If Life Gives a #SecondChance

January 30, 2015 5 Comments

I often sit by my window and look at the sky. As if the sky could read my thoughts and transmit it to my loved ones especially my maternal grandmother who passed away some years back and being the unfortunate me, I could not meet her before her death. That year and many years after that, including some times even today, the memories of my grandmother kept on haunting me in my dreams. I always saw her being in extreme worried situation, worrying about the family's well being. She often kind of told me to take care of the people she left behind, interfere, insist and intervene in the matters critical to their well being and help their decisions. She had bestowed quite a lot faith in my decision before death, especially the way at which I looked at relationship.

You see in hustle and bustle, and turmoil of our daily life, our busy-ness, we often tend to ignore time for the most loved things in our life. Some time, no matter how much you do, still it is not enough. No matter sometime how much time you spend with people you love, you still ache to be with them. Life very rarely gives Second Chances. 

So when I was asked to enlist the three things that I have been putting on hold or on tenterhooks for the future and would do right now if given a chance, my first wish was instant. The second , third and others have to be well thought of, as I have to suggest what is "doable" and guess bringing back dead is not doable. If it could be, in a healthy way, I would have asked God to given me back few things including my grandparents and my Chand Mama.

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If you cannot go back and enthuse a different ending, time to infuse New Beginnings
CTRL Z is available only for laptops and computers. Life do not give us the opportunity to "undo". While harping over split milk is a bad notion, let us not be unfair to the jars. As long as the life is not lost, there is enough room for amendments. 

Here's my laundry list, in better words bucket list for the things I would like to do if given a chance-

1) Spend more time with my Parents
I am a homing bird. I find my best solace in my nest, under the love and presence of my family. My education and career took me away from house. Often due to work pressure, I could not take enough leaves, visit my parents frequently or travel outside. I would love to run back to my home, my parents and spend time with them. Even better, I want to take them, yes both of them out for a foreign trip. Its has been in my mind from long and I really want to go abroad with my parents. 

2) Get back to Branding, Product Management
I enrolled myself for MBA as I wanted to study HRD. However during the course of study, the advertising freak in me refused to die and gave me wings to dream further and built my interest in Marketing. Marketing is quite a misunderstood word, including the learned persons in my relations who mocked my decision to enrol for Marketing dual specialization, saying its a "Sales" job and no one will take me without prior sales experience. I was labeled as "bringing bad name to family for taking a course in Sales" as sales was mostly associated with door to door marketing. My elderly cousin chided me saying- I am thinking like an ivory tower person who is not exposed to grass root. I laughed and still took that course and landed in a beautiful job in product management wherein they said- my qualification and understanding succeeded the mandatory sales experience.  No bragging but that was a moment of redemption and further motivation for me.
Given a second chance, I would love to back to product management and branding outside telecom domain, in my favorite FMCG sector. takers anyone?

3) Complete my course in Psychology
I was a psychology enthusiast. I wanted to study Psychology but ended up doing MBA. During my first job, I wanted to explore back studying psychology and get in to the field as a professional. I wanted to give an educational certification to my agony aunt part. I wanted to turn psychologist but earlier given the parental pressure and then lack of time, I kept this desire on back burner. I wish I should have revolted then. Given a chance I would love to study, get qualified and set career in the same. I want to work with little children especially. You may call that I aspire to be a shrink. maybe I do.

Well that was the top 3 things that I wanted to do given a chance and even a #SecondChance. How about you? Let's share, understand and work together on the same.

If I can be of any help, do drop me a mail/ comments. Thanks.

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India Get, Set with New Tata Bolt

January 30, 2015 2 Comments

46 BC, City of Zela

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Circa 2015

Tata came, Tata shown and Tata Conquered!

Well with due permission from the Great Julius Ceaser, I want to borrow and adjust his famous  quote to express my view on the new launch from the able Tata stable- The New Tata Bolt!
Tata is a powerful name that needs no introduction in India. From that basic Salt in your kitchen to Tea/coffee on your table to luxurious hospitality to Authentic Jewelry to path-breaking watches to Steel and engineering, leading CSRs, new age Mobile Technology with per second billing, TATAs have been there, done that. I am big fan of almost all of their brands including Tanishq, Titan, Taaza and Taj. Also having worked for Tata Teleservices in past, I have seen their dedication to excellence closely. A dedication that well reflects in all products that they make, all services they deliver. A dedication they have woven with Quality Assurance tools like Malcolm Balridge rigorous quality certification to Six Sigma precision. In simple words, they are sheer pioneers and category leaders in every industry that they have set their foot in! And my friend- Automobile is no lesser!

Such excellence! It could not exclude the Automobile sector either.  From path breaking HUVs to LUVs like Nano to bringing Fiat, Jaguar in India, the exclusive and inclusive house of TATAs has many aces up their sleeves. The new Bolt is another Gem in their accomplished hat. Do not believe me? Well read more to know more.

Tata Bolt- Get, Set and Bolt
Notwithstanding the glory they created with their previous launch last year- Tata Zest, a car that earned them a huge appreciation and changed the way world looked at Tata's LUV arm. Tatas are tireless people, not known to bask in Glory with singular success, they rather believe in "creating constant innovation and consumer delight". Hence they are now ready to storm Indian Car Market with their new Hatchback Sedan- Tata Bolt [ I cant resist saying- Bas naam hi kaafi hai i.e. Just the name is enough]

Statistically speaking
Hatchbacks accounts for nearly 50% of the monthly car sales in east and South India
Since the Launch of Tata Bolt, as many as 50,000 people have registered for Test Drive [including yours tuly]

Love at First Sight- My Tryst with Tata Bolt
I have been looking to buy a car and since it is going to be my first car, it is close to heart. That explains why I could not make my mind thus far and why I registered to check this out at the mall near to me. I missed being there during the Zest launch and given the good market report it generated, I decided to visit Oberoi Mall, Mumbai in spite of long journey and bad health. [Tata brings that vigor in you]. Unfortunately for me , my trip a little too long and by the time I managed to reach the demo area at the mall, the assisting team had already left by then. Well that did not deteriorated my admiration for the car, nor did I stopped ogling. So with help of my husband, we went to check this car from as close as we can get. Husband who generally writes of some big brands and their cars by bringing some "ifs and buts", was for a change all appreciative of Tata Bolt. He helped me explored the feature and seeing our enthusiasm, many other passer- by, got curious and came forth with their families and kids to check this new red beauty, with bolt. 

Tata Bolt Engineering explained in my Words-

When aspiration interjects with Science
the technology gets new meaning, it redefines

Science evolves and technology revolts
time to break monotony and Jolt
and set new standards
Time to conquer new technical forts

Segment superior Space and comfort
Sink in and experience the blitzkrieg bird
Come I will tell you what all it got-

ConnectNext touchscreen Infotainment by Harman
and an array of connectivity
from Smartphone enabled MapMyIndia Navigation
to advanced voice command recognition
there's more to fuel your ignition

I am floored! is an understatement.
I am "bolt" makes sense
with Revotron 1.2 turnocharged MPfi petrol engine
Bolt is an exceptional driving revolution
It ain't mere good looking Vanity
with 9th gen Bosch and dual airbags
it is Gen Next Safety

Stay in control all the time
and drive with luxury, drive all fine
First time ever multidrive
Sports, City Eco, it leads and not just survive
Electric power Assist steering
with 5 Speed MT, gear box built in
Would you still leave that space for doubt?

Forget the Monotony, Do the Zing

Get, Set with Tata Bolt
Give your car experience, a new meaning

PS: the text in bolt are the actual features of the Tata Bolt

Be Desi, buy Desi with Global Capabilities
Tata truly accentuates the feeling that when Swadeshi is so Good, compatible and better, than Videshi, why to look out for options? And Tata as always, aims to win market by beating with sheer irrelevance. The Blue Ocean Strategy to kill the cluttered car market.

Is it a car or is it a SPORTS CAR?
Surprise- it is BOTH! Well luxury meets affordability and the answer is- Tata Bolt. 
You don't wonder what, how and why. For you are too busy being in love with this lean, mean machine to wonder anything but indulge in everything. 

Lovely Exteriors, Spell Binding Interiors
A lot of time I decide a car's beauty by seeing how it is designed at back. Often a lot of car that we see in this segment, are aesthetically challenged. Some either had a good front but bad looks like a beaten metal. Some looks good from inside but are very crampy inside. The good news is that I found Tata Bolt beautiful, spacious both from inside and outside. At Rs 4.45 Lakhs, it is a steal!

Here's how, have a Dekko at this video, made by yours truly!

Beauty is not just Skin deep
Who said that vanity offers no usability? and functionality offers no beauty? Well time to change that mindset. Time to switch to Tata Bolt to feel that difference and shoot the monkey and ride that tiger! The New Tata Bolt is a beauty with a Bolt!

If you are not Red, You are Sad
Red is festive, Red is Cheer
Red is winsome, Red is dear
Red is Sodality, Creativity and Aristocrat
Red sparkles passion, wields and beget
Red is Classy, Vintage and Revolt
Red is the color of fire
Red is the color of Bolt!

Out of Bolt, out of blue. The Red colors of Bolt emphasizes Passion, spirit and a sparkling promise. So what are you waiting for? Go get the Red, get the Bolt and Zoom on!

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This Valentine, Get Close-Up, Get Cupid

January 24, 2015 0 Comments

Closeup cover
Source Source 2

Love makes my world go around
I am a born romantic. For me it was not just monsoon but a beautiful weather, full of magic and poems. I have written quite a few odes in subject of love, romance and all that things, close to heart. Like many other girls, I was fascinated by the thought of this Prince Charming, who will appear from no where, enchant me with his love, sweep me off my feet and take me along, to the world of Happy Endings.
Did anyone come? Well some people crossed the life and the feeling was strong but I always feared of explaining it, leave alone recognizing and accepting it. A lot of times I was glad that it did not happen but then there were times when I fely- SHould have told. Was it admitting my love that was restricting me or the fear of failure that pulled me back from confessing one of the best feeling in the world.
Down the line I realized that if I keep waiting for other person to speak up, admit and pop up the question, I need to give acceptable cues. Ah! That worked. My love strength went up and I realized that dropping subtle hint is important as like women, men may also harbor same feelings, same challenges. So speak out.
One small step of a man was a giant leap for Mankind- Neil Armstrong
Today I have evolved in to an independent person but when it comes to confess that little love to your crush, I am still the dud. Valentines come and go, but this year, I am gonna make most of my Valentine by making that first move and breaking the stereotypes. Let their be rejection but at least I will be glad that I tried.

My plans this Valentine
I have developed this little crush and I am going to tell it to my crush. Valentine should be a good time. I could use the same logic as people use in Indian Festival of Holi- Bura na maano Holi hai. Or following the Aamir Khan way as in the movie- Dil- Ladki pati toh pati, warna Rakhi ready. [a girl not woed, is a Rakhi best saved lolz] I plan nothing but to get Close and get admitting. Time to be Alfa female.

How I will meet and Win my Crush
Some plans up on my sleeves-

1) Book to hook your cook- Yeah you read it right. I will ensure that this valentine, my crush and I get that window to spend time together and in solemnity.

2) Way to a man's heart is through his stomach- I will bake a heart shape cake for him and as cliche as it may sound, man love the idea of home baked cakes. It tells them that you care and also, showcase that you are a good cook ;) [Momma can meet you ]

3) Make a video of self trying to say all those things that I always wanted to say but feared of speaking up. May be try saying it via a song. Hmmm time to clear that dust off my guitar and make a brand new composition

4) Make a picture collage of both of us and add little romantic music to it.  Both videos to be given post the cake ceremony

5) A hand made card for him that would be more like a scrap book that echoes our jourey together, so far and plans ahead...

Sigh if all these do not work, I shall take my crush to the mall and get on the podium. With a little request from RJ, and a mike in my hand, I shall announce my love and tell him to answer right there, right now. Off course, I need lots of Tequila shots for the same and beautiful red lipstick to bring forth a pout that melt hearts away.
Well that was pointers on how I am gonna play cupid with my crush. How about you? Well do you need ideas? Hmm then do not follow my boring ideas but log on to this fun site of Close up wherein some real cool ideas are being shared. What are you waiting for? It is circa 2015, get innovative, get romantic and win that love!

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We, The Ugly Indian

January 22, 2015 5 Comments

"Saare Jahan se achcha, Hindustan Hamara
Hum bulbule hai iski, yeh Gulsita hamara".

We are gearing towards 26th January. The country is in Republic mode and you can see, experience, the twice in year- sense of patriotism all around the nook, corner and malls of the country. The best part of it is not just the Saffron, Green, White- Tricolor decor all around but the beautiful patriotic song of the folklore that is being played around, literally everywhere.

It was a usual day for me when I was leaving my house for office and stepped out of my apartment to reach to my office. I stay in a considerably expensive locality of Mumbai [read high rental apartment] and generally travel via Autos within the city. While I was stepping out from my home, I was tuned in to this great song by legendary poet Bankim Chandra and could not stop self from humming it, aloud and in my mind.

As I closed my door and called for the lift, I could not stop looking at the stained walls of my building's passages and ladders. I shifted to this place around a year and half back. In this entire tenure, I have only seen the stain getting stronger and public hygiene, getting weaker. The space inside the lift was no good, no clean and for the cleanliness freak me, not a great sight to come across all the time I take the elevator. Well if you think I should stairs in that case, sorry but lets not get in to the beautiful drawings and cleanliness at the whole series of staircases, floor by floor.

The outside world is no cleaner. The roads are laden with Garbage, literally the rotten garbage that is spilling all over and outside the huge machine operated garbage bins. That's not end to it but to end your reading woes caused due to a post filled with rotten stuff on Indian Roads, buildings and lets say infrastructure, let me summarize it as-

1) Dirty streets, main roads wherein the garbage of all kind including Human excreta, animal excreta is strewn all over. If this is the condition of a well known suburb in Mumbai, wonder what smaller cities have to go through.

2) There is a divider between the link road near my house and it is a "monumental" sight in the evening when the locales throw all their rotten, stinking, usual garbage, proudly at the middle of road, atop the divider. If you are inside a four wheeler, you can cover your nose to evade some smell but closing eyes specially while driving is harmful. If you are not travelling in a closed window four wheeler, peace be with you and your health- Physical and mental

There is no end to "litter stories" in India and no dearth to the "Indian Literatti" and then we blame Hollywood to portray India as "Slumdog" showcasing what is real rather than what is fanciful and well portrayed in our commercial potboilers, often shot at exotic locales of Swiss Alps, European Trails, Maldives and others. Even the Deserts of UAE looks more beautiful than some of our keys locales in India.

Litter India Litter
So I asked few people to complete the Lines- " From Kashmir to Kanyakumari.....". Here's the top responses that I got-

  1. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is a one big litterbug's heaven.
  2. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India has the biggest longest toilet
  3. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, All Indians are One [Clap clap]
  4. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Litter De India
Power of the Common Man
There is much to common man today. Unlike the common man from RK Narayan's strips, so much power available to "aam Junta". The power includes- To Spit anywhere in the country. Spit and leave behind your great oral trajectories of random, read coded symbols made by betel leaf, paan masala, tobacco, literally anything that you fancy in your nasty gummy delight.

Dump your garbage anywhere including right infront of your neighbor's doors- I call it- Love thy Neigh-bour. And when you spit on roads, in public, it is nothing but your deep inner love that you are showing for mother earth by watering its soil with your holy phelgm and mineral enriched saliva. Ah! I can see a sapling budding on that corner of the road where you sprinkle thou holy water, conserved through body water harvesting. Blissful sights, aromatic trails.. India is a land of spices.

Yes off course, we may not have freedom of speech but freedom of litter, banta hai Boss! After all, "Saare Jahan Se achcha "Litter-staan" hamara!

Have you read this pledge by the Great Indian Litterbug? Well do click this site- greatindian.timesofindia.com to go through the pledge.

Source" Indiblogger.in

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Women, It's time to #Breakfree from Dirty Laundry

January 19, 2015 2 Comments

"I want to Break Free". It was Queen playing on my FM. "I want to breakfree". The song has been an old favorite and every time it plays, I could not resist to stop by and gyrate on the number.

That day was no different. I was getting ready for the office and found my matching scarf missing. A little nudge on memory told me that I have kept it in laundry last week. A tour through the over occupied laundry baskets including a deep dive, down under the soiled heap of cloths, I saw my cuties scarf lying head down and soiled. I was heartbroken seeing the pending pile of "to-do" laundry. Since, I was getting late for office, I picked another scarf and made a move, promising self to clear the laundry in evening, post return from office.

T'was 8:30 pm in evening when I returned home.I had a long day at office, handling client emergency. I was asked for my intervention on long pending brand positioning and continuous meeting took the toll on me, so much that I forgot my promise of clearing up the laundry. Next morning, my search for another fabric led me to the washing room. Revisiting the even "sorry state" of laundry basket, left me heart broken. I missed my previous household help who used to do the laundry. Alas, I could not find other maid for laundry and was solely dependent on my washing machine. Without wasting a minute, switched on the machine and randomly inserted cloths inside, switched on the "regular" setting to do the washing and rushed for office while putting a reminder on my phone to "clear the laundry from Machine". On my return when I opened the machine door to wring out the cloths, My heart sank seeing my new Off white Kurta turning multi colored courtesy the maroon pajama that I washed it with. Gosh! It was my brand new buy from Dubai Mall and I have spent a Moolah on it.

No Hell Hath Fury Like A Woman scorned
Exactly at that time, my husband rushed in and dropped a bunch of his laundry near the basket. I lost my cool and gave a heads down to my husband that why is he mere dumping the loads without clearing the old ones? Mister not willing to take it heads down, gave back saying that I am being a careless wife who is not giving enough attention to house but job, friends and blogs. It is my duty to take care of house and doing the laundry with help of Bai. "I have been asking you to hire a bai for laundry but no, you just get over the top cleanliness freak and don't want to delegate" He said.

Now which women does not want to keep a maid? Indeed I wanted to keep a maid but since none of them, wanted to do laundry and those who wanted to do, wanted to come at noon when we are at office. I tried to resonate this with my husband but Mr. Gupta has this head full of old school notion that "it is woman who takes care of house and man earns livelihood. And if I wanted vice -versa, he would be happy to leave his job and take care of entire household and Missus can earn.

Phew! These men! All my reasoning fell deaf on his ears and but off course, we did not speak that night, neither next morning. I was woken up by the sound of washing machine. I jumped to the other room to find Mister doing the laundry. I felt guilty of fighting with my husband and tried to charm him, smiled but all garnered me no response. My guilt was broken seeing the wash load as it was all my husband's cloths only and how he did not cared to add few of my cloths. Heartbroken again.

When I reached office, a friend called me in to help her shortlist a female model for the new ad of the detergent brand that they were handling. "Why just female model" was my question to her. She smiled and said- Off course, it is a detergent powder's ad and ideally it is a female who does the laundry.  I was like "Aaarrrgggh". I suggested her a brand new idea of breaking the stereo types and this time, set a new precedent in society by positioning a male model to do the laundry. To support my argument, I showed her the following statistics that I want to show all of you- 

She could easily associate with the statistics and was sold on my idea of "changing the way laundry is being projected in Indian Households". Now it was time for execution. We set up together and worked on to build this idea further on to "new age" brand campaign. We discussed how we can deploy stats and create an ad showcasing Alfa -metrosexual man who cares to help his wife/mother doing laundry. We hoped for campaign to work. 

I could hear Queen crooning in my head- I want to break free. In the meantime, I worked on my personal agenda to break this stereotype at my own home.  You know what I did? Well well here we go-

1) I ignored my husband's dry cloths on strings for a couple of day until he took notice and did it himself

2) I ran a bucket load of garments in machine excluding my husband's cloths

3) I ran another bucket load but this time used my husband's cloths with me too. he felt offended that I washed my trousers with his innerwears and why I should not wash his cloths with mine again. It was not intended strategy  but it worked in fluke ;)

4) I washed few of his cloths using "15 minutes" quick wash and pat came orders that "he will do his laundry on his own and I should not spoil his cloths". Lolz what a respite.

5) I often put my/ his cloths separately on machine and take support of "being busy in kitchen" making buttermilk for him, requesting him to dry the cloths. He understood the trick and still does the needful. #LoveMarriage

Now I am facing another challenge regarding getting the home linens like bed sheet etc washed. Well given my husbands proactive help in doing the laundry, this one I do not mind much and do on my own, asking him to just wring out the linen in balcony ;) But given his overall support, I do not mind getting them washed. After all, doing laundry is no longer a woman's responsibility in my house. How about your house? Come join the revolution with Blogadda and Ariel!

Time to #BreakFree!
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From "or" to "And". The Journey continues...

January 16, 2015 , 2 Comments

जाके पैर ना पड़ी बिवाई 
वह क्या जाने पीर पराई 

The above is a famous idiom which means- the one who has not suffered for self, would not know what suffering is all about.

There is no dearth of suffering in this world. every one is living through their own challenges, shortcomings and disabilities. Some are natural, some medical, some accidental and some self made. Deformity is often natural or accidental and Deformity is a low blow in our society. Forget how we as a society see deformity as. Important is how do we see our deformity as and even importantly, what we do about it.

If you follow my blogs, I told you about a girl in my "The Last Dandiya" post, who was dance and sports enthusiast but one fine morning wakes up to find all her dreams broken and life taken a 360 degree turn. Well that girl was me.

What Defines me
I hated to be "labelled". I hated to be "stereotyped". All my life, I worked through being different, unique and out of cliche. I was defined as a dancing gymnast, who unlike other girls of her age, would be find jumping up on the trees, walking over factory sheds, taking the roads less traveled, dancing her heart out, being there for almost every sport and exploring why Taboo exists, at places where they existed.

To me love, friends, family, my passion, my adventure, my dancing and my dressing up were most important to me. But that one accident, that accident had taken away all that defined me. My life full of "And" was changed to life of single "or". Essentially, "Or" means choices. Unfortunately, I did not had much choices to live with. So even my "or" were limited.

My Journey from "Or" to "And"

"I can accept Failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying"
Michael Jordan

When I was recovering from my accident, I was shown a movie "Naache Mayuri" to given some "over the top" pep talk by motley around including the intelligent lot. In the movie, the danseuse actress wakes up post her accident and asks the doctor if she can dance again and wanted to die out of depression when doctor expresses regret.

You know the first thing that I asked my doctor? I asked if I can be able to walk on my own "and" can live a normal life again, sans limb if that's the case. My doctor hesitated for a moment and said- Yes, we will try making you walk. You can walk using crutch "or" stick. 

Another "or"was either I live the way, life has disabled me in to "OR" I cease to Live. I chose neither.My brain told my heart something that I still believe in. it said- My life's sail was indeed set and since I could not change the wind's direction, I planned to adjust my sail to avoid being victim of the shapeless winds. I will sail and I will sail with winds, and I will sail better with winds.

I decided to shun the "or" of my life. In spite of Ostracism, limitation and bruises, I with help of my parents and that inner voice "of not being victim" tried to fight the "or" tooth and nail. I told myself these things-

  • I will walk and I will walk Independently 
  • I will live my disable life and I will live with dignity and stealth
  • I will live cheerfully and study and complete my education and live on my own, independently- financially and respectfully and will be second to none.
  • I will live on "merits" and "qualification"

Today I am not known as a handicap person. It comes later. First comes - You are pretty and Intelligent. You are Confident and qualified. You are talented and handicap. A lot of cases- handicap comes no where :)


Since last 20+ years I have been working on my "and". My journey from "or" to "and" was filled with injuries, insults, hurts, failures, struggles and happy moments as well. I tried to not stop dreaming.  "And" always tried to suffice it with "Happiness".

Today the aim of my life is to end it with "and happy". I am glad that I dared to refuse the "labels" and made my own place under the sun. No sugar daddies, no Godfathers, no fixed mentor. I drew my inspiration solely from my dreams and things that I my heart desired. I happily rejected the "or" and embraced the good, positive "and". 

And my friend, the result is in front of you. A medically 90% plus disable person, living her life, earning her own livelihood, travelling across the world on own, no sticks/crutch thus far, no government job "under disability quota [with due respect] so far. I live, without wrinkles on my motivation, with my held high.

It is not that I do not get disappointed. It is not that my handicap does not trouble me. Oh it does trouble me every single hour, minute and reminds me of my limitation. I try and still trying my best to not let it overwhelm me. After all, I am girl and a professional and home maker and a blogger and a wife.

I, like all of you, do not know what future has in store but would always like to change my "or" into "and". Hoping that you too, whether you are male or female, Indian or American or Nigerian, white skin or dark skin, normal or handicap, you will live #UseYourAnd and show the world, power of human motivation and inspire self and others.

If I can do it, you too can! And let me tell you, you could be anything!
This story is shared solely for the purpose of sending out some self motivation to world around. When Harish from Blogadda asked me to share my story for #UseYouAnd and take the motivation to large number of people, I was not sure. Then I thought, what if another Numerounity is facing ordeals and if this motivation can save a life, a smile? :)
This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.

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Blog #Giveaway Winner Announcement

January 14, 2015 , 2 Comments

Dear All,

Thank you for your overwhelming response for the Giveaway contest that I hosted on
To Melbourne, with Love

Frankly, I loved all the entries and had tough time deciding the winner. That explains the delay :) So much hope that I had more than one Prize for this #Giveaway. And I promise that my next giveaway, I will plan more prizes.

Nevertheless, after lot of contemplation, re-contemplation and multiple revisits to judgement, I have managed to select that one winner. And that winner is-


You can read Heer's entry in the comments on the post. To reiterate, this is what Heer wrote-

Dear Team,
Thank you for a lovely contest. I truly enjoyed the post. I absolutely loved reading it. I realized, Melbourne is friendly and beautiful - with art on street corners, tree-lined boulevards and parklands that extend right into the heart of the city, and a unique tram system that makes it so easy to get around. To know this city, you need to immerse yourself in one of its unique facets.
It has many subcultures, personalities and styles, and it is these layers and specifics that make it so interesting. I loved the most their arts and music. Melbourne has a vibrant arts and music scene, live music venues, markets, designers, community activities, eccentric Cafes, cobbled laneways, quirky shops, intimate bars and restaurants, festivals, activities and events..
Given an opportunity I would love to visit the Queen Victoria market as I am a shopping freak diva who loves to shop every time she is out. I would also like to visit the Melbourne zoo that my many species of animals that are never seen in the Indian subcontinent including my favorite penguins and kangaroos. Many Bollywood movies have been shot in the Loch Ard Gorge which makes it a perfect holiday destination. I also love the concept of Melbourne Tram as it covers all the major hot spots of this beautiful city. Last but not the least I would love to be a part of the Sidney Myer Free Orchestral Concert since I am a music lover and cannot miss this experience. I would also love to drive on the Great Ocean Road. Last but not the least I would love to enjoy the Hot air Balloon ride and enjoy the exquisite scenery of this beautiful country.
I loved being a part of this contest.

Heer, thank you for your spirited participation and once again Congratulations!

I will connect with you for your prize soon!

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#KhudKoKarBuland and Take Charge of Your Destiny

January 12, 2015 , 2 Comments

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” 

While I was coming to office today, I saw an old lady trying to cross the signal. She was old, alone but daring to go. Some of the onlookers tried to escort her but she refused and reached out to her bag and took out a folding stick. She elevated the stick and with help of it, walked across the signal, successfully to the other side. I was amused and indeed quite impressed. I reached out to her and admitted how awe inspiring her courage was and if still, she needs any support, I would be more than happy to offer my help.

The lady smiled and told me that why she did not took help from others. She know she is old and soon her legs might give enough. Hence she had enrolled herself for a 90 days power Yoga classes, just around the corner, across the road in a bid to strengthen herself. She would be crossing the road every day and hence wanted to build her self-sufficiency right from there.  To her, Yoga is part of her “planning” for long term and the stick is the “security” she chose to follow her passion, independently. She could have taken help from someone today and tomorrow but in long term, she is her best support and need to be strong enough to sail through. To her, building her strength was her “Insurance” at old age.

Her tenacity reminded me of this famous lines-

“Khud ko kar buland itna
Ki har taqdeer se pehle khuda pooche,
Bata teri raza kya hai!”

She reminded me of Ashutosh and her father. Do you know their story? Well do check this heartfelt video to know about Ashutosh and his “with never say die attitude” Father.

Wasn't that an awe-inspiring and heart touching video? You know when I watched it, my eyes filled with tears. It is not easy to be parents and being a single parent is a tough task. In spite, of Ashutosh’s limited ability and his own volatile career, his father with his adequate planning and security, had managed his dreams, family and protected them from all contingencies that life thrown at them. He indeed lived up the Shakespearean quote above. Hats off to his spirit!

It’s all about the Money, Honey
Who says that money does not bring happiness? Ask the people who lose their jobs suddenly or are retired without adequate funds. Or ask the households which has lost their earning members to mortality and struggling to find both the ends meet. Or ask that poor Indian who live in pain cause he/she is not able to afford a basic Rs 25000 surgery for self/family. Hopeless cynics, either bridge the economic gap or inspire/ help people achieve self sufficiency and financal independence. In today’s world, apart from your soul, money is your biggest asset. An asset that is well substantiated by a better funds management and planning. I call it “Financial management”.

What is Financial Planning
Financial planning is a detailed evaluation of your current and future financial state using your cash flows [in and out], assets and liabilities including expenses. It is a tool to secure your future monetarily to averse any kind of financial contingency arising out of “Uncertainty”. An economy flourishes when Investment is higher than expense, and together they are within your income limits. Take example of Ashutosh’s father.

No matter who you are today, what is your earning, you are always threatened by that one thing- Unknown AKA the future. You never know what future holds for you. With right financial planning, you will indeed hold your future in your own hands. Let mortality not scare you but rather inspire you to take charge of your own destiny, go fearlessly and Protect your dreams.

Displaying Picture1.png

You never know, what future holds for you
So do not be a victim, but lead.
Be your own temple
And you will find God residing in you

Displaying Picture2.png
Be your own strength
And then no one can beat you down.
Beat atrocity and not the spirit
Let nightmares do not scare you.
Follow your passion, Live your dreams!

Displaying Picture3.png
Invest in your future
Walk the path with security and not helpless screams
Plan for your future, Live your dreams.
And the world will bow to you!

Displaying Picture5.png

PS: The pictures and the Video is courtesy Birla Sun Life Insurance. The poem and the content of the blog is author's own and protected by copyright. Please do not use my content/poem without a written permission from me. Appreciate your time. Thanks.

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Men Makes Cloths

January 08, 2015 , 4 Comments

He dried out his cloths
out in open
for the wind to do the needful.

He did his laundry
but was left heart broken
When sudden rain spoiled his bucketful.

It rained while being sunny
and that's what he found funny
They say- fox is getting wedded

He planned to mend his back garden
and hang the cloth in covered patio
till the monsoon gets evaded

If you want to built in philosophy
let me tell you a small story
that man makes cloths
and cloths doesn't maketh Men!

Cloths are not religion
unless you meant Fashion
Don't let prejudices rule over your logic

You are Orange, I am green
why in the name of God you preen?
Burning Humanity over religion is tragic.

Your body is just like those cloths
hanging loosely over that backyard rope
It is your soul that is Quintessential!

God has given you natural Terrain
and you have build those wooden Fence
Religion is just a man made "Clothing Label"

No matter how many lines you scored
The backyard is still not yours
You are mere loose hanging fabric, Men

At the risk of making you irritate
I will once again reiterate
That "Men makes cloths"
and "do not let cloths make a Men"!


When I started to write this poem, I just wanted to give a right response, perception to the picture. At the risk of sounding preachy, I could not abstain from weaving philosophy and wanted to highlight the fact that fighting, killing and destroying over name of God or religion is not a right thing to do. We are the children of God and. God does not give us right to hurt, harm the universe that he had made.

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Happy New Year 2015!

January 02, 2015 5 Comments

Dear All,

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You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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