Marriage- Why this Kolaveri Di?

They say marriages are made in heaven but i say, its 
Mad on earth! 

There's so much madness in this never ending debate of 
Love marriages 
Arranged marriages

Enough its a time to sing a song...the soup song...the chicken soup song for the soul of all Kolaveri lovers...

So when sally weds harry, why this Kolaveri di?

Yo Public!
I am sing song
(marriage bells ringing-ding dong)

It’s a Marriage Song…

Wedlock song

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di..
Over Arranged marriage and Love marriage
Why this Kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Aa parents arrange marriage for munni- chunnu
Good looking, smart, long height -u
Family background income all might -u
newspaper, punditji and matrimonial site
Screening the girl from left and right

Girl serve snacks n tea
Mamma like samosa with aloo
Horoscope, engagement, Dowry, function,
Band baja baraat, all drink and tight u
Haan why this kolaveri in arranged marriage di

Boy meet girl u girl u
Girl lose heart to boy u boy u
Eyes u meet, heart skip a beat u
Together future plan they two
Now this kolaveri kolaveri di…
Mamma not ready, shows disapproval
Appa wants to see other girl
"lover lover, v r lover
so why can't we marry"
Pa pa pa ppan pa papa ppan
Lots of arguments, lots of dishoom dishoom
Super mamma ready-

One two three four…
Ja simran jee le apni zindagi
Parents say hun ha hun, our choice was better
Raj marry Simran and lives happily thereafter

Why this kolaveri over love marriage di

Ok mama, now tune change u
boy n girl goes for honeymoon u…ha…hun…

Post marriage same family drama
couple says aiyooo rama
love or arrange-u, everyone cries

vows faints, romance flies
Boy office overtime u, Sunday cricket match view
Hand glass-u; Only English daaru
Glass la scotch u
Girl watch hindi serial all saas bahu 
Eyes u full aa tear u
Empty life-u
Life u reverse gear u
aa..Lovv u lovv u, oh my lovv u
where did u disappear all my lovv u
cow u cow, holi cow u
gone where all marriage vow u
return my dowry, return my freedom
marriage is such a burden
love u love u why u dying now-u

this-u song for girls boys u
who is waiting to take a bow u
we don’t have choice-u have one now

Why this kolaveri- kolaveri on marriage di
Love marriage or arranged marriage... Why this kolaveri di

Love or arrange, u marry u marry u
husband wife do ilu ilu
Why this Kolaveri di?

When Harry weds Sally, why this Kolaveri di?
When Sally weds Garry, why this Kolaveri di?
When Harry weds Garry, why this......
oops....track change!
kolaveri Kolaveri di!!!

PS: The Kolaveri di song is such a rage, you can click here for the original lyrics
Kolaveri= Killling rage

This post is freshly written for Sony & Indiblogger Contest:- Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage.
This new TV show Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage explores the debate between love marriages and arranged marriages. Marriage is an everyday partnership, where sometimes you need to arrange the love and at other times you have to love the arrangement. It looks at this concept through the story of two best friends who are polar opposites in their attitudes and belief, but have the same passion and commitment towards their relationships and a happy marriage. Catch the first episode on August 6th at 8:30 PM.
To catch this on Facebook, click here

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The 'Just Married, Please Excuse' Contest

August 29, 2012 14 Comments

Marriages are made in heaven but mad on earth!

a) This is not a book review
b) I am not running a contest but participating (contest details here)
d) I am not just married but if you have questions on my marriage, pl excuse
e) I am based out of Gurgaon!
In case if you are wondering where is "c" is? Then c oops see below to read more :)

I have recently finished writing a piece on Indian marriages (link) and stumbled upon this lovely book- "Just Married, Please Excuse", courtesy Indiblogger team.  Looks like getting married or not but writing on marriages is heaven made / send for me.  I believe this book is just written for me and I just can't wait reading/ gifting it. Let’s cut the preamble short and make it simple for Yashodhra (awww the cute names she's  given to kids & that lovely papad pic on her blog), here we go….

I am not married, nor contemplating one but this contest got me  excited. The prospect of having a luncheon with an author  & publisher is so enticing that I could not resist asking my mom to give me few of her instances that I can write about. Marriage was the last thing she was expecting me to talk these days, so was a bit surprised but nevertheless gave an incidence which I too can relate with and how…

February 1976, Ms. Bansal (the “bride”) married Mr. Khetan (the “groom”) and moved in to his then family house in Bihar, in a city totally unknown. She embarks upon her new life with many dreams in her eyes and many apprehensions in her heart.  The groom’s family has long migrated to USA and that’s the reason she could not get the chance to meet many members of his family including his younger brothers (the “brother in law”). The shy and coy bride was looking forward to some good interactions with family and their acceptance.

Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” was not existing those days; the culture at in laws house (esp the joint family setting) was still highly formal and very-very demanding. It was then the “just married” bride was taken for a prank that still humors many of them.

Apparently, the “younger brother in law” had a close resemblance to the groom and everyone in the house insisted the bride that he is the groom. Those days, brides did not have the liberty of meeting the grooms before marriage but Ms Bansal met him once and clearly remember face. After all, He was the guy who after meeting Ms Bansal declared that if he will marry, he will marry only this Ms Bansal and no one else. Such a flattering moment, how can a girl ever forget?

She was sure that he is not her husband but all the ladies were adamant and up on prank, they hid the groom in other room, made the brother in law wear shirt of groom and created situations to make the new bride believe that her brother in law is the groom. The bride was befuddled and at one point was almost about to be confused when an elderly lady intervened and asked other ladies to stop the prank. The actual groom came out from hiding and everyone burst into peals of laughter. My mom aka the bride aka Ms Bansal aka now Mrs. Khetan heaved the breath of relief. She couldn’t help but smile on such mischievous act of the new-new family.

History repeats itself and how. Years later, her darling daughter (yours truly) was born and for some upbringing reasons she was sent to her maternal grand parents’ house in faraway MP, now Chhattisgarh. With most loving Nana, Nani, 3 uncles, one aunt and no children, I became the pampered child of the household. It was somewhere in 1980s when a wedding proposal for my aunt has come. The prospective groom’s family came to see the bride over a lavish “meet the girl with Chai ka kettle in hands” ceremony. More than the bride, I believe they saw the magnificent house, my Nanaji’s solid reputation, business hold and the girl was approved. They also liked me so much that they asked my nani, my hand for one of their youngest son (nicknamed Kaju). I was like all eeeks! That Kaju boy looked so stupid and how dare they thought of this, leave alone asking. I ran to my eldest uncle and asked him to send off them as I do not want to marry my masi to their family. My uncle laughed and asked me to ignore them. He ensured that I don’t have to deal with this boy and the next time they repeat such thing, he will definitely deal with them. The kind, little, big hearted me was pacified and bade them forgiveness.  Half heartedly, I agreed for my masi’s marriage. I was sad to let her go.

Now the whole family came but not the groom. We saw him in picture and then on the wedding day. The wedding took place over lavish ceremony and bride was sent to her in laws house faraway in UP. 

There is a post wedding ceremony where in few days after marriage the bride comes to her home for some rituals. Couple of family members was sent to the groom’s house to bring the bride back to her parental house and I was the part of the entourage. I was barely 7-8 years old and such a talkatative. When I first met my Vijay Mausaji (my aunt’ husband), I immediately gelled with him and went on talking for hours bragging about the qualities of my caring and workaholic maasi. He kept smiling all the time, paying sincere attention to me all the while doing some household work. He asked whether I have seen their house or not and met their big joint family. I nod in approval and he took me around showing the place and family. I was so pleased to have such a warm and affable husband for my aunt and all my worries ceased on. It was then, he introduced me to his mom who asked me who all I met. I said all the names clearly and she asked me, did you not meet your Mausaji and do I like him or not. I was like yes I did and we spoke for hours.

She was surprised when? He just returned from his Benaras trip 5 minutes ago. I said no, he is here, he bring me to you. It was then I knew that the person, who I was chirping to since morning thinking him to be my uncle, is actually his younger brother who looks very similar to him. She was even more surprised to know that he spoke to me for hours wherein he is known to be very strict, hardly interacting or smiling types. Another peal of laughter went around and even I couldn’t stop smiling over the entire incidence.

Such events are ice breakers and sometimes is instrumental in bringing people closer. Like good memories they stay in our chest of jewels and linger on. So all of you who have “Just married”, “please excuse” such pranks. Take it with chin high and revel in the joy! No joy like newly wedded, trust me and Good luck. I hope you liked my post.

On an even lighter note: Where Mama-go-to by the way? J If Mama-go-to Gurgaon, then how about Papa? J
PS: watch this space for book review. to be followed soon in Sep 2012

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Alien- Haiku heights

August 28, 2012 19 Comments

Image source: google

Under spell o' dark, 
light cease to surprise me. Ah!
I want a rainbow


This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights 159 (prompt word- Alien)
Also holds true for Sensational Haiku Wednesday (freestyle)

Join the fun!

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Shadi ka Ladoo- Love ya Arranged?!

August 23, 2012 , 18 Comments

(This post is written for SET India Ltd & Indiblogger contest- Love marriage or Arranged marriage? All characters fictional. The story and illustrations are authors original and pleaseeeeee do not copy)

Marriages, undoubtedly is the oldest and most popular tradition of our country. Throw a glance at any nook or corner, you will find at least one wedding on. One of the status/ photo updates on your Facebook wall will be related to marriage. If in marriage a man lose his bachelors degree and woman gains her master, than entire marriage is a PHD in itself. 

We are born brides. Every girl has at least once dreamt of being a bride. Practice start from childhood, from decking ups our dolls to putting a dupatta around their head and staring at mirror for hours. Ask any girl what is/was her favorite toy, favorite doll. Prompt comes replies- kitchen set and bride doll. (No wonder Barbie has introduced- bridal Barbie in India). All girls will play match maker to hilt and will marry their dolls at least once with other friend's doll over a lavish ceremony.

Some more adventurous like us even plan about love or arranged. One such girl is Dhanno aka Dhanya Iyer. In her last birth, this mare was carelessly left by Mr Sippy amid the rowdy horse gang of Gabbar Singh and sent Basanti to dance on "kutto" ki tune (Basanti in kutto ke saamne mat naachna. Basanti followed her heart, Lo and behold jumped on the first ever glassy dance floor & jigged with 45 inch kamariya on 75mmcinema screen- jab tak hai jaan, mein nachungi). Gabbar died, Garam Dharam cried but none knew what happened to our Dhanno. Well Dhanno took a reincarnation and born at Mr & Mrs Aiyyar’s house as their daughter Dhanya. The rebirth saga did not end there. When Dhanya was young, her mausi gifted her a pet pony named- (Hold ur horses)- Basanti oops Basanthi.

Since childhood Dhanya aka Dhanno dreamt of love marriage. She got doubly inspired with Kareena kapoor’s character in Jab we met in her growing years and often dreamt to be a runaway bride. Her parents got worried knowing her “runaway” ambitions but enrolled her for best of education at best of colleges hoping good sense will prevail her someday. Co-ed colleges, mind you.

Dhanno is now 23 and raring to go. She finished her MBA and for certain creative reasons, let go of her corporate job to pursue radio jockey career on a popular FM. Her show “Double horsepower” became a rage on radio and sooner male adulation started flowing in. Like a good Aiyyar, parents wanted her to marry someone in their community but alas good boys these days are far lesser in nos than female to male ratios. For every 100 nice girls barely 25 good boys are available. (No wonder adultery is so much on rise and I wonder if that’s loved or arranged). They were even open for inter caste groom for the happiness of their darling daughter. “You did not like anyone in your college kanna” her parents asked. “Naah all useless fellow” she replied. “Register your profile in Kalyan kanna”- they requested. Dhanno paid no head. Her childhood secret ambition notwithstanding, she outsourced the job (headache) of finding a groom to her parents. Her briefing went by- the guy who will make me weak on my knees so that I can run away with him. “Why does she always want to run” wondered her supportive parents. So she labeled her expectations in mere 3 worldly words- Good looks, good looks and well good looks. “Beti you want software engineer type, MBA, Doctor or businessmen?” “Whatever” she said and moved on to take her Basanthi to derby grounds. Dhanya was a trained rider and often loved to race Basanthi in suave Derby races, also an opportunity to check out other thoroughbred horses in her neigh-bourhood for her beloved Basanthi.

Today’s derby was abuzz with entry of the young and dynamic businessman- Madhavan Parthasarthy, making his debut with his favorite stallion- guru. Needless to say both decided to run their own equine today. Basanthi has won last 2 races consecutively and wanted to coin in a hatrick today. The gun shot does the trick. The match started and all horses ran towards the finishing post. There was a neck to neck, mane to mane competition between Basanthi & Guru. Bhaag Basanthi, yeh teri dhanno ki izzat ka sawal hai (run Basanthi, its a matter of my pride & honor) quipped Dhanya. Just an inch before the finishing line Guru looked at Basanti, guffawed, and took a screeching halt. Basanthi won the race but lost her heart to Guru. Behind the race track when Basanthi gave Guru a high five and asked why he halted before finishing line. He neighed and said “Haar ke hi jeetne wale ko Bayard oops bazigar guru kehte hai. Tumhara naam kya hai Basanthi (The one who who wins despite losing is called a champ. What's your name, Basanthi?). In that one moment, Basanthi knew that she has found her 'sole' mate & dreamed running steeplechase around the bollywood tree.

One love story was breeding here another was about to catapult at the stalls. Dhanno was greeted by Madhavan who invited her to join post Derby party at his mango orchard farm. "Post party, I can also teach you how to use a gun to pluck mango from trees" he said. Before she could respond, her parents came and introduced them saying he is 2nd suitor that they shortlisted and happy that they already met. Dhanya was flabbergasted by his flamboyance but parents insisted that this is initial hiccup commonly visible when you meet a groom via arranged set us and things bound to get amicable later on. After many proposals, flicker exploration and SWOT session parents finally shortlisted the 2 suitors. Suitor no 1- Arvind Swamy was a coy, simple Tamil Brahmin green card guy who worked in IT MNC in Hyderabad and just relocated to India on a project from Detroit, USA. Meeting him was atypical arranged marriage scenario. They came to see her; she walked in Kanjeevaram with tea tray in hands. A blush of pink went over Dhanya’s face which found some spots in Arvind’s eyes too. His mom probed her with questions ranging from cooking to stitching to babies and all that. Dhanno’s mom served them Medu Wada and showed an Anchor knit frame saying that Dhanno made all of them. Dhanno couldn’t stop laughing and went to other room. Arvind’s mom thought- Shy Indian girl.

The family liked each other and Dhanno found Arvind Swamy cute. She met Madhavan today, only to get confused.

To make the confusion worst, enter Karthik Rajan. A young adventure sportsman cum blogger who once came to her studio for an on air interview and that’s where eyes met eyes, microphone met microphone, Twitter met re-tweets, blog met comments and they fell in love. When she came to know Karthik finds runaway couples adventurous she saw her dreams singing Koi Mil gaya. Post few coffees meets and luncheon she decided to tell her parents about him. When she entered the house, she saw her cousin Radhika sobbing on drawing room sofa. On probing she learnt that Radhika had big fallout with her husband of 4 years and is left heartbroken.

Radhika's was a typical arranged marriage, lots of pom pom and fanfare. Her to be in laws shown great interest in her and alleged to keep her like their own daughter. But post wedding everything took 360 degree turn. She was often traumatized by them for something or other. Her once upon a time doting husband turned askew.  He couldn't handle their pressure, shifting heat often on himself, then Radhika and love ran out its steam in due course. Romance got folded in bed sheets and slowly faded away. People advised them to move out of family home and stay alone by he refused. She was so tormented with his puppet act, forever questioning/ fault finding behavior, which took a toll on their relationship that she chose to concentrate more on her career & work at office. One day all hell broke lose when he accused her of having an affair with her boss. She picked her dignity and walk out of her marriage of social convenience. This shook Dhanno’s confidence on wedding vows; arranged marriages and even marriages. She felt numb seeing one of her favorite couples faltering like this.

Dhanno's Predicament
"What if Arvind or Madhavan turn askew after marriage? What if her now "look good feel good" in laws do not support her? So many cases of women burnt by her husband and in laws? What if Karthik's love for her changes or his parent do not approve of her? Would he still love her?" True love’s course was never smooth but when did true waited for approvals, wondered Dhanya. Mr and Mrs Iyer got worried and asked Dhanya to not let such unfortunate cases change her view but reinforced the institution of arrange marriages. They requested Dhanno to take her time and chose the guy she want to spend life with.

Teen ka tadka” said Basanthi! Yup my life turned from “comedy circus” to an episode out of “CID”. “My bade achche lagte hai” thoughts looked at my cousin’s face where kya hua tera vada was written all over. This situation truly inspired never ending debate of “Love marriage ya arranged marriage” oscillating between 3 “Indian idols”. Jab we Met post interval situation flashes off on, on-off.  Anshuman ditches Kareena kapoor. Whatever it would be, I certainly do not want to be in same condition as Geet who wasted her emotions for an Anshuman like guy who didn’t have the guts to accept her even when she left everything and came to him. While, Dhanno felt like standing in “Adalat” of marriage and wondering “Koun Banega mera pati”, suddenly a Sony TV promo took their attention away.


It’s a new serial on Sony television where 2 protagonists were delightfully debating for one over other. Dhanya suddenly turned at Basanthi and latter neighed. Eureka! They immediately switched on YouTube and watched the ad several times all over. Basanthi saw smile on otherwise careworn face of Dhanno and asked - what did you construe from that? Pat came reply- that, that that bread pakora looked so yummy esp that lead actress eating it up so temptingly. I am asking amma to make chai and bread pakora for us. “Dhat tere ki” (what the heck) said Basanthi. “Dhanno tu ghodi ki ghodi reh gayi.(Dhanno you remained horse even after reincarnation) I am not talking about the bread pakora but the laddoo. Shadi ke ladoo.

Shadi ke ladoo Basanthi? Yup Dhanno, Shadi ke ladoo, jo khaye who pachtay, jo na khaye who bhi pachtay (Marriage sweets, one who eats repents; one who does not eat repents too). Dono ke mann mein ladoo phoota (they got a happy inkling) and together they envisaged a chart to weigh pros and cons of love marriage v/s arranged marriage. This what they have made-

Well our Dhanno got her houseful (handful) and need to find her way. But if you are in same dilemma- toh apps (aap) ka kya hoga janab-e-ali? Suggestions? Most welcome.

Marriage is not a child’s play. Love or arranged is the century old debate that is going on and will continue forever. Neither of one is perfect. Both require immense commitment, understanding, adjustment and yes luck. It’s only in movies that you get hunky dory families like of Yash Raj or Sooraj Barjataya. In reality, truth is more like Amrita Rao’s Mami in Vivah with her own pre conceived notion. No matter what you do it sometimes becomes hard to please and calls for agnipariksha (now you know why couple go 7 rounds around fire). One can always manage their parents and in laws as long as the spouse is right and support you. You can’t get all 3 rights all the time. So when you can’t get lucky, get right. Society can lead the horse to water but cannot make him drink Concentrate on finding the right spouse/ setting either route- love or arranged. Take time to live, the world has so much to give and marriages are bliss when clicks!

The debate continues. Do visit this Facebook page and explore this debate further with Mansi and Shivani. Long hai magar strong hai. I loved writing this blog. If you loved reading, do express here)

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Book Review- Tamarind City

August 19, 2012 29 Comments

pic: ektakhetan photography

'While in other big cities tradition stays mothballed in trunks, taken out only during festivals and weddings, the tradition here is worn around the year'

Tamarind City, where modern India Began

Author: Bishwanath Ghosh
Publisher: Tranquebar, Westland Publishers
ISBN: 978-93-81626-33-7  
Genre: Travelogue, Non-Fiction 
Pages: 310
Rating: 5/5

"Sometimes, coming a long way in life can just be about crossing the street". 

The story: Tamarind city is the travelogue cum city blog where the author passionately explores the highly misinterpreted and underestimated city of Madras. That how from the comfortable streets of Delhi, he ventures into unknown salai's (road in Tamil) of Madras, explore the rich cultural heritage and bust the myth that Madras is not what it is perceived to the average north Indian milieu. From Usman Nagar markets to Triplicane shanty, to Santhome beaches, Mylapore temples and all. Chennai as the city has always been associated with silk kanjeevaram sarees, Ayutha temples, hot filter coffee, heat and a difficult to fathom the Tamil language is after all not that typecast either. It is the city that has funded many dreams, raised a nation and others, made gods/ goddesses of the screen idols, given some of the finest art to the world of cinema, medicines, education, trade and all. Above all, its Chennai that has given millions of us the novelty called "Chandamama". 

There are many interesting and lesser known facts that the author has explored like how the prestigious University of Yale, Connecticut got its funds & buildings Elihu Yale, a former governor of Fort St George sold 9 bales of cotton at Madras. 

You must be wondering why tamarind city? Well apart from tamarind rice being one of the favorite cuisines of the author, he also narrates a simple yet engulfing story behind the name. One has to read the book to know its true worth.

The writing style of the author: The author chose a very simple, engrossing and mellifluous language to tell his story. To make the reading more simple and joyous, he has split the narration into several small chapters (not so linked to each other so that you can choose a random, read and still love it) including an interesting prologue. The way  he weaved tales of transsexuals, sexologist, people at old age homes with empty nest syndrome, to a couple who were ignorant about conceiving child to life and times of celluloid star Gemini Ganeshan, his flings, his tete a tete with  Subiah Muthiah (famous chronicler of Madras musings), South Diva Khushboo, Political powers MGR & Periyar  and so many other things.

The main character of the story:- the city of Madras (that's how I call it and not Chennai) is the main character of the story, but off course. The narration brings it to you in flesh, blood, and smell of hot piping sambhar. From a small trading post on a strip line of a beach (Madraspatnam) to the cornerstone of modern India, the city is a delight to read in each of the pages. You ache to sit in Chandamama's office and smell the fresh prints of the book, outside the MGR studios, star gazing, chatting to gracious Saroja Devi who always yearned to become a teacher but not actress, wipe the tears of BhanuRekha (the superstar of Indian Cinema) who was abandoned by her father until she became famous celebrity and watching Dr Kamala S at GG hospital while she is making test tube babies. What makes Chennai- India's Detroit unique is the marriage of tradition with Technology.

Likes/ Dislikes/ expectations: I liked everything about this book. Except for lack of enough pictures. The author spoke to many people of remarkable contribution and a picture of each esp the artist Shankar, printed copies of Chandamama, fresh steaming idlis from Murugun Idlis, Higginbothams, Virgin beach of Neelangakarai would have helped. Also, pictures add a lot to eyes esp in books like these. The second thing that I truly didn't like the justice meted to Tsunami episode in "A seaside story". Wherein I felt the writer was more absorbed in his personal log and took the life defeating tragedy in a lighter vein. To me, the book was quite small for the worth is carried and would appreciate few more chapters on it (that's greed!). I stayed in Chennai for almost 4 years and men, I loved that city and can tell you how misconceived it is to outsiders. The cover page is tastefully done esp with color schemes it chose. It may occur non-alluding (to a non-readers crowd) but that's ok. I wish he has done a chapter on my favorite TN Seshan :) whom he have missed mentioning.

Trivia: In one of the authors of the chapter put forth that people like Robert Clive, Warren Hastings (incl yours truly ) who started their career in Madras became the forerunner of Modern India.

The book is highly recommended to all who loved the city of Mad-Rush (like me), who thinks it's a south Indian dosa Pulihora city and everyone who has a perception and misperception about the legendary city. Like Shankar Pillai, the amazing aging artiste who drew all the Vikram Betal series pictures for Chandamama would say- Very good very good.


This book was received as a part of Blogadda's Book Review Program. Sign up for the Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers.
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Guns and Roses

August 15, 2012 34 Comments

("A love story during the time of war. This is a set of two 55 word fiction - one is a letter from the man, who is away fighting, to his beloved and the other is her reply.") Read on....


Picture/ template courtesy: Ekta khetan (self)

"This post has been published by me as a part of IBL; the Battle of Blogs, sponsored by
. Join us at our official website and facebook page. 

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Happy Friendship Day!

August 10, 2012 5 Comments

to all my blogdost

In your destined life
all of sudden
a friend comes along
who makes you feel better
who helps you feel strong
who brightens your day
& keeps your heart light
to love & care sincerely
covering all the heights

So this comes with love
& concern as I am
wishing you love n luck
with all my heart 
so let the joy of togetherness begin
let the friendship start
one for lifetime
one which never end
one that made me asking

that- would you be my...
forever friend.

(written decades back)

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A child is a father of men

August 05, 2012 12 Comments

Every morning I am awaken by a dream. The recurring dream that I will go to school one day. I will have a house in these valleys. A house whose tin roof will not spill rain water, nor shower heat of sun neither let the cold winds flow in dark chilly winter nights.

A house where I return from school and meet my mother who cook me a good meal and feed me. The smoke coming out of chimney is of a good healthy meal and not the one that comes from these factories where my abba works. Those factories smell of chemicals and the smoke is very intoxicating. I dream of clean air to breath.

I dream of a playground where I can go and play fearlessly with all my friends. Cricket, ball and even race. I want to drive a bicycle and not the heavy rickshaw that Ram kaka rides. Let there be some rainbow. I dream of rainbow, a clear blue sky that I can stand anywhere and see. A clear blue river where I can go and do fishing. I want to visit that beautiful temple and the colorful festivities they held. But I am held back by my neighbors. They say, i shouldn't go there. That is not our God. Why do we have so many Gods when we fold our hands to pray? Having one God, at one place would be good idea. I can pray from home also but I need school to go. I need a good, clean and safe hospital which can cure me with life and not death and disability.

I dream of going into that big shop one day and get myself a set of new cloths. My robes have been worn down. They are small, dirty and no longer covers my body. I dream of having a toy. Like the one those kids have where my Abba took me to work. My Abba says they want to keep me at their house. I will do work for them and they will give their children' used cloths and toys. I am asked to clean utensils and in return they give me leftover food. Why can't I have the same food that those children have? I too have two eyes, one nose like they have. Then why so much difference? I am better than those kids na...they can't even take water in glass & drink and I have to do that for them. they are as small as me but they are not my friends...why?

I dream of being with friends, flying kites and making paper boast when it rains. I often use to run behind those butterflies, fireflies and catch them in my ammi's pet jar bottle. I do not know what light is. I have often seen them at streets and those big houses. Ammi told me that we cannot buy lights. We are too poor to have a bulb lit at our house. House? We stay in big, round grey color homes. It has no windows but 2 doors. Abba says that one day we will have a better house and Ammi will put a bulb there. Ammi. She has gone to God' house to get his permission to switch a bulb at our house. There shall be light, she said. Its been long, almost a year. I do not want bulb, I want Ammi back.

I dream of being with Ammi. Would she not come back ever? Would there never be light? Would I ever get clean water to drink and warm, fresh food to eat twice a day? Would I ever go to school? I have thousand questions in my little mind. Would I ever get an answer for any of them?

A child is the father of men. They say this. They do things differently though. I am a child. Tomorrow I will be father of a man. Is this the way you want my perception to grow up? Is this the way we want the father to grow up?

(One plea to one and all. Pl do not discriminate between children. A child is not rich or poor, clean or dirty but a child. Stop child labor)
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Read this post with this song... I do not intent to capitalize but sensitize that we have a big issue and this issue must be resolved.

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