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Which is better- dying a thousands deaths everyday or getting killed once?

This question hovered her for years. For years, she battled denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally accepted. She tempered her feelings with good memories than sadness. Time passed but the waves of raw emotion ceased to get reorganized. She battled darkness until one day when she succumbed to it. Her efforts paid her some momentary gain of reason but at the end they were outweighed with recurring griefs. She saw even doctors battling with gangraine until it starts spreading and they need to take harsh action to further loss. What does a loss culminates into? May be a momentary relief but a grief of lifetime.

Her gangraine had spread over her soul, corrupted her hopes of life to a cracked glass bowl. The best of adhesives cannot cover the cracks. Her china bowl has lost its beauty, its purpose. It rather started hurting her eyes everytime she glanced through them. She buried it in a metal chest, beneath the soil but it always popped up. Until one day, when she took it to holy ganges and paid her homage to Gods.

Ayehsa attained back her peace or is it something that people often say everytime her name comes.

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  1. I would have to say to anybody in that kind of spot, its responsibility of rest of the world to make Ayesha reaslize the meaning of world and life even after such harsh situations things might turn around she might feel like I will I had some more time after taking a wrong turn. My uncle a doctor in village has tried to safe a few suicide cases after they had consumed rat poison frustrated with their lives.. u know .. when the fear of death grips and u are not yet dead .. one craves for life at that point and repents its very badly. If u are lucky u will get to life with some minor problems for life but if not.. I believe almost everybody wants to live .. even if for a moment..
    Hence I feel anybody else making a decision for a person in what looks like unbearable pain physical and psychological for eternity they might turn around to want even that with some loved ones at their side.

  2. In such a situation, it is best to leave it to the Almighty.

  3. the only answer lies in the heavenly father's abode!... how yu ekta lately?? long time!

  4. @ Neeraj
    I agree and understand but I cannot completely agree. There are exceptions :)

  5. @ BKCji
    Aur agar almighty rutha ho to? kaise pata chalega?

    I am fine. how about you? Yeah long time.

  6. after a long time Ekta... hope you are well and good.. :) :)

    its always better to carry on with hope....

  7. @ Kanagu
    Yep buddy. ia gree with you. Thanks for remembering me :)

  8. @ Kanagu
    Yep buddy. ia gree with you. Thanks for remembering me :)

  9. It is a debatable issue actually. I believe that if the cost of a life which has lost all hopes is not worth more than that of his family. I have known stories where people waste lakhs and lakhs of money waiting for a miracle. This money can be invested for their child's education. There is a good amount of debate that can be put against it as well...

  10. @ Sourav

    Thanks for writing in. I agree its very debatable issue and expensive too. But sometime the justification doesnt include money here unless thats a major constraint. In that case, I would prefer donors to come forth n help. The issue is more about a person' life. God has given a right to give birth and not take it, agree. But did God gave us a right to give birth when we cant take care or justify that life?

    Hope is good thing and miracle a part of it. But is there a deadline for hope? Is there a justification to die every single moment in the name of hope? There is no justification of not trying to hope either. See you told its very debatable, it certainly is :)

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  12. Could someone please send a link to the news behind the post?


  13. @ kunal

    Sorry, didn't get your request. Pl specify.


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