, a chapter in middle and still can imbibe a lot of things that the book is trying to tell. Such is the beauty of the book that each context is a context in itself.

Do I recommend reading this book:- Yes!

About the Author
Devdutt Pattanaik has written over twenty-five books and 400 articles on Indian mythology for everyone from adults to children. Since 2007, he has been explaining the relationship between mythology and management through his column in the Economic Times; the talk he gave at the TED India conference in 2009; and the show Business Sutra which ran successfully on CNBC-TV18 in 2010, besides numerous other lectures at Indian universities and management institutes. 

Trained to be a doctor, he spent fifteen years in the healthcare (Apollo Health Street) and pharmaceutical (Sanofi Aventis) industries and worked briefly with Ernst & Young as a business adviser before he turned his passion into a vocation and joined the think tank of the Future Group as its Chief Belief Officer.

This review is a part of Book Review Programme at BlogAdda.com. Participate now to get free books!

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April 27, 2013 13 Comments

Such magic of a brand
that photocopy is known
by name of Xerox.

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April 26, 2013 20 Comments

Blue splendid,white foam
from the hill, flows to river
a breathtaking sight!

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Do Re Me with HPConnected Music & Indibloggers!

April 25, 2013 15 Comments

291 Bloggers
HP connected music
Hilton hotel
& Team Indiblogger

joined hands to celebrate & commemorate
an afternoon full of
Music, Masti & Magic
at Hilton Garden Inn
20th April 2013

It was an affair to remember, a day to cherish, an experience to frame in album, like leaves in a book. A great way to meet, greet, connect and off course have fun!

The event was to bring forth a new leaf in HP's offering- Connected Music. HP connected music is a ground breaking seamless service that gives Indian consumers immense choice and access to world of digital music, content on their HP Windows 8 devices. With over 1 million songs from 20,000 artists from cross genres like Bollywood, Devotional, Claasic, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, Hip hop etc, consumers are indeed spoiled for choices.  There will be Indian artist like AR Rahman, Anoushka Shankar, Sonu Nigam and International sensations like- Lady Gaga, Aerosmith etc.

...now that's what I call One Stop Music and love for music!
So, Sing along....

Fun, Music, Contests and Food
Indibloggers events are so much good
lots of prizes to be won.
Smiles on faces, hands on twitter,
heartbeats rising in anticipation

30 secs of fame was never so much fun

Emcee- Prateeksha(h) called people to introduce one by one
No 69 pl come on stage
call me, call me, went on the rage

Pass the parcel, no that is pillow
when the music stop, you win headphone
Sing like Reshammiya, croon Hindi dialogue
Stamp on ground, dance like Sunny Deol

And then HP took a center-stage
spoke of music and Fab app it made
Live music, 20K artists from of all genres
HP does it again, says music lovers

Rock, Pop, Bollywood, Western,

Classic, hip hop or reggae
Over 1 mn plus songs at HP one stop shop
where else can you get?

Music to me, is like a prayer,

a companion, a spa massage, a second soul
From Michael, Kishore to Clayderman's Instrumental,
we love them all

and then time for break
tea counters went for wreck
Delicious snacks and desserts
Hilton Hospitality well deserved

Back on seats, mate
and do not stop tweeting, its still not late.
let warm up a bit
Bloggers with long & short ears, meet and greet

Meet 10 new bloggers

and name them
If you wearing a round neck shirt
 with specs, you win to fame

2 lucky tweets won the Jackpot

2 lucky people took home brand new HP laptop
Rest all of us, crave, craze & praise
now writing these posts to win the HP race

"I want to break free"

Sings the Queen! Says Elvis Presley
"Are you lonely tonite"?
Then hear Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd & BeeGee
Anusha Shankar struts sitar so well
Don't believe me? hear her performance for "Ring the bell"

It was such an afternoon, filled with fun
before we say bye, group picture everyone!
Raise your hands and do the hurrah
3 cheers to HP, Hilton and Indibloggers, Muaaah!

So That's all Folks! Me and my loony tunes somehow never gets enough of each other and never stops too. "Kya Kare Petrol khatam hi nahi hon da, pappe"! (loosely translated- what to do, my engine never stops).

Now more on the music (just to show how keen I am to win that I will not leave any note un-tuned in this post) Lolz! I take my music very seriously and sometimes I do not. So thanks for all the different genres of music, wonderful artists, musicians who churn one song over other. From serious melodies to bonhomie rhapsodies, silky instruments to connecting devotional to hard rock to pop bands, I love them all.

There is no bad music. There may be bad mood but a good music uplift it too.
If there's hardship in life, remember , there is hardrock!

Life is too short but too many songs to hear, to many melodies to sing, so many stars to meet and so many renditions to be created. So enjoy your music and enjoy it with great experience from HP Connect and yes, stay connected and keep Blogging! 

So, here's my special Do-Re-Mi that I want to dedicate Team Indiblogger and Team HP-

Do- Do the new- It's a brand new day, every day!
Re- Reach out- for sky is limit
Me- Meet the Music, Greet it in your life and sing Oooh la la la
Fa- Fast & furious, Slow 7 Steady, there is all kind of music...So Fasten your headphones and play on..
So- Songs of joy, songs of pain,songs of sunshine, songs sung in rain. So Sing long, Sing new Song.
La- Latest songs to old classic and even futuristic music is being played on, All @ HPConnected Music
Ti- Till we meet next
Do-Do keep listening, stay tuned to- Music & Blogging!

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V for Volcano

April 25, 2013 , , 16 Comments

Faraway island
atop mountain, it erupts
Avoid Volcanoes!

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Uproot and Tree

April 24, 2013 16 Comments

Two trees standing tall

rain, heat, chill, dust braving all
and then came a storm 

birds flew, nests broken
leafs withered, twigs shaken and
roots jostled in storm

Storm makes giants crawl
Even mighty prone to fall
it's nature at best.

These haiku (s) are written for-

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Taking technology to the Bottom of Pyramid- Dream Business with Office365

April 22, 2013 41 Comments

Microsoft, a name synonymous to computing and operating system has come up with a new feather on their cap- Microsoft Office 365.

Office on the Go, cloud follows
We all are familiar with Microsoft Office and it's invaluable products like MS word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook mail etc. Now all that with an added advantage of cloud computing attached. It has become more easier to communicate and even collaborate with others and is present virtually anywhere and every where making business on the go, wherever cloud follows. 

Without going into much technical details- Microsoft Office 365 is a new offering from the legendary Microsoft which enable you the liberty to work anywhere using your office tools without investing in large servers and all that technical back up, real estate etc. Just subscribe like you subscribe for any magazine, Video or telephone services on a very nominal charges and you are good to go. The services are world class, reliable and easy to administer. 

Completely Connected, Completely Synchronized. Completely Boss

Taking Technology to the bottom of Pyramid- I Dream of Rural Empowerment through cloud based Business Model

So when you have so much power bestowed by technology, why restrict it to fewer people only? Technology is all about bridging gap and enabling transformation. It must reach to every strata of society and change lives, change the way business is done. When "enabling transformation" is so much a DNA of a company like Microsoft, why modern businesses and entrepreneurs should stay aloof of this notion?

So when Microsoft asked bloggers to come forth and discuss their dream business using Office 365, the first idea that came to me, is a rural tele-center or creating a "Kissan Sahkaar Services". (Farmer Cooperative Services)

Kissan Sahkaar Services

Vision: To leverage the power of technology towards benefiting one of the prime occupation of country and contribute significantly socially, economically and commercially in bringing the economic parity between technology haves and haves-not. 

Target Group- People who sweat their life to feed a nation, a nation of billion people - the farmers. The Great Indian Farmers.

Business Idea
To open a virtual Farmer Information Center (FIC), bringing all the farmers across country on a common platform, creating an Internet based Mandi (market place) where farmers can interact with each other, large buyers/ large format retailers/ export houses and can sell their commodities and earn good livelihood. The primary objectives/activities of the business would be-

1. Creating a common platform to bring farming manufacturers, sellers and buyers together.
2. Platform where farmers can discuss their produce and seek the right selling price for same, eliminating the additional channels in between and hence the costs.
3. Enabling farmers to connect with specialists and share, learn different tips on farming, types of crops to be cultivated, crop rotation, usage of right pesticides, finding solutions for any existing agriculture and market related problems.
4. Helping farmers to sell their produce for right price in appropriate markets, India & Abroad.
5. Bringing people from agriculture and allied industries like seed suppliers, farming equipment manufacturers, fertilizer companies etc on a common platform to support agriculture and fair trade.
6. Creating a medium that may advise farmers on governance related matters.
7. Combining the disparate agencies and support services like call center service, Knowledge processing operations and back office operation to a single shop solution addressing all the commercial needs of Indian farmers, traders and buyers. 

Every year a large part of our agricultural produces like Hapus Mangoes, Nagpur Oranges, Apples from Himachal gets exported and such initiative will help farmers to direct trade with the buyers abroad.

This is very much doable given the high penetration of telecom and computers in rural India. There is a big market for it esp in pockets like Punjab, Haryana, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, MP, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh etc where agriculture is primary vocation and the production is exported and Intra-ported within country and abroad. 

Why via electronic media and Microsoft
People are slowly waking up to the power of Internet and what could be a better platform/ OS than Microsoft given it's wide accessibility, reach, reliability, ease of usage and levels of customization. With Office 365, the project seems to be a cherry on top. I propose Microsoft to be my partner in this noble crime.

Also, Internet has become the fastest way to reach people, spread across length and breadth of country. It cut through the clutter of time, distance and undue costs. It has shrink the entire globe in to a @ empire and has become a new way to do business. 

How Office 365 comes handy
The world of business and personal computing is anyways riding on MS office. Office 365 just takes it to other heights, eliminating geographical disparity, technical complexity, large volume of capital etc. Like I said just choose the services that you want to use from the umbrella of all pervasive products and pay a subscription fee and start using it. 

Any business that wants to open its shop, has to first battle to arrange substantial amount of fund for Capex (capital expenditure) and Opex (operating expenses). A large part of which goes in building/ renting office spaces, furniture/fixture, creating huge IT infrastructure, manpower and so on. In the world of automation and cloud computing, businesses feels liberated and a large part of this cost can be cut via virtual offices. 

If I am talking of eliminating unnecessary middlemen in agriculture trading, why shouldn't I do same while creating my own business? My soldiers in mission would be-

1. Multiple device access- This is incredibly a boon as one need not be a single device dependent. The farmers in my community can use/ reach out using any device they feel comfortable in and need not carry heavy PC to places. With Window based mobile smartphones, it is just a beginning of great things to come.

2. Web conferencing- All I need is a device that supports voice and video calls including laptop, PC and camera phones to host online meetings anywhere, anytime using one click screen sharing and if my business grows- HD video conferencing.

And not just web conferencing between the team but there could be session on expert speak etc where specialist from agricultural universities can address and educate farmers and others on various health, crop and trade related issues and discussion.

3. Instant messaging using LYNC- People can check my online availability and connect and send messages instantly without additional cost. We can share pictures, files and sometime songs too. Heard of "Baar baar haan" from movie lagaan? :)

4. File storage and sharing using Sky drive- with 7GB of personal storage that instantly sync even offline, we can share commodity rates, pricing etc including pictures of the crops.

5. Sharepoint- I loved this feature. Now whatever we have stored in sky drive, we can share using Sharepoint and same time editing is a bliss.

6. Data security and privacy- All the data would be secured over the cloud and no unnecessary paper filing etc would be needed. 

7. Email and calender feature- To help people interact within themselves without waiting for the post master to deliver their snail mails. Calender would be a handy product to broadcast the upcoming relevant fairs like Kissan mela etc. With 25GB storage, am sure farmers are going to love this product and so do I as I can have full time access without worrying to delete mails to save storage or prevent mail bounce.

8. Website Builder- This would help me to click website in simple steps without me breaking my head to chose over multiple vendor in markets for hosting, building etc. A website needless to say, is the most important branding tool of any business in the current market.

There are multiple features that will complement my business and work flow and given the subscription price, ease of access and hassle free maintenance they offer, I am sure Office 365 would be my asset in my business.

In simple and short words- its is everything that a modern business need. Personalization/Customization is the need of hour and given the kind of business I propose here, connectivity and ease of connectivity is prime most important. 

If Telecom brought a revolution, cloud computing is going to change the game. For small entrepreneurs like me who are not that well verse or comfortable with high tech integration, huge capex to create office spaces and connectivity, the idea comes as highly doable and adding value to society, economy. 

I also have plans to collaborate and bring all artisans and small scale crafts men on this platform. I see huge potential in this business idea as it moves forward, it indeed can create more value, volume and scales to it. Who knows if this change the way agriculture is done in India. It would also benefits economy,boost commerce while engaging efforts towards more profitable gains in the agriculture sector. Did anyone say GDP increase? I say Nokia Lumia 920 powered by windows J

This post is written for Indiblogger and Microsoft Office 365 contest- Your dream business using MS Office 365. To know more about the product visit-  http://www.office365.in.

It all started when one April Sunday afternoon, a group of bloggers Kissed a "Blue Frog" and it transformed into cloud. Cloud no 365!

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April 22, 2013 , 33 Comments

It followed her, from
morning to noon like lover and
disappeared in dark
when you cant touch sky
lose no heart. Ask your shadow
it knows to surpass
Majestic trees stands
tall, bore no fruits, lost in dark
awake their shadows
who says it doesn't
follow in dark? look close, it
plays with light, to fright

two shadows in dark
drink upon the sunshine, shone bright
took fantasy flight
This haiku is written for-
Haiku heights A to Z Haiku Challenge- Prompt- Shadow
A to Z blogging Challenge

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Rhyme & Rhythm: I love Music, therefore I am

April 20, 2013 35 Comments

William Shakespeare once said- If music be food of love, play on.....

For me, music is not just food of love. It is much more. Music is...

...String for God, so sing hallelujah
...food to soul, so cherish it
...Food for thought, feast on
...self rejuvenation, self realization

Music nurtures you as person,
music grows you up
Music stir up inner conversation
surrender to it.

Music is Sufi, music is indulgence and music is Rabbi
Music is companion
without music life would be a mistake

Music is Ishwar, Music is Allah
Music is Guru Granth Sahib
Music is surrender
a sweet surrender
a temptation and a temptress
Without music life is nothing

My association with music goes way till I can remember. Since my childhood, I was grown up on music. From all old classics to latest disco hits, I was a walking jukebox. I would win every Antakshri challenge and there will be always be some music playing in my background. 

I have many favorites in music from Madonna- Frozen to Lata Mangeshkar's haunted melodies to Asha Bhonsale's silky smooth songs to Jagjit's Singh, Gulzar and their gazals to Enrique Iglesias' deep husky croonings to Ustad Amjad Ali khan's santoor to flute music to Michael Jackson and his foot tapping nos to Richard Clayderman and Piano instrumentals. 

One such song that always remain close to my heart us- The sound of silence by Simon and Garfunkel. It is an ultimate sound of music for me. 

I first heard it in my college and it stayed. The lyrics esp- "Hello darkness my old friend, I have come to meet you again' and "in the restless dream that I walked alone" was so well expressed that I found myself listening to these songs ever and ever again. This song to me is, 
a great friend, companion that not just sooth my low mood in moments of silence and speechlessness, but also uplifted my spirits high. You can check the complete lyrics here and am sure you too will fall in love with this classic. Every time I listen to this song, I love the artists Simon and Garfunkel even more. They became favorites. They came with many interesting nos like- Mrs Robinson, leaves that are green etc but this one still remains a hot favorite.

Created in 1960, this song talks about the need for social reform in then consumer driven America. Every line has a symbolic meaning and can be used in different perspective. It was dark, deep but highly meaningful and melodious. It had metaphors like "people hearing without listening" and "people speaking without talking" that took my attention away. This song is one of my favorite songs of all time. You may like to hear it here to know more about it.

I love all kind of songs incl the foot tapping nos. There are few notable like-
3. Symphonies by Richard Clayderman
5. All songs of Rockstar starring Ranbir Kapoor esp Kun Faya Kun, Tum ho and Sadda Haq

I prefer to sometime to sit quiet and indulge in some soul stirring songs or shake my body on some foot tapping nos. 
Music for me is a rhythm divine. It transport me to other world, it makes me forget sadness, it inspires me. 

Play the music and see every Pappu can dance Salsa!

I could talk endlessly about many songs here but as someone said- Jo bhi mein kehna chaho, barbad kare alfaaz mere (I want to say a lot of things but words just waste the feeling) Do check out- HPconnected Music here
 and explore the world of music, connected music!

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Qutub Minaret

April 19, 2013 9 Comments

Amid the ruins, 
it stands tall, kissing blue skies,
caliber of men

To know about Qutub Minar, one of the building of architectural brilliance of India, click here
This Haiku is written for-
A to Z Blogging Challenge
Haiku Heights - prompt- Qutub Minar

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April 18, 2013 22 Comments

Pariah essential means an outcast, one that is usually despised and rejected. It was initially used to refer a hereditary member of a certain low society section of southern India (Pariayar- the drum beaters) but off late the term hold true for anyone who is rejected or spelled an outcast from society, a group either for no valid reason or owing to human tendency of diving fellow human beings in low, high and other strata. 

Modern society has given new meanings to Pariah and often include people who do not live by their rule (force dominance) or the norms as laid by them for their own good. A living example of such law makers/ enforcers in current society is Khap Panchayat. Who for no rhyme or reason, dictates their judgement which is often invalid, illegal and unjust over other people and manipulate their lives for their own gains. Few such dictates are-
1. Inter caste marriage
2. Enforced child marriage
3. Monopoly of rich over poor
4. Caste based ostracism

When I was young, my uncle has educated me about such practices and in an earnest request asked me to never practice ostracism of any sort nor play favorites to people while excluding minority for majority. In his own words , he said- Pl stay away from bhedchaal (crowd mentality) and whenever possible try to look situation from a minority point of view as well. 

Ostracism as I always said, is like a disease, an actual mental disease that a person with low self morals, low strength and lesser compassion exercise on others. It is a blind blanket that we human often wear to hide our own weakness and display our lack of empathy towards the world.

Whoa! with no intention to preach, I humbly pass on my request to all my readers to stay away from Ostracism of any kind and be Alive, respectful and Inclusive of fellow human being's needs and existence on earth. Cheers!
The above Haiku(s) and post is written for-
A to Z Blogging Challenge- prompt alphabet- P
Haiku Heights- Prompt word- Pariah
Three Words Wednesday- Prompt words- Trust, Destruction, Endure

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Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai - Book Review

April 17, 2013 17 Comments

"Autistic. Schizophrenic. Psychotic…" 
These were the words that they used to describe the protagonist of this story- Balwant Srivastava aka Babloo. He is a "differently able" elder son of middle-class railway junior clerk who was constantly reminded of his challenge by society and even his family members. As an Autistic, life was not easy for him and people' narrow-minded views had made it far difficult and frustrating.  In spite of all this, he is courageous, super hygienic, loves to watch B grade Bollywood movies and in love with his "American dreams" harboring neighbor, Vandana Gupta, who saw him differently, making all good difference to his average life. 

Once Upon the tracks of Mumbai is a love story of Balwant Srivastava aka Babloo and his not so perfect, jobless, friendless life with his dream girl- Vandana. Other characters in this novel are- Sikandar, a local goon with his own selfish machinations, Raghu- the self-centered, younger brother of Babloo and their parents. The Mumbai locals, the lifeline of a hustling and bustling city like Mumbai, also plays a central role in this book. 

The story is set in a typical railway colony like atmosphere, fighting its own demons of life, gossiping mouths, prying eyes and more. The narrative is good for a beginner and description serves well to add to the visuals of the story.

This novel is an alternate mass fiction and written in self-narrative style. It may first give you a lazy expression but after few pages, builds your reading interests in self and becomes a page turner for many. The language is simple and the cover looks like a professional "Titanic" like the poster of a romantic Bollywood movie. This is the debut novel of the author Rishi Vohra who holds a degree in Green MBA, Masters Diploma in Environmental law and also certified in wine testing. The storytelling has quite some Bollywood elements in it, mildly suggesting author's impressions and interest for one of the biggest film industry of the world. Well, he may contemplate converting this story into a full-fledged Bollywood Masala movie and we can indeed love to suggest cast and screenplay. Yup, just don't make talk "F" ko 'F". Cheers! :)

Few excerpts from the book-

EACH DAY WAS AS EMPTY AS THE NEXT. NEI­THER DID I have a Sun­day to look for­ward to nor did I have a friend's birth­day to dress up for. The only event­ful part of my day was going to the cin­e­ma, where I was able to over­ride my sense of self and get lost in the larg­er-than-life im­ages on the sil­ver screen. I was able to af­ford a movie now and then from the al­lowance my moth­er gave me for trav­el­ling, which I saved by ei­ther walk­ing or run­ning to my des­ti­na­tion.
I pre­ferred the masala films churned out by Bol­ly­wood, to other forms of en­ter­tain­ment, be­cause they most­ly ended on a note of jus­tice. The bad guys rarely es­caped moral pun­ish­ment and the good guys al­ways got the girl. I wished that this cin­e­mat­ic ide­ol­o­gy of fair­ness would trans­late to my own life. But I was aware that there was a fine line be­tween reel and real life. Out­side the cin­e­ma hall, the so-called bad peo­ple lit­er­al­ly got away with mur­der while good peo­ple lived a life of suf­fer­ing.

Do I recommend reading this book?
The Mumbai spiritThe answer is Yes. The best good part was touching a sensitive subject as autism and bringing it up by weaving a story around a person challenged with the same, his life and his relations and a random twist of fate. If you think it is preachy and may end sluggish, do watch out for the climax as it will take you for a surprise. Without revealing much about the book, I suggest that if you find it appealing or interesting, go ahead, get a copy and read. 
There is a video on youtube as well, Click this to check. 
So, this was my brief review of the book "Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai" as requested by the author. Thanks, Rishi for the book and all the best for your upcoming book(s). 

What Other readers have to say-

Prahlad Kakar -AdFilmmaker, Restaurateur.
"A man who lives in the wild fantasy of his mind. Shy, introverted and ineffectual. Surviving in the unforgiving landscape of Maximum City - Mumbai! Until one day, when fantasy and reality collide, changing his life forever! You'll find bits of yourself in this book.."

Kabir Bedi- International & Bollywood Actor, "Cavaliere" (Knight) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
"Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai" is a fresh, well-plotted, human story about love against all odds in middle-class Mumbai, with a "hero" for whom you care deeply. It's an entertaining read!"


Other Book reviews by me-

Check out my Daily posts for A to Z blogging challenge on Alphabets and Themes for haiku
Today's Letter- O and word- Owl (Haiku)

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O for Owl

April 17, 2013 17 Comments

Twee tee hoo, lured through
blue night. Yellow flash howls fright.
Dark sky, dim moonlight

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April 16, 2013 21 Comments

Night was young, moon bright
sitting on cherry blossom
she sang song of love

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Soak in "Waisi Wali Khushi"

April 15, 2013 20 Comments

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be"
Abraham Lincoln

When was the last time when you stopped by your street and watched that tree at the corner of the street. The new leaves that has come on it's twigs and the colorful flowers that it bore?

When was the last time that you actually stopped in rain, parked your vehicle and went ahead playing, dancing, singing all while getting drenched in the rain?

When was the last time when you woke really early in the morning and walked to a nearest garden to see the morning dew on leaves or smelled those roses?

When was the last time you stopped by a school going child and waived your hands at their bus without knowing any of the kid?

When was the last time you let your hair loose and made a gateway for the winds to pass through it, sprinkling fragrance to your soul and colors to your imaginations?

Have you ever sat up on an open terrace and seen he sun goes down the sea in all crimson, orange and yellow and blue hues?

Ever since you grew up, did you ever went to that big Shehtoot tree in a courtyard and plucked some fruits and dwell in the pleasure of eating it all by your hands?

If answer to any of these question is a no or difficult to recall than you know what you are lacking? You are lacking a certain kind of happiness that is not dependent on any social pressure or has commercial value attached to it or could be just weighed in a quantitative terms but it is- Waisi Wali Khushi!

A kind of happiness that comes from big little things in life. Little pools of joy, little bundles of surprises and little moments of time that we stole from our respective busy lives to develop a new perspective.

If god made water, God made rains too, God made streams and lake and all that flora and fauna that surround us by. We believe only in making use of advantages available to us and not enriching them, not giving back, not thanking our blessings enough.

I too sooner  became the part of rat race, the race for just survival and not indulgence. The race that is maddening, exhaustive and aims only at beating others and moving ahead. Sooner did I realize, I took a pause and reflected back. I took time to meet that little precious friend of mine who did not know my name, my education and have no clue about who am I. That little friend is a child in my neighborhood, who would often call me "didi" from the second floor balcony and waive me hands. I took a recourse and went inside the building and met that kid. I shook hand, played scrabble, allowed him to cheat in the game, help him develop some affection towards a silly subject like maths which scared him with his ministers of multiplication and division. We also made banana strawberry shake while he helped me wash the fruits. We took two scarves and wore them like "Pirates of Caribbean" and had a competition of who finishes the milkshake first. We finished the drink and saw our faces with milk mustaches in a mirror and felt amused. The cost of time spent was probably my half day salary but the worth was priceless. 

That was just a beginning and not an end. I often catch up with my younger brother and we indulge in making ice gola as we used to do while we were in school during our summer vacations. 

There was a small underground water tank at our aangan (the middle portion of home) wherein we would hang up small Coke bottles with a sack string over water to get the chilling effect.

Do not wait. Take that bicycle and go on the country roads and explore. Take a lesson in scuba diving or go underwater and click the plants and fishes inside it. If you are scared of water or heights or any other fear, well it is time to overcome them. Take a plunge and you will be never same again but a better and happier self.

Happiness is a warm puppy
Charles Schulz

...and it chases you back. So give in to "Waisi Wali Khushi" and live life large. Yes it is well said that it is not always the no of zeroes you see at the end of your earnings but also a lot of smiles and cheers. So do not wait for the moment to arrive but visit the moment and soak in happiness. Do something good that you haven't done before. Let happiness surround you like a cloud and pours on you. Soak in happiness and attain happiness.

This post is written for "Waisi Wali Khushi", a large short film made by Samar Khan. You can watch it- Here- Waisi Wali Khushi

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Morning Mist

April 15, 2013 29 Comments

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Sunsilk Perfect Straight- the Secret to Lock, Rock & Roll Straight Hairs!

April 14, 2013 , 10 Comments

I was watching an old classic on TV and heard Shammi Kapoor wooing a leading lady praising her beautiful locks. That was the 1950s and hairstyles like everything else has changed preferences. I couldn't agree with it anymore as my flatmate Sheena opened the main room door to flaunt her "just out of the parlor, blow-dried straight hairs." Such is a fascination for the straight hairs we have today. I would call it- Hair trend that is here to stay!

Once upon a time, beauty was known with the no of curls, waves in her hair. Poets and filmmakers often sang praises for their lovely spiral locks and often compared them to structures akin to serpentine, smoky curves, and whatnot. Not anymore. The Alpha female is gung-ho about having straight as silk hairs and won't settle for anything less even if it requires artificial interventions like hair straightening etc. Why not? After all straight hairs look extremely neat, wearable and appealing.

Very few people are blessed with straight hairs and for the rest of, Yuko Yamashita the international straight hair expert from Japan, has come like manna from heaven. She has created a one-stop solution for all straight hair wannabe- Sunsilk Perfect Straight. Now no more wild goose chase, no more harsh chemicals and no more false, expensive, time-consuming, messy promises to give you Rapunzel-like hair with XYZ treatment that burns from your hair to your pocket. All you need to do is wash your hair with the right shampoo. Simple to use, easy to maintain. 

Life is all about contrasts. people with wavy hairs want straight mane and one with straight hair pines to maintain their hairs. Not anymore. Straight is in and continues to stay.

Why we need a shampoo like this-

Oh, so you have straightened your hair using a dryer? hmm and then you go to bed or tie a bandanna or wash your hair. Oops that expensive shampoo on the rack doesn't help much and you cry- parlor again!

Or you have just washed your hair using an XYZ shampoo conditioner and hair seems so straight that you jump with joy. And then your hair starts getting dry and you realize it is not as straight but rather frizzy, tangled. Where did all straightness go?

So if you want a solution that is-
1. Simple to use
2. Easy to Maintain
3. Pocket/ Purse happy
4. Gives actual results
5. Stays longer
6. Looks Good (above all)

Then go buy- Sunsilk Perfect Straight!

The market is laden with shampoos and hair care products, claiming all kinds of solutions from anti-hair fall, to dandruff cure to color-treated hairs to cure split ends to volume pumping to smooth, silk hairs, intense repair, and whatnot. Here's a shampoo that caters a highly unexplored niche segment- straight hairs, making everyone stand up and look.

Like a lot of us, I too varied to use it in the first place and did not heed to its claim. Thankfully Indiblogger came into the picture and sent a free sample (two half-filled bottles packed in a bubble wrap unlike the basket wrap that a log of my fellow bloggers got) I thought of trying it.

Before I give you my personal usage feedback, here's two cents about my hairs and hair care range that I use-
1. I have little below shoulder length hair, quite thin and rough, dull at times, prone to fall/breakage/dandruff no thanks to hard water, stress, and harsh chemical-based shampoos among others. 
2. Sensitive hairs and very few shampoo suits it read 2-3 max
3. No time/ faith for expensive hair straightening solutions/ treatments
4. The cycle of hair wash- once in 3-4 days.

My experience & 4P

So when this shampoo and conditioner reached me, I wanted to give it a try but was afraid of disturbing the attained balance of my hair and probable hair fall. I chose to try it on a weekend. My previous experience with Sunsilk came handy and I started using this product. here's wash by wash encounter-

First Wash- No change witness; thankfully no hair fall
Second and third wash- The hair looked good even after drying although the world didn't change greatly but yes lesser frizz and thankfully no hair fall
Fourth wash and beyond: I can sense some difference and above all my post shampoo hair looked good while retaining the hairstyle.

My overall experience has been fairly good and I did not regret using it at all. I also loved the color, packaging, and everything about this shampoo so far. Above all, it works! It may not have transformed my wavy hairs to straight as scale but effects have been noteworthy.

The Product: Sunsilk straight hair shampoo and conditioner is for people who like to keep their hair straight even after drying it up. The shampoo and conditioner are mild and bear good smell without intoxicating senses. A little shampoo gives a good lather and washes off quickly.

The conditioner has a smooth texture and doesn't require to be kept for long time post-application. Just apply on your hair strands and rinse off thoroughly to get results.

The product makes an interesting proposition and lives up to its claims. Great Job Team Sunsilk!

The Price: Well priced at Rs 56/-, the shampoo and conditioner open itself to reaching mass users from different facets of life who wants to keep their hair straight. Nevertheless, it is neither an expensive experiment.

The Packaging: The shampoo and conditioner comes in a unique purple color opaque bottle and manages to look quite trendy over the shelf. The Bottles are well designed with an easy to operate lid that prevents the shampoo/ conditioner from spilling outside the bottle even when it kept upside down. I really liked the purple theme that they chose, making it stand out among other products on a shelf and has femininity attached to it.

The Positioning: The positioning as I highlighted above is niche and touches the right chord. The TVC showing two girls talking about retaining the straight look of hair post shampoo sends the message across really well and to the point.

The Place: It is widely available at all stores near you. The product offers a good proposition for Indian markets and likely to be a good hit in both Urban and B-C towns as well.

Overall rating: 4/5

Straight Baal Lock Karo, Rock Karo!!!

To know more, visit-https://www.sunsilk.in/
Twitter Handle- @Sunsilkexperts

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