The Nudity Behind Our Garbs

February 29, 2016 8 Comments

She stripped her off her pride,
hanging her vanity aside.
and stood naked in presumption,
holding a pallette for your self assumption[s].

"Go color me the way you want
Paint me the color of your rant.
Who am I does not matter
Identity and Reality
evades your natter
Truth is not your concern.
stripping off is your sojourn.

Why read my face
or know my emotion?
Breed your judgement on gossiping suggestions"
You violated the soul
and stripped her off

as she was not another human
but an object of your
internecine chatter.

Oh she smiled,
"she must be easy"!
Oh she frowned-
"so much negativity".
You lisp, you limp
they laugh they wink.
brutual connotataions
have no life bearings.

painting by Cesar Santos

One thing is I may request
Color me purple, 
color me red.
Color me Green, white or cream
but do not color me filth, nasty or 
your immature colored whim!

Prejudices is a common diesease in the society. No matter the education, but every one, everyone is filled with their own prejudices. You are white, you are black. The gossip mongers do not stop. Strange it is, that we all wear cloths to hide our nudity. We all chase labels to define our modernity. However, when it comes to someone else, we all stand like vultures to garb them off. Not differentiating between human and onion, we try to peel them off layer by layer. Little do we realize, that we do not see things as they are. We see things, as "we" are.

Our castellated opinion dwells in ivort towers, and we brutually let them lead our mind, heart and conscience.


I have written it as not just as a response to Magpie's Picture Prompt or for three word Wednesday. It also has bearings to my expereinces and thoughts wherein I have seen people indulging in hateful activities to put someone down and hide their own nudity behind other's mutiliated garb. You may marvel at the very ease people use to judge others and pull them down. It is simple, simpler than problem solving. However, it is unyielding. We all are nude behind our garbs.

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How I Said #KhudKoKarBuland and Healed My Life

February 26, 2016 , 2 Comments

Life is made of moments- high and low. When the high moments give us the joy to live, why do we allow low moments to take that joy away? Our lives will have its own share of disappointments and adversities.  When adversity strikes, do not say “Why Me” but say “Try me” like I said years ago.

I am sorry if you think I am unfair using a personal experience but my intention is sole to encourage the perpetually. It is my humble attempt to educate people and tell them, how our strength, planning and perseverance are only tested when we face disappointment and adversity. And how, we should not mull about the spilled milk but strive to overcome them, step by step. And if, a young, timid, shy girl like me from a small town can do this, what stops you?

Let this anecdote from Ishita [name changed] inspire you and people around.

#KhudKoKarBuland and make all the difference

Ishita was a young, happy go lucky daughter of Khurana household. She loved adventure sports and dancing. There was a strong adventure streak beneath her shy appearance. She loved all things adventures including cycling over steep terrains, dancing like no one is watching, playing in rains, swimming and more. She was a restless girl who refused to sit still for minutes.

She was on her way to achieving long awaited merits in sports when she found herself lying hopelessly on a hospital bed learning about a fatal accident that took away her limb[s].

She had seen numerous Hindi movies where protagonists in similar situation wake up and cry. She did not want to be a stereotyped. She rather opened her eyes and asked her doctors if she will be able to walk ever again. Together they created a step-by-step plan to achieve this goal. Every milestone, when reached, brought its own reward.

It was difficult but with great help from her parents, she stood back on her feet. She focussed on her education and meritocracy. Her adversities did not stopped post the accident but every day was and still posed a new challenge to her.

Apparently, adversities made her stronger. Today Ishita is highly educated, quite an independent [physically and financially] woman who is living life on her own. Her “raring to go” attitude and her zest to be self-reliant, bailed her on her own merits.

It is not that handicap did not limit her life. They did and often in many unexplainable ways. Nevertheless, she did not let prejudices colour her soul but became a living embodiment of courage and self-respect.

Well, Ishita does not call her heroic material. She rather believes that it is a way of life. Life never claims to be easy but does allow you to sail through.

So never forget to- Pray, Persevere and Plan your life. 

Moral of the Story- #KhudKoKarBuland and Finance Your Dreams

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Smell Those Flowers

February 24, 2016 3 Comments

Look around, the world is beautiful.
hold that step and tread not.
take a moment.
lean below and smell some flowers.

There is beauty
in every form
that God has created.

Cherish that beauty and splendor.
Add to the nature,
and not plunder.
The world is beautiful,
a pretty garden of afflorse
of beautiful lillies, daisies
and white roses.

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The #Trophy Wife out from Fables to the Wheels

February 09, 2016 , 11 Comments

photo by Caroline Knopf [MagpieTales]
She is not her identity
neither her own face that she bear
she is the name that she follows
and brands that she wears

She is often a pretty face
a pretty petite, please
laden with royal back
and gold embroidered
velvet grace

She often stands at the shore
mister's metaphorically legally wedded whore.
no offense intended madam
it is your image that populace bore.

Sometimes her man wanders,
toasting masts to blue seas
she acquires immunity to not pander,
while waiting patiently for him

she keeps her armor ready,
her secret weapons intact
and pull the string when needed
those things that have always worked for her

we have all read about her glory
her pearls and her ivory.
have we ever stepped back
to understand her more
know her grief
learn her story?

we label without bother,
adding mosses to her boulder.
Her path may be is litter
and rocky
might be her terrain,
she would have seen her own share of agony,
perchance, fluttered through casks of pain
and winds strong for her sails
she might have walked slowly
a step every moment

Least we can be so judgemental
Until we walked in her shoes
Or navigated a little thought
of its impact on others woe?

Not all that trophy is a steal
Some are real
some may be a big deal.
some a Spartan, some warrior
While some may be the dove eye lass
who caught in this rut of
being a trophy wife class.

Life ceases to move when are we are too opinionated, too entangled in our own little perception, judgement. Are we a victim of second-hand thinking? Or do we allow a room for empathy? Often we judge a book by the cover, a wine by its bottle. In the bargain, we forget about our capability to imbibe facts beyond vision, beyond our imagination. Like this picture post, we look at an object and we decipher what we could think of it. It is a perspective and it can be interesting. Beauty is when we leave it at that, without making it a universal rule or concluding.

Trophy wife, huh! Every woman will love to be a trophy wife if that means- she is a prized possession of her husband. Being an asset to someone, or being cherished by the most important man in your life, is a beautiful feeling. However, being labelled against your reality, anti-identity is unfair. As unfair is to succumb to the mediocrity of the popularly know trophy wife. You are the woman, you are the individual. You have to decide that whether you want to lead a life of cliché or get behind the wheel and start driving?

Whatever you do, remember. In a piano, both the keys, white and black, makes music together.

Have a Fantastico Day Ahead!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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Film Review- Music is the Soul of Jugni

February 01, 2016 , 1 Comments

I was invited to attend the music launch of upcoming film Jugni. By the time, I could clear the confusion of right PVR venue and could reach the one behind Infinity Mall, Andheri. The launch event was over and the multiplex was agog about ongoing screening of masala pot-boiler by Rohit Shetty.

The PR handed me the music CD of the film to hear at leisure. I dismissed the album as “just another” song and music routine only to search for it furtively after watching the movie screening after few days.
Jugni is a simple, soft movie made by Shefali Bhushan in the backdrop of a village in Punjab and Mumbai. The film is about a young musician Vibhavari [Sugandha Garg] who wants to make big in music industry, lands up in a small, sleepy town of Punjab, searching a folk singer Bibi Swaroop [Sadhna singh].

Vibhavari AKA Vibs is a smart, no string attached, urban musician who ends up meeting Mastana, Bibi Swaroop’s son and develops a deep friendship with him. Mastana, very well played by Siddhant Behl is a flamboyant, young, dhinchaak singer who harness bollywood dreams of making it big. He is a happy go lucky, talented singer who sees a hope in Vibs and offers her all required support in her search of that one tune which will sail her setting career in right direction.

The twain meets and like any other cliché, became friends [friends with benefits] and end up sleeping together casually over a plate of rice and glass of gulabo. The sleepover rendezvous leaves an already engaged Mastana go dovey eyes behind the musician while she finds way to her listless relation with her live-in companion- Samir Sharma. To know what follows next, you need to see the film.

Performances: The cast is fresh and apt. Sugandha Garg does a good job as Vibhavari, a focussed, matured, practical and non-judgemental musician but still unwary of her “Jaane tu ya Jaane na” ways. Sadhana Singh as Biwi swaroop looked beautiful as always but went loud in many scenes unlike the character she looked. Samir Sharma looked tired but did his bit well. The star of the show was actor Siddhant Bahl who lived Mastana to the core and looked completely the part/character he played. So much that when we met him after the film, he looked nothing like the character he played and that is the beauty of it.

The Film- The first half of the film is based in Punjab, in a rustic background that has done to perfection. The choice of location and cinematography is brilliant. The director Shefali Bhushan did a good job in terms of paying attention to details like using those steel tea cups to traditional quilt and other props. What she lacked was in developing the core characters especially for Sugandha’s so as to make story progress in right direction.

There is one scene in the film where Mastana’s and Vibs hands accidentally meet each other at train but separates immediately without any foofraw was beautiful and fresh. Another scene that we loved was-the bus scene. Watch out for the character “Jeeta Jazbaati” too.
While the first part is essentially free spirited, musical and picturesque, the second half gets intense, sifting in to contrast of two worlds with a congruency in between.

Overall, the film, if you ignore the message it was trying to convey or the abrupt climax, is a good watch. It has tried to fight the clichés and you can see the effort very much there. It is a light watch and does not leave you with any heady feelings. Like I said earlier, the songs are the soul of the movie. The cast and crew looked sincere and enthusiast about the project. They were seating at same row as us in the theatre and their team spirit was to watch out for.

Verdict: Jugni, is essentially a carefree firefly who finds herself a suitable place to illuminate. Whether the movie lived with it or not, you have to decide only post watching it. We loved the freshness of the film and the music took us in trance. The Sufi tracks will leave you mesmerized too and you will hum Bulle Shah as am humming-

“hat mujhe apni tor manawan de
Hat mullah mein rok na mainu apni tod nibhavan de, apmi tod nibhavan ke ghar kanjra ke jaawan de”

Do not miss: Dugg Duggi Dugg and other songs. Clinton Cerejo is a musician to watch out for.

Music Rating: 5/5
Film Rating: 3.5/5

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Outside My Digital Fortress

February 01, 2016 , 14 Comments

Adolphe Valette

Outside my digital fortress
I see
blurred images,
of buildings, structures
and human being.

the dim landscape
or is it the fog
the blear colors
All blue, grey, cold

Outside my digital fortress
I hear,
that life has moved,
many seasons has turned
past of me.

Outside my digital fortress
I need to go.
Step out
from my nightmare.
breath in and live,
before it fades away,
the life that encompasses me.

Do we all carry such an obscure image of things outside our digital fortress? Think about it

Image Prompt: The Magpie Tale
Other Prompt: Nightmare.

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