The Snow Outside my Window Sill

January 28, 2014 , 15 Comments

The Mill, 1964, by Andrew Wyeth 
Through my window, outside the sill
I saw a city draped in snow
ferns, mohigun and that white sparrow
Snow all around,
falling mist and rising snow

Outside my window sill
I saw that frosted mill
dunk, daft deep in snow
snow, the white, the frosted
the falling snow

The cart that pulled seven hand
the cart with wheel of steel
the cart stays still & stand
in the frosted white sand

The snow with its own cadence
sneering impeccably over the mill
snow with a furlough glance
snow with a freezing stance

The white ghost of the snow
trapped the view, made it standstill
watched, reveled, enjoyed and feared
standing behind my window sill

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Jai Ho- Film Review

January 27, 2014 , 14 Comments

NumeroUnity reviews Jai Ho starring Salman Khan, Tabu; Rating 2.5 stars
Jai Ho, in nutshell is a story [or a lack of it] of 3 different brothers and their sisters starring Salman Khan- Tabu, Debutant Sana Khan- Haroon Kazi and Genelia D Souza- Vikas Bhalla.

The film starts at a pub where an artist [a lackluster Bruna Abdullah] saves a mini skirt topping from the locking and pill popping goons. Goons frowns, search the town and lands up at Bruna' lavish lawn. It is that time when the effervescent Nadira Babbar [loosely sketched in poor caricature] comes to her rescue and goon's humor. Rumor is that the damsel in distress should take no stress, rather with good grace, embrace the front seat of luxury vehicle and talk a walk with the men who came to stalk, only till the main gate thereafter. Where Uncle Sam, with his two other man, will ably swing few punch, roll his fists and crunch, over his morning brunch and and break it in song, dance and laughter. It is that moment in history, where the film resolve the mystery as what will be it's plot? Trot trot, worry not. Uncle Sam turns no tram and tell the scams that may follow scene after--" Apna Kaam Banta, bhaad mein jaaye junta" Suits to the T given the film that "Jai ho" ends to be.

You may want to take that cue and leave the theater but you must rue, if you chose to stay as if you paid a further due for purchasing tickets for torture 2 hours of cinema and minutes of repetitive ads in hall. Hell! order some Nachos and cream, recline on your seat and do not give to whim. Dream- a La Rakhi standing in front of screen n crooning-

Mere Jai ho mein entertainment and mazza aayenge! 

Sohail Khan's Jai ho is nothing but a damp squib and a much more poor rip off of Chiranjivi starrer Stalin wherein the film has taken adequate inspirations from big brother- Pay it forward. [when will u Bollywood]

This movie is only for my die hard fans...Mind you!
I am "people's " man, an irony you will relate once u watch
this film that is laden with several out of work actors

Jai ho,the film fails to en-cash its strong story line, big production values and presence of screen charmer Salman Khan. Even the talented Tabu, who played the role, played by Khusboo, ends up looking a prop used no better. Sohail Khan has definitely succeeded in making a loose caricature of a good idea, characters and "it could have been better, leaps & bound" film.

Jai Ho rather looked more like the producer's mission to restore employment opportunity for some really out of work actors whom I and much to amusement of mine, kept discovering scene after scene - Haain! yeh bhi hai? Aur yeh bhi hai? Jai ho nahi bhaiyya Jai hai!

The story of the film was- an ex army men, chose not to ignore his conscious and goes out of his way to help people in problem. He starts a philosophy chain wherein he asks public that instead of saying a mere thank you, they should actually express the gratitude by helping 3 other people, asking them to help 3 more each and thereon. In his tryst for helping people in need, he meddles up with a corrupt politicians and spent the rest of the film fighting him tooth, nail and over the top action sequences.

Sounds good? Yeah but the story loses in transaction and film stumbles through scene after scene. Obviously there are few comic reliefs but trust me, those song and dance moment wee absolutely no-no. The screenplay is too patchy. Scenes that could have create good impact have been treated otherwise. Wish if the editing and screenplay could have got a little more focus than costumes and sets, film would have been splendid.

The star cast [un-impressive] of this film was another deterring part of the film. Artists were thrown like those cheap candies in Halloween. From Aditya Pancholi to Sharad Kapoor to Mukul Dev to Nauheed Cyrusi to Varun Badola [I wonder what he was doing there] to Tulip Joshi, you name and you see them there. However, you see them in blink and miss roles [most of them, you prefer it that way]. Barely any of them fitting there. Most of them sadly have reached their expiry date of performances and they ruin your screen time. Aaargh!

She is my new dumb found oops new-found. She plays the
neighboring "Pinky- Rinky" in the film wherein she has "playful"
relation with my 10 yr old nephew mutually exchanging their
"Lingerie and lingerie ke neeche kya hai jokes".
It is truly a family film with "Pink Panther and Chota Chuha"
jokes to entertain kids & their bachelor uncles
The film looks dull and reminiscent of any other movie in late 90's. The only saving grace of the film is the actor- Salman Khan. None of the actresses except Tabu, fit the bill. Debutante Daisy Shah looked more like the hybrid of Rani Mujherji & Shilpa Shetty. The hybrid who should have made her debut years back or with some other actor. Her screen presence and on screen chemistry with Salman is below zero. Genelia as orthopadically challenged girl failed to create the impact. She would have instead taken as for Salman' love interest role given she looks more spunky than "bechari" ever. That brings us to Sana Khan who made an ambitious debut in this film. Ambitious? She was given a negative role without any substance in her debut film and trust me, if you have seen her "Yeh toh bada toing hai" ad, you will feel bad for the sassy model. Characterization was disappointing. IMHO, the film would have been much better if Genelia played Daisy' role, Daisy in Sana's role and Sana in Genelia's role.

One thing post this movie that I was sure was that no matter how "bokwass" it was but "Chennai Express" or "Ramleela" had a better execution than "Jai Ho". Overall Jai Ho wasn't anything to write Jai/ Joy about it. Even Salman's colored Ray ban glasses failed to create his Dabbang magic. All I want to say to film makers who churn big, ambitious projects without concentrating on quality than mere glossaries, here-

"Aam aadmi ek sota hua Sher not make movies that make them sleep"!
"Aam Aadmi ek sota hua sher hai...and they will not take anything in name of Salman Khan/ Sohai Khan film"

"Aam aadmi ek sota hua sher hai... and that sher loves their Salman and expect him to be treated much better in his films rather than being reduced to shoulder everything in a dud like this, dude".

Verdict:  Film's story, screenplay, characterization AKA casting, music, entertainment are the only few things that is flawed. Baaki Sab first class hai!

My rating: 2.5 stars!

I tried hard looking like Shilpa Shetty and Rani Mukherji but the charm didn't work
and you too not looking at me. Atta botox oops photops!
Sob said I will have an author backed role
Say again that you liked Chennai Express and Grand Masti is bigger than my film- Jai ho!
I have taken the bullet, opened my shirt, flexed my body, beaten the army of goons
bare handed, danced at SAIFAI, flew Kite with Modi and Voted for Rahul baba too...
Now waiting for army chieftain to come with tank

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Write, Inspire & Network 2014

January 24, 2014 1 Comments

A new song, a story, 
a thought that lingers your mind

Something new today, unique, better
and that someone can identify

and Spread the news, your write up and that chain
meet and greet people and see if life is same again

Write, Inspire and Network
For your idea, the time has come
for a new era to begun
For WIN is not an option
It is a habit
and good habits seldom die
they leave behind examples
that world survives!

This post has been written as part of the WIN '14 Activity at BlogAdda!

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AAM Animal Party

January 19, 2014 , 17 Comments

"Oh My god! Why this human fight so much? They fight and blame us". complained the wise cat to her neighbor monkey.

"You are correct. They fight like sillies [a trait only these human may have] throw spanner, curses, back bite, spew venom and say politics is no 'monkey business' it sure is". Said the ageing monkey while handling a fresh Chapati off stove to his feline friend.

"You bet. They do all miscreants and call it our names. what harm do we do to them? It is them who cuts our jungles, spoils our rivers, pollutes environment and still call themselves superior" remarked the angry tiger who just read the news that barely 1000 nos of his relatives are alive all over the world. He continued with how he met the poor cow who was helpless to feed her own calf as these so called human beings have taken all her milk and she is left with none to feed the little one. To make matter worse they inject some painful injections in her body so that they can extract as much of it. She was as sad that she turned to lion to eat her up so that she can end her painful life and her daily struggle to survive amid the torturous injections, lack of proper living conditions and being fed on the garbage that stinks on its own name.

If you are wondering what is happening than I must tell you that it was a winter afternoon when all the animals gathered baring their afternoon siesta to discuss the current affairs of Jungle and beyond.

The tiger was joined by his wife -tigress who was returning from the elephant' house after paying him visit. The elephant was badly manhandled by his owner who used the speechless animal to perform in circus without caring much about well being. It was not just that the elephant was alone in this suffering, even the king of jungle was not spared. The parrot had strict objection for his wings being clipped by humans. "How would they feel if I take away their rights to walk" asked the bird.

"Cruelty of human is something not unique. They have been meting it on us from time innuendo. It is high time that we must all unite and fight against the tyranny. Silence often taken as weakness" said all animal in unison.

It is then, it was decided that they will form a union and have a their representative to take their pleas to Minister of Animal Welfare- Menka Aandhi. As the voting process began few animals like dogs, cats, parrots etc who just returned back from human captivation developed a feud over the process. So much that they started throwing each other name and pulling it down. They called each other- you are Sam Jhoothmalani, Maul Aandhi, Medu-vada-appa and what not. The bear, the Rhino and the spider had a fight wherein the former accused latter that he is like that political minister Gassy Barood who eats his own spouse. The fight heated up until the Lion King let out a roar and stopped them. When he could not bear, he summoned his courtier bear and asked him what is ging and why the animals are fighting for nothing?

The bear grinned and replied- They are just "Being Human"

References here purely fictional and not intended to hurt anyone's sentiment.

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A little Sun & Little Silk

January 12, 2014 32 Comments

Millions of women across the world have learnt to recharge their hair and recharge their life. Here's how-

Meet Tanya, the efficient stylist and hear what she has to say-

Tanya used a little sun and little silk to recharge her hair and recharge her life!

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Recharge & Rejoice

January 12, 2014 18 Comments

Hair is a natural "crowning glory" of any women's beauty. I feel hair is the only thing in your body/appearance that you can always change and manage to look different, better, awesome...did you read extreme delightful? Yeah, True that!

Hair works wonder for our confidence as well and every hairdo that we spot spells not just hair but our ATTITUDE. That is the reason we often have "bad hair day" but never a "bad nail day" or "bad ear day". Cause nothing matters even an absence of make-up when your hair walks the talk!

Why recharge my hair
I love my hair and I love to style it. My hair is like my phone, better battery, better performance. Hence I keep my hairs charged up all the time 24X7.

Pollution, weather, sweat, etc often act as "Jaani Dushman" and I like a Knight with no armor, need to keep my hair' health and shine alive, activated all way through.

Why I need to recharge my hair
I love my hairs like my life
They make me look good, they feel me alive
They make my presence noticeable
they make me look ah so adorable!

Hot iron, dryer, gel & color
They bear my tantrums and never say no
I carry my hair like an attitude
whatever I do, wherever I go

I go to college, party, and pool
I play volley on the beaches
and bathe in deep ocean blue
I change my look with a different hairdo
I look cool, every day new

When I attend office meetings
and travel to client onsite
My hairs speak about me
They give an insight

They tell the world that I am something
whether I let them loose or tie fish knotting(s)
My hair spells magic and grace
my hair speaks volume about my face

I live a life footloose and fancy-free
I recharge my hair and go carefree
From sports, adventure, and fun
Recharge your hair and live life on the run

When the wind blows through my hair
I ride my bicycle without a care
I swim, I dive, I drive, I climb

Here's How to recharge your hair and live a life without care [In video]

Link here- Recharge your hair [ A video by numerounity]

This video and post is written for "Recharge your hair" contest by Sunsilk and Indiblogger.
To enthuse more life in your hairs, recharge them, and live your life to fullest, do not forget to "Sunsilk" them.
More details, pl visit Sunsilk website


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Five Offbeat Hindi Film that you #MustWatch

January 12, 2014 18 Comments


“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn't give you what you desire - it tells you how to desire.” 

Old, new, Global, regional...I love Films. Films complete me...there are times when I cannot express self to me, I watch a film or many films. Good, bad or offbeat...I feel every film should be seen..sometimes some movies needs to be seen by the maker's eyes, his/her vision and that my friend will make all the difference.

I have grown up watching films from different languages, different genres and different part of cities. I knew my masala pot boiler from my artsy reckonings. If i watched the gracious Mani Ratnam rolling a story in is tamil hit "Alay Payuthe", I also enjoyed watching Satyajit Ray's "Gopi Gayan, Baga Bayan". My generation happily gorged on platter full of masala films starring Mithun Chakraborthy, Govinda to masterpieces of parallel cinema like Arth, Saaransh, Mirch Masala, Katha, Mandi and so on. Circa 2000, my list has only increased but suddenly my appetite went down seeing the quality of films that were being churned in name of parallel cinema. It gave some consolation that few makers are trying hard to bring back that glory. What went amiss is originality of the concept well narrated by likes of Roy, Gulzar, Sai Paranjape, Rituporno Ghosh, Shyam Benegal among others. However, still there's hope.

So when Blogadda and Makers of "Miss Lovely" asked to blog about 5 of my most favorite offbeat films, I went in to to chose just 4 in my list of many? Nevertheless, "TOP of Mind Recall" prevailed on me and here's my list of five favorite offbeat films

1) Pushpak [1987]

Pushpak changed the way we watched our films. It was a silent black comedy film written & directed by S Sreenivasa Rao starring Kamal Hassan, Amla, Ramya and Tinu Anand. The story was about an unemployed man who kidnaps a rich guy and instead of asking a ransom, starts living his life using the latter's identity. He does it all to woo a magician's daughter but after seeing the stark reality of life unfold, in front of him, he condemns his act and change his path to set the things straight.

The film was also about mistaken identity and metaphors like the rich hotel owner dying poor and poor beggar dying rich were quite stark and signified the dark truth of life. My most memorable scene from the film was when police men who came to dispose the dead beggar's body, leaves him to rot on road and get busy to amass his huge money left under the rug. Watch this film to see the cinematic marvel of story telling without using a word!
This film taught me how silence speaks many a things when words fail us. 

2) Udaan [2010]

Udaan starring Rajat Barmecha, Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy is a story of a 17 year old teen Rohan who was thrown off from his boarding school as punishment for watching an adult movie along with his friends. He returns home to an abusive & stern father and a half brother whose existence was not known to him.  

The movie is a real life story [Anurag Kashyap] of his tryst with a stern father, an innocent half brother and supporting uncle who in spite of his best efforts could not bring truce between the former two.The film is all about his flight of dreams and flight of freedom against the tyranny.The film was shot at Jamshedpur, has beautifully captured the city and woven the tale around it in a poignant yet captive way. 

3) Lunch Box [2013]

The film starring the multi-talented Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur and Nawajuddin was a delight for the sensible film goers in India. In a simple way, it told the  story of a widower Sajan (Irrfan) who is on verge of retirement and a neglected housewife Nimrat Kaur and their chanced relationships through letters via a mistaken delivery by the famous "Dabbawalas" of Mumbai city. The film very beautifully and in a subtle manner captured the essence of loneliness and lack of companionship via it's simple and people next door characters.

4) Rudaali [1993]
Directed by Kalpana Lajmi, the film created it's own niche with powerful performances by Dimple Kapadia, Rakhi and the likes of Raghuveer Yadav, Sushmita Mukherji and Raj Babbar. It was also the last film of late actor- Amjad Khan. The story involved around a fateful Shanichari [a mourning professional] who was hired to mourn the death of upper class males and her life long misfortunes starting from her birth to death of her husband and her unconditional relationship with local landlord. It essentially essayed the plight of women in society that how relations fails their responsibilities in name of tradition, astrology and face of adversity.
The film' song- Dil Bhoom bhoom kare and Jhooti Mooti Mitwa were chartbusters.

5) Ek Ruka hua Faisla [1986]

A courtroom drama and remake of Golden Bear award winning- 12 Angry men, this 1980s film is a muct watch for all courtroom drama lovers who do not miss their daily dose of "Boston legals". Without giving away the plot, this film was a story of confusion over taking a judgement against a slum dweller bnoy who has killed his father. Will they solve the case or no? Do watch the film to know more. The film starred stalwarts of parallal cinema like Pankaj Kapoor, Annu Kapoor, KK Raina, MK Raina, SM Zaheer among others. The movie was directed by Basu Chatterjee.

Well that was it folks! Let me know your views and comments on the same. Also, do not forget to add your own favorite in the comments below.
This post is a part of the Miss Lovely Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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