“The dubious case of Shiney Ahuja”- Story of a hero who raped his way to jail

June 24, 2009 17 Comments

June 14th, Afternoon- The neighbor of actor Shiney Ahuja’s saw his [ahuja’s] teenage maid crying and leaving distressed.

June 14th, evening- Ahuja’s distressed maid lodged a complaint at Oshiwara’s police station against the actor for allegedly raping her. The girl was immediately sent to Nagpada police hospital for a medical examination. Reports suggested that she was “Physically violated”.

June 14th, night: Shiney Ahuja arrested at his apartment. He was partying with a male friend. When police called him to enquire about the maid’s complain, he allegedly said- things like this happen.

June 15th- The news of the actor’s arrest swarmed all major news channels. The actor accepted his misdeed and suggested it as a case of “consensual X”.

June 15th- The actor’s wife Anupam Ahuja flew from Delhi to Mumbai to be by her husband’s side. She suggested the entire episode as “framed” and his husband’s confession is “Fabricated”.

June 16th and forth: News and media flooded with Shiney Ahuja’s story, analysis, and all sorts of coverage. From quotes of dismayed Bollywood colleagues to wife-in-Shiney-armor, all had their share of say but nothing could help Shiney from spending his current days in police custody.

This is an ideal story of a “gangster” whose “hazaron khwahishein aisi” made him go so weak on “woh lamhe” that he “hijack-ed” the poor maid and allegedly “sin-ed” against her. Now “har pal” his “zindagi rocks” at “Metro’” court & police custody.

Conspiracy” she cried: There is a mixed reaction to this incident. Industry expressed shock and sworn Shiney is a good man. The good man stated it was consensual sex and “things like this happen”, the maid said she was raped. The medical reports show proof of physical violation but the actor’s wife says her husband is a shy and introvert person, incapable of committing a “crime of passion” like this. And the media is shouting “TRPs” and increased “TRPs”.

So, what is a story without a twist? No sooner, the wife on warpath cried, “Framed” and “Fabricated”, stories of a probable design started making rounds, giving the case a completely new twist. It even bought a new character to conspiracy- gambler boyfriend of the maid. Hmm, what doesn’t kill you makes a good masala potboiler.

So, is it a crime of passion or a well-planned act or a plot against the actor? Well, who knows other than Shiney Ahuja himself and the maid. Both seem to play a whodunnit game for some more time.

When it rains, it pours too. So, what will be the outcome of this all-new controversy? Ummm few guesses-

1. Shiney Ahuja will shift his residence from Oshiwara’s Tarapore towers to someplace else and the event will die its slow death. [Definitely possible]
2. Mrs. Anupam Ahuja will come back to live with her “lonely” husband” [Possible]
3. Out of court settlement [possible]
4. The parties will keep on changing their statements again and again much to the mediocrity of media and readers [Highly possible]
5. Ahuja’s sinking Bollywood career would further demolish, take a pause, and maybe is resurrected. [Emraan Hashmi will get a contender, eh! Rest we hope for best]
6. Labs report may stink fishy and the entire case will be reverted. [Always Possible]
7. Oh yes, most important the guilty party will be identified and punished or may the non-guilty party gets the punishment [Always Possible]
8. Mahesh Bhatt might make another “autobiographical” movie. [Quite Possible]
9. Shiney’ soon to be released movie with Ms. Zeity Printa will be a hit. [Possible]
10. More twists in tales will come. [Possible]

Whatever the consequences will be, the damage is being done. Even if it turns out a matter of a consensual case or Shiney comes ‘shining clean’, things are not going to be the same again, Not only for Shiney and for his famous maid but also for all people around. Imagine what kinds of difficulties bachelor brigade will face and the overgrowing tantrums of maidservants. Gosh.

On a serious note, whatever the result will be, one thing is sure. Celebrities, actors, socialites or business barons, should never allow their success or arrogance to get the better of sense and act as if they are over and above the law. Moreover, when they do it, they must accept the consequences and not accelerate unnecessary public sympathy. They should not come back crying, saying that they are been made the victim of their popularity and their cases are overhyped.

However, rape is a serious crime.

Channel Rape
The word molestation, gang rape, and physical exploitation have become the latest national pastime. I am neither joking nor making light of the situation. Switch on the television and you will find news flooded with increased incidences of rapes and gang rapes.

After the Surat gang rape case, many more such cases came into light. In one case, an auto driver kidnapped an adolescent girl and transported her to a different city where he with a gang of people tortured her for 18 days until she eloped to save her life. In the second case, a man misguided a foreigner woman to his vehicle, lured her for a free lift, and took her aboard. Later he along with his friend physically abused the girl in the moving vehicle for two long hours.

In addition, there was another story of a man acting fresh on his house cleaner, a boy who raped his girlfriend and MMSed it to folks. Many more piteous and sad incidences take place every day. We are a country, where on one side we worship woman in form of goddess Durga & Kali, on other hand curses, abuses our wives, daughters, and sisters, and allow our citizens to rob the pride of a woman. That too not just by rape, but also through eve-teasing, domestic violence, body trafficking, discrimination, foeticide and infanticide, and whatnot.

Long live democracy!!!

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  1. once again..yea You said it...Its one of the worst crimes.
    I would like to point out the rape and murder of Britain,Sweden girls in Goa,molesting a young tourist girl in Cochin,molesting incident in Mumbai on the New year eve,Wipro lady software analyst raped and murdered by the cab driver etc etc..from this endless list.Yet no one has found out any solution for these inhuman activities .
    Man,Media,Money....all acts as the fuel for these incidences.Its more or less like ,as far as human race exists,these brutalities will also continue to exist.
    Your connecting of the sentences with Shiney Ahuja's films were pretty interesting and effective.I liked that very much..

  2. it's a sickness and the only cure is to surgically remove the offending organ...this will be a deterrent and am damn serious!!!

  3. I agree that what ever has happened is bad.Please,this is not the first reported case of rape,or is it?Why is the media over playing this case?Answer is TRP.Why has no media,no NGO,noone has ever come to do fielding for other victims.Let there be a set of standaeds.My gut feeling....all will be quiet and get settled soon.They will all live happily thereafter.

  4. @ Rahul
    Thanks for writing in:)

    I guess you are right...esp for convicted rapist

  5. @ BKC

    Yeah you are right. Media hype is created as it is a case of a celebrity, a hero of big screen which a lot ppl in country idolizes him. And yeah it is equally right that nothing much will happen to him after the initial hullabuloo and convict will live happily after.

    Such is a pathetic condition of our law and enforcement.

  6. But this time I dont think he will escape unless the girl is ready to do out of court settlement. If the girl is firm I think, supreme court is gonna pass the verdict in her favour..let's see..

  7. nice article - creatively expressed!

    i'm sorry i have no words for 'rape' crimes anymore...there is no hope at all :(

  8. @ AMit
    Yup, may be...who knows if they lure her with big money...anything is possible...

  9. @ Vinnie
    Thanks buddy...yup the safety quotient is very shameful...low hopes too.

  10. Hey You forgot.....

    "He is My Man & I am proud to be Mrs. Shyny Ahuja".

    About the second and the serious part.....Long Live Hypocrisy....
    about molestation and rape...ya only men are responsible but otherwise......mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws do not value the fellow daughter-in-law and the female fetus.....

    It is serious???....it is scary......where are we heading towards.....

    About the article.....bold & beautiful......

  11. @ Rahul
    Yeah...after all what is her claim to fame apart from being "Mrs shiney Ahuja".

    Women in general are enemies of women...sad but seriously it is true...why just mother in law? all women.

    Thanks fro writing in:)

  12. i will say u ve written a very nice blog. besides whatever is happening is real sad.

  13. Yep! U r right!! We have made mockery of things. Every criminal is judged even before he is adjuged a criminal.

    Too much media attention & freedom has spoiled things. Not that I say that Shiney is not guilty (I have a strong feeling he is) but he can be innocent to!! Why to crucify him before??

  14. Hi,
    Your point no 8 will be a reality, though partially.According to TOI(Kol), a movie by some other director is on the roll and yes I am sure everyone would forget other than the victim. I loved the way u enrolled the names of the movie.

    Keep Rocking,

  15. Rich and famous can buy justice.

  16. @ SG

    @ Smita
    We don’t know if he is guilty or not. But he had accepted once and then denied…that is a bigger crime..His wife create ng such furore makes no sense..If faces tells story then her’s is lying for sure. I have a strong feeling that he is.

  17. @ Sonu anand
    Thanks sonu…I agree.

    @ Prashant naidu
    Thanks Prashant. Keep visiting :)


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