Imam Siddique in Big Boss Season 6

November 29, 2012 11 Comments

Big Boss season 6- Alag che ("It's different" in Gujarati, creatively playing on word che with season no) has finally found it's weird oops big ticket item for this season. After KRK, Dolly Bindra, Rakhi Sawant, Pamela Anderson, Monica Bedi, Sunny Leone and now, here's presenting- Imam Siddique!

He is gonna stir the dullness up and sure to create ripples in the otherwise settled house. Disturbing or not, it will at least infuse a breath of change. Audience had enough of sweet & suppressed Delu, henpecked Rajeev Paul, Politically correct Niketan Madhok (the international supermodel), blow hot-blow cold Sapna Bhavnani, Cold fish Mink, frankly yours Urvashi Dholakia, Not so "Toing" yet pretty gazer Sana Khan, lukewarm model- Karishma Kotak, Indifferent Mtv Splitsville debutante Dwarakadheesh Vishal K. Frank, outspoken and brash, Imam's TV avatar came as all that. Not that I am advocating Imam, but his entry to Big boss house may be interesting and as I said will bring change and some excitement.He was earlier thrown out of house for his nude act and re thrown for his clad act, he re-entered BB 6' main house in his now known- Skeleton mask avatar.

Who is Imam Siddique?
Imam is a casting director, stylist, choreographer, hold your breaths- image consultant and in color's official words- a madhatter who got caught in the wrong side of his otherwise "we are getting well together" other co contestants at BB6's mud house. He is the same guy who styled Mona Singh is famous Sony TV serial- Jassi Jaisi koi nahi in Indian Ugly Betty ishtyle and currently hosts a style show on UTV.

BB6's euphoria was not picking up with the kind of lukewarm contestants it has and excitement seems to have lost which was quite evident in the way recent tasks were performed. Even few leads has openly admitted about the falling level of their activity n enthusiasm.

"Ignore the obvious" was the name of the task that the house mates were asked to participate to salvage few hopes for their lost luxury budget. This task invited few uncouth guests like comedian Bharti Singh and another actor in a role of kaamwali bai. Both of them failed to invite any attention from house mates and it was then Imam was strategically brought into the house.

Fiery Mink's intentions failed, Vishal' splitsvilla charm couldn't even win him Sana' love's linear equation. Sigh Big boss money stood wasted. Vrajesh Hirjee as an entertainer on big screen fail to create magic on small screen. Aashka Goradia wasn't even 2% of her famous vamp character played in colors' show and she was rather too liquid for reality show stakes. Shukla ji from Chandrakanta promised immense potential but end up playing 3rd fiddle to Nirhua. Ah, Nirhua, who was exited rather too soon from the house and I expected him to churn some desi fun like a certain other famous Bhojpuri actor did in previous season. But bhaiya poore thande ho gaye. Jyoti Amge's entry was purely to move some eyeballs portraying her uniqueness but poor soul was pained in the environment and exited soon. So Big boss marta kya na karta, called Imam back to show off his antics on the prime time.

Imam entered to seek sorry for his past errant behavior but end up doing more damage to his stated mission. He pissed off almost everyone from his talks and behavior like offering to conduct Swayamwar of Santosh Shukla, to calling Dinesh rickshaw wala (well that was quite below the belt) Trying to lure Aashka and failing to strike any conversation with Jyoti. Vrajesh and him had a face off of a movement for show' sneak peak but didn't last. The masking act got him quite viewers and Colors happily moved him to main house. Phew, he gonna create a riot there too, says the promos :) And how? He started with 

He entered house on 28th November and 29th November promised to have Imam's effect whether it's natraj dance, new task or his frank submission of his game rules. He candidly addressed the entire pack of inmates soon after his much accepted entry- "I am here to play a game. If you are my friend, but I think you can be a competitor, I will nominate you. I am here to win as I deserve Rs 50 lakh after so many years of experience in the industry".The trump card, dear watson,  and I am sure he would create all noise, drama and fight. So what even if it is scripted. 

With all this, a new adage came to existence and doing rounds. i.e. "Maan na maan, mein tera Imam".
The madness begins!

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Ajmal Kasab hanged till death!

November 26, 2012 16 Comments

Four years back, harbingers of death, cruelty and non humanity came via seas and wreath a havoc that humanity is still astonished with. They carried with them fatal weapons and killed innocence. They attacked at few prime building, breaking glasses, shattering interiors, killing people and intoxicating innocent dreams. They were the trained terrorists who were brought up on feeding on a single machination- creating terror!

Several people were killed. The city- Mumbai cried and died several deaths that day. The nation is still dying bit by bit, pace by pace. The govt stood helpless, absorb in politics, processes and shallow humanities. Terrorists did not stop, they are fearless. They know- if there' any place that they are safest in world its- India.

A. they were never caught and if they are, govt takes donkey years to prosecute them. Instead they enjoy fringe benefits on nation's tax payer's money. One such esteemed guest of country was- Ajmal Kasab.

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, 25, the lone terrorist caught alive during 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, India, was hanged at Pune' Yerawada Jail at 7:30am in morning. His execution was kept under wraps to avoid any political complications or controversies.

He needs no introduction.He invites no understanding and he also, gets no pities. In spite of such evitable crime, he was kept like the most VIP guest inside prisons in special cell created for him. He got special Z grade security in a nation where girls get brutally raped and murdered still no policemen came to their rescue. He demanded and ate Chef made Biryani and was treated at special rooms designed at hospitals. In spite of such special treatment, he could not escape a mosquito that could not stop and bit him- causing him dengue. Let the nation die of hunger and poverty, this special chap was taken to utmost medical attention and hey presto, Dengue cured!

Poor mosquito, I believe he is the one who needs care and medical attention. He bit Kasab but instead of getting treatment for mosquito, we got him only salutes from many thwarted Indians but treatment was given to Kasab rather. I say, catch hold of that mosquito and treat him/her first. Least he transfer Kasab's blood cells into any innocent person's vein And God forbid, this nation of helpless people gets another combat in name of Jihad and terrorism.

On a lighter note, the mosquito set an example of a leadership. What the billion population of India couldn't do to Kasab, one mosquito has done it- he made him sick- Dengue. Years back, one of the legendary film actor/star Nana Patekar seen the exemplary powers of a single mosquito and communicated the same in- Ek Machchar (Vishwanath). The Machchar (mosquito) empowered through Nana's wise words, rebelled and had shown way to many kingsmen (politicos) humming that in Y2K "ek Machchar" can propel many lesser men to act like a men and take stand. After the newly recently released movie- Makhi, machchar clan got further motivated and emerged as another hero attracting the entire news media for a week. From Makhkhi to Machchar and from Nana Patekar to Nan E, Indian mosquito has come a long way. He needs a PVC, may be a Bharat Ratan. If film stars may get it, why not him? he was a martyr indeed. In case if the mosquito is alive, pl quarantine him for he has bit Kasab as Kasab was cursed with helpless sighs and abuses by many Indians, Foreigners and others whose family or friend he killed in 26/11 massacre. 

Why so much Kolaveri on Jihad? Allah that I know and seeks from my heart, doesn't talk about killings, massacre and terrorism. Allah tells- One God! Allah says love everyone. And Allah do not love Jihad. Allah is not going to love Kasab even if latter was strangled to death.

A lot goes behind Kasab's sudden sentence and execution. The only saving grace (and if only the news is believed to be true) is his death. Whatever the motive, whatever the process, one good thing out of it is Kasab is dead. And no, no revenge is taken. Kasab's death will not bring back to life all that was lost in outfit created by him and his merry men. But his continuous life was sad reminder of his deeds and yes off course- nation's failure in dealing terrorism. Rather we spent crores of moolah (approx 27cr INR) in his case to keep him alive, while he spared just few cheap bullets to kill many a dreams, broke many a hearts, tarnish many a life, shatter many a family to a consequence of, no return.

India need to follow by USA' example here. The country which did not take it's failure associated with 
India looks forward to another prime VVVIP guest in cells- yes! You guessed it right. But remember that's just one step and not the end in bringing stops to terrorism in country. In the meantime, Kasab can go ahead and call for Jihad in Hell, if he may please.

Today is 26/11. God pl, we need no more Kasab, no more terror attacks and no more killing Jihads!

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WoW- Memories are for keeps!

November 25, 2012 22 Comments

“Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” – Joshua Atticks.

Childhood....yeah that golden phase that you keep missing for lifetime. Childhood, when love is at purest form and life is blessed with it. Childhood that is full of dolls, smiles and only tension was how to skip homework and not get caught. Childhood, which has my loved ones- Chand mama, nani and all around. 

Childhood spells many memories to me and this picture speaks of few. So when Blogadda came up with this theme WoW for this weekend, I couldn't stop but pen down one of my own despite hectic schedule, burning the mid night oil, fueling few words out from "still there" fond memories.

This picture was taken on the Bhai dooj day (a Hindu festival celebrated a day after Diwali, where sisters pampers their brothers with love blessings and needless to say lavish gifts. Bhai Dooj is also known as "Chowki Chanda" and "Bhai pata" in bengal) and the stool I am sitting on.....ahem that's me on stool :)

So, it was Bhaiya Dooj at Nani's house. Like I mentioned in the bracket above, in this auspicious day, sisters puts a rangoli on the floor and put a wooden stool on it (all under the moon). Then they make brothers sit on top of it covering their heads with kerchief. The sisters then put tikka/tilak on brother's forehead, takes an oil diya on plate and do aarti and feed him sweets.Sisters do this ritual for brother's long life and well being. 

I was the youngest one at my Nani house, adored by 3 mamas (mother's brothers). In absence of my mom and benovalence of my uncles, I used to do all such rituals along with my young aunt who used to stay with us that time. This picture was taken post all those rituals when my Nani made me sit on the stool and go through the same (just to make me feel special and have a taste of the rituals). Ah that was such a day. More I talk about it, more nostalgic I get. I am holding two of my special dolls with me. One, the legendary "Japanese- crying/ laughing doll" and other a rare looking pet doll that my eldest mama- Chand mama got for me. I was such a sensitive being that I never left my dolls (esp favorite ones) behind me and use to tag with me everywhere. So this Pooja was perform,ed for me as well for them too.

Why this picture special to me? Well it gives me glimpse of lot of childhood memories associated. How? Look carefully, you will see a TV in background- That's India's first television EC TV which use to come in wooden shutter case. Beneath it are my school books, all neatly tagged and placed in an order.From my frock (bought exclusively for me ensuring no copies are available in town) to my dolls to the pin used in my hair, my little plastic bangleseverything has a distinctive story, a special memory associated with it. Ah those lovely days. I wish I can bring them back. I wish I can bring people associated with it back. I miss them sooo much.

Look carefully, you will see few teeth missing too...well that too have a story....Later! Ciaos!

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Happy Children's Day India!

November 16, 2012 16 Comments

November 14 is celebrated as "Children's day" in India. Children, the beautiful, innocent creations of God. Children, the clay that molds in the well you throw them in. Child, father of the men.

Here's a glimpse of a greater population of children in India-

Indian Children Glimpse 1: The hands that should hold school books and toys are holding heavy generator lamps and bricks at streets and construction sites. The heads that should be filled with curiosity for knowledge and learning are actually burdened under heavy loads that help them earn a meager wage of Rs 10-20 per day so they can sate their hungry stomach. Where do we get even a onetime meal at Rs 10 or 20 in India? Oh Parliament house maybe. yes.

Indian Children Glimpse 2: They are beaten and made starve to work on streets, homes washing dishes, cloths, of the grown up able adults and their pampered children who would be of almost of same age as them or may be even elder. Why such differentiation? Your child is child and other person's or a poor child is not child but a machine? What kind of heart or soul it will be that make such children run errands for them? Are there no better options for getting a livelihood for a child?

Indian Children Glimspe 3: They say- Children are the future of the country. I find that future of the country is rag picking or Rag pickers. Children who are made to beg at such a stage in their life when they do not know what alms actually are, children who are made to pick their food or toys from rag, what kind of future are we envisioning for them?

Indian children Glimpse 4:

You know when I type "mal" in google- the first option it throws is-malnutrition in India!

Almost 65 years after Independence  India still struggle with child malnutrition that is high prevalence in country known for it's paddy fields, Basmati rice, Turmeric and Alphonso Mangoes. GDP shows impressive growth and Indians have gone on moon and where not but child malnutrition?

Tons of food grains go wasted in our storage, still millions of Indian children die of malnutrition or are made to eat thrown food. Why? Last year Punjab exceeded the potato production so much that it didn't find  buyers even at prices less than a rupee per KG. What happened? Lot of it was rot and thrown away but our good government, our silver spoon government, team of experts who entitled with chairs of guiding and protecting country from defense, foreign point of view couldn't take care of nation's children even when there is production surplus. Those potatoes could be well send to neighboring states like Orissa where people do not have anything to eat. But we were so busy changing names as if it would solve world's hunger problem and do good to the depriving state. Or we were so engrossed preparing Biryani for Kasab and yes getting mineral water for him when children in India do not get clean water to drink. Kasab gets Dengue and whole nation, media and tabloid talks about it. the entire govt get in to cure him. Whereas an Indian child living in most unhygienic condition from years fails to get any atteWhy would children not aspire to become terrorist. they get 5 star treatment even after killing hundreds of people. 

Its a national shame that even the PM with such high economic credentials couldn't save the congress laden country from such child abuse. As per reported stats- More than 40% of Indian children suffer from malnutrition and see...we are developed.

There is no food security, no shelter, no income short no future security for so called future of country. What more should I say? These pictures speaks a thousand words, Chacha Nehru.

We are the country of big mouths and even bigger stomachs. We have appetite for everything- growth, excellence, performance, innovation, high living everything. Alas, mostly in our talks, leadership's empty talks. Know what is our child development ranking? Ah, it is now even below Bangladesh. But hey we won world cup, so let's cheers. Let's burst crackers. Aha now that will give some employment to these less fortunate kids who will work in hazardous industry like fireworks factory that manufactures all kinds of bombs, crackers that we spend so much money to create mindless sounds in higher decibels and series. Atmosphere be damned. The disease incurred in such kids due to working in such factories be damned. They die while making such crackers, so be damned. There are tragedies buried in our fake happiness. Did not happened to us so how does it hurt? Our love, penchant for such high noise sounds are so deep that neighboring terrorists delights us with one or two of it, time and again. The speechless animal may lose his limb, ear so be damned, we love sounds. Bombs may kill thousands of people and make many children orphan, so be damned. This country loves sound.

This country also loves it's God and is willing to kill anyone in the name of God. We light incense sticks to please inanimate idols and we spend lakhs of Ruppees to send people to pilgrimage but again Alas! we do not have sufficient funds or policies or system to cure child labor or bring down malnutrition.

It's children's day you see. Children's day. Chacha Nehru used to love kids. Perhaps he got inkling about the future of children in coming ages so he tried loving them as much, helplessly. So what his congressmen who supposedly rule this country do not care about the love of their patron when they happily use his name to get votes though. so what? Govt of India has it's own agenda to address such issues. A big agenda. They go to some nearby schools which will decorate themselves in anticipation of children's day, welcoming Govt of India's kind intervention to improve future of children in India. Ah and how do they do it? Its simple, by distributing sweetmeat packets to children, sing a song or two for Chacha Nehru along with some long speech courtesy personal secretaries and few freebies and maybe announcing couple of child development scheme that will benefit no child but only the bureaucrats announcing them (and their already silver spoon fed- few blessed children).

Sigh Chacha Nehru no body loves the children you showed so much affection to. Children in India is not blessed lot, not all. Then who is the happiest children in the country? Off course, Nehru' children, ranging from Indira Gandhi, Son Gandhis, daughter in law Gandhis, Rahul "Baba" Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, her husband Robert Vadra-Gandhi. Naturally. We love children's day.

The above article is just a reflection of current stage of majority of children in the country and the author do not endorse any personal liking or disliking specific to any religion, party or group. The view solely expressed to bring some awareness about few children related issues in India. There are many other such issues highly prevalent in our country. they are-

Child Labour
Child malnutrition
Lower level of primary education
Child begging
Child Molestation
Child Infanticide
Acute poverty
Lack of health care
Child marriage
and many more

I personally request one and sundry to come forth to this cause and do whatever least they can do to make a child' future bright. If we cannot do anything monetarily or otherwise, let us refrain from using child labor or other form of child abuse happening to any kids. Let's be human, lets be alive.
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Happy Diwali!

November 14, 2012 8 Comments

Wish you all a very very Happy & Joyous Diwali

Best Wishes

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November 07, 2012 25 Comments

This Haiku is written for-
The Mag - Prompt the picture Edward Weston (below)

By rocky lake, she
sat wearing no expression
like dried leaves on sand

like rain falls on rock
fall to seep inside the harsh
like water on sands

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November 06, 2012 3 Comments


[pam-per]  Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence,kindness, or care: to pamper a child; to pamper one's stomach.
Archaic to overfeed, especially with very rich food; glut.

They say its easier said and they have said it with utmost ease. To say I am hurt is an understatement. Why? Who gives us the right to hurt others esp the one who sincerely looks upon we irrespective of the way we treated them often? 

Someone told me many things today, and told so casually. Good and bad? No its always been bad only. And there's a new addition today to the hall of shame. Of all the people, I am one of the least "pampered" one. For a moment I wondered if my English knowledge is depleting. I re checked the dictionary and found the meaning as given above. I pondered for hours and still am- if I am pampered or even spoiled. Well there are few people who closely observed me from my childhood till date, every little change that I went through including all characteristic traits- developing,  re-developing and displayed. Those people were with me during almost every phase of my life and people who loved me unconditionally and fairly. Couple of them have died and I really feel their vacuum so much esp when someone misunderstands me, someone that I hold somewhat close or precious to self.

I am highly emotional person and often the decision (personal) that I take are laden with dollops of emotions. If at all my emotion is unfair to anyone, its me. At least that's the prerogative I have set for adult self. Talking about vacuum, I have learnt a lesson that never try to fill vacuum created by one person with other person. It will only end up hurting you and the sacrosanct relation you had with the person hitherto. 

I am not a pampered person
At least not by the definition that dictionary has for the word. Here's how-
1. to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence,kindness, or care: to pamper a child; to pamper one's stomach.

I was never treated with extreme kindness. As a shy child, I had my share of woes where a lot people used to bully me and I use to run around corners to save myself and hid those tears. Life has thrown me to hot water and cold streams, time and again but I braved (attempted at least) it with all that attitude, all that belief that I put myself in. Off course people did care but I guess I won them over with my positive attitude and sense of fairness. I always and still believe in win win deals and two way communication. Never disrespected feedback but was told to be selective in choosing them. Some people gave feedback that I can never walk. I got bit worried, I checked the reason and tried to understand and tried curbing all that in my might. Their words did not ring in my ears after a certain point but people who have shown confidence in me, it's their courage that helps me sail. And I sail alone. by choice or by virtue of it. I took positive feedback and moved ahead with life. A lot of my detractors ate their word- majority had courage to accept and acknowledge  while few did not bother. Off course, misunderstanding happens but often they changed into understandings. I always give weight age to people who truly cared about me and the process in whole. People who just acted as my worst critic (thankless ones) never made to my list of people who I can ever rely or trust upon. For I never could assimilate enough trust in them and they too did not "pamper" me with such trust. 

Extreme kindnesss? Well There are days when I could not take a single step but a majority of people push me and walk ahead. A majority of time I pay for services/ products not rendered. Same people come and tell me that I should not take things lying but same people stab me whenever convenient. My parents tried and put me through every hardship to make me strong, making me handle my own issues ever since my childhood. I was beaten, ostracized, made to live under strict budgets, worked on my own to gather my place under sun, amid family and clan. Not just in one city, in protective confinement of my home but across all the cities I traveled and lived. Nani use to call me "kasturi". She believed that I always win over everyone around with my simplicity and warmth. But that was nani, she was a simple home maker and not a big executive in any firm or multimillionaire or social guru. She was a simple woman who brought me up with love but yet control. She was my Geeta, my Krishna, my pillow whose chest i would hid my face and can sob. Now nani is no more. Mama is no more and no one can remotely fill his place either.

If you think, talking about nani-mama is such a childish urge, well these were the people I grew up with. These people saw my development from extreme shy to somewhat outgoing (yet still shy from within). These people noticed my early behavior and it's patterns. I however, am not comfortable sharing my personal woes with people and one may not know if anything eats me inside. Oh yes, parents are magical. However, staying away from them has helped me inducing that veil.

2. Coming to second definition, well I have been staying out from home since 2008. Prior to that I was known for meager eating habits. So that definition does not hold true I believe.

So, there I am, back to square one- how am I pampered? I know the extreme conditions I was lived through, struggled to win things per my ability and not seeking advantage of any sort, above all I know myself. I am the girl who did not tick the PH column in her exams and other places to gain namesake benefits for the pain she endured. So when anyone put a finger on that raw nerve of mine, I get extreme upset. Its easy to say. Right. Easy to mark/ refer that thing in me or anyone of that sort. It's the weakest link that I suffer myself and a remark like that just add fuel to it. Is it my mistake that I chose to live unlike my contemporaries and have strict objections to people who either try to flirt with to gain a point or filth me down to earn self esteem. I do not use your personal information to pass muck on you but I am further scared to confide anything in you, any further. All these just cause I chose not to talk about it or make such a big issue?

 I am angry and yes I am very angry. Angry with self and sad with few people and the word they chose. Yes, they said they used some of it create the hurt. Well the hurt has been successfully created.


(This is a note to self, a rant for self and I seek no comments on this post pl. It's just a note that I want to leave myself and evaluate. I still insist, I am not PAMPERED nor spoilt)

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November 05, 2012 41 Comments

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 33; the thirty-third edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is 'Celebrations'

"She looked through her little eyes
towards the lamp burning bright
Amid the din, merriment & chaos
she looks for joy and many more"

Subhanshi is a baby girl born in a household where girl child is considered a bane and are often killed as fetus or just born. Her mother Kaushalya was worried when nurse told her its a girl. She was weak, feeble and above all have no stand in her patriarch family. She worried for her daughter's life, so much that she asked the doctor to hide away her new born and tell her in laws that she gave birth to a still born child. "That way at least my daughter will remain alive" said Kaushalya. Hesitant yet understanding her plight, the doctor accept to volunteer her cause. She asked the nurse to take the child to incubator so that she can give to a child less couple in ward no 7 post Kaushalya' permission. Few minutes after when nurse left with the baby, It's then Kaushalya' husband came forth carrying their little one in his arms. "She is our love born. So what if she is girl, she is my girl! I shall fight with society but wouldn't let the right of a girl to live strangled for baseless biases. Ah look she has a hole in cheeks- a dimple". He said admiring the little girl in his hands. Kaushalya felt she is born again. This festival brought a lot more to celebrate.

He was hesitant and a bit shy
He took a step ahead and
marched 2 steps behind
Shall I tell her, Shall I not
he kept on pondering for so long
suddenly someone called his name
he turned back to look that face
she was standing there.
Shy, humble and with that soft glare
she marched forward and met his eyes
"I can see it, you follow me.
I appreciate the gesture
and I really like thee.
But I am so sorry, I can't encourage
I am already betrothed and
next month is my marriage"

he couldn't help but smirk
"Adieu" he bade and moved ahead
That night he couldn't sleep
he cursed his fate and weep
The world was celebrating Diwali outside
his world was so dark within, inside

She was alone, ostracized and sad
betrayed in love and numb
words were pointless and eyes dried
she pulled herself hard, she at least tried
no one to share a laughter
no one to comfort with a shoulder
no one to redeem her heart sigh
vultures plenty, flying around
everyone's looking for fault, love leaving dumbfound
Fallen all the legends that she admired
she was alone, ostracized and tired.

she looked herself in mirror with sheer deride
in face of adversity own shadow flies.
Joy or remorse, there' no one for talking.
faking smile she felt like a dead men walking
there were all noises, no music but yes, the sound.
There were lights all around
then why let the darkness surround
Surround the heart, or surround my soul
she picked her courage and acted bold
throwing away the pill that she bought for suicide
she chose to live & celebrate her life.

I may fail, that's one extreme
but before failing, I cant stop to live
her darkness was fading, she could seek some light
1000 suns rising, she breathed a sigh

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. Introduced By: Ekta Khetan, Participation Count: 03

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