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May 09, 2010 36 Comments

Kya kar rahi meri bachchi, meri rasgulla?
Kuch nahi meri mama gulab jamun.
Meri shakkar ki bori, meri ganne ki pori
Mera aam ras, mera vanilla, mera khas-khas
Meri gulakand ki mithas, meri jalebi ka chasni
Ma, yeh tuk nahi baith rahi, pl do not break the rhyme..
Ok so take it, meri gulkand ki mithas, meri aam ki pyaas
Mera fresh kheera, meri lapsi mera seera
Meri methi malai, meri imli khatai
Meri sewai mer rabdi, meri gatta meri ker sangri
Oh no mamma, tuk nahi baith
Meri kulfi faluda, mere ripe mango gudda
Chocolate ka dabba, kesar wali kheer, shahi paneer
Kya meri dahi ki chaas, haan meri gud ki mithas
Mera aam ka panna, mera chikoo mera ganna
Meri ….

This was the conversation that took place between me and mom on phone today
We both concealed our pains and pretended to be happy
Both understood each other’s woe and both did not discuss about it
Both tried to make each other happy.
Thank you mom. Thank you for being there for me, for listening to me and understanding too.

Thank you for love, care and support- all unconditionally!

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  1. sweeeeeeeeeeetest mom and daughter conversation ever :)

  2. That is the beauty of this relationship.
    Happy mothers day

  3. wow this is so good...
    wonder how u people got so many things to trow to each other...
    it really is so good....
    so very nice....
    indeed a first time this sort of read for me...
    great yaar...

  4. @ Sonu anand
    Thanks a ton buddy. I am glad that ppl can make sense out of it:)

  5. @ BK Chowlaji
    Thanks for your kind wishes

    @ Yogesh
    Thanks for liking it buddy. Sometime we need to be baby again for our parents and a lil TLC wont hurt:)

  6. ekdum sahi dear...
    after all....dil to bachha hai ji...thoda kachha hai ji...isn't it?

  7. The love! more sweet than those words for sure...
    and not all can become a baby again...
    its wonderful that u could :)

  8. @ Yogesh
    Wow well said. it could not be better than that :)

    @ Reader's dais
    Thanks and welcome to my blog.
    Well u can try the same with ur mom- all it takes is a little tender love and care :)

  9. @ Yogesh
    Wow well said. it could not be better than that :)

    @ Reader's dais
    Thanks and welcome to my blog.
    Well u can try the same with ur mom- all it takes is a little tender love and care :)

  10. Why pain?? Somehow they always figure out when we are not doing great ....mood wise !! Beautifully written.

  11. thats a lovely relationship u hav with your mom....hope this stays 4 ever! :))
    it was to b back to your blog after 2 months i supp!!!

  12. @ le Embrouille blogueur
    Thanks for liking it buddy. Pain could be anything- of not being together, not being able to hug when in distress...Pain has so many kinds like happiness:)

  13. @ Nazish
    Thanks buddy. Yep, you ve been missing from the scene for a while :)

  14. of course maa is a spl person for all living entities...good post..ekta thanks for passing by yar..take care best wishes always:)

  15. @ R Ramesh
    Thanks a ton. keep writing :)

  16. Did not understand the language. But understood the essense. Motherly love is same in any language.

    Please convey my belated Happy Mother's Day to your mom.

  17. @ SG
    Thanks buddy, the language was normal hindi :) Anyways, you back from ur cruise? How was it?

  18. Nice post!
    I have a comic blog.. check it out..

  19. @ Swathi

    Thanks for writing in and liking my post. I shall definitely visit your blog and post my feedback. Stay connected. have fun :)

  20. Thanks for asking Numerounity. I am back from the vacation. Enjoyed. Will be writing 4 posts on that beginning this Wednesday.

  21. @ SG

    Sure, wud love to see them with pictures as well :)

  22. "even a wife too doesn't likes it- visit of her in-laws ;)" ekta..aap kya bol rahi hi yar? danger zone hehe..thanks yar...stay connected and tc...

  23. friends21 May


  24. @ R Ramesh
    Yup. Love your wife, love her mom :)

  25. Ha ha ha! That was funny but sweet too:)

  26. hi ekta ,
    your blogs are quite good , literature and the language used is very good,keep it up ,god bless

  27. Hey, you write quite fresh.
    Keep posting


  28. Hope you are doing OK. Haven't seen your new (always interesting) post for a while.

  29. @ The Panorama
    Thanks dear. Nice to see you on my blogs. Stay in touch :)

  30. @ Rakesh Arora
    thanks Rakesh. it's really encouraging remarks. Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting. take care.

  31. @ Twilight Expressions
    Thanks Gaurav. Keep visiting. hope you will like my new posts too!

    Hi, I am fine. I know that I have been lazy all these while. Never mind, here's a brand new post for you. Cheers:)

  32. Hey really its awesome..I cant stop laughing :)
    Good post..

  33. @ Amit
    Thanks a ton. Keep visiting:)

  34. wow!

    as they say - there is only one most beautiful child in this world, and every mom has that one...


  35. So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. @ Kunal

    Thank u soo much! :)

    @ Abhyudaya
    Thank u :)


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