Scent Like A Woman

March 01, 2017 8 Comments

Picture: The New Perfume ~ John William Godward

To the woman I love,
You are like the rose
fragrancing the hands that touch it.

Mild, soft, clandestine
You are the love
that surrounds my aura.
A fragrance so chaste,
so pure, much pristine.

Like a whiff of bright dusk,
you musk my senses.
like fantasies I never had.
Ah! your Attar
incense my breath
like an ambrosian dream

I wear you
like the warm amber
or the luscious lavender dusted.
on my parched soul
you smell so divine!

Wrap me around you
like lilies on the vine
floating on misty water
surrendering to the sunshine.
Hold me in your hands
rubbing on your palm
like a prayer sent to the heaven.

Allow me to wrap,
and fold in your silhouette
like a trail on heart note
fruity, flirty, aromatic
sachet of bouquets

calm my ecstasy
embalm my senses
like myrrh of essential oil.
in the gist of my existence,
let your sillage last forever,
the silk of your skin
kissing, caressing, unfolding
the satin
every inch by inch.


What Inspired me to write this piece of poem-

With Real Toads [Perfume]

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