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January 12, 2014 18 Comments

Hair is a natural "crowning glory" of any women's beauty. I feel hair is the only thing in your body/appearance that you can always change and manage to look different, better, awesome...did you read extreme delightful? Yeah, True that!

Hair works wonder for our confidence as well and every hairdo that we spot spells not just hair but our ATTITUDE. That is the reason we often have "bad hair day" but never a "bad nail day" or "bad ear day". Cause nothing matters even an absence of make-up when your hair walks the talk!

Why recharge my hair
I love my hair and I love to style it. My hair is like my phone, better battery, better performance. Hence I keep my hairs charged up all the time 24X7.

Pollution, weather, sweat, etc often act as "Jaani Dushman" and I like a Knight with no armor, need to keep my hair' health and shine alive, activated all way through.

Why I need to recharge my hair
I love my hairs like my life
They make me look good, they feel me alive
They make my presence noticeable
they make me look ah so adorable!

Hot iron, dryer, gel & color
They bear my tantrums and never say no
I carry my hair like an attitude
whatever I do, wherever I go

I go to college, party, and pool
I play volley on the beaches
and bathe in deep ocean blue
I change my look with a different hairdo
I look cool, every day new

When I attend office meetings
and travel to client onsite
My hairs speak about me
They give an insight

They tell the world that I am something
whether I let them loose or tie fish knotting(s)
My hair spells magic and grace
my hair speaks volume about my face

I live a life footloose and fancy-free
I recharge my hair and go carefree
From sports, adventure, and fun
Recharge your hair and live life on the run

When the wind blows through my hair
I ride my bicycle without a care
I swim, I dive, I drive, I climb

Here's How to recharge your hair and live a life without care [In video]

Link here- Recharge your hair [ A video by numerounity]

This video and post is written for "Recharge your hair" contest by Sunsilk and Indiblogger.
To enthuse more life in your hairs, recharge them, and live your life to fullest, do not forget to "Sunsilk" them.
More details, pl visit Sunsilk website


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  1. All the best for the contest

  2. such a cute video, Ekta!

  3. Wow.. Lot of work.. and it has certainly paid off!

    1. Thanks BUddy! I guess it should pay off if I win a big prize in contest. what say? :)

  4. hello freinds plzzz visit this amazing website.......

  5. Amazing video//All the best Ekta :)

    1. Thanks so much Deepti...I so much need it :)

  6. Loved the rhymes and the video was cute. All the best dear :)

  7. I want u to win this contest. Will make me happy.

    1. That's really sweet of you SG! Thank you ..I hope I win too :)

  8. Beautiful poem and sorry, couldn't watch the video. Good luck, Ekta.

  9. I felt as if priyanka chopra recited the poem above :) a stylish one and good video

    1. Awww that's such a lovely comments Afshan! Thank you soo much!


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