Of bungee jumping, adventure sports and stillborn dreams

April 19, 2009 , 14 Comments

What did you say? Did you say bungee jumping? Ekta!!!
Yeah, doc

Ekta!!! Are you serious? We met few minutes back and you mentioned nothing about this. Are you pulling my leg?
No doc I am pretty serious. The idea just bubbled up…

Ekta you are not well and moreover bungee jumping? I know you are very enterprising. But bungee jumping???!!
But doc you said I am showing a damn good recovery and I must keep myself happy. What is the best way to keep yourself happy than doing the things which makes you happy. Its therapeutic you see.

But of all things Bungee Jumping? Yeah, I wanted to see you happy but that too through people around, with more friends and company.

Ekta...you know what is bungee jumping? And how do you propose doing that? Have you ever done this before? Will you be comfortable tying one leg and dangling upside down in air? And which leg will you tie? What is height and how will you secure/support yourself against gravity? I hope am making sense to you. After all you understand ergonomics so well.

Simply as people do bungee jumping. Hmmm you are making sense indeed. Though I haven’t done it before but I always wanted to. In fact when I was holidaying in goa with my parents, my dad permitted me as well. Only thing is that we got caught up with a social gathering in a beach far away from the lace and missed.

Hmmm…Ekta why suddenly this bungee jumping idea?
Doc my friend in Air force yellanhanka base [Bangalore] invited me to visit the adventure camp at with him where they have bungee jumping as well. Knowing my interest he suggested we both can go bungee jumping together. Isn’t that great?!? Well you can join too!!!

Ekta no! I do not recommend you taking any strain esp now when you are recovering from such a chest effusion. Not for this year ma.
Doc please do not demotivate me, rather help me finding a way to get it done. At least let me try. If it perplexes me even an ounce, will quit.

Ha ha ha Ekta you are such a darling. Well you have full life to do all that you wish to but now you must rest. All you need now is lot of tender love and care and proper health care. You are doing such an amazing recovery, why risk it? Bungee jumping and things like that may wait, if at all you ever wish to do it.
Hmmm yup doc, as you say.

Come on you are such a brave girl.
Hmmmm [what brave@#@] [Sigh] [Deep sigh]

Well that was the synopsis of the telephonic discussion between me and my doc in November 07. It is 2009 now and the adventure sport freak in me is still waiting to get positively satiated. I know I know… Life is an escapade in itself . But who wants those uninvited, unsolicited kind of adventures anyways. I would rather prefer bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkeling, Para gliding, sailing, skiing etc.

In school, papa promised me a fulltoo trip to north east. A full camp trip, filled with all the adventure sport. Wow! I was damn excited. So much that I washed my sports shoes twice and stacked away in a place safe from any probable dirt or grime, making it trip-ready. But then October 4th 1994 happened. And I got devoid of all my freaky ambition and made to adept an alien territory viz- academics. Sigh how boring.

However I could never stopped dreaming about it. When we planned a trip to Goa, I got excited all over again. So much that I skipped my Miss L.A.D contest [where I was surprisingly top contender for the crown], packed my bags and hopped into train from Nagpur to Mumbai. Interestingly the girl, who filled in my position after my exit, won the 2nd position. Alas, due to huge rush and exorbitant restrictions I couldn’t do more than steamer-ing and that boring cruising. The second trip was promised but is yet to happen. Heard about that famous “Dhobi ka Gadha”???

Hmmm you must be wondering why I am suddenly talking about all these, while giving no perspective on life, movies, people and all that jazz. Right? Well last night I had a sound sleep. And in my sleep I saw that am on an exotic locale, with fine breeze blowing southward and ah so pleasant of weather. I was in my favorite hot pants n tee, gearing up for sky diving. Suddenly somebody called my name and as I turned back to see the person, I was metamorphosed back in the long tee which I wore before going to bed. I found myself in my room, snoring if not snorkeling.

Morning I got up and heaved a la K L Saigal- “Mera sundar sapna toot gaya” in the shower. Trot-trot I trotted down to office and opened my laptop to divert my mind to work. To my dismay, my mail box was flooded with pictures from a friend who had recently embarked on trip to Europe and went camera crazy. He did rafting, skiing and what not. And I, I turned green [with envy], red [with anger], yellow [with gloom] and what not.

I snatched the newspaper from my dad’s hand and told him that am willing to get married provided he finds me a guy who is considerate about adventure sport and will take me through at least white water rafting, Para-sailing and such fun. And I am ok even if he is Marwari, but not pan chewing, mum-pet [puppet] fatso puhleeze.

He was amused, bemused and again amused. He then smiled off and asked me to stop yapping and obtain half day leave to attend my cousin’s wedding.

On our way to venue, dad made me climb that local bus. “it will go straight to Tolly, maybe in midway we will take a cab”. “Anyways you wanted some adventure, so try Kolkata bus for starters”. I heaved a sigh and helplessly succumbed to pa’s orders.
Mera Sundar sapna Toot gaya!!! Tut tut

Disclaimer: I do not snore, just used that for effects heee

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Numerounity turns 50 today!!!

April 16, 2009 10 Comments

Well not in terms of years but in no of posts. Whoa!!! Must congratulate me for all the mighty effort that I pulled in to keep the show running and BRPs [an abridged version of TRP] pouring!!! Hee he... Chaps! Thanks to you all for sticking around and keep listening to all my verbal brouhahas, one over other.
Yeah, I have been missing from the scene from sometime. It is not that I had run out of content or context of things to be told. In fact, there are a lot of things to be told. But every time when I want to pen them down, I feel like- “Jaane do yaro”.

Jane do yaro!! Who is going to read all that I churn one after other. There are lots of wonderful people, writing lots of wonderful things on lots of seemingly wonderful blogs. And while I still struggle to find right expressions, my self introspection continues on…

So, I went back to, living in my fool’ paradise. Juggling with life as usual over some routine, some non-routine and some non routine, but seemingly routine chores and you know jazz. I stuffed my senses with the glossies of idiot box, savored roughly half a dozen sitcoms and nearly got carried away with some sob-sobs on screen. However, I still shrug off the over the top drama that is been show cased over and over again.
Until y’day when an ex suitor of mine called up to express how much he got smitten off with the movie “50 first dates” [which he saw recently] and also how he correlated that am yet to write my 50th blog. Well how he correlated, is another big-complex story [which I may sell to one of television producers who are in serious need for innovative n interesting contents. Ms Ekta Kapur, want me to help you?] and best left for discussions sometime else.

Hmmm so people do read my blogs [well it is other thing that I pester couple of them with continuous threats!!! Heee]. But there are pals like Amit Khandelia and Rahul Dravid, who reads my stuff and get motivated to write their own. Guys, if you are listening, Pl note my royalties/commission still pending.
Peace, peace. So what if my creativity is still struggling with cosmetic surgeries. So what? I must write. Even though if I have to make my friends like Mynk, Amit and Mohit visit my blogs and read. Write I must!!!
Okay! Enough of my mindless wanderings and scribbling. So it is my 50th blog and it’s supposed to be made special. Thus I am burdened as to how should I make it appear special? Hmmm let me make a quick wish list of 50 things that comes to me in next 50+50 seconds. On top recall-
1. I wish someone sends me 50 flowers
2. I wish, my salary gets hiked by min 50% this PMS
3. I wish I could buy 50 new dresses and matching accessories!!!
4. I wish to hold a child in my hand and shower him/her with 50 lovely kissies.
5. I wish I could go for 50 long days holidays around the world.
6. I wish I could give 50 tight slaps to people who cheat on me like my ex flat mate who ran without paying any money, colleagues who plays dirty politics with me [well a dozen slaps will do]
7. I wish I can buy a brand new dell XPS laptop at 50% less price.
8. I hope to taste and judge 50 different types of pasta, sitting in a waterfront cafe. Ummm
9. I wish I have 50 most eligible suitors wanting to get married to me and waiting for my one single “yes”.
10. I wish I get rich and popular within 50days and continues to be for next 50* 50 years
11. I wish I had boy friend like Adam Sandler in 50 first dates!!!
12. I wish to know what more do I wish to write here….
Well guys that explains all. For it is incredible for me to enlist my wish list here. Or think of any other suitable 50 theme I can ink here. Sorry Humber!!! All I can say-
“50 and still not out”!!!Cheers!!!

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April fool!!!

April 01, 2009 7 Comments

Silly Row Row Row Your Boat
Row row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Ha ha fooled youI'm a submarine!

Today is 1st April, the “all fool’s day”. The legend is that King Charles IX changed April 1st to January 1st as the first day of the year. And the people who stayed with the 1st April as the first day were considered as “April fools”.

The day is so infamous for its hoaxes that sometime people doubt the real news stories as released on this day

Some real ones that were mistaken for a hoax-
1. Gmail’ launch on April 1st 2004 was widely believed as a prank. In fact on the same day, in 2007 a python escaped from its New York city’ office was considered as the hoax created by the Google.
2. The death of king George of Greece in April 1947 was considered as another hoax
3. In April 1946, Aleutian Island earthquake tsunami killed 165 people in Hawaii and Alaska. The warnings weren’t taken seriously on the assumptions of April fools day prank

You wondering what am I up to? Whether I played a prank or not? Created any hoax around? Well, seriously no. Having read some of the stupid April fools SMS and mails floating around since yesterday, day before and all these years, I find them getting progressively lousy each passing year. I would rather not encourage the idea of messing up fooling around. All I would like to say that beware if the news that you’ve got is not just a prank. Think through

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Veni, Vedi & Eureka

April 01, 2009 4 Comments

Last evening my little nephew [Boeing-Boeing chap] called me up to convey his love for me and my stupid blogs. Hee he

In his sweet little baritone, he appealed- “Mushy, [our personal version of masi] am sooo “J” [a capital J] that you spent times with so many other kids whereas I can’t get to spend time with you. But meantime, am also confused whether I shall feel proud or jealous that other kids like my mushy too”. Well that’s typical pihu for me ;)

He paused and then continued “Achacha while I still guess on that, you must tell me more about those children”. And I hope by now you would have understood that what followed after that. Off course a strong round of Q&A and curiosity inundated.

“One at a time pihu”, I quipped. “One at a time bachcha”!!!

And then I told him about RCFC, children there and the good work they do. If you too want to know more about them, without having to wait for my blog, do visit- www.rcfcindia.org

At the end of it, he got quite moved with the tales of those little children and their wonder prosthesis. I was so pleased by the inquisitive mind of my little one that I decided to dedicate a special column for him. He got excited with the idea and promised me to mail a query a week for the same. “Gosh!!! I can’t promise pihu but will try to blog on that if not, will answer just on mail”.

“Deal” the young charmer consented. But my commitment to help him in his class assignments and other stuff will stands as it is and shouldn’t bear any conflict with new commitments. Phew!!! “Yes boss” I agreed

Next came, naamkaran [naming ceremony] of these posts. I suggested- “Pihu Bole” my dedicated writings to celebrate this joy called pihu in my life!!! “Nah, mushy it sounds kiddies, let’s figure something more grown up”. Aha! That’s another typical of pihu for me. So after few seconds of brainstorming, we finally agreed on “Veni, Vedi & Eureka”. His recently acquired knowledge of Julius ceaser and Archimedes finally put to use.

Anyways, the ‘terms & conditions’ clause didn’t get over here. I was taken on oath to not let his id made popular [individual risk coming under section “girls”, “girlfriends” or probable “GFs”] and some regular ones like I must use new words [Vocab exercise for lil one]. And then there were few others elucidated, trivial to mention at this point.

So here we are, ready to launch our new JV AKA Joint Venture. Keep reading and posted.

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Tata Indicom launches Wireless Broadband: Photon +

April 01, 2009 4 Comments

Just in case if the text is too difficult to readThe next generation technology is here!!!
  • Broadband on the "Go"
  • Access Speed up to 3.1 mbps
  • Upto 20X times faster than current wireless technology
  • Quick activation & Installation
  • USB modem priced at Rs 3500 only
So what are you waiting for?
Book your connection today and get exciting offers on 1st TEN bookings from here!!!
Happy Surfing

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