My date with Diamond: Kama and I

June 30, 2014 1 Comments

I dream of beauty
beauty that my eyes desire
of precious gem and stars
that traveled through my vision
unraveled in my heart to inspire

Beauty that shone and glitter
beauty that sparkle and shimmer
Beauty crafted in dreams
Dreams that Beauty Aspire

I opened my eyes and sat
wondering what I saw
I did not find my answer
Until I was invited to this "Diamond Date"

I was recently invited by Kama Jewelry, the retail arm of Kama Schachter, to their factory and Boutique at Andheri East for a "Date with Diamonds" in association with Mumbai Gloss. It was indeed a date of remember and I am glad that I got this invite to not just visit workshop of one of my favorite brands [Yes I learnt about them during a Twitter contest] but also got this opportunity to see their craftsmanship closely through, step by step, art by art.

It was indeed an exclusive affair to remember wherein a delegate of female bloggers, spent the better part of their afternoon, viewing, trying and admiring the stone that mankind has entrusted as- A girl's best friend.

Yes indeed, diamonds are a women' best friend and that is why we befriended the "art of design and craftsmanship" at their well spread boutique and workshop with a good infrastructure and design. But off course, they are the "diamondsmith" behind a beautiful brand that makes millions of women around the world, go weak in their knees.

My Date with Diamond

The date began with a hospitality and a power packed presentation by the Kama Team. It further proceeded with a little warming up session where bloggers saw some of the designs by Kama and then proceeded to the factory to see the whole rigorous and rigmarole process of jewelry making, jwelery crafting by Kama. And this visit made all the difference where we learnt how even a simple looking design is undergone a process that is complex yet pays attention to minute details wherein they turn a normal looking diamonds, molded into enchanting designs. No wonder diamonds are precious, no wonder diamonds are what diamonds are.

Post the visit, we returned back to their lounge wherein we get to preview a new range of their signature collection in Asscher, Cushion and Emerald cut line. Here's a dekko

Isn't  this a beautiful collection? Well you should have been around to know how all girls went gaga about it. The lobby was filled with furtive glances, spasmodic chants like Uhh, wow, umm. And it did not stayed till there, the momentum berserk into passionate achings when we were asked to try - what I call- Poetry written with diamonds. Here's few glimpses of the designs that we tried-

When Classic Glamour Meets Modern Style
The yet to be names collection is inspired by royalty and captivated by uniqueness of the "special cut" stones, comprising radiant fancy cut jewelry that whispers luxury and glamour, in your ears, yours hands, fingers, heart and more. The collection is mesmerizing and truly a work of sheer brilliance that spells, spectacular focus by Kama on introducing exciting products for discerning diamond lovers and buyers, alike. To know more about this exquisite range of "poetry in diamond" that is soft, gentle, feminine and divine , visit their website-

Beauty, let me give you a name, for dream per se
The new collection was not just astounding, intricate, but it was beauty carved in sophistication but yet to get a name. When Kama Schachter asked us to give a suitable name for the collection, that moment I had 1000s names ligting in my mind, each a superlative of distinction, beauty and royalty. After a lot of deliberations, I decided to call this collection- Kalista

Kalista is of greek origin and means- most beautiful one. 

Why Kalista? What could be a more apt name than this, that would entice diamond lovers across the globe while creating a unique niche, own brand for this stunning rhapsody of diamonds with design. Kalista, in itself a summation of all things beautiful, all things precious. Isn't that a thing that all women across the world aim to- Beautiful [inside and out]. The diamond just helps them live what they believe and shine. Shine like a star, shine like a diamond, Shine like Kalista- the most beautiful one.

What could be a more apt name then Kalista which also signifies the intricate design that each piece of jewelery in this collection echoes and spells. K for Kama, K for Kalista.

If you ask me, a name is indeed very important for a brand cause it sets the brand apart from the clutter in market. The name should be unique, the name should be tongue catching, the name should sound sophisticated, the name should symbolizes the creation and the name is Kalista.

The Galib in me, could not stop saying this-

"Sitaro ke iss gulista mein
Dhamko, sawar ke, Kalista mein.
Yeh to chahat hai Kama ki, jo ban ke nikhar chaayi hai.
Isse khoobsoorat aur kya hai, iss jahan mein"

सितारों के इस गुलिस्तां में,
दमको, सवर के, कलिस्ता में. 
यह तो चाहत है "कामा " की ,
जो बन के निखार छाई हे। 
इससे ख़ूबसूरत और क्या है , इस  पत्थरो के जहान में । 

[In this world of stars, shine, being adorned in Kalista. For this is the love of "Kama" that is glowing like a splendor. Otherwise what else is as beautiful in this world of stones".]

That's Kama, folks! I hope next time when you have diamonds in your mind, you will definitely have Kama in your mind. Rakshabandhan is fast approaching and Diwali is sometime away. Heck! When do we need an "occasion" to buy our-self some beauty, luxury and happiness? I am going to gorge on Kama soon for my next diamond cravings. Hope to see there soon. Till then, smile and keep looking the beautiful self. Ciao.

To Diamonds, With love

I hope you liked my post and the name that I have given to this splendid collection. If yes, do vote for me at-
This post is written for- #DateWithDiamonds Name it, Blog it and Win Prizes contest. To know more, visit this link-

Thank you Kama for your love, design and hospitality. Shine, Splendor and Surprise.

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Check Out the "Sansani" Created by BaggOut

June 30, 2014 0 Comments

It's a Baggout with double G. Jee haan do you remember watching "Sansani" on a prime news channel some years back? If yes, you would also remember the idol, the brand that it created out from it's popular anchor, who went on to create "Senseni" among viewers. Jee haan Gaur se dekhiya, Yeh hi ho insaan who wanted to recently bitten with e-commerce and needs some retail therapy.

The truth is that he is so popular that going out on roads is near impossible as it would cause traffic jam and road block. So to meet his various shopping needs of garments, shoes, home furnishings, we have discovered a great new site-

Gaur se dekhiye Srivardhan Trivedi, the famous news reporter from "Sansani" news report, who would often, at later part of evening, come to dazzle your TV screens, narrating one crime incident after another. A lot time frightening you with his demeanor then the story he told. The stories he told were indeed serious but the way he narrated, indeed made #New #Paths in television News and anchoring.

So what happened when Mr. Trivedi's went out to shop with  Baggout? Here's what-

In the break time, the news channel displayed a small ad on how you can simply log on to the baggout website and register yourself and proceed with shopping. It also featured helpline number so that the audience can get educated about this. Post the break, wherein we find was taken by the anchor to surf new products using his "mobile app" for Baggout. Ahem ahem..the break ke baad... is creating lot of "Sansani" aka sensations around. Its magic could not even leave the popular anchor of the longest running news report on television untouched of it's charm. He is a converted shopper from I guess and he loved the discounts offered there. NO worry of validity, no hassle of cashback follow-ups..The website shopping was a pleasant and memorable experience for him. SO much that he occasionally found smiling seeing his phone. Well no..that was not the effect of any jokes or funny pictures but the product range and variety of coupons and cashback makes him sprinkle a smile.

So if you too want to sleep peacefully, wake up and buy some exciting range of bed sheet and bed covers from Not just that, you can choose from a wide range of products from apparels to carpets, to rugs to curtains t various other goods the associated merchants provide. Shopping is fun with Baggout.
It is a fictional post written by me for contest. It intends no hurt or harm to anyone involved including the popular anchor Shreevardhan Trivedi who created his own niche in the cluttered world of Television.

All the pictures used above are taken from google image search and the text added is by the blogger.

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Be your own #RoleModel

June 29, 2014 , , 0 Comments

I met this young girl in the morning. She was vibrant and full of life. I handed her a chocolate from the box I was carrying. She stretched her hand and took the chocolate from me and softly said- Thank you. I noticed her looking at the entire box and looking innocently wondering what else could be there. I was smitten by her innocence and handed that entire box to her. It made her very happy and with great glee she held my hand, looked at me and said- I Love you!

I love you to, I told her and got down from the lift and moved towards my flat. I could not help but remember her sweet smiling face and innocent glance. I wondered - Kids taught us so many things. Above all they teach us to be honest and innocent. However there was something different, something special in that kid that I noticed. I felt that she is different from various other kids. I was curious and wanted to meet here again but forgot to ask here where she stays and who her parents were.

Next day while on my return from office, I saw few kids running towards me. They were this two little tots who stayed in apartment below my floor. They seem to have come back from their Nani's house. They shouted "Didi..Hiiiiii how are you". I smiled back at them and started exchanging the camaraderie. We were joined by few more children and amid them I found this lovely young child that I met a day before. I found her looking at me continuously. I asked her name. Asmara, such a beautiful name. I asked her if she knew the meaning of this name. She said no and ran away.

It was Sunday morning. I was lazying at my house when I heard the doorbell ring. "It must be the Kachrawalla. I am in shower can you open the door and give him the dustbin beta? Also tell him to broom the stairs as it is very dusty there" My mom shouted from the washroom.

I half of halfheartedly opened the door and peeped out to hand over the garbage bin to "Kachrawalla", thinking that why do we call them "Kachrawala" while in reality it is "our kachra" that they help clean. I thoughts were bowled over by a pair of little hands that came forth to pick that basket from me. When I looked at the face, I was stumped to see Little Asmaara standing in dirty cloths picking dustbins from door to door, emptying them with help of other kids [older than her] in a big vessel of open dustbin that smelled rotten. It was rot of the rotten. generally I would have puked at that sight but seeing little kids including Asmara go through this, broke my heart. She looked at me, smiled and then quickly rushed away collecting garbages from other house. All I could say was- Asmaara? What are you doing here?

My heart filled with grief and sadness thinking about her whole day. I decided to get down and look for in evening. I asked my little friends from a floor below to take me to her. She was playing with kids in garden. When she looked at me, she felt kind of embarrassed and tried to hide away. I went near her and told that I want to talk to her.

Asmara is a poor girl that hailed from the slum nearby. She would assist her parents in garbage work in day time and study in a local school. She seems to be a bright student as I could see her speaking simple but clean English. I told her that I know the meaning of her name. She asked what is it? Asmaara means a beautiful butterfly, I told her. Me and beautiful? She laughed.. But didi I pick kachra and stay in kachra. That moment my heart came to my mouth and I was almost in tears. I pushed myself and told her that even "Lotus" flower originates and buds in mud  but still is considered to be purest most for worship. She was amused and smiled. It is then I decided to encourage her little mind with goodness ahead. I told her few cases of exemplary achievers who in spite of their humble backgrounds have rise to name, fame and wealth. I told them to find a "role model" in them, their story and accordingly strive to find a better way for her own life. I told her about some popular examples like actors, businessman etc who could fit the bill. I asked her if any of these inspire her and who will she call her role model so that I can help her with story of their life.

She told me- you know didi, I really like you. Instead I love you. You are like an "image" to me. Whenever, I am in pain or feel bad, I think about you. I think, if that didi can manage so many things on her one leg, alone, staying away from her family, why can't I do? Allah had given me both the legs and hands. So didi, you are my "role model".

I was moved by the child's interpretation of things and thinking. In our busy life, we struggle to make both ends meet, little do we realize that a lot of people especially the new generation watching us. Little did I ever realized that a person like me, who is full of her own flaws, could be seen as someone's "example of an image". I never thought of being anyone's role model [guess that's the word, the little child wanted to say]. All I was entangled in my own web of life. That moment taught me lot of things. I looked at Asmaara and said- Be your own role model Beta. 

She was amused and with her little twinkling eyes, she asked- My own role model? How didi? I told her this with a little "point system" that I often use to explain a concept to kids. I tried to teach her certain things that I learnt in my life and how I picked good things from people and modeled on it. She asked me if I have a role model? Oh I have just too may. I said and told about few of them, hoping that it should inspire her to et up from her current condition and aim to scale towards a better life. "Education" I told her. "Let Education and tenacity for results be your goal and let your goal be your role model." Pucca didi, said the little Asmaara before going to play with friends, promising me that she will give her best to studies and ensure that will study at least till her graduation which is class 12th plus class 13th, class 14th and class 15th, that I told her :)

Well that was little Asmaara and her role model.  Before I sign off, I want to reiterate that while we have plenty of examples nearby to look upon, we must also aim to up our ante and push our bar higher to become a role model for self and others. Life is full of struggle I agree. But again life is beautiful too. The hardships should not reduce us but they should serve as an opportunity to build us and build us better. I request that when you look at mirror, do not turn your back on self. Rather face it, face to face. Look into your own eyes and ask what have you done today to make that yourself face yourself. The mirror will not show you the same image that it has shown ages before but the image that it shows you today, should be better than what was ages before. I am not talking mere about physical beauty but also austerity and accountability. Be accountable of your own life. Be your own role model. You will love life and the life will love you back.
I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

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Of Rains, Hot India Pakodas and Ginger Tea

June 28, 2014 1 Comments

When it rains, I stand near my window pane
and watch the slash of water
its  sight, its sound and ripples
fill my heart with joyous laughter

It is not just view, but cravings too
mark up monsoon for me
Hot tea and hot bread
entices my Indian Palate
I just can not have enough of them
the things that I call my "Pakoda Platter"

Umm "Pakoda", "Bhajiya" AKA "Fritters" are such a marvel of food that even a thought of them kindles our appetites and make us reach out for them. If it is raining, then they are just #MustHave. I remember how in school days, I would cajole my mom to make me some pakodas at drop of hat. I will be joined by my father on rainy days and we both will demand, bega nd cajole her to make some pakodas. Crispy fritters made of gram flour and assorted vegetables like Potaotoes, Onions, Brinjals, Chilli and what not. And if that fare is topped with a cup of hot ginger-cardmom tea, Insah Allaaah! baat ban jaaye!

My favorite Pakodas
I loved pakodas of all type, especially if they are not bland. Some of my top favorites are Onion Bhajji and Bread Pakora. Now Bread Pakora is made in two different styles. Here, I am telling you about the "Delhi" style Bread pakoda that is made with potatoes, in a different way, with a cup of Flavored Cardmom tea, a meal in itself

Recipe of my Delhi Style Bread Pakoda with Potatoes
What happens when fresh white bread is dunked in batter of bright Yellow thick gram flour, scented with little aafoetida, little garlic, little parsley and deep fried in Indian wok. Sprinkled with tangy Chaat masala and yummy cream dips? I guess #FoodGasm happens.

To make that #FoodGasm a double enriching affair, add your favorite mashed vegetables inside it as a succulent, crispy, soulful stuffing. Two pieces down the throat, your heart will be stuffed as much as your stomach is. Here' I am using the popular potato mash to up the ante

For potato Mash- Take 2-3 potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed
Chop some onions and mix it in the potato mash.
Add the following too in the mash and soft knead- A spoon of red chili powder, 1/2 spoon of crushed garlic, 1 pinch of Asafoetida, 1/4 spoon of aromatic Fennel seed and salt as per taste.

Your heart of the dish is ready and now time to wrap that heart in an equally delicious, awesome body made of gram flour.

In a clear Borosil bowl, take 3-4 big spoons of Gram flour, add little salt, little water and make a batter with thick consistency. At this stage too you may be tempted to eat it, raw, as I thanks to thick, slurrpy batter. Do not dare to eat but dare to have some patient.

Take a slice of fresh plain bread. place a thin layer of potato mash on it. Now Top it with other slice n press them together. Now dip the bread inside the batter, so that it fully get en-rapped in it. Now take a wok and heat oil in it and slowly leave the battered bread inside it to deep fry. Take a ladle and turn it down so the hot oil fries it from both side and release the aroma of the sweet fennel seed. Once it turns golden yellow, take it out from wok and keep it on kitchen paper towel to soak away excess oil.

The flavorful cardamom Tea
Take saucepan and boil a cup of water in it. Add a spoon of your favorite tea leaf in side it, along with a small bite of grated ginger and bring it to boil till the color turns golden. Now add 2 cardamom [slit open with covering] in it and add milk and sugar. Stir it occasionally and bring it to boil. After two boils, switch off your cooking gas and remove the saucepan. Take a sieve and a nice serve ware from Borosil and sieve out the tea in it and top that with two small leaves of Tulsi.

Serving the Bread pakoda and Cardmom tea with Borosil
So you have done your bit and made a delicious dish. But Sweetheart! A delicious dish is incomplete with right presentation. It is a right presentation that makes the dish look more appetizing and drool worthy. It is right serve ware that makes the presentation right. And I use Borosil to make my food look delectable and delicious, much before you pick it up to take a bite. So here I take a Celebration Platter from Borosil to serve the delicious pakodas.

Before serving, place the bread pakoda on a flat plate and with the help of a sharp knife, cut it from on edge to other, in 2 triangles. Do with other bread Pakodas as well. Now take fine chopped corrainder [ just a tea spoon] and sprinkle it on the platter. Now keep the Pakodas over them. Take a small bowl and pour some ketchup or corriander chutney inside it and place it in middle.

Final garnish- Take a some chat masala and sprinkle over the bread Pakodas. Relish the dish with Hot tea that you just made.

The crispy bread Pakoda will crunch and frunch in your mouth with its smooth heart of potatoes and onion that will simmer and soak in. Need I say what green Corriander do to us? Aha! It is heavenly flavor and goes well with food. I prefer it with a little crunch, a little punch of green chillies. The garlic will just melt and tea, ahh it will sooth your senses and keep you warm. The ginger n cardamom is sure shot a kick!

And yeah worry your weight no more. Just add a little style to your food, add little Borosil to tour food and Bon Appetite

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She was the beautiful flower...

June 27, 2014 , 8 Comments

She was the beautiful flower
in garden of rose
she would carelessly lie down on grass
unaware of her revealing pose

She was the inspiration of many poets
who wrote of amour and Eros
She was the sweet summer in chilled winters
flowing like free water from the hose

She was devoid of pseudo materialism
even her nudity did not look gross
She was a beautiful young woman
in the garden full of Pink Rose
I have written this 10 minute poem based on the picture prompt from every inspiring Magpietales.
This post is an artistic reflection of beauty and intend no abuse, no malicious content. If you liked my interpretation and even not, do leave me a message here.

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Book Review: Rise of Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas

June 25, 2014 1 Comments

"The Putrakamesti Yagna began at last! The sacrificial fire blazed powerfully, sending billowing fumes right up to the sky. As the sky become overcast with the holy smoke, the demigods descended from the heavens to eceive their shares of offering. The sacrifice was so pure that they felt drawn towards it. Although their heart was pounding with excitement, their mind was racing toward a demon named Ravana. His presence in this universe disturbed them so much that they took their concerns about the demon and his cruel ways to Brahma, the God of Gods."

Well that's an extract from Ramayana, The Game of life, Part 1, Rise of the Sun Prince, a book written by Shubha Vilas, deciphering the mythology associated with one of the greatest epic of world- Ramayana.

So how is Shubha Vilas' Ramayana is different from other books written on the same subject? Well I would suggest that you read it for self and decide.

Here's a little more about this book-

Book Name- Ramayana the Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico Publications
Price: Rs 250
Genre: Mythology

This first of the 6 volume book, is written in 9 chapters. They are-
1) The Angry Curse Turns into Glorious Verse
2) A Sad Monarch in Happy Kingdom
3) A Flood of sweetness [the above excerpt is taken from here]
4) Happiness- Not Always Satisfaction
5) Laws of Progressive Living
6) A River of tales
7) You Rise when Your Pride Falls
8) Virtues and Virtuous
9) Might is not always right

What made me pick this book?
I am a bad reader and very indifferent one. It has to be a really good book to catch my fancy and should definitely be either short stories, suspense or Mythology. Mythology is where this book fits in and make me pick it up.

This book aims to retold Ramayana to a modern audience with a series of book revolving around the versions from Kumbha's Ramayana and Valmiki's Ramayana. Only a follower of the historical epic would know the difference between both and a more fascinated brigade would try to read the former one as well.

The first of this 6 volume series take you through the divine story of Lord Rama from his birth and up to his marriage. I would call it as- making of a hero and technically it is - Baal Kaand [Chapter of Rama's childhood and formative years]. The concept makes an interesting read wherein the author through the pages, tries to reveal or retold the tales of King Dashratha's [Lord Rama's terrestrial father] leadership, Guru Vishwamitra' quest for power, the story of Sita whose life revolves around a holy bow and the intriguing story of widely known stone damsel - Ahilya, wife of Gautam Rishi. [Page no 127].

Lets take that chapter for example wherein the author tried to elaborate on the curse of Gautam Rishi that he casted on his wife- Devi Ahilya and Lord Indra. Author chose the version wherein Ahilya deliberately succumbed to temptation of India in disguise, rather than the version wherein she was fooled by the Indra, creating a misunderstanding for her infuriated husband Gautam Rishi who had by then turned the beautiful damsel in to stone. What author failed to tell was a little more about Ahalya, the fact that she has the quality of turning stones into gold. That would be the kid of detailing I would like to see there rather than usage of certain heavy English literary words that may not fit a story like Ramayana whose very concept is written in different language which is one of the biggest essence of a mythological story telling.

Having said that, being a mythology fan, I found the book interesting and a good attempt of work. This also reminds of me another book pending for my review, again on mythology, by a good blogger friend Sharath Kommaraju. However, this time the book is on another greatest epic- Mahabharata and has it's own share of interesting anecdotes.
I am still reading Rise of sun prince and unlike the initial inertia of not liking the book, I am finding the read easy and narrative smooth. The cover pages and concept of the book reminds me of the other detailed books on Ramayana with all "Kaands" i.e. chapters like Sundar Kaand, Van kaand etc that I read in my childhood, written by a certain Narendra Sharma [I'm not sur eof the name now]. That book was in Hindi and served an excellent read, detailed and elaborate.

Would I recommend this book? Yes and I would suggest you keep this book handy. 

You can buy this book on Flipkart, and stores like Landmark, crossword etc.

Thank you Shri Shubha Vilas and Team Blogadda for this reviewing opportunity and your patience. Wish you all the best. At the end of the day, Ramayana, Mahabharata are not actually a book but they are the way of life. Once your get inside, it will teach you a lot of thing and indeed help in art of man making. [human] I would also look forward to reading other volumes and wish if they are also written in Hindi.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

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A Role Model, just too many

June 24, 2014 3 Comments

When Blogadda in association with Gillette asked me about my role model, I went searching for answers and apparently still searching for one.

Who is my role model? The one who gave me birth or the one who fought for my right for being in world? Or is the one who gave me a new lease of life when a fatal accident told me- You are dead. Or the one who helped me combat with Ostracism without mentioning it or the one who ostracized me?

Well all of them. Including the ones who do not even know my name and still inspire me in many ways. I have hundreds of role model and I find one every day. You must be wondering how? Well I strongly believe that none of us is perfect but the realization of our imprefection and our continuous effort to fix it up. Embracing our challenges and limitations and yet emerging as winner using what does not still stop us, is indeed role-modelling to me.

Still there are few people who inspired me long enough, on perpetuity, adding a lot of strength to my otherwise fumbled life, stumbled life. One of them was- Chand Mama, my maternal uncle.

Chand Mama, yes that is what I used to call him. In our folk tales, often children referred to moon as "Chanda mama" but in my life I referred my mama as "Chand mama". I do not know how did this name emerged in my life and stayed there. But it stayed there forever even when I turned 30 years old.

I was barely 1 and half years old when my mother has to leave me at my maternal grandparents house. She was pregnant with my younger brother and was bound to leave me in custody of my grandparents for my upkeep and well being. Strange isn't it? It was dark, dark night without electricity when she left me and it was bright, sun dawn when I met my mama, who just returned back from his work trip the same morning.

Family legend is - when my uncle saw me playing near water tap in porch, he inquired about me and knowing about me, he moved forward, took me into his lap and declared the world- that today onwards she is my daughter and he is my double mom- "ma-ma".. a duty that he always played, even when my mom was around.

You must be thinking that it is indeed a tale of love and support, but what is so much about "role model" of it in this? Well during my growing years, my Chand mama was my friend, philosopher, guide. He went through a painful divorce but never let the heat of it come on me. His behavior towards me was always nurturing, owning and cordial. He taught me many things among which some were-

1) The importance of following my dreams
2) The art of love, unconditional love with one and all
3) Treating everyone equal and being empathetic towards the lesser fortunate ones.
4) He helped me recuperate when I met with my accident. He would encourage me to do things that I wish to do and has an aptitude to do rather than falling prey to pressure and what society will say.
5) Tenacity of results
6) Valuing everything in life alike. Like pain, like happiness.
7) The art of understanding things and still not become judgmental
8) Enjoying a good humor and look beyond what is obvious

and much more. Thinking about him, still brings tears in my eyes. He told me one important lesson that while I can go out and spread my wings and attempt my flights. However, there would always be a nest, a tree in his form right out there who will not stop me but motivate, inspire and always available even when world has left me. Such assurance told me that I am someone and has an ability to do something and need not fear failure.

I lost mama to mortality a couple of years back. When I lost my leg, artificial foot supported me. However I do wonder, what will support me, my inquisitiveness, that little child in me and my endless pursuit since I have lost him. 

Life Sciences with Mama- A new Approach to life
Mama taught me power of positive confrontation and sacrifice our own lives to bring cheers to others. He never used an "carrot or stick" approach on me but he used "tree and nest" approach.
He also taught me the relationship between thunder and sea and why should I not be afraid of letting my "boat in the river" but be more careful while "sailing" it. He would often say-

Girte hai seh sawar hi, maidan e jung mein
woh khaak gire jo apne ghootno ke bal chala karte hai?

[the one who rides with winds are bound to fall on battlefield. What is the fall of man who walks on their knees].

Mama rest in my prayers. I could not meet him before his death and somehow could not make to his last rituals. However I strongly felt his presence that whole time till couple of months. His spirit silently whispered in my ears and said- "Cry as much as you want to. But be true to your life as true you are to your grief. Ensure that once you stop crying, you will wipe the tears, wash your face, stand back on your feet and start walking again on the path of your life". 

Chand mama you were one of my first role models and you continue to be. You are alive in my heart, dreams and all those endless songs that we sung during playing endless, never tiring Antakshris, while on the station or during the journey. Love you!
I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with
This is a true narrative, written straight from my heart. I was not keen for writing this as part of contest but when the talks of role model poured in, I could not contain myself or stop thinking about him. 

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Indimeet #JodeyDilonKo Zindagi Se

June 23, 2014 0 Comments

When Zee gave me #Zindagi with #Zeel

It was very difficult to contain my happiness and hide emotion the moment when I saw promos of some Pakistani plays on my DTH at prime time. No I was not dreaming and neither was it cable mismatch. The television software giant and pioneer of digital entertainment in India- Zee TV has yet again revolutionized Indian television and content by bringing a new bouquet of offerings from #SarhadPaar. It is aptly called @Zindagi that will be going on air from 23rd June 2014.

I was a huge fan of Pakistani play and binged my heart and soul on the legends like #Tanhaiya, #Ankahi and #DhoopChaon that always shared its sweet smile via the classic videotapes they are stored in. Only I know the Internet bills that I exhausted to watch/download those lovely serials from YouTube and my failed attempts to download from Virus infested Torrent Sites... No more digital Virus anymore, I though. The only thing that going to be viral is - Happiness!

I logged on my computer to know more about Zindagi and the serials they are going to showcase. Guess I was looking for those 3 names that formed my formative years. However, this time the names were new and unfamiliar. They were nonetheless inspiring as always like- @ZindagiGulzarHai, Aunn Zara but still unfamiliar that I took it to my social network to find more and see if I can establish the same "connect" with them that I had with the 3 serials that I mentioned above. I saved the date.

The date is 23rd June 2014

#JodeyDilonKo with Indiblogger

While I those 3 Pakistani serials are one of the precious discoveries of my life, how can it remain untouched by another precious find- Indiblogger? Yes, it is then I received an email from Indiblogger team announcing an Indimeet. It was not just another Indimeet and knowing the vivacious team of Indiblogger, you know that none of their meets are- just another meet. they are special and this one was bound to be extra special off course, for it has that connect which #JedeyDilonKo

The Date 21st June 2014
Venue- Leela, Mumbai

The #JodeyDilonKo meet lived to its name and help connected bloggers from 2 different city- Mumbai and Delhi to come together and celebrate entertainment, the art of story telling, the art of real entertainment and above all the art of #JodeyDilonKo across the cities, borders, lifestyles. Here's a few glimpses of various #JodeyDilonKo moments and memories that the Indimeet created-

#JodeyDilonKo with Bloggers
More than 300 bloggers registered for the meet and came forth on same platform to meet, greet and Tweet! Bloggers from all walks of life, different genre- whether it is sports, poetry, fashion, Food assimilated in 2 different cities at same time to have that hearty tete a tete with each other and have a glimpse of the cute star #Imran Abbas

#JodeyDilonKo with technology
Distance never matters when two hearts truly care! It was epitomized when Delhi, Mumbai and Karachi got seamlessly connected with each other on same time and could not just see each other but have a real communication, debate and chat at same time without any black outs and interruption. It felt great to see some known faces and blogger friends like Manjulika, Kriti, Neha and other others in attendance.

#JodeyDilonKo with a healthy and rib tickling debate between #Mumbai vs #Delhi
I guess after #India and #Pakistan [largely for cricket matches] MUmbai V/s Delhi is the most debated about topic among the citizens of India.
Ewww When Did Delhi Men become Hotter than Mumbai? #Debating Societies. 

#JodeyDilonKo with story telling and Content Seeding
The meet showcased few trailers of the upcoming show on Zindagi TV including the beautiful "Kitne Girahe abhi baaki hai". The promo took my heart away with a perfect blend of symbolic story telling with words like- "Kitni Girahe kholi maine, Kitni girahe abhi baaki hai..Paaon mein paayal, haath mein kangan, gale mein hansli, kamar bandh" poured a different intensity in my heart with an eye feasting visuals of a woman who symbolized these jewelries with her freedom and voice. Brilliant Creativity!

#JodeyDilonKo with Channel and people behind the Shows
When I watch a beautiful thing, say a show or movie, I always feel like meeting and knowing the talented people behind it who brought that beautiful emotion to me, painstakingly. This meet enabled bloggers to meet and interact with the intellect behind the channel and the show that included the lead actor, scriptwriter, director and executives from ZEEL like Priyanka Datta [Business head- Zindagi], Vanita Jain [Head of programming], Akash Chawla [marketing head] and Shailja Kejriwal -Chief Creative Head- Special projects. These talents essays that how stereotypes of Saas-Bahu and regressive content on Indian TV needs a break. 

#JodeyDilonKo with Handsome @ImranAbbas 
All the females in Pakistan knew Imran Abbas. All the young girls in India knew Imran Abbas. Now entire India will know Imran Abbas, the emerging face of Pakistani serials and upcoming Bollywood thriller Creature 3D. Hush Hush Fatima's younger sister Ameena told me that her sister has huge crush on him and done a great Internet research on him before coming for the meet. hush -hush, 99% of the female bloggers present in the meet had done that. The 1% residual was me who just could not take her eyes over this eye candy star and went home and obliged my research :)
#JodeyDilonKo with Music and Roohaniyat
I just told you how good the actor looks but do you know that he has a voice to die for. He not just looks beautiful but he sings beautifully too...that too without any studio sync and on the moment singing. He started with an interlude from "Aisa Desh hai tera" from Veer Zara and pulled stops to all heartbeats from this beautiful rendition that he sung from Aashiqui 2. Do not believe the besotted me? Get yourself besotted hearing this-

#JodeyDilonKo with Sultana Aapa, the genius behind +Zindagi Gulzar Hai 
Technology connected bloggers from India with the graceful Sultana Siddiqui, director of the serial at Pakistan. She not just charmingly spoke about the story and character sketch of her serial debuting on Indian Satellite Shores but gracefully took all the questions from bloggers across the cities. She confirmed that one of my character "Qabacha" is part of her current series and promised me to try bringing the affable Marina Khan soon. Please Bring @ShehnazSheikh too I quipped :)

#JodeyDilonKo with blog and Twitter contest
 Indimeets are always laden with fun and interesting contests and given it's fastest real time speed and response- Twitter steals the show with photo contest and Tweet contest. I was happy to see many of the known bloggers well deserving prizes for their twitter entry and last minute blog posts. A friend even got a MOTO brilliant is that.

#JodeyDilonKo with Wonderful Hosts
Team Indiblogger is a delight to interact with. The reason that Indimeets are so well organized and well conducted events is not just one but many. It begins from master blaster Techno geek Renie Ravin to Affable Vineeth, gorgeous Nandita, Sweetheart Swati and ever vivacious, ever spontaneous and one helluva lot of host- Anup Johnson who is beyond agendas and above real time fun. His impeccable sense of humor and harmless bickering with his co host Nihal at Delhi, stole the show.

This and much more made #JodeyDilonKo Indimeet an affair to remember and cherish. While some bloggers won vouchers, bag packs and some went empty handed. But none of the blogger went empty hearted and that is what #JodeyDilonKo  is all about. Isn't it?

I am back home and tuning to my favorite music from Gulam Ali Khan and some gems from Coke Studio including the songs that Fatima, a fellow blogger had earlier sent me from these shows. I feel so connected with them now and they start making much sense than ever.

Indiblogger you truly have #JodeyDilonKo with Zindagi, Zee haan!

For more glimpses of this event, pl click here

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Technology on the Move #TimeToTransform

June 06, 2014 , 26 Comments

Swimming with Piranhas, makes me hungry
I am a Telecom Professional and am in business of making technologies a "translated in to reality, dream" for every Indian. You may wonder how? No, no I am no Bill Gates who creates "windows" to the computing world but I am a product manager cum solution architect who has been working in a sector that builds and facilitates Internet and telephony. What Businesses, what housewives and what layman and student. Everyone is latched to data/Internet n needs it on the go, more the merrier.

From ABCD i.e. Aaya, bai, Carpenter, driver to Large corporate, vouch by telecom. If Internet does not work for an hour, half the generation starts feeling disabled, having hands to pick the food but no food for "data snacking". Same thing happens when your device goes out of service even though fir few hours or if you are travelling and cannot carry your devices as they are heavy to carry. After all, telecom provides Internet and Voice to every one this country, wiring the metros to remote villages, understanding and translating their needs via plugging their smart devices with essential life and blood i.e. voice and data. And my tryst with it taught me that how India loves its computing devices and how every one is 'attached' to them, on the move, on the go.

This realization makes me humble. I am humbled by the new age innovations that is hitting in the market every day, every hour and with change in every binary, processor and perceived translated benefit that reaches to end user. I am in business of wiring networks rather I must say wiring lives and how certain devices have changed human's need, drastically from what was never thought before to what is being available today.

Smart devices swims the water for me and ensure that I must swim with Piranhas to kindle my own appetite. 

I am hooked on to the technology
Earlier, my mornings will start with hands folded in soft prayer but nowadays, before my morning could start, my hands will look out for my smart devices like cellphone and tablets and my laptop. I may leave hungry from my home but men, I would not dare to step out without a fully fed [read battery charged] computing device. I am a technology freak! I love to explore different things that my phone, laptop, my tablet can do. And you know the best thing about this relation? The more I use, the more attached I get. Some call it addiction but I call it necessity.

What keeps me hooked?
Well is no single thing. From games to photo apps to messaging to browsing, to organizing and yes off course, blogging! Did I missed saying- staying updated on current affairs and catching up with friends who stay home n abroad. 

I am a blogger and love browsing the world wide web. If I am not ticking tocking my device for my office mails, escalations, team communications, I am rather trying out a new handset, reviewing a new tablets using self experience mode, playing games like Temple run [Ah they are such a good time pass when u r travelling], clicking images for my instagram and least, listening music.

I am a Telecommuter. I do not commute with out my smart device. Sometime I carry 3 with me. No no..I am not part of network experience team but these days I am managing VIP and High Value customers for my company which includes film celebrities, designers, industrialist, astrologers, politicians, sportsmen, bankers and many more. Some of them are mothers, wives, public figures, fathers, sons, career woman, home makers, star wives and with each if them and the roles they play, I play the similar roles for others and self.

Often I am device evangelist for my friends, colleagues helping them with right devices for their needs and upgrades, then why not use that skill and extend to my clientele? And to do that, I must keep tab on new products in markets, new apps, new gadgets.

ASUS Transformer T100
So my passion for new device, brought me to ASUS T100. It reads - a 2 in 1 Ultra portable laptop with 10 inch tablet. 

That indeed caught my fancy and gave me some ideas.

So basically it is a laptop cum tablet, read "Handy" and "on the go" device that a lot of us have been looking for, from so long. Yup we all are "laptop stacaoting" generation. We do not believe in hurling Machine guns but computers that folded in to laptops, which further envisaged into tablets, note pads and smart devices of all kind. We are basically nerds who are so much in awe of technology, computing devices and off course "Internet Frenzy". And we love being such nerds.

The Nerd and their confused excuses
Being Nerd is the syndrome wherein you found yourself, forever hooked to your phone or laptop or both. So much to do and so little time you see. And we nerds hate being kept away from our life support, off course second to Oxygen, Our computing devices. How much can we carry them with us but Alas, they are bulky.

Excuse no 2: All my data is saved on my laptop, now I cannot keep transferring them to my tablet whole time.

Excuse no 3: I hate small screens of cellphones. I so much love my laptops but they are bulky. [not again sic]

Excuse no 4: I like Tablets but sometime I wish they come with real Qwerty keyboards. I mean how long can you type using touchscreen? Why to buy additional docking station? Ahh too many additional gadgets. I am better off my laptop.

Excuse no 5: I am confused that whether I shall go for a new laptop or a new tablet? Laptop or a tablet? Gosh I wish, I had both.

Sigh they are the common dilemma that a usual buyer goes through. And it is not as simple as it sounds.

Generation, it is #timetotransform and switch to a device that is a convergence of both. Introducing- ASUS Transformer T100.

"It is a laptop, err it is a bird"
uttered the "superwoman" of Y2K world
Whatever, I call it my "Transformer"
one the move

A transformer T100 can do so many thing
from managing offices to personal flings.
Dinner dates at POpTates
Oh, I need to send my codes to Bill Gates

Searching new jobs and filing applications
breaking "Candy Crush" and watering my Farmville Plantation
detach the tablet from laptop, remove
I an do everything on the move.

I can travel with it anywhere
powerful battery backs it there
Superior performance, extraordinary experience
proof that powerful things come in small appearance

It is so jazzy, it so cool
It makes me feel wonderful
A whole new looks that turns the head
with AtomTM processor upto 2.3 Gigahertz

10 inch screen, makes for wonderful viewing
for 32,000 it is my personal screen
Light, sound, camera and action
it records it all in seconds n fractions

I can even take it to kitchen
to sing via cooking with Whitney Houston
YouTube Videos on the move
On new Zumba steps, my family grooves

Gaming is such an essential
my ASUS experience is far differential
Its so simple to use
even my momma gets amuse

She pulls it closer
and voice search on google
to look for Tarla Dalal recipes
and how to make candles.

my learning and development in my hand
I can read that new book before it hits the market stand
Business meeting were never so much fun
My laplet [laptop + tablet] supports me on the run

What Shahrukh needs a new connection?
and kapoor wants a new plan upgradation?
I am in move, still no worry
my ASUS will approve all your service query

I can take it with me to shop
Its my perfect companion in mall hop.
I try an outfit and share with my friends
they suggests the better onlookers and we set the trend.

Blogging has never been so easy
my hands are full and
I Love being so busy!

Friends n folks, stop being careworn
Pick up a ASUS T101 and Transform!

So guys I think it is #TimeToTransform and am going to be part of this "Digital Revolution". How about you? Join me today, cause it is #TimeToTransform

This post is an original content written for Indiblogger and ASUS Transformer Book T100 contest- #TimeToTransform. To know more about this incredible detachable laptop cum tablet fro ASUS, do visit the site- or click this link- ASUS Transformer T100

Any form of duplication or plagiarism without author's consent, is strictly condemned.

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with TRESemme Split ends do not StressMe anymore


Dear Diary,

I know we are meeting after a long time. I will make up for all the delay and I know if you learn what kept me away, you will no more be angry but will love me back.

You know the beauty of hair? Well, they are the only thing on your face/body that you can change anytime and get a new look. Do not believe me? Picture this...

scott pilgram vs the world gif

Like all young girls and women of my age, I too had a royal hair lineage and often show off my vintage hairs. Here-

taylor taylor hairdressers gif
I was really proud of my hair and they were my crowning glory wherever I went. Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore, all saloons all hairdressers would compliment on my hair. As time passed I started using different products on hairs from shampoos to the hot iron, blow dryer, colored streaks et all...Change in weather and change in water did it no good either. And Diary, you know how my diet is. 

Don't the Look Pretty Awesome, Dear Diary? 
I wanna grow them Longer
One day I went to this new Saloon in town where they offered to color my hair. I was reluctant first but given their insistence, I relegated and got some temporary stripes like this-

The hair worked wonders and won me many accolades including my cat who gave me such a cute look, like this. Awww she was taken as a surprise...

unbelievable disbelief gif

It boosted my confidence and soon I found new offers for modeling, shoots and even ramp walks coming to me...I could not thank my hair stylist enough for her suggestion.

I could not thank her enough and when she called me to give me new look in town, a la Lucile Belle, I could not resist but went for it. This time she asked me to go for global coloring and a new hairstyle, all in orange. Color? Ok since half the girls of my age and below are going for funky hair color, why can't I?. And a new hairstyle is always welcome. She was my lucky charm anyways. But Orange? She called it "Vintage". Hmm, I gave in to temptations and got my hair colored. 

Here are the new me post color and new hairstyle....

hair inspiration lucille ball gif

Everyone at saloon flaunted my looks. I could not wait to flaunt my new hairstyle and thought to start it with Yum TV, the music channel where I was scheduled for a portfolio shoot. Proudly, I stepped into their office, expecting some warm appreciations but this is what I got-

When someone comes to school with a new haircut. gif, omg, omg gif, wtf, wtf gif, oh  my god, oh my god gif, ugly face, ugly face gif, ugly, ugly gif, oh my, oh my gif, ugh, ugh gif, school, school gif,

Oh My God! What could be worse than this? They canceled my shoot and asked me to change my hairstyle and come later. Appointment will be confirmed later :(

Sob, I went to my home, to see my cat and get some TLC but there she gave me a cold shoulder and when I tried to talk to her, she did this-

 gif, cat, cat gif, cats, cats gif, kitten, kitten gif, kittens, kittens gif, aww, aww gif, cute, cute gif, hi, hi gif,

My heart was broken and I was sad as ever...I dunno what to I approached my stylist, who colored it back though but it became very very messy. She said let's cut it short.

I felt better and waited for my call from the music tv office but in vain. My hair looked sheen and I looked bad. I revisited my Saloon but they made me wait. "Sorry, NO appointment mam. Your hairs are rough and they have split ends. Trim them".

Split ends refused to bulge and took my hair length by length

Oh God, whatever happened "beautiful endings of long hair," I thought and cribbed some more. Saloon appointment took troll on the purse. With broken hair, a broken heart so I had to nurse.

Sade n gloomy, forsaken and lonely. I felt like a sad puppy, puppy-faced :( Even my two pugs called me "Pug-li kahi ki" and refused to look at me. I called them "black & white". That's how I remember who is who. Anyways, back to the point.

 gif, pug, dog, puppy, puppies, dogs, cute, aww, adorable, eyes, wake up, tired,

Split Ends ...Aaarrrrrrrggghhh Not just that, my hair got split end...yeah split ends .. I ran to my barber, week after week, month after month, from start to end. Got my hair chopped, cut and trimmed to combat split ends....split ends did not go but my long hair became short. Snip Snip...Cut Cut.

i'll just trim hair virtually on here gif
Split ends split ends go away

I started losing my assignments and campaigns flopped. I felt like a fish, out of the water, dropped. I tried everything to cure my split ends. From expensive salon treatments to eating weird foods and doing a yoga on my head. My stylist has given up on me, so did my manager who resigned and joined my competition model instead. 

Wherever I go, my hair woes follow. My mother has given up on me too-

When people bitch about mondays. gif, mad men, mad men gif, betty draper, betty draper gif, betty francis, betty francis gif, january jones, january jones gif, deal with it, deal with it gif, dwi, dwi gif, glasses, glasses gif, smoking, smoking gif, monday, monday gif, mondays gif,

I gave life seems to be waste, my assignments, career, relations, everything was at stake. "Split ends, split ends how do I get rid of you? Anything I do, damage my hairs and my purse too."

howl's moving castle stockholm dykes gif

Hair can do this to you, have you ever thought? I realized now that split ends are impossible and could never be resolved. I really need to live with it, deal with it.

It is then a cute actress came on TV screen like the "akaashwani" from sky and said-

black and white beutiful smile gif

Who says that split ends cannot be treated? Do not use ABC products and feel cheated. Say to your hair Use Tressme and do not stress me. Tressme will rescue split ends up to 96% and a 90ml bottle available at Rs 80 and not more.

girl problems hair dye gif

Up to 96% of Split End Rescued... Is it true? Am I Hallucinating? Huh! another marketing Gimmick. I thought..But when tried so much, what is the harm to try one more.

It is then my friends from Indiblogger, gifted me two bottles- white and black. One was shampoo and one was conditioner. Interesting I said. 

Good sense prevailed me and I started using the "TRESemme Split Remedy" that folks from Indiblogger sent me.

I took the shampoo and washed my hair with it and completed the routine with conditioner and rinse off with tepid water. The texture was smooth and the fragrance was mild. It lathered fast and rinsed quietly. hair felt good..with every wash, they felt newer, better and softer...wash after wash...after the 3 wash.

You got to see my hairs to believe it..Hair never so soft, smooth and longer... Wait O' world, I am coming, back with BANG!!!

barbara palvin hair coloring gif
I gained my confidence back...Hair never felt so better...Now I style my hair, the way I want to... blow dryers, flashlight...naah, my hair fear none.

My cat loved me back, so did my dogs. They said I look prettier than all. The mirror does not shy me anymore. My hair is long and no snipping anymore. I got new assignments and they were bigger. In the meantime, my hair grew longer. Ah! Silky Surrender, Saloon se bhi Better!

When people ask me if my hair has split ends any more-

miley cyrus hair long miley cyrus hair gif


Well, Dear Diary, that was my hair story...
I worry no split ends,
cause split end is a History!

TRESemme split remedy is available at range of 90ml for Rs 80 [Shampoo and conditioner]
The product like another shampoo from TRESemme is very effective and suitable for all types of hair. The shampoo and the conditioner are packed in black and white bottle respectively, making it easier to find which is fast while shampooing. 

It is mild, it is strong. TRESemme is perfect for a solution to keep my hair long!


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