Let's live this summer up together!!!

May 28, 2012 18 Comments

So folks, me & Kyra, both sunshine girls, loves fun, bitten by wanderlust and on the run for outdoor fun. Did you mention-  sun burn, skin ministration, tan? Whoa! Who cares. We are sunprotected. We are going to live up this summer together and how. Well aabbbcc, blah blah blah…Naah! to cut the gibberish, I was told kyra enjoys her music and so do I…so here’s my song to Kyra as how we can live it up this summer together (I hope she likes my invitation n join me)-

(There’s lotsa oomph, ooze but no booze. We are dunk on our spirits & high on rouge. So pick up your glasses of pincoladas and read on. Beware, do not forget to put your sunscreens on as its quite hot, scorching hot!)

Dear friend Kyra,

Summer is here again; Bright, warm, solar incandescence
Sultry breeze musk arcane; Earth snuggles when sun embraces
Leaving everywhere golden traces

Look at me, says the wonderful day.
So what if its month of May?
Life’s calling outside the window pane.
Lest fear not the ray, the ray of smoldering sun
The sun wanna shine through the skin, radiant & splendid
Majestic and pristine

Come hitherto, lets’ go for a summer safari
Sun, sand & surf; let’s rock the turf,
Peep in Coral reef and walk blue lagoon
Let’s get soaking in sun and the blue water, under the blue cerulean
Together we march, walk past the shore
to the sea so wide, sea so deep
The sea so enormous and sea more.

Let the music play, the song of joy,
Joy of summer, joy of the chirping bird
Joy in the heart and let there be joy
In every foot step that we walk

Let’s walk through an orchard, a green mango orchard
Midst the fragrant leaves that trees bore
Laden with flowers, tropical fruits- Green, fresh, plump & ripened
Let’s cross those orchards and climb those trees
Or stand underneath & shoot a twig
Pluck the resinous Alphonso and devour
Between the slices, the sweet - sour slices
The tangy slices of mangoes, lays innocent friendships
Playful, joyous, naughty friendships. they peels in laughter and feasts on the juicy beast.

Let’s go where the sun shine brightly
To beat the cruel summer, let’ live a vibrant dream.
To hush the heat aside, lets go on a summer paradise
Lets make those dreams come true; Lets go where sea is blue

Let’s walk to the beach, splash the water
And run behind the trailing waves that comes after
Let’s bath in the tide, surf the splash aside
And swim towards the glowing foam of the sea.
What lies beneath, underwater, lets dive and meet a starfish
The water so vivid, calm yet livid
Let’s embark towards the deep sea

Let’s sail in a boat, pass by rocks & albatross
Spotting dolphins & a little mermaid
Whose eyes glitters & tail has hue
Near the horizon, underneath a rainbow
Let’s fish where the sky meets the sea

Along come the lighthouse; a mariner guiding lighthouse
Tall & steady lighthouse, guiding us in the sea
The ferry will farther as far we want, all sea as farther we glance
If there’s a storm, it would do us no harm
As long, you and I, are we.
I will hold your hand, and rise the mast strong
Together we shall sail the darkest sea

Back on shore, lets explore some more
water scooter or paragliding.
let's explore the aqua world; lets go deep sea diving
We shall build a canopy; indulge in beach therapy.
whistling at seagulls, lounge to the core
strum a guitar, 
Or play a summer volley.

The warmth of sand, the luster of sand
smooths up & slips our hand
Let’s take some spade and pail them ahead
And bring back the childhood glee
Sand castles, paper boats ah there’ much fun to be.
Let’s wade through the water; chasing that turtle

Astride the sea, beneath the valley; Look at me,
The summer that dwells in my eyes hope u can see
Who is afraid of sun? At least not we
turn your face to sun, you can see,
all the shadows fall, falls behind we.
Let’s pull up a sarong and wear our oomphs on
As picture perfect as we
Palms & stones, conchs and shells;
Ripples in the water n that dimple in your laughter; calm floating waves 
Snap happy we click them all

Here’s a lemonade, to toast the lovely friends we made
we gonna be together, fun or strife.
Let’s make it the best holiday of our life
lets cool our heels, throw caution to wind
pump the music on; Karaoke & partying
Let’s go dancing,  hula ho, let’s Bailamoss!


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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Internet is fun!

High speed data and Real time chats
Forget the long queues,
Office firewalls or proxy servers
Now, hub to the world in my pocket,
For the café is on my fone!

It’s a wireless world,
No hassle no dongle,
And no big devices
That I need to carry over
I rule the world, the World Wide Web
The world in my hands, the world on my thumb
Internet is so much of fun!

Unlimited downloads, music, movies, videos
No more dull moment for the fun is on go
Internet is fun- at home, work or even on run
Traffic jam, who cares any more
When a click of icon, can take me to my favorite show
What News, what Soaps and my favorite comedians perform!
I can see them all on my Opera mini browser
Matrimony, Jobs or Parenting, my wish will be done
When I am one on one, with my fone

Seamless data, no more buffering
No long call centre waiting, no more texts,
Just one click of icon and I am on web.
Millions of content under the sun
Whoa! Internet is such a fun

With friends, family or alone,
I surf, surf and explore
Videoblogging and Video calling
Anywhere, anytime, “www” on prawl
And when I connect with my “mi-fi”,
The joy is Internet is 5 times well spun.
Internet is more & more & fun!

Data snacking twenty four by seven
What Android, Mango, Apple or BBM
Whatsapp! It’s I, me and my Smartphone
Touch screen, slider or QWERTY,
Voice of youth & need of learned
A prayer well answered for those living offshore
A flight of Skype and I am home
I become wordsmith, I am new Newton
Power to me
Says my fone!

Now my crops don’t wither
Beware piggies and angry birds, I am hither
I go around world in few megabytes
I click pictures and publish on spot 
Find places to visit and leave my note 
Send greetings to my friends with cute emoticons
I can support for Anna & sign e-petition
I can connect to Indiblogger, contest & even cast my vote!

Office presentation & all my spreadsheet calculation
From Linkedin to StockbrokingBanking,
Flight check-ins to travel booking
Round the clock, I can access all my information
Internets spells- F-U-N...Fun!
I can create my recipes and share with town
Check amazing deals & shop for my new gown
Read a new book & Blog it around
Go to youtube, my videos you may found
I am “Numerounity” on twitter and hey am retweeted by Hrithik Roshan

There’s no limit to do what I can
Hurrah! My Internet world is surely a world full of fun!

I heart goes zoozoo zoobi zoobi zoobi for my fone!

My entry to "Internet is fun on Vodafone" at "Indiblogger"

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

Book Review: The Devotion of Suspect X

May 11, 2012 28 Comments

Author:    Keigo Higashino
Publisher: Hachette India
Genre:     Fiction/ Crime Thriller
Cover Price: Rs 350

What happens when Math helps conceal a crime and physics try to unravel it? Well, who would have thought that theorems and formulas would be the new Sherlock Holms and Poirot of 22nd century.

The devotion of suspect X is a story of Ishigami and Yasuko, Yasuko and Togashi, Ishigami and Togashi, and there’s an Inspector Galileo.  Sounds complex? Well if it ain’t, it wouldn’t make a good mystery or say thriller that it is.

Without giving away much thrill of this story (which I believe even a non thriller loving reader would like to read), I would define the central plot as a string of event that happened when 3unlikely people cross their ways- Ishigami or Buddha, Yasuko Hanoaka and Yukawa.

A genius math student at the Imperial University Tokyo, leaves his bright academic future to support his ageing parents. A young age Judo aficionado, he now middle aged, and lonely teaches a bunch of mathematically challenged high school junior students who are more interested in motorbiking and questioning the existence of subject. Apart from teaching and part time Judo classes, his other hobbies include solving complex mathematics problems at his free time and keeping a wishful, unarming eye on his pretty single mother neighbor. His entire effort to pursue her starts and ends at buying his lunchbox from the café where she works in until one day when he rangs her door bell and choose to talk.

A not so young but pretty divorcee who leaves her job at a club to raise her school going daughter with dignity and takes up a steward job at Benten Tei, a lunch pick up joint opened by a husband wife duo and her ex colleague from nightclub. Her life was a mundane work to home and forth until one day when her estranged ex husband tracks her back and reappears in her life.

An assistant professor of Physics, also known to Tokyo Police as Inspector Galileo was often called upon to assist with difficult investigation, more often by his friend- Detective Kusanagi. And then there was a secret lover of the lady at club Marian- Kudo who suddenly shows up one day trying to woo the already smitten lady soon after the murder of her husband. Not to forget, one of the central character of the story - Shin Ohasi road.

The story is gripping and a guaranteed page turner where the mystery is already disclosed in the beginning but what makes the book most interesting is the fact that what’s next. The language is simple and mellifluous, concentrating more on the plot than ornating it with diversionary literary flowers. The translator has also done a good job while keeping the essence of Japanese culture and interest of non Japanese reader in mind.

The book is intelligent and is already a best seller in Japan (Yogisha X No Kenshin). For some reason it missed the coveted Edgar award in 2012 but nevertheless has won another prestigious Naoiki Prize for Best Seller.The book has also made in to a FILM.

The author had given quite importance to required detailing, eliminating non value added descriptions. The characters are so well etched yet unknown that you wish to see them than just read. The opening of the book where writer has conveniently set in the site which later on became important part of the story. The characters are believable and a lot of logic has thrown in to substantiate a situation. For eg-

“He had always thought of mathematics as a treasure hunt. First, one has to decide where to dig; then one has to determine the proper excavation route that led to the answer. Once you had a plan, you could make formulas to fit in, and they would give you clues. If you wound up empty handed, you have to go back to the beginning and choose another route. Only by doing this over and over, patiently, yet boldly, could you hope to find the treasure- a solution no one else had ever found”.

It definitely met my above expectations and ensured that a lazy reader like me stick to it despite my  schedule (burning the midnight lamp) and finish the review within the meager 7 days. The only thing that I disliked about the book is the length and often the monochromatic tone it goes into.  374 pages at times just settle the steam and better, if could be shorter. A great psychological thriller instead of giving away more than what you can remember makes you wanting for more…so much that you can’t wait for other book by the author. Also, the lack of depth the characters of Yasuko & Misato were given which however, was heavily compensated by Ishigami.  However, it still made for a good read and criticism comes easier than craftsmanship.

The best part of the book is its chess like setting where two masterminds, one time old batchmatess- one novice criminal and other the unofficial detective, engage in cold fight to the finish line.  Another noteworthy fact of the book is the way how in battle of wits, the unassuming Ishigami try to protect the lady by outmaneuvering and outthinking the brilliant detective who has helped solved the most difficult cases of times, unofficially. 

If you ignore the slow pace of starting few pages (deliberated to set the context), the book is like a puzzle by each page. Well, telling you more is like giving you away the content which is a strict no no. So hurry up and grab your copy today!

My Verdict:- This is a good psychological thriller and a must read. I highly recommend it and would give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 (It has made a lazy reader like me to stick n stumble through after all)

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Hi Folks,

You heard me...now its time for Bouquets and Brickbats!

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