Achtung Baby!!!

April 29, 2012 25 Comments

Biker's story & a photo-logue of a bike
Everybody here has spoken about their journey, their experience and the works. Ever heard a motorbike telling a tale of it's trip? may be in pictures? 

I am the body, my soul is fuel and what fuels my march is my trails. I love to trail amongst valleys, pathways,  river strems, rows of maple, meadows and yellow mustard fields. Day by day and nights by nights, I walk, I move, I glide. I travail in effervescence of the journey but not the destination. I travel from city to landscape, an indeed panorama called Ladakh.

Yes, I am a bike and here I am to tell you one of the road trips that I had in recent past- Ladakh and then Shimla. My romance with road began when a young boy sneaked into a glass door of the store and sighed- Ah, I want that bike dadda! The Royal enfield. And that was the day when his story began, story of passion, story of adventure, freedom, the never ending romance with the road.

I see, the trip is never told but felt. Never orated but seen. Here we go-

This is me-the chosen one.  You know what sets my baikadu on the trip, leaving his luxury 4 wheels behind? Meeeee - The Royal Enfield :) 

Here we start...on the mark


We went to world's highest motorable road  after Suge la and Semo la: Khardung La (La means Pass in Tibetan) at 5359m elevation

Thump of machine echoed in a vally with cool breez hitting my the barren cold desert with small patches of green land..thts passion driving me in the desert....


We start the journey and caravan follows... Bhaiyya yaha chai kaha milegi

 Stopping by, drawing some inspiration from mother Earth. Looking back at the shadows that may fly, as we ride.....

We went to Pangong Tso (the enchanted lake) in the Himalayas traversing India and China's border which changes colors

We moved from Leh to Srinagar via Karil, Drass and Zozila pass, travelled, travelled and then to the very beautiful, bountiful Gulmarg


You see a trveller’s destiny is not the destination but the journey. This is one phase and there will be more to come. So hook on to your adventure streak and get, set, go. For life comes once and Zindagi na milegi dobara. Have a safe journey.

Author PS
I have never driven but I surely can feel the thrive. The pulsating movements racing behind the wind, leaving a travail, a mark on the road. A sign that said- I was here!

Picture courtesy: Vikas Punia

This post is written for Indiblogger "The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest"
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The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Deadly pictures! As they say. a picture can say thousand words. In that sense, yours is ten thousand words post! I loved every picture!

  2. nicely composed story of a Biker :)
    Btw, did u kno my bike's call name is Achtung for the Attention and Respect! O_o

  3. @ Aditya

    Thank you sooo much for your encouragement Aditya. Yes the pics are awesome do say thousand words, in fact they spells thousand hopes.

    Thank u soo much for this encouragement!

  4. @ Punit
    Thank u :)

    Nice name for the bike. Quite apt & musical too!

  5. Awesome pics!!! My hubby wants to go for this trip and though I too want to go to Leh but not sure whether am game for a bike trip :)

  6. Well done, felt myself embodied to this human creation! :) Loved the use of travails ..

  7. A friend did the same ride last month or so. Awesome stuff :))

  8. As always super post. Nice pictures. Achtung? Hahaha. I would prefer "Wahrschau". Pardon for my limited German knowledge. I always thought, and still think, German grammar is more difficult than Sanskrit grammar.

  9. @ Smita

    Thank u soo much!! Let me know if you need a company. I am always around :)

    @ Tharun
    Thank you sooo much :) Keep visiting!

  10. @ Neha
    Yes, its awesome. Thank u for writing in. Keep visiting :)

    @ SG
    Ah! there you come. My posts r soo incomplete without u :)
    Thanks for all the encouragement & appreciation. Yes wahrschau is a nice word but fely Actung is more popular esp for non German speaking populace like me. It's one of my fav actually is musical. no? :)

  11. Anonymous02 May

    Bike trip in high...


  12. Ekta, you are correct. Achtung is the proper word. And, it is musical too.

    Looking back, I should not have suggested using the word "Wahrschau". This is primarily used by the German military.

  13. @ Krishna
    Thank u!

    Thank u soo much!

    @ SG
    Awww definitely do not want to be part of nazi sources..hee he
    Thanks Buddy for the new vocab!
    You rock (now how do u say that in German? :) )

  14. super post n super pix...keep the cheers yar...

  15. @ Ramesh

    Thank u sooo much! Keep visiting. Keep in touch. :)

  16. Awesome clicks and I know it must have been a super amazing trip too!! We have been through this trip, but by car and not by bike!! The biking experience must be super thrilling!!

  17. @ Shilpa

    Thank u soo much buddy! Did you too participated in the same? If yes, pl gimme ur link...will read.

    Thanks for being here...keep visiting :)

  18. Cool post, narrating a story from a biker's perspective and when I saw the word baikadu, I thought it sounded familiar and to my pleasant surprise found it linking to my blog.

  19. @ The fool

    Thanks :) I did it intentionally and happy that you liked it as much as I liked ur "baikadu" story. It was good! :)

  20. Awesome pics, Ekta... and nice post! following your blog now...

  21. @ A

    Thank you soo much. I shall do the same too! :)

  22. That looks like a lot of fun!

  23. @ eye-in-sty-in

    You bet! :)

    How u been? long time!!!

  24. Although the bikes do scare me... I feel safer with atleast 4 wheels beneath me ;-)
    Did you drive the bike or rode pillion?

  25. Oh man superbly awesommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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