Asian Paints' New Ads lack colours, textures

April 16, 2021 0 Comments

The brand that created history with the iconic- mera wala cream, is now doing this ⇓

This is a Gujarati print version with an ugly-looking Ranbir Kapoor disguised as an uglier-looking old man. Really is this creativity?

Want to watch the ad? check it out here

Asian Paint's new ad - Matchmaker Ft Ranbir Kapoor is a great example of how to waste a great opportunity and a wonderful actor in a typecast of an ad like this. In this ad, Ranbir Kapoor plays an annoying-looking matchmaker who takes a Canada Return girl to show some green-screen marriage prospects. The green screen has multiple houses and a probable suitor in weird-looking laminated covers, except for one house where the younger version of Ranbir Kapoor [in all the creative cliche]  and his house stands without any lamination [of course], and wins over the girl. While we do understand a paint brand emphasizing a protective shield for a house. What we fail to understand is 

Needless to say, this is the laziest ad I have ever seen after Shah Rukh Khan promoting Dollar or Malaika Arora dancing on Chaini-Chaini. In those cases, I could understand the genre or in marketing language- the target audience. 

And it is not the worst, the brand's desperate attempt to rope Sima Taparia [the famous matchmaker with an infamous series on netflix] to justify the matchmaking ad is even "how-larious". Encashing on the sensation her series created last year, the brand pulls her to do a video on- 5things she liked about the Ranbir' matchmaking misfires. Really? 

This is not the first time, in the past as well, brand campaign [Royale Anti-bacterial Shield] with Deepika and Ranbir [at times when they were infamously split and were dating two other people] are shown as "forced" lovebirds/friends with an insipid storyboard was quite a dampener. I could not find the other one, but you can check this 

There had been better campaigns with this duo like- Thoda aur chalega and Megh Malhar. Here's hoping that merit and creativity will bounce back and we get to see better ads- celebrity or no celebrity.


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